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The Last Chance U Episode

Aug 11, 2016|

Carrington is joined by Steven Spector to discuss the Netflix documentary, Last Chance U and is later joined by his friends to catch up with what's going on.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He should it just stuck to sports. Eats the stick this sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. The potato chips yeah. I'll do this another episode of this because we're podcasting is scared to Harrison herewith my got Steve inspectors and listening to the tickets were pocket. At this point. I threw to driver you all that good stuff you can also going official website page. Sixteen sports dot com reference they're gonna join me later but first this is the lashing into you episode Specter watched the show I watch the show. I think it is a must swat show a very important football documentary you're just right now start to get that apple bullets because let's face to the royals are done out year. If your start to get that H take the next two days watched last change you spec as lumber up. Good area man I yeah I'm I'm with camino what hard knocks this week the first episode that's obviously the NFL level but last chance you this. Unlike anything I think he's ever been done before because. It's at the community college level which most people and lesser really into recruiting. Don't pay any attention to and I didn't even know anything about Jesus of the community college so it was it is a great six episodes and I couldn't. Highly remain active recommended anymore than now. That's six hours you can watch it basically. Two days what I enjoyed the most about this you say unprecedented access in eighty perspective that we hadn't seen before. We rarely get that in depth. On the sidelines were you see the conversations amongst the players the conversation between the coaches you deep in the hole in his own censored. You very rarely get that level access inside the locker room during the pep talks. All of that kind of stuff I mean they got. A 100% access to this university B from B not degrades what would the ads with the. Academic lady ms. Wagner what they've got a lot of axes that you just don't seem a lot of football document using the first step so that. At first halftime speech when you know coach Stevens is going off. I mean I thought they were gonna get kicked out of the locker room as you do see that from time to time in other documentaries are you watch whether it's you know college NFL what have you even high school. And he's parading his guys like right off the bat. You know dropped an F bombs and never everything left to right something and I went of these cameras make it kicked out. Ellison for show Ellen that was that was slightly east Mississippi community college it was pretty free agency. It was I thought the odds on Netflix and the people at the dot document or did a fantastic job of starting the show with the fight. In the rest of the time you're watching the show you know the fight is coming at some point. And then what's the backlash what happens with the story in the lead to a fantastic job building let's start with fair because. The entire show I think wraps around the fight the aftermath and how the kids react to it you just don't know what until very late in the show. I lost a lot of respect for bloody Stevens earlier in the documentary I've never pushed it did. And the kid was like you gotta put me like that is even got mad at that I was like are. I I've always argued that people wrongly think. That yelling and being boisterous and act like Bobby Knight is coach has a lot of different ways to communicate your message and listening to right there on the silent bid being met we'd just having had a fair objection to you push ago and it kick to keep the kid up for the rest of the game. You also got the fight went the official like feisty group is pretty out of control the entire show. You he was unlikable. But he wasn't wrong. Until the fight I mean he you can you can dislike your coach and still be. You know effective in you can you can view winner like he's kind of proven that he has so he was wrong for bush indicated he was wrong for getting in the fight with the rat. On. But do you really. You've really I guess identity was a likable forgetting in the fight with the rest and unlikable proportion did but he was really wrong for the way he handled. The aftermath of not only to fight on the field. But right immediately after because he put all the responsibility on the did tonight himself and as much as you'll if you if you've seen it. So let's talk about not letting them sink to that level some point got to stick up your boys out what. Points the aid it. You think they were going to call the game because watching that documentary it's pretty obvious that the game was out of control from the beginning it solid and only other team. Punch one of the kids or east Mississippi not even hit yet aside amid a student manageable for the team are going to get a football like if I had to guess what happens and they didn't show up I had to guess. The black kid that puts a small white kid because it's small like you could do and what our tour and just clock be cued it to needed stitches but it was important advantage today. At that point. The official U captain goal of the game is out of control you have to know the temperament buy and and they just the tip trauma lights that was it was a face mask penalty a clear blatant face mask penalty. I riders the quarterback went out for a late hit you know which seemed early thirty and then the game met coach Stephens you're up what. The 48 and nothing more is an up and chemicals on seconds left and you call two timeouts human whole other half. Apple Pope ought to run up the score. You don't need those two timeouts even if you know you wanna get over fifty before the and a half. She is largely responsible for what happened. I thought the whole system that they needed to run up the score to impress the it lends itself to people getting upset in a sport like that. Where it is so physical with so much contact. Me now out of a 69 enough and are calling timeouts Paulson got to react I can't beat you on the scoreboard that's apparent. I can be chewing this this fight no. And I can beat you in the fact that I took away your season which they did. They never got a chance after that fight. You're talking to Steve inspector on the the reports by cash you can get this on assistance force dot com or to listen to we appreciate it on iTunes. I thought the way that they followed each of the kids and really