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The Gee Watts Episode

Jul 5, 2016|

Carrington sits down with rapper Gee Watts to talk about his childhood, being shot at, meeting and working with Kendrick Lamar, and the music industry.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Us. Having you join begin on the stick to sports podcast but she watched drivers might remember him from the views episode the break up the so he's back to sell his story. Gives a performance July 9 at the universal live experience needed to get that project lying about it LA ING. Dot com check him out Allred press goes also bear. But young talent the guy's a pretty incredible store level mourn at some point did you live at the Barbara you're there is little borrow versions you have known you're not a set its its ought to you know we've been talking by like thirty minutes off the I think you got a pretty incredible story let's just start. At the very B. Gaining tell people who you war. Do you move its G wireless from Tennessee Lamar mayor Rico suit and I flew from uptown downtown around town. Everywhere you know senator from every side up moved thirteen Tomas before I was seventh inning like Ruth so much it's how moms and pops attic you know Mano monologue and commodities in his prime because news is poor. Monday. All right. It's shares are you know voter wrote a lot ability you know the northeast side has marked a little bit say you know. As many G wireless. Con artists. You really elaborate on who I am I don't know though it's always typically has quite a visual arts they're really fortunately introspective alike who I admire you got to Columbia file say who I am in my room people the wrong way because I know why impetus its own the place where he talked you know thousands are here and I hear you don't analysts are with your chowder you and I were talking about this. And it it is a realization of the African American community and that a lot of as you grow with a father whom does that dead in the home my mom got better when I was eleven but my biological father my parents have never gotten along since I realize you were unique to the point that your parents work together and they did live together out of that affect your childhood. There retrospect looking back Conant a believer out of positive effect on me in every way. Because mark proxies while our laws at the science on know wean your daddy your work for Rome Favre in the morning to six in night. Marlins is it work herself you know. It's two people trying to guards who warned our racial why you guys. 200 people there you know is showing you. Opposite you know saw as it's out it killed me wouldn't release shall mob back. To where Fargo too far notice on this pull me back the two sides are neck and even stopping all was the home so you know. Is Connell hearted to continued even think about email are often talks about a large. If from a good daddy how much Susan is Colby but I know I had a great pops and a great mom and still found a way to damn near. Roy in my life every single time. That relationship work with him being gone so much because my dad wasn't really your round boy it and I knew I had a father and with my mom she. Work but I Ed. Grandparents and uncles and those kind of people back open bar mom had to work you're my mom she made time for an all that she and of going back to school so. I actively knew was a kid that she was trying to build a better life for our road this one time. My mom came home and the cable didn't work. As she told me hey we can't afford at this month not gonna have cable Robert rock fried year old won't know mine has realized that she's good window much you know without ever I've budget earlier river that she was like. The chiefs come on regular KK regular television I've ever. Okay like it wasn't that big of a dealer or like that's what I knew that it. Financially we want the best Bob I knew my mom was tried to provide for me what was then dynamic like in the home that they weren't always there hear what you do they were actively try to provide the ma ma. I had a couple really is ice is it that but. If first up though we was rich moved just a cruise. I had to Pearson mile also opposed the war and I had. Every time that I needed it ended where is you know I had a lot of family members who had a where worst enemy you know mark cousins and you know. Extend defend the outside of that even mark freeze. But it. When I got a little there motor ran. Likes arguing cut off from taken Kosher ours is wintertime we got to open up its both asleep and our coats is like moved. This con are right here you know soon boat. Bush always noted there was donors paying him a power. Move still it is there I don't know how we ever could is like that our could ever be like today where you know it was struggle Tom bush it always was a roof over Mardy. Never went home green and it every night my daddy was land facade Momo you know me I'm. How hard was that cycle because the poverty cycles were a little harder ones to break in you don't like. Kids aren't stupid you were stupid you are right what was goal at all like our how difficult was that struggle to see I'm sure took some hole in your diet of and that's what threw the provider he wants to give you everything our draw party give but the lights are off. Right boo. I mean. I didn't recognize it into. A was probably 