09/21 Ned Yost

Sep 21, 2016|

Royals manager Ned Yost joins Fescoe in the Morning every Wednesday morning at 9am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're gonna talk to the skipper here Ned Yost the suns extent Sports Radio. How's Cleveland met. Cleveland. It. England Italy. We're we're you know this time of year to. It gets a little busy around Dayton and now as well street order and with an Aberdeen which. You know for the last couple operations. You guys got out of one for a couple minutes which is doing so well. In all or should have been done. What do you guys do and in these meetings Alan what they entail. Well what we do as we've worked on it require and you know we're looking at this point a year ago. You know which guys so you know we need to continue. You know what we need to do to make these guys that there and you know yesterday and spent. Three hours on the pitching staff. Today word focused in on the position players and we just. All the coaches and their equity or equity stakes and we're going to do continued to help these guys. You know. Get better and become more productive enough you know that way gives us real well and at the end of the year or what we can give each player this is what we should either support or dispute. Really think about and the winner and focus on you know sort of next year helped you become better. Not so that my experience during the season it's really hard to. In other try to make change position so much going on you know you're like every game you're playing every game. You clearly you can get a mindset going into the winner 01 or two. You know think about it to break down and in. It just seems to make more sense when you can do it and now low G environment. That's a player that's what you you know even when I play that's what I. Make adjustments or stirring the weather. Because it should you know what you start to think about coaches or talk and you don't start Perkins practice and the always come back that are in the spring 2000. When would you guys get some fresh eyes and some fresh views on some of the players and we'll talk about story because again he had another rough outing again last night or were there you know ball has kind of fallen in and whatnot what's kind of the consensus about him and what would either tell it to meet him to be good for 2070. No I mean I cannot think you know work on a lot of different things and you know. I it's such a weird year for Jack you know collapse that was another example you know basic army ground ball. That it's not the sort that you know it's just too which as the other way straight America real for double play and were out of that and you know kind of look a little slide all of them alignment and you know three inches shorter. And that's that. You know I just. It's just one of those one of those deals for him more you know you're just an HBO you know it just HBO so he can. Each and you know start fresh next year and and and you know we'll start opening day. And only came in and at those three little bloopers and gave up three runs. You know what it stops and that trust me I understand there's always. You know there's all leads as a manager urged all we use one player. You know it reached their three year. You know really puts a lot of pressure on you down or she notes sort of as. This year from age you know. In the year before was. Omar Infante the year before that it was basketball you know there's always one guy. That the fans are gonna really jumped on. You know really really some feelings. You know but as an organization. You know we feel like you know a source doctors every bit as good as the president urged them. In the species he's gonna need that he's been an eight better cheer the better. I don't know maybe it's a little more location. You know he's going to be a little more comfortable second year the three year contract and maybe not put as much pressure on himself and he did this year to form. You know we just look what ultimately comes back in the size of their part are done here. My my line of thinking as you can tell if I'm wrong on this like it's important to give him some success at the end of this year so he can bring that into the offseason do you feel that way. What town and out time for that its efforts such as he sustained a little bit in oh sounds. You know he's going to have one not that. Away. But that takes you and amount were the year. You know artistic. You know checks sent around a long time east network and it'll tell you eastern Tuesday they never a year here. Or war except as much adversity and you know eagle act in you looked at. And actually you know it's just impossible for a guy in your career not affect your should just. You know ejection that's what to talk and do just the fact he sent them out sport. You know gorgeous and after chuck is a tool that year and be ready to. You know be ready to go next year and you know appear circuit but he in this room that well. You know that are involved in these strange now and they and that's sort. That stopped and incidents in glory bouncing back yeah absolutely. You know they've been successful. For a long time they reach for reasons than. You know that to factor that. You mentioned you guys have gone over a pitching in wanna ask you question kind of about the rotation you feel like. And looking now if you looked ahead to to the start of next year you'd have. Maybe if you less question marks especially about maybe eighty dusty in Ventura than you did heading into last year for the. I yeah. You know we feel. You know on a conversation yesterday. In the room and I mean with article works here archer typical. Olympic and so the you know looked at all or talk baseball ops people here on all the coaches and trainers. You know we we feel group he's definitely turn the war. You know which last year at this time we will waiting for perfect corner. You know we feel that church is right there the war you know he's ready to take that step around that. You know it was really funny. You can try to Egypt China gauges grow a little bit you know