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10/01 - High School Sports Saturday

Oct 3, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And former sports book directors have absolute command inside information and detailed knowledge of all the inefficiencies of this market. It's untapped and it's ready for you call us and get your free fix that every 18883663733. That's one. 366. The city's favorite morning show with the Ned Yost when season not. It's time for. Sixteen. Proudly presents. Behind school. Saturdays can now what this time I've GB plea withdrawn the show Q glee and Chris. Poodles Siro pull double duty today and gentlemen. Another night of high school football that we had good weather it's starting to feel like fall it's sort of do it all the luck jackets. Out there at the high school football games last night but he whether. Me lead it's always a good real high school football weather been great games let's that about the metro. We're gonna spotlights among them four coaches. Once again coming on the show coach Rick Dreiling it's a consequence is given keen key New York high school Jason feedback head coaches Spring Hill. In Todd bonded built we have the whole metro. Covered for you Kansas Missouri even all the way out to spring he'll also sit back relax and enjoy high school football talk. For the next hour but as we do every week to start to show notes look at scores across the metro here is wrong with gains. Is there on the Kansas side Saudi mission east. Still rebounding from the rockers. Lost they would be 77 when he six it's not in this. North Lawrence travels to Raleigh the north they get the W. 28 said that a late he's also on the road another road team when he they'd been studying this south 49 states. Eleven words. If shutout as they probably the northwest the reported net than the rate that it was there. And restate that the toll itself that hold thirty that's the end. Shawnee mission west pretty good team love love their tail that their quarterback they get the win at home 39 it's when he over rivals try to mission northwest. And where you were yesterday Brinkley saint Thomas quine is it a barn burner back and forth they defeat Mill Valley. Forty to 33. The number one team in our poll shut out saint James academy blue valley 45 that they. The age the only loss from blue valley they go out get a big win over blue valley west. At home. 54 to seven. Also blue valley north or south list they they lose at home the blue velvet worthless in a really good game 42 of the 35. Gartner and on the road they they lose the blue valley north 35 and at the and based are continuing to put major points on the board they put up 45 PM against Bonner springs they go on the road win forty sixteenth. The backseat they also that I put up big points this week it's a little tight for them only 28 it defeat Clinton 48 when he won it finally piper. But that doubled that Nichols 55 when he said that they'd be turner and that is it for the scores in finances. The history of the military side draw lines team never to lose rings wins big over release of a north 52 morning line. Lee's summit tops blistering south 4929. Park hill holds off ray tech to win 3126. Lee's summit west beats fort Osage 4217. Park hills south of the liberty 2619. Number three quality wins convincingly over rate town 357. Saint Joe's central beat liberty north when he scored twelve William Chris Smith stays undefeated winning 30 nine's morning went over North Kansas City. It's daily show itself being this old park north and fortitude nothing. Platte county beach race out 39. Saint Pius shots out O'Hair at 21 nothing. Harrison bill wins big against Pleasant Hill 47. Oak grove pulls out a little swollen over excelsior springs 2726. Odessa goes over great invalid 4414. Felton tops my rusty and Eagles. 45 to sit. German with the shootout with the battle 4436. Center shut so wars we're 59 nothing and finally. Maryville beat Smith bill 39. Good stuff those good stuff good games right there of course you mentioned axles which brings the fault of five to this team. Is been someone to look out for here in the metro loser valley conference who's a close game no growth. That was a fantastic gained 27 to 26 we'll circle back now fellows as we like to do. And look at some of these big games were on the miniature because some interest in games. Start off with the final game between saint Pius in oh here. This was the they call crystal cup. In you know on the show we'd like when there's crystal the crystal cup between saint Pius and here of course here is this year. They're moving the school out to a beach summit at the beginning of next year's lab faculty. Day in administration. Moving out to lease on the but the last year pearl era high school football this was a rivalry game between saint Pius and where saint Pius Keats the crystal cup. That bad boy goes to the north wind is they went twenty when the method over here but I love these type of games elect dueling pistols with excel certainly liberty. I like the wagon wheel. Black as a junior at the wagon wheel here. Tell you the emotions. Of these tapes once again I said this at the end of the show last week it can someone tweeted me. Once again it is Chris talked about what he did the Missouri scores sinner. Again. 