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The Stop The Violence KC Episode

Sep 6, 2016|

Carrington is joined by Ray, the creator of @stopviolencekc to discuss what they do for the community and crime in the inner city.

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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. I don't know just. As. Have you join with the fourth by Tampa my guy ready he is the creator in the doing may holder if you recall of stop the violence Casey. I always feel like when there are subjects of police brutality. Conversations about that in the media conversation always shifts to what about black on black crime what about crime in the inner city so instead of just. Ice counteracting those people with what this is what we do let's just talk to somebody that does something in the inner city. To combat black on black crimes alone to bring greater right I don't want to come to agree you don't you're doing good I'm happy to talk to record of reviewing your tell people what stop the violence Casey is. Stop the violence Casey is that he organization that are created back in 2000 Toyo. It was started to run a message to QC eighty basically to stop the violence Casey in an effort to. Competition was going on in our C become the violence come the Krahn. That was taken place a lot of youth was lose their life during that time. And so I thought it was needed for someone in my eight's wanna mop position to go wire to do some of our community. When you talk about the crime in the census killing his knowledge 2012 it just stopped all of a sudden now we had some peaceful time in Kansas City. The center complex question what you think the route to a lot of the problems I guess in this city arm. I'm actually access to guns you know me not being mean not taking care of their home one in the quick way out to deal with a solution. Instead of being enemy and talk about Leno was going on in and of course when you got drugs involved in money involved. That of course yeah it's true you donated and women also tell you exactly. You know like the seventh heaven you know god shot is is key as mother and kill themselves so it's a lot of different reasons. Is is really not warn that's going on bush at. The weighted people are being keel like for assistant children to drop bosh and as a second place the women as being keel. It's just ridiculous. Is as several one crime maybe you'd since you started this that is kind of stuck out to you because the story. They're really hit me a couple weeks ago. Was the drive by shooting with a kid got shot at home and in weeks ago lay next to his brother and died right there but you hear those kind of stories about. People they have nothing to do the things you're talking about and then they lose their life over somebody else beat these are really sad situation. He has very sign and actually in that situation there wasn't a Drogba so on to people walked up on that house and shuttle each saw. Actually due on March last week for those two boys my tail and JR Miller. Campaign the boy's name but yeah we did on March last week and only with a view that house. An enemy is it say when you can see where someone literally just disappeared in just laid all afternoon you know the key is right here. Appeared on the news how the child would lay with his Brothers deadly heart breaking. Being a father first that's hard to deal with. AA to answer your question as far as any story. That is stuck out is really not is this more about the keys in general as being cute they're staking out more than anything. You know there innocent victims they an ax to be killed in an X we brought in people's. In their stock is going all the steel they are the ones that lose their lives. Kasey Kahne and other sixty. And I'm just wondering what makes these individuals want to blind she knew it to a residence or. You know just take out so when he sees a warning you get into week. Why can't you you won't pay us if he sees. Miscues and you see there's children involved and that's was most heartbreaking when it comes or violence in Kansas City. How did you have is conversation with your kids I mean you do is active stuff in the community and kids are dying as you say but it somewhere you have to kind of I don't know pacify the messages the correct way but you have to sell it to them in a way where they don't live in fear how do you have those conversations. I. We are just not so much as nursing available in the arsenal beat their form. And Mike Koehler much sun is only 121 daughter six so they see what I'm doing and in the community knew instantly X questions. Every once in awhile what's going all. But is all about making sure in my might choose or are accountable make sure because one thing that you don't understand. It's not that a lot of these people are career criminals one Thomas takes one town name the issue to somebody in the end they have the early July they're goes their life. So we have to keep our children or attack and make sure that their door they supposed to be an accountable make sure to make the right decisions and that's without the storm my keys make sure you always do the right decisions because wants senseless act. Can cost you your life as well as someone else's. Talking a race he is the creator of and it stop violence Casey wants where you can also follow them on FaceBook stop the violence. Kansas City where they specialize in mentoring