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The Pastor Stephenson Episode

Aug 11, 2016|

Carrington is joined by Pastor Armour Stephenson of City of Truth Church to talk about his life, his church and current events.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To forge a eat the stick to sports talk dance with Gary did Harrison from the drive. Turbo charge you or should I look good in another town. You could 5106. And sports website and also grab it on iTunes got reviewed all that stuff is broadcast. Do a little different today in room talk about the buttery but today I'm trying to get my life right so you're talking to. Armor Stephenson is the panther of the city of through church it is all and 3810. East 56 street and check their web site out the Casey dot com. Armor has gone and what's up man as cool window glad to be here to get a pass third to 42. I don't what even wanna tell you the kind of stuff I was doing it wanted to please walk us through the process remain. Well I grew up in a Christian household my my dad was a pastor. So our group of PK that these preachers kid for the listeners and so I was a stereotypical PK I mean I was probably the worst sound in that your. Women lead to you know kind of stuff so. You know growing up growing up around singing that you know alone current became ingrained into the culture of my life. Ask for January 21 2005 my parents were both killed in the plane crash. On their way to vacation. Fast forward a year later after that. I became. The passer. Editorials Tom I got my life together slides his wouldn't you know all the drugs straight into the pool play them is so you know. Took on the mantle at age 22 man and god has been great god has been good to this man grace of god is on main street and that's come over. Quick version of how that. Well that's already here for the long verdict don't think you can really say I asked for opinions I don't play Ankara if you ever go to work you know I was just kind of the worst. Worst turmoil like me and I'm in my parents why everything you know. They were idea. First examples of faith that I. A lot depends a lot of my appeared to slow. I'm just grind and ammunition with them and then you know them going on vacation a well deserved vacation and never coming back that devastated I am devastated. I'm my brother and sister and nine. It's kind of trying to find our way you know. That point in my life really made me you know now. Polled on the god and just really say hey man you know line if you really you have to help me make some sense that if some states. And so you know lower really revealed himself to me. And was this just a parents. Vacation just like where you supposed to be no I don't know just just just them two together managers. Say they were tired let's go to the Bahamas and so. There and aired no longer have five minutes men and the plane came down Killen everybody in his so. Yeah devastating time. Did you find out. Actually I was Molly to a job interview album only to a job interview with the bank. And one of the Gaza the church probably say. What what plane was your parents on my Obama told him what plane was off but I will. I need to get to the church right now my was going on now I just needs to get to the charge don't I mean let's just just getting here. Islam accomplished and what's happening what's happening so people call and he texted me aided what playing morning on what happened. And different things like that I get to the church and I see people there crying and I'm like oh god what happened you know someone tell measles you know. That that was very devastated. I feel. Like in eighty. Huge tragedy like that your life Engel wanted to weigh absolutely said the path that you rule absolutely delighted continue to go down that pan am toward you can completely change or alive with the sounds like we're. Where you on the verge of maybe going to the other side no. I RD come back from the dark side hit a hot I had already come back I hit this play this this this rock bottom place Rouse is like okay. I can't do this anymore can't. Live like this arm on target my heart broke in I'm tired of China over compensate the things that I feel that I lack I need something else. As I just really dug deep and I dug in. And my mom actually hired me Owen to work via the daycare that we that your so. It don't withdraw the screen and all backgrounds into moment everything panned out good in novels work in there and so I was on this path toward righteous as you know I mean I was. I was tired I. And I thought this draw and I didn't know why was happy to be so happening to me so rapidly but looking back I know now so. If not I'd already left. You know that. That life you know. And now was make my way back to where I was supposed to be what was that rock bottom point for me man. Suicidal. I was suicidal and I just didn't I just didn't want to leave it imbalances. Actually attempted and woke up the next day angry that could lead to succeed at that. I was always via the quote unquote black sheep. I was always under achiever you know. I knew though that there was more in this compared