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The Rory Fresco & Friends Episode

Oct 18, 2016|

Carrington is joined by up and coming rapper Rory Fresco to talk about him being signed to Epic, how he was discovered, and his creative process. Afterwards, he's joined by his 3 friends to discuss how important your spouse's relationship history should be and other shenanigans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy to be back it is the stick to sports by cancer care to address of from the dry here you can get the podcast on iTunes strive to all that stuff you can also get on sixth in sports dot com. Next is Rory fresco and greens at the so my friends came in for the second half this way and I got the thought to a talented. Young up and come and rapper named Rory fresco which we hear after this. Happy to be joined on the six as. Ports podcast are Rory fresco he's eighteen years old has a pretty incredible story -- I was going to lament is that are you doing good man I'm doing good to eighteen years old you tore in the country you're going everywhere let's start first with. This story that I think people know. If they know your story they noticed former archer. You upload low key on the cell clout it's going okay in the beginning all of a sudden you wake up one day in eight businesses boom and you'd find out why business is booming and is because real friends was an algorithm right before you or song let's go back to that day when you found out what was your reaction. It was crazy. Or person. Among friends come to zenith on the line. Broad and I do and I know like him in the back in my hand analyze everything is about the same. So is is like super some real I think Andrew. Is trading that is that is a crazy story just how random it is how it's at any augur them and all that kind of things who was the first person you told us I've difference. In my day. What was his reaction. Meant. Every thereby only they would like super silly at first until like he's like major publications are posts and about it so fixated. Com plays beads he like chaos post and about it. In movies like. I know something about that outline the labels are the star Colin. If first thereby Lewis who was in line. Within the next media super raising and administrative process of now just talk and no labels and you know you go for beater regular Q you're and high school you're working you're trying to establish a music brand. And all of a sudden you're being sought after by these major labels is that a stressful. The issue is who would like to handle it. It. Man is it. Everybody you know different motives you never know that you're motives on the issue is who is that the knocking him who's the first little other Tutsi. And Atlantic. Atlantic records was the first letter when reached ethnic. And 300 nothing in the other zoom a two did you talk to have you talked to anybody else talked about everybody is that there. You still. Are you still independent are you still calm sonnet bigger design epic okay are covering something it's a good sign epic and then there was some confusion that you morneau epic and and you were still kind of doing independent things are based on unclear on. What's your renewal from that perspective you know moms and bickered loses a lot of fusion offers this. And he says syndicates and tightening some advice on speed form. The helps on hypocrite what advantages do you think it has to be assigned to record terrorism adding that chance is created such a lame that you to stay independent and you still get opportunities to do major things we chances independently he's doing Nike commercials to an apple commercials. He thought things what advantages are when you eventually decided the other corporate umbrella. Oh he's got like them seeing behind you can like you don't have to do on that ground work yourself like as far as you know cushion as opposed and Asia's you know. Give no percentages. You know whatever you make is so that they can do to grow our free and you know they actually yuppie gates today and they that would doesn't take as long as if you were doing an Indy. Do you feel like they kind of push and music and what kind of correction that you were kind of doing your own -- obviously be stay independent you keep a 100% of that creative freedom do you ever feel like they kind of pushy when certainly it may be your night in that lenient non that we do know for the most part. That's moderate Frisco he's eighteen years old is a pretty remarkable story can actually stream has album now world on complex scenes like conflict showed a lot of love so far a couple of thousand. How did the how they're streaming deal come out at their base that we're gonna poster mixed day. Oozes. Contacting young people who there's just those relationships. Those who want to and those. Having those relationships. And Cecil and who has written we'd panic until then they wouldn't premier. Semis ever urgent news with four average you describe missile. Man lying. Youthful and super youthful. And this something like. I got a ways like you never heard before is different line. I've gotten a drug influences from a lot of people but I like I'd take those people might merge into one. And that worries are those people Kate Katie is on the influences. I'm Michael Jackson. Young drove it. Something they'll like those people off when that doesn't mean that's well off they are young heroes like soothing influence. And then of course Qaeda. It's like when you say that you did influences from drone obviously he's from the south a different kind of slang and dialect I didn't study who is I think kind are I think I cut UConn a berth this melodic movement right now like Travis is in right now the Gaza just been a rapid is due melodies which I think that's kind of what the sound is right now Heidi you've got to take a little bit of that cut the flow and a little bit of that. Southerners from young pro account a fuse into yells at alike. That liked a guy like thousands like super high in just go like this you know like tight balance even those not like you know his flow or any thing. But like his weeding is in like just the bounce of his life beats and everything like I just let it. Do you think it's hard now because of the Internet because of. How available music is with Sri meaning at all these kind of things have finder on sale 'cause I think kind of how lately anything is ways they kind of go it's cycle right now occult Cody raptor my would we grew up it was a cracked wrap there everybody was reverend outselling cracked. Everybody is now rep about B a how serpent take a Motley like is hard to kind of find Jolie win the radio is dominated by a certain sound. The owl I it is it is it is or the final sound but that's why you just kind of you know somebody's got to stay back. And you Leunen and focus on who you are you know what comes out naturally for you would. Do you not have to try hard to do you know I mean like edges you know land in whatever just comes out that's who was going to be used. Let's go to the creative process I'm always like talking to people that create meetings because. At some point you just sit down to tape. Aren't new but are generated cortisol didn't you hear the beat Thursday just are rightly urged the and you kind of put those lyrics to the beater at how does it work whenever you decide I am greatest our report new music. Well lies I make like diapers in my beats so. Make could be like sometimes I sit on it for years sometimes you know I'm making like that night records within night. But as far as like. Records. Is kind of heart that likes they I don't really bright I'd argue in the Monica