crime prevention in the inner city. Along the accountability and being a period. A lot of the problems in the inner city I think you can attribute to. The broken home component of it which is a big factor of it sure a lot of the major statement not being mean. In that context are. Being raised by their mom but I think crazed male attention. Jaded in view wrong ways and they go down at half they're not supposed to go to where if the home was a little bit more traditional and structured. I think some of the problems obviously can't correct all the mothers having a father BC people. Do things that other bottler all the time but that would certainly help in a lot of these situations. It definitely it definitely would mean in my group would stop the violence case CEO formed as against de beats. Where it's Meehan scene and they look we're here we're dorm supposed to. However you know you still have that epidemic of baby dance. And the key is that I mean sort I can see the difference in behavior. Having a father and her life vs one that doesn't have a father. Where that he was taken you know home losses life in jail or just absent here you can see the different in the site the psychological being in the child's mind. Of that. A mother can't do it all they can try their best but they can't. In scene in that is just like I publish every push so whore for me to be active in their cues likes to prevent it from growing up deal with situations like. So I think the stats say it's like 75%. Or 73%. Of African American kids grow up and hold without their father. Think the problem is as bad as the as the statistics makes it seem like it's read every four homes doesn't have their dad and there. That seems like a pretty big problem. Yeah I mean this that's it definitely is true. Like I say the and that's why my groove on I'm trying to form it it to make it seem like you know let's give those numbers dale. Let's show that we have active fathers who are involved you know looks at the parent teacher conference they think he's a school level they homework teach in the elements of life. All the things so that way we can say no okay we'll never really get rid of the baby's dead at the dimming believe we can do our part to make sure that. We can we Kevorkian a better place to live in that we be involved in our keys and I just accuse other people keep his life and that's been a mentor. Doing things like in your church organization big Brothers big sisters Boys and Girls Club things like that. I feel like. Our generation these much younger than you is the one that I would not when he. He ought to be you know meets on it and he he's gonna come you know. A I feel like my generation is the one that could potentially slow down the statistic because many of us to grow without our fathers and little. And you know hot eulogy at a psychological told you noted that it takes you weren't eligible to do your kid like that that is my own personal for. 34 when they get their crops around you the rest of us didn't have our pops the ground and those kids who did had a policy program they are. Very active in the kids' lives bill I think is they start to breaking the cycle. Exactly and that's one thing I'd never understood it is when you have its title or army and who had their father around. In the and they go or skewed we didn't have a father around and then they can team that cycle with their keys. Is like you're trying to use that as an excuse is they wanna come up toss around about a mile father that's not true now cause now when I was thirteen so. If I use that excuse they might keys won't have you know me around and they look right be doing other things lease in bay keys. You each week we got to stop using excuses that's a while we're not. Meanwhile marquis is life. We can sale were from a tough neighborhood are rubles PDs we didn't just that the 82 you click. So go right ears telling you we can make a difference in no matter where you for a is about what you wanna do when your life. It to give your keys what you having bill which you didn't have is what should be your main objective. In not to be against that. Because other don't is growing up in the CD we're that's what they're saying no he's he's you know minorities do not have their fathers and like they're going to going to create crops. So uncharted my best to make sure that we change that. What was felt like grown up about your father for your very important teenagers. It was hard I mean you got when I was my father Donald actually impaled locked up so you know holds a little man a little boys so I was an Alley here like the key is enjoin or give the place forces don't like that I was you know game so when he went to go to sleep stuff like that. But before he die you know Marc Monday east always take me out we had a little Lotta cross street were sending Holly's man. We saw as well outside play basketball go to baseball around to everything like he was active as much as he could be he wasn't the best father. But for who he was there. He deal week who and that's one thing I try to tell fathers one is not about the money at all. It's all about that Tom what you just did the time to speak which her child there are mirrored her forever and that's what the day even though my mark bottled alcoholic I don't remember those bad airports are remembered the times that he was glued to the the thing that he deal for me and Enos and that that we went outside