5060 years so window of a storm Gordon schools you know we've deferred tax bracket keys you know. And a drop me off her home in foreign cars and things like that they pulling up to. Rundown apartment buildings on east game in the nor if you know me and in light. And clearly isn't like this where you study. My it is roster and and I'll start going today parties announcing in a cruise it. You know spend the night we've Mara boys so it's obvious and the anger took me and I'm over at their house audits on because I got to. Girard 30 minutes in the morning to get to school sought to stay were bro and in my house like some no creeps. Was it like these 'cause I know my people or gore I mean us. Watch my daddy get up every single day. Before the sun came open com home when the sun is down. So I knew we was working our sought never put title mom is in our Mara sit on Stoops is I don't know how mobiles could get cut off. Prizes it. Lamar Marlon today if Alamo moment she's my best for him voice and you probably you know lower budget in our spin is crazy trashed. In my daddy's glove winner you know it is little room look probably you know soon because I know pops put in that taught my men really were like fifty hour weeks that you fire weeks some two on sixty. You know so I never was by Smart daddy into will be posted to. Never questioned that exists you know it was a reality date but carrying a normal. What was their culture shock like to go from living in the inner city of Kansas City to essentially go into white school in Kansas are Reichmuth. As a key aide you know. A film like there was infatuated with me. It's 5050 maybe there was look and be like you look at diesel you know you won't go see the lines which are chopping it casual warm. Are they really you know. We live we see a society just slow very thing about me. Because I'm body what they won't you know loads of some greater six story I would assume it says he stories a thousand times better dean. You know what did you send the story ever Kuby no matter how successful used because we know where you had to come from the gates worries it. Donald Trump story is not such and Jozy story at all in the slides be even no one is a multi billionaire. Opposing Zabian only 650 million because. You got a small loan of a million dollars in arms and hold hating gay donors all. Assault is always that story in everybody's mind deceit underdog over Coke and I think people like CNET out of me. You know off vividly remember. Our mop board. Dropped my bar where doctors are former first among Mitchell's book Fabricio here and grew in your mouth on the court though don't say hey okay. Are used to it's a (%expletive) FX you know arms sales trip it blew it. But 'cause I never allow nobody to. Doom who are was in you know ten mile light are always is ever to be months of no matter where I was it. Being back at home on them in and never root. People might look at me being tired are you Dave you know to charge he's missed a flight I don't you because I am able to go to school I'm going. Are both mark periods armed spoil you. Meanwhile in our go over here in this like a year ago. Is sought a letter robe off I am a mom and my daddy again not to be long wind blew it. That's all I ever had literally does while level would normal heart because my among my daddy always meant to believe our Kuby whatever. Nothing can stop me that the supreme confidence in you talk to walking in any room in these circumstances. And feel comfortable Amal scan in all got to prove myself so assault you know. I'd. It's a lot of people who. Fake cost in the home and they wouldn't even. Put out there you know lies gaels they're really go to school you know two to woo or Yale you know. I was off it was a struggle a lot of folks you know for one reason or another will be reserved ho. Those conversations. Will meet. I just put it on the doctors. Because of the confidence that mama and daddy's students. You're talking rapper G watts you can check him out July 9 at the universal lot experience you get tickets at project playing dot com I believe Euro sound cloud somebody on comebacks last G watch on us a check his music Alan there's some good some good tracks and I think you'll enjoy it. You talked earlier about having a kid in breaking that cycle love your father was around so you wanna be there more your Q what was it like when you found habit you revenue kid at such young and you. Our low key no it always go have a chance. Because I was shouldn't clove oil would no remorse Bayern didn't careers. Whenever you Jose now's moments the disorder are got a phone car. It was this article movie you know are expected to slowly scared wouldn't skier bro you know what time the Wu's I don't know why Booth I was as a way to. Are ready for a kid like we don't know what happens if yet zags and without protection and we all know what the consequence ago you can roll the dice so maybe it's honestly. The only is snake eyes for a like where you're just not thinking about that at all was it just in the moment is not gonna happen to me like. Now I would invited our. I knew what was gonna happen every time that art can and will decide that banning house lights. Is back he was my view on the way you know say hey or whatever but life. Anita my daughter to Como often Thomas I Shimon puberty reincarnated. Without much Albion you're. Probably would definitely