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Sports Medicine Feature with Dr. Andrew Hurst -

Jan 6, 2015|

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This is a sports medicine feature brought you by Johnson County orthopedics and sports medicine only the medical senator. It's one of the darkest fears of pitchers tennis players and many other athletes it's a rotator cuff terror as an injury nick and end a player's career so exactly what is it. Doctor and rehearsed in Johnson County orthopedics and sports medicine. Peter cut care. Is common in these individuals. Oftentimes it's an overuse injury and a growing athlete. Rotator cup could read a book or muffle their current independent and around the had a viewer humor and the older. See you lead aptly bettered frequently placing retrocoder cut under the brand. You may experience repaired it he. The carrier or if he repetitive we go to a similar motion ultra growing horror hundreds of thousands of repetition. Most rotator cuff tears develop gradually you're and they occur suddenly and what might that feel like. Vote but gradual clear for more common in heat over had a week. No one Guerrero content and entry but over a 100000. And Ken bode well he can actually been active and gain. Serving in early in football quarterback position or are picturing very. Partial ban opened the air. On the other hand there are specific situation that caused an acute one time injury. Record burnt paper cup you made the same country or the shoulder dislocation. Or any. Actual work load on the shoulder and or not or promotion on pro turned them in football or baseball. Are you a doctor Andrew Hurst of Johnson's caddie orthopedics and sports medicine and only the medical center doctor Hurst demand of team. And rotator cuff tear can be minor or major explain the difference in the severity of the paint somebody might be suffering from. Acute care pool more likely to be controlled under control article picture and or deodorant where Perry. Small cares converted to a larger or altered your career. These are typically painful. I would crane being objectively may have one athlete who it's got a very dark arts the crane. And another sharply could maybe it will lower powered but gradual here is more or very low rent all paying the long black and so every time there's. Kind of player goes out and they serve multiple car and the older school work. And then we see them and client can recommend that. I make sure that he indeed now the rotator cuff tear. There's also something called rotator cuff tendinitis. Talk about the difference. Rotator cup and the matter is there's so much less severe injury. This is swimmer rotator cup it's a client or more are on -- first that separates a rotator cup from the underlying bone in the shoulder. It and claimed to get along learn and move its tender in certain conviction but the shoulder the cup involved and fully intact a note hearing. But yeah uncle mentioned cause loose paint remain mimic a rotator cup so there are some overlap. Let's talk about the importance of conditioning and stretching. Especially in the middle aged or older happily. Absolutely. Before going out before many neat activity. I think church in a good idea except perhaps clear. A short range are terse stretching sort of preconditions the muscles and guard get ready. Formats epic activity. As we get older are two issues are left compliance and need to be stretched and sort of coached into the opera. Those weakened warrior or part time athletic activities. Are you a doctorate under her stood Johnson Kenny orthopedic and sports medicine middleweight the medical center doctor. Rehab something it can be done on one's owner is a beneficial to get assistance in the expertise from a fiscal therapist. Absolutely I think we were candid camera there could and one under the ready position put some patient. Our numbers may need constant supervision and monitoring but political their books. There the often have. Rotator cup and another rotator cup errors other injury about shoulder. And it's their control could be surgeon and they're gonna tour working in comfort can get you back pew on your activities. Doctor Andrew Hurst in Johnson County orthopedic and sports medicine heavily the medical center to hear the complete interview click on the podcast page its extent sports dot com. For 610 Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.