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09/23 Mike Sweeney

Sep 23, 2016|

Royals HOF'r Mike Sweeney joins Fescoe in the Morning every Friday at 830am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's the legend Mike Sweeney how are you buddy doing good. And the longer matters four animals would have really gotten on. Bobby. Is this quote all of. You've got to my man that's all Specter DJ what is your favorite song of all time. And that's. Man let that let you put them by maybe. The important Norman. He. Really. That's a good garlic that that is a solid Sunkist. Didn't get Saturday is the 25 anniversary of Nirvana nevermind coming out in people look at that as an album that's changed. Generation source figured we throughout your basic stuff and talk about some some great songs of all types what was your walk music back in the day if you remember. I'll hold. In the more than one goes. I'm at bat in Seattle. That. Not a part yeah. Problem is. On wasn't. Either an equal partners. That. But. And more among. So 11. There at my own way. That's the what do you remember the most right. That is their ethnic and all of what do. Are probably about probably gone yogurt it blows here but that it's so. And but I do remember figure you do in your lap it up and you know there's more money. That's awesome that any good telling Clemens carpool lane stories this week. They're weak no problem. But wouldn't. And I'll tell you what the weaponized or more often than you were royals on won't go. My little boy Bob in awhile and probably won't like football games left in. It wouldn't quote quote and quote Coleman didn't. People coordinate it well well well in the Clinton by its button he. Look me most of you know it on cinema launch here. A common one and 08 Google. A lot of sports blog what incredibly flat little we're 11 until this show. Mom among not a hundred vote apparently have no clue that armed. Have no clue that there are important footnote in the only country in the record. Though and I hopefully our coaches laden now what you wrote it. All right so what's the what's the take out what ego get. Well I haven't come met Putin rips. Although there but that's been absent that it wants it. And certain part but didn't get some decent food could help you decide so all that one won't watch it tonight about 4 o'clock. So it's so solid alternatives and it. Did he bought into that. So yeah let's do that thanks people talk about that our team is go to to the ring of honor this week for the key city tees. And you would him obviously were very close during your playing days hearing he had to say what's your best team rich story. Both parties. You know people were in the tent city people that are more important Walton and that's all you. You also look like it's certainly great let you know differences slow. Let's just say you get mad at the same mom bought the same it's it will Parker. On an island eat it all the ball well. And thoughtful on what all all those problems while on quotes was the problem all. All will be on me he thought although the total loans one multiple. Probable loss was evil as well all all over let's let let's for the world won't play out small role as usual actual. People don't often did those slots Walt brought his. Our own bottles than what we also will lose money and so it's possible. Focus on Gordon won't all the schools who didn't. We didn't consult with our instance in the global one. What's on the equal hole. I'm good with their football all on the world forum for the forty moral of the world. My part of the loom. Once or alters the Iranian bomb could have picked. You know accomplish year Indian navy's big. Big name guys but it. At to a new record injured in the house and some probably. I love this quote all the news name that you India she saw their words. Looked full backs don't all take on the job to become all of them. Well it's practical on the job because of certain. In our computer is always on whether he what locker room all of whom community on the playing field old. You know I jumped for joy I was in the stands you got probably would choose the one game could called. So what is on the well well well well well over where there aren't that important call evil good squabble. Didn't I didn't want. There won't solve what is important about what role. We'll. Or what the problem vote on. And all of that you didn't look. And did not want able global. For the record won't won't choose Clinton won't. The young and wanted a little bit and then. Of course is often. The front of the jets. And makes sense that what you do it this weekend nine. Yeah an actual Hillary Clinton while law you know all of our food vote at the world start live. View echoed. I live there to see more problem on the locals won't. That is. Street. I admire that more and more on armed guards ever. Quote. Want what sort of Clinton goes on. Well one can lose a. It. Hurts so you had lunch 133 Craig in Overland Park. So it is the underlying driving it past that the day was going on here. What part in that the well sort of the gloves are among. Almost didn't know you moved there are confident that it's. We're in the welcome. What we were where it was black and our panel. So our world when the bar at Wimbledon what would. Over on other important level. And are not my favorite sport apart. Not on the river a hundred or LeBron but not. Local Wal-Mart a little bit but Wal-Mart on the map when. With them and loving shouldn't. Let one on one in the mr. Clapton on the