59 did not then I got IS senator fan ticks me. Telling me hey thanks for shout outs and there we are really give him a lot better this year he told me there could be only one miss that. Indices in late may be the last game of the season but sender. Yeah it with a huge win they have. They have really look good from the move from classes down has really helped them put. A move the class three the yellow jackets seven and oh on the season we still haven't scored. At least forty points this season they've been role in square 4759. In their last two games of big props the brand along. In the Sydor yellow jackets you've had a great game or some other big games in the metro. Big class Missouri classics Lee's summit. 49. Blues bring itself. 29 guys it has of one last week we were looking reports this was a huge gaming classics in the suburban gold conference Lee's summit. It rattled off six straight wins the laws. We want the blue springs and a bitch if you talk to coach Thomas he would tell you. Secretly he would tell you bully if we didn't have that delay it didn't have to come back the next day. Maybe that game is played a little differently. Out on the reloaded and blue springs because they had a lead at halftime dollar aid forced them back on Saturday. It does change some things that props Lisa police summits the team to watch where this team. Meg getting votes in the Missouri media poll for classics they should be up to this one estimate straight quarterly loss. Two blue springs high school course slut blues accepted into our on the season or when to distort the season they won four straight there was no hotter team. In the metro the blue springs south remains twenty point win for coach your Thomas and Lee summit tiger's shoes uniforms last night. Did you see the uniforms you see the highlights the tiger striped it. Bees were full on I think Lisa Lee's summit I couldn't tell if it was like his new book periods to meet it was full on tiger. You know and you know any was listen this show for the first week Miami uniform. And I love these and I like people take saints. I don't know it was a heck of a chance they tick but hey. I've been to the kids loved it a bit they had fun with it but the real tiger stripes yanked over at least summit and and there. And I loved uniforms they have helmets very similar to to resume but they had the helmets. I can't and like the helmets that look like there. I almost rubber you know the. I don't know what I may have added yes thank you yeah at a certain names like this mad at. I was like there aren't alone does it keep this in mind too liked some schools had very close emblems to local colleges. In they're usually okay with that. Gordon outraged and Tripoli. Being at the hole. On the southern Helmut it's blue. It looks like he burnt orange helmet at Texas Tech is actually sitting in my letter a couple of years ago really because their uniforms were too close to the University of Texas Bubba was. To the big time recruits. They sent a letter to go to Kansas. Big ol' boys from Austin, Texas. Say you got to change that logo come on man Russert is their high school kids are in used to have the Philadelphia eagles' logo reads the use that back when I was in high school and I was policies. I'd like when you win win high schools used to be less likely that your fans can by the UB gear of the college competitive if it is our kids did the market. Another big game guys five and one Portugal south liberty. There's good game robber robbery of course the outstanding running back at liberty to feels about him yet. Do not have I'll have the numbers Robert in just the second the pork till samples five and one solve this team in action a week ago against liberty nor what this team. Coach sharp but they're doing a great job killer Joseph last week. Liberty was being too with their new stadium we had coach freak on from liberty on last week is walking to it there on campus facility. They lose the pork you'll south. Those teams are both five and one of the big time win. For pork you'll sell their lost by the way they're classified them as are their losses the classics were killed on a field. Two point conversion. Attempt. The game I was at I think was the biggest game. In on the Kansas idea is that because you read it no because it was the biggest game. What doctors that was added because it literally was the biggest game. I think Thomas quite as forty Mill Valley 33. Say Tom's point it's actually fourteen point lead. Nobel ripped right at the end of it to the into the game seat consequences squeaks it out. The saints we put it this way. Valley what was the catalyst your classify opener Coachella. They beat saint Thomas once twice last year once the beginning of the season once in the state semi finals so it nice winter here. By quite some by the weather head coach Rick Dreiling will join us. In just a few minutes big win for saint Thomas once these teams will meet each other. Again at this point but hits off to a rainy Dreiling his gun at saint Thomas squamous soared into the state title game in the semi finals in his only two years. It's a consequence. Of course my team loses it'll pork. Let's not talk about Christmas theme relative lows let's talk. It's a course you do in Iraq is where wildcat when union. That's right you know it's dark seventeen net than in the first quarter and and and and Wheatley with left about a book lists of at least some ignored get a couple of two of the best players in this. In the Mitchell this year in Davis the running back in the receivers really good battery commander in Davis yeah