follow their individual stories was really interest and we can go to line you'll start to DJ law. I think we agreed by the a town to Q on the team aside. Little related that the series would perceive it yet what I think John Franklin you probably skill for skill probably has more talent. But they fall DG law because he was on the field a lot more what would. (%expletive) me off about the show I think that was the purpose of the show. These kids knew they had football to a deal law. Ronald Ali knew they were exceptional football talents. But just couldn't go to class. Just couldn't do the little stuff over the scene where they're sitting there type in the paper. And it's three things you wanted to do before you die. Something mean you can with about ten days 1520. Minutes. You really needed ms. Wagner's sit there and help you in Google three things you wanna do not preaching to do three things that you personally wanna do unlike pro at some point. Jumping go to class. As the frustrated parkas like keep you there interviewing DT launch his hometown. It is time high school football star that died who played before him who he looked up to who looks incredible knows how did it goes really incredible. And he's sunlight football's my way out I got and I got pared down and then the next scene. He's in this in the quiet not going to class it's like you know what you have to do this is. I mean it's it's it's sad to say this is their only avenue in a lot of situations. And it's like if that was my only chance. Peter 25. They're not asking for 35. Or on a roll get a bunch of seized and then go to a major. It's easy for us to sit here and say that and I get it. Latin Hannah and that was your only way out of poverty. And you know light light guy like some of his teammates ran. You think you'd be doing everything even if he was sleeping class. It also scares you to think of how many people like that all through cracks like how many kids like Ronald Isley. Who eventually ended up getting a scholarship to southern miss Nichols I don't article Spence. Don't get that scholarship and they don't have to undergo back home because they overslept because they'd go to class. I think you can access this through its economy to for you have like you with us they're accused much bigger school and I want to what it was or southern. How many of those classes or just show up show the effort. Show up consistently asked for help. I know pat hugest solely based off the mayor of that. You might have the greatest understanding of physical science in their class every day taking notes ask in the future for help. And she sees you put the working and still get rewarded with the DOC in the class just based off the where with vaulted to everything you need to. My freshman year and at Syracuse I had three NBA guys in my native American history's class. And they they took attendance when you shook his public 125 person class but those guys would show up sign their name in sit in the back. And put on a hat and basically fall asleep now at Syracuse that you know. Basketball players can get away with a lot more but at least they were there they signed in. And eventually they probably got a she can be that hard but again. I'm coming from a different background and all those guys and that was what is the best ports the whole documentary these guys are coming from nothing and a state that really has nothing. It was crazies who see the psyche of those kids and how easily. Down they get over themselves and their situation of one thing went wrong with a did you law thing had a legitimate need interest now I newsmaker stuff follow up. AA it was crazy because he was also battling a knee injury. And the best form was rumored group they are right it was the best they didn't really show a lot yet we do expect every time they show him he made apply because they I think they said. The in the final episode that he's already getting looked at her early offers from Auburn in another another big time any school in the south so. You are my favorite on the show I I wish they had highlighting a morning maybe he doesn't have the backs were that the other ones in the personality. But every time he was on their body was funny edit in every time they showed him he was always making some kind of play. That was like kitchen he did them all the more for you can't no more. The wide receivers consider it throw the ball so much that I guess that this was not going to be part of part of it here let's just. It's over Ottawa receiver this is transitions of the quarterbacks that they were clear highlight of the show. You had John Franklin the third kid from Florida State that's going to Auburn this season you also have Wyatt Steve Rogers Rogers why Rogers was deputy Stephens the coach. So you had Wyatt on the team the local kid at. Two completely different more of the pocket passer frankly is scrambling kind of quarterback. Out of Franklin was terrible. On the joke and the football player I thought he was trash. You eat seem like beat the hated him at immediately potential by just. Great athlete. At the roll the ball mild but couldn't hit water off a boat. And they just made it very apparent from the beginning and then. You know they play Mississippi delta community ecology at six touchdowns in the first half court and in front of the opera's gala that's almost up that you can't write. And that's since it's almost like Auburn's got back kind of duped a little bit. The endure analyses it was not that's not a documentary retreated he wasn't having those kind of numbers you didn't play team that was two and eight. Andy didn't you just are like Hughes is fast. Doesn't everybody else you know like that was pretty apparently maybe he couldn't Borough. What you just told him drop back and run were at that level your fives are for it in 04 star recruit. Played against that kind of talent at that love your faster more athletic than everybody else specially that was. I think that the wire stuff was almost even more interesting because. Here's a guy who's starting for you know a national. Champion contender. In you can go and he thought he was too good to play it. Mississippi College or whatever which is the one double I. He wanted to be recruited by Al is decently you're not good enough and play I think it is very clear just not good enough and he used to could that's at the end that is being a regular top. And which kids aren't that we've got a guy like battered at that I would don't alert like I mean. I get pride night. Give me a break I mean you are who you are eventually it take a free money they're giving money away you know that lets