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The Stephen Davis Episode

Jul 18, 2016|

Carrington is joined by UMKC basketball broadcaster Stephen Davis to talk about his dad Bob Davis, his time in Northwest Arkansas calling games for the AA Naturals and how he got his start.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Shows us another edition of the state sports podcast here as errors from the drive you get that I can't. ITunes and also go on sixteen. Sports website and give it yourself happy be joined by Stephen Davis son of Bob Davis longtime kings broadcaster. He's in the UKC basketball broadcaster for the last nine years he's done a bunch of other stuff. Now gonna talk about the amendments up and join the show no problem thanks for government business steeper Stephen does wanna get that correct off the off off the risk. If you go back long enough people momma since elementary school or did Stevie once and awhile but I've always called myself Stephen but I'll answer them for art that Stephen Davis happy to join us all these are the four pockets this is the question I get asked the most. And you probably get asked that ought to I did you get into this field. I noticed the more more than I do this everybody's how I got in the broadcast story is so unique that it's very hard to replicate. You can share that information somebody else how did you get in the broadcast. I took the back door kind of I think would be easy way to put it growing up obviously my dad as a broadcaster and had seen him go about his business and knew what the industry was about from that angle but I never thought I would do this Suze. One of the last things I never thought I'd do to be honest and that a feeling had always worked in sports I was always around sports drawn up. Playing watching ultimate team won over. But didn't know how I would go about that also has an aversion to wanting to sit on office for a job from nine to five each day so as. Try to figure out in college when I wanted to do tried out several different majors none of them broadcasting. And then the summer before I was going to gradually. It's. Working a basketball camp. And housed at that time probably on tracked via basketball coach as much as anything arousal as much training in as anything at that point but. Really didn't think I wanted to do that necessarily. Just sitting there in the summer slut like crazy. To go into a gym when your Swinton and this is 2004 royals were not real good at that time there having a bad summer. But I want to be over Kauffman Stadium watch and one of the worst teams the American League and I thought you know life I wanna be in the gym in the winter and go on the football games in the fall. And go on to baseball games in the summer I need to find a way I can be involved in multiple sports. And I'd always jokingly told my dad broadcasting was easy when he did was easy. And from the outside looking in it was so I thought you know up and give that a try. So I asked him in the a couple other folks I knew primal fevers mother guys I met through my dad borrowing need to do if I wanted into broadcasting and say. And to play by play need to make the tape and be able to send that out people who might have a job opened so. Through some help from some people I knew couldn't make a couple tapes of royals games that summer and was fortunate enough to get a job on him for the royals rookie league team. That next summer in 2005 right after I graduated in. With very little experience. Thompson are calling games on air on an Idaho for the rookie league team that next summer and it was. It went quickly but got into it not because I necessarily want to be a broadcaster. That entered as I like being part of teams and being around sports and going to games. But over the last twelve years now it's been the fall in love with what I do I really like broadcasting did you. Have any fear of maybe getting into this field because the appearance of nepotism. I think it's they understanding that. Sometimes people whose bothers were very successful situations help their kids get to the exact same situation was that may be why when you say you didn't think this was not you were gonna start out you kind of want to avoid the appearance of that aid. Perhaps I don't know if I ever consciously thought that I think it was always I just want to do something different. And then I got into it and it was I'm not doing the same things as him on them but I kind of am doing the same things with him and you know he got into it one way I got into it another way. I don't know if I got into it because of him I'm sure it didn't not decide to do it because of medium but it I guess to put it backwards. The other is a fear of nepotism or you don't wanna get a job because so and so is your dad or deal this guy knows your dad and feels like they're on favor. So it's it's of the slippery slope there but at the same time don't they say use the connection you have not been able to make connections in broadcasting because of my dad. Of my summer job in high school and college a lot of the time he was calm royals games on TV was working in the production truck. So I got and all the guys or on the production crew and did you know they knew my dad but they got to know me as well. And I've been able to use some of those connections to two. Further