India certain things. So when you key is going to be they remember what you deepening of if you continue to be any life and not disappoint the but if you do disappointment saline or peculiar and never shall apart they feel is breaking or they definitely Ontario into the adult life. I a couple of understand what you mean that I think children have the ability to only focus on the positive enough for and not focus in on the negative. But the negative happens and it does have some kind of effect ornaments and you can't currently raised it from it. What what kind of split would you say would it positive and band members who say it's a 5050 split with the data seventy are at 730 like how would you characterize it between remembering the bad because the clue is motivated you to turn your life around now do this kind of stuff. But the good and it's also realize I got to be active in my kids' life every single day. We must situation is more I remember more the positive. Any frankly because. I'll bounce you from house to house Lamar Lamar momma my dad Margaret moth but every single tar balls or Monday he was doors something with me. You know sit and as a key that's what you remember he never really broke Jamie broken promises he never would say -- do this indeed. You know I knew it was times or he would near. But for the time that he Willis it was the best out of life. You know now for a kid this deal we have you know broken promise is or apps and daddy comes in and out three or four months five months. They'll be a little bit different that's when they negative probably outweighs the positive. But we children. You can he raise file mostly negative TV but just don't want to. In the mom they hate emails because marvel liked it. Bush. This answers or nor the other day I would be the best day in the world it become more one tower. You said that you were locked up whenever your father whenever you heard about your father. I imagine that's an emotional told her cage library and you beat you get a phone call letter I don't know why you found out through and so story. You find out about your father got you do that these positive memories about. I'm sure that set you back some capacity or you took that pain and they're motivated you to gain changer alive and get out of your current situation. There and it's not very much I actually took that it was the Raleigh with the he'd always feel already know how to handle death. And it may mean stay locked a blogger what I should have been. Oblivion and once I once odd realize look OK I want to play house who supports only would play one year because in my situation. Archer. The mean toward the Big Brother type but do not and never let the bigger keys bullied to the little keys saw always heading in me. You I was just waiting for their colleagues to sell pay rate now we jerks to do something better nudges which turkeys but hacking help. Others as well packing up to CD that group that you groping and. Reluctant advocate just that once before you street hello Warren for the assault family issues everything from there. A lot of different stuff that I am actuaries. Goal like growing up on strike I don't know I'll work with your record of they don't like when did you grow up plot or job they know you weren't and you be for four years and you're you're. When you first or have they do when you like 1617 went after that it doesn't matter like once you once you reach eighteen everything that you need as they meet cute as adolescent has when you did you out. If you look at anymore minimum as far as my adult life I still carry that physical and is about me. Gene in the fight's going to jail. Like I did have to you know give that handles. He knows what that way jobs will not hold that against me and you know looking Hawaiian horses who almost backed the. So let's go back to when it shouldn't kind of transition to when you're an adult. So as a key aide said you have that turning point that when the negative waited despite the bad thing happened you found about your father in your life kind of turns in the negative did you ever have that your Rica that lights or moment when you realize. And got a spot in trouble. And if I wanna play basketball wanna play football like you said you put for the one year are right this with the thing that happened that made me turn my life around to at least they on the straight narrow too you're an adult. It was hold out any space in meat in the beta muzzle organ and please welcome school Joplin as well there you not stop by all the right in Seoul based in me down here and you know on the notre empting it I am I'm. Playing basketball player football you know we would though the boys on July justice superstar. And I really just to democracy arcane do met there while Locke though I needed better myself. As that he argued out in a police force. In the mets' situation with daddy like you when I got out Steele couldn't play for a while ago could play put force force football games because of media locked of the added Gilmore records of those those. A handy but there right the year. Was like paying amazed at all three years. Possibly leave a star athlete who know it would play cross who football best 00 for my years I just. Gonna ask that you foe like you have that what it's like now as they don't look back I mean it. I know about fifteen years all deducted when he won deeds right note. Definitely I mean we do it. Me and my