so I mean that element of a real team they play. Goes mosey out there. Former blue screen helped form it to its orbit. Former co maid of all rounds teammates or coaches high school Qaeda and rugs. A team that I tell you players coaches or radio guys in the team good stuff right there jewel it's time for now. The Johnson wins jewelry high school sports Saturday. Top seed. Number six Ellis you list is actually stable this week we've had a lot of changes the last couple weeks number six. Shot machetes. They improved to 41 on the season they're only loss for the Lleyton was number five rockers the couple weeks ago. Were they turned the ball over six times they scored 77. Good point last night over shot originally think they passable. Then it is an. Win elected he points in a don't pass the football they. The round the rock number five rockers. Didn't win work. Lose they had a biweekly that are not rockers get a bye week what it finally because nobody will play and that's it they're independent school would be a bit of time. Fill out the schedule next week. The big gains of more Miller would be able that the call game last night the next week there at CDC that the team Hennessy Louis that is the number one team. In classics in Missouri you can hear the game with more Miller on our sister station. 1660. So bye week for rockers number four bishop BA's best teams in and our top five we'll season their offense is rolling now every thirty points at 38 points a game. Guess what guys the slack. Last year the average 57 points a game with 38 points a game. It you'll take that huge 5047 winning that a big one next week over blue valley west next week in square off against defending by the team. Mill Valley class between two depending. State teams for a division one bishop needs. In of course the classified champions. Mill about the ballots gets stuck in this team has played the materials so every single week. Number three post coach ever on the job jewelry high schools were set the great Jones 427 win over Rajon they announced that 70. The fitting state team spirit real good game next week play an upper class bill played stealing thousands a week from Friday. Number two hole run on the show blue springs looking good. 615221. Win over at least some of north to talk about a few minutes ago. The blue springs just roll we actually done Gulf Coast on all last week he said they circled to gain before the season. Rockers that played list we lose brings out that late next week. So it's a circle game could be a Seth Davis shortly. Number one. Number one blue valley. Who's the five and no big 45 and it could win oversee genes academy next week. At blue belt staff southwest that usually bye week coming up next. Rick Dreiling. He was coats it coasted Hutchinson before seen Thomas point is they were going 46. What does he do in seventeen years about rattle 160 victories seven state titles and two state runners up. He's now at saint Thomas point is big 4033 win over Mill Valley we talked to him next. School sports Saturday. Sixty and Sports Radio. Our Hartley yeah rebel Freddie aren't zero cents down. Zero interest and zero waited until next here on any new Harley that we don't like Bob Hartley has the largest currently inventory in the midwest with the over 600 licensed. Why aren't as secure financing terms that can save you thousands monitors know just down nobody was. No interest in my dear great such as one point 99%. That rhyme or at least triple play either. 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Stuff and then save 50% off on all pro and collegiate apparel we also have 25 to 50% off unemployment footwear almost everything else in the store. Stop in and saved today have no brother sports. When local sports news forty. Yeah electorate. Rose I. Six and the Sports Radio. Coming up Monday we'll have all the reaction from the big Sunday Night Football game chiefs taking on the Steelers will hear from Andy Reid and we'll hear from Alex met. Plus wool wrap up the royals' season at 8 o'clock we'll hear from our royals insider Josh Burt air at 9 o'clock Ned Yost joins us for the final time this season to wrap up the 2016 seasons and you gotta be believed in me. At 915. Sixth. You know. Sports that are next coach. Done great things all he does is when it's it's been a saint Thomas White has the state championship appearance. He semi final appearance and his team often rolling a huge forty to 33 win over Mill Valley last night he had seven state championships. While and it Hutchison coach good morning. More sure talking a reading drilling had coaches say Tom's quarters in coach. I was at this game I saw what happened I saw two good football teams two good head coaches go one at a I would juror who was gonna win that game to the variant it was that good. Well I would agree actual football game both sides a lot of takes a lot made a lot of great players. Eric pinot noir kind of kind of what you expect what you hopeful he could Shiites who gave. I take what coach you're quarterback will Swanson. Just the junior bit that's a tough offense to run that flex bone. Seems very similar to what we see it Shawnee mission east but. Look to lady last night I mean that's that's a tough offense to run to get to know when digit win to keep a bit will Swanson seemed to have a dialed in last night. Well weighted shot at the belly so where are you straight so I'll just hit it. Maryland where owners he did you