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Sports Medicine Feature with Dr. Christopher Eckland - AchillesTendon Injuries

Jan 6, 2015|

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This is the sports medicine feature brought you by Johnson County orthopedics and sports medicine at least the medical center. An Achilles tendon injury affects professional and amateur athletes alike. Unfortunately it's a commonly injured tendon doctor Christopher employment Johnson Kenny orthopedic and sports medicine on the causes of Achilles tendon injuries smoke. Particularly injuries or inflammation that attend and are brought on overuse. It's just an overused we commonly treated and runner source sports let a lot of running associated with them. In our athletes that are thirty and over sometimes we will see. Complete Chile's rupture. Any younger folks we see what we call the Muster looked and in this junction injury. Higher up in the Achilles. You can you structures usually require surgery. I'll bring younger patients most commonly. Where we have to rupture war. Attendant has warned it much more common in explosive. And you burst like jumping up and down from a jump. Quick stops quick starts basketball gymnastics we think those types of sports and debt that. Mid tendon ruptures like this that are more common in folks in their thirties. And most on one immediately air in our younger population. I school. Below and you can sometimes in college will see a muscular and destruction which are crimes can beat. Optimal light and the cat for you or weeks won't slowly progressed. The whole activity. Two terms associated with the key lease is tendinitis. And ten analysis. Well and that night it. Anything new event and then I get typically need an inflammatory. Reaction or are you implementation. And that generally is brought on by any single episode or something unique short period of time. The police and we know this he prepared to actually ban cynical and stupid and didn't. Whether it be you know some type of senator Crocker or chronic degenerative Crocker. And kind of notes are actually overall Achilles problem. And much more common and yet the other one. Make him bring about he because when McEnroe and arts degree generate over time there's less fibers actually didn't work and that property. What is an Achilles tendon injury feel like. Italy and in Montreal and our people will describe it as increasingly likely been shot in the back ordered key uncle. Girl you are and have immediate aren't dead or weakness in the foot and ankle and inability could count. Most of them are in there and walk into a block of our. Our good doctor Christopher Eric Linda a Johnson County orthopedics and sports medicine nepalese the medical center topic today is a key these injuries. Deserved when you talk about treatment options what are the options for this type of injury. Well and that and then particularly rough surf most commonly an athletic people leave encouraged and to consider surgical treatment. Simply because surgically treated. The chimney ruptures will have less chance of re rupture. And so when workers what they're not they're treated with surgery or not. Around twelve to eighteen months furcal recover. It and are absolutely on the night and almost always a conservative measure and acutely and I guess unfortunately can take 69 months and crude even look. Nonsurgical treatment he doesn't occur long nature of the process and the importance of Achilles tendon. Is there preventive action someone can take. To not have this type of injury. Well unfortunately we are the only prevention unit deployed if somebody doesn't want an Achilles structure than. It probably shouldn't play any sports which obviously you know until most people will take action camps. Achilles tendinitis and tendon or use our degenerative conditions on court China has not anything you can actually do to prevent those I would encourage people have. Those symptoms seek. Treatment earlier or sooner than later because the longer the process has been and pull it no longer can take to get better problem. Doctor Christa Franklin Johnson County orthopedics and sports medicine. For sixteen Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.