boys we used to play football every week he is you know it was back then it was it was a great how much morning's AM house looked at as the best safety in the CD and I just always look at what a file would've been able to do that for years in high school what my life will be like. In also. I have a little you know frustrations about that but they that we can do about it you know it is our logos they're like games east play we beat everybody in the CB. No don't get why we can reach a comedian. As an adult when you tell those stories about continuously getting in trouble as an adult. There had to be the turning point to where you realize I'm now creating the same mistakes in the same problems for myself. That I did when I was 141516. He's got a same kind of breakthrough moment was it being a father what kind of changed that to danger to life back on the right path again. For the first part it was not being a father I'm Margot allow one on my son owls two we forum my son I was still active industries wanna be Al wanna be seen. He didn't slow me down. At that at first it took me actually I got into altercations and you know the Joe's base and told me fussy you dean. The you know McGill a nice into some Margo like. That was Dell's much turning point to say no it is tough for me to do something different in the unit that also my daughter was being born to. So it was it was really town meeting in my life together do something different. What's his how many people here that message and still go back to the streets where you're the best things like are you are going to there are no more jokes about boy that Mario little without would it be only people here that exact same message to completely disregarded. Coming his allies he would that go in it's been 23 years due out in a red back red back in three months later two weeks later a month later. I don't like do you know saying and luckily for me when I was given do you named vice stuff. I will deal looks into his life. A week you know a couple of days he wasn't that the words like six months seven months. But even as a key I don't like I think like jail at all you know and I don't see what they like even you know like females alike freedom. A like to be able to go eat dairy queen. Seasonal winds and then not. I don't know who like this that they pay when we're. Is no compares him. The alarm light while the mean and I'll talk to inmates is will. That's on the verge of eating out talk and in the past it's not as a limb money like we have a second chance program here QCD that felons are able to find jobs. I'm a lot of employers or higher felt it was more more now. But. How much of a do you think is that how much W do you think is when you get out of jail. You don't have an opportunity credit for your know wants to roll the dice so to speak in that case. That then leads you back to but I gotta make money somehow this all the way and I. And I mean SE a a lot of these you know they someone come out with good intentions they wanna go straight wanna get a job within an application is denied denied him he on the wants tarring him. The yacht thing but they still have a family defeat and get some rest they stood out take your sales so they go back to what they know in a fortunately being a felon and the best decision. You know so that's why I'm glad more more employers horse our and hire felons mercies you know looking at the pass they'll know we're gonna party. Here's our concern race he is the creator of stop violence Casey elsewhere he counseled by animal FaceBook stop the violence Casey. Whenever kid comes to you and says they're having problems that come to you as a mentor hear your story was the first things Ito. Basically it in the jeans if what the situation is if it's a family issue. I try to deceive those speak to him get to know the you try to get them to be a warm wood Meese that way there opened in on his and they can trust me. If it's like a bully in school issue you know that's up enough I'd definitely I hate kospi gave schools. From comets on but. It is really depends on the situation the key and how I'll feel that they will be receptive to what I've seen him because like he it's. They don't want here in our trauma bay us not to. More than him. You know as a thirteen year old you don't wanna just BC here licences to warn you wanna do things you life. So we need to go play the game to gate you know close to each other in the you open up Timmy was going home that's the way I handle it. In its own eight days to sit there until he was was wrong in or and they tell me like someone honest who. And they made they can't reach out to their careers to tell our optimum missing in the limo so. And kits are weird like that like kids watch you can get through the exterior. And both kids they try to put up as frolic darn tough split. You're twelve you know argue emotional despite all of a twelve year old are bit Mayan dialect but once you can break that barrier normally everything's good. Yeah it is in I disappear everytime a war would key I think about myself. I think about win you know one of the workers at at the placed on the immediate or Ngo them at age eighteen when that it happened. And I think about the human this cocky now relate to the arc in argue them open arkan had let them know you can trust me. 