do very. Well swapped their quarterback just fine way to take place in your just what the winners are you look at him. You know he's not a typical quarter bear that he is certainly here again we're glad we got our side. Thank coaches run usually. So looking. Root for you get to touch there he. They lose 26 consecutive games you come in in seventy years. Heard this program completely around including seventh state titles and now you've got a enroll in here. I'm just carries. A you do it's not the do you think maybe you can take government jayhawks. It looks like you can put together a program. The do you think you can go to Kansas it may be helped my school out and take over my jayhawks because if you are putting together programs like this. I believe that you can go to the next level and do it too. Library. Together members they're there every little. It in the stool. Okay there every they're the same number of boys for him your garage you know same number it. Hey how's it you know many many players out here but he also. I'm sure. You know it appeared in order here on your record. GAO so. Like chart here. Overview of the shop are there. Other matters now now you know here's our plan and your system you'll orders usually. If you can't find it in Seattle sits there. Personal Cerro hear this story of your team this year is being your defense. In three of your four wins you have and allowed more than fourteen points. Who feel like he's the anchor of the on the defensive side of the ball freer. Well that's that's a great point they are there are leaving right on it last night. Several times they put mystery older and get turnovers. And really work difference in the game. You know market where right now hardy pictures. Any Herbert. Number 27. I think you're not tackled first sample on the plates say he force. He would hit last year well there is no way you play Patrick told the team years. This week in there's going to be a senior this year. It can play the transformation he's paid. There's been incredible so proud of them had heard a lot of equity firms are bought a linebacker they're all agree yeah you're great job last night. Blood in jurors are both interceptions. You know it's it's pretty sol. And we law age or older in Turkey warned yanked into the many years in your car preceded this limited. In Warwick is Rhode shipped a reporter and so on these shared the various stated. Our league. Coaching and it's that was a big loss I've seen Angel placed several times and he was really get it to get to the quarterback and they got was so good do you lose him in trading QB's the I was state didn't commit. I guess that is tough as using head coach seeing a guy that talented one on the next level not able to play his senior year. Well you know that they get. He gets to play again you know you this year what did you. You know the thing about dealers see you know that particularly that she loved the game. He prepared to gain and did you as a leader on these shirts. And hazard the end he may also work all for air Gardner she's nuclear. Eric here so he's. He was warrior scholar quite afford the starters. You know here but ankle injury to your surgery. A few days ago. Still obstacles we'll stay there were able enabled you to watch on there. But to each leg poitier is going to be here. Just real quick codes we did talk with with those Donahoe last week and he said they had some circle aids. You guys had tough losses to this team twice last year. Kind of paint that picture for us out here how your kids worried how important this game was to him yesterday. Well you know Leo talk about the fact that generally get you know your own here in nine years so. Each game is important here. That we treat it that way. We also talked about the fact that you or two totally different team. No valley. Law many players seniors we lost. You know art car out there at Mardi search you're not it's certainly the players players. Or so of the program program where should it matter expect. For what courage Applebee's. That you take rightward work hard they had built a program. Shall as well and beat her. Again you know that that kind of what you know what we get week we ask the shape that cute here Warren you hear it physical. It's so you know we talk about that this year on the potential accurate that just you know junior programs story here she's in trouble that's. Head coach Randy Dreiling OC Tom's going to speak 4033 win over Mill Valley last night coach has been fun talking to you're one of the legendary head coaches in the state of Kansas so much appreciated sir. I appreciate only in my own mind thanks. I doubt about beacon where he's Leonard thank you very much coached currently there have been as we mentioned. He took over hutch. It's in the I'm thinking it's the salt hawks. One to 46 before he gets there he went seven state titles runner up in two more. Comes through corners in the state championship in a semi final by the way is Puerto Shea is offensive coordinator in touch. Dustin Delanie dead on the show head coach John imagines what's he done. He's won a state championship there's walls will be very successful. Flexible team that's what's kind of joke at the beginning they do run the same offenses at Shawnee mission east. In saint Thomas Kwan has been one heck of a coach and Reynard is a program builder. If you just look at his risen as well it's it is connected. Turn a program around. Well another guy that turned programs around his name's Todd bond he's the head coach bill who won 456. Last night over Ruskin. Next week they polio ports and with Chris school to my school in two straight weeks we'll try to jets coach Todd bond next. Thousands jewelry high school sports Saturday sixty and sports. I they're Cary jobs with child is jury. 