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The Ruby Jeans Juicery Episode

Jul 25, 2016|

Carrington is joined by two of his friends, Cole Foss and Jeremy Yon, and they talk about love, relationships, their childhoods etc. and then is joined by Chris Goode, owner of Ruby Jeans Juicery, to talk about his juice bar and its 1 year anniversary.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. I welcome in another episode I think it was kind of episode eighteen up is that if we're pocket I'm not gonna I reviewed and no longer gonna talk about the next 1520 minutes. You can get this podcast all line is six and sports icon you can also get it when iTunes on Thursday the sports review it. All I guess that's here with your friends I've to my friends senior you heard it won't podcasts in the past envoy Jeremy died she should do it coleslaw in here. Call out some kind of relationship going along with you're trying to talk to some girl ever reason that I don't know what's going let's listen to talk about it though there. Talking evidence and I asked you how do you feel about dating someone who's in your ridiculous the last two girls have kind of been saying one of them there I worked with. And the next one is a breeze to from the copy shop I was scared to. Address this what do I do. Well I mean the worries that the coffee shop is a pretty easy situation. You keep its auditorium goes poorly just your coffee somewhere else like. Like the pretty easy doesn't really isn't capable. Of our job is is consistent landed guardian plea and I argued it did you go in there you can get free stuff. Have you might wanna or yes OK there are so you keep that issue and URL. You keep the grade teacher role for as long as humanly possible and that when it dies. You start go somewhere else but. Not demonize them. I want to talk to you how you feel about dating someone in the workplace dating someone you see every day one what do you do that because the way I kind of data I worked with. Like I don't know who's who's always go with nowhere man now what needs to defend its email quickly as possible you may not syndicate that argument began last night and I may lose mop paper I want to keep their papers and oh. Kane go to work place real work in the same department we had nothing do with each other we just. We happened to work in the same building for the same Cummins and company cut its chips alone day it's got your own you gather like on the same team like this big project result in her partner with the girl bit. And ever and they are less that we never worked like I okay. We were completely different apartments. I just I was out I was out of town we are not. The bad there's I mean I'm gonna make it seem like I've never talked to anybody that's worked here before. But maybe is different because there is a radical friend ever say there's a clear line at least in my job between the people are all there and you're that are not off as a clear line between the two. So perfectly fine with what is kinda be and that one air bubble being the only air bubble. It's time to be in the everybody else bubble that I keep easily mingle between two. Your job worse I don't know how the inner office politics work I think Gandhi reciprocity and compartmentalize quite well everywhere he's right it and that they thought I can't authorities say about name. To a nutty Ambien and I'm kind of like a few asked our confidence and so away and Megan looked it. And the you to pity I don't need to calls of the demons is so prodigal steer away from their. So the coffee shop this is the stock shot is literally not sort of my apartment I go to every day every every Saturday and go to your breakfast order. I do they have the best white. You know we get the web I don't know I've probably I get a kale salad and us. Pumpkin spice like this is still. The day I. Let's say. It's not just victory on ninth and Baltimore they have you or their credit check that they have not yeah. Did they come on yeah. I got a daughter ended said that there was free throw most of the best clubs in which I've ever had in my life and that got. Just everything they have their stellar I don't know what a young great Anglican like though that's what I need to blow yeah yellow and the lives of them who alerted the skull is only had three clubs in which is that the best loves it would you ever had a bizarre idea is that our offense without it Kansas City admits to the bakery most of the breaker not based opt out of right pretty that farmers back on sun it's. Like echo bay works there. Oh I thought yeah yeah Baylor let's not today whether it again yeah you opened at that I just differing view of brown mutt like me I'm dogs ramadi today a ball and they didn't do you give credit to bring remote rocketed in with the pro market now is Steve led them Bob Wei who knows about such a big guy loses about Zimbabwe don't you pay if you didn't get the credit is granted that's wrong this could really got to go hey Dave shouted you got to him I. I really did you if you went behind me you bombing on Twitter I'm cool Boston seven or it's not a speaker you time o'clock on Saturday morning already here Alex you've got a beautiful. I don't marketing hundred for your life. The happy event for the Serbs alone cannot satellite test up at this point I appreciate them bed we got to do against our Joe's. The debt. So you guys this story because you guys are bigger font B I plug it up with on the tender episode but now that was like sixteen episodes that don't have so three going to do about my absolute. I don't know why don't ever regret that that there wasn't there figured everything that is throw. I basically going tender and I'd just like real bullets that by Tinder account like a week ago and does go on there. And I just. Slight bright in government statistics like I literally. Never message go home never had any interaction. Is all the meat that I need that. Kinda self esteem boost. I'd just like no in the other wouldn't find me attractive might give you I don't think that there might not my Tuesday Wednesday and the Turbo charged up player do you see the power like some. Do you go to India in your battery might yet 40% via person you write that. Extra boost this