you like you got to take the book it's as they are homeless not like. The only offer yet to some college in Rhode Island battle to go to Rhode Island because the economy down on the about the school but your your home state your union free education to play ball law. Now have to take a take that deal and the frankly kiddies you're Auburn fan how excited can you be student college couldn't beat out why Rogers. Can be about the competition. Tighter gun and started SEC games we won so. Aren't you more interested to watch Auburn this year are absolutely you watch console on the matter what it that we want to see this your watch that show. You're much more likely to tune into what talk in this year's heaped on Franklin's on the field. I think buddy had a good attitude about I call saucy we know about his sale like daylight is at its eagle was a good teammate fortune that was recruited from Florida State told listeners I. Imagine the recruiting process they say hey you got the job with what we do we Chet Kelly look what we do all these other guys were in the lawless you've ever the same thing for you. For you to come in the NB give back up to this kid would you know you're more talented than him and you know you have an opportunity go somewhere. I can't see how you can not go to class and practice and do those kind of things just because this is my opportunity. But frankly never gave up that it made yet the Grover in his dorm room but there are college in a place not a lot to do about the gonna fall chief yet but I thought as a teammate he was encouraging to the other guys are articulate for the good team made them. Also feeling that they skipped over certain teams in certain plays when they're blowing other teams out that he was in LB might guess that probably happened your act like it is it second app if it doesn't it just is an active you know you get six hours in this documentary just doesn't add to it. Do you think Ali was farther documentary 100%. 100% I think so too actually I think it was. If I had to guess he probably was the main character on his story was the most compelling out of everybody and his personality kind of carried itself. That way. If you (%expletive) me off probably the most out of anybody maybe that's why you want a guy who (%expletive) me off the most highly to just seem like a corner him but he is like you who's likable Dijjer law had a little bit of on like ability to. And that running back even mentality yet. I will disagree with you I guess if I had to. I don't know to consider this but I think Mississippi. Was like the biggest character like life in Mississippi. All these Mississippi kids. How many times do you guys DC like in a documentary. People speaking English. And having subtitles. That that's very like it was hard to understand what some of these kids are saying plus you get the scoop to stop Ollie going back to his hometown. I thought Mississippi was a character in itself in that Ali would be the second biggest character. Audit attacked a lot of different things I think it attacked education. And lack of education that they and how football was the only way out or the these kids were not going to be scholars. College was a means to get you to play football league OG one maybe a couple of you go through the cracks and exiting NFL. That the indebted porcelain YouTube got a college degree in you can normally get a job you have a college degree. Especially in a place like that but to kill like Ali likable. People tend to gravitate themselves towards you. You always seem to not bags groceries for the cops agree via I would say Mississippi was certainly character. Poverty was a Q Robert in that they all kind of came across a view from this side as stated your. Florida wherever you were from and how they got you there. These court thing almost all of it was we came from vary under educated. Bear re poverty ridden in stricken in. It's yet. Yeah I mean I guess X aside from John Franklin I feel like he came off a little bit differently the Elvis having a lot of advantages both it is clear that lie just aren't loyal board as school is supported him when he went back for signing day. Seemed to be dressed in clothes that would. Be different than the rest of his team meets at the Xbox in his room sort of state and he doesn't need state by itself he was the only one who did not roommate. So I would love that you know they've promised him a whole iPod that I went there and I have one question for you do it. What is. If you're the go to a community college at that level what is your goal. You're the head football coach of Mississippi try a steep community's religious view as possible. I think that's the goal of what that's right all the community college 'cause that's why but he Stephen's song likable. Because he was always working towards the next win or the next national championship. Not what's in the best interest of his kids and that could not been seen more clearly with that fight. Given at the end I thought at the aimed at. It's only sixteen I mean come to the conclusion that all your group of black kids vote is like calling in the inward like we've figured that part out. You can't did not as bad opinion anymore that is a fact that that's how people view the war. When he went off of that rain that we agreed was I thought they handled themselves. Well for the most. On the sidelines for so long as they possibly could to the other teams started throwing trash cans and beating their teammate down on the ground at some point is football. Yet that you're guys battling I'm not a fighter. And I've I've never been in a fight but if my friends are getting you know beat up I'm gonna go through my category. Absolutely and that's what happened in the fight between them and embodies Stevens to react the way that he did and I agree with you in the sense that he never came off the tape public responsibility for his actions. And it's like that line from remember the titans edit to reflect leadership. The team's attitude reflected your attitude that you displayed the entire series. You're always going to age you were always need your getting in a fight you did get a fight at some point throughout the season you did dejected from games. At some point your reap what you slow. You reaped an on discipline to be much you coach and undisciplined team Indian. And that situation brought whether right or wrong but I looked incredibly undisciplined. But if if if he is his job or I guess usage your job would be get kids to the next level. It didn't seem like he was. Operating under those seem. Guidelines. He was doing best or whatever is best for his