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Sports Medicine Feature with Dr. Christopher Eckland -Ankle Injuries

Jan 6, 2015|

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Resist the sports medicine preacher brought you by Johnson County orthopedic and sports medicine at only the medical center. Ankle injuries are often thought of a sports injuries but you want to be an athlete a regional weekend warrior determined hurts your ankle. Here's doctor Christopher echlin on the common cause of ankle injuries. Ankle injuries are very come and they're one of the more common sports are non sports injuries we see in the body. In fact about 25000. People will experience as some degree of restraint each day and they can be athletes. Not that leads children or adults. A serious ankle sprain is the high ankle sprain that can cause surgery. Yeah great question actually when we when we look at ankle sprain didn't general. There're really two types they're paid lower more common ankle sprain that has to get greeted with Internet and then there's also I ain't calls for eight. And the high ankle sprain typically describe an athletic injury. Oftentimes it's one that's what is planted in the news. Actually turned you on the quieted a couple of. Because there's been a ligament called the sooners most this sits between the larger bone and smaller bone of a lower leg. News that leading it to be strained. And it can be strained to the point where it makes the entire she called truly unstable. And sometimes at least split. Screw or couples screws and allow that legal position you'll walk the screws are kicking Matt stress. Can you differentiate between a sprain and a strain of the ankle. Well they're all a part of a spectrum comes certainly high ankle sprains whether or not they are treated surgically or non surgically and he'd been athlete out of athletics or anywhere from three to six months depending on how their recovery goes but in your general a lower ankle sprains need to raise those. That's a 12 US agreed to only not good severity of the injury and typically your great ones will be out of a competition. In practice or anywhere between two or leaked and the great three day. Which typically thankfully none of beats lower ankle sprains requires surgery most are in a those can be out or anywhere leave the three months. Doctor talk about prevention. Not usually. You can help to prevent it simply by maintaining. General body help. Certainly need some training about sports specific activity can be helpful you know. You see sprains strains and indignant when all kind of sport increase more commonly. Eat and eat eat at least in a number. Increase even training vs watching her in the seat and then the number of them. Actually I hear it aren't you coming into increasing his own without any creek train. That's our brokers directly in the Johnson Kenny orthopedic and sports medicine medal at the medical center for six in Sports Radio. I'm Mark Miller.