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SportsMedicine Feature with Dr. Andrew Hurst - Hip Injuries

Jan 6, 2015|

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This is the sports medicine featuring doctor Andrew Hurst a Johnson Kenny orthopedic and sports medicine and only the medical center. If injuries can make it hard to walk pull up and downstairs squat or sleep on the side that hurts to better understand hip injuries it may be helpful to know how they hip works. Sure they hit the ball and socket joint and there are many muscles that surrounds us hand. Depending on what direction your going in the speed and velocity. I'd be kept it is. Extended rotated it. Can slacks and it can twist in many directions. It's much akin to the shoulder. And that it is. Your T-Mobile joint compared reduced others that are just he's in these joints. Doctor or injuries the common 'cause of most of problems. Mark there are many reasons he could have had problems they range anywhere from injury. 20 over usage and most everything in between. Let's talk about recited some what causes it can be linked to repetitive activity like running or bicycling long distances. Absolutely burst cited is caused. Well I'll take a step back there's a burst that protects the hit bone. From the surrounding tendency to hand where's Mitch activities such as buy games directly running especially on a bank. Incline surfaced. You can overload the burst you can implementation and they're matching cost per side that's there are other people to exit from innocuous things such as sleeping on. On one side or the other and then of course there are injuries. They can remain. Hip pointers and things like that. The find hit pointers forming. Hip pointer. There it is muscle that is surrounds the hard bones around your pelvis. And hip pointer is giving struck with a direct blow there whether they land on the ground. Ex football helmet may extract them in the mud future on the side of the kept. I'm in hockey you can't run up against the racial. And this causes swelling and bleeding medication and be very peaceful and limit mobility. In pinch merit is an injury that can affect younger athletes. Absolutely. Beat bony anatomy around the cap can be slightly abnormal such that. Gearing certain activities flexing the kept twisting it in certain ways. One bony surface can connect with the other Bernie cerberus and pinch. These soft tissue that stuck in between there often times that can be the labor on which this ticked. Vision of tissue that helps. Deep in the hip joint and make it more stable you can pinch the Lester Abram in between these two hard bony surfaces and get a label terror which as problematic content. That your athletic performance and sometimes even start the process of our stratus. When should someone doctor consider hip replacement and what new study show of their effectiveness. I tell people that don't get hip replacement. You know looks very successful operation ninety plus percent of people get. A pain relief and then achieve this ship or possibly more level of mobility. The people that I. 10-Q do you get a replacement bar are having problems that range anywhere from unable to get around to go up and downstairs. To sit for long periods of time or even they can't sleep that night. And charges carrying pain relief and second to that mobility. That's doctor Andrew Hurst of Johnson Kenny orthopedics and sports medicine heavily at the medical center for sixty and Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.