program now I guess you could say he would argue. That the program does well these kids get recognized and they'll get more offers but it did seem like he was propping up some of the guys or forcing them. You get a 2.5 GPA like he was involved with any that. It it never came up that way that pork. The report that showed just paid it is ms. whack yet that was his regular job at these kids ogle get them to the next level so. This is big time college me college program right who Judy by the way. Yet they got eighty jerseys they got arms believes they got a and her field. Nice locker room. You know video equipment. And then they have one poor girl working for 53 players as an academic advisor. Like I never noticed that I know I never thought about it from that perspective that they had a lot of advantages but one person it was like Parcells on all of us. To get all them to go to class like. That's not fair they're spending a lot of money. Prop not the wrong places but you can't tell me that they can cut one of those alternate jerseys. Hire hire someone else on a second person make sure these kids have a 2.5 and then make sure there qualify because. In a document or we don't know did you always academically eligible to be UH. Yet to go anywhere on the map or thought is Wagner came off I don't know abusing finalize the TV show or not yet she came off like Cindy Taylor like that sue. You could tell they tried that pain her in this mother though motherly EU. I'm gonna make sure you're good I care about you travel what's best for you I'm going to be the one calling insects and you notice those never came from the coaching staff. They always came for ms. Wagner a wide engaging class I'm gonna call him and me in that back and forth and paparazzi came off as the only person that truly care debate Nader not. That's what I'm saying like. Don't you can't practice you don't go to class. Where where's that like fear I mean there's only so much fear a little you know 55 white girl and to put in new defensive tackle about going to class are running back. Hey you're not gonna play this week if you miss one more class. I'm gonna go to class you take football way. Then then there's more incentive to go to that class and get a 2.5 again. This whole series is predicated on getting these kids the next level only do that if you do have the grades like. They're not gonna let you in with you wanna play one double A which is fine but none of those did that aspirations that do that. Let's in with officials and analysts exports podcast. Here point six cents more stock coming also content. Has netbook become the best channel television. The bigger HBO got to me that's why I asked the question there is that a conversation anymore about Netflix and ANC. It's Netflix is making higher quality show and at a higher frequency yet they don't have a breaking bed. What they have just soul beanie show so many different things in in different kind of genres. They'll give you daredevil though give your narco to complete different they're giving you Kate they got that show the deep down it's coming out to. All are watching stranger things right now to attack again in two minute here's you know here it's good then though this drops stuff like this like there is no hype for lasting or documentary right. Make him her of making regular INC now once I guess I'd give it timer. On. I'm more preferential HBO go just because I'm a sopranos wire. Hard knocks. I mean girls I like you I want I don't like Joseph but I watched for some reason. Unsolved only if you go won the lady must watch this you know you watch images I want that way before the girlfriend but. All those rules that's not but I like watching the show for whatever reason so although HBO go one Netflix queue but. But Netflix is doing is pretty credible makes makes you think that a lot of people are gonna cut the court eventually feel like you know what all right with an average Netflix can come out with. Next every sports is the only thing keeping me on cable at this point I got to add to watch the royals you know. You won a season to last answer you yet I mean I. I'm all for content just give me the content let me decide like would you want a team the the next season or would you one. Cameras that you read the Nichols the all burned out and find another you go urged Jews on the invited to a basketball team or something like rather than keep this formula that they have. Zeile and running off and offers not to allow that didn't like let's just try to didn't like I think Netflix at this point they kind of had equities dries up and do so maybe they just drop blow. Florida State they try there'll virginal hard knocks was adding showtime is doing with Notre Dame and they drop their own HBO get him in zag this year in road to the tournament. I think Netflix has built up back on that we've that they can give it to trot at this what they wanted to do. Like they don't miss on this kind of stuff but the stuff they clearly put out there. And they'd I adding that idea what's gonna hit by the way they push it out work them out but that's out this hit. I didn't see any kind of promotion on its the anything about it this with a solely would drop at the on the Internet will let wore them out sort app that's I watched it. I'll tell people the undefeated kept sweeten hey lashing if you check out check it out I don't like multiple all documentary Netflix made it. Right up my Alley all watches six episodes it's you know five and I are probably few weeks and I got in two days by the time like this is this is not missed an easy to light watch. I thought the camp about the character was so compelling that it drew UN to make you wanna watch the next episode than it is a really easy watch and really easy to sit I don't. Basketball would be nearly as intriguing I think it would have to be football and then my second question would be are there enough Community Colleges that. Are good enough and have kind of the the background stories of kids to make it interesting because one of the things about east Mississippi Community Colleges. A lot of these kids put a pin high. XY or disease. Community Colleges are kids just plain out and hopefully getting what these are kit that would have gone to SEC ACC schools if not for something. There has to be another when I mean these teams at the highest level in their coal in school that beat him that was the last two teams that beat him aside from the fight at the end of the season. I think that's that's another way of doing it then we get to see from the other perspective any team that eventually have to play the team that we're just