09/14 Ned Yost

Sep 14, 2016|

Royals manager Ned Yost joins the guys every Wednesday morning at 9am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we got that back here on ice extent sports radio and you know 888 I know it's frustrating Furl for a lot of the fans to see you know Soria continue to struggle out there for you as the manager. Watching the bullpen the last two years to seal games after the seventh inning how difficult is it for you to watch the bullpen not be as effective as it has been over the last couple years. Yeah. Eric it's typical that our government and are more mixing and matching. You know down there are Victor perera and get away when he's you know where you fail at some. You know form tightness in his arm and you know you sort out of it as a manager and I know Sam you know a great. It hit it. There out of you know different factors politics. You know Europe's that was done. You know the story in Allen and of course the story was Soria who. And you know the manner you sure can you break. Cricket and down a net gain was a lot really in a lot of different areas maybe. You know it was a walk maybe it was our inability to make a play maybe it was our ability to drive the you know where owners have at third base less than two from her. You know a lot of those in which you can go back from the first eight innings in in and say man that that's what we could've won a game here who won the game air with a one near what you're performed and the thing that really stand out courses sort of wonder you know just jumps up on right there on the you know as a team I think we all. We we looked at each other as a team and we went in and stick together to change and you know that's their that's exact. In the capital you know we've had multiple opportunities that and nobody really remember sir thanks. You know world which I don't want that game and we didn't you couldn't capitalize on them be productive than those situations so. And Jack terms and which is glaring and gets the double and you know clearly felt deal. But that it is tougher it is to offer you know the back in the the ball and you know loosen culture and loose and wait for a period Ayman. You know it's been it's been a little bit more typical. You Sosa and after the game yes he liked to sleep on things obviously before you you know you make a decision or anything like dad. What did you sleep I was soaring us. And I mean you know the thing that that's. It's great yeah it's deterred. You know reporter swampy very sensational. And they want no part in an air you'd never gonna use smoking and you know you gonna change Israel. Now those courts here especially after after. After an all out there like that I mean you're not answer our questions I mean. He can applaud him right trying to understand what you. When you were going and prepared for all the wrong in the game that you get to the Autry thank you got called certainly bill. You go practice your look and you're frustrated command in that you get down and starts when you're at the timer at second great. We're you know two outs and expect a table there's one and struck the only. Not at ten minutes. To go and my opposite a cool down after you know after after that ten minutes since there are. You know so I sit there in my in my office and try to really calm myself down so that people like our conference. You know I don't you know I don't. Look like it don't look like an idiot you know I try to come down in America are answered a question. You know be professional and answer questions and he cannot exercise upper Egypt that there might you answered questions as well as chair so that you want their value wreck that so. Our minutes are little ten minute span of disastrously. Brighter Tibet and that. You know he looked him right now we'd eat away. We got sort of in week. Where a lot of the tree as any type of experience. That's you know come and McCartney had two thirds of living in hope founders saw in the. Yeah I mean it's just. You know we're just gonna mix and so. You know. Oh we're not that you sort of more what can you sort you know that's just let it sees. That guy. You know as it has happened a year he felt a year like this ever so. You know it is potent and that is not slow action. You know important as a manager when you get report and won't shut down here in the past is you put somebody yeah you know which kept. You know Richard that it you know for the most part you're gonna get. You don't get it out in eight or nine at ten times subnet so what are we feel more than where shocks that's a way that we felt on the policy. That's what it was about we you know we felt would probably say. You know now salute here we don't know. How we don't know and the architecture as a young man church members in the news. We don't know what. And it worked. You know with slip and Alexander. You know you start to get a little bit in the what you gonna to stop these young kid that needs to be protect. And and and in reality just don't know which an object. Right you know object that's in Britain since I've Tibet and so. You know also I mean like when you break them open that's one of those great I'll. But there's just there's not much you can do so yeah I count look at it is is it. You're ball and it's kind of like. You know. But technicolor and that he'll use your card social carts that you got to play. You know you can't say boy I'm put these four car away about you shall not be so. Employment and so that comes out you know folks to come out yesterday. When when you say you know I activity cooling off period or whatever is that team are you mad after a game like Billy what's going through your mind from the time I came in to the time via the lockout go talk