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Sports Medicine Feature with Dr. Christopher Eckland - Knee Injuries

Jan 6, 2015|

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This is a sports medicine feature brought to my Johnson County orthopedics and sports medicine at only the medical center. According to WebMD 95000. People injured her knee every year. Doctor Christopher echlin of Johnson County orthopedics and sports medicine on the most common knee injuries. Site thanks mark. Well thankfully most of the more common injuries are not more of good league you need to strange instead of cheering openly immense. But ligament tears in content in context or are certainly. Something that we see arc. Early regular burns here. The primary stabilizer of the me of is the ACL the end Ter here. Kirsch yet ligament what does an injury to the UCL feel like the symptoms. Most commonly hear concern quote our Mussolini a retirement during world military opt. For feeling of giving way to the needs are usually permit and agility activity are cheap that he. And all have some pain and swelling associated with it and man. As the gap swelling starts to subside. Aren't able school notices healing in keeping away especially list. Any type of agility type movie movement which is cutting. Cord jumping and they'll steal it doesn't eat. Isn't gonna support. Doctor Franklin as the team position for only the south high school doctor is this an injury you're seeing more thigh high school level and is it cover the sports spectrum more more prevalent in certain sports. Well certainly what we're seeing it slightly more common and that you artist probably due to. Athletes themselves these big gains at high school level alert now. I'm much faster. I'm the athletes are generally got bigger and stronger. We also are seeing them quite a bit more prevalent in women and any man. I'm that they didn't large majority they heal injuries occur on a single incidents. I think it's really eager rotational. I'm mishap. Or contact injury a better curse I'm seeing more commonly in. Other sports such as women's gymnastics. Or women's soccer also intense football. I as well as basketball and soccer. You see many athletes wearing protective knee braces to add support to the knee how effective can that be. Well certainly it can provide some benefit. Routine you see grace as I usually do not. Unwarranted. Except in the case. Lined loans adjust our principal each so why even in football. But you're running in agility athletes. Won't be able to play quite at eye level with preparations oftentimes. Even embraced what is recommended. Yeah are hard pressed to find one of those at least wearing them. I am a doctor Christopher echlin of Johnson County orthopedic and sports medicine avoid the medical center doctor. When you suffer an injury like this a terrible you Mets in the knee does that automatically result in surgery. Well it doesn't automatically result and surgery he gold standard if you will sport ACL injuries in young aptly. Is reconstruction of the ligament. I simply because of the fact that. He will lose the ability. Seemed. If it securely. Jump been especially land and securely so most of them. To opt for ACL reconstruction. Certainly this surgery. Does not have to be performed by discontinued sports as an endeavor the aptly. I ACL reconstruction has almost always recommended and you know aptly. In some cases when BC it was torn meniscus often suffers damage as well. Going to our listeners what the meniscus does to support the movement of the me. Well mr. Berger is very important power structure I tell my patients and their skit. Action more relieved that have been cool morning. In net it is imported shock absorber but it also. I doubt helped somewhat to stability at the neat. And oftentimes in the UCL injury walk and cheer. On the outside. I'm meniscus so the lateral meniscus. Sometimes the medium that's forceful more commonly collateral. Stern saying that it torn ACL meniscus too there is going to prevent an individual plays sports unless they have some sort of surgery and they post surgery rehab program. Yeah so are certainly that would be Paramount to you need her involvement ACL as well as them and scared. Date may be able to get back Clinton playing the sport I would just a rehab program. But certainly not a EL level that they were playing before. That's why most of them would obviously the circuit they want to continue to play. From point a venture and know each person doctor is different but how long river road to recovery can someone expect to get fully a 100% back. And be able to do what they had done before the injury. Well we knew we'd yards. You know recovery open yell our reconstruction based on Eric I'm until recurrence of clay. Aren't even studies looking at patients a year out after you know reconstruct and still find the difference between this surgical way. And the nonsurgical led in certain strength category. I'll let typically I mostly CL reconstruction. It is 89 to twelve months we turn to sports. Rehab protocol. And it's it's pretty intense I think you're working on. I'm building up your strength and stability on utility. Car throughout that entire time. Actor Christopher and a club of Johnson Kenny orthopedics and sports medicine Adelaide the medical center did a complete interview click on the pump gas agents extend sports nut job. The 610 Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.