Obama might in down like god to take like I do some rumbles here. You know and do tumors feuding go back and just like Phillip and actual. Words are he's a fruit loops material beats are young voters who says the men and these this record he's pro tools. Do you feel like sometimes debuted outside voiced his Alice in zoological like most people of this into logical. AM I feel like Jay call kind of struggles with the it's just one constant sound to entire album them like nobody else does this course is so he's rapping is sing in the chorus he makes his own beast that is slightly and he's like six solid at all in the exact same song I think it's kind of hard when you. You write the lyrics for yourself you make could be for yourself obviously you know what feels comfortable you is hard and make music sound differently when it's just you the entire time. As soon as if that if you know it's tough. But it you know that's when you. Region mean a difference are losing in the still was a different music and he nudges Graham influenced. From like oldest. It's not like modern so then like you can't. Like unconsciously. Sound like me by those he goes you know. Does this in Colorado musical lawyer. In a small pop music and you can just draw melodies from that or like you know samples this different stuff is almost that he used to draw inspiration from. Says it changes your sound. Looked as new generation licences. Like this under thirty crowd but I feel like that's like they're out 125. That they are to start to come out into the race Shermer concert I'm a couple days ago I mean I'm 28 not has reached the point I mean Iraqis to start and a learned a lot and 1920 year old personality around these young kids go more for the values divvy. Yeah I idealized and my daddy talking about the all that the somebody music enormous sums on armor from what it was about a Ali you know like you went on to at least talk about. So if you like I don't know what he's talking about I I like talk of moments his crew lit. Like who the I don't like dot yet all along. Those who don't like they disease who blew it like ally yeah any more news he's going. Ally. He's melodies. Really who's the you know these. A local. Job of losses from this young air that's like artist I do like young America. In the with a little news that the song everybody's heard about this boy. You heard mine and a lover sees those. He superdome. She's dish does the course of that why you always say there was together yet on what sort of hear talk into Aurora Frisco he's eighteen years old you can stream his album now world. On complex magazine whose mysterious person you met in this experience that once you kind of blow up you start going to different places you get the stormy day for people whose corporate human. Timbaland. Is as other picture how did it come together. And Asia and at the studio and my is that we are in line. We do logged out you know with the community. And the and his bobbed up Clinton's the people and that is the group move. That conversation more pitches hanging out a group of people like you know what let's go hang out attempt what if there's not gonna you know and that's an area like MI right. Mean I mean I mean those are really believed it. Poland Niger dissent is like beat Finland. The new legally in the news news. Atlases and that he losses in the audiences Natick is amazingly cute oath who pursued like a home I'll assertion an excellent. What's it like to meet those guys that obviously. The rap scene today is different is based on morality is not base stolen the locks it duke like that was side. Got to have bore like news blocks and to a melodies like do you feel like they got to show you love now is a younger artists is kind of going different waving them. Forty like there's a little push back because it's not all days are wrapped. Phillip pace on the look at life. That's Oz I'm not even mind of the melodies on visas like me rapid and like that's who you know people there realize it actually rat. So by pale ice on the do you feel pride in the that you can actually wrecked because like you to sit down. Why do you who's got you might like god I can't wrap it like I cannot old story nick it may be home and gizmos that I can wreck though it is. Definitely counts of Oprah book is move for I was you know making melodies with the undrafted and Odom those who have. You. Are talking or fresco here on Leah on this export pockets can download this on iTunes or on the sixth and sports. Website you record us there's at your house you record your basement corrective for the most part. How did I come together was it just you gotta put the money together hustle and up to kind of creature wholesale euros studio to usher like you'll some kind of static you don't just wanna. Are we got a computer we got a microphone let's just put it right next that a shower like there's some kind of claiming that goes decorating your home studio yeah it was it was like years and amazingly. Really over the years like a barriers daily expert Suze like. You as being marker plant and like collapse those speakers. In light of grated speakers are so my game like that speakers. In like a ball in the might not agree at them and like I go like some days between Christmas and new computers it can agreement over the years. Indians. Like even in light it is days like. Team like antique shop and look for any sign of the put him like flag. Nudges the hope that the that's on what about like we are creating a home. I whenever you're backing your element where you first started making music what you first made low key and you just go back so that mindset what's that like. This is it really depends on what color lights up in and in. Line. With the blue light that deal like this who. Nights Tom Ryan. You know under lights on on Nina makes height is is different vibes when it is. Well I think that is. And you and I were talking about this before we start or were cordoned what's the vibe like when you record in my Amy that the sound of their music is obviously different and if you're in Los angels record. Just different sounds different inflow is different atmosphere different cultures. What's the atmosphere like in those two places when you finally decide hey I wanna sit down and it was a no one acts of Miami uses like the super. I nightclub influence. This is an art scene though focus on something and personal years organ and mark my and you look at you know the vibe is superior. Like close. LA is the silver tiny record Nellie but I like the violently outlook accordingly actual. Men is it like. LA is like the opposite here is it never gets coldly. On these people it's almost to do. I once LA for the first time this summer I went right. Late August on with my difference those out there. I hated really hate it Los Angeles to ethnic MO yeah and a car you go five miles it takes 37 minutes I hated it like out. Keep me in the midwest and you figure out easily I hated it it was not a standard culture like your perspective. I hated it now the weather was pretty amazing but it was August is amazing everywhere the United States. I hit harder fresco or in the all India stick to sports podcast putting orbit next. If you continue to get bigger meet more people be in the room with different people you would actually sit on it reports on the with. And probably mine. Learn lines and. And where you ID these were the indicators ask somebody like this to pick a bio ploy is they're Graham at his mile a I'm working on the solid reason it's you let me see Richard date and I got like that the network image you have from a music respectively just different than normal people's mind