'cause is going Meehan in this is that thing about mentors. Let's let's how Knowles who they can trust they know only one that's talked to they know who they relate to. And unfortunately. A lot of our mentors or the white collar. Suit and tie. That are key it's unfortunately date they may be that they see that image and they say you know what no can't can't talk to me. So aren't going to like I'm jurist mail let them know I am you DC's decision you and 1617 years old in that same as exceed that she was Ian. Mercer is going like coach or from work because I know for sure. They kind of messes with The Who who was his god meant to be the cargo principle you know he's not going to be able to help me I know hockey state because that's anyway. You know if you could mean weren't assert talk. On something you joked. But you come in weren T shirt looking just like me won't be more open to talking to you this year mart stores which because I noticed she was the year. A lot of people have that story about being told by somebody. You've got to be Derek jailed by the age of eighteen and like we talked about earlier you can go water to waste. Back in either scare you straight bore you completely disregard investing keep them alive and unfortunately a lot of those kids are in jail or dead by eighteen. I assume it had that straightening out affected you talked about with you. I think it's army it really didn't to be honest. It was this more oil whatever. But as you Grohl. You keep that he knew he had every single mark they I have every accomplishment every single time helps award. But think about that someone told me I'd be did or Jolie eighteen you know same. Game every Burton dislike you know I made. Hopefully next year I'll be able to make it medium because we do live Rossi who knows he garden outside him vehement crossbar. Gone far but. I'm I would never tell that to a child myself because they can also do mental damage you know say let's try to teach him positive assist in UB did in jail. Because your actions say hey how much you better use of that way you don't mean in in in they and or jail you know it is wasted used the same message but mourn a positive way. How many times do you think you are gonna die. As the case as an adult situations generally end when I mean it's not even though was. Really big one corner kick her out like you know what there's an idea for me. Our main meal mob boys we used to do and days man bag in the west where days. We being shot men. He's. Or even shot. Department report comes. After the first time I'm not you'll ever since the first I've. Got a message received. Hey you know what you know back clean slate and you know Oakland. Peer pressure is is key Winnick specially when it comes to young minded mean a lot of boys hailed the wrong crew. And I'm a semi friendly Rome because my offering is actually accept me for awhile was never you know to people also have never been drawn and never been -- smaller Andrei. In my offer is accepted it. They've always wanted to but he accepted it it was like England. ET raced at home we are still part like the rest of them. But. A lot of ardent boys lot of our youth they use in involved and it won't grew because they want to feeding you. Any calls from the life instead of thinking you know what the name offerings they want meego duties dose of a problem bagel holed a 7-Eleven. But they seen this those number offerings. Hinojosa in situations like that you have to tell yourself. I need to remove myself from this not make him better but as a key as a teenager we can't seated because we're too busy trying to Phoebe. In a throughout Pincus is is killed and some of us. It's feeding even as adults some awesome but no me want to comedians that have been and so they scared of change because they were about what the friends they're gonna say. You're talking in my diary were stop the violence Casey or students stop violence Casey wants what are their stop the violence Casey England. FaceBook we talked about a couple current event things that you got to hear what you think the current cap. Our support you know I think is a positive image in is this a positive protests where he's not. And Martina looking to portents are saying hey look at me the dollar by C a protest peacefully I think they'll look a peaceful protests. You agree with us why he's protesting your agrees with the how America handles police brutality and a lot of the practices from the law enforcement do you agree with the IS message of the protest. I definitely agree if I wish more people could understand why he should go and it. You know we. Our art our culture our part people you have at hand so much done to the enemy and you know the first and they'll say is womb and black lies to matter what about that. And it's not saying we don't care about each other we don't care about black on black crowned. However we're not sworn in to protect you know that's what police officers do we were not there for that. Me myself I I don't associate with any racing groups Peary written regardless of his black white miscue or whatever. I do believe all Losman had to but also represent black lies and it because I'm a black individual black mean that is very give go out here for us to live to survive. Always I guess my response always so though black on black crime argument when it comes with we've brutalities. But a crime has a penalty for exactly the penalty all the time in jail during a a lot of people in jail committed black on black crime and they're passengers for their crimes we see a lot of