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Coach Todd Vaughn joins us now coach impressive win last night 45 and six of a rescue and Padgett do it. Well not very we had a great week preparation. And when Allen did what we need to do fundamentally you're focused and and excuses world and that did some great things offensively defensively or special genes and and that extra war game play a world of people observers ago. I'm not saying and you do have a few issues loose ball street view issues which would include Volvo world is pretty good. Our because as Ryan usually use you guys have had two losses this season. 12. Liberty and they have an exceptional running back and then also too this really good Carnie team you all played them really. Coming down the stretch you guys are really coming along in your plans or five weeks. Would be winds yesterday is like county and against recounts how do you feel going to the home stretch this season with this team now. You are so good about what we're. We've got everybody. There are some cute if you those days are so little bit. But whenever we're in regard to that bring Carter good football games and Brooke Burke from Liberty City as well is he special. But you know I think our kids are really buying into the fact that we got it just continue to work to do every week and we talked about that last week and so like. We lost that party game because more fundamentally sound as we need to be reduced Astro accused of focus on that get better. At what they do what we're asking them do. I think we have a great week of preparation last week if we can continue to do that and achieve this step up and show some more leadership. Our secure real potential to. There have some success here as you go along later in the year. Chris and I was there earlier you're you're pirates have gotten better every year that you've been head coach there. Obviously last week you very close game against Carney. Do you how close do you feel like you are to becoming a power house in in high school football here in Kansas City. Well I don't know about power house I think for us to be considered even in that in that. Area there was some of those guys like Carney for the city and some of those we've got beat them I mean it's not just go about competing and in England. Giving close and we're we're not here for more pictures and more vet that was four years ago now we've got a lot beat those teams so let's be considered. The powerhouse and I think you also have to do that the first day the amount of time. A week include don't our culture's changing. Our kids have bought into what we do we are committed to what we do occur they're coaching staff. I mean our our administration's committed just building football program so old you know oh going in the right direction. But to beat we gotta we gotta when some big you know we got which in JPG sort of stoppages district. You gotta do those things to consider ourselves and that's what we'll try challenge and our kids to do that that statement sent to the next level. So we can consider ourselves meets all the way in that direction. Are gonna talk on head coach or build new comes over from Farmington in whole or his head coach as well and Chris by the way BEE with the Ruskin Escude question with the rest and how little or coach so. Back to back weeks you're playing are all more moderate but last year you didn't being it's the third round of the playoffs you to build and to new horizons so I'm sure would just a couple of weeks ago. Your eye is just improving every single year which you do with the program. Yeah and and that's what we're trying to do news. You know when when we got here at Saint Regis coaching stats it was. It's pretty rough I'm on the lot to you lose. Culture is that the numbers were our kids that were barricades registered no you know what they need to do is be successful. It's getting better year. You know widget will get more leadership that would give him I would give her kids more ownership of the football program note that show some leadership and and let's start buying them start to realize that you know we can't be successful. Then we can blog that he levels off as well submitted to be an assessment can be its start up in. Just a really hope that it continues beat next. Our next two weeks of the regular season and that could put something together. Starr and lieutenant at least on an addict I really want artistic experience. I've been you know I've been fortune and blouses and that football coach and our war accused experienced ever thought. Coach Todd Bonneville high school coach OC than two weeks against grand view be at their thanks for the time and a thanks for being a great coach in the metro and oh lead your team like all these great coach in the city do. Q regular actors are great coaches here it's a great place the high school football coach no doubt about it. Appreciate what you do best thank you. Are they associate a couple weeks there you go coach Todd on their. Head coach of built in and speaking of another good head coach. In the Mitchell gold into Spring Hill