my career a little bit in the industry it's. You never know who we might meter. Know what you might say to look at somebody's eyes it's a it's a fine line as you said you know I don't feel like I've. Gotten in this business because my dad but it hasn't hurt that the use in the broadcast industry is well. Your dad worked for Kansas athletics for 32 years and also call games for the royals for six seniors as my BA war I mean weirdly phrased question on the Q I understand it. It was the first time that you understood who your dad was like as a kid when you finally realize. And as an incredibly cool job my dad gets to viewed Allen fieldhouse in the winter and they win all the time my dad gets to call Major League Baseball games and I get to be in the clubhouse and be around the team was the first time that you realize who your father was. You know that. Centrist thing because. She's is always my debt that's what he did you know everybody is at as something they do you just don't think a sister dad I didn't think of him as a famous person he's just my dad and that's what he does. But that at some point you know when your grown up in Lawrence Kansas and KU gets the attention they get. People know your dad is at some point smothered my got a restaurant I caught a ball in general. Missed you start to realize three or go to school and they find out who your dad is no teacher is. And listen to your data all the time on the radio of donated price some point. Here eight to ten years old it kind of really hits you but you know I always been around when he was I was born on k.s and is on for Hayes games and spent four days games all the time and so we did same thing and remove the Lawrence from on the KU games he'd take the high school games on Fridays and resist. What we did. So at some point Bryan elementary school hit me that you don't. People know my dad other than just people who he's friends with he's actually a public figure people know. How would you describe your relationship with and I've met your dad I believe twice maybe three times even nicer people I've ever met in my entire life armor I was at this take. That I wished he could just call my life is he just makes him sound so radios and so big time yet the called into the show. On the hotline at thanked me for saying them like as it's a cool guy I like Bob Davis I grew in the third period. But has called oil's gains through so like I got like him sometimes then we called K you gave that to hate him what was that relationship like is as a key grown up. Little known fact Bob Davis Kalamazoo games for most of the season two before an a decade job so he's part all we are not what you guys are back up before you were born and would have been oh winner of 8384. Way back. You know we have father son relationship is especially as he guys I got older and got more and more and more and more in the sports. He got the royals' job actually my freshman year in high school I was like 1516. Greatest thing in the world in on the royals and their they're good or bad as the royals fan and go to games. In on hang out in the press box couple times a year as the young announcing meager pollen around all the time than. As the senate works in the production truck. Mr. being around more and more games served on more games on TB and you know Paul split north all the time didn't know him. It was awesome and my dad and I think the fact I've gotten into the same industries even made it. More important as well we have a great relationship. It's a father son relationship with the same time we can compare. Notes about broadcasting he's not. Wonder criticize and critique me which I wish he would at times it had instigated this early on you're doing fine and he's always very complementary you're doing great. I saw as positive. Both times it was should be like you know he's do this better here's that I asserted. That's my complaint about him as a bad but now he's trying to be supportive dad which I appreciated as well. We agree relationship most the time when I'd call on second and broadcasting it was say here's what my teams do what's your team to want updates on the royals and I was in our house call it. What's going on this was in the days you know before. Twitter and the Internet got really big complaint fantasy baseball on call on him at 4 o'clock in the afternoon who's in the lineup tonight image from fantasy lineups rice has been. Tips on who was in the lineup finals going on there but. You know we just on compare what was going on with teams that he helped our relationship. Because we had different things to talk about he wanted to know what was going on with. The teams I was on games for Arnold's all the teams he was on games for. And we didn't talk broadcasting necessarily Regis talked sports talk father son stuff now. We talked that and talk turns my kids his grandkids he wants no let's go along with them some time which can't get off the phone Nichols. Here's August Stephen Davis he is the basketball broadcaster Hugh Casey is also the son of Bob Davis. Maybe Eddie it's not a negative. What was the relationship liked is given the fact that he was gone some of the time you know after off the baseball games to a basketball games there on the road. And you have to do with that because we're gonna talk about UN down to northwest Arkansas audience