talking about right there. I think that's that I do think they have found a formula that works there's no doubt in my mind they're going to try another kind of original series based on a football team or basketball team. I think the question is how they gonna do they got to follow John Franklin wrath you can see how he's doing but doubtful you can just Google eternal it's all of you know what figured out watch CBS on on Saturday as if I'm one of those small colleges I think about it if I'm nickel state. If I'm southeast Louisiana. The best commercially could have right now is that a coward that looks. Are specially with Ali in his I don't know his buddies David let's get on the defensive yeah I sell a thing or sell the US open yeah. Use an intriguing character to put your right I mean if you're nickel state. I'd be calling Netflix and being like hey. Bring your cameras on campus. That's easy that's easy recruiting for them pick. I mean if it's a free commercial. Right now those documentaries at the way Netflix gonna do woman how good it's going to be get a free eight hour commercial. You know how many people see your school army people need somebody there's a reason why people signed up these documents not just like oh which you see the real story. Oh I think it'll help. I think people vote they are because of it and there's money there's money behind it this summer crew is going to see that and say I wanna play year. Look at what they've done I don't know they have all those kids I don't know the gear well went there after the situation I have I didn't want him like I learned that because of I did I did the check Kelly story. I didn't know. A couple of other backs or is like as a play the report again it was a fantastic documentary you have got a chance to see it you need to make it appointee to see him I had. Recommendation ranking Gifford documentary that I've seen. I would say in the last year. Gotta come on the show. And and and not document are reported commodities on a broad election you. On me now I'm here this is the cigarettes worth likeness hey this is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports podcast. I welcome back into the thick of sports I can't you get this on six and sports. Dot county can also subscribe to this on IG is reviewing episodes this week. I appreciate you guys lose in the book that let's introduce the lady first they hello hello my name is in the process grants. Bush out that Twitter anything and got bit and nobody gets the blood. Okay you'll have my Twitter is and a score lower year but if this is on her I got that call with. I do and I am. Eight I are alive and mostly college trying to talk overheard a slant. Like that we were going to be a mess that you accomplish more than just hold that down and I'm. I'm not gonna hold the cops say the button Greg right now that are talk and make sure it's always on the yellow light saw her actually the way. That it should be we don't use that edit it at that scene. That have a conversation about where we are liable to debris in the female perspective coal. And the normal we have to start off with a one if you're ever evolving soap opera type relationship with tells with that in our. To be a Netflix show get a kick starter let's start it here I enter at a book art so. Dean in cold drama. I have a fairly attractive neighbor who has long design she's been my neighbor has had a boyfriend. This weekend she came over. A little drunk and asked me if if I would like to engage in some adult activity just. We didn't shortly after she told me hedges were of my boyfriend but Michael really good time she said we should keep doing this from time to our son's been with me. So ought to holiday F this are you happy with being. It without all the big deal and would you argue all the beans you're not a starter she lives next door or not you. Utter. You aren't you know if you're happy pianist originally. Keep rocket. Yes let's hear in the hallway like once a week bush is why don't render much. She comes over last night. And tells me we have a conversation. She took me right after we were done she won back to call her boyfriend to officially and things because he won it except the break up. So she used sleeping with me as the official end to their brought up he'll be used. I mean it was a good time I don't mind. I didn't ever with the the packet problem cocaine amazing so about that at this point. I. Live for entertainment it is what the right word gotta be told she could really tell me should only sit I would text you when nine did you. Other than that we're good. About batteries because I think some people get involved in that arrangement they see that they really wall. Did they really become that in all it's like oh really what we're used before you answer. Joey ocular hunter if you look at the girl which united met its chick. Yeah Ali message you cannot you get out of our relationship. I'm not doing it you are what does smoking for Friday if you go by how will call you don't ever. Ever come by your view that we see you that China lunch what you are definitely you. Watch TV with you so I think my neighbors do you for your opinion I think well yeah I think my neighbor is a lovely young lady. Bushy hustle and I'm. Attracted to other than physically so that's like Bermuda is also clearing land for him the sorts glory as it is though. How much she she didn't care so she works that you were today only carry out at a very large company that employs a lot of millennial than Kansas City. Cerner is going since you aren't there yet I don't know if he works but that's the only company to optimize it and she works that are keeping a lot of I did you hear go to Aruba were concerned about I that for me read everything. Very good about why did no I don't know. Well I put it where it's needed to do that. How I don't think he works at. Yeah there. I'm not anybody's idea is there a lesson urged the judge even elected there and I didn't know each other data and ought to keep them away. It so here's the other thing is she's that you came over and told me that her boyfriend says that I violated the row code. Because I've met him before and now we've said hello to each other in house there. That I think that. Brokaw does a hobby or a very narrow narrowly tailored rule out of the sliding scale. What it was like is. Live the movements argue broke coated. It's like slob what v.s and we intend to be almost I've never really liked the didn't when they won so the well I've met him you bring a Packers Jersey Mauresmo you from Wisconsin not from Kansas City got it's like the Packers the Turkey in the city based