be in the penitentiary if not in the growth she grew me up if forced me to look at life again a different perspective part of that. Never knew how to be soft I never knew how to. You know be rational be patient and things like that it was a forced on you blew our birth really grew mile and a way to nose to nose would have been able to. Do you feel like maybe you were doing not on purpose than because you felt like your wife needed change there you'll art by get this case at some point you gotta grow up you wanna be there for your kid you wanna be able to provide the maybe subconsciously that was the thought process. And so constantly differ possibly could have being you know and so Cox's colonel ordered tapping into some songs. Boy this than those who room always knows Dennis is just almost rock retired go food. And that's clearly what I was doing so it does he probably was you know energy. Then it was he made nets had happened. Who says my life essentially you know me. You said that you felt like he'd be dead or in the penitentiary bloody photo or discuss some of the situations on them myself and I had no business being a member of again coming to school review I was would you guys do is we came. And I'm just sit there very charm every time Myers. Houses to the nominee because I knew beyond a shadow over the out of these folks are where I was in this weekly and look at my mom and my daddy crazy what we're not we're Obama. Things they've Nokia should be involved in your arms and put my life on the law not even just medium bay just situations I led it is our. I've been set up twice you know NCAA AA and shot it multiple songs nominee. A little bit cause a lot of far. Deal with the wrong people Nazi several people love the bit of just being you know you ever been shot before the shot. Now I never been shot before thank god you know senator. In Georgia's Hank and now ending in places that I knew I shouldn't be in a far wanted to see myself. The way that I wanted to see most so luckily I was able to get out ought to situations. On Grey's virtually Johnson all the time that I ever have it was you know trauma. Nominating RER do we nightmares from a major force chain up into. I tweets who does every night no accident every single night I had nightmares for eight years won't minors via. People killing me you don't send me half an acute people who. You're talking about about Al Jefferson now with a therapist and kind of go through. That kind of stuff for was that's updated 1415 you were mentally prepared to handle the emotional told love. I just sit down and talk to somebody about it because I think people today and say. You're fifteen you had dreams of somebody killing you and Angela somebody yells that seems really extreme and it remains for that age like that's sounds like someone in the military would have those country. Didn't I mean yeah if it's on who it was an. But thought in my view that I need to speak to somebody. Obviously puts them a moment in my daddy now seventy went out Tomo appears to first domino was and then you know in the middle vote cowboy standoff you know arms. Tomorrow mama cry in the fitness craze in the where do we proved we're resume are you don't know I didn't like you made me feel bound to soar beyond his which he knows. Vote boy now via mommy and daddy know just a barrier Disco Cinemark closet we just choose not to talk about it with coups a film like them lose training camps I had to go to slow and experiences of coma Liam hasn't made today. I would do this because certain topics or to a certain demographic of people. I don't know went through the gauntlet of life nominee but now that I have more qualified to be over to speak on it. Our guy Amir bond. You know yeah. You know with somebody faking. You know what somebody is relating. You know when it is a connection being made it was somebody you know when it's not a condition be remembered as some has been a force. Because it doesn't have to be forced because as authentic Arkin now speak to. My you finish in my young life are your and possibly motivate them or give dupe. Just a little bit began to avoid the potential pitfalls there everybody faces David when you were forced to grow concerned circumstance. How many times you thought you know life that you were brought about the document that drove off really did just that that he could they go and I thought I mean I took an early morning incident never felt there are about somebody shoot at you before I'll say it you're situated on say you were these cowboys standoff Tommy Tommy in the middle of this either you shooters should be juju thing all right this could be a formula I might not make it home from the situation. It did a cohorts on our cave in is summer is so multiple stories that doctor till you. The move from being at a party and after dark and of course and in my boy congress is so warm week. It is very well out are here we know god is no father and all. His men is men who it is coming by way of I'm not only one carrier would have done it. No you're not broke but to mom minutes into today announced and I know you'll learn you'll live down for Islam are gone our teacher which she. Via would borrow your arms there multiple times we have the releasing him. Beaten lifeless you know mean to the point. Mark has. He big is effort you know he's like 65. Three feet 368. Owed to people not