for double play. What kind of effect that have on your relationship and maybe the family dynamic that he just wasn't there all the time due to work. I was just took it that's how it always was growing up and go on road trips and come back after the game was over I would. Just was used to but I knew that's how laws and I'm almost there and I was an only child. So I was getting all the attention anyway whether he was there are not good in baton that goes along with that that. That was just part of it and he'd go way to call games and we listened to and his. Actually funny slash famous family picture our family. When I was probably a year tooled the family picture was me sitting on my mom's lap and rocking chair with a radio next to us now is our family picture. One year. He was gone so. The panel a picture was the radio with us but this is used to it because that's how was a non in a lot of people grow up with dads who are around for one reason or another. Her mom was not around for one reason or another you'd Stanley dynamics are different I was just dollars and I was used to and now my fan was gone through something similar and now my kids are getting used to median on assist. What I do in my job. How cool was it to see him celebrated so much this year you does no one what he meant to the university campus knowingly make this area to know. For the most part you'll likely never hear Bob Davis call in a sporting it was cool. For me to see but I think it was really cool for him. You know he hears compliments from people but I think he'd never heard the amount of compliments he got over the course via I mean it was great for him to know. How much he's meant to people not just in the last few years but over the course of thirty plus years calling jayhawk games. Ought to know that he was appreciated and meant something in the people liked what he did never hurts to hear of people like which would. Did you ever have a favorite call this a called a six year mine you know. I listened to him so much as a kid they can all run together and like you said you know you make things sound grandiose vision of member of the general excitement. When something good would happen he'd get excited that's the kind of stuff I remember honestly. I was so many games in listen to him on except when they were on the road and then as I got older. I'm busy with my own activities and I'm on with my own life once I get out of college. Allen getting to listen hardly any games. At that point so it was. And analysts in the march. The one that stands out recently. We get a UN KC game. The same day as the final K human zoo game and warts and everybody on both sides remembers that game. The big comeback in the second half by the jayhawks. And I'm trying to get dressed and it off to view and KC game on keep an eye on the KU game. And it happens and I've got LB. And my drive from my house to view and KC game that it was the exact length. Of the over time I don't remember any of the calls but I just remember like that's. A meaningful moment are you people talk about radios dying radio broadcaster nine. That's one more I can fully attest. That you know life gets in the way sometimes you can always watch a game on TV Euro where the way you want to follow it. You gotta have radio and I just remember that and then the excitement again is what stands out. Obviously in the K you signed the pilgrims who broadcast for a moment in their CO wasn't good my command has were all in the cup and I wasn't good and they were their goal in the opposite way of the you know you feel for that to the losing side in a game like that especially when. Of those guys Mike and bearded guys as well. I'll be just the excitement is what stands out from calls from from my memory of my bad I'm sure you keep. Listening have very fond memories of Allen fieldhouse heck even a dessert fan like myself that's been over their pride ten times to see game just because of his profession I have fond memories of being Al field house. What was it like to essentially brought in Alan feel Bosnia if your dad works at the 32 years your ballot for practice is you were down four games a lot. Yeah I once pretty much every home game as a kid got to be a ball boy when I was that age and actually in college as a student manager for the basketball team slows. Involved even more on a day to day basis than he was gone practices and games and been part of it. It's you know that building is a special building but it's. It's great on game day but I've always thought it's best in all when you walk into it on a day when there's hardly anybody in there and you start looking up. And the names in the rafters and hear and know that echoes as they say things going on but. He was fun to be in there as a kid and and again and I didn't know any different than Clinton I'm moved to Lawrence does not turn three. That was just basketball games that's the world I grew up in. Would you get away from that or you start to look around the country there's very few places like that that are that special on game day. But it was very it's a great way to get hooked on basketball tools to games and down field. You were in. College or addition to buy it now accounts never K one and after Jamie chip Dow's dolls on an erratic out okay. Give a favorite team Michael what team that you were around kind