is viewed. The other relationship thing is. If you don't ages you know Inco funk you know. Regular pants in England. Is this really matter code local phone calls out of the old easy think on the you know who's on the on this issue. Some people that know put that place again. So wasn't so you have never actually recorded together he just it is hard to beat century the thing you knew you liked and you got put together. Most Korean trade that you guys to work on that kind of stuff together and never be in the same room never had any kind of communication and Ahmed nominal afterward or even after it is over that. Those who he's a lot of excellent. Eighties Friday as big as well you know honestly lament. He felt like those people. Deep deep as competition that's the best way to phrase I would look at someone like he's like. Obviously you want GB spot he's going on tour he was just the view amaze for four or Britney Spears is that solves a radio like you look at him as competition is always that we hear when you ask import by Sweden you essentially want a spot. Well on the in the back in my mind is competition bullet you know we just gave now look in his company's own league on collateralized. And Nazis by judges you know. Do mean and you know that of us in my abilities so that I can and give him. I was Reno an article and you and you are talking about the sound at a Kansas City is somebody pulled up some old sweetened juice and everybody from Kansas City sells the sound same and that's why they won't make it diva like -- limited being in the beginning to kind of do which you want to have not really ignited a little bit on that the economy and the naming Diana. Honestly say that. It's true. Only thing I mean after I feel like it's far is. By building connections he says in the New England. And is in a slave keep making meet me in England. What you think that Kansas City has a broken through the way to Saint Louis did you bigots because. And I didn't become as big as Nellie was because Nellie made it through. And inching you made it through in the engine gives made it through Indian takeaway made it through like they had always had a way for like two years three years in Kansas city's has been tech not and there's. So far I would say there's been a big gap between tech not everybody else try to make music. And those support each and you can city's light. Donald ID you know really drive for each other I mean we got the the key is you know it is the music bit. Really go hard for each of the but it and you know NFL guy but even that is. This that's a good question why do you think things I don't know. Whether it is light I support somebody if you from the same city government trying to do assaulted but daylight what defined support like I always been a Q we asked you pay for the mic state. Injury gave me so far to offer free mama don't if you thought policy don't mix tape he put her right there does blog immediate download I listened to you lose and not airport at this point you gotta prove to be. You do some (%expletive) worthy for me to pay for. But I'll play it is more than the music like also you know people. Our Coolidge is like heaven and makes say about some people don't really won me you know. Put on an incredible show Larry you know put a Pablo shop where you know do all kinds of different things for the season nobody really those. I think too that. With Toronto phobia of fiscal years ago. You notice as Mort you travelers you've got notre likes certain cities have cultures like in Toronto they had a cultural like I understand how war can control happen from being near you it's like you'll look Caribbean influence. When you go to LA like you understand why generated the kind of news when you go down south I was in Atlanta. Earlier this year and you can feel a lot they make strip club news you go to magic city like you wanna make some big dance and survived at least partly cents. From that scene in Kansas City like where's the culture come from like what you draw on the influence from. Where you like me and I want you must song played at XYZ because an alien it's eight almost song play magic the album must song played at blue flame like. Whatever to girls start dancing at 12 o'clock outlook and B days into this song I don't feel like there's that avenue we Kansas City for you to create for. I agree. Really the only when I draw inspiration from his life. I'm going to like the bottoms and take pictures or if on analogue and down on that's on that. Our guys whose aspirations from in Kansas City which are goals which restoration by what's next for you between now at 21 I think US elect. What easier so the next ten years. I should that's that's that's three phases between now in the for eighteen to 21 that's a realistic goal what you see yourself at 21. One is when reduce prisoner replacement senator and life without and to do something nutrients leaving and now you know do it forward. Like just me but I wanna like bring other people here light he would do in the in the tent cities is the like. For me to bring you know like the key committee here color in a wide gee here's some different matters like. Oh because nobody's done it. You know on the you know artists from here it is done sprints and I mean what I do respect that and I and his accountant you know he opened for homeless. On the on the buy it as it wants prisoners from Kansas. That makes perfect sense from a musical perspective is or somebody like career you're shooting for like his or somebody to like me and I hope I have the career of bill on the border. Jerry card. It. You say Drake like did you feel like for your age group keys though they more so and Jay-Z because like you never release all the ascension of Jay's you know like. You'll never hear and hard knock life for the first oddly like you don't have both got to figure put. You have received the ascension from Drake from start to finish do you feel like he's the standard date or a jury to try to shoo pork. He. Yeah yeah. Palestinian I've never cut it like Condit for somebody that. Is 35 years old like Kanye just continues to reinvent himself would be incredibly relevant to kids 21 or under like it doesn't make sense a look at those little ugly T shirt he's got what that we hear spotlight and hit the go crazy but it on Hewlett inserts them. I don't understand as possible and I like to shoot actually do like this hello this is but the sharks like those sorts of hideous but he could sell my he's covering a news. It doesn't make any sense. Jerry and kind of the news it's. What do you with a don't write their own music. Right there on. Ladies on the the line here is raping her original vs bullet. I mean as far as you know gain who can about the ending with giving the lines blurred now because of the Millie component like. I felt like it's changed a little bit from the fact of 'cause I when the controversy first started about coastline earlier I was hurt his inaugural for an airway and I don't Big Easy had a ghost writer coming up alternate who talk like it was a rapper you said down you can enjoy home bars right Rafa right now what this melody component OK who's right and ID stuff. Our futures about the economy I like the look is out in the club like I beat them heard a pop that's when he was savage really wrote March Madness and yet her I'd like he would've done a song the same way to future David Wright. I think of the saint Landry and but my as far as the known DPP warily right now is life resells those who have different. Like you feel like that's probably contribute to music doesn't last long. Even more like I was soc and a friend a couple days ago he was like. I