Packers fan. I don't like you. If you do not from Wisconsin you like the pack. You could have like because they went are you just say that I just like the Packers because they're really good at football that tells me so much about your personality the broke to meet Gainey actually targeted were having a conversation he's and it makes a lot of since. If that dude is numbered ideal fall that's not only lights that. If you know you're right I don't think you'll follow. And caught notre tax those are cool like that it you might know all of you. But that's not old code so he was also always worried about me bloke getting known name. I was on body connected cameras and now he's back right yeah I am not I don't know it. These IV 150s opened one WIV. Buyers matches what occurred Wednesday's rally in Iowa event. Why wouldn't do that do it. What women I think women about it right the case though I'm sad it was good. Wanna be treated as equals in these kind of relationship situation. Coal kitrey some other woman like that he can't say he could finally all feel like there. Now why I don't read I thought I could not be that open about not that upfront about it you might I could do it within. After days and ways you say yeah. But is there is good my away. No no idea that was at at some meat and I'm dismay I know that it happens. A lot of times is someone who's in a relationship but they meet like that looks I thought he would say you know can you be my fashionably cool army was happy to slow. And you read it's not be. There and I don't know I don't know. I mean okay analyst at just. Don't know what does it say that that it isn't it you gotta decide if they. Offering and pet for him on this but really what you've been in a committed relationship I had someone that you've seen repeatedly. And colleagues not as an adult youth and college that's what. Oh lower nascent nation Munich committed. The won't what you're others you know we're. Why it was here that I was not I would say that was the only reason while much you abuse was probably hot and we talked it at a certain level structure in my whole life. That enabled me to do it. And probably voted out outbreaks year would have liked to go 11 college is not. Real life like you're never gonna gay into. In real life adult life whereas like I mean over here how women only get the beauty get the point where they've ended. The best lap like you slicks and have a relationship because it's gonna be and at some. In my early shipping college was detrimental deep yet because I would go for around ranchers are down. Deal with her drop you sit across structure did I brush Somalia brought chaos I know. My this semester I was in a relationship for my two loads GPA is in college you all the other ones were (%expletive) Did. Enjoyed my cop relationship I feel like that was the first. Entrance into adulthood I ever. He's so not structure like Albert when you look back and I are both amateurs hell. Was solemn. You see the person all the time you Iraq with the that is different than high school like an ice who you go home in college that's where did it is actually imports and I went home boy that may have had a key demand acutely flipped intern it's a better person all the sound boring like in a way you like Marlys at the rectification of like a seed. Payment that right did everything. Ontario to. I had the oh. I had the college version of a long distance relationship because we've gone from one dollar and it is no Bob. Those waves to a base under the top catalog business related note that was way too much you are out there I'm an hour in the same camp as yet. Costly week opposite sides who's a 25 minute walk from the norm I got. A lot different than an hour too long the good of the universe human very solid growth. Am I don't for a while like you was enough glove issue indicators that he before like when you know that's what we're like what we this. I got finished with Colombia function of the north I lived in hatch. That we might across two major streets to get to north them as a hide my luck I RS. We would obviously an excellent in the same game. Every night who it can knock. August is relationship like meth now I don't lock us out what I and the child says now I'm they want to the longest relationship I think of the other goal back home or go to to the school she went to the same college you have that longest. What I think it was the college version. Although we were as far apart on the Missouri like everybody regardless of I don't know how his school structure that be like on all at school the gold with the did you subsequently adopted that was the goal need to won't get sick. I looked out at all (%expletive) at all is the key was separated at the thought or thought he did you keep separate. You give him 11 window nor bill graves lie. You are you talking about. Out of my strategy fiscal that you took in the boat then let it definitely Q so I know that we use we can't close then I completely agree you love it there a man frozen chicken. Yeah you go over there in Kansas City geography Wheeler downtown right Billy I used innings and Oakland park that's the impound lot. The hall of the stuff you know Rosales felt this. Well I was very I don't moderated analogy we're basically don't purchase in his back. Where did acknowledge that it now organ argue those incidents to report pocket you can get this on six is worth background you can also used activists on iTunes. Shadow you and I we got to have a little bit more of an open conversation because the couple of our friends have come to us about being excluded from one of my favorite day. I'll before before we get into that my shadow boulevard beer. For providing us some great beverages and I mean there. Although boulevard I can think go back with an episode to. When the bull hard people came in here provided youth and the war is cold and not our opinion a false statements. Lot of them are you or how hard it. Ellen it. Hello as the devil you know art and those are the boulevard the derby Gator go wasn't YouTube at Alia and yes and I doubt that our fifth story. A couple of operate that come up to us this sale why are they not it's included in our Bruins. Because we talk about that the last spot as every Saturday every Sunday. Around new. Sometimes it's on top executives who are always. Well fifties. Started. On Saturday morning mass lunch time. I already talked to Jeremy. Unlike you Jeremy while we go into our run he's like hey let me put a shirt OK. Coo Jerry lives in midtown. So he's dolby over at the careers of 12301245. 