09/20 Rex Hudler

Sep 20, 2016|

Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler joins Fescoe in the Morning every Tuesday morning at 8am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now Rex Butler returned the show every Tuesday at 8 good morning is that Italian Villa. We need a once great party or more. I am doing fantastic mass Brandon to the royals roll out of town after taking three of four from the White Sox and you know yesterday was that performance by your Donovan Ter I think that we all want all the time. Out of your Donovan journal why was he so effective in special yesterday. It's. All well you'll be able to. It was told me on the airplane last night that yet and I saw taught law. Sure what kind of that you want to being. And there. Argue and argue and we've got a picture. That as a parent of great warmup session for the game and double then. And then comes on in the game just in just goes on their own program to stretch and so while there. Org into the arms control. That body and soul. Control is your most. Important on the king. What is out there. And in which way it used to put it to. I think you're dollar and then yesterday we saw. Should look and they're still starts or one walk third but does. But really. Let's not forget that dirt they're not machines they are human beings. But there are or by some excellent coaches and the great it one problem. In bringing. Those guys on the ball than. Walker will be there are here are almost unnoticed where he talked about them that Eric is backed by some really really excellent tutors. What I loved yesterday too what was that he got stronger late yeah I gave up a a few runs. In the in the midst of it at eighth and ninth inning and he daredevil was terrific the. So powerful like. The first of dispersant that's. 19 Amal. Getting. You vote to Africa they're going. To have a rather he didn't get what are no doubt about it Eric. Everything that we don't believe to be more police view and we did the best is yet to come. Just some guys longer than others and turned the corner this year. In terms like that before and hopefully. Next season there turned a corner and become. Maybe he gets the ball. Is it that we expect. You know can bring away and likely due to conduct when you two of those. Real. Yeah maybe. And then baucus in the that format rotation is set for next isn't Ottawa what you're yet because. You eliminated. But there. I think it's their their luck on that duplicate your maturity that ensure. That you're Oakland. Yet is Rex it's interesting you bring that up because you look at it I guess that's the rotation starting this year there were a lot of question marks. And didn't at this point a lot of those questions have been answered at such a great level not just for right now but of course for Torre seventeen. I don't know and they don't wanna look forward but I mean how. How high is your excitement level when you think about the starting rotation and how much better looks donated 4017 that it did for point sixty. Well you know it all starts distorting it in their current yeah that's weren't involved. So you'd you'd see that. I letting you know that he. That's really important that vote here on the greens activities reverse mr. children are who do. And the small Oakland and that would bar it your vote at eastbourne and before you this year. Rescission. Which are you know our electrical problem or because you it is scalpel the court of appears. It's good on the Watson. Actually temple moves quick it's all there are older and after like. It's going to be on Bartlett. Like now on the political football or they're clear that I. And portal packed out of the government here last year at thirteen. I. Now nobody wants another pilot a UEC and they're there for all that it didn't. Soccer club and so are. Now involved there. Somehow find ways to do it by it and well you're beautiful day out and perhaps in more football they're differentiate with the Canucks. He has never church in which was weird Cleveland. Also the appear so that's hopefully he'll. They're on from there deterrent. Market that the young man. Chilton yeah political pitch as Booker the fire and other Oakland completely rested yesterday and other and other and then. He's he's sobered. And that's that's part Butler now well it's about. And and at certain users. Rex you know. When you look at Kendry Morales has done so far this year army will only thirteen began as he so far this year but he's close to now thirty home runs it would be the first royals since what 2000 or whatever it is to have thirty on the year. What do you feel about giving him that qualifying offered a share bringing him back and being part of this team in 2070. Sure make it tough for them not to tell you I don't know others that well there market report that. That should go up in the morning Encarnacion. Ought to. The only couple guys out there. Outside at the poppy. Oh yeah you know. I'll have that Brett he's in the detonator in about it in. Floppy it's at 31 homers while. Well it occurred to work. You know let them but while that gets word and empower. It is what it would do well publicized flight makes an extremely dangerous. Let's hit. Put the world. Wouldn't protecting poplar you can buy them that's starting pitcher that you got respect for walk in the morale up there about it he. Let that that (%expletive) And then. We UC. Worked morality do. And that managers don't understand well the situation where. A vocal on the court order that so it happens here you know let's let's start figure out. Would it have been more movies it would start you know more audible on. Is that you can have closed in bear market for about what would that well and I was sort of broad support partly. Let me start here code black speakers where as certain situations in the circular. You know if it does it match albeit with mark and there were reluctant that are. And so forth but. And so on the physical action on the L watch them develop their with the angels without art that's out there. It appeared later but here is. He started. That they thought and open to them for being first brief the last couple years. I thought there at one time now want their first day. It put in the right field this year for experimental and now optional how brilliant. The guys did an excellent in all border while he's not a problem with either you're used to work here around there while and they. They're real well. There's going to be very difficult to report. All right Jose a break you after the game yesterday in the White Sox clubhouse said he doesn't think his team has the desire to win. Like the royals have the desire to win it first part of that for me is how do you get that desire to win it where is that created. It's gonna have to come to them. Demand and go from there super it's gonna have to come from. You know somebody like that leave them. Not one player who come here and and enjoy my well it can pull them there and it had a lot of the players who are so you're pregnant. Part of the American economy it. You win really. Part of your department. But the oil own book almost one of Mars ever and it came up together in the majors. It and it dual. There were horrible for the first two reform here and finally you know it was a time that didn't look they're not accept what part of the charters and personal look at where. That's the difference would you compare to seeing that you bring people here. You know they're good group of organizations there's no DNA there's no record. So you know for their situation now. I believe. That by 4 o'clock the observed that with them there I'll remove ought to cease whoever they bring in no job trying to. Motivate these guys in and try to get you fired went. Thankfully. What we don't have that problem. They've Rex is rare problem in term moving on after the year would that be him just wanting to would be done with the Chicago White Sox organization. No I'm not cure what's gonna happen under failure definite form NC governor. Don't believe in a row. And so I. I think you're that there's nearly Tidewater. In the America's corporate this year and it was revealed. You needed before it makes certain. Who backed. I'll call it you look across the dugout illustrate call didn't have to be at Barnes and about the nuclear. Billy Martin or. Role reversal later this year so that got you sometimes your managers to look at it motivates you. For their situation. All of I think that it doesn't if they change their coats who partner. Your your on the plane with these guys you know you talk about motivating and whatnot what's that like on these teams lights of the players what's that interaction like when you guys are up in the year. Not there yet though but it. Look sometimes. You know. That insert these these guards like and remember its first year he called him or her other work political pit call them kit. Repentance and of itself. Prologue. You. Know what you do great collector for Dallas has beaten in the heart. You know it is right. Went from cute and then there in a few years and now you don't hear answers. These are globe and yet there about one I check that you will answer kubert. Title won one title. Of course the world's third promote. Yeah it has a way talks with where he acts of although there is totally on board and he. Yeah doesn't knows special rock on right now exactly little small birds aren't you. More. What kind of music is he playing at that rock concert. All of that got the country they're scared yet and yet he's here in the talk he he you know probably put the vote. What are your. You have talked a little sample everybody burger. He's got Greer park. Hud we appreciate the time enjoy the games in Cleveland let's give a couple of wins is the days start to take away our right. Yeah we will opt in to get to give an opportunity. What we're.