Kansas now Spring Hill big win last night 33 to global auto by the way your three you know now. In their conference in the front tier league next week they played Lois Bergen of their three you know team. In the Frontier League coach Jason feedback joins us now from spring he'll coach good morning. They were doing good couple impressive wins by the Broncos last couple weeks ago is on. What role you dropped the first two which she won three in a row with a 33 to twelve win over Ottawa last night what's working for you. In the stretch coach and what were free last night. You know our kids just playing physical with flying around we're limited their turnovers and boy does the first couple games. Both were planted well so now market there. They've been great tackles weren't that important in the back field. I didn't turn over the three picks and more and fumble recovery and specialty and so. Turnovers you win a lot of games and if you can stop turning people over Libya to. Eight Coates of the more specifically with district you've had. It seems like your offense is illegal and to a new level. 42 last week 33 this week. What's bids more specifically offensively. In the difference in districts. That you guys have shown great improvement that you just. You know metal and their Alfredsson and influence which. Which they did and so while it. They'll start to to guys on. All the internal on the world that deployment from last year was still churn of one of Bernard. Quote as an influence on line of work back in the next week or two. But we're returned to return on return it opens the monsters in. All of that ties stroll in the running Americans. Let me give 5%. Very he'd just run that he's wrong thing. And notably oh yeah lot of our. And that we secretly employed. They view orders canceled middle nineties and this just don't did the players should really good job. Managing the game and playing within the system I'll try to do too much. I think to establish a balanced attack. We've we've been able all well and honorable. Mention it it's been a collective thing I think limiting turnovers just figure out. What are guys that complain that your kids strengthened. DG. Personal Serra here. You parties a pastor win total from last year. How will think he's really been the biggest change mentality wise from your one the year two for your team. I think our kids. This year or. More mature than their their quality and more. I think they're taught for. I think entertainment's is that close knit group. And we've been down we were down since the world first quarter while not committed two turnovers right up. And it is important that we scored big bill and scored the Blankenship and in thirty seconds on the clock at one and over I mean I think it's carried out there and that didn't. It's inclusive. Believable. And we have higher expectations for kids would demand a lot of probable and our kids it would respond. I think it takes. For a year or two before kids really I think trust is a really big thing when you're trying to build something and then it would be in a virtual Trojan programs. I think as they take full time it's all about relationships and what you can do to kids in. I don't know I think ghost as the decision isn't. Really put a lot of time of war canceled most of them the weight room and does a phenomenal job with that so. I don't know I think just hard work involved and it does do the budget turbulence we've. And it's very good positive message richter Gucci some feedback I'd go to Spring Hill is on a role that won three straight 23 you know. In the Frontier League huge game next week against Lewis birders undefeated also three though in the Frontier League coach stakes for the time this morning. Or. Ego boost. They're thank you coach decent feedback of Spring Hill coming up next we do the playmaker segment at the end of the show doable different today with the big risk recruiting. It's from rivals Josh mobile. Out of Michigan who covers the entire midwest we'll talk about some of the playmakers here in Kansas City area will do that next. Thousands jewelry high school sports Saturday six and sports week. 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The nation's longest running and highest rated radio show on the concept of sports wagering and disasters. UPS is now hiring part time package handlers and Kansas City and my legs up. Package hammered receive competitive back and can graduate does very with a 125000. Dollars toward education assistants. Joint UPS family today and start your path to a brighter future. Apply now at UPS jobs dot com slash radio that you PS jobs dot com slash Brady out for a great job and excellent benefits on one package. Delivered by UPS. Is there. It UPS jobs dot com slash radio. He needs our town sixty and Sports Radio just Lindstrom. High school sports center. Coach Jones we have a full slate of coaches debuted during the first coach on the job in the jury high school sports Saturday may have walked. Think it's good to see. This requires they grab them long been about what's important wouldn't who have been everywhere you can hope Doug Kamal what we're very elderly. Triggered their thousand gathered Jon should Portugal high school that good or bad we appreciate it won't put up this sort fourteen small senator. On sixteen and sport. We called the sigma completely. Segment of the show tunes down very special guest. He's the midwest recruiting analyst for