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09/16 Mike Sweeney

Sep 16, 2016|

Royals HOF'r Mike Sweeney joins the show every Friday at 830am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But it is the best fifteen minutes of the week and radio in the world that means we get a chance to talk. To Mike Sweeney you don't have to be doing good. I'm doing well and in I definitely obviously between. Well depending on which which side of the football if you're on on Sunday an error that ability of the charter that he's. I know there are a lot of important it imported chargers fans here that. You know turned up the TV and minutes ago. Sheets are down by three touchdowns and a little barbecues that he shouldn't there came back to or current. But it's virtually page in a note that the flag one. The so river there and teleconference and backup quarterback. The chargers and I had a law that that that indicated that. They're the capital group that the best they can and then the next there takeover go to work and Robert jacks as part of you that he's out. And then tackled at the hole laid out of first watch Oprah they're out there are a lot of people that influence on that they were caught fire as com. On Monday in chop up the kids and so couldn't that one block. He took the trip with a purpose except that everything inquiry. Bewildered that means the state of the breakfast. Also possible that it was great to collapse and that he said the trip was corporate. If they're a lap and that incident but he and other in great for. Effort. How wild that in the oil since Sunday and Portland collapse did he would lose. Pretty heartbreaking. You know I'm addicted to oil sands on with a pretty spoiled the last two and a half years in. You know just seeing the world and not bogged down a little bit last week and a map that they're not. Quite that we secretly been after the based on the Oprah. I'm grateful for the these boards and the player to all the world sent out there. And Milwaukee sort of sense of some comments and frustration that. Didn't really reflect who he is the man but a chance to play with them. And what you sorted the greatest human beings to ever Wear the uniform and are harder than my couch watching the game the other night on my stomach was not certain that the bird. Under and so on boot yeah. What rain on income loan. There are. You got the right if you that's where it's but unfortunately my last year can sit. And eat you vacate these guys. That world uniform it should come with a K because the Superman. There's certain guys that only 750 of them in the world to do. Among them given their. These guys you know. There there your partner network morning articulate King Kong ordered her to conquer the world that but in reality. Yet 40000 people at homestead called stadium. You hear a majority that shell out while uncertainty and boost. The culture so. My Kirkland it's like give them the kitchen knife particularly. It was getting Malaysian and on this guy's got so much change the you know it's important to won't you won't go chewed. Earns between Russia and Mexico mountains. Father wasn't in a role model all art doesn't also. Might hurt its oil patient out there. Don't get engaged you know that's that's essentially started. On an equal chance or. What do those born to be part of that question yet but walking slower. Tom what Mike Sweeney here at 610 Sports Radio now more importantly UN Kellen Clemens and Philip Rivers also at the carpool line together. Portugal and oh because there aren't. Much eat well eat in the blatant it's morning. I drop off but yet pretty funny together. Did group that we. So many former or current we do you draw a mortar. I I like that he got a fat and happy before the game I thought that was the deal loaded them up and it's out there and food site is. A. I bet that the blatant. Jack that the outlook for slots for the math all day. I heard it was everything went as planned for the bullets and all of them Kelly a couple of sentences against. Now just rivers yell at the other parents in the car pool and he doesn't mind. That's the you know if you bet they'll Bob on a popular dog out. He did. You know my on my board of certainty over boosters because. Bet that that person's game against. The struggle irked by it. It's as though that the decline in its shall scoring than what the record at its swear word everybody locker room absolutely wasn't there either. Let me Capital One portion of its injuries such. Poverty children. It's just an incredible would be. So what was he like this week after losing their game what we hear conversations with the rivers like. World well and we are equally to all these years ago and welcome. Income and that the cut went. I know content on the it was really cool and so you know it's they're really cool about goes out and didn't. Upgrade me to she and all the group partner. So recruit certain. That part and without probable you know will we remember those. Who founded a lot of well I'm about one. Closed up at me. It sort of going out in Florida which each told. Well up until quote the great part in world. Without yet simple he will. He Apatow would block and Maryland and unfortunately it. He didn't remember that he was wonderful. Little. Want to keep it secret to a group on its own them welcome platform informal well. Talking to Mike Sweeney royals hall of Famer here on six and Sports Radio. Oh with Mary field he's back they sent him down and I remember at the time I was wondering I even asked Ned Yost. What do they have to do it what is what is we have to do to come back he said does he do wisdom he's fine if he comes back the big league level he's actually played really well away. What do you tell a guy who gets sent down to keep those spirits up and keep him doing the same things every day get better. World and part of that is but wouldn't you know are so I'm in debt problem seen in the crowd out summit what they were. Whether the worker. Burton. Incredible