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The KCPS Superintendent Episode

Oct 20, 2016|

Carrington is joined by the Superintendent of the Kansas City Missouri Public School District Dr. Mark Bedell to discuss education in the inner city, the quality of the school district and his plans going forward.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Church yeah. Did you join on the stick to sports by cast by the superintendent of the Kansas City, Missouri school district doctor Martin Adele I appreciate your initial placement. Thank you appreciate you have. News. What are these media things important Shia urge on the ice X five you've done a lot of these other things. The most I would say superintendents are in front and I would say friendly to the media what makes this important. What is is about transparency and I remember going to the process of interviewing. With the Kansas City public school system and they constantly talked about communication. Needing to improve we need to do a better job as a school system love. You know providing imposing our narrative as to where we are in and really have some control over it. And so it was wanted to things that I knew coming in that I needed to make sure that I was going to get owl. In front of it to be visible to be transparent. And do most importantly just promote my school being in a positive advocate for our students that we serve in the city. Tell us that the key to allow it to be more than an hour solicit skates last try to do these I try to make him auto biographical because not many people might not know who you want him I know your title with they don't know. How you are. I would like to spark probe as a kid. Where would you put the importance of education from your parents like it obviously was instilled achieved at at a very young age the importance of it for you now to to this point. I was today. Absolutely not it wasn't because my mom dropped out of high school my stepfather was also minimize stepfather dropped album my real father was also a drop while. So it was not one of those situations weird it was really being implicit promoted in my house so. I tell people that it should be number two in on this scale of ten. That education is the number one priority in the most important thing is you'd be pushed. Two youngsters but that wasn't the case grownup for me. So much a breakthrough. I would tell you that I I was very fortunate. As the its food and I've got off to a rough start. Dropped out of school in the second grade because the teacher told me I was down we wouldn't amount to anything in. I edges. Stop going to school there really was no accountability system in place but then eventually. We became ward of the states and they moved me in in my younger brother and I leave within on. Who was they would get us back into school and give me back on track. So I believe that during that phase in my life. That was wanted to turning points was really being separated from my biological mom and I was living with different relatives that took care of us for seven years. Because obviously as an educator you understand some of the challenges that these kids have to go through it seems like you're one of those kids that was. I hate the term at risk which you seem like you were on the cusp of really going either way it. Drop it on the second grade I don't think maybe people can relate to that kind of operating because I would imagine. Or someone to drop out of school really at any point I to second grade in point to then become a doctor. You are 81 and a million comic case. Yeah I'll tell you that. It is true. IE would tell people when you look at the variables the variables. Tended to old most people that youngster like me who've picked experience that type of adversity and how bringing shouldn't be here. And like I say they were good people who came into my life at different points when I really need it mulls. And that's part of the reason why I'm here having this conversation we use today as is that some positive influences and sometimes. A lot of our keys that may go to situations that I've gone through don't get those positive adult advocates in their lives. That can really help them stay on track and let them know that. There are much there's much more to life in just the situation it's year currently. Are going through. But at this point secure do you think you hated education because I think so much of that is. Repairs greeting to your parents being active in your learning process doesn't sound like a lease early you'll and you didn't have this was it just eight I hate school I don't wanna go. No it wasn't at all it woods I actually enjoyed school but I truly would tell you that when you are. Going through some. Dramatized seen situations and things that you're seen as happening. As part of your upbringing you tend to bring some and at the school. In what happens then is it causes a lot of our students to have some social and emotional deficits. That dean can also become very yours too you really flourishing academically. Not enjoy going to school in one Angelo I have breakfast and lunch. And the other reason why I enjoy going to school was because there was some consistency there was structure so growing up and not necessarily being in a structured in my army. Where does not much accountability. You in your kind of doomed when you whatever you want to do I truly believe it's an -- this is the least yesterday when I spoke on itself these high school. Com to the entire student body that they are many kids in nets who. That dare planning in charge of their own lives. And what is causing those gays become the school is the same thing that caused me to go to school is is there somebody here that's going to tell me. Like there's more to life that fears that they're gonna help me believe that I can do more than without seeing or went up leave the room. And really ultimately is there hope and that was what really kind of kept me in school. Was that I knew that I want I didn't want to eventually grow up. And see some of the things that I was seen with relatives. In some of my family members in terms of dropping out of school in and it is like that. Looking great for them as the aged. As you shift to your job now. Is that. Ali of the biggest challenge that you have is it's hard I would say for kids to be motivated about education into solar wind their whole life is in such shambles. And that is that the hardest thing you think that that the school district has to try to overcome. That's a heavy lift for us this heavy lift for Lotto