145. Rolls around eight dollars a month away and that's all we know you. Yeah I work outs and now we know Jeremy we know journeys. Ray early on. The social functions. Or is terrible it's so any any time Jeremy tells me time we've had forty minutes. Berger is that I ever and I score party the last movie pad out his days you know if I have to be worked out it's not your news outlet you know relay. So why I guess it does not start to fill out nobody's government that is but he. That's what I do not notice this I thought hey I don't call the guys like Melinda like you know hope. But it would light not 45 and I'm like are you worried about it now what pop IV or not ordered. Every it's it's the witness journal but I was like wait I gotta go down list below the hash out the show but if you take it because I care about respect Muster up a little bit. I did bet that you're the guy I don't phone out figures out who's really counts as and I thought among loans an account happenings and all the them blossoms like oh. Beats. This. Whole I would not bad luck into it and we know you don't have any minute part in between takes through my thick as old ladies and listen to us like oh. Yeah. It reported other podcasts. And I hate Gerri you and I left here so priced like this team is to get them up ladies out there with a shirt on meet meet their ability 25. Wouldn't add that he wasn't on top of this I don't wanna say something I would stop the McDonald's all the way public. I got. Branch out and you have incitement away from brush like you got us got to appreciate the moment think that that's a lunar a isn't an issue. You passes. 45 restaurants from here to your apartment Ellis started that the date we know most terrible rush right now you ask me. Did you say it for the rest of office if I could not have sexy anymore this month or not at brunch. Cincinnati years Doug brunch there I would look for it to run on Saturday news update is Leyland knows me so happy my breath does that name. It did like. Poland and came back and urged the people just wanted to grunts. And like more needles yet basically your. And he is swept the grace light but not slept at night mirth and bright they have amid. That's like this I don't know it's really quite buy that I can lay flat. Like Billy he's differed play one of the vote there. But I wasn't gonna make it I have branched that a first time in Atlanta as far as like going out to Brandt Julie in Atlanta or. Non Marion Lee definitely it is okay. Oh really easy when they had a little bit almost spotlight his liver into what is the best thing ever and he went on with the U attributed to the needed got unlimited what are you won't. So here's the ad as we know so you know I got me breakfast would know they can't have both come with it every time out and out. Cold by the that they care with this bronze and I don't know call that come through foot fault don't like all sombre. Like Jersey belongs to be like retire. You boards with more Jeff may put all. Westport FAA was incredible cold eyes though the governor all eyes goal all my goodness the what I would call on everybody is orbit there's like there's numerous reasons I voted for more about it hanging around you every morning I got me in the Jeremy that degenerate art call well. I doubt they got it is the whole of alcohol. We way we had to on. We have laws while Google later that day it was meet Jeremy is his portrait I like the first time really be whatever. We all got our people bottle of the most news. They're sharing in the most is that ruined my day I dropped the rest of the I could not well she took it. It has the gotten all oil companies like 6 o'clock in me you know out hung over the days like eighty person that you can't really prosper. Go to bed at close up my life when Africa must I'm this little girly Jenkins I'm gonna relieve all the the Alicia key Jake it's like oh well definitely don't have any advice is this this is pretty. Like what do most might not think of is why did you take it as being likely if the that they do that is to buy and it. Oh ya boy you know. In college I was I was a bartender or tacos before and at the bar I work that we had bottomless the most is on Saturday morning. When you first started the bar you worship was Saturday morning to you had to sling is the most is that it was the absolute. Worst shift it ever when you came and got on with most of you note that in eleven dollars. So bartender and you're working next Saturday Bryant shift. I am sorry ticker bartenders well. Because you they're getting tipped one time on fifteen drinks and that's that hurts that is absolutely and those were awful it's. But it shot out to the best brunch at that so far. Well cold Brooke was stained I want to know burdens me. Really light cold lines brunch and unbelievable and he's gonna Sox yes I was baking company on nine and golf I don't and go better. I don't pathetically low all credit market NASCAR delight at 400 different stickers on what qualities duper great and all of the gridiron you know I think he's no fan thought I mean it's like that. Loyalty to companies as the seven enjoy also yeah I think. Imus so why bother about things delta thing about and indeed. These big things a maritime security Bakalar and it's got security bachelor himself Zanardi please don't start. Well then I want to have positive so we don't get sponsors since I talked about Sasha on the podcast I've not paid full price for me. Not crack audio boarded a wedge. Biden is goes out to hear a lot of talk got a lot of wins this this God's eye goes I hired a lot of other people beat us they have to meet. The one major best fighter realized what was that excited that we do you get our hotel and mile wide that your kid gets it right Uggla yeah. Hey you know cold. You're not taking my little girl at about about a lack it was like yeah that's what I don't know I don't know your name at all. Early Saturday and it was great the first time you are dying Atlanta and oh how I don't act on it all. Those moments anyways with. Isn't the person who dropped make the situation off putting. Because he's with your legs and hopeless were not listened to try to make use uncle with possible watch because I need to shut up. That's why couldn't we don't wanna talk about it. Ball proof lead here but go to the now. Yeah I thought my god he's not who gives up pot pot and don't know yeah already heard of people its yardage it leaves you with an eye. I don't appreciate you know why you can't let you know. But look at the field if anybody else. Stop there. He I want high school. I got there. Mark well hey if you're a person you're listening I had Nippon putter is that we're New York. How might it though