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09/19 Josh Vernier

Sep 19, 2016|

Royals Insider Josh Vernier joins Fescoe in the Morning every Monday at 8am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I it is time to talk her. Our rails we just burning near here on international talk like a pirate today good morning hired to Boudin heard how are you. I'm wow while Biden you're talking tires is now on. The I usually are jobless. You can just royals supplier it. They keep it that Billy do you think Denny we'll call the game is tired today. Bill bill light bill. Now maybe this will trot them do. At opposite shot. I think is and see Stewart should a pack of fort Kyra and not tell that in the right to see doing it just to get a sloppy. Active and make you bring in earners are engineered on. Already to be a place it is well I ask is this the Christmas if he writes I don't. Everybody had got to do it all they'll obviously be the royals are coming down final thirteen games or whatever fired back with thirteen to go and it's obviously still a and alive after the date was talking about yesterday. With Ryan about moving forward to 2017. And all that kind of stuff I'll ask you this do you think the royals will give Morales that qualifying offer and bring him back. To the equation is he looks like a bat you can't afford to lose now. Yeah. That for a while you're happy you make of that one year offer it do that. I think he has to pick it up to be quiet hour. Yeah I think you would accept it and you're you're right well. I'll quit what on the line next year everybody under whose contract for all after 47 C so. Don't need to really gotten too much I don't think that you hit the role could not say that. Chancellor copper is going to improve. Even more so. Conduct these meetings. I don't think that today on eight the age I look no involvement in front which it was all of them out who it. What hot Orlando with their feet of them ducked as he. But I. Don't need now a need that is going to be all live again next year is I'm going to be achieved that many people will. Pick. To win the division and picked to head back to the policy that you could lose today. Switch hitting thirty home run caliber. Middle of the lineup bat and what you want to lose in court so. There's talk that was part. You know opt out of pop Merkel Alice there was nobody that will be it till the year in the opposition to all. What and miraculously. Okay artwork to put Gretzky put up a twenty home runs he's the blues returns that looks good. Court overturned that month that it's what people round. It's not an intimidating. Yeah. Whit what on the line next year you can't afford to lose Kendry Morales now. There are going to be that available as well he's not like that it chief market which age. All ready to die in the market hasn't even started out he has got here. Yeah there's validity back in the world that's going to be a job. That they. You could plug it there in right field is going to be big game that likely available but. As far. I didn't get the club out. And the ability to get a bottle one year deal would and then and then possibly be done with it I think it could be. Good that he didn't want it eat whether it will be a lot of question marks. I just don't know volume up. The Dow does do you think you said you think he would pick up that one year option what makes it Yunel an option that he would agree to pick. Yeah. Because there are. Going to money does not these. It was the long term there are better options and more than at the age. Give me Q does that make money free agent market for. Looking to. Little holes whether the corner outfield as you heard some position. Com. That can block a multi year deal on it could be a 33 right now older thirty or next few. Everybody wants all of here you know blood. I don't know how concerned six. Million dollars here he'd monkey could probably get two year deal was an option. Or third year. Thirteen fourteen million dollars. After being at the way it was two years old and. Turning on the qualifier upper I just can't see him all over again because again for that is so the age. We're seeing the part with their first round draft pick in order to acquire that guy. I don't think the price will be pretty it would be a sixteen point eight from the law. I forgot he'd been through that before that was thing I was initially Vern he wants a two or three year deal this kind of tenor kind of wrap things up but. There there is Casey made they can get him on a one year that's interesting. One near if he put up numbers like is it your part. And at the doubles and the average return to where they work. Two years ago and the the guy that we're just a year removed from hitting. 41 doubles and 29 average slugging near 500 if he could that happen that baby sitting gay. Two year deal to the day the age primarily by the but it looked well the American holidays. I'll Albany. Yeah page. So the age gotten our outlook. You know most definitely. I'll play at first they were you know 35 the board and it doesn't look beat that. First phase but does that David Edgar Martinez. David Ortiz. That he age only. I think you're really starting to see that dwindle. I just don't eat that. Break in the bag long term deal for all. Over there what you do is just a copper because he's at a great price she's young guy he showed a lot this year. If you decide to keep tenders for Alice where do you go from Marty go from there. Well do you work about it spring training at secondaries he would seek it. You don't play well there. Oh here in these sort of rush. Or you know that your Peter and of life were all about you've got Chet what comforted again the crap. But I think a lot of us are built blinded by it right away when it was for most couples who all round. Said the alt. I didn't work to do it since the start of law. Other kids played for in his rookie season. But what about bill ought to be something more is right now that he's in sight prospect the obviously belong in the big leagues. But don't need them man every day at that started doing it does serve as you see that he's not. Eating every day that next year bottle itself I think that the guys that. That boost. Belt loops one flight that we. When this season's start next year. Split time maybe at that debate it. If he performs well spring training an impressive ballclub about the split that's a few days would say with their field or about democracy. But but again I just don't look at just a couple of guys do it does serve to it he spent some time on the. Chancellor Toppert good pirate into game really isn't harder great all right check in a contest are cast parts. You know you mentioned him splitting time at second but Whitman or steal than that he said or route all bond deceit is the organization down on enrollment is he right now. Well now. All. Villa. At that that tuberculosis so we are but that was going to take a while it may just 41 years of age. You doubt that openness he's been back here in the big leagues look at back as a negative. A look at is that a guy that certainly hit it in the knees and hopefully it be that spark for this team. What are. After the trade that line there but earlier than. That he did not coddle the third down beyond that these. You know they hope. That go back. Improve as the competition around in the improvement sugar bought out said he wanted the France's only indoor make the jump them neatly what. Is it too is separately. 300 hitter with a little bit I. That there. I think he's performing like 11 you'll be honest the incident the flash of lightning. Flash in the pan out. Eat not bad apple but light. That at all that it could be that he's in the. He wasn't one point when he went jiggle watts was. Quote yeah no I don't know I don't get out really into the back of the future reference Josh that's the yeah I ask well. I want but out of it. At least 25 hello. Anybody home of the a merger thing. Not. It is. Haiti's mountains desperately. But it's fair for all most movie that came out of Haiti diet that either. See her do it myself in your old movies from the eighties Israel violate sorely disappointed. Aren't there enough Duffy venture of Vargas Kennedy the fifth starter will BE. Boy. I heard each Hayward yesterday aisles at herb mentioned. Yeah. I believe that what you do something. You know Mike Minor wrist he secret that we've come back a performance latent contract. Look. It acted these days more go about free agency that there's there's that you've got like Colby Lewis last year. He's got an acting but it well in this ballpark. If you Caminiti got banged up again this year you can get it model one yard field this city. On a one year deal. Ideally it's it was in the organization again with them by her or. Org. The number of Strom. Yeah that at that had been two up. To predict right now I don't think there's an easy answer cited the bulk that they. Qualifying offer for him. And I know nobody liked the sound of it I don't like saying. But again. Not much for that it had to invoke at the one your field of multi year deal it. On the free agent on the free agent market does not speak because that is slim they gave the results you can put quality certain pitch at bat. About it on the market as well he's either rich you know. Going to be 37. Or eight Jeremy Allison it's one of those two. That you could dictate Edinson Volquez is that top spot opposite. Free agent it is that's not the and so. I still don't rule them out. I'd burn go let's back to the future will talk to you next week. All right take care Josh Rainier royals insider.