still like vessel lodge alum like came out last week GA whether you like I can say he's still like that a poll so about ten days ago. It meant. Either one I'm light producing music like guys try to focus on Kim is deeply into the use you know I mean like the united. Make him like Chinese like make it sounds. Not to sound big east of that you can't. Like I got like that sunlight vinyl records I'd be thinking like can you put this on a viral record innings when he years can some mighty you know sampled its. That's how look at it. That is that you big thing about a much on up which are creative process down or anything like that but. Nobody makes music the last twenty years and I'll like a light future not of elicited that would stick talk into when he years like the sales will be complete different outdated split. You go and a club right now Esther talk hey that's all you really want do you feel like maybe. That being your pocket those artists had that mentality twenty years ago but now which gist. Be relevant at the end of the year like like the Pablo still relevant came out GAQ where are you getting in my January late December last year. You can still hear salzman an album songs and media like there right now. Is I mean I'll I'll at least would be. As. This is our is doing that Cole injured and you know I can listen. Who butterflies in. Thirty years if you has nothing is anti well that is currently and Ford will you have up for the rest of Utley sixteen. And who knows. Is that states and I'm. Really that chance that inland in this new lists palace to her release and so. That's what I know who's now I've got to show you ought to look. Absolutely absolutely from Nina communicate using a substitute. I see everybody in the militia during the course. Us questioned ID may club music which you don't go to a club I do like how hard is that in every eighteen. Like dinner drink it a Red Bull and sprite you make your club music and they've. I'd do that that it is. In Miami's. Only through close. Story balances and close lose. Slowed like it has been in that environment you know you kind of get a vibe from Regis take from you know surrounding. You didn't like this observe secretly like I was in LA and I clearly saw people about like that's when he went how are you windier but it looked like it was perfectly except it. And he's got no somebody that knows somebody and for the most part is that he does daddy know definitely alien. It is cool what was live like. It is on the Sunday UAU gotta go Saudi annual loss on this day it was on a Sunday put on Tuesday afternoon the lips are blinded people who it was on the news that it was something. That is life. Men heavier bands alike. My visas concert you'd be goodies via its allies you know like autumn screens and stuff like that in a close by this crazed lasers fog is the thing the strings. History. How expensive was than nine. Are in the utility. Company today. Did. Yes I think arsenic and rounds and it goes in the and should ask don't callous that (%expletive) about a minute best thing for you what is it that night operator. Allen of clothes lately theme means nets and a who told you intelligent argument do you see for yourself or somebody told a year a callous that Jack thereby immediately and you look at a billion people saw you this hour what does that jet numbers are. I'd uses a scary I've ever seen anybody like that like Khaled. It was kind of die out here I got a lot of respect in the world Metallica tiger roping callous way I was in college what Khaled we callous way Patrick. So I can tell you from I'm so who's the brown paper bag like I love DJ Khaled music. It was done out here and a one day he started saying major Keogh snatch it he turned himself into an empire yet and to have an accident. Had been. Now I feel like he does plays that it's like he does says the same seven slogan volatile and that they fought your TV every single time in Europe. And I think he knows that the light is upping each hurled. These true. It is working with them child can donut at all refreshed go you big seniors all you can check out his music. Has debut album mad world on complex mantra argument by Ezra I appreciate it. This is Mac lethal you're listening to the stick to sports podcast. Another episode of the stick to sports I guess the whole crew is together it always takes. Well it really jeered his fault the reason we have had a podcast and allowed it Jeremy that a town he's doing something Nicole's adhered to invert Brazilian jujitsu and breaking people's arms and and I decided I want to go a different direction and a female voice bowyer altogether realistic sports pockets hasn't knowing your. It's. Are going to be during the entire town we record and I visited visitors and have you could say let's wait five minutes you could argue wanted to see I told you he was about the report and you and it opens your food. It is. Stated how these guys so every. Sees it sees where. I got you. I appreciate that was journal why you heard him before Cole is returned what's on. They cannot as a year it was so I'm just happy to say that two people that have been highlighted ink magazine for their dating expertise and edit. Those are where guys have strong pro his only have been called the most the most home pitcher up dollars and coldly. Down and it's you agree RB Butler who's gonna actor is the only person who has the middle Irving in the third term bull. Moon no. Are. This work for you when you date it's a much interlink. And interesting like I got some replies Furman and and in that way now with one guy. Showed me in that the AD it took me in hours that ended the way he did it. How do you hang out with somebody for ten hours as well as ten now what do you sleep till 7 o'clock and I'm goons and lie we in an April pong game and the year line wine tasting we opera. And collars and like eat everything in drink everything was. I feel like that's tried too hard but nowadays you put in a lot of time and effort. That's the Allen yeah. I'd say I'd go after it was just literally ethnic now and it turned out he was a clue. So nothing's happened out notes in hours talk about Sarah Barlow let me just let me understand this it's not a date it's hanging out what's the difference between not a day in my opinion Elkins did you know what personal technology paper every paying. Eight. Now for us he's a grown man so he's old he's telling me you've probably in the story did you think. Is probably in his forties and like he made his intentions note from the jump he was just like you know. I want some good company like you seem really cool and at the time that's kind of just what I wanted as well like elegant looking to jump right back into something new so he put it up front and also my campaign. Life it's not a hard and does not start the about the because baby's things like that I think that everywhere I just want to bet I'd just like that black market Owen of Iceland about. So let us yeah I did have a duty Haiti 200 dollars live at the end of the day it and can I read it like we should. Share. Yeah I'll a couple of times wealthy who canceled you're him. With me. That's the lead doesn't like your key items are what I wanted to talk to you guys about his relationship history. We Bob and relationships and at some point you have to talk to the person that you're with are thinking about dating about what they've done in their past. How do you approach those conversations. Start with the ladies first. Oh boy Chris askew who you do with what happened. Appealing to come and play them. You try to avoid eye balls sit around just. Question and it's like me I mean I've been act like that. No