means that 8898. City until we know immense this. So if you go back with the depths of period talked about mine I got to attend a mullah by increased our background here over the until. I'm now so I did a bad thing. I swipe a lot. Elements in July also white blob because we know I've noticed Hillary Clinton let me ask you very addictive from what they've mr. probably all the profiles as you look at it doubted I didn't go pro. First birthday he cares about do you have a job and that. If you have one graduated I did my radios you why is having a job a big beauty you ambitions nor expressing win yet let's be real here we keep it honest all the oldest export my didn't get to the sixth in sports background and iTunes and his age you're not just a long term relationship with the young lady now. As an open is you're on tendered and find a mate. And I've entered a final may Indy was trying to see if they had a job it has been my other religious background that you're shunning that that's why it's why. Why aren't on your attitude here that you are you are you under employed are you over employed how do you feel about your job now like you are Jeremy I don't what should or edit and they'll play all wanna talk tour gutsy. Christie did Dell's for a live at army sergeant. Avatars on Yelp and its military to settle the male point it's. Back and it. Is not so that to me I think. We we joke all the time addition of a job like what's her job as economize my first question did it. I think it shows ambition or what what Europe Alec. If you do hair her mom my mom to her for ever like I love that. But if you're like yeah I kind of like art and I want to twice a week OK I don't need to be hanging out with you you're not your upbringing and evening president. Autorads dry and you know which of favor merely your favorite meal is number while why do you care about number two. Just like came out there for the business you know it's you don't tend to full that's on almost not onto although although you can't be friends on earth why can't just say that ol' you know you just don't need just you know and every letter for off there. I've got two girls off tender. Let's say both global whit pretty positively. One album art personalities just didn't match it just wasn't a good fit for either one it was like it was no. There was no animosity toward either one of us do not want. She indicated she was busy and I just wasn't like I does don't have the patience at this time in my life to deal with that kind of stuff. Lee this picture a lot like taught that you're up she was pretty could shoot a message being the 1 I'm like am I gonna ask you to hang out like this is. I have a clear strategy of how I treat center. Our senator just to get this self confidence booster capable and your final low hook opening these girls. Here's solely for the self confidence boost so I guess it. Eight I still got exactly what it is it just did that I guess America to see if I vibe with someone I guess and an easy early indicator for that is. It's you have a real job wouldn't let me tell them grow up a little bit long starbeat some trash people got zapped through oh. It did a job doesn't really do doubt that that's your right we each step but it but I think opt out of my outfit new movie because. All three of us are different ages colts 23. I'm Tony said in your 29. All of us around like a little different state is a wide net Cameron who closed at different stages and we're back. What point I talked to so many women in my life I can just accept are all not built equally you don't mean I can accept bet. So mobile might have a emotional issues it was dull asked mobile might have accused vote might have a better job. There's a common thread between all mobile unit in just picking qualities that we all like from all of the like if you get it checked with the taping you really care about silver gonna fell off problems are gonna have the last six overwrought the last set. The weakness is that they have or they so bad that you can put up with that's all I don't. Well yeah at that proposition at the like that's the states Europe and that your certificate that obstacle 122 point during our terrible it and I think it but my answer is with a wasn't good I outlets and I hear a lot better than not I'm not an adage. No and I think. I think you guys know I'm very picky when it comes in it's. I was a pick you towards neutrally three out of the balcony now a lot of the broadest it as many shots up is humanly possible JR Smith about equality for you're 22 who will want quantity. That quantity caught. Quality didn't quality or quantity and quality but it wouldn't put me US I mean you can say John Ogden allied it and not the I did not why don't my team as you'll probably that I went that I can't like that obviously isn't bids will allow us on the body gets in the game to suit up everything out of it. That's what I look out there every inning but I think what maybe the worse I bet agent cure rate outlook on the radio selective with Hartnell while walking and not figured out exploit that into female attention yeah Andy and I just. From 23. Till like 26 out out of control like completely out of control reckless. And is what you wake up like I do this for like who is benefiting some odd bit of fitting any body burned by it just. It creates all of EU's. Relationships they are going anywhere in the in and asking all media relations it's actually really want to go somewhere. With a lot of fun when there was it. I guess I guess for me. I mean you guys know people last mile mile time I don't seem to have a huge issue with it so I I guess I can afford to build more picky than I. Then I mean are not forget they ingested figure Kallis shows amateur you ought to be quite frank about it I just know I was houses you know. I was. A I don't need I don't need to take someone like him and use it. And the crow about Cole is. Of all like white friends out there it. I've never seen a white friend that it does mean African Americans have pulled code I don't think so bailout and a lot of it out and chick. I'm not a billion aid or really attractive girl comes up you idolized and not be like I did you so you talk about. It's like you know it's cold and I'll be