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Sports Information Traders 12.12.14

Dec 17, 2014|

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Is set time each and every week we talked to our died DT in C yell at sports information traders John price was going on with the job. Yeah I got ya I really we've already had a number of people on board make money right off the bat I wanna show you out there are driving around in your car right now I want to show you how to make money look at it this person what the stock market approach what it called me at 866 or 412711. Speak to what might well let's let's walk you through hold your and give the money making process so that like you'd said Henry let's make some money each couple of months now. Are doing for the people out here call 18664412711. Also go to sports information traders dot com tell me what you think about it this year Kansas City we talk about is raider week talk a little bit about that matchup and what you see going there. Well I had a lot and it's bad and the change you giving away ten points at home which is generally a tough. About single look at what you're giving way to double digit points in the division game stop the other cheeks that blustery heroin or your listeners are very well aware of that but it's out and I can't do except that it be pretty established in the treat this like a home playoff game I'm really excited for this coming Sunday I expect it seat Alex Smith. Making more plays some alarm and I expect the seed Kansas City really stick to the ground game that got away from a lot inept person lost Oakland so expect them to carve up the clock I expect them to run the ball well Oakland I expect the atmosphere to be electric and the plate for your back pocket it could take the cheap standard that import giveaway cheat smudged. What are we got to get to something very very special Gerald the holiday season talk a bit about the annual college bowl package promotion this guy doing John. Yeah what got to tell you all year long we get people we have scouts have been performance all around the country and what it all comes together with 39 games to get a lot of misinformation you get a lot of conversation we're very excited about a forty game Ole bull program but it's coming up not to mention the other games they're going up through the F belt between now and the end of the year we've got. Three big gains this weekend and our clients will be playing we fully expect Victorino or two of what is it the worst. But this whole program it's a money age generator when you're playing these games and winning 6070%. Rate you're putting away money in writing to the NFL playoffs and you finishing strong to the Super Bowl also what you call at eight in candidates should he get 60% copper bowl program should start calling it 8664412711. Let me show you how to make money so we'll be here each and every week and the city you understand how it works and you bet that most importantly access export or 12711%. Are my bowl program starting right now at three games we have this weekend you're getting strategy call. John price BP and CEO sports information traders call 18664412711. And I go to sports information traders dot topple more information talky next week John you've got a better coordinate our.