of sticks out to you is maybe you were working closely with them or you are that perfect gauge where. You're still young enough to like really have that full long in sports and above being a kid. But also just you had more access than the now the in the average person's I didn't have a. Ton more access those watching games and on. Knew the coaches is that do shows with my dad died at the media mall but. I just liked going to the games. Each team you know whatever sport you're in whatever team you're width. Each team is different has its own unique identity and that's what's fun about it. I don't get into one team anymore than another there there was a time when time as a kid. And milk wasn't going to be able to go to a gamer summer. And we always take your famous trip Troy is NCAA tournament game through and take family vacations. And I was gonna miss a game for some in the tournament I think and my mom and my dad does is it really that big deal you know you know is is this team that important Leonardo. But it's this year steam you know it's whatever year you're in some people like some teams more than others obviously teams that win yet. You remember them more seemingly but I remember the people involved. That's the bigger thing for me especially as I've moved into this and and gotten into the quote unquote business side of the industry. And a lot of us in sports casting her sports writing says sometimes you get jaded by the games and they all can blend together but it's the people start to stand out. I remember the people. That are involved more than anything now and you know you root for certain people no matter what team their plan for the other day you player like Hoosier favorite all time Katie player. No. Non. Again there were so many album as a kid growing up and you know even starts look rowdy like guys on other teams to a guy talented guy on that team. But you you end up like common and you see guys that are like you know if that I was not my team I'm not sure I'd like him at all. Horry sitting on the tonight boy I hate that Abbott is on my team a prior love everything you did. As tough for me menu go to school with guys and get to be a student manager got to know some of the guys really well on my my four years. As a student manager of the same for years is Wayne Simien Aaron mile Michael B Keith Langford those guys. Thailand you know when you see those guys again I've stayed in touch with most all of them but he it's tough not to like those guys is almost feel brotherhood from. You're talking to Stephen Davis he is the basketball announcer at Ewan Casey's been calling them for nine years also call games at north worse Arkansas without your big break whenever you go from calling rookie ball for the royals and then you get the call to double leg because that's just. That's a pivotal time in a baseball player's career all the big prospects for a double play you also called double a the chance call a lot of the guys that are currently on this Major League roster would you consider that your big break. Nobody jumps from rookie ball a double as those of player. I don't is joke with the guys you know even in rookie ball and ask you what you wanted to do obviously they want to be Major League Baseball pars on an. The ball to be a Major League announcer call your guys' games and yet there. Until and the only differences your windows a lot short of the mining keep on for a lot longer time. I of my career so far had a it was a big break I don't know if that was the big break I don't know if I've had my big break yet though but it was great that was. A special six years down there and double it was on the franchise moved from Wichita out of Springdale I'd spent three years in rookie ball love them all out there. It was that the transition from when Dayton took over and you could see the organization. Start to change from the bottom up getting to be there at the very body of people talk about federal it was true. Things did change from the bottom up in the minor leagues what changed you think. Attitude as much as anything. You could see. No I was a royals fan my whole life so it was cool for me to total royals affiliate. For my first job house thrilled to be there in the people and I know were rolled out over conflict is through the previous affiliation had gone sour urged by DeVon organization and wanted to have them as a partner and they had Billy Butler the year before march 1 round picks. I was happy to be out there and be with any team really but a royals affiliate means that much more special but yet you're so far away from the majors. You could view it any team had done matter rookie ball. But when Dayton took over there was a sense of pride that was restored he's talked about this a lot of wanting to make it special for these guys to be apart of the royals and show they history. And do that and you could see little things change like you might CO royals' minor league coach. Using a bag from an organization he'd been with before or royals bag that was 1040 years old just to give an example. And also in those guys get new backs every year too they're getting a new bag now brand new shiny royals back and it's little things like that that you could just see. A little extra bounce and guys step for you know hey it's okay to be a royal it was almost no point there in