like you got it pointed at it like yeah cold and I'm like. That's not for ergo it's overload the widely condemned the vote. It's weird to cause those moments kind of showed the woman or just like us insight on the like we've got here would it suit like the economy he's been in positions at all women are like this nominal like this like man off the olive don't be optimal managed is really that's a popular in the today. Rock on saying. No we absolutely all the seminoles let's say let me think about women all the time when there's always merely different that is. They are that was different than us like but it ought be exact same things from like that we do. They want amazes sects that somebody that they get along with it also might make a layup with march towards the new black which is so I don't put obligation I as all they won't we won't let the exact same thing that I always what's your black college how the car. Why do you want to move Larry very fine youth whose very good it got without god I used to watch or your blackness chick every time we would have sex with a black or black. We might be a bit to start hate each of the like episode eight. Andy out with a slight you know like at this point we've already started we've put we've got room where episodes ago this is fitting us that's like two more times than not the list these episodes now so does the god. Finish up with so what and it never hung out so I can never had a game that ever vote at their he's the one. One of the things I I tend to pick up from relationships. TV shows so and they always have to be chick chick shows a victim new girl watch staff like three seasons for the relationship girls on HBO bullet to work two or three seasons he's seven was a good. Which did you enjoy the most common on the fuel near whistled for two seasons girls okay. But I just like always and a watching some TV show and I'm watching it my way. I was watching this with some what somebody wants I'm not invest in the that'll. Satellite debt. And it's Jerry Jerry my lawyer and Mozilla I don't know like our. Those are guy quality time domino wise you know my minister was grievances without talking narcotic at Bosnian and on that accounts are things about a little bit but I watched. Got dressed and out remembered added Elmo I I'll I got a good news he's in one. They thought going that argued while the unreal I've taken off like hoped he'd been through a lot of watching you know I think you got the same way like I've never told you what it is before. I always thought like I guess it like ride a bike book about my ally. They have always been defined by women like this chapter would be you know my mom mark Graham all our solid women got a bit like period packed full mile and my manager food with it. Which also include how. How big human Meehan and scope my offerings words were skewed by with your workers that was kind of knew that you need to at that time that was critical to me that was very very critical of the your devote weekly Erica I'm happy to hear the mourners are proud of America don't. Gotta gotta cut it to shut them out but I was gonna say is I've always said that I wrote a book about my life that's not every book review chapter because there was always like. Station to stations nation. Was it like TV a TV show maybe a unique in this ya haven't liked it every TV show ever locked up always watchable. There was the wire brother was sopranos whether it was masters really on whether or you black. Whether it would house the court I've never watched a season of TV show about myself I wasn't light. Up thirty foot thirty yen or hard knocks every TV show I've ever watched that wasn't a court and executed a watchable. I mean eligible all the time. Itself started to announce that to be is don't weeks. Yeah week we talked about that for a little bit. But I don't know that they are. And I know this every Sunday I hang out with your yes for some amount of time if I got what the old days kind of funny it some thought might be holding up my seizure meet 2 o'clock. Blood at some. Point throughout the day for at least eight hours of the day I'm hanging out here is what your job they did the critically about me for two hour hour Hagan now. He would not talk to you watch an animate it by. It's gonna have a conversation with the media is literally not negative it's all of the greatest thing you ever had had a bad law that allows doctors cleaned up somewhere and it just so happened at a better time is not feel like doing this not not a knock my life they've got a call he's so funny but I think you'll find motive on the ground that coach or opt out that the dollars no holiday I got I got to sit there watch it's intimate and I'm glad that the news yeah what you what you crave my attention here I'm trying to talk to you years. We literally got bigoted. I noticed that like I'm about the new bag goes now I can be very old couple. Because sometimes they are on arts on the library Dallack of group presents the bit about how my life in shambles now. Your region and I don't think it's been invited onto it might not guidance we got out of high. Up there. Terrible call what you put out altogether iron yesterday the battle tanks about bill 00 with a pair of little light got Leo's school I thought you like Libby. It Loughner golf comes in you it's here yeah that's what what have you know how really start. Did your life ever eligible like how do you need. Jeremy how light. Very meaningful. Indeed real live conversation is like one time one more on meet your spoken on the guy. Have been like our conversation about our chow who like OEM and since though I'll never talk and no I'm better now that they've bought about it like stuff about my pops I don't ever talked to people about the about my mom's though about growing up stuff about a broader view pour light. Crazy stuff I don't ever talk about the just wonder why aren't upset and I'm like. A light decide this won't know what it wanted to they're all these are just about the guy and everybody satellite stopped even people ought to know polite to twelve years. Like stuck you know it's like repressed so much in every that you don't talk about like being like. It's a little knowledge that he would like