everything the conversation and we just vote accede to the question I mean I have certain things that I want to know like and I'd be cheating dollars and are you incapable of communication like things like I can fill out a long way out at certain things depend. To basically means you are ever going to be together 'cause I have you before and I'm terrible at talking about feelings and emotions it's not that aren't there bullet that attitude you've got better and hopefully I got wrote a letter let. You I have conversations to swears like you and me ethnically and we just like it's like if you open and give you an I would not ever experiencing any kind of problems you got five popular two and everything's okay boy things start to break data communication break them down all right I'm my ignorance and talk about our. Like the thing is like. History. Matters to a certain point like if you've grown and like if year. On the path of life. You know things about yourself until like. Grow as a person like it doesn't matter as much like you could have cheated and most that your relationship but if you're at a point your life freak like a pack. And one B is dude anymore like I'm ready for XYZ like you work on you make yourself better I can work with my image a Jew but I am gonna take note. Do you overriding determinant that's (%expletive) and because his very easy to say dog she in the past but this is different I care about you I wanna be which you and you don't really mean. Since like it's very easy when someone is just talk and Mack and you see them doing some spend five minutes later that doesn't match up with what they were to thing that's very that you just have to pay attention. Cole after you check their. I did their job history and then you'd look up their credit score you didn't go after a flight into via link in the media who picked up the it. I don't care. I honestly don't care. Garlic if it's a major things so I dated a girl who sexually assaulted and I thought it was when she. Brought me a nose like a really important thing for me to know just for comfort level. And analysis of major traumatic incident in your life. I don't need to know like that was your past if I was judge on everything had in the past them button. On the beat yours then so chairman. On or even I don't like yeah. Yeah. They're listening but not rely as far as the patently. Only cares so much to be quiet on anything up like now and that is what. Our legal allotment dispersant. Five things have to know in order for a person's. He's found myself here I don't tell us a cure is in names that he would achieve this stuff to be honest with you that I just really don't wanna (%expletive) know. That's like. So when things. And do you think you don't wanna know do you think you now wanna know because like lobbying by an issue due to a person different life you are coming frame you do or leave them you have to work through them the costs and made some. No I don't necessary. You how. Some questions you don't wanna sometimes acts people is your rated days and yeah. And then from then you may advocate and certainly because of that because I'm not big parts well. Some top line and it's on town on guidance on topic on about. I don't just want all the information possible Mario want to miss but that. About now I don't wanna know he was also crime and the thought about it liquor also play up her I don't know that the example I would be united and mark are you were out just stretching to use an album pop reference I'd choose which I did. It. I would've made a Mario Winans reference ground big Bill White he would listen to to show would've got it out of Arizona Nevada. Like three people that we provide the so you two points every new guy quit and therefore it output editor Lori so I. Firm you more important than. History with the person is after Euro is over who's their next the next person today and how that relationship goes. So I did a couple of girls who like the next person I've been when they're engaged they're getting. And for me like Ohio like he saw that the 101 closer to one. Of Nicklaus all of us like. I think that the next person. About your significant other date after use. It is almost always. They care about I care about that a lot for luck when I was in college. I've felt like Albert who's good luck chuck phase. Collected for robot talk the next person it was lit they got in Syria's long term relationship even got engaged gratitude that I felt like. Selflessly. De beer with me out prepared them for the real world again they were just constantly on do you see that happens to keep on the says some Smart I know you do there Donna did you hurt your Internet. Guy built like I was like snow must've outsource this experience that's fine what are what that you witnessed an emotional minefield abuse and now it was like. Vila do you plan all mad and now that the relationship is not a hard anymore but you could bump it down a pro now. That's what I think happened at least this economy works out concerns and dogs and men well you know got to finish strong mentally and a steady most expressions. I mean it's the job that we brought him up not and I thought that just now I. I think there's a lot this might be surprising to us out of the pocket and whose judgement and yeah I was I was talking to somebody about this in Mississippi. Have you ever. They've got a Triad and about this too I've ever like been telling your boyfriend about person people you do when the pats and add their names are read being polite. My ex boyfriend did it my boyfriend did this did you see you. That may as perspective cottage dangerous like. And that kind describe via some got to depend on like more more I do you miss it until like girls tell stories about the ex boyfriends and how BA should not you liked. This tropical fruits yeah it's important that I asked doctor Billy out loud today. The guy. You wanna parts and that dad got it like to. A guy that wasn't that bad old. We've done is by heated talk before a couple of days I mean just gonna. At some point like. I never know how to balance. Those conversations in now. I usually pick better the next time and that guy will be looking guy with like. But he do something like Kelly and I'll never experience that you try to go completely opposite of the person who got into offensive. No I just. Afterwards I make an assessment like Erica and I wouldn't really care for earth like what is it that I'm really looking for like maybe I thought I won this and I got it in him and it was really quite right literary and that fit in so like that's like a table what is it one night. Call what your strategy. I don't how limelight I don't really. Care about what other guys have done and I I don't I don't know like you're so I was like man I really hate it when way he would he would do this in the article not do that vote. I don't not never really had that issue come up so. What issues come up for you Cole more mobs not of been among them yeah I wonder if you've come aren't happy with Murphy. Let's get mad I don't care about all I think you get about a way word called like through rigorous screening Ahmed who figure out there everybody I'm not something that. It will do the coolest though if you it and then. I mean. I and I think at this point in my life I'm 23 so I'm not. What are your words yeah cheese an early look congress super serious relationships and maybe I'm just not yeah diving that deep and to use their knowledge of mr. York. Or what's been going on just because right now that's not 1 I am looking for with lives and English what are you looking for. And just. Let the public. They. With so many other