to. You know the writers and what. Yeah yeah I know you're upset that again I think you're upset because she clocks you're not upset or. You know I think that stress leader on the year. You know that you know each Chamber's here's crucial and beer at a fair competitor anytime you lose. You're going to be you're gonna be sent out. You know from the 00. Try it out in center. You know I can go back and and you know. You know if I didn't do that didn't do this in this fact what and I don't. You know I I try not to do that there are times when you do. But I try and get everybody everybody's out there give them their very center. And you go back into a heck of a particular capitalized here in the burden in May just on this from the or maybe not want that in the state. If we can make this place. You know we you know you can get it if it's to the point where starts. He. You know to avalanche on I mean it's kinda that and so. You know. I am I'm really upset that we lost and we didn't take advantage of that. You know cycle back and review the game in my mind and cigar or that we need to tomorrow what they share. In and try not to you know yet. Oh I sent. Now you know I used to remember. Shall we lose it's like they're equal and opposite she would be so that it a sort of I creditor. Its credit. I've never problem in my office not yet anyway it sure elect to office. Had Ned you said do you last night that story still has really good stuff so as a manager what point does the stuff. Get out weighed by the outings. Or ought yen. You know look at actually this stuff its stock has actually better than it was the first time it was here but you're certificate now become a match. You know four you know Jack was 1991. Little slider. Our little straighter but he was impeccable command boom boom boom Obama course. When media when he say 39 street sense from me I mean in which this court on global. I was like how secure are people out there has to go nitrogen in them. You know that was coming from at her. Well actually as a you know like them. Two while the Bowery poetry about an hour faster than it was for this command so that. You know I think he shoots instant search I think he. You know he's going to talk time this year he's never had to go to war I mean I think he does and juices as. In thirty years because you know he feels great. Eat those that are stepsister. You know she's. Just gotten black. But you know it's a lot like you know Alex you look at Alex and you know Alex Gordon and you know how much does that you know he's just rookie year and eagle and a look at careers and you're not. A channel twelve or fourteen year career where they'll go through up back here. That doesn't mean that your pet players it's for or summary doesn't. You know you just here it just kept up and you know I expect I'll come back next year you're you're you expect Jack to come back next here here yeah. So. You know this is really here since all the other Israeli. In other brilliant career in bigger numbers to really figure out what they. All right you're closing in on win number 1000 as a manager in Major League Baseball besides the clincher is an all of that kind of stuff what's in your favor Windiz manager of the royals. Our meters no actually I don't have a paper and you know inside the New York last year. That was you know what art works on our first. You know it's chosen manager of the Milwaukee virtual 41 my first. You know I exit and the chuckles myself at one was won the world championship belt between one wheelchair ship as manager. And the 1000 and you know that they here I don't know why thousands are destructive that you know third round number of you know. Been around that that's longevity and you know post Michael with two goals as a manager so supper. In what the World Series and a thousand wins and you know or on the merger. You know accomplish in the second visit one. You know the first woman last last November 1 and which was my favorite my paper my favorite one and as the oil because it accomplished first goal. You know but it does an excellent that property in accomplish in the second call. So that you retire tonight as UN is that if you've accomplished on your goals and not court. DR took the Eagles do those goals change and I mean it would see it that dazzling yet that world championship dad he set new goals. Yeah absolutely get a thousand in the month expulsion in 2001. A very nicely dad before they aren't back Alley nightly after that I before we let you go Salvi had his second child. What's your fatherly advice to him to players who have kids. Oh man I'm just speak. You know just. In fact we were planning it an outlet to seek this is the it's certain some that that allows clients to help my life architecture or at least I mean absolutely. Have. And all baseball first and you know all parts never won on the road we went on the road may say on the picture should just a moment you know adapter. Tussle broke her you know you play the kits for an hour and go to the alt search you know archives really. Just keep them. It's to their families on the road which is which mr. That the death or spend more more a lot more time or step which which is really cool. You know they can they're not like putting baseball out on the front burner right here they're trying to keep them hit it in perspective or Ian. Ed and I understood that most important thing that you could do just beat. And beat error. You know it the most important the Olympics all's gone either. So in the east or figures in the young years. You know put them first the most important thing. No doubt that appreciate the time is always mostly of the ball park later on today. They cared that goes rules manager was here on 610 sports radius.