to your parents as compared your Brothers and sisters are dozens of lives like sheep. Just visit our family you know just in my family compared to expectations that was only because of who my parents work. Compared to the potential that the potential that I always do I have always under exceed I just was always almost among the stuff that's always. Trying to reach for this this. This individual isn't just trying to. Separate myself from who people thought I should be or my parents bought should be just kind of rebellion just just rebelling. From that. You know that that quote on quote that stigma that day you know preachers he's scared to finally. During the suicide attempt. Was this. War may I really wanna kill myself or was today I need help declaration on why now people came to you like all right something wrong here we do. We need a rush to assist. No comment on one. I felt like I have anything to leave for disappointing people. This point in my mom disappoint my dad felt as if I just didn't have any. Anything to live for so I I attempted to do that I wanted was in the crowd goes like this is. Published piece. Was this a gun thing appeals tales do. You're talking armor Stevenson is the pastor of the city of truth church. In Kansas City you can find it at 38 came in 563 you can also check out their website the city Casey. Dot com will match your childhood where you said today. Your dad it was a pastors are so there are these expectations to quote unquote B who do you feel like your actions in war and rebellion today and because of the light that they had was it may be hanging with the wrong crowd or an appeal of something else. What do you think cause you to be so different acute. Oh a little bit of everything that you see him and as those expectation. Is that the expectations of perfection where. Overwhelming. It it was as if you are could make a mistake I couldn't. I could be a key you know I mean like and so people will hold me to these. Impossible standards of righteousness that I just could not achieve. And and then the fear of make in my pants look bad and you know distant. Winning dam that was always looming over me you know like a big dark cloud is so. Yes just a lot of that may have been hanging around with the wrong people just kind of want to feeding you know when I was young you know how bullies and stuff with the insult. You know one believe that life that juve Eli if you have a good bet that little wheezing lie about how boy like that burba and life goes on all of alive right now hey. You know I just want to be how boy here we got to chick you know items they had an assistant Carla. You know miles I just wanted to adapt to the culture whenever the cultural wanna be to be that's what I wanted to be insular gravitated towards. You know crowds like that gravitated towards. You know people like that it is. Most of my two major players ever expressed disappointment absolutely. Absolutely I mean every time ever gotten calls from and each is they've read this morning every time they had to pick me up from Wednesday or hour that it's an express every time. How was suspended for fighting or in schools speeds of the doors of the stupid. You know they four hours suspension. Got to go to one of those for me to be like ours needed chained my god the one hour all right what a little bit is that we're going out of the four hours straight up finding new leads the line for hours were hall elbows though worst in my life. I gave duty they got to sit there for four hours and so yeah I didn't that didn't reform but by the you don't want to let you watch the godfather and you still have time left on. The four hours not a four hours is not the way here this I endured a lot of those. Oh. Vienna here bad people like you finally made a row before the best. This just with the turnaround and all the stuff. I think you know you know they told me is seated act is seen in you know how they treated me you know not say they treated me. A red headed step child before but you know just just about those expressions of it is we have an image you're finally. Doing what we knew you can do your finally achieving. What we knew you could change that was that was a blast in the mean in a crisis you know that's what I want you know. This Aaliyah people like your story is more relatable now to other people because you've got to live through those dark times app doesn't come out on the other side of the. Absolutely I would hope so I mean. I would hope so I think so you know just. You know we all go through this mean we all. Deal with different things would that be drugs alcohol women depression and anxiety whatever he is we all deal. With those dark moments of the soul and so. I prayed in my story gives hope that there's always light it into the that report them. What was the first time you follow your story touched a money the first time that you sit down with some person I've known to be kid could be an adult. You said that you told a story you can just sense right there there was a change in their personnel. And actually go one on one meeting with actually at my parents' view. Obama. Got up