rivals dot com Josh noble Georgia is now what's up Josh. It a high school football in full swing obviously. We watch a lot of your kids city your candidate George of the midwest area what the guys I want to talk about first. It was a four star prospect. From rivals named Chester graves who basically is offers you name the power conference he's got offers for them. What do you think of the Chester grades and restricts you think you might be Lehman. Yeah I mean. Obviously been states who knows who knew what the school that I felt would be contender to the end I think it will be. No he has expressed some strong interest in our state what you. Which is bought or sold. Characters like he's you know he's been that way for the entire recruiting process error guides to. You know I didn't when they were stock want to be but where they're gonna end up Chester is not that way he eats everything they are also the. He's not it doesn't do a lot of media. If I do not talk with them a lot in eight not a united. They connect with often that's just the way we operate so you really have one of these rare. In this day and age where it'll be solved recruiting coverage. Blow by blow he has one of these rare recruitment that it's kind of a crapshoot and word at the end up. I'm like you mentioned he pretty much has has picked intelligence book. What are you will sign on the first Wednesday February. It's still pretty big mystery. We're we're talking Rochester graves of pork kill high school. Please defensive end inside linebacker. At the next level Josh where do you see Chester you just mentioned Ohio State's look at name all the local schools of offering as well. See more of an outside pass rusher he can see him play in the inside that he's been doing this year. I'll go to Lowe's that lying and that explosiveness on the Internet weather system that's what that's what the appeal there isn't Chester in the line. And their ability to work again offensive tackles. You can have an athletic system. Advantage over but also doesn't give up a lot and we leveraged apartment so. Like the Indian a guy that college coaches we're gonna put on the yen to seven technique related and I technique. On the go after the quarterback. They just run usually sold the most dominant I would say defensive player that I've seen. Ms. Anthony paint me personally it repay. And it animal we have heard that he may be that they offer from horrible on me she can. But as he's gonna go to K state were you surprised that. A borrower. More high level teams did offer. Antony Payne is just from him on the field is the best and most dominant player I've seen the pins. I'd I'd I'd absolutely understand what you're saying we're out and as the Ronald insert the back in Kansas City back in May and Anthony. Shelled out there meaning without Stanton is exceptional. He's still under artillery. What I said he shows that a lot. Nobel oh yeah she you're talking about when you're looking at recruiting is not who they are today it's who they're going to be treated for years. You can you compare the appellate chapter is quote certainly appealing than Chester. That doesn't mean that he's not going to be your child's play Wii at the rate it clearly at the upbeat he's got Barack policy by L player an and validated that we got chances seeing him up also personal but he. That would be neatly into. You know he's he's and that Wiener is Kia the strong side defense event type that the three technique. Defense to tackle type. And old are the things that hold him back from giving that much attention it's saying a Chester graves and use it and the on your stealing and and that our long term potential doesn't take away anything from Anthony even more of a sure fire thing I would say. And that in and of itself all value but that's the reason why. And Michigan Bigelow offer Hartley was that one of their settle. In the. And I honestly delicate marriage is committed to Kansas State he's gonna play out our football expect them is be here who have. But I he would offer was being about what I expect. Person of Cerro here every year we always look at you know tough 100 top 300 rankings for these high school players. And when you you'll go back and look at the the older lists five years you know five years removed from and maybe a quarter of these guys really live up to expectations. What's the toughest part that goes into trying to evaluate how these guys are going to you'll pan out three to four years from now. Yeah in the actually it's more like 6070%. Which is pretty similar to what beautiful craft which. We take what party could be in the telco in the next four years counts itself but. Obviously there and you can't. Helpful. You know and in injury that sort of guy down. You know guys that. It hit the talent we have one kid who will say what I'm a player in the midwest went to eight feet and school and got addicted to video game. And sale of its. Think it's. Felt like hey. You welcome wants us you've got to be able to take in account stuff like that. If it. This is the middle that you can obviously the man on the. Our net and the intangibles. You know something that we actually look at and think get a feel for and that was factory. As and try to project and that are going to be with or who's that guy can be incalculable. But certainly things like injuries stand. Package. Losing their stuff but not realizing where you know the opportunity that they have built the thing