situation Tuesday happened like my day it was that you compete yup and I kind of stuff. And in my daylight Whitney show up. He was sure what the next day mom would drop Nomar grandma's house in my Dan it would be like him beat your ex con. Pops wouldn't show up till like Saturday morning who clocked Q and your dad to eagle beat you look at any governor of the beat you up like. You start him or you don't motion. Any like 2 o'clock he would shortly ailment that you have to be excited. You drop yup you always say hey tell your mom I teachable Friday. Mom would ask how to reach you weigh it. You still kind of an add it to pop that you love you're the light out to create this like very magical story import multiple those stories some. Like Russia's battered what are woods. I don't look like pretty terrible and like I just are intelligent and all these emotional stories about what shall I start Sara white. I'd ever reliable outlet breath Gerber are written our job was also. Hey Jim you Republicans aren't idea is apparently sent to Europe and needs that. Those who moved. Who knew about it was here and plays out about the heart and how through war zones of Arkansas what I got a leap yet act like it very clear it was really like an hour long conversation about our childhood. It was like we have the same shot to the grouping different ways you can boot order could be. Bly. Only child play video games. Absent father strong mother of light so those stories like exactly. The same in light. Always say about my daily give a decent relationship now we will talk hopeless when we get along pretty well like. Our electric off the blood off the same is an op option one its batteries had no clue how to yeah. I migrant it's like I don't like my iPod you had a better until I was in dole them in the mid game it's already been done. What you I got a bad break open this ought to come together and it's like Hussein so much I'll learn how to adjust without you're no longer animal like let me break go with somebody you know. And audits on he's been with them you know talking on the phone with them doing activities with them. India we got a break but now you got to find some way to replace that time like yeah you're a new jobs is that you that right now and you do yet it ends in stuff like that you pick that up that comes applaud you alive in other pledges moves up permanently deletes are every bit is like man to an audience of days out op co op like left without you like my life with regrets out. It's at stop. Anymore and that's kind of where I would have that's got this job though light. I kind of reached a point in my pops damn it. When we reached the point that we it has been content with how things work out in my day at once things be better and I think I want things better boy. I'm 27 and I hurt yourself why I ask yourself why you know it's going to be most majorities thought at yes that do you really wanna get up and card drab like. Go down that road you'll. Player in my apartment now cool now it's sort of like took their. And I randomly walked into the DMV like it was a craziest thing ever my mom. We relied in my admire biological spot right front of this line right. Soul I realize how my possibly start talk ask them why hadn't seen. He was like go I just been busy all this stuff. And like I realize like recently as an adult only time up pops like ever really explain why it wasn't really in my life with very different state. Really what you wanna be a lot like what I did real. I missed the thing to kind of grass president stated it is that you see you pops were a whole Olympic cycle whole presidents are here and if you have you have youth. I learned that the bomber Richard Arnold let her. Like a kid in my answer and then the answer to him not be your life was out outage the it is like what's your intelligent wage yet and gotten like all while I got to work tomorrow I'd been busy I do. It's a moderate to right did he do I don't know like you're supposed to be an ally but I bet you people that are supposed to be you know lied. While cars are supposed to be delighted if it did you know. So I think your dad to rent. Dead. And I guess kind of the moment it struck news just. When we went to them as you can you name it sprints and I didn't I noticed it was the Dallas yeah the carrier with those parents and I get there early we had to go get tickets and wanted to go to local or order. And you're on the phone to data to at the walking down here like they were gonna that we're going to the game when he got to be done news network and be elated when. So we get in your dashes up halfway through the first first half for an did you have to leave leave our seats and Gillick your dad and given to him everything. You came back to das had Elvis for two minutes of jealous that was a valued at once before. And who's on the you have some some nachos got up and never came back and send you a text news that hey I saw somebody villagers it was them. Let things. Aren't going ahead the only black in my hands that well that's my bad that was. That's that's the regular federal. The story about pop pass where a guy like Ella my father with all my heart in like a deal I feel like my pops used to know how to do a better adapt in light. Part of me just woke up accepting it I feel like so many black it's like Waco. And David I never wanted to be that way. And maybe it's like making excuses form and all this kind of stuff I just accepted that how he was polite. Stuff like that is ends up being normal immoral moral view like is bad as it's now as the white kids with their dad. Normal like. Well yeah bothersome it releases tips are those relationships are not pay out bought your tickets at the game what you didn't see it yesterday like. I don't know about that relationship would you want it this one right above all like me in my mind me in my day kind of start meant talking in my dad doesn't necessarily feel like recording quote damn my dad feel like one in my home with a lightweight. This has already for just albeit at amoeba like I guess it's too late in the game that even happen but it really made me sit down and wondered like. Even it means you do the economy can sell everything Washington is out of me you started