09/27 Rex Hudler

Sep 27, 2016|

Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler joins Fescoe in the Morning every Tuesday morning at 8am

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Wrecked Sadler with a is here on six dead sports radio and putt at two years ago tonight the royals clinched. Their first playoff berth in 29 years take us back to that magical night Chicago what was going through your dome there in the windy city is the royals were finally back in the playoffs. All guys you know what a great bwic it is morning. On the news that he uses the ordered patient I think hoosiers from the person to sit back and watch. Embassy George Brett seem that he can vote for a run the beeper so that you love that they're also losing years. Don't sit back and watch it but he'll celebrated. And you know your sister ethics are well in the open here. There are let since fourteen. Point eight strict policy didn't include were rated for its falcon inside ever witnessed in that while car. It's early snuck it in response like this moment. You're acting a little Butler would be eliminated from the terror policies in which is OK I mean it's it's okay we're working guys prepared. I don't think you're in anchor I don't think there's any parent out there toward their hand here in. Because it's a war. She isn't it possible. Do you guys are done with three years ago Roethlisberger twice in the history of baseball. That you can go back to go to war seriously consecutive years. So look. Tulane. That all that's double what. Why does baseball do that to us more so than any other sport because when you were talking about goosebumps I got goosebumps Josh nodded Welch is not only were brawl like stealing that same type of emotion. Why is that baseball does that does more than any other sport. Well I think in part because baseball is more like your life. People that go to work every day across the world not just you know our country. That's sport ought rapper. It will manner that are wired or something further council eleven. A lesson that a lot of work as well it's a good he is still the actual the kind of the odd time. Is that computer that's. People that'll look with a personal issues involved with at least those outside. Same thing at all recovered the ball or not what's the difference between the players who participated. You have to grind it out. In the sense that you're out of their car and these problems in the car Glock as a beautiful ballpark like that is refreshing about them. Unlike in the ballpark in the world. Decline want to. She never gives it's gonna keep everything they've got to the last it's easy to care about being eliminated because what happens working with the eliminated. Absolutely nothing. So far. Same day in clarity and in particular could get out. Subject to those eucalyptus trees you guys built there where it's so fun to watch much more with the New York. You mentioned kind of baseball being life and we saw an incredibly emotional game last night for the for the Miami Marlins on the heels of of their teammate Jose Fernandez passing away just watching that. Beginning of that game last night I know that they gave must go on and use the scheduling and all that stuff the you can't. Do away for I can't believe those guys could could go out there and play last night. I couldn't either. Torture that you're. You know salmon like there on the one that wouldn't lose a player. That's like with the remember. And it's it's unfathomable. That it happened. How it happened to me. At all. Our in our playing days but one of our players. More or later it means it's. During the during the you're the angels and that was painful and so what could go to that with our teammates and the blue waters here. Let's not close as I can further broadcasting. With angels. Milosevic it harder usefulness it wouldn't. Couple hours later drove it in the Hilton to look it's. And then the next it is cancel logging. And it loose it's it's nothing it's just let them at that some member of the family I don't know how it is. What that is like your close friend to wallop it goes through their. So the ball park as part of Texans all of them were they could have that's in the Volcker in the silent. And seeing them on here. We're isn't this is sort of walk all over here you'll what was that you did a few that got the job after. The very remote. They're all there is as likely audio there in the in order insults forgotten that this will continue to grow themselves for the one. The baseball law orders by the young stars in their game. And look out for the Pacific. Now Rex baseball players are just like anybody else but. With all the tributes to Jose Fernandez that they were so wonderful I mean it was so well done by all the teams across Major League Baseball. What does that say about the sport and I guess the overall league itself. Did you have so many great tribute to Jose Fernandez across the country. What people are mean he is different for the peaceful in his career. There are a lot more Flynn is a lot more of cordial if they exceed the syndicate long has not yet. Like inviting them in yeah. Eighty and certainly that is it was a little sort of anchor that you'll be Q your competition on there about a lot differently or are hurt your. It's still a good solid aggressive game but it's not. Yeah you can not there anymore. Trouble because loudly. Foresee