the mid two thousands were it was. Around baseball people made jokes of going to play who work for the royals and as a lifelong royals and I hurt. And to get to see that restored a little bit and see some of the guys they drafted I was in Idaho Falls when Mike was stock as the draft and came to play for such summer and but as you set a go to double leg. We had all those guys come through there. And the one thing people would ask is are these guys going to be able to win in the major leagues asking him. I'm not a baseballs out they're good players in double A double a.s still coupled big steps from majors. I don't also going to be good enough players. But if they're. What they had internal Levy intangibles the mental fortitude. The way they approach the game on their business the new stock misses the Haz verse the president is. Even some of the guys who didn't make it all that whole group we have their life for five years stretching double. If I sit if they don't get if they can't get it done. Because of their mental make up. I don't know if anybody can and they've got the wherewithal to do that assume they're the right kind of guys. To break through what the royals have been in and that fan base have been in for so many years and to sit there and watch it actually happened there and and see him get a Don Reilly crazy beyond cool it sit back you know. Fifteenth inning or whatever laws under Saddam my couched his grin on my face that I can't shake. Watching guys and I've known since they were 1920 years old to see in him. Celebrate a world championship for the organization I'd grown up cheering for was beyond cool but. That's one thing to see guys to federalization but yet a look around there's guys we had that are and other organizations being successful. Seeing what they've done as well as justice cool seeing out of the success they've had split up for them. Our onetime high school my parents took me on this oh conference had to go to it was in Norfolk Virginia. And we were in nor folk but I'm David Wright got called. I remember. I kind of new day or right was reducing the buzz around the city that David Wright was coming up in. Doing these minor league towns you know the ball is whenever a hot new prospect is in town. Whose buzz would you say it was the highest whenever you were calling games whether it was Idaho whether the northwest Arkansas Ole man Philip Blake's going to be here. You go to Idaho Falls they still talk about Billy Butler and this is twelve years later he was there in 2004 right out of high school. House action northwest Arkansas last night for game. And the funny thing about northwest Arkansas mention it was on the franchise moved by at the job that they've been in Wichita. Northwest Arkansas as a college saturated market with the razorbacks fiddles meal you don't know when you go from Springdale favorability miles down the road it's all. Connected their between on the highway. That's a college market they're following their razor back guys so we can had a in asylum on Minor League Baseball watcher watching foreign dub ladies guys come on up. And even if they don't go play for your team it's the going to be great and obviously we've created more royals fans down there I think. Oh over the course the last nine years down there which is awesome for the royals. But the biggest guy got buzz was that first year. Remember tila kind of ruined yet he was player of the year that year and he was slow nominal that first season. She started new franchise. You bring an end and they don't care who it was his third year in double and then Kennedy been demoted able to back half the year before and few have been periods is a fresh start for him. And it was a great chance for him to rejuvenate his career and he was as I said phenomenal you know he hit the ball hard. He drew walks he did everything finally got promoted Tripoli towards in that season. But he was league player of the year a lot of people who have been. Natural spans on their northwest Arkansas since day one still talk about key law. With a little more reverence even the not talk about Mike who stockings who was only there for half the season but had. The most amazing double A debut I think you could ever imagine or Hosmer who was there the back half of that season replacing the stock is who had. Most clutch playoff home runs you can imagine. I'm they've had seven Major League all stars come through there but it's been great. For those people to see. Qaeda guys we've nurtured in double play. Even if they weren't a big star in stock has her house pearl Paulo Orlando or kill being Guerrero was played a key role in the bullpen. Greg Holland was there those guys were part of a world championship team to. Clint Robinson won a Triple Crown in the Texas League that year was stock is and how true that gets overlooked. Clint split a big role in the Washington Nationals the last two years in the lineup with harper and those guys. People talk about the guys who were the stars and double play. In the kind of look around ago only now wait I remember Paul Orlando played here and that was a really good team when he was on. Police are looking back BC man his team had twenty major leaguers on some points so. The one guy who would create most closed down and also starts a price since the beginning of the keel but yet. They've