trying to ask that the white additives. God has wanna be able to walk away and you like a gas in my dad got them like I could now be without. To what am I getting data do you like that what is it started this transaction almost what am I did not of the output ought without wet tomorrow why I can't get a quarter of the market. You think. That the kind of stuff to make you go one or two ways. Can go to make you really hate your father go and different image or. Can make you try to be absolute best person you can be won yeah so one day your father acknowledges how great you become innate part of you I think cynic please light. Ideas without any of your help I think that's kind of that two things that it makes you and we talk about fear you'd be exports. I think part of the reason LeBron at. All part. IP 2% of my beats hypocrisy she's all all the stuff we go about LeBron. Has anybody ever single bronze pops or know where LeBron spot terrorist. I've never hurts or your bra LeBron eighties the odd angle you know they are right now. I have no clue like at the aneurysm and yeah yeah of course you know I don't know worry me. Dead as a millionaire right now LeBron gave him ten million dollars off the rip. The brawn actually hates his Boller never give me anything but I think part while LeBron is so bad at basketball every time places like pop pop with a near me out additional what you missed out. I every single atomic part of me thinks that while LeBron some good things while lot of athletes are really go I used to edit mode I'd be able. We know athletes use the dumbest things in the world likes that week at air is now. Has probably use our radio show me obviously it's the radio today guys that I wasn't gonna wanna got to meet that. That's what they do and that takes it didn't we I think if you're not my idea is that not pay enough ideas and we just he'd onto its locker room. It was I routers where via. And generally. Dog is not he would Adobe is gone but our them drew when it opens in the not to like about it only had about jeered me he just lights bad player plays there where a loved his favorite player right now the royals Chris Young yes. I love that I let you talk about day about your dad like. About a case like that they've that makes me eager for an update what you just did not long goes compassion because I had Chris Young yeah I need somebody in his glove plus he's. You see nobody likes you rocky rocky you blur Rocky Balboa wouldn't be ignited the world without the data recorder Syrian Amal I'm Baghdad she and Chris Young I'm mid. That's. According to us out of this thing out the pain. Meg about a mile and is definitely not a bad player right now if we go ahead right now there's my order they got a lot of putters okay hitters fruit are very average right now so I'll Canadians will be Decker is Yahoo! right now another bag should they got rid of my boy Rio right now. How does Gordon stretched right now Alex you're out through some added our other guys nobody pay fifty tiger remembered about that you have this Omar the love home our home a bit I think it was the follow. Like yeah I'll I got a horrible on their. I heard you. No doubt our Libya font agers many still. There's got to court but we don't we don't talk about and know the ports actually makes no sense and I could do this and which this problem is this -- Michael and just are randomly talking about they didn't really howl like conversations go by the way do that I can't think about it and I wanna join in a lot of cardinals communion Sasha and 10 o'clock content. You mean to data or make present. Chris good for a Beijing's juice or is coming up next here on the sixth fourth spot. This is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports. Podcast past happy to be joined on the stick to sports podcast by Chris good he's the owner of ruby genes juice or readout and was four and they are celebrating their one year anniversary this upcoming Monday Chris said the ultimate score pretty good experience and removed a fantastic tell people a little bit about your shot. So I don't ruby Jesus juice through located at 4001. Broadway board in Westport. We hit our one year anniversary on Monday which is the 25 of July. We offer fresh fruit and fresh fruit and vegetable juices smooth these protein shakes in the line of gluten free healthy snacks. Vegetable juice does a fruit juice fruit and vegetable thing you'll be surprised like this. The range of health is you know it's kind of the severe rains there's like one in where people words you know. Steely and fast food every single day in and his other hand working worried and two pieces of lettuce and to flex seats in the you know there's like this this huge spectrum. We get a lot of cancer patients. There's a lady that travels there from Arkansas for her breast cancer. Treatments and she stops in every time she's in Kansas City and she gets garbage out witches straight vegetables not for. Flavor pace and it's just pure functionality doesn't. Frustrate you very eating healthy is so expensive when you compared to eating unhealthy like you can go right now I get a cheeseburger for a dollar. The not a place servant equality salad for now a historic Ari I mean you know it. Is Timmy is like. Is that same thing you you get what you pay for in this is the most. Fundamental concept of this state mean you get what you pay for because you're talking about your body in your life and how long you'll live so. It debt relief for assured me because I give it Unita mean I'd much rather pay ten dollars for that salad bingo game at. You know some. Dollar cheeseburger awful a dollar menu and is this idea that I understand what I'm paying for and how much rather. You know put something for me. Good in Mumbai is something that's not here's automakers good news the owner of ruby Jean usury down on Wes for. Obviously before you open this business venture you realize the failure rate for opening up new restaurants and bars etc. what made you get into the line. You know it. It really became can also point to meet him passionate about it. I was in Los Angeles about 05. To six years ago. A couple of buddies of mine were actually there are doing and juice Clinton's. And if that's some of