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Dec 17, 2014|

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This is the sports medicine feature with doctor Christopher act Clint Johnson Kenny orthopedic and sports medicine that only the medical center hip injuries can make it hard to walk go up and downstairs squatters sleep on the side that hurts. Doctor to better understand hip injuries that may be helpful to know how they hip or works. But it actually. Boil it down really works says great ball and socket joints in matte all. And rotate attached to that I'd gone in it rotates it in the hip socket. Which gives you two movement there's complex of muscles in the back. I come along the sides also in the front that helped to create its mobility. Our injuries the common cause of most hip problems. Well it injury that we're looking at athletics. It's increased probably out about 10%. All sports related injuries. You know I'm told it. As happy fairly significant impact on aptly. Most injuries. Won't hit. Are at least fortunately it tends to be more soft tissue related rather than. The bone and cartilage. And the bone and cartilage injuries are the ones that you worry about needing to further problems are slightest. I bet me in later years require. Surgery here hip replacement. What causes for side this can be linked to repetitive activity like running or vice like him. Bicycling long distances. Are. Certainly can we look at it we there's two main vs in the hit. I'll probably the most prevalent one is called the troops and sheer force are in it lies on the caliber outside partisanship. What the person does is it that. Absolutely filled sac kind of hard look at the couple drops of water in a balloon and it allows. The surface as to glide against each other relatively friction free and so over years and such errors running. Long distance or cycling long distance. Creates a repetitive friction and over time that your take the first time cost Cheney. Two injuries taken effect athletes. Hit point years and impinge Matt let's talk about what is it hip pointer. Well it hit pointer actually it it's kind of a misnomer that it involves. And held as more than it involves the issue of elvis' home of the socket and yet. Whereas you look at it it's the ball and socket joint it's actually not involved with the ball and socket joint but what we called the Celtic Graham forty in the act crash. In what happens usually took on a contact interior direct blow on to that rim of the pulpit. And create save a lot of Cain Aaron won't somebody at the equator. They know that they have been hurt. And it hurts to walk in and that it usually for a few weeks in. Article awhile back sport structure. And impeachment is an injury today can affect younger athletes as well. Correct yeah I hit it in minutes is along the lines nobody. I continue my hip problems called demo apps attack Mueller changed. And Dave you look at it from B ball onto the ball and socket that seamer as well as the gas attack them or socket side. And right in there there's this. Structure called you labeled that looks like. Well at work like it a link so to speak and it and it keeps. Data they suction cup and bring you part twisting her pork and quite a bit on the hit. It creates that ball and socket too caught and changed and it can injure the labor arm. And it can also in Kenya on it that you can get it areas. The bone instead of immediately look at it that we. It on and causes over girl that can eventually lead the pain and sometimes need surgery. He had a lot in. Hockey players especially gold he's what made are you know. Movies there he'd send her legs and such awkward. Angles were tentatively to stop folks from going in the net. So that kind of a classic picture. It contingent or legal injuries. And when doctors should someone consider hip replacement and one of the studies show of their effectiveness. Well hip replacement news is kind of what is last resort. To think about hip replacement just material things and used it replacements. Are extremely durable and people can get. You know decades. Abuse out of them. The problem isn't the younger you wore when you ever get replacements. In triple a lot more miles on that his replacement and chase somebody that's. Quite a bit older beyond retirement so that it replacement. It's on electric car would last only as long as our remaining miles you can. So it replaced with a bid procedures. Extremely effective at reducing pain increasing quality lights. That you and you know went and had it replaced and an extremely young age. It is now likely will Wear out. I may need to be revised at some point so we'd like to reserve hip replacement for folks that. Are closer to retirement. Rabbit and and young people. So. What is it is very effective at relieving pain and people actually do very well it was placement it's wanna see. Probably need one of the most effective surgeries we do an orthopedic. That doesn't mean a young person should happen is pretty placement only has been very very last resort to. That's doctor Christopher exploded Johnson County orthopedic and sports medicine heavily to medical center for 610 Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.