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09/26 Josh Vernier

Sep 26, 2016|

Royals Insider Josh Vernier joins Fescoe in the Morning every Monday at 8a

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just Verniero royals insider budget by Casey tires that Tom Byrne you agree what do you think. Yeah yeah port site. You know in fact I think this team. A lot. With one ballclub points fourteen ball club. You're talking about the one out. Of business in the wildcard. They had no business winning that game in Houston they had no business winning a few of those games against the New York Mets in the ball club has no business. Being about 500 right now let me get it's. You know as that might be long I don't know does the boring answer but it goes back to the trade deadline. Conversation that date more happy with the media. Mean he got under. You know by the media guys understand. It is the media always all of it is slow in that conversation and questions tort date work. We'll break alchemy involved that it involved what a lot of accurate relative. They went on the explain how he views his players as he would be. Has done the robbers as Brothers so on and so forth the view that it accept. Now many people in the media especially national media and civics in the media. They like baseball players as app that they like his Major League Baseball. And that he baseball that's why during the offseason. So many civic and national baseball people will. All all over the illegal content from Britain will Meyer just about it Jake Shields and Craig Campbell on all over the Chicago White Sox for a great. Melky Cabrera and outrageous so on and so forth. Almost making an update of what the oil and dot thing yet you've got irked you about chemistry you. But we don't think that really matters we'd we'd like to. Three Major League Baseball like it is that it debate well. Com I think the world ability to continue to do the things that they have no. They have no reason to me they're very they have no. It about 500 to me that the activists to date treating them like human being with a testament to. Clubhouse chemistry at that as it is character is a testament to you know. Into the heart. Of these guys these past two games in Detroit. Upbeat about I think very well very loudly. And if it goes to show. As the loyal to get into the base to the pre season projection of the greasy that formula but the angle wins that at least six games now doormat. In four straight seasons leading the pace of those pre season projection to meet that is a testament to the intangible. It and that's given to the things that are on quantifiable and make baseball great. And things that I you know and shock that a lot of it out baseball writers out there. So Vern said that the royals to a lot of things they shouldn't sell they shouldn't win Africa six games and keep themselves in playoff contention and now. I would love to see that happened but probably not probably not feasible at this point but I. I guess a free of burning and we can we just do you are you just point 2 July. Are you are your point of what is the what if the only one left in the season July or is the injuries are what do you kind of factory and I you would describe this season. Yeah what if it. It was here it out of a little eye chart. Forty part of a bit about on the Beijing inconsistency. What you wanna talk about the number five starter when you have a true number five starter. The ball. Who. A lot of people say he's just done. I have a tough time believing that the mechanics which has been the root of the issue this year purple as. That is lack of look at it that it would and it's maturing. Believe that goes back to him thrown nearly 200 and. 35 innings last year that a lot like that we saw last Opel would suddenly. Bolt at the early 9798. I think Mark Johnson the 40% and goes back to the Beijing inconsistency number five in the rotation. Bullpen has. Up stretch in the middle of the season Ian Kennedy and opted out start of the season for your Donald or. And the consistency obviously. What seems sort out of apple. Thirty per that I talked to injury. Upper people and I got a few people bill this week that they've wanted for blocking sort of oil would be in the play. I look like they can't say that I don't want people thought it wouldn't say that. You're basically. That he'd laid it up look at cocaine is irreplaceable center rob is honored notre I'll Orlando. Should be able to the lack. With a link in your team in Lawrence OK you all that. That network copper should be able to make up with a heart of your seat it might lose. Europa. That way. It is replaced people like Elvis career and that Talbott earlier is irreplaceable. Stop your outlook thing that coach sabres not the aid of an issue. Or not that it the key to that ballclub so and so again it made three quarters of the blame if you wanna call it. All on pitching and injuries and again. The heart in the resilient because ballclub I hope they can ever that more on the life. That it happened that these incidents seem to have a chance. That finished eating two and eighty look at what that chill out on the league baseball on scene. About 500 in fact seemed at the broad range of the world have. Arguably. Eight games below pot under but the team refuses to do what many people expect. And I that's why I'm so. All fired up with a bottle on it and so anxious. The whole wheat seeded team will have a law that 82 when he's had what did you about it 72 would you. Now Vernon when you bring up walking Soria and then you know Lotta people wanna say that he's the reason why the royals are in the playoffs. And you make a great point with all those other factors but even close other factors are Soria blows what half. Of the amount of tag type games he Blum then the royals are in the wild card. Some what does that say about this team at that with all those injuries with all of those things that they are able to still be as successful as they have. Yeah. Big bet that a testament to the intangibles to the other quantifiable. Aspect of this beautiful game of baseball. And the assumption that. Is it net would've gone anybody else but they would've gotten the job done I think is. I don't think that aren't there I mean coach papers that say about. You just assume that anybody else wouldn't. Locked up those games that Lockheed Soria blue even though you'll vote or he still came back two win. To me that it's just it lazy blaming one player in 162. Games. How and it comes down one like that get knocked out in the baseball work that help or work. And I know all about football. The take off but they demand it baseball that game. That was side like like recite in the gray area jerk of all to be black and white that it happened so that it happened. They all would never black and white it's always. Well okay or not believe what about the people 08. With runners in scoring position what about the scene needed to get an extra out on their part because it is unavailable local chambers. On the disabled list and there's there's never easy answer in the game of baseball and fans understand. Sports Radio always want things to be easy. Bait ball to people portrait that we don't lineup because it's never easy. In the game of baseball at all we. Up quite the long explanation if you want the true answer has to want you to block that day a lot achieved an all sort embassy. I before let's go to use the royals approach spring training next year the way they did in 2015 with a bad taste in their mouth and really focus on winning a world championship. Our. Well I mean that would be. No I mean they're champions say they understand what it ain't so unsure of what happened. That Kabul say all the right things. You know when you bet that mountaintop. Baseball games you don't need much motivation. You know how good bad feeling is you know I'm not. That upbeat and is so I'm sure they'll say all that. You know motivation is. You know or each individual player has their own motivation whether it's money whether victories. But that that will fail the right thing up Marmol who's also it right but as far as. Chip on their children about why. I'd Byrd thank you so much enjoy the final homestand we'll talk to you next week. Suburb.