and talked and shared shared now packages. Pocket sees glimmers of hope in my family's eyes and my siblings eyes it's CD shining glimmers. A pulp OK you know peak if if he can do it packing items and so I think that was the first time. I realized. That. The things that I suffer you know god would turn those things around it and make them a blessing for Portland people so that was the first karma I saw the power of the testimony let's go try. That's a crazy thing that it like that moment. You felt like that was maybe the chains where if you knew that I could become a pastor than at that moment that you stood up and spoke bright when a lot of people probably be able to speak during that moment. And then you've had that feeling of people believe in what I have to say I have a gift here I should use it. Right I think that was that was awesome defining moment that was a critical moment in and me personally in the past does. Just understood in the power of the story I mean the power of most of real life I made it. I overcame. A story of victory and you came into enemy soldiers realize about hope and inspiration you can give somebody. With the story with with they a story of victory and triumph and testimony of turn around and is both powerful thing and I'm like okay. I was out your bag and I use my life. For darkness so I think god that he's allowed me to turn them around and use my story with some. Are you there and I'll ports deal done a lot of personal lives so Mary Mary Lauren and I'm learning on the fly here. Mary Mary the mayor for eleven years for children to an 86 and three so we are busy. Anymore from absolutely not on your that's medically and honest to god bless got a good history. How is the experience of Milledge it would your father was a major event if a much that was great just just. The love the the affirmation. The example of responsibility that my father and show us that shall mama critical. Fact that reckoned among white as an example of him being in that example and show me I love the apple mama that's very critical and try to show them on some analysts issue my dad was. Was used mom there's some. But that's us is I got two questions I'll start with the first hole I was like talk and other black people about it I think it's such an important. Factor of society that we just don't I don't know regional talk about enough. 75% of black kids groping of single parent household and salute you grew up in a superior household debt and you changed your dynamic how important of it was. Of changing the cycle that you grew up with your parents and now your kids grow but both of their parents as well. That's a sure equally important brother like you say it's seventy parkas and African American kids grow up in obelisk. Homes and and and that affects that affects us psychologically socially. It's a lot. I feel like is extremely important for marquee it's deceit black glove man a black. Dan a black mom you know living and loving and being fateful end. All of that all that stuff yeah so elect as critical. Like this very critical you don't put the shadow earlier that you felt like you guys who have to expectation for The Who your father was do you feel like you project that. Add all your kids that your kids now kind of feel how you felt that a same age. Well I tried to shield them from I try to push them in the direction of their gifts. If you will. But I still want to be healthy shadow over them hey this is my dad. I'm proud of who my daddy is that they decide to walking ma. Footsteps of ministry I'll be overjoyed but I want them to be who got it's called in the B whether that be a a doctor or lawyer. Heck sanitation worker I want them to do as unto the lord and be able to minister. On that particular platform has been difficult to get past veterans that dog one on the country absolutely. Absolutely. It's been it's always difficult but I think I feel. The difficulty even more. Palm because people are now looking for what people have always been but. Especially in our community they're looking for an answer to this this injustice are looking for something more than just go right. It means something more than just back something more than just read your Bible like no the gospel gives us pertinent answers toward. A social injustice and just wanna be able to communicate that and let people know that. That god is a god. The oppressed give a description of you do you need to look at the book of exodus. That god is not on the side of the oppressors. Script surely from the get it is he's always on the side of the oppress the poor the least the let the looked over in the left out. So we see that even with the minister Jesus when he showed up and opened the book in the synagogue and says the spirit of the lord is upon me. Because the annoy he has anointed me to preach the gospel not necessarily to everybody but to preach the gospel to the pour. As the best that's where you see this whole hashed that black labs members of the past that all odds matter as the Jesus like. Hey man. I'm coming specifically. For people or at least. We're left over who looked over and who are trampled