superintendent who work in urban school districts and it is a reality mean Ayers gangs in the years. Absent. Parenting the years we you may have Keyes who are. Having to take care of their siblings getting them dressed in making sure that they are fading make asserted they get to school. And in this cause in the older sibling to be late I mean there that that's up to Israel and so. I know as a superintendent. Is a variable that we have to figure out how to we'd do a better job of supporting our students. That you have to be adults a lot sooner than they issued. Yet this is one thing that I think I've understood a lot more as I've gotten older we're here with the superintendent of the Kansas City school district mark Dell one thing that I have understood more as an adult and a seven frenzy just come from different walks of life I was really fortunate Amman sacrificed a lot for me put me really good situations but then help me go to college health week in and get the job that a war. But that the poverty cycle keeps some cues slowed down day. It's hard for them to see the value of education wind as you say they don't eat consistently every single day and they're struggling in that capacity is at another one of those challenges that like the poverty cycle is in Seoul Brad. That it becomes. I guess the barrier seem something that are really hard to overcome yeah. And in it is but it's a mindset to. Mine and I think as educators our job is getting here in crackdown that fixed mindset. You know that's the one thing I talked to kids about don't allow mainstream media don't allow social media don't allow people. Who have not advanced as far as you have in your journey as a learner. To tell you that you are not intelligent to tell you that you don't have the ability to do whatever you wanna do. In always talk to people and I say this I always acts this one. Question. What happens to okay its net at one point during those. Adolescent years there knows pre operational years. When our key aides feel like they can do anything you know two year old they think they can beat to every race they think they can be any thing in the world. In the and as we educate them they begin to lose that more more more they start to lose this belief. And it becomes a fix mine says but it's because it was BofA to them is what they see on TV is what they hear on the news what they hear in the media outlets. That really give them this mindset that. You know as a key coming from a tough background. You're not supposed to make. And so for me my job is to tell him absolutely not you are brilliant. You are a superstar. And your effort the work. Having their resiliency and agree. To persevere. Told that at things that you know I wanna instill in my indicates that everybody can living in in in having a wonderful life. In this country if you put more effort. Hello every step to men as wild where they want to do this there's one thing you can correct me if I'm wrong on this. I think a lot we talk about especially in the news lately about the police have we retaliate those kind of things and disadvantages that you have to live in the inner city. In my opinion veep pick is his advantage I think we see among black kids don't like it is I think this is a fundamental truth Greg about world. If you grow up wants he said at the prospect. You're going to get it for worst education and if you live on a 130 that the magnet so for the first eighteen years or alive you righted significant disadvantage because that you go to blue valley school. You get more opportunities you it is just a better school district a better environment that you live in. That is gives you so much a head start so how can you being catch up if for the first eighteen years your life you were at such a disadvantage is very true thing to belief. I would tell you that. When you look at things from an equity standpoint. And you look at the resource has been to us a look at the gaps that exist prior to a student in Iranian to our schools. That's that's that's a very valid statement as a very valid statement you said earlier that it nobody's at home reading. If you are in a school system we're. Over the years. Gears is negative perception has been pain it. And main blue valley has the opportunity to have highly qualified teachers. KC PS is in the situation we're. We are fighting to gain as many teachers that we can possibly get to want to even. Have an attempt to leave work in our school district. Right so teacher quality matters principle quality matters. Any and making sure that the resource is of the year. Off from a support standpoint because yeah. I can tell you as a parent I'm my wife is an attorney anomalous on the superintendent. You know my keys have all of the same resource is that the key is that only about and who value of those goals of families out the year with that. Where you look at incoming you look at visit call. That is a determine. Our mom my job is to say to our community and into into ours supporters out here. That if we are come together and we become a community. Just like there's community out in the suburban school districts we too can do the same for arcades. When you say resources is this state money is this just the community give me back I just. I object to a final resources aren't. I always tell people that is not always about money. Right is I I look at it as you wanna give them a much bigger return on supporting us step up and help us mentor. Step up and come meaning conduct some lectures and help expose our keys to some things that they just may not be familiar with. You know be visible in terms of the Yankees know that. I've come through this vein situations that you've come through and here's what I have to offer to you I'm a product of this school system look at what I'm doing now. You too can do the same thing so sometimes k.s need to have people in front of them. Who've actually experienced. Some of what they have lived through what they're living through now because I think he gives you an automatic connection. I can go to a school. And I can go to a southeast high school or I can go to C in true so be a lot easier for me is stenographer and McCain's and have some credibility. Right because of what I have experienced. And what I tell people to is arcade is no we artists. And if your heart is right. You live to what I've lived through war somebody who's on Taiwanese have their prospect leave through. If your heart is right right and you genuinely care these kids will feel that. And he gives them hope it gives them an opportunity. To believe