times in the public issues of police brutality. The Rodney King we'll be all right good head on but we got you we dozens of examples. Police were saudis caught on film not even shortcut go to trial that no charges were brought today. I don't know how the two worthing compared and that he didn't same realm because of that reason. I don't think most people who say that an animal be honest I didn't he know it at one point so what about you know black allows matter would about black on black chrome until someone actually educating millions filming the different between the two in Romania understand okay. One is fighting for in justice and argue that as a black blouse a matter. Black on black crime is not injustice that's us committing crimes against our sales but we're going Meehan and when we got to face the Jews. Here's mislead by the slate for degree. Incident. They say he'd innocuous but no one was indict you don't know almost found not guilty. That school guys that swimmer whatever do he raped liberal area you have three months. You know stuff like that wears life. We can act appear black lives matter to black background because we we don't have their routes from. We break Somalia we're gonna get 67 years Juli gave conspiracy wanna join game two years had a ringgit served 25 years for conspiracy no evidence on him at all. But I'd and I know for a fact because of his color because of our history he 25 years. That's why the art to me so much and you brought her the discussion about oppression. Today there is no greater example of oppression be in. How the education system in America has set up but essentially you were provided it better education solely based on your parents are you look at the history of where you grow up those kind of things. Who our country it's a better education who gets the worst groups of education like you look. Throughout this the worst education in America pierce city of exactly who lives in the inner city of bike so that you already spotted a deficit. From net and then how America such attacks strokes kings of the ways that we prosecute drugs or clean clearly slanted towards minority millions bad bet. Messes it up for you completely if you make a mistake or your life. Exactly yeah well when I want to offer his trial the knowledge is seen how they handle that Del Mar first drug trial being involved dean. And when I say I'm not your coach them a lot about anything they have any evidence on you period they just had witnesses. That mostly in this is what happened this what happened and they gave him 25 years. So. When people hear that. And I know an art in our community the stop snitching is huge. When they see stuff like that this is why are people are snitching you know saying biko's. Conspiracy due to twelve years. You know why are we give me handed down the most. Harshest punishment while there one dosage in the slap on the wrist you know the guy at the independence mall in I don't agree with his actions. The artists are yet to go intercept and happened one got here. At all however. They count every single lopped it could've been jeopardize being gave him 66 some years disarming in zeal. We in a lot is the one known in other communities. In an easy and slap on the wrist. Do you like the stop snitching culture is I guess overall counterproductive to the message that many of us Sally any of us. Well crime down in the inner city wanted to be prosecuted. It's hard to prosecute crimes stop crime. People c.'s best of court ordered or nobody signal that took the police like I feel like that two things I understand the distrust in mistrust I believe. Of the police department but there also has to be some help where if black black front is something you care about you won't prevented the dog something to try to stop. Yeah I mean this stops states in our in our belief. We have the misconstrued what the snitch important win this sport is this another message dolls and try to convey. Is that Smits in it is when you and your partner or wherever they are agreed to go do something together in you don't wanna take across leased its Sony that's snitching. What did you see storm rolled past and issued a house. You know the details of car you know who shoddy which you don't want same thing. Will that. That's when your witness but the united to winning anything for the fairly you know given them justice so many keys so many people lost their lives were people know we're killing these people. In even as individuals give you wouldn't involve I don't see how you can be happy like you wound up knowing that so one Q what it's ideal but you don't want same thing. You know the way that that house was shot I just can't believe it and I know. When we hear gunshots we're we're trained to deal but at same time some of arsenal's FaceBook tells us that you know we do it in we'd look. We see was 10 we wanna give the T so you can tell me no one has seen what's going door. Why are we bearing so many people don't want that the police officers do their job they can only do so much without the help of our home. In his cell meaning people don't want to get involved into it's their family in the here come the gulf on me counsel Peter Frost. Please tell me you know the police for justice but what about that other family who need to beat you wanna say anything. I don't know if you listen attacks organizes podcasts are you always says the difference we snitching witnessing is there