done a great job promoting the other guys who have come through and it's hard not to notice what they've done since and take pride in the fact that they were. Guys who play in your backyard if you in the northwest Arkansas. Here's are gonna Stephen Davis he is the basketball commentator over you know Casey's been doing that for nine years you also call against you just heard. In northwest Arkansas for the northwest Arkansas natural was like calling Israel Casey a basketball only division one squads they have other sports but of the major sports. I basketball only school without them. Element. Denies us that I fell in love with basketball secure FL level all the sports but for some reason basketball was the one night. Got most saturated down those because I played at the molester. As a kid that played baseball too but for some reason basketball was the one. On in the win dirty around here especially its Kansas City you go to basketball games. Everybody knows mode whatever level you're apt. I love the rooms I've always had a little. Sense of random with young Casey since they moved to. That's kind of cool Kansas city's got mid major. And be part of had a lovingly call the struggle because it hasn't happened yet at your own Casey but I've fully believe it will happen. I was just gonna ask him out Clusty Philip. UKC games in a live downtown mountain so it's. You know now it's a street car ride away it's a 56 block walk away I can do much it's a. Hidden gem down there and the tough part is. You know people have their previous affiliation is a lot of people went to young Casey for grad school who were stolen on the zoo fan or K you've anarchy state and wherever they went to school. But there's lot of people who don't have a team or wanna embrace a team and I think it's gonna explode at you and KC one of these days in May take. You know a season of winning for that to happen but it might click overnight are ever going to cup William Casey games as a kid where they draw 5678000. Down there and Muni. That's still a great building that programs right there ready to click Korean Richardson is a great coach he's got a on the right path. That's no guarantee they'll and that's the tough part about trying to build a program up and I've. Flat out told agreements and I'm from what little I know I think you're doing right. And I hope it works for area and you know me Alex I mean those but no guarantees us and I don't know guarantees but should do with the right way and they're doing things the right way. And hopefully cliques form on the it's been close a couple times they've had a couple years where you thought it might work and just hadn't happened yet and you know this year might be the year ago at potentially in the season to take a step. Are one of those games you talk about him as a kid I think they play like Oral Roberts it was within that there was a Mike Watson. An area and page not. About him a legitimate shot a nickname the NCAA tournament which I think that's what it's going to take I think it's going for Davis again and to fully embrace the ruse. It's going to take you could be in I T team or one of those teams that's a one seed its conference tournament that realistically as a shot. To make the NCAA turns I thought that's the only thing on their byline that are on the effort on. Everybody remembers the mid majors who make the tournament especially if they win a game maternal but you know just watch the selection show and ago. Who's that school and you know they might just moved to 15 years before ten years before him Casey's been 130 years now. And it hasn't happened yet like you said when it happens. That'll get embraced yeah those Mike Watson year games Carlton there and against Oral Roberts were hop on now was a big time ride for him or watching a game on TV when. Mike dropped fifty down oh are you and just by jaws drop because everybody in the building. Knew he was getting the ball and knew he was gonna shoot to put three guys on him and he still scoring. I'm game went over time dominant also armor on a couple of games before that Muni is a kid they play. And K state of the one game stands up for William Casey fans as the 9352. Win over K state for the ruse religious pummeled. Tasted everything William Casey's way that game but there was another game William Casey was right with a pretty good case state teams step for step in the Tony Duma's. Running Schmitz era. And Duma's I think through in about 35 footer at the buzzer that made the final margin one. But it was an Ol 12 possession game most of the way and you don't TC is right there. I think they're getting close to right there again use a see the steps. You see the steps backwards as well and around on a day to day basis going all the games but a couple years that are right there with K state into the second half of a game. A controversial charge call kind of sucked all the momentum away from the ruse. Three years ago open the season with a win at the zoo and last year you beat on mid Mississippi at least so there's been big wins and but again. Extreme Richardson put the best of from the zoo game two years ago when I know Missouri basketball's been down the last couple seasons of people downplay that but. You go on the road beat the big school in your state that might be the biggest win in some ways and you know