hackers complete game the other you know it it would be it would be. You know you have reason to celebrate and be happy with a complete and Wiki page court frankly you sir themselves. Aren't likely and he just pitched a great game or you saw sir it got punched in the that's what actually doing that so your at all you know he still certain sides that. You know you'd see in young players were short term or restore figure out. You know he went out he completed and you managed stretched out. And he knew how to get it then and now actor and so some program like act it out so. So yeah in Kennedy Kennedy's. You know other series anomaly years as a you know a lot of you know look good looking funny when we signed Chad origin in each of the current year struck. More hitters in baseball I mean workers out all the many other pitcher mentioned 92 featured on the horse won in. So we feel it would feel that Jason Vargas them back in you know doctors piecing together. You know that should stop. You know and now. You know but I think you're reaching as this time of year and has probably or guys that they're pretty confident and then they are all looked him. The piece together a starter. You know YouTube have their own in the spring training you sort out their Irish are certain to treat or you know the best I won't. That's really interest in net what did you say to your government her when he said he was kicking himself for not doing this all year. Argus wild and you know it's just. You know it just it just showed you this girl though because you know the violence statement. You know. So much time this year then during this kid and and sitting him down explaining to them and watching video that's what you ought to be successful. And Syria you know shrinking and the like like it here after that you know. Restrictions to achieve their feeling going into next year and it's just it's taken steps forward. He start to understand what it takes to be a successful. Major League starting pitcher and not. You know that does or does or Alter thanks. Talk an idealist Europe's extent sports radio and after the game on Monday was a gray you with a White Sox at the royals just have that desire to win it. How do you get that desire to win within your organization. Well. It's to be mole. You know harm from the beginning young guy he ever have the right it's. You know he's gonna have urged that they're winners. And I'll eat you know that thing about thirteen years. It to record them you know one more win a championship so struggle. Award winning that you can never lose its desire. In and that there. That desire that chip in you battling. And I mean fighting your. Sales at that last out as many. And that's why are still you know they'd say that battle I am wondering last night was another channel you know book or just not really. Yet the any single one offensively but these guys are fight and you know they're in there that that you concede one. A bad calls made out of coal chamber of she and although that is because reached a certain you know that they're battle. And you know that's an important trait that's an important very happy just you know it's easy to battle one point circle there. It's harder to weapons are volunteers. And you know some guys and some changed wolf shut down one when things are on your foot but he hasn't you know Dayton so good. You know the weight he's put this team together it is a group of talented Japanese but still make this very very important. You know guys that. Don't battle or I should quit or slow down or lose focus or change change. When things aren't going right there not artists you know we eat those guys are. So cool you know that's a credit to Dayton and in which averaged out to you know not only years. Talented players that charge of the true desire. To win and win every single day and play harder until that last out as nice. You mention the organizational meetings you guys are having right now I'm talking about guys for next year or whatnot can UCL lineup with out injuries Morales next year for you guys. Could well mean you know that and that there's a lot of special that. You know what what are we don't have to you know right now until it's consensus as you know he's pretty into our coats. You know our offense and getting change back to going to be your that are important and. Universal there's a lot of things that you know he's been very very very its source these last eight years. No doubt about it before we let you go big deal back into the meetings the the big story in the world right now is. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting divorced now ma gonna ask you about the hammer and my dad. But if you did a part of anything in your years of baseball would there was a really bad break between a player in the team or anything like that the you can remember. Yeah our manager it team or coach and team rate again real and. And yet not really you know apparently comes in my mind as well he had Sanders. In Atlanta. And it was right at the trade deadline. And we were in her as a staff would involve results but that door close. And we were talking about trading Dion Sanders Cincinnati. And we're all under TARP in the side you know at its peak at critical beyond eight he's funny he knocks on the door. In the strange true yolks. I'm so we all laughed and as we know it was beyond politics there are still without. And he was trying to be funny at no you know we were talking about trading him. Canada may penetrate and the elderly. She didn't want to leave it and you know it's football where and so my plans are urged. Indian you know and made a comedy goes. It should are in the treatment he says mark on a mission a moment on Britain where emissions from Panama. And you know accepting them accepted you on the condition they're sure sure you know it was one of those funny situations. You remember you got back for the end. All right now. Answered bad answer go join the meetings we'll see you back here element talk again next week. Daycare and videos the royals manager over the last year on 610 Sports Radio.