over and treated unfairly so. So people signals masses and they want to reconcile faith with current events I. How does my faith. Relate to what's happened in the in this crazy world we live it's yet to be able to demand is what's most common question. The most that's a great question. What it comes up to you. You can clearly see that's on a bad path but they are safe so to speak with is gonna use that power at a what's the most common question you get there. I would think the most common question that come and is he is. That is a great question because I'll ask a lot of questions. And so I think the most common theme. What do I do with this what are why do we if how are reconciled this Jesus how to reconcile this god with my life experiences. On. Where. What I do with what do I do with his existence. Vs my reality. And so I think that's. That's the main steam with question but that's the main thing. I think the hardest thing for people to understand and I struggle with the all the time to. Is that it. Why did good things happen to bad people and if there is the god why does he allow so many bad things that happen by talking god nonstop. A guy walking into a church and he's praying with these people and all of a sudden he just pulls a gun I'm shooting kills eight album. I how can somebody walk into an elementary school and just are shooting kids I think that is the concept that is very hard for people to get I struggle that's all the time to. Is it there is forgot why does he allow stings like this the continue to happen. That that is a great question man and insult. I think got the start at the beginning what what God's intention has always been in god contingent has always been asked to live with him and fellowship peace harmony simplest no death no sickness. Nothing in Europe that fellowship with the went in came into the world it calls me and the world. To fall as so we asked the question of evil. What we do is we. Isolate equals okay so we say is it got was such a good guy wide and he put a stop to the evil of what you see it. This guy just say hey Alan kill people today let me go to discharge of these people or we isolate evil and say hey why didn't god stop. White guy put a stop to this guy waking up in and going into this elementary school and killing kids or we isolate it we'll say hey why didn't god stop this kept in Orlando from born in killing. All these people in this nightclub. That's the problem that we have we hit. Iso necessarily isolate. What we do as we categorize it we say this evil is greater than this evil in this English lesson is evil. And so we want god to stop this greater evil but let me keep my evil to myself. And so the essence of the gospel is that eventually got. The number one got records out people to himself number two god will eventually put it into all people. Not just the categorize evil just evil we put. On a higher scale toward a greater level will God's gonna deal with all evil in the market equals even. Even bill the evil blush that's in my heart even. The evil of different things like that and soul and so that's usually my response of that and Omar responses through the gospel of Jesus Christ he's dealt with and he's going to view with you and. He gives us up the call freewheeling and evil mean from from their evil hearts and make evil choices and it affects other people and it affects is tenacious oh. God in his sovereignty and in his wisdom saint Christ to be a solution to the evil hearts into the gospel of Jesus Christ and so that's kind of what I. That's a good start point. Of allotment. Now you find it's your past like apple always like to be in what would you go do that re coming to life ought to let the new drama while flight at 10% well lower hair thicker. Yeah Emma and I'm just passionate about people and I'm passionate about god so. I do what I do brother you're talking are. Stevens he's the pastor of the city of truth church it is on 3018 563 check out there website. The CD case the deck on the got Torii services three Sunday 830. I will never be at that one particular Sunday 1030. Chance I'm at bat through there Sunday at 1230 during football season again zero present. There I would assume that those she's home games that Sunday at 1230 not a. Popular one absolutely not absolutely not you why don't you wanna be there all ought to be there but. Does that just after and we got. Jones where we got we got begins let's just doesn't go preached his last service I'm going over detailed gain a man that they're now. Now it's booming and we do you have destruction this what. The the three different services well because our congregation is large and are building doesn't necessarily accommodate largest. So I have to make adjustments and at the make sacrifices and so. What I've decided to do is. Just have multiple services in our building our our building holes about four. On at 450. The so. I try to do. Multiple serve is give people options to you know bay they re right angle get up and come to an 830 after a lot older I got a shot merely tip our dad got a job at 1230 is when pokey them so 1230 poking observers who