Casey program history. And I remembered like you know just be in Nome after the game my whole volume Casey just want that zoo this is awesome. And I asked choreographed dance for questions what does this win mean for view and for the program he goes. It's a great win but if it's the best women are season it doesn't mean anything. And it turned out the bad end of the in the case because it was such a great win but the rest of the season didn't live up to the potentially had planted that night. And that's the key is you've got to build to the end and really all comes down when you're at the mid major level. So three special nights in March and you get hot at the right time whether you're a great team or a good team to get hot at the right time. When that term in the conference code NCAA tournament all gravy from there. What's next for you. You called double A baseball you called division one basketball. Probably done some side things what do you think is next for you on a personal who knows. Back to work this fall due in some football again this fall you and Casey hoops this winner. What on what all the folks I don't fit the odd because royals games it was season's over. You'll catch him catch and it you know called a football game you catch him in January Collins a basketball game what conference Tuesday called. This last year did high school football on Friday nights on TV and then Saturday's I was doing part of America conference in AIA football games on TV recently underrated. Full on a lot of people around here no division to football's good in this area but there's some really good and AIA football in this area. The heart of America conference is so maybe the best overall lead in the country in an AI enabling their missile on terrorism as a national championship. And they had two teams into the semi finals last year. I'm really good and AI Haley knows a lot of fun my Shelby do and something similar to that again this fall on some laughable on Fridays and Saturdays hopefully what are they got. Hello I have a dream job at the royals is that K well here's the funny thing as a kid and this is gonna sound weird my dream job was to be is a basketball manager at KU and in college and I got to do that. So I don't qualify have a broadcasting dream job there's organizations you know that I obviously feel differently about than other places but. For me a dream job at this point now you know mid thirties married three kids dream job is to be you know live in place we like and we love Kansas City. However both from around here Lovett. Replaced rays fan entering the bay around here knows that. But the dream job for me would be being a place you love. Work for an organization that appreciate you and work with great people and that could be here that can be somewhere else I don't know and I think. That sounds pretty generic and Diana Durbin would go well done that's what everybody wants for a dream job. But to me it's not about. Money necessarily. I don't need to make you know five million dollars like some of the big net Kirk as do. That's not a dream job for me and it's not based on money it's based on those factors now if you know be happy be healthy the inflation low working with people like. Is there a sort of a mental back and forth maybe waiting for one of those jobs opens I think it portraits here. You'd love to work for the ruler who grew up cheer for you love to work for KU is it. Waiting for the big opportunity that you know I'd go call the San Diego pot urges picker rain and team or. If I can wait it out to three years continue to do what I'm doing continue to get better. You know once I mean the rules are gonna fire somebody or someone's gonna step down at some point is they kind of waiting for that opportunity to open up. I don't know crystal ball so you never know when those opportunities are gonna comment and the funny thing about this industry. Sports broadcasting. Whether it's you guys as talk show hosts and you guys have talked about your experiences again into this and work your play by play guy like I am. This industry I think more than any other almost it's not about. Here's what I've done here's my Reza may or here's my work here's a good and there's a lot of guys who are really good. It's right place right time somebody says you know a lot I'm gonna take a chance on this guy that's. And to be honest partially dog on every job somebody going on and take a chance on the skit on in the not be a kid anymore so I can't for myself as that. But I think it's communities it sounds cliche but it's right place right time and you just never know none of those concede the future so it's for me it's gunned down doing enjoy every day. And going to be home with my kids in the summer and now on people ms. Pasco times you miss Colin Minor League Baseball and heck yeah I do every night at 7 o'clock but in all there's other ways to follow baseball games on still involved in baseball and but I give him with my kids and that's great to there's always something good out there and he's got to focus on that and the positives and all along of the jobs I have. They're all great. But how north future holds in us. I ask you this close on beta is a personal question countered that doing from health perspective I think you know at his age and you retire. You know maybe there's some health