that this school system can and will work for them. Who was ordered breakthrough with the students are the parents talk about the parent involvement and it's so important being your kid's life retooled helpful with his homework and those kind of thing. For the actual student. I started to break too with the payments. I've seen that in my days as a principal. I had a school of 1000 students. On student here did not say. Because I can't get more into when he payers to show up to a PTA meeting and now remember. And he told me we can be held accountable for you can be held accountable for how many players you get to show up to a PTO mean he can be held accountable for. What you do with the key is that you have during the time that you responsible for the at that point it forced me to say. Let me focus on what I can control. And that's what happens what key it's windier in my school environment. How I shape the culture and climate of musk who in the message that I conveyed to students that this building is for you. And when you regain your your protected and you nurtured but they are high expectations for you to learn. So we get to a point where Rhys as always we got to work apparent robbery and parent involvement. Unfortunately. A lot of people wore parents of my students right now. We're victims of this who of the they don't have trust of the school system because the school system that failed them back in the eighties. You know and he's at thirty or forty year old individuals now they have keys in and ask being passed down to our kids and my job as the coming year in and tell them. We got to move on from what happened yes to years yesterday. And thus focus on how we can come together and now because we want your child to have a much better experience in which you have gone through. It seems like a lot of it is because I'll listen to copy other interviews it seems like a lot of it is perception problem I was to a single and I was on there the accreditation guys just got a provisional. Then no clue that was the case like I feel like I should know that I feel like I should read bill that now I should read a newspaper as it is thought it somewhere. I didn't know that because I want to economics McCain's you schoolteacher until I was in seventh grade. What they lost their credit markets like you know going there anymore. I've read you've got to figure something out in that part that I feel like a lot of their right now in terms of the perception is. You talk about it doesn't do a lot of really good things I don't feel like people know that's what's happening do you feel like a lot of the August missed education from the public it is a simple perception issue right now. I his perception issue but I also would tell you that it's also what people want to belief. I've no matter how much we do with communication and we don't want a whole lot of it. They are going to be people who is in their mind was say this school system would never be good enough for Mikey it's. And there's nothing that I can do about that and I can tell people that. If you look at how this school district has performed since 2009 in. When that data comes out Allen on November 7 you will see that you know school district is continuously make him progress however. I'll be the first to tell everybody I'm not satisfied where where we are. Right if we're not at or above state average on all these accountability measures and we have a lot of work to do but I also don't wanna disregard. In disrespect the work that's been done they give us to where we are given the different variables that we have to deal with it. That you don't have to deal with out in blue springs. It's like a lot of it is just the take the chance point because you came from Baltimore assumption reviewed a single wire are familiar with the wired vary then Clark Teddy get a conversation or sit down there have Nolan Wada people moved to the suburbs. Crime in schools the like it is the I don't want my kid around crime which is a very valid reason I also want my kids to have a better education. That so much of this perception issue just comes to that. Inner city schools is ours go to summer school so my goal is to write Mikey gets all not to go to school when he to move as far away from the inner cities possible and make sure Mikey can go to one of these suburb schools. And we will what I would tell you is as a parent. Mike gates attended the Houston Independent School District I believe in public education. Mike he's actually attended a suburban school when I lived in Maryland as we lived out in and around the county county. But and marquis is now are attending Kansas City public schools I live in the city I believe in the Kansas City public school system. I try to tell people that. We have schools that are really good schools we have people who have graduated they left our schools engineers. Doctors. Lawyers and professionals. You know I have a board member you know Matt he hopes he has an engineering degree from from his University of Missouri came out of the say. So I tell people that we have schools that have produced. So home sensational. People that are adding value to this society. And yet do we have schools that right now we have a lot of work to do absolutely. Absolutely but. Don't eat the whole school district. As a school district that does not have anything offer because we have a lot to offer so we started a campaign. That we're tweeting now now and it's com. I just looked at and it's week not to long ago. Which is talking about exposing people to do you know. These programs exist. In the Kansas City public schools so we'd do one and now we're putting out information around here at things that we have in our school district that we have to offer. To our community. Here's sitting here with a super it's an advocated sitting users school district doctor mark Bedell so you take the job. July 1 2016. What's the first thing that you saw always all right this has been fixed with the school district like I've studied it from afar I'm sure you do your research before you took the job this have to change what was that. First paying for me was. Just how we were on a message. Things about our school system. The first day that I had an interview with some time during November of 2015. And I got out of mark Carr and I just start walking around now as walking around on eighteen combined. And I was asking people about the school system and you know I was interview footage tomorrow as an educational researcher. Tell me about the cancer to public schools. Army don't want that