clearly. Saturday night out they now about to give an 830 income worship you know made eagle come at 1230. After at the Eagles some get usually about shake the larvae they think of cold shower whatever they need to do and get up and come here about the lord and so. Such as like. Options what's the demographic. Issue IC. Dot at a predominate younger though congregation. I see between between the ages of eighteen and 35. Is the majority of our congregation this week we have a mix of young Q of course because it is the third group have children it made it. We have a lot of older people more seasoned people as well and so. Which is like a big melting pot of just glorious this in goodness and and and them and I'm very pleased with. Will we hand off. Is it hard to take stances when you have such a large congregation. I do it seems if you say I'm black lives matter you're going to spin somebody in the congregation that is all lives matter person. These are all lives matter when. Though black lives matter of people like you not understand why we say black lives matter who did you vote for Hillary I don't know your room for there's somebody or drag it to the demo for Donald Trump is there somebody on the other side isn't hard to tell experiences that he passion about current topic current issues. With a mixed demographic like that. I guess typical it's difficult but it's necessary. At the same charm because a bottle take a stance. I hope we'll. And so what I do with that try to be as biblically accurate as possible the saint Thomas culturally relevant as possible that's not a teacher mark congregation. Wrong. I have mixed drab white and white hat couple white leaders Latino holes all of that so let's the deal with the social justice peace. Alone. I came from the angle of WEB du bois where he talks about. How African Americans have traditionally had to have this double consciousness in other words we have had a acquiesce and adjust. Our our thoughts and our speech and our actions according to who's in the room. And so I teach our people not to not to necessarily. So Mitt is surrendered to that double consciousness but tell the truth. And speak the truth and love and if there's a certain affiliates or whatever will deal with that. But. We always wanna be truthful always wanna be compassionate. And we also always wanna be sensitive but we don't wanna be sensitive. At the detriment of telling the truth as we just wanna be like the Bible says speak the truth arm in love and so that's what I try to do. Tell the truth black blouse matter yes they do all odds matter yes they do blew out as a matter yes they do. And so just just kind of speak the truth and given this biblical undergirding four what it is I'm speaking in what it is we believe and and hopefully people receive withdraws gonna and somebody does is what is life Jesus there they did not trying to be everybody's friend I'm trying to be people's past and so. This is what it is so. I think like people talk really battle our generation yet. Am not I mean I live in the generation like alike and we're the most moral generation of that I looked throughout the history of our country what duration would you consider the moral. Generation what do you think the biggest problem for mayor ray of morality standpoint. Is wrong with our generational what we're a little bit awful. Think what our generation. Well find him rather is mama rabbit what kind and is. Is we have like this this bluff a mentality. When I mean about Eddie is it's not. It's not. Either or would as both an it's let me get a little bit this let me get a little bit it is let me get a little bit this is so what happens is. It's we've value and our generation of what we value relationship over principle. I mean I would buy your relationship over principle it's like it's like OK it's a story. Ribbon a Christian council I grew up isn't the way to Jupiter like no man comes at a fathers have become to him that's in the Bible job for the Ortiz or whatever. I believe taxable I went to college. I met some Muslims. I met some buddhists port mice and as some of the questions that I knew the souls like okay. I'm believing that Jesus is the only way. Bomb meaning these people or extremely nice people. And I've been taught my whole life that these people are going to hail a sock couldn't I couldn't I couldn't I couldn't reconcile that insult. What try to come on meal would come only in its isn't laugh laugh till I come over this generation is is hey this this person than nice person. There believing quote unquote what works for him. If it works for them and we're all all roads lead to the same place leave them alone let them do. On what it is they do so to answer questions about what I believe the the biggest. I guess detriment and our generation the news is the the lack of understanding of absolute truth this is like. Do what you will whatever makes you happy do you know I mean there's no such thing as absolute truth like. Whenever there's this new thing whatever is your truth you live now your truth and god bless you you know Mina think that that's. You know that's that's so oftentimes