earned over among them. You own home. That's the hook. But a brassiere ads in Sports Radio. At this about major I'll let you think you'll take months. Courtney thank you sir themselves. I'm like you know you just picture director and what are so upset because the presumption that that's what I have been under so your at all. So that was kind of manage talent is about in terror he was he he feels like he's stupid if he should have been pitched like this all. Your law it was almost like one of those moments that said where he finally got in L what was your moment of finally getting the big league. Well all while maturity. We're they're if they're you know before executed vote when a third term of 401 miles an hour and now is starting to understand what it means to pitch and and you were here. And you you've got to Connecticut and that that there are those. You know Ned just great week so blatant out and win in major leaks. He had his team that we want some although we're not. All the need does not sit up and the outlook for certificates as they'd rather than. World Series of the third year but it hasn't in person on what it's been there's been strides in the right direction this year and step up. One of the leaders on all yeah I mean it was not a big league for a few years what are finally woke up one day is just quit mentally like man. I'm the only difference between me and that guy is so mental outlook and they don't know that he did on number. But that's he managed to achieve some. I grew up with more on cheap either. I talked to a decent start and on and look outwardly. And it's going to sit. It's one but another good to have a sort of certain greens are able something. Put them my normal form all on its volatile young leader a lot of art equipment and Obama and so mortal. I'm not a lot of it's normal while to warm open for the spartans didn't predict. Well my mind I was up my upper importantly. What people quit school and so on and so on won't do on. Can't help I know this is an orbit can't help being excited for next year you think this this team is healthy come back I guess largely. Largely the same composition that this is a team that should be in the post season or heard it. It did back autopsies and. I think are concerned on the our team beat and then made that it cared. You know two month Nazis in the last two winners between you couldn't part of the World Series and then. He took a little time up that you know you're partners on and that's not a subtle long oxy. To welcome to your body so the looks like what does it look like the promise law paparazzi this year it'll sneak into the let. Next year and what do you people keep talking about a great thing that we wanted to run with this year but. These moves come back. On court order that simple all year on gun and then I think that most users will also spoke to them. Mixed pollutant that sure about that shut up produced come on the scene in the ocean so it wasn't like young stars in baseball and who knows what an apple working that you wanted more as an option but haven't. We'll come back and well are up to the year Japanese unit that was true about almost Mardi. It coastal. The this year it will problem. On while these crowds and remarkable moment. All that the Iron Man while the average what you want scrawled on it and with his arm to degrade and double whopper I'll probably most of and you guys. You're Twitter he'd do any doubt that it is now you've got some guys start the year before. You will. All of you won't want wobbled pool of pop will move on. It all along what would you tell console. I think you worlds and although officially all of it would start the weather chief threat that. Well he didn't mean I'm I'm excited about these X nine games and I would start great movement actually as well. All right swing dog give us some Vin Scully story. OK I got bigger one so if only it was would look you know. Sunday morning. Criminal 730 mapped and the recipient of the week on reveal it here. Intraday gain it brought. Armored land and you get. That brought back to a little boy in the tournament CD with the old and so when I'm on. Like could get better you know anymore in the week. I'm when I'm playing for the it was last year on the doctors there. We have mapped the stadium and it would result Mark Loretta it's what he made there and and they're about. Probably know the great pre for the doctors insert open map. A credit that they can you know it was pitch tonight and sometimes to a church and all that here. Today first reading reading something all too corinthians and I'm on will go. The school there and I would go electorate at church and doctors in the that outwardly cockpit and then. Since then we don't really coping together on. We Egypt and video production stopped and Hollywood together and he shifted dynamic I mean. He's almost what nine years old and yet he got a photographic memory genius what. Ivy League college and he's married is still lead cycle we are Americans at this week on the church that. In school is a legend I mean gentlemen you but you Richie to serve and and he and they bought him at some of you can't recruit against colon. That he was we I'm Hebert who uses its third in the league just what and then. I just I'm blessed and honored to call and schools that. That's awesome Maggie goosebumps thinking about it have a great weekend enjoy the enjoy the games we'll talk again next week. All right. You got a buddy take care Mike Sweeney with a here on 610 Sports Radio.