between being a gangster and a civilian. If you gangster as you see it double commit a crime together. Idiots who. He always is snitching is offering up information and Jews point the police and somebody's direction if your net life did you not that life. And uses up the idol bigots like elicit their call from the street are against somewhere safe to be like oh. They sure got a block grants go about Erica okay. Like that's your job at the police officer in my job exactly like captain played are kick about their stock no I'm gonna that is. The car exactly. Yeah coming back and at this lady this is. It did to stop snitching is terror supporting it has Meehan is nothing new you know legacy promised that the new murders that the milling QC eighty. We're we all we're used to it it happens we know what's gonna happen however what can we do to prevent. What can we do to get these killers off the street you know of him before because who knows who knows if it does when jocular. Does golden desert to gain. They are pretty sure I don't think that the chow is very timid target however. House you as a person as a human. Set aside everything goes all the beef you are going don't you want is individual and it. Parking you as a person live with yourself knowing that you acuity chart. You know. Last thing here for people that maybe aren't as educated on the topic as you war. How would you educate them on the topic ever somebody hears this is says they have things economists though I wanna help how would you leave them in the right direction to help. This farce of accountability. Before rocket come out and say. You know I want to be a voice for our community I had to kill myself accountable and to make myself for a and you know are we so I'm not know saint Michael south just stop you mean trouble when a star to stop the violence Casey are no redeeming thing. Because they'll be a lot however that these are river everything I've done in my life always tell myself accountable always say it was me they got myself in the situation. A lot of was won't do that a lot of those won't hold our free as accountable lot of most point oh are for his accountable for not being a father anarchy it's life so that's the first step. Is being responsible for you'll own actions now placed the blame Garcia. Among my neighborhood is responsible for the way I you know is all about you need to know. Way more games is that live the life and in and out doing better Stephanie like you know I'm so I'm not a gangster you know I just groove and it element. But I'll they would get out and make a change make a difference. In Indian on top of that is just like follow follow would got asked were you. You know you review believer in god god will see you what you what you're supposed to do in SP who was among Thomases to got Q. I'm in 2000 you know she was a murder victim Will Smith in his role for. At that time it wasn't it wasn't my time to speak out I wasn't radio wasn't ready to hear that message to stop the bombs pose really two years. You know we're yet those do sushi almost users because this stuff. In it's added it's your hour later five so. So there is certain people. You know the open machine is is that Tarver in a season for everything you have the colonel weight forward. Even though they're still going on in the in the community and I know you wanna be voice when I step out only. But if it's not are calling this year we've we're be patient Kazuo Cologne. Because that thing he she can't go out here in say stop the violence in the Ugoh in he should somebody you're getting involved in some heavy crime. That's gonna contradict everything that you stand for. In this right try not to do is contradict what I'll Lamar messages. Was anybody charged in the death your sister because my art. Would Obey the exact same story and her husband at the time killed or dropped her office will park they eventually. You know brought the main justice he's Ngo human IBO parole about a 100% but. So that happened so I I saw the effects of it for very young age of seen my lose her twin sister seen in my eyes mom who's our sister and NC in my grim all lose our oldest daughter than at the time. So I've definitely seen the effects of another thing maybe is that aside went to got tickets and other changes. I don't like about the one on black what about black on black crime org because the and I think you get the stats or what they are we can agree that it is a problem in the inner city and then many of us. Our families have been torn apart by it or we had to deal with the effects of it you don't get it we don't pay attention to it. I know I guess you know victims out there are no people's whose families have been victimized by sued then make it seem like we don't pay attention to it. Is nonsense to me. Yeah we we definitely here you know at that march last week. We had a man to 300 strangers come out you know people who may have not known his family to walking an honor these two boys that were QEC. Don't FaceBook. People here they genuinely care about our CD. They want Enos in the violence to stop before they are victim before you know alone one of green is a victim so. If anyone ever was to say black people don't care about black on black car I was strongly disagree with that because like I know myself he knows and just because. We may not protest the way that we do win there's a cop killer in the black here. Doesn't mean we don't here