it's a camp. In double always had about christianity and code is at the core of christianity or right it is built in forgiveness by the entire religion is based on the concept of forgiveness absolute we messed up a lot. Jews that the back to forgive us our sense correct absolutely what people do we think struggles forgiveness the most pledged and I think struggle occurred with with forgiveness the most which is so we're gonna like. How can you believe forgiveness than this one concept in the overall belief that you are forgiven you're gonna go to heaven one day. What you struggle with the concept of war giving others. I think people in general care to struggle with forgiveness but what happens is. That I see a lot of times we confuse. We confuse acceptance with forgiveness. That I can love you. I can care for you. I intend. Pray for your flourishing and your well being and your success. At this. It's I got I can do that as possible so yes like Christ teaches us forgiveness and we are supposed to be forgiving people but I think. Not just Christian isolated cared about people and for people in general struggle with forgiveness. I people in general struggle with. Forgiveness it. You mean like being judgmental yeah a lot of us are a lot of Christians are Barea harshly. Unjustly judge mental. Was it hard I guess so wrap your head around the concept residual with a college and you realize very people from other backgrounds are good people. Good to pull religious people do what they're supposed to do. And you think that they are condemned to hell and some like united they just seem like a very weird thing I started so on Thursday and. It's a very weird dynamic and our. I wouldn't say that I think that they are condemned to hell. I think that the pathway that they're on leaves there leads away from the father. Because Jesus himself says that I'm the way the only way who the father is through me because I'm the father's representation. I am his slam. I'm a sacrifice Leo was very hard for me like manage the build do. But at the same time. In understanding that that also fueled my passion at four people and evangelism. Does Wright Brothers off and right pats offer right my sister is off you know I mean like fueled passion I had to not only speak much root. Not only speak the truth of the gospel but leave it out in front of them and be an example and pray that they will come and and a knowledge of the truth. Of the gospel of Jesus Christ and sold. It kind of like a double effect on the man he kind of put me like this confusing place I'd like these are great people would add that. Two understand that morality doesn't say. Like it's a lot of great people separated from god internally there's a lot of hole this is a lot of quote unquote. So surely considered bad people in the presence of god because not. Whether you're good or bad it's whether you were forgiven like you said I'm forgiven and that only comes through repentance and fashion and receiving. On the gospel Jesus crisis through next to. Your for. A commitment that's agree we're at about nine every I think about it too especially since I had to deal with the death of my parents so tragically. The Sola are not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of what my dad. May mean if that makes it your kids your face to Mikey is my family my congregation so I know that if I die and I see Jesus and family I'm not. I mean I'm not afraid of dying per say I'm afraid of what my death may mean two of the people that makes it of sand and not not like. My problem and aired it to feel like hey wanna adopt a new rules that it be you know I'm just him like that's gonna affect people. Who loved me so I think that's one of my fears not necessarily death bush. I go out like above I told my wife if she ever remarry them coming back home owner who is easily the. I'm always afraid to die because it lets you might think you know what's gonna have been nobody knows what happens like god like get me wrong they can you write like you have no clue. Everybody despite the with the best that the divinity in we'll see who's right. I don't ports there's no clue what adds that the eulogy try to legal right to judge you all of these things you wake up Hispanics Adolf Hitler like. It's a wrong choice at some point like what I do here. Oregon are good but to me that's even scarier living to wait to see what's gonna happen. You may like to me that's scary like oh my god like I gotta do. All these good things that cancel out all these bad days and hopefully. I'm making it into this good place and to meet us that's a lot lately because. God says I can have the assurance right now today. Eating a lot of people like that a lot of people just am more pluses than negative more pluses than negatives and that's impossible because you're always gonna have more negative. Things absolutely you're here. We're fallen our heart is dark our heart is evil just just in general the some are talking about the physical manifestations. In I'm talking about. Jesus Jesus says like this you have hurt. If you. Slipper woman that's that your wife you committed adultery. Jesus