implements its just just just don't be PC. You wanna has its limits you don't wanna be one of Frey that his body and that's really what you'll hear. I want this and when it that is just about it now but. Woods about companionship. It's its own there once while book. Right now Republicans that'll it was equity every once in awhile like. Defied every once in awhile I should come over on Monday and Friday. Could little rendezvous and that's the only odd I'm trying to I'm trying to better understand you hear a couple of times that we go to dinner and now we need to be going out every night like Bosnia to retreat to what my thought it gives America the important that we now that. These are people here excitement about the show you know I didn't I didn't do and I would like we have you admitted to just talk about your excitement. So our size planets Monday starting at 10 PM DeVine and on your local listings as Jesus Romero there bring UN might believe talk show with no skits and and over its snow for us it'll be grateful that ambulance also check out the debate the quote data voice on iTunes after don't listen to six or spot novelty give papers. You just if you if you treat you well I'll challenge. Yeah. That is true there's something about thought somebody what day was like hey have you heard his please call such as baker out like. It's about why can't. COLT talked about such a bakeries every single time he's shown here speaking of such as they do we go you can. They have an arc I don't toast that is to I've met the very white person and it's all absolutely outlook. On Ellis avocados totals always toaster in the and they. Already lost isn't there doesn't make it in house so delicious. And they put on McConnell lives and seasonings and names and tomato. That sounds wondering Oprah yesterday go you know eyes yet I had by doing it. I had not. And eating its options that have been beat him. We've backed Nixon couldn every got to tell you this story alone. You know how we always say to people always ask about you this. Someone asked about Julien who loses I can't I mean I'll tell you later but. I don't know why guys I don't know is higher at thwarting all laugh he knows yet. Having your friend that wants uncle or. In halls went black when. Its. Credit I incredibly high if you would like to him Padilla. You can find me a socialist you let it garnered so can people go out I talked to you resign your children people and put them in arm bars and we'll do a lot of kind of stuff you still under assault and Vito I'm done training side I actually have a little free time I'm going to competed in a a jujitsu turn and I want. It anyway in my in my final match in a minute thirteen seconds with an arm ourselves on. Kind of look older. You can find me on social media. Coal costs 77 applause across all platforms so in that chat instant Graham Twitter were oral one if I explain it was. It's about hole in the house like oh yeah he's actually the judges for. And she's only needs to get the failing to if you wanted to play Little League win and yeah. If you like to defend yourself and dismissals applaud but. The Italian ago to Liu thirty days for free it's great Yuma it's down on the crossroads. Especially right now in Kansas City there's a lot of snatching up things come down talked about. You like for thirty days sign enjoy agree orca and you until about and so you'll learn how to protect yourself by taser. But some mace or you can decide my Indians in the locker room yeah. And I. I guess that it. What's your idea of shooting percentage ocean. About a big. DM. With a clear intention. That is excellent that individual. Is that like you. Yup just respects yeah that would put it says yeah. Have a hard I don't understand it in the what I ever DOJ ever to have Jerry's phone number one ever DM cold. DM is somebody that's why I would say. Is the best dating app out there as did I say. You get to know a person better to tender 'cause goaltender you get to look at seven pitchers you mean you'll get to know any of them but I how many times you've ever seen a girl out. Indian. She tells you all follow me on Twitter follow news and then you start the follow on then like. There's no way I would ever talked to this person I would never talk to the human being but on Twitter get to see date dobbs C if they care about cannibalization cutesy if they care about punctuality are that kind of stuff you get to know what they are there black on the matter and had to fight that kind of stuff out in the end you take reason shot may direct messages like hey how the goal I think you've come up. The top rope from the beginning. Which you set it up and that kind of mentality and you see where it goes well why does exchanged numbers. But that you had to start talking to a yet though. Joins us. Think some guys right now is going to view you would do you view his phone I would not ever start the conversation. That you met her out if you follow me on Twitter why does numbers and commerce 'cause girls that you don't know how these girls are them and their ability to follow almost net instead. And they want to follow moronic kind of stuff you gotta do Aetna. And ordered and on and that's not a game display right now August. Especially for women cold day HL about net shed not a stuff. The they're great feature on center now is the the recently added on numbers so right and you got a phone numbers if their phone numbers associate with the center account just pops up protect you had this personal subject that is the greatest thing that was it unfair for me in my day. Out of your search for any pages right there. That seems really invasive actually. Then it knows you're comp. Candlelight and Edmonds then you can Ed about it. I've seen it on there it's like added by username or sometimes edit my phone number like the defense about like is he wooded. Shouldn't have your phone number like how to disperse an average of my number that you see added by. Maybe idiom in your numbers and I don't know that's got to stay away from the column I'd like I do like the Indians ambulances and for me Mason better that's all you can comment on what the picture. And so it's like you're starting a conversation at what I do to put him. Yeah I was. I am still working at all about it and I have. Embassies in. You. It. Oh. It's never worked for me. Experience that there's there Indians have never worked for me I'm an open three from the field and his degree and be much better unproven arms to that's. I've thought about rhetoric person I felt my niche dobbs what are idioms are very subtle and better person passing you says embrace they'll mess is that don't reflect like outs both your per episode you've got to start with that hey all you got to start with Al there's always been thin and very Pulitzer way to hey how are you doing things the president. Our other casual basis I'm like wait you have like way more purse now that's leverage we don't bet. The other reason to educate you since then with the views of Erica wants the two month asking with pictures of them so close to make a funny about it here could just relentlessly like. I haven't got your rear drive is all about how often you call me terrible. Cold makes fun to be like last Sunday his budget NFL. Coldly funny about minor cut 97 times just nonstop every single reference. What you could do it as is good because there there is after Robert features about. And you do not everybody ago in their right there is a little mad but I think since you've got you're here bio licensed professional. About a matter of three. Yes probably true I don't really busy you know more like every morning I go look at cars and