concludes foreign to the process so. A thing and married these dudes move from Kansas City to LA and he got weird you know as LA's got picnic com via. But the next day you know they show news documentary cough that sickened nearly days and wants a glossy you know like. Man like aha moment. On the design a play football my whole life and in on worked outside and really think about what I it is much. But once I saw that documentary you know went through. Disguise that was deal with you know weight management issues boy goes on a scheme in high blood pressure. The stadium over ten different types of medication today. And his guys you know who ought to do and he's gonna doctor after doctor after doctor and nobody could fix him essentially so one day probably says screw it. It was like you know almond gonna sixty days use plans so the documentary kind of coast through. You know the ups and downs of their process shows his transformation from you know beginning today and you know from the weight loss to the skin changed and not taking any medication at all. So after I saw them and I came home and his ten pages cleanse myself in. From that moment I'm in Jews in every sense for people like me that I no clue what Jews clintons you just drink healthy Jews for 1012. Days you do you do so is how did it. At the proper nutrients indeed everybody did it all the other things should be more than just for today after so frozen vegetables I mean essentially. We're putting in one of our co press closes juice to victory in the news for pals of pro loosened some of these uses. So you and plenty of nutrients and we consider usury came five of these sixteen ounce bottles a day. You're getting what you need use our bodies you know. We have we RD you know you Marty put tons of protein in it there's meat stored there's things that your buddies still story. They do kind of feed off of and it'll cleanse our list up on your system. You know spin it is is actually source of protein so spinach is a big part of what goes into the juices. So there there is a ton of nutrients that you give it. You know while doing it I'm not gonna say is easy you know I'm actually on. Day five of a seven ages clans as we speak. NS is not easy. You can the first witness that claims when he came here we're talking before our budget that you were fast. The fast the guys they like the connotation is like with the religious aspect right right this is just today. I'm not gonna be actual food I'm just gonna drink juice for the next week. Correct and it's you know it's kind of it's kind of across over in net for me you know I mean his lie. Right now I'm closing because this is our last week of our first year business so you know it for anything the first year or anything it's tough. So is more for me like is this a reflection period. Detached from buddy from you know fu for awhile and zone out and cleanse the body is you know. It's like our arm it's an amazing tool. And some probably don't take care of his 2000 we take better care of our cars and we do our bodies so. For me when I go through cleanse it just makes you feel like your Beckett square one like OK I just got to. Unita Ctrl+Alt+Del on a computer we can do is reboot liked is like or change her car. Are there any negative side effects to a negative in the fact of just not having the proper energy like your body requires a certain number of calories every single day. Are you getting all those in the as Jews clans are you feeling the effects and maybe not having the same energy that you had you read regularly. Yes and no you you know you didn't about. He didn't like twelve to 16100 calories you know from the produce this year in taking within minutes such you know mass quantity. Concentrated down in some juice. Thumb side effects they one threw three. Mark guy I mean that that first day is like you know you get the hunger headache shoe ga. You might get a little real tire fill in but after day three. You know you're released a huge energy spikes you know your buddies are there adjust because that net first three days is like. Adaptation period you know your body is like going in the shot because you know we're addicted to saw where addicted to sugar were addicted to carved. You know our bodies are addicted to all these things we. Feed it day in and day out so it takes those first three days to kind of you know keep that out of your system. How much this cost you think to do something it's also my right now decided. I can really use the health benefits from doing it Jews Koreans. But I don't have 200 dollars a spare no one week of food about how much does this cost them if the story so our our clutches of forty dollars per day. So if you're gonna do some people knew one day because these wanna try it out and see would you know what it feels like to not eat in closure buddy for a day. The most are hi this so clans of the three Clinton's. That Clinton calls once when he to and changed on the the low is that Erica Meehan is a five day Clinton's. Simply because like I say that first one through three. Those days are like the hardest and it's like people get to got a break through the ceiling it's exactly it's like you get they get to the partisan point in this stop where you know there's more benefits on the fourth day. You're talking to Chris good he's the owner of ruby genes usery whenever you're trying to get the money to fund its own pride. The money just instantly just put down to own your own place was hard to get people with to see the same vision you have for. The health benefits you or Jews read your vision and selling them on your point. Men you know way as I was I had this concept. About a year and had before we open our doors. And did it there were I would say there were a lot of doubters that this concert will work. One because we're in Kansas City. Who that if Phil like Westport. Would BA a good place. For it and I'd I guess I just I just didn't agree you know and I mean I had a lot of people doubt what this concept until you know. But I didn't agree come from funding standpoint. I'd worked as a catastrophe adjuster for five years. And you know I made. Pretty good money the first two years I was as blown through the money and then about year three