say some like this it's over hey scared but I can't say. If you look upon a woman lastly you've already committed adultery in your heart Knuble trailed all modular. Oh my goodness and apparently it hit. It doesn't favorite activity I mean but that's deep bow out watching football I'm argument and Erica. I would every I would laugh all the time a real are especially of Beirut your favorites it but check this man like that's deep though. About how deep daddy's. Like you say if if I do. If I do. I'm guilty say the don't know brother. It is which action is starting with your heart saw hardest the problem they're not necessarily our actions. Listener of actions is issue which is what you personally struggle. My day negative realities on my struggle in America. Would all the dog I think I think. I think pride in our like I like beautiful thing you know also. You know like I like beautiful. Things looking at beautiful things in and so so so. In Omaha kind of does some certain things you know not disarm our mile wide but I'm a man and a Monday Tuesday and saw she is out there ideas what idiots you know. So that's that's probably one I think. I think. It's just in general man just a lack of trust and faith in the lord is. Huge. For me and so. Do you ever struggle I think it's a question and the version if you listen and listen been competitive I've noticed with the governor inaudible and absorb it. Do you struggle to every day try to strive to some level of perfection. I do read the Bible and you're goal in life is to try to live as accurately to the vibe with fox I'm assuming that your goal every day when you wicca. But you fall short every single day has there ever discourage you like me I'm really working on getting better rant. Trusting communicate with my life being true to her all these kind of things but every day is some capacity Imus right. And that's the struggle man but I but I always I always say. And it. And here's a shameless plug for sermon series at a game rated teachers September call goof by small portion with books they must look good fights and so what what. The conclusion that I had that I I've drawn especially upset about this the other day. Is this scared. The Bible says to fight the good fight a guy. And I look at my life but I say that that is one of the main fights that. I want to quit on. At the same time their budget bad fight in my life that I just keep. It on me and so. To answer your question may I think. The struggle of righteousness and the struggle of walking up right before the lord. I don't think that that's a bad I don't think that's the good fight. I think there are some struggles that are whack and horrible and ugly and say Tom and published on the other foot I think that there are some struggles that are beautiful. A soft like. It's a beautiful struggle for me to. A struggle with my flesh and for me to fight. Against mosques in nature for me to bite. Against the stuff that I want to do and vs the stuff that god wants to do because there was appointed Tom wow when fighting broke. But it is is it just was what it while the idea what I want it slip will I wanna smoke what I wanted to write what I wanted and all that stuff but now. Since crisis say mean in my heart has been changed and there are a lot of people looking to meet lead and a lot of people looking to meet to be who god is called me to be there's a lot riding on my quote unquote righteousness. I think it's a beautiful struggle to try to serve and Obey god. The best way act can't even though I know that I'm gonna fall short and that's when the grace of Christ comes grace GR ACE God's reaches at Christ experience as a what that means he is. This net. Jesus lived the perfect life that I cannot leave but died the death that I deserve to be in the right relationship with the bonds. A. Charges don't love that little G stands there isn't like me and that makes perfect setting of the aisle though that the British typically do there are good preacher material good deed sent you. Deal mostly young people are your church. Do you think that young people have very perception that religion is likely old people. Then I got enough time to get my life Brian I'm 2625. That we have as much wanna I wanna have now. You know what I'll start going to church when I'm forty I'm I'm Mary now with two kids are right now it's not I'm not one of the club anymore I'm not Jason limited be more. Now it's time Madonna turn things around for me. Absolutely I thought the same thing but. I was living on this false. Idea that. Every day after today was promised to me. Like you know tomorrow we'll put it off tomorrow and I wake up tomorrow and I'm assembled put it off tomorrow and wake up the next day that I am that I'm gonna put it off the slow. That was what I thought I just lived on the beat this false idea that I had time. Which in and of itself. It was a neat claiming. A big guy. Because I claimed to know that Tom that I had to get myself in the place that I know I needed to be the sole. This so for me to say I'm a wait till I'm forty and I'm a go to church. Is is also the same as me saying I know something's