okay let's talk the about the course the blood really pisses me off. Golf shop for cars before. Like when they talk to you probably when you first walk up there like you just walk up there hey what's your name Kerry to hail mark McKenna then you look at four and I've got. Initial. Light ones that you used cars don't have gone everywhere I've gone to cheer dealerships are going to Chevy dealerships like I shot a four car for a month I don't went to every guy and I want to please in good. I don't what the places on not fit the meg camp like a good thing. It don't know anything about you don't know what kind of car I'm looking for we haven't even had a covered like that always turns you off but immediately whenever we start look at the court like get to know immediate you know DNA. You like this car holocaust this amount this is okay that we can have a conversation and look we duty that you in this Edmonton should not. Not so you can even look over last year you left incident. These cars here and I'm not gonna give you my whole position of this lol my apartment is palatable put down an enemy did make it and you have all the levers to their play meet. Like just such a flawed strategy. When you're filling out job occasionally desired salary is always negotiable compared it. It originally. You look like man I'm just looking good is the local colleges whatever this job dazed and negotiable like whatever you go Fabian. Negotiable the correct term. That's worth a nabbed ever had to do that before Sino I don't know anything about that I've never had that. I just pick the salary I thought was good whenever I got my cadre of like this is what I wanna make every year let's figure it out. Added that's out of work as important. Yeah. I don't know it. That's basically what happened they would that be de L one day and hard right out what she wore it. So are reported out. And then they gave me a counteroffer and I was like all right Al except this of this we got to fix this apartment it was a it was a 47 minute process is slightly but the legal pad. And it didn't get in Iowa by I don't know 32 days off the year it was highlight three emails that one. Like face to face conversation that was like really easy like I wanna work years always says this is what I'll be happy with it you baby every year to work here and it was like I didn't he figured it out. My latest contract. From my office had to negotiate on vacation in the Bahamas with release shoddy one knows. Just waiting all day for their response to numbers and what a beautiful life grow yeah. It. A beautiful. Invitation because those is minimized my whole existence might be. Call want to ask you this question Doug it doesn't show tonight at seven matches. What do they white people of more fireball are pumpkins by districts move very good question. Who. Our ongoing fireball here because I don't think the white male population. Pumpkin spice put the spiral has the crossover effect into the white female population. You're getting a larger cross section of male of white males and females there for. Oh. About Putin's eyes the white people love so it's like this put it it's it's everything though Paul. I loved all also than pumpkin spices. At pumpkin spice Krispy Kreme donut the other like a bit and it was incredible. Mr. If there's a whole all the kids. Always. Received a little bit like. I've never seen David unlike if somebody I was second life's at a mob are like you know. This wonderful I don't know what felt. He's not lie I don't understand why people aren't contacting me and giving you more stuff because I we'll talk about it on the showed victory. I completely understand I call a fireball white people Hennessy. A couple weeks ago rated like white people love like how do you start to pregame and you go out you would you three do you like. Fireball shot so. And it's thirty and don't think this. I thought tape like with the range does go ahead beyond the fireballs nasty it. And anyone like the taste of fireball. My idea yeah. Someone else in the room. No so I spiral by itself is gross. The bar used organ college route shot in his half fireball from China and it instantly. I know it sounds gross but it tasted like cinnamon toast crunch like no. It was I don't they had before to an I've had it before. I'm just an entry mr. far that's for Levy's absence. Answer to. After years ago. I used to like cinnamon toast crunch by eight is so much as the kid that I kind of got over it bottom file output reached puffs. Honey bunches honey bunches of oats. I love honey bunches of oats and apple jacks. About apple rejects some a big fan of thought that's what I'm going my top three I like kicks him you gotta put a little bit of sugar kicks is like on five. Kid tested mother approved methods and only know the rules answers you don't like milk and milk. There and all of those dudes. Great yeah in her tablet if you can look at regulated yacht and it is intelligence usage ago on the note to Mike on that's a lot of I'm a big 2% I can't I wanna ask you this on the subject and drinks. Does the whole violated drink things still work is that are played out dating strategy like if you're at the bar and a guy comes up to you and I wanna get you something to drink. I think so I mean that I'm in my thirties so. If you just wanna sit there and talk to me that's cool bled like that lets you know that you actually went open up a conversation in life you're gentlemen like me that's you know. What like injuries almost kind sent him bullets. Telling our own eyes. There's no it's not that I wouldn't to have netted him but obviously down a lot of people who did you do that that's that they can't expect did not collect a lot of times girls want you all you get my home girl so I'll. I just went and did you know. I don't work initiative that others I think you know it's all about. Only you can feel it can feel locked up before he walks like income from across the room what he might be. My in New England to get overeat you can inveterate but like. I'm not at home during that you offered your gently here offered but again and come from different mine and everything. So. Salt if he doesn't. If they'd say he wants to ditch your home girly drink that's a negative. With her. What if you DMZ from across the. How yes that's great moment I'm glad that we can you know obviously yeah divided now had ever told you there are told just threw up my friend. Non. Last year it will lose after the royals clinching the World Series again and so isn't he coal shine. Of other people we go now. My boy was there from at a town was excited. He came would like 200 dollars or whatever. It was that firefly night it was cool whip back home coding came over. And he was talking about the night that nobody really see all those river UN. My friend injects his wallet starlets who and I'll let you down like sixty books beautiful sound like. How did that happen like I don't understand what you're happy he was like you know let this girl okay about immunized are up by turner homegrown drinks and I didn't see your anymore. They swindled me. And it fits. That doubted that a ten windows and everytime I see no reason I don't put into. The next that it hurts is just an eagle on Sunday undergo McCarthyism watch football. And he's and I can afford that and bottoms off Rahman's whose investment commitment of our live and not as a doctor college that's cause your engine budget. And I was like cannot get to somebody solo to BI they're going to well played solid go to the grocery store to get a bottles Brian Robinette Cologne now away. There at tech Rama you know there's no attack Obama obviously look at and say if it's a