fighting him on scene are acts. And that terrorism news you know differ retaliation is our process have been set up just by women alone twice and one in its decision army. Giddens shouted meet his parsley not nobody on we. Been in our house wares somebody you know is downstairs and I'll just over America's mob boys stayed. His folks is in and there was some Beers and luckily from upstairs and come downstairs as momma screaming at the top or Lowe's Johnson. Or is this so many different instances. Of us know send him hubs like as soon to be any. Bush. Lot of grace of mob mob mob there army's march data assistance. The universe god almighty whatever you choose a car that prompts to ever to be here today. And tar and over a new leaf of a life. Date nobody suit you know ever do we period. You're talking or upper G watts yet the performance coming July 9 the universal life experience you can get tickets that project lying dot com also check amounts down clout Sam crowd dot com dot slash G watts you go to prison for not not prison prison jail look like and what it does carrier I had -- out of the more work today and doable I always do suspect the. It was humbling to if forced me to have another appreciation for life. On forced me to not make decisions out of desperation when you Reggio murdered daughter a lot ever there was this sort of laughs a lawsuit. By and that is levels to have grown up on senate. One my daughter was born stop put in my life at risk what I thought. For me immature stay announcement out though Obama those straps a way and I had a clinging gun and it was register Mon unknowns then I'll stop. Robbing people right away in ocean and as how mod daughter may meet grow. But it didn't stop me from believing that I had a bar for march is so I don't lend myself in the situation. Where I was forced to do a little bits on bond you know walls. Well it there was no new image is going to be viruses Tommy not a marriage was out of desperation. Every decision I make has to be one based out of a commitment tomorrow daughter is is calamity. Behind bars ars ago QB for no accident when did you transition into music when you transition from. I don't wanna miss categorized as open and allowed Nazis you can I don't know if you've got John I'll always say is no street are always a cousin is very. Which is normal his regulars and I are honestly are never worn Tom Warner and appreciated by. Com or Rambo RD and out and had to call not the moon we my life by. Update desk corny deep into that I try to stay away from now it all ties because I know group of people me. Who if mosque story news I opened the door Sharpton is somebody. And when he hears stories of these of the people you know senator. That is being industry's best actively being involved as really goal in the war aid in via radio or talks that wasn't me. Always that's while load index almost look at this like an apparent. Our Gupta is basketball. Allen Iverson sat in my life got opportunity I got dreams were a lot of people Kenny venturing past they blocked by obviously key notes. Aluminum also feeding immature places you know senate bush at Tennessee your question or five mob you go to our total order by the joking around and go which won't do you grow. Publicity India what do federal work and on Iraq on my feelings you know president. Is it like every other blanket. Area everybody okay wanted to wrap up like added these injunction is and they are being named any sorrow win and I have marched around my boy he knew of libel you remember him Paul he's writing class. Largely for your. He is I blew it I heart you the Hokies allied these two million jackal. Sought since I call this was back in 2000 all of us as the warm up visited Colombia but it's not. Appreciates more gotten home brewed if you don't cost now like this in the slightest bit on my should take a series are. So for some surgical sue because we as we talked on a big trek fans have you got a not so far gone came mountains I was really sparkled so far gone ball boy kept tell me tragic called logical and I heard about Nicole. But I never listen AJ Cole when he played lights please and I was like. Lot and I've been listens and it's gotta be enlightened and I think lights please is the best mix their song ever heard are good the original concept of it like crazy it is so I mean a luxury I love so for known there's no song on there as advanced as lights please and its effect it's it's about you sit there with his girl you try to talk to her about life but all she wanted you would have sex in it anyway and I saw a lot of really won't. Divinity in that Buehrle always wins out you're like all right just turn ally itself you know and you like it's just such a dope guys are writers are river that first so for somebody to tell you debate felt you rely 2009 it was a huge compliment. That was deathly you've probably sore for Smart index recent memory gossip site to somewhere farther than just mark noble. What our student take his series announcer at. I didn't really take a serious into our car Mark Harris and I feel like on new way to. You know I have some legal tender aren't your mark carries is done and so you can HR BP. It is our desire to finesse a system and so nosed in money from being in a rapper who got a solitude more. The sun as well put Tsonga I had a song in my email since before good Q Messi can amount to focus