09/28 Ned Yost

Sep 28, 2016|

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Bill Murray shows up the dugout last night bid you've got an opportunity. To meet a lot of cool people. How awesome was it to see Bill Murray and Brian Doyle Murray hanging out last night. Tool you know Brian. It does is a big he's become friends but he acute Kansas City Royals and two at large from Kansas City so. You know we've seen Brian the last couple years since spring training no picnic it down and then there to what that in Arizona so. You know it it's neat to see them them epic earlier in the year this year to hear Casey. Let alone. You know we got word that bill was going to be in town and you know after the game Brian and bill payment operas than we have that we had a really good time to guess that lap for about twenty minutes 45 minutes and the boys are anxious to meet Bill Polian went out my locker room and I think everybody breaks are. You know is you've got to meet a lot of cool people because of success that you had and obviously the industry figure and where does this rank is this the coolest I mean we're at where he kind of put that bad act. Now I exit its just doctor cool you know is they're eager to meet so many so many really neat people and you know we have. On yesterday Brian knew was that the ball so you know are known Brian for a couple of years season RCR driver and I was anxious to see him in the that would set a school two solo. You know I don't know it just it just farm you know I'll sit there and and bill will slap them and we were talking about different things and you could see you know some of his facial expression. You know dating back to caddie jacket that's one of my favorite movies in the you know I heard bill talk and I'm thinking man this is Eddie shack in in real life right here in my office but. I just underneath it just plug me. Other other people like that people that are rescued people that are funny and people that are going to be around. Did you ask about the lamb or anything like that it did did did you talk about caddie shack with them. Now we didn't we just visited you know we'd be. It was real aggressive in the game and we talked about. You know Wrigley Field how much that's changed here in the last couple years in the just basically cut bait ball and you know he's if you got robbed not so. You know group B kerik and an end and the in the opposite than they get into that but I'll talk then. Now we didn't have them in any action. Does not interest him when you meet somebody and you when asked them so many questions like a Bill Murray but all they wanna talk about his baseball. Yeah you know I think that and that it. It is. You know proper is when you meet somebody like that it's used you know he just talked so you don't wanna try to be. Awestruck because you don't so many times that report they go people around them are awestruck so. Be you know I think he's just trying to try to make them feel comfortable and you know I generally try to talk about what they talk. You know because it just makes them more comfortable instead of you know me morning delete the conversation. If that what you leading that conversation what's the one thing you do want to know from Bill Murray and caddie should. And it may really not that I think are seeing the movie a hundred times so I know I know everything about the movie you know Brian Doyle Murray was. His brother was epic org and movie studios Eric caddie yeah. Yes so. You know it's just I probably you know. What Matt and everything I don't think it's nothing comes to mind. I was gonna ask you two years yesterday that you guys claims that it the playoff spot up in Chicago and made the first post season appearance in 29 years I was gonna say you'll what does that mean personally for you looking back on that day but obviously if Murray brought you don't worry a bit like a lot of good things have happened since you guys have clinched their first playoff by two years ago yesterday. But when you look back on that do you do you realize you understand the feel like how big that moment truly was for everybody. Are yeah I think I think that is you know I'm no help or in the organization and you know how special was define me you don't get a chance to go to the postseason after so many years. Is that it was a big deal you know but I also knew it. You know bit this would be. Gain as a valuable experience and old and and it definitely did 21 you know that was that was the big or. You know the maker of art scene now. The guys they had that experience they know. What it's like to play in in. The most pressure packed games you complain and then they develop. You know never quit attitude and and their. Huge desire to win. And play the game right I think you know that was the beginning of all records. Despite everything has kind of gone on this year you're you're sitting here with five games to go and still mathematically alive considering everything that's happened are you a bit. A surprise are still in this position. No not with these guys you know I never counted these guys out. Well you know we again you know we've got a lot of obstacles that. You know that we had to overcome them and quite frankly I believe. A lesser characters seen what the older along and the but these guys have you know that continue to battle they continued to scratch and claw and and find ways to win ball games Sen that's what makes and so special. Yet that's incredibly special how come about missing does that give you for the end of this season and of course going in a point seventeen. There are tremendous it's a tremendous feeling knowing that. You know we'll get came back LP next year will get. Moved back healthy next year. You know what he's going to be healthy. You know we feel like the core of our team. It is is. A championship caliber or. You know that we we we lost some big aspects this year with no change the Gordy bird you know five weeks left big arms wade and hope to back into the bowl back into the bullpen so you know we we get back healthy again. You know I think our competence levels going to be Starr are going into next year. Not when Ned Yost in bed ten years ago yesterday also the royals signed Salvador terrorists if you're asked to give an introductory speech for his royals hall of fame induction. What's the one story you want everybody to know about south. Well that's part of positional leaders in others so many of them. Beauty you know I think he would just talk about its action for the game. It it is action for his teammates. And he you know this is cute like get the Bart like ours. You know they wanna be out on the field every single day. They're tremendous leaders in the clubhouse. They don't ever allowed