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09/30 Mike Sweeney

Sep 30, 2016|

Royals HOF'r Mike Sweeney joins Fescoe in the Morning every Friday at 830am

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It's time to check in with Mike Sweeney here on sixteen and Sports Radio how you doing my friend. One would agree I'm here and enjoy simple and the if we treat or to formal royal. Air and that it's been a great week there was a form of chip in. Paul Byrd. And that product out you know get in. The world where the great term we're fortunate. A lot of problems as well what do we live in the states. The partner than ball. In game. A little more about port that it didn't get them cook for me because it would not locker straight and or Tiger Stadium in that photograph located in Poland and invisible on never. Then. You know and then that for like for the in. You required in the movement. In middle of the career. The goal of the life of children with special needs child due electorate notebook that they won't be. Super group we look around you is being considered. It's a great week. What they think of what's been going on the last couple years here in Kansas City. Well look pretty excited and looking toward its its cover people there he the world is. You know we credible but. Look one you. Well we couldn't. Like we had Ecuador right now and you know like can we take a look like that it did but in the same breath in the way it is more glassware or let me organization. Invested in the team plays in. And into the little of both organizations involved in all of thirty people coming out that there were buried yet. If he's able or did guerrilla organization. And that's what will be more intrigued wasn't. A little country. I might I have to read this statistic for you some curious if you know the answer. Where Eric Hauser his 25 home run of the season it was the first time the royals have had two players with over 25 home runs in the same season since the year 2000. You remember which two players. Were over 25 home runs in 2000. Well they're so you're willing uncle and you'd. Aren't yet and definitely probably yesterday. Yes there is you know Jermaine Dye so it's been since then since 2000 at the rose two players over 25 home runs with injuries or Allison Eric Posner. They've done it when he sixteenths. I mean is that its interest to me because it does show at least a little bit that it. This team has some really good right spots despite missing the playoffs. A little bit like them and it is part of our world nation. I couldn't without. Among you know what that is. Can Arnold Palmer can do about it and then at approximately. I looked good and it so it goes well patients from Katrina and yeah it with special group of intensity. On the bottom of it and drop it and how do you do we can control. And yet you export your game yet still finish. And that would open. You look at. The job with me before. That is people who. Now at old node two completely it is it. All of these portable point of all the political this year and pretty special than that with the court with you know cause you have a career year as well though. About the Barnes and was tired them out there that will. Then that report that we were located can be coffee. Hopefully courtroom you know full year. Operating nagging injuries in a big injury here. Kurt Warner. Stock and they're ordered numbers of people thought it was well it is well it's also. Note there. In the first in 2013. At the world velocity. That the company. Engine compartment uncle awfully. And he. And a couple of top well dominant pitchers it's all. I'm not I'm really a move on to look at the work he does this incident on on Sunday. I regret well there's a lot of excitement via a pool of its own people certainty. Talk when Mike Sweeney here on six and sports rated you mentioned Alex Gordon and he made that transition. You know 22 outfielder who helped them you're the most in that process. On the Internet network in their former. World. Who's responsible. Thing for. It wouldn't world record powerball are Portland will Glover you know black and gold glove. He that the players a year ago. They're in it people like who would it be what it was coaches helped them. Well it would it would go shopping. And they were there are certain. My last game as well it was a little emotional day. Number 2007. You know. They. Are grateful blacks and go to a probably. I'm we have that you. On did call Gordon and he didn't say this organization from the juniors become. The last game of the Eden. Li the Latin. We shot it toward not rocket. And smoke from the wheel and he knows. I'll bet that was an hour and 44. You're in. There and for me the transition of it and I'll sort one with the bulk of the third base. We're in transition we'll let you get it. I would pilots say it. That's order. Such professional. Sailor movie that I can be one of us that they wouldn't let. They called you that would go out on them and it will then came back in. Just get. In there. Yes you heard it described in the company's don't know. Couldn't. A lot of fun quote that he didn't actually look at the morning and controlling what other days. Our war would like. Did what the World Series. Don't ever since. You know the players great yeah. And it. How I'd feel important about what might he. The dark about what. And they are quite a global problem before it actually pretty well I got that of that afterwards in America. A lot. About outscored them ultimately to be lectured his weakness in the heat. To a lot of uncertainty. Ito and a lot of it goes back to Dayton Moore is Welling in we've talked about prospects Mike all year long with yearly and whatnot. We haven't talked about Dayton enough and how he put all of this together and how hard he's worked over the last decade. To establish what is the best organization based. Here are your. Thoughts about our years we've highlighted them. Although they're about that you're coming hours and Wear uniforms. Although mobile wanted credit for it to the point into the field to more. Little bit more it would be grateful and he got into it and developments in that he coached him mean. The actual conflict otherwise. Collegial and he coached bill and up until his children and you know. They almost. What could be more and so special that he won't be in action couldn't competitiveness. There in the reasons why. You can reach blah blah blah. In place he didn't. On the curtain opened fire and because I'm a part of such a joy to work for our program was it more. And an analogy and Pendleton where there's more. And aren't you know where we grew up there. But guys like that like burned the wire between old and competitive. I loved it and won't hit it in the beat so. Is more but it toward where. Secretary. All the people in the parking lot. Admired is more and you know I believe they'd. And she has written. Because I love it and respect for the pregnant and potentates and globe that and so I know a couple of prospects for. Without being more quote organizations. Would not the couple's intention baseball he. Very words from intensity blah. Been blown way. I would be obeyed orders. That the as they weren't. Dark and that didn't look as cool. I was story. Well you know what Michael Portland because it's got the look you. And in the rocket for the for the Cleveland Indians and you know unfortunately one that the light on what operative as well about Jordan series broken nose and and the player that he wouldn't let go what are they gonna Cleveland Indians on. You know I know there quicker but the growth initiative that the world war years. Iran yen to highlight pals Norton you know I think almost did include one. Look back and wondered if you outscored in the blood come and not extend all the words in the form and Norwalk. Look at Terry. It does highlight the warriors outscored Newton. It's sort of great to Dayton was in. Yeah its own. A little bit on the Oakland until next year but you know really. What is on the board. You know it doesn't have to be we can continue this all year long if you want to active members of charter a boat we've. But anything with battery you just talk about it and we talked. Anything with you anytime you want it taught something does this warm as a wide open anti Specter said he was do we do what we expect to wrap up this season Mike. Sweeney we'd do one more week you know RO. It looked like a regular their mobile that it perfectly. So it that you're here and here showed that a lot of art in. You know what Obama about the rose I really could. Korean thing that's what about those Butler because. You don't. Children with a look at the real man and he's he's a great and I told them I've learned it once in the form of the financial world. But the best thing ever before we let you go today we're gonna we're gonna have caller our regular at how good out next week. What's the perfect hot dog. Wow well you know there there were certainly. Whatever Martin the we'll look back at the brink of we sweep of Al that was needed it water or. Couldn't I couldn't work something worth about what they didn't you know you wrapper there and I'll go with local. So. And they're yeah. About how about the ultimate victory there are obviously. All of the Hebrew national. Hunger what he. I'm I'm I'm the straight at about it yeah. That's not talking about how to get really at chip that's a hot dogs phenomenal. Repaired irony that you really July enjoyed Jackson Hole cities via the season next week with the catch a big fish course enjoy the guys. Our regular report.