they have a song that's O watts riot on like a song. Child detention boot always dumb you week in news and saw a liar and a winter marker or serious saw wouldn't nice. But that was the moment where Ross started to give me denies cost or put an MR hours and strategy due to a flows delivery were placed song structure and audit. The kids or help you with bad equipment we can go back to the story you know I you nick and punctured I don't know a lot and a story but is that what Kendrick. I don't know who you consider mentor were and all that we all have somebody. Is she the one that kind of showed you all right the flow right here works but it's a little choppy in this part this is how you transition you consider that the person that kind of has helped you when you corporate progression as an artist nominee. Surely don't flow but more solid definitely you know me it was so genetic always seller assay. Being able to see that contrast in lifestyles. Always was somebody there was fired dollar sign right Wal-Mart folks living like these while Marcos has been like there's Cuomo spoke was live in this way it. While others aren't you know I mean this is screwed up you know senator it's always had a burn trash for community. And I used to revel pro life brawl when the door was you know I don't get all America wanderers general American group economics level above block. Knew he was like you know off to you boy you can put that in your music. Gung ho grossed a black bar use you got to figure out a way to finesse. They give them make cookies before you give them their vegetables but coups you know it has had a jango. Thought that's what Kendrick did -- how he transitions through easy to get a lot of flocks exam as we review I think it was kind of polarized like I'll always colts up and butterfly his uses alum who knew the love to have a butterfly like you will ride for you considerate classic order like me and I can appreciate the musicianship of it and I just don't listen to like I don't know the scenario in which I can mentally given them mine place like from the not a party album my love album. It's not a hanger which a boy is cut out like that is a long drive you can really soak it in kind album and you don't consume music that way. But I look good kid med city knows him perform that album three times like I love your quarter were four hours through it. You think that's where it came from that got the kind of was his mind state to look let's give them this. Money charities and if I bruising crips are gone along and then I'll teach you ripped. It though I don't you you're number middle Maine and all I. I usually affects exactly and so on ask. As law are gonna move over respect for the man Booker is his word is his bond he didn't just tell media to knock me off chart. In be live but mentally I'm will be denotes hope our carrier pro you know proto people. He gave folks the music do you know swimming pools poetic justice like you sit vaccine freestyle. He dove back coral were really matter to win after you've established itself from the platform got a fan base stated the record levels came. My goal against a do it went platinum. So you know my mix album is going to numbers if Foss notes whom you recruit someone nicks album of recouping in my afar to 200000 among necks from our record Margaret could do. Easley and may file without topic so you can descendants and nominee. I'm into their first we just 'cause my last arm went platinum Salk and talk about what ever a Waltz who. On the road and I still worked that he wrote and Dyson a work force and army. Just to your point that is soccer soul music though on this early on alone draws boo with some come out that a warning here. Neil boy included. Stop what I am doing in us and let me take in his piece or are they we've perverted. Muluzi. Game gotten away from the fact it is a market into the day counselor. Oh we wanna relegated simply to turn a note included arms senator and now a school is situations for that bush. If you not live in it as like Miami or New York you know in the club five days a week since they have. Does not happen I was actually talk into one my difference here in Russia and around here. And listen to nano we were talking about Hal when we were grown up miserable but younger than people were in this image. Powell rap music was very. East Coast race it was very either New York or we is that it West Coast they have their wrong with. All that kind of stuff rap music really start to shift when it went to the self. Which is just much more strip club in flu like where's that episode or hip hop right now incidently you what drives Atlanta. A clothing distracts what they've put your music and if it's hot it carries to the rest of the country and in the strip clubs you can't play kickers on the strip club and I had my beauty you know like the exception of artist has really broken through this never win and that paneling before. But think of everybody else everybody deals outside of Kendrick and the comic strip club music Bill Clinton that you complain strip club in NetSuite upon release toward the ship when it went from you stand on the corner we have. We could debate that don't. In doctor do you root successful. Who not in the strip clue because their music don't last like to say it is or it into today. You know are going go to nose art museum missy to Jordan crying face like