we still have the same exact anger frustration when a child its keel when a woman gives he'll. What is the anger. If it increases. Win is a person that he is warning to protecting service they kills us especially were unformed. We never go out in and tried to. Protests against someone who had a good. Wave and another cop same old QB that you know the stupid part of their leadership that word for instance with the that that that caseworker. Pains he's there to help someone in they shoot him any sales to protecting how do you protect somebody shooting. No bullet can travel anywhere they could he'd artery in Q that me. So these are cases where I say to any winning in Iowa are troll or in KC TV. Box for actual and a new pages to see anytime there's a black. Crowned likely across I troll to see who's going to be a farce assay will Wear the black allows matter people. And educate DM what black Losman actually means mercies you know black on black promised honestly we don't hear. Because you can tell that visually you can tell that the margin everything that we do here. And I would never ever say our people do not care even even you know white America Caucasian they care about us people we don't we have the prospect we have white and white caucasians down near. Standing with those same black lies to matter. And that's why I refuse to give the ball with race hate groups say Obama do as white people know because they're with us even though is on this against us. It's also blacks that are guesses as well let's be honest so. I can't say a maternal back on people who were willing to supports but I would not stand with people who are against us. And that's the part of the argument that I think go news. Unnoticed is probably the correct way to say it. For the civil rights movement to happen but it didn't like people won't bore you a budget would interest free themselves from the segregation in the south. An all white people with light mail what's happened is Rubin best W got to do something about it. The only way that equality will happen in relation to police brutality and the way police. And go communities and inner city. In the white people realize the same thing that we realized in its disproportionate. Let's work on ways to get it where it is proportionate. Because the argument from me is never been so much as much about police brutality I've never been brutalized by a police officer. But there have been times where it was. Obvious I was pulled over an hour black. First however apple already get out of the car for driving too close to another caller on the highway. Like we all have stories about him all over solely be usual black. You shouldn't have that experience because I don't think every white person you know like me you know what could pull me over to las light. That stuff doesn't happen as much so it is as much about the big. Fifteen to twenty cases that we see every year where police in double murder somebody where they should note and it was a better way to prevent it. There's about the millions of interactions they happen all the time that her soul be elevated I think due to race. I mean yeah there's definitely true. Social minute and ask that thing with social media. It can be the devil but it also helps us because that abuses that power. To protest on social media users. Availability. To go right here in address issues that's going on because past Agassi is crazy is as their creates so much awareness. You know then that's what we did have backed the sulfur says when you guy the guy. McCain fingers and limbs he's gonna got you by the cop in the in the cost try to cover it up. I'm so glad that we have social media we have medial false the cancer things like the days. The only San party is. There's not been done about it they still walk away free the cops give away you know pat on the bag this word here take a vacation pay Lee. While you know we knew we going to be in sixty years in life. You know him for murder. So it is. If it though if Caucasian as it white America don't see what's Rome like he stated we can't change which we can't change it just ourselves we can only do so much and be that voice to try to correct changed but the also need to be aware of what's going on in except. Which a lot of them are also a lot of but some don't. How do you tell people find out what you do. They can email me stop the violence Casey. Dot com we had a web site but I had to take you down being read. We Galati mince. And it's not. Just focus on crime prevention is is basically community. Feed their home is passed no water near hard days I have an event coming up on the eighteenth. We're gonna do dodge ball is Kosier Santa for the homeless. We're gonna take those donations. And we're going to actually buy Christmas presents for the homeless in Iraq the mob like Christmas gifts that way they feel like individuals. We speak you know school reforms. You sum its in and also we do to me it's warm liquid in the juvenile facilities and also you know Q that are home. I appreciate the conversation re follow votes quarter at stop violence Casey also on FaceBook stop the violence TC specializing in mentor in coverage Raymond I really enjoyed it and heavy that we had this conversation up elect of the conversation that people don't think exists that black people don't have. Long conversation on black on black crime. Inevitably to prove their wrongs can it is right here this export pocket.