wrong with where I am right now. And I need to do something about it the slump is gonna put it off until it like I'm ready to do and in this Estes at the top. That is because. Who's to say. Wake up is he tomorrow and I leave that. I lived my dad come in and say hey bay hey son. We'll see you got we'll see Gaza a week we'll be right back mom and dad are going to. Obama blah we'll see guys I doubt I'll see when you get back. And they get a phone call for Q five hours later saying I'll never see him again. They didn't know they were gonna die you know domain and so I do people like that all its army and I just talked to a brother. I'm not too long ago he used to walk up and down. Blocked the white guy he's the walk over down the block were talking and talking in a beer. And I remember just have a conversation with him hey you know women you know lord loves a broken apart it was about volume you know beat him beat you know me and I mean that I'm ready for that. And just got a text the other day they found him dead. Behind house. Jeremy that's always the easiest just don't know so lower office eternal security. Inflate and crisis. When preaching. You're talking armor Stevens he's the pastor of city of truth church on 38 Cheney 56 street in Kansas City check other website. The city Casey dot com they have three services 8301030. And 1230 you can guess the day but a lot what did you come your church. I right now third look at port church home or they feel lost. Why would you tell him to come here Richard. Comment because we love people. And there are a lot of people there who are real life people not fake but the people realize people were real stories from real backgrounds. Who loved the lord and who love each other and who are. I'm looking did you serve god is best way we came in underneath the grace and favour of our lord's labor Jesus Christ is so how does invite you may come on out given the trot. Here good message gets the go worshipping in and bill some relationships and there's no limit to what what the lord can do in your life and so that's about William coming up next. And navigation model school you black churches they'll look. A school like Georgia is doing to combat this fight so white and the models and let me tell you army some domestic. I only got has been a week at this thing. All the suburbs winded down we kind of relax and we do a whole lot Al re. Initiatives during the Summers of this month comment on kind of given our teams of break. A September like I said I'm starting a sermon series entitled goodbye. And helping us understand there are some fights that are necessary. There are some fights we invite that are unnecessary and how to discern between the two good fights this on the seat in the place 83010301230. See the city Casey. Start your sermons on iTunes. Yeah what those people like me that I'm. Material witness alma Bunge and having go to church but you know I could do when I'm walking around Sunday illusionist and go work for 1520 minute. How do they actually we're gonna podcast together you know I guess we're gonna podcast together armed teacher and a series during the week called the legend of white Jesus. The legend of white Jesus and so we got them mixed and yeah good purpose so we decided to make that our first podcast and sell our print people enjoy. I always struggle whenever I go to church album of what I'm gonna listen to move by the on the way daylight idealism is on the withdrew his knowledge is that Justin Timberlake. I'll is that yeah I thought I know little it isn't usually my. I'd try to simulate and and but. It's got other future spotlight I thought a happy medium that's great as good Bieber Timberlake yeah you know right this mortal lock are all or out all of those sports guy I always is listen to some talk about baseball what about what is so we probably. I did far enough away from the church is there a I got light leave the apartment I know like I studied them like I am not buying it I've done my good deed vessels I'm always good release for five times a year that's so many friends and family day at the chart I prepared the mighty dog oh absolutely got to go is there any there's like all right. You've got to go one time OK he's the one time. And then I'll go to a couple of mug like I can dividend of one -- art mama get a bingo but even now she knows football season. Not happen for a reason and I hadn't and it's not have a man and I'm sick of praise for you hopefully I'll see you Easter. Aussie aren't what they want to come to before football starts come I can come to one of these the 830 that probably know for me 1030. Know when you doubled to 1230 meanwhile get out of there by noon which I got a little built on negotiate barrage smoke though there's still time to get brunch that's good it's not that that's not inconvenient at all we don't believe in all they charts aren't half hour 45 minutes is is enough. That was armor Stevens he's the pastor of the city of true church in kids see that the city Casey deck now and Sunday 830. In thirty and we'll put him it was good dog team appreciate good talking YouTube and thank you have.