Austin last podcast is is not go happy ever. Boy we live in a society that can even watch the six Ekuban audit think of is that now now now. Vince stables now strip club music very successful Chester rapper going be the most says we're independent artist while talk nostril crew names. School board Q1 of the few artist that is still so it. 100001 week Nestor clue do I chance. Appreciate accidents are places Kansas baby kindness I feel like more condi dropped college drop out. Remember that like freshman adjustment time yea with the flow was and all the way there aren't running that you tell you could be a good rapper are gridlocked election it's not more changes because he's seen time yeah Eitan I know you buy an argument credit Mikey seems re also seem like independent artist. Blow up in the once he saw it drag and drop so Fargo wanted to be popular I can do the exact same thing and always keep the money from us though are right but think change is like in really Smart followed that wave. I'm like a lot of people I I hated NASA rat like unless the ram was terrible. But what's our ultralight being I was ready to chase another child growing Ellen all right this works and color. I think the best job so far this year outline of the life of a problem like I did because you yeah I think like Apollo which is so much bigger on the green scalable lyrically. Chances much for the rebellions being worked condi is right now the Harlan County is an. You don't hear about lyrics not at all you you are I'll light sinister rapper moon. In a large bodies to the only person that I don't root for. These opera Gruner. The programs there are no closer or area he's only person I don't rule forward to the changes his morals and nonsense he's a type person he's worst in Justin Timberlake you know accident. Like Justin Timberlake don't got to show no low to the coach that he steals from what goes no special love the culture though he don't throw in on senator. Lie or multiple times that could be few awards you always get as if if you if you purported to be generous and I got to do that asks militant lie you know. Robin pixel looks of a culture you know there. Robin style to coach there morning and he stole a whole blur unsolved more hey hey hey Bruce I'd argue it is the only effects are glibly. He he he didn't they keystone live because for room gave you the record you know Santa for a life. You know say a belie. Justin Timberlake everything about him call from us and he oh so and I'll love you don't you know pretty heated type day. You know Bil bored with the when he giver of frat bros is. You know sale I think. I'd go bargain you hear me RC now rock were just and to relate ever since I was a key brought a washed in Puerto CDO. A rant it's that Heidi while Janet Jackson took auto backlash in the world I was a charity and are seeing how he played like a soap. I do ripped that off to a woman Ugoh literacy or be demonize our got you caucus in the united way you know sand is so. But I say that to say Ali to get to a past. Those are all expect that more mart enemy I expect my enemy to be my enemy normal for Fargo to the woes in don't think it's nickel by me. Bush when you posted before Lewis. You do everything you open hearted not beef us all the time you wanna before us is when you make you money office you'll cold out you know better local ruckus. No accident you might be worse because oak brook is let it be known problem make no money which is a we'll keep you witching. You'll be your charm make rap albums but data area interview you do with your it's I am just so thankful to be half. Klein don't let it. A bachelor's from Neil Haines. You know say no you deny you 4000 square feet you seem to passing come in my voice and a talk about clown he's he's a clown only personal respect. NER a make his own musical values be marked a lot of our bros a sucker boy his art is good in our carry denied it. Make your team are you. Push its ego. You know on sand. Are that the people you like we got we evidence that was you don't like Drake and I would Chevrolet RA the bush in the eve of folks that are might not to assume he liked what they duel but I'll still root for my little yacht the are all like that I'm never listen and that bush I wanna see you successful broke our all. Everybody in the world have known designer. I love him do it now I don't wanna get an actor that was played forty minutes argued about panda allegedly cutting more at ease copyright infringement is not so his what vocal chords as what is vocal chords these Wie heart to Timmy turner would know Arnold so. The light that's on broad if they do to be right that is amazing like the song you know to song bad. Courses about accord Timmy turner right he had copiers because he was it sounded had a rough life. Whether or ban him from pairs being bullied in school so you goblins will god appears forward it. That's key is in news you know misfortune of parts of the world do engage your doctors or whatever right. So Timmy turner. He wishing for barn particular body walking you know his cells in the furnace. It's always inhaled so yea he Gobi many yeah I'm will be mania are the Q where are groping it will we just talk about the first 1520 minutes and they interview the Q what are cultural. How how do you expect me not succumb are here have. Post traumatic stress that it designer alive a lot more