have started to really think about you know what I was passionate about and when it's alike are really really frugal mole where you know you with autos flat broke and I'm you know making decent money. But I start it is stash it in sessions that sees net essentially became my mom on investment what did you think about opening up Europe user. Saw looked it. There's a location right down it's on main street. Is near the plasma but it used to be like old Jardine so jazz restaurant right next today there's an empty space is still empty. And today actually the people that are at least in the space decided they wanted to create. You know trying to make an appeal to a bigger racetrack. So they don't want a piece the space down forests. And so we end of looking around more in three different ways I was pointed to this same building it was like. It was almost like a guy saying in the last time I met the owner because it's it's it's actually June. The portrays the economic donors and on a Friday on Sunday we shall we sat down in the now ruby Jean space. Mr. video slot took over the top floor. What was the challenges in the very beginning of I think everybody's goal is to own something under you know under. Phone and you own your own yours or you own that part of it what challenges you have in the beginning. Many challenges you know. You know I spoke to the little bit earlier is some of the people that were my detractors were the. Closest to me you know in sometimes you can like internalize day and kind of a dubious setbacks and that was the first challenge is being that would you know clear out that white noise and just stay true to my passion in my vision. I was say that was the challenge in you know any time and money is not just plentiful. Is this like the budget is always experiences like oh OK I anticipated that knows who's been. You know 6000 on this and now this 101000. Down so that obviously that was the channel that often does that happen. Man you write down X number it is just like every time it's ever come every time in his life. You know its contractors via four more profited in different things. You know so it all came together it was a slow in always have moved a simple things there are known very well to make it all happened. I'm but it in the Independence Day doc came together did you have that point in this first year Reid thought man what a module and I did go back to what I was to a before had a pretty good life. Man several times home it's you know some people look at you lie it's just so little juice bar. Play man this is tough how would literally say this has been the toughest and most productive year in my whole life and not turn 32 tomorrow. So it it has been several towns where opposites. Who create my bank account was. You know could see and I packet travel and now you know. I'm not doing those things but it in today you know IRS on our freedom you know I mean like. Even if I work with Tony our day which I did one day this week I still have that level of freedom that many people don't land and for me that's what it's about pride you know we know one nice things but I'm passionate about what I Nolan you know this is named after my grandmother for a reason. And I'll want the freedom that do provide. What does everything. Of some my grandmother. Hurt you know ruby Jean was her name and she died when I was a freshman in high school from diabetes and hypertension. And at the time you know I just knew manhunt amid scrum like she you know hooters we were we are super close. A shoe like an extension of my mother and like she was that glue to our family like there's there's always that one family member. Often sound as a grandmother sometime this and I did you always gather at their house and they keep everybody is that she was that person. And when she passed you know the family fell apart and we missed we still to this day are not as close as we were when she was living at. And so when I really got an did you sing it hill. I reverted my mind back tomorrow Finley you know because. In my grandmother is from lion Oklahoma Lou small little country town you know they they only knew what they knew they only eight with the AA. And I thought that it if my grandmother had exposure to this June seeing lights outs is that healthier lifestyle in general maybe maybe she's still with this maybe she Anixter 123 years. You know anything. Would've been worth the enemy for her to just know about hills so I named ruby geez after her to memorialize her. And it also highlight that contradiction of her not knowing never having a phrase shoes never. You know being and health whatsoever and essentially that taking her life. So wanted to build a place day. You know. This is easily people can gather around the commonality like we no matter how much money at what collier or religion the way it. Political party we all can get sick and that's the commonality and it's it's a literally levels the playing field for every human. And on that same breath we all need to be healthy so wanted to go to place it was truly diverse as it's represented a life and you know these the genuineness that a war migrant mother wasn't just embody her spirit in the place. What do you think the biggest thing that people don't know about health it's I think a lot of it is what you just alluded to might lack of education and no one taught us that he's healthy because loaders and earlier. It's always been a lot more. Inexpensive to eat unhealthy. You can get a happy meal for two dollars and you can do all those kind of things I think so much of it is lack of education what do you think people are missing in the quest to being healthier. You know I think is. They're missing the fact that it is hard to break this cycle. You know if my parents were taken me to McDonald's. I'm probably not take Mikey is the McDonald's you got to me is very hard to break this cycle and that dollar cheeseburger on the McDonald's menu or whatever being you they're missing affect day. Is is not is not is valuable as well with pink you know it is not as hearty healthy is wallet they come. How much everybody's is lazy and assumed I feel like. There is a stigma around eating healthy that it just takes a long time apparently it's S