didn't. Armed and part of that is you know he. Didn't he didn't call it a long walk all of that include those that. You know the good old that's what part what Ron Paul Byrd. That's what we're probably our original spot but he's a great job if he couldn't guys ready. When you called a quarter eat Dublin core academic. And so this is where it I mean he's you know he's he went down and yeah Kirk that was called on last our and I mean. That's awesome by what are you mean he realizes there you know he's not built like like under those are. And they're brought on by an. Bird did that spot whether you know you move innings he pitched well. Every day and that it is special so. I know are all our the last. Affordable. I'm but he ordered the older than that for the size and CT. Per click on. McCartney spoke about lap we didn't particularly difficult to do it week in order over these remember there that are laden. You know. And that's when it's over right now he's the X digital. So do you think we're gonna lose JJ Colo this offseason to the twins. Oh. You talk about. Gartner. Group. Or the clintons and more from you work for it's an excellent. Oh sure and couldn't hurt. On baseball or what. Or late. I've got to agree on this. Thought Washington as well. A professional with what people eat out. A Butler and school college and didn't look at that. About its current form and you know Chauncey could. Eat more and more all. It was all wheel out. Did he quote will hold on one. Problem. He. Wouldn't be content of the last couple of didn't you call out there you know you couldn't he went out its own at one point. One of the art well on Smart. He's a leader. And even more elements in. Doesn't look up to. Incredible what looked like the court is. Not proud of of who's department of Auburn because. Both of content for a more of poker on what they don't. There's political on the scoreboard or in the news. It would be equally so is. It typical open. I know. More important political our current group the group with there was a typical although I'm. He didn't deserve it let's go to work on the on the road. I'll have my own. We've been quietly. Guys are. Important players that work on the ones you include. Remote spot. Won't do. In order to work along a little more than what I'm on the road the car and on wall it was. You know people are. I'm on the road with a smile about or don't why did it before it is a little. Welcome our. Long local people look there were so. I'm sure the vote there rather than you know you're. Yes vote that we wouldn't let. What part of the the that. You know outlook London. Could you have a Major League Baseball. But my heart man let wouldn't part that their lives in the old city. Mike I'm sure your not. Kind of packing it in yet on on sixteen but how a fired up or youth or the potential of going seventeen for this team. Well I know that I'm not cut in the Bible is so keep an analyst with Eva but you know I'm on the it was an important technique how to make it and it's easy. But last night my son Michael up as. You know the oil ought. About the extent of the wild card. Chicago and I will send it in essentially. You know no it believes it. Is that there is a great chance about it putts which are now. Were still it. It and a you know. The mindset that it runs at the world and aunts in Dayton ordered on JJ is. And then when it took over the oil and that's what we're instructor. Approved the grant little and Bob Boogaard Britain that are trapped that are required a great player development. And our lives that we. In 2000. And thirteen 20142070. And so we know that they're couldn't freeagent and that she didn't have to retain. Just because we're agents are out of players. And regret. I'm excited about right now about an insult runway. Still. It's important to yeah yeah. By three dog we need your Chicago White Sox story. Well occur because of the great ones but what they're up about in all the hurt by. Their tradition in Chicago where I thought would drop off you rookies. Our over by com. But I've Wrigley Field. And they're that you are what you are about their work there and it's written by written by civil war general been so certain. End the tradition is. Don't you get up and they're called they are not on the statute. In any portion of the order. He colors that the way to Britain and the big lead and let's say this part of the court that you need. Is the article or it's a stallion deal for the. So. You need yet. It. This. Are entered in the days to hear reports that trouble was still well. Her ugly order Major League superstar rookie would be. Went up in India. Part of a court order he Albert and it's what you know kind of the traditional current. Chicago police would come into the Wrigley locker room and the commitment saying you know he or even. What loot reported that someone in the civil war statute. That statute and anon users cultures other. Well what you're doing now that rookie superstar in it looks. You can get up there now it starts aren't you know a couple of power between lets you know the manager involved and wire change. And they don't want them out until you know the kid. They're picked up there and you know joking and there were network your overcoat tradition. And many Major League offered their part of that either the rookie or. That are in here really wrote on. That is a great story is only that there are other. Mike you have a great weekend enjoy the at the baseball enjoy the football talk again next week. It's a quick outlet for the shot out they're I'm my Twitter the might we get potentially 29. Certain what my papal followers of the number one that your show built Jimmy Carter she says. She doesn't sleep much much importantly what you get up every morning and that's the that's what we're chosen Jenny thank and that they're the suspension oh million. The Greek dictator in all of baseball. You've got about Manuel talked to you next week have a good weekend in their. Take a court order you got it.