yeah. Most names if you stand at all. Are you could do you think am the only acknowledge hey guys you're not even more alarming unpopular it and hole par 7070 LL EF OS that's like 77 glad I don't have social media now we had to say. 25 year old white males. It's meet you as odd I had a wanna rock hero you. How aware that it's cold my vehicle loads. Of their value in what they. Might. The yeah that happen went off. There's nationalism we went and what dug a hot bed this dual hot bell was super excited procedure you know aren't anything. I think if I just hit it and everything because that happens they'll measure. Why it didn't look have multiplied noted that I didn't do any work. And it has seemed to warm outlet outlet all about the thoughts you have made out like go to America is that it that it. The first time I got recognized on public attacks you right after it was one happy stays in my life today. Karr and city brewing company another great place with him and aggressive face it bottling here a brewing company. All you berries great pizza out Martins sitting in cities become opera now. Anyway the bartender it's like hey you call from six a source like she's yet please yeah. Sabres shooter at him now. This is that the report by casual listening to a sixth has forced dot com on iTunes you can subscribe to it there let's close it off witness. Call it a little bit of an intervention because I know a lot of us when we're your rage that a little bit younger than themselves. I think you get enamored. We the girls only Syrian and Twitter are loving this and put a lot of eggs into the ASCII and when you finally meet and interact with the editor of the have a conversation with them. Guys they're never as good as I thank. You earlier goodies you've built on the net worth it to be. The C is never as great as their reality out of legit though that with a lot of these girls that you gotta like everything's he has doll offered. The look after and pictures she's not that the top two managed and I think all the time talking to him that you guys feel this way I'm on the as well and I feel like they're logical either single always blamed me for not understated it no yours because not interest. Because it's fixing. Yeah yeah you know a lot of pick and there you got nothing interesting is that hey Al my angle I mean everything white hair single it was single when I don't think. I don't know. But look I think I don't know OK and I think is like Ali yeah normal weddings and a woman is supposed to be when a man that's my. Sometimes we wanna be young and single only wanna work on our careers we're driven in the whales are a lot of time. I am but I am saying is women more so than me and let me to why there's single. These are people. And I are very deep conversation I've never go to journey like you'll want cannot find somebody. Hole. MI as they light that's what I'm about. About hard over about being emotionally under attack that needs girl I believe I. I think I. Late out of my Obama though I realized that the choice I've made my putt rejoice. Soon not be with somebody but never like dude you army. I've been trying so hard to beat their relationship like you know when it's that means I'm on 7 relatively which I am afraid I can't. Just. Yeah finally that I'm seeing is the limit I think a lot of times the life all promising lot on Tuesday. If you've never had anything interesting to talk about it and it does a blanket statement I'm telling you. So many women if I can the rest of the week and early this document I have the light is definitely blew it. You can't that be interesting the say Beck could not even read black every one minutes England I think they know not at all see a lot of them I think that's the case in. So I wanna date the good life skills first I wanna pay with a girl who I was enamored with Altman serum it. Can't you hooked it up there's credit. Is. I was so bored. It was awful and it was like you're beautiful and I just wish there was something we have in common these Milliken ashtray that was an issue of the certainly did feel like I competing. Yeah absolutely be a pilot light hit the light definitely considers that this is on the happened to all of mutually agree one attractiveness. Mean and women is not proxy for some. In you know no I don't and I don't include lol it's not like if we keep it there will be threw everything but we need to BC I had thing that I hide the date up so much my mind with Milwaukee Delhi company another great Kansas City company issued checked him out of our great people at the fairway should discuss. You don't listen there is no reason why pay between them if you go through with vodka I don't know why I did committee's. Vote ago. Now Martin didn't like. What. Do you think it's and that's the Al Hayat that he was like why there are valued at one bit of power you abuse your authority. All call and look at it well as about a high school. How the enlarged and Bruno you've now he's they don't know he's not hostile that I didn't go to these free stuff. I have made it breaks my part of our game with Ralph armor is set by. Can we use sacrifice. Because you can't pay more input and tears and and you cannot just dug a fight. Lot of ways. Well I'm not shutting out without a cal is right now. I'm bill in the it was one right now I'm shouting out can you got companies that are political could answer to close. I like these restaurants I am I appreciate and I think more people should go their because we need to keep local businesses alive. You don't. Support out of support local businesses. We talked about Sasha is making company Milwaukee daily company. And you argue Milwaukee and Iowa did. The company I schoolers here aren't alone support that are there buddy good to bottlers. Thought that you got a final words yes I'm very happy to be here witness that supports the why is that a very avid tiger is coming to America and. And I. Cody I think you guys know we're companies got out got that's who plays Zell sold more new word that I know more. Name tattooed and all I wanna believe in my WiMax. Then we WW not the past Cisco adds dot com. If I mean ink magazine to look up with my name of the article. But definitely out. This guy appreciate there Saturday's incident my mom I do have. A couple of things to watch more animated. Lots more database is saying oh lodge itself about it and that if those don't watch themselves for somebody guy doing that we got I got the team on my back I'll. It the team about the statistics of sorts broadcast and also for everything okay for Jeremy for young thing Lewis are there this is Cole Angeles and we outlook.