guy says you don't get down you know because as soon as. There's double walks in the clubhouse. You know it's smiled just brightens up the room. Is it is it's energy. It's infectious. In a guy is going to moment. You know are there. You've got really to kind of guys you know you got guys that give energy. Prices suck energy and the guys that suck energy away from teams you know we show them that there'll. You know guys to give energy like Salvador you know they're buried very important. On your ballclub because they influence so many of them seemed. Obviously it's been a big. Big week for baseball a tough week for baseball with Jose Fernandez passing away. What's the toughest moment you've had from my baby back and a perspective around the game of baseball. I'll man today you know I remember. I remember. Back you know even as a player one Lima bought stock killed oh you know we were shocked. I remember. He's eight you know the shop in the war of you know the boating accident to Cleveland Indians and Simone and can cruise. You know actually I remembered that it just didn't know how people do it. You don't even get through that. And now you know with Jose Fernandez just. I don't know how it seemed as I mean I don't know I could do it I just don't you know you're with these guys. Every single day and you know open inside and out in other family she you know makes me sick you know make some bad you know. Makes them happy. You know and and or something like that that happened you know I wish I just really. It had a lot of empathy for Don Mattingly he you know through you know the press conferences and that first game back in the it would shift in extremely. Extremely difficult. You know. The situation. Very very sad situation because. You know Fernando looked like there soundly beat you know his smile lit up the room and you walk in and you know we had the opportunity. To play against him a couple of weeks ago on course. We trade him or race in the left appeared Banesha both sides let orchard and interact with our players during batting practice the common. You know say hello and put his arm around guys in the lap of Antarctica. You know as a neat thing to say. You guys always in sports seemingly just you know golf want to take the field the next day in the Marlins did that. How how how do you take the field after something like that just the next day. I think you do it physically I don't think you can do at that point. On it it's just you know are just so ardent. It albeit practiced so Barack and so reaching Sunday morning no walk in the locker room and she's so somber moment. Normally our locker room is very very current. And you know a lot of energy in the room it was just you know which it area. It's very somber you know I think that does it all once so many levels and you know this reminds me that. Will work or even though we think we do because these guys they're young and they're they're very competitive. And they and they compete every single day at the highest level you you kind of you you tend to think that your invincible. You know that that actually up and it can happen to you again it's just another reminder that in a large contract. And or not invincible and like exodus as another reminder that back. The net we've seen so many great things around baseball with players coaches entire teams having tributes to Jose Fernandez what does that say about the camaraderie within the game itself. And it said the lot and there are a lot of you know the game console are you know back when I played umpire would sit in the stands. And if they tried to guard at a breakfast talking to an opposing player you would get a for a United Nations ought. And they are saying it they cellular you were for a magazine in batting practice well. There we know they were very strict about that MLB did not walk. Cute scenes. Talking to each other whatsoever. Manager back when I played day in and yellow acute keep somebody. Just talk into another player during batting practice welcome a laugh out but you know you come to a Major League game. You know show you how port come you know Gardner Gilbert warmed up. You know friends in the outfield and both in teammates are in and are shaken hands that are in and batting practice certain group of guys that stay out after BP stock in the guys and I just think that it just promote the general closeness. And in a bond between Major League players because. You know these guys involved reached the highest level in our profession and the yeah another ship so you album if you compare you know the millions of players who played baseball throughout the country there are only. You know the other only a select excellent street nick played Major League Baseball. You know a lot of these guys have grown up playing against each other playing with each other and you know they've just grown at as a community very very well. You know it was something in spring training they Goose Gossage ripped him and we probably talked about it with you that about the fraternization players for you to be in an old school baseball that was that something that you had to adjust to reinvent yourself to be a more successful manager understand this is the way the game is now. Yeah we'll I mean that the cure we keep all. You know you have to understand it and I think that's what B you know what manager who now they understand. That it is a different generation than that generations. Are well it's it's totally different. And united I think if you cannot adapt to that evil be successful. Law and that that's important you understand. Well these guys are and and giving him enough well to allow them to be and they are. And if you concede that I believe you're gonna be you're going to be. You know the most successful that you can be you can. You're trying to put constraints limit and and all you know kind of hard to see who they all our into what you say they should be. That that doesn't or slope on it definitely. It'll definitely. All learning process them and an area where managers like to you know different lifestyles different. All the media that we never all the computers. Web sites you know that are constantly. You know evaluating. Turkey each year year. Your performance on the field I ended today. You know we never any of that stuff we get him in the morning and look at the box form of paper in them and their well. On there just so much more argued technology now days. That there's so much different. Quote one week later in order to be successful you have to you have to be able understand that. That we appreciate the time is always sweep the twins sweep the Indians go out on a winning note I'll see at the ballpark a little bit later on. Are you guys thank you got a great thing.