happened of that doesn't mean that we don't yet we get and the I'm not gonna figure Kelly scientific. And the fact that's who pro. It is that subjective measurement. And with that you're gonna have some that it is but. You know for the majority kids. Would be critical so you look at the five stars in and look at it from a macro standpoint. Our start and now higher level or stuff or start and how much higher level boots are and so law but yet you look at it. Played you know individual by individual will have some incidents that you could argue otherwise how. Digging do you guys do inter in terms of like the actual character of players a little obvious you're gonna we gonna check out what they do on the field but. But how difficult is special disease or high school kids. How difficult is it to really did into the the personal side of behavioral side of the these players. I would say what's difficult is to understand how much do you measure of their ticket might striking has been. Really low key is not a real intense kid you wonder about as Mulder. You get the next level. And you just the 2000. You know how much you factor in and to what extent and what keys are you looking forward and an individual kids could look at me from beyond. A recording of the almost fourteen years now and so on are being guy. You know not only graduate lights will greatly Khaled go to the NFL a hero. And and he did it feel for what makes great football players what makes. Prospects of the principal players and keep an eye out for those things you're able the pick those up pretty easily. Not billions. A 100% but there are some guys that immediately strike you. From a hand shake and look in the high tech of the deal more in debt. You know on the flip side where you know maybe doesn't. Of that stat that love that desire for the game. It's Josh tell mold Almonte Twitter at Josh he'll hold the midwest recruiting analyst for rivals. Dot com thanks a lot Josh enjoy the inside thanks for commercial ordered. You know Josh normal rector he's based in Grand Rapids, Michigan becomes your rivals as these camps here in kids who these guys who covers the whole midwest with. It became recruited by the Michigan. And all that went in the Padilla and we believe plays it re picked high school Chester graves. That's pretty good. He's gonna offer now for Michigan State as well Chester has offers literally. From all over the country's got Kansas Kansas State Missouri you at Ohio State where Ohio State comes in city recruited kid you know there just the different level. A type of player that you of the Big Ten Wisconsin Ohio state of the Big Ten Florida is SEC look at Chester Grey's. Any power conference you name it they're coming to Kansas City. To look so yes. Get your kids in those camps as rivals teams if you came in in the summertime because that's where there value weighted that's where the stores they can't see everybody BK it's here or these can't do. It's tough sometimes more Jackson. Leading Heisman Trophy Urquhart restart accrue more customary at a store he had offers from organ. And Memphis that was it winds guys John means they'll restore that brown at Texas one of the make him a defensive back he said doll. I don't want to Jamison what's been called Texas and his coach. Backgrounds that now. So dark and under recruited guys been so difficult. Difficult to reject these guys nuts oval I think they do is tougher in the college kids go in the unifil which isn't rocket science Cesar that is tough to do. And high school to college. Big difference does it depends on as a I see 45 star recruits at quarterback don't probable high school offense doesn't throw it yet they do all these camps in the summer time. That's lazy this kid's going. Michigan State it in there for pretty RY it's this it's this it's woody can do the system limits them what to do in this camps and summer yet it's. Really release tempered player I guess that you go through those lists and you look at you know how on the these guys they yell in that rivals 100 years in 300 and make it to. The NFL. Like you know Spencer ware was at quarterback on an out of high school I mean it's it's really really difficult to go out and and trying to evaluate these talented and figure out really how far they're gonna go because there's so many different factors that go into. Like you say it's it's it's so much more difficult the college to the NFL because these guys at least. Don't have to worry about what is a 5670. You'll have a better town if you didn't play in the video game yeah it's the I'd like to think head coach Brady dry leniency Thomas Aquinas coach Todd vaunted took to build and in the head coach spring you'll broncos' Jason feedback for coming on the show. All BC teams academy and say that Thomas appointees in expert I run he'll at this Sydney Games Mill Valley big game and Ian Yates coach Hoover. I'll be out there to check yet. Good stuff that's run neatly pursuit looser on Judy we see you next Saturday lining up. This has been jostling. Re high school sports Saturday. Six. Looking forward to the weekend. Of course you are as nerve and assemble a 652. Part entertainment center that has a seventeen page instruction manual. Let us know what works. Don't or if there's too many screws left behind it's only got a hold your brand new ninety pound flat screen TV. I forget the weekends pull money Mondays are here. 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