credit. Mentally and I think the only when there's a bad his OB TID Welling. Heidi well you if an OBT while the full loudly it's like you are here you know do an artist for money you culinary buddy walk in already bush sort of sewn afar disliked by accident opts out sort of wrote that that's who wrote this side is I really that's ever does Carter delivered on it would no Otto Tony future can do today and futures lasted projects in the trash and all the future for him before almost. Trash and I was a few of them both where by you can sitio aside these access these are cast in 2008 slid on the line. Disease or go back and forth to let these are bros do their future taking heat come and he com and always knock on the is what he is negated are you likely to first art tournaments are like futures double back around before Tony Montana go week. That is and there's there's magic. While match out well okay that's cool Dave Ball Ford's remarks and negate. You know where you around. Starr was out here sort embarks on months and he had three back to back and I was a future for an overseas and all of you people Bruce Iger TO purple rain in the asked rotate like I think to ask coach hates is complete picture as. Perchlorate has wicket in inside the mattress on his or KP complete stretch but it's underwhelming. Evils I there's there's been no missile you're able was moved off to a lull with all weekend. Low life it's tiny. I said there there's a song and I don't light is it to six nights is it that I mean yeah it does on March Madness on there. What consists in a big smoke. And most I always argued people beast mode by the city's ignites Ali solo he smoked I'd like they told by more than most you would do my Alley is a total more than metro like I don't metro is the height he's got the forty veteran approach him shoot you. Pollack is a total mortem mess that is it's only been around for awhile you steps he's no match for ours though take images old ways didn't have Bobby. I'm a huge grant him a your daughter rapper. Project playing dot com free tickets also check amount sound clout sound cloud dot com back slash. Gee what we need to intuit IGB Kendrick Lamar. Off votes would or no meant. Results Lemond near. I was talking to suit. He responded backs Alvaro who was having a song broke. From near you know. Got it poppies and he did a route too would ever since I didn't proceed. The pressure him to give you must song. I've dropped paging forward always like bro Wilma first broke Romo verse has been endorsed learned this our relations group because I didn't pricy. But to save fifty Douglas thanks so much support to win a double back room. He can't back in town would Jerry. Broke gimme my money back slapped excessive video top of it and gave me of cars and gave me a beat. And you know I'd say that's not a whole song came about but that's how many know. Though. No bias that much and out like anybody's pocket but I did 700. You know save file hunter Portugal Barbara. Those that have like a lot of our CBI or and it's a fifty potential Marty should have been barred writing a book. At the time hero doctor Drayton no we was also mean are the nominee of the good cheer Messi his he grew up leader of the umpire ruled street in a lot of people are yours you know. For Rome. Tim book to save par room. Bush par was a block. Abbey life somebody from Minnesota via large twelve street or thirty not try Sox are bro way it. You from Minnesota because. Army is so William grown up in a circumstance. He got his mom's and his props in his life is pops a guiding even known homey don't you know Otis have an August siblings does us a lot of different and is arc relates when his music anywhere now here glorified. The negative. He talked about the consequences that can week. Off our rock week is sold in our restarts when before. Ought to light scanning and arm embedded Gaidar to Jericho signing according like movies like hello. But I've or you've got to be in the noon watching going to be big news in the near broke he is our war our hope. Mean look at that it has I mean inherited that remember you get pretty big you know what I think ever in the world is on his way eagle surpass imminently going to greater sharper all time it is right at this rate at this radiate. He hasn't dropped a very tragic do it you know you might numbness or the like you book game art. You want to fill his own arc. Our orchard hate Moscow. Almost love it our own wants to be like in. Was somebody don't have a opinion origami is or what to do was uninspiring it didn't draw a move and emotion. Known senator artist just posts make you haven't motion yoga to follow what topic tomorrow releases ugly woman. Announcer but that gave me a fill in behind. Nonsense sought. Did he on his wife. The only person who's headed to Al or run the last person have a two armor and is grew was continent. On senator Kyl has dropped from their registration prior to that it was being. Who was can we now I'm not even Jozy not straight nobody. He's on his way legendary status at this race how was it being independent artists now obvious signs of Major League is in my opinion is better with cruise. A move very. A little business. I'm Lou knew was that I listen music are very boo what is spar at new ways you know and motivated smear moral and I'll wake Kook is business. When it S stocks were as real estate bio engineering. Take insider a little business and so. The music businesses the aspect away from artistic side. A movie so therefore being independent artists control and Omar business control in my future mart outcome no whatever argued out of this is where it. Our idea Omar all. Is no more gratifying in net I don't ever want to compromise. Where are really loaf. For the sake of a dollar being. Known people like your close to break emperor do you feel like you're right on the cusp of it like maybe one big song away here. One complete project how close do you feel like you wore to becoming the next thing I feel like your body is one song away in today's you know. Climbing just solid designer did a meets Lou we got. Forget designer Louis dowdy are here in foam bullets might 300 some housing and eighteen year old quay were grid here no flow no bars no delivery beats this trash you put a black. Our respect Kodak black yeah like they're all on the same wave to me coated like excuse me he tries direct you know since our respective lows these lies I'm not a fan knows he's new music but again I never would I don't know the young to give money county. Bush yea so are you gotta do is have Warsaw it can happen any day if you don't dawn now mad because I wanna retire from rabbit 33. As well known star mop populace becomes news. But I series I don't know if you heard dad thought I know I did this. Almost I I didn't know here's what it did ass delegated it started Thursday Chrysler race victories to master your IA's 33 is to appear Lou as you. And reverse. You know a sacred geometry. Our neck is so that's why not put where it's hardest and it's completely and you know storm populace has become knew what I was senior to do well all of us sitting here to do. It won't hornets are more ancestors. Whole goal was to be god period in our god almighty but to raise and elevate a gossip within Newt. So news. You know. Make the world do we was bliss would have better place nonsense. Along song along the lines in a long time we've gotten distracted borrow whatever counselor. Say extra food money close inner timing cool whatever you know Sam bush. We've lost at NASA often like to civilization we'd be filed so often in our accident. Our can't control their bodyguard trauma so dishonest it's hard Tom Ramon and we give myself you know. Some time to get their parity there are still got a ways bush like house storms earlier found nowhere arts has more alive in. During years arkan imagine them being teen so. You're talking a rapper. When people come to a G watt show what today expect. Both of whom handsome young dying almost berries. And it's. There. Some swear I doubt. You know is is this grew way if you group cash he. Yeah you know being a member to win news across say Jesus in person wants non life who really can say that not a lot of people will be able to walk around Islam always welcome we you know Schwab and also if are you carry say that there was a small amount of people to get back client. You know and you'll be able to say that if she see Watson pars or one talk when the story is over when is done and when the book is closed is going to be a great story told saints. You know sin again it was stabbed by whoever the Vatican and you know miniseries Constantine new put that thing together mopping the company gathers you know is going rog would that that's a fact about them chomping at breached Stan. From China may with a back to make an international where we're. North Americans want country you know senate. And Missouri is right there in the middle of the second White House members and some like that nonsense so we sin on the goal month. Not a level is so open at school we'd all be military Monday have bio engineers at. On that building weapons and hopes and educating agriculture all non misses in this plan is so crazy is bigger and yes Wawrinka to have its movies if if I when -- to do some great army spark a modest somebody do some great not to buy it off part with SI effect if I don't do it on the sparked a brand is somebody that will get the bar row and they got the tools we got to Korea that it got personalities take its level are couldn't follow what admits to do at least that they would put me away if it's movies are wouldn't allow that to happen. In that it happened because it's bigger than me are set up front wrong mossy many times Amal all I try to ruin it all accidents are could neither Rooney. Are similar songs are even sang to QB. Song nominee live. Hang him up and I just. Call for much. Is that yeah. Little carrier ring I think that's the perfect place this topic already Reggie watts go check his performance out July 9 universal live experience project laying duck on check amounts out clout. Follow him on Twitter. G underscore once on mayor. Download his music album like the song grammys. You ought to cool to have gone on in I've really enjoyed talking to Milan are reluctant. Our right quick thoughts on this mystery edit this when he Hodges dropped a project by two guys ago cost sketches on accident. Because this you know the sketches of finished piece or denounce and often is pandora often is our duty song to his. Unfinished songs but even in net profit like the content. That concerts some new people come by and people is respondents with a light to sell. Sketches and songs sound ground take them out. That's Reggie watts we doubt this car.