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Sports Information Traders - 1.9.14

Jan 9, 2015|

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Sports information traders BP and CEO John price joins us now as he does each and every week if you guys have been paying attention which I know you haven't been you know that the inside information had just been giving you to make money through sports investments has been very profitable. I'm excited I got a period it is one of those leaker and certain look forward to really hear almost concern obviously the national title game as the cherry on the Sunday coming up on Monday one game a watcher listeners to take a look at the Packers and cowboys right now. Packers or minus six over the cowboys that's the way to wide open the cowboys are six and one on the road against the spread that love playing on the road are told right now that Aaron Rodgers is less than 50% would likely not go in this game that wasn't a win or go home format and that he's having a lot of issues moving side to side I loved college in this game I don't know that they win the game outright beginning six points is an absolute bonus I mean Green Bay minus six looks great it Karen Rogers a 100% I don't even know how it's gonna do it based on what I'm hearing but he will play. Up late for your listeners cal boys watched six over the Packers. What else you got up to the list the audience right now that guys great information for the weekend and a lot of people are not going to be paying attention and the cowboys Packers game on Sunday or are. Our biggest players on Saturday big enough of what our client actually flying to Las Vegas and that's question one million dollars arc like the way it works for people listening it's what a wager that amount is placed on the game it goes moved alliance of my goals to get everybody calls and right now 8866441. Point 7-Eleven I'm gonna get chew on this game now we've got thirty days is that six playoff games at the national championship game and of course we have the Super Bowl along what. Equally and played on Super Bowl Sunday I'm gonna make you five times your money in thirty days people who are on our program aren't saying that people who have been with her since Labor Day had seen a lot more of that I can assure you in thirty days were all about what you call it. Act for Saturday in game and get on it and make yourself some money and just moving forward. 8664412711. Also visit sports information traders dot com before with a T doe John this weekend we have lost some information it used to be giving the listening audience in regards to maybe some trains when it comes to the palace football playoff and that culminates on Monday. Well there's only one game and I got a target in the beauty you know when those two games said that last weekend alliance were immediately setter seven an app now that why it's gone now money is on and on Ohio State I think right now it's all pretty steady but I expect that want to go back up and I'm gonna get our listeners are on the actual championship game I'm gonna get it you would you call 8664412711. You're gonna get it on Saturday so that when people start pushing all that money Sunday and Monday towards the game you're gonna get the best slide. You're finished college football on a winning note 8664412711. If you've been waiting all this time the cup on board these thirty days we'll show you what world out. Let's start to 2015 year the right way. Sports information raiders beat the and CEO John price would documents we job aren't you got.