Sunday were about to watch football. I'm not only to let TV a couple of new rules are we eating tacos man is. You but I can't I can't bottle let us something about it she's asylum but you can contribute that why you need Copeland oodles. So does its act all around I don't miss that no yeah I got it. Robin defense was the group is creating an act and holds when the group is eating something and you say knob and go prominence that that's an issue. Speaking of athletes things don't go really get Cole looked out of place you go in Columbus Parker on the Knoll. College buddies on this Columbus fire Robyn is vastly overrated and I MO you need to go to CEO Ron I haven't shall rot away which is that it would do that. We club part is it is as though. You know uncle spark even as she never heard of you want to know why she admired. I that your old man. Bet that elderly. I've heard I've donated to it is a relief both. Really nice setup and yet I double room with the very consistent set of poll let's with budgets because you don't have the table 45 doesn't include the hatteras or. I just learned that it was pronounced fall. And not fall. That's up PHO I'd thought it was pronounced folks even. Hadn't eaten Vietnamese know why didn't say terrible lie could Ulster Erica million Vietnamese food because this has got bigger seat. About value they don't agree value without that you get right now but dual Ximian and I couldn't. The cost. Not much you get but not books on how much all the hard thing you hope for a nine dollar and I was sent off do we get a hard. I don't foods with that non bugs though you evidence that your edition I'm a noble but pretty much blew open I think right now right read at the grocery store and not. I've got to get to a lot of new little I don't know that meaning go to. So comparing Roman noodles is like comparing it to grow up we really didn't know. And burgers at the Jacobson who often its users'. Favorite. Where does Jacobs it's. Good to read it's that was yeah awesome branches all. I've never heard as well as a coach I don't I think broad subject which. Yeah we've got about team runs on those waves without paying alimony I ever got what's what's the season changed your return to me wow what's written. And I believe. That's what I did was no good no good and well you know what they have a GOP. Also days in the summer I can go to brokerage you're 1 o'clock I'm not gonna what did you 1 o'clock on Sundays and appalled at budget hard Jimmy doesn't operate earlier and he's got a shower before. Ask there are a couple of distress is that do go on policies in number one is our enemy comes in I didn't even tell you this. This story very I didn't even tell you a story. What did you do go look at callers will be right so two weeks ago we go look at callers. I'm I'm not exaggerating. Jeremy said. Who sentences in two hours. I'll you what you think not nevermind there and he watched two hours animator who it was that they're test driving guards don't date the site. Oh and what the ultimate anybody at. All. There had to happen. And yeah uninvited to much of it is documented about those Matt. Yeah as close out when Ed answer nobody going to beat them who arguably the Virgo and indeed the I don't viewed not as a body was wrong of pilot you could just tell ally are right you'd. This is that we'll talk about it later top right now but I don't I gave I gave you gave. Very specific reviews afterwards I had two episodes I have to run through implicitly and FX. It affects fire show I went back to watch it and I committed. Through the first two purposes were an on demand of our rounds I know I used them in the effort and that missing a show you. I was a show like that finish and then I'll watch it. I got let like accumulate enough episode obviously didn't watch it. Yeah like ever evidence I hate to wait for awhile and and you gotta wait another week like Billy Shaw Lott played that Lotto winner. Everything else I'll addicts conclude their shows you wait it's ridiculous. Well obviously your flow how deep deficit clock. I Potomac I don't I just learned yesterday how Latin me I just learn the difference between vegetarian V. Always thought the V gig was short for vegetarian. They might need more more wide eyed her. I honestly got thought it was the same vague so if somebody was like I'm V you know like a vegetarian. Like no and I was like what you mean and explain the difference and onsite. And is thought that was like the abbreviated version. I don't know they were two different kind of people. I think it would in Kansas City via vegetarian actually or you know whatever their hottest. It takes like if the barbecue capital are you telling me everybody good what did you expect you like and I don't wanna go don't wanna go. Into the room. But I didn't hold it without them on Vivian. No. Let it I guess that's not why you would go live and so does care about you why mushrooms fried mushrooms are now it's got to. If you are to a place like dead and excite you gotta give like a idol and I hop board cheeseburger does not what they specialize he would. This out I'm not going to Jack steak you know what what did you expect for burnings. Ribs. Some gold oil I miss you what you eat. Then when you can buy and know a whole new I. Yeah just sit around you doesn't yeah stepped away from lead. That's me I can I mean I'm not a big meat eaters that when I got more I have to find it out there I'm not being. Or vegetarian that I'd lean more toward. Taking part accusing. Them. I mean is one of them barbecues incredible. Flaps flaps and you turn on the added I didn't on the Dow set out to us slaps on the people don't slips are shut them but I know little about LCDs I'm still think it's over here let me just go when you don't have to go ahead they're going to get that out for the I want a certain bodily this is gates. Positive either navigation or do I do I had to date I got the black India. I got the black in the red when there is like a Q yeah yeah like costly entertainers and open noise they're back and bigger than flipping used to happen is water bottle opener and left him and we've got to constantly entertained generally equipment before. What I had a tough time in your. You'd granola bar put your water down and probably haven't enemy under the big thing. Bumper like you'll be sent there to cheer you have a good conversation polite forty minutes novice agenda gum. The open is all up till I know that's only good football season. All of Taj about that is thick smoke woke could've lied. Fire an amazing season there until light made some do you sit now I want to do so nobody is quite well. What you had to give me any responses let aegis. Does that argument and be in dispute and today I have to do it today but now what you watch it right now always make people that there is no yeah I watch in the did you watch it a good bill opening credits and say how dreadful one liked it. Not a label would understand what. You gotta read this outside is disagreeing confidence yeah you get thirty outlets got right now we're watching Joseph Joe's desire venture season threes now via agreed. They couldn't figure it what some high US frigates and that's a sports in amazement that is about bond market outlawed laws that do I think anime porn German June. Bill that I think I'm set but he denies any minute thing I would assume so. August asking I don't know if you action I was curious I was at a I'm more segments of our environment through that this comes this news or. Enemies and threats about Vietnam cap and protect them obviously of the. Yeah yeah. It at the cup and anything else than that it's beyond the the board by Kenneth.