food for these are going they're getting in and out you get a meal in three minutes. Where we're at dual threat and all those other things kick it gives the appearance that it's a very daunting task and takes a long time. It does and as this is such a misconception because even if it takes longer Dan you know or cost more of fried. You're still gonna get hit with these Hughes medical bills because you've been Eden you know ribs every single day we're alive and obviously is on ketchup and you're gonna pay that money. At some point in May be you're gonna pay with your life. You know to make a big pot of Blake means with seasoning in peppers peppers. It's not it's not expensive you go to mean it takes awhile for those beasts. You know simmer and be ready but that's not expensive tone is not expensive sweet potatoes aren't expensive in notes you can go down a city market in clean up on pro tools for cheap. But that's not is appealing is you know ball and he didn't. A box full of Griese get is there it's that they give to you instantly is not as appealing where. You know we're place of a CDO were Rhoda. We're at a time of convenience and that's where ruby geez comes in we mesh convenience with provides some that is healthy that you program quick. Our last few questions here when was that moment where you realized that she had made the right decision you talked about. Changing courses from your job and entering this new business venture when was the moment where you realize that you had made the correct. Decision you know it. To be honest minute it's hard to valid down a one instance around. I would say one thing the first so the grand opening celebration. You know I look out and we've got. 350 people they come to our grand opening celebration. I'm couldn't. Though the or driven with mayor sly James. You know and I look out not ants and there's people from every portion of my life you know from being in this march it's. You know high school. Elementary friends. Coworkers along Meyer mark corporate journey. My grandparents. My family. I'm in sort so many different people. You know who was that was a moment or I knew there's no way it'd. This could be wrong he's not mean so their very first day a kind of gave me a signal to assist them in we've been fortunate enough to be featured on an. Almost every single new station in town every paper every publication. There's a major magazine publications. That will come out next week and they do annual best of Kansas City list and this is the lists of all hotels and restaurants in barbecue joints and spas and so on and so forth there's several categories. And will be listed as the best shoes or in Kansas City. And you know. People there really won't think much of it but you know we take some then from an idea. And you really really grind your gears they're really make something happen and you go through tears in the you know the actual hard labor of that vision and their business it you're really his close to home for you know and it's T that it. Doesn't know you personally doesn't. You know they don't know who Chris is they don't know why he why he's doing is they don't know the passion behind in the story of Margaret among they don't know that. There acknowledging. You know what we're doing as a business in this you know this really cool and really Austin. You talked about the clintons earlier in part of the difficulties. Digging through the ceiling is it's our it's difficult in the beginning I imagine running your business is very similar you've now gotten over the one your home what's next for. So following this one year hounds I was who will release a brand new menu next next Saturday we'll celebrate. The one year on the thirtieth. And so that day will release a brand new meaning you or release our new culprits bottles. Will release. Kovalev merchandise items alike. A new brain did Mason jars. In different other little trinkets. I'm but you know big things on horizon for us we have a food truck you stroke that hit the ground by September. And so on that trip will be to expanding into healthy foods healthy rats healthy both Sam and sliders. You know different little things that are healthy and still taste good you know a lot of sweet potato items. And so the food truck is a big one forests and we ruby jeans on we'll see and it has that added functionality of food. And then also were building out a distribution facility and our kitchen. And we're about halfway through that so maybe sometime in August that will be ready hit will be our Clinton picked up outlet. About the war also really healthy meals to go there. And we have this idea that we once who station in. Several refrigerators around the city you know a strategic locations as most opening several more stores. We want our call for his bottles to gain. You know more visibility so I have a meeting next week with. As a lady from one of the government. Is once you go from you know the story to resell model its own blog and it's you know the health departments who USDA to FDA's Sosa different it's a different level. But I'm excited to see our growth you know after. One year so that's that's what we are going on in you know. You sell it pay interest on wheels like I have a then your name and all these like different kind of meals that that's what it sounds like let's let about the kind of food truck that you have now you know that I'd use pitchers a lot I believe you know let me in the other thing about food is that. Especially healthy food that you'd. You know he wants taste good is the at a the daddy get inspiration from other places he not our research juice bars around the world you know as far as London Australia and California. And now may partnerships with two scores and other cities San Francisco. Miami. LA you know different places. This a draw inspiration from there are making it you know ruby g.s on just taking it as a carbon copy even if there alignment. I'd take it put a reason he's been on it. Our to reward our guys are. We're located 4001 Broward boulevard in Westport. We're attached to the port Casey's so we have Jim and Jews well Jews on topped him and them. That was Chris good he is the owner ruby dangerous or Chris thanks lover come Obama thanks revenue.