you keys in in this school system you this. Is this is a mess and all this stuff. So what I heard that is sort of their perception that people have of the school system is that everything is approached. From a deficit lanes so when I say it was. As I did my research. There is good in this school system and there's actually a lot of good so I don't like come in as a superintendent and start approaching things from resiliency lanes. Around what we've done the progress we've made. And the work that we are steel. Embarking upon as we strive to become a fully accredited school system so for me it was really about the messaging. How to write in here at the new superintendent. Give everybody pumped out get out and be very visible in the community be accessible to the media and and don't have any fear to tell you that. No we are we are where we need to be absolutely not but. Here's what I can share with you and why you why we want you to trust us we your children. And one I'll put my three k's in his school system some lead by example. If you. A lot of pride in that. From the Syrian talk about it it seemed like you take a lot of pride in I believe the public school education and I think you'd be easy for you to say Arnold my cue to go to charter school miked go to a private school. And face minimal criticism for it but isn't like you take a point of pride of I'm going to be the leader so let me show the community that I believe in this school system dom essentially trying to sell TU. I am. A public school graduate. In wanted to worst cities in the country. Rochester New York. Back in 2010 only graduated 9% African American males. With that coal or. Two years ago graduation rate was 46 and a half percent. And I can tell you that part of the reason why I made it. Was because the teachers. There are was in the right place. And maybe I was fortunate that our reigning to a few good teachers who told me that you want to teach one day. And I told him on that point to India in the Wichita different but. Freely every unit every inner city black area me a man I was IMO who dream guy I just believed in it and and I wasn't I didn't fall out fell short of it just my little bit because I got invited to NBA camps coming out of college but. You know for me. I just know that. I got a good education I got the foundation and I need about it from the voter colleagues to do well. I was able to do well my eyes eighties. And eventually. You know they would give a doctorate degree and particularly to my profession. At a young age and and I just believe in it but I also know that. It's all about heaven right human capital in place heaven right personnel. I believe a school like Vinocur with people say he is a very difficult school. We put leaking grand and he's only twenty years ago and we truly believe that. He's going to do something in nets who hasn't been done along time but he's also from that community he grew up in that community. So is this connection and is this sense of compassion. And pride that he has for that school would put those two it's. That sometimes putting somebody in the main and the any understanding of that world can offer. We have a conversation earlier about the generational and go back today and it just told about walking up eighteen than bondage is asking people about it. For a lot of things about you are very steadfast on the I wanna be here for a long time to other superintendent the kind of jumped around here but I'm here for the long haul. In a realistic timeframe. How long do you think it takes to change that perception about the school district is a five year plan is it a ten year plan or how long do you think it. Takes it going to take it while I don't think it can be done in three years. I think I can do in three years. What people want me to do which is to really continue to keep people popped up in the shown at the school districts making growth. And in the gay people to say hey where are on board we will we 100%. Believe in this guy he's demonstrated to us. That he's committed and that this school system is going to continue to advance but honestly. I I've told people that. Whether I'm here at three years five years a teen years the work that I'm trying to do right now I mean never see. The foo I may not even see your fruits of this flavor right because I'm trying to set a foundation. That's going to transform his district. And we may not see you into these keys were in kindergarten. Now will eventually become seniors twelve years down the line and we know when you look at statistics of a superintendent and urban school system. Research says 3.2 years I truly believe that. The previous superintendent left and now made it this is in the lead with steel be here and he would be in year six. So I know that there is an opportunity. For me to be here longer in three years right cross on the that I have to perform. But I think that. With dean. Like you say at a team year period. Maybe we could have changed mines may be. It charter schools that we are sponsoring netware sponsor for. Is doing with some phenomenal things and now we're fully accredited school system because it worked that we down with our current schools but this charter school now is. Helping us to increase role in Romanian offering a different instructional programming. That we don't since we have the ability offer right now and our schools and maybe all that's coming together in a momentum and community in the mentoring. And we're flipping this district completely around as you begin to change the perception. Is it but it has to start off. Small bits and pieces I can't coming here and say I'm gonna do ten things in your war. This year is about this and Ernie in next year there may be a focus on two or three things that we noted if we become good at that. That's gonna help in aggregate of how our school performance. Rolls. In each year small initiatives but makes it there intentional and make sure it Dierker strategic in how we're gonna add value to student achievement. When you say defining. Growth how would you define it are we defining that as test scores are redefined adding kids that are graduating how would you define of from year one to your three main target of mine that. We're growing its its ports. The we've moved way PR points up high enough that we use our eight fully accredited school system that's number one. Number two as we think about graduation rates are we moving to win here we are approaching. What the national averages are graduation rate right now is 65%. National average is 83 point five. My job is to say