and so similar clients that you're in the latter day if you know each other that much further now I think it's you'll. I'm not organ in law. It was a great. You know we have a lot of circle. Other sort of double plays it was crack in the clashes were guys who guard them you know different other days. To say possible players now that's what looked in person replay. A lot of great things especially the new metrics that are walking. It's not a lot of trees fall. You wanna get more. Walked into what was missing in within inspector here. I'm getting closer to the game learning it's been great to exit poll offseason. With all kinds of that's up there that never worked before which has been great what will be sought a broad narrative and little by little thought. Because I don't think that there are various chemical that's that's what you'll well and our great partners. Until Colbert. Biography a little more on that wouldn't like purposefully took that. Well listen we continue to keep all this you know based on word. Unlocked and so there and I was in Georgia in the game. Talk on wrecks other here on 610 Sports Radio we do every Tuesday at 8 o'clock and I had a chance to talk to what may or feel less than a gloves for kids and and saw you kind of run in towards the as it was starts adding get a chance to say hi and I apologize for that that's bad on my art. But I had a chance to catch up with Whitman or steal and he was told the story that he almost quit playing baseball. When you're battling through the minor leagues did you ever feel like quitting and if so what kind of kept Hugo. Well those lesser of the great football coach curiously but those stapled. A little lunch with them after this five years and enable partners. And all the current situation. And he called me answer to work with such as your connector you're you're you're walk well scholarship for a few years load of fuel costs less than. You get past this but my son. Yes supplement loser good grade are like your your home you could run out gets and that's what it's not force what. Oh how coach. You know like you so much for the opportunity. It's people that make it be like turned on the greens but all of you in the world Notre Dame. I'm committed baseball executives that walked out of that office myself I know that. The temptation to move on to a different. Changed here to the middle workflow but look. As confident as their goal. If you want people to reverse the world it's gonna take time to work. You can't give up luckily though the law on the internal fire authority desire. And I went out there let seeking to attack the baseball. Until I walked towards that we're at 38. On my own currency and thank you so much Gartner not to regret it for the if you want something. You're very ethical or you have can't quit I like food for young people look. Look at least he looked the same way all the salt will do the same way here 567 years now there on the court was about it we're. Person here. Those who wasn't there it applies. You think Bubba starling is going through that right now. Oh absolutely yeah if he doesn't argue that it does it you haven't thought to myself or whatever it around. I did not have a good example love and encouragement about things in there goes your order the satirical or conflict with pictures and secure where later life. Can you look on your stroke orders. You go to. You've got to police if you got it helps our police. Can't believe in yourself that you'll never make it but it got that all content that they are still much you'll want to watch your low balled yeah well. I have before we let you Gilles final week of the season what are you looking for. I'm looking for some great entertainment. And strong supporter she a look at persons file and saw these latches. Mainly in the oil well in the initial 500. That respectful Olmert announced you can give them that they'll Watson folks is and what you remember what that flag in your hungry. And hopefully. It's just additional 500 seller. But it does that show of the year I can appreciate the opportunity it's only knowledgeable people here in Kansas City that would look at the moment and share with you. About the team. Which you accused me. I don't know what that does bigger rating than it a lot from mine but you so much. But you got a you know the doors are always open Hud does doesn't have the media and you wanna come in any day just kind of hang out the morning at the drop the kids bring us breakfast and things of that nature will welcome. To welcome you in with open arms whenever you want my router. I think a lot of these guys are you know that's sort. My wife at reflected that its server for the first three months. Break. Her to she's a singer might seek saying you're asking for route together. They got the drive you know that the driver she comes up with the end the driver market and and their character and those those guys that while the hot stove you know what we'll call company goes there's always that you Cuba what is your psychic dog. I believe me I've got to put your Rolodex the world we haven't funded it last year but I am I'm looking forward beautiful weathered the ballpark there. All right we'll talk to assume a man have a good final we take care. Wrecks other with a us here on a six dead Sports Radio judges every Tuesday at eight and every Thursday at three with a drive here on 610 Sports Radio.