issue the people have those kinds of questions. Now these are going to be calling basketball or football games anymore not before Friday people want updates on how he's doing how's he doing some. So far so good he's embraced retirement likening. Early man in demand as early seventy sued duke health wise he's you know in his early seventy's nobody is in perfect health without point I hope I'm and is gonna help as he has honestly it. Early Sony's and I blaze guts on the deal and left but. Nothing serious health wise of him he's doing great though loves his grandkids to actually come over take him out to dinner tonight so. To get my mom are awesome and now we get over there to see when we cannon. They're good grandparents and his I think what he's looking forward to most in retirement I'm trying to find himself and just keep him busy so it's not sit around took. Couple years ago you know we're talking TV networks are some nice you'll have MLB network to be excused. Spew from day one of his life he's been a baseball thing he just loves baseball. And MLB network to hear us now it's on the extra tier and I don't wanna buy the extra TS had. If you don't buy it I will get it for you for Christmas because you would love MLB network. Sure enough anytime I call him now he's like him you know at home city or Washington MLB network. It doesn't matter if it's December. Just that on MLB network last night their time. He loves it now my cousins like that would NFL network are never seen anybody like it's its June you know and talking about anything limit on a volatile work now doubt that September you're watching it makes a lot of says yeah so I got to. Him away from MLB network that's my goal he'd go watch that any time there's enough repeats on the on any network like that. So Michael's finding some to do and I'm sure he'll find solemn note billion out gig on I don't think it's it's hit him that he's retired but don't think it's fully him I don't think it will tilt. Relief football season sets in and he's not. Prep on the call a game every week or two and a coach show are actually going to a game but he'll find some to embrace and some to stay busy enough. Hope I'm along for the ride to see it right back like this to walk away for the royals heard or was it. It sounds like baseball is his favorite sport he really you know based on the law of the sixteen years he had with the royals and it was as longtime royals got out so early I mean right now word good. He took over in 1997. And went still want the eleven I think it was Taylor's wealth something I'd like bear that out. And I kept telling us talent that these guys the minor leagues might get it done in they're bigger and he got the norm was there are first come on up. He meet those guys do you think he's going do you think if he had known he would've stayed do you think if he knew. In the next two to oh I think Celsius we really really good I don't think so you know he missed it the. You can't keep doing jobs forever at some point you gotta hang it up and those are good time foreign ago and I'll. He's enjoy he's missed going to games and work and Ambien around the team on a day to day basis but again McGraw and wears on you especially baseball's guys in all. I've done in the minor leagues guys major leagues have added different style grind is grind and it wears on news especially as your older. They've had some of those guys who keep doing it dated bigger Ryan years and years and years they're very special people. And yet find ways to rejuvenating. To be honest. Look about it now as a broadcast my dad wasn't getting a break he go straight from. He basketball into the royals straight from the royals indicate youthful on the overlap for all those years. And then football basketball overlap he never had even like a week to catch his breath. He a lot of weeks refused to and through sports. And that starts to Wear on and it was good time for an step away and I don't think he's ever fought anything differently than that and you know he's had fun watching those guys in their success the last few years. Yeah I remember it always of lows around here of they which came about Davis going to be because you know we're football and basketball kind of overlap a little bit in that November time keeping available in the last couple years but you don't know if there was that everything in her lap between is like where does goodies best in case you play in this conference are these big pre season turned on Saturday about Thomas liked Obama's Bob it seems like fast. Ball kept him earlier and earlier in new Nike didn't go to the Bahamas and Clayton got to go on those NCAA got the ball stripped of the Bahamas. Yeah that's tough but that you know every guy at every major school seems to face that you get those conflicts he got to go to one or the other around the holidays and nobody had a double with football and spring training withdrawn through march and as tough but and all he had great employers who allowed him to work two jobs for two different organizations and worked with him on. That was Stephen Davis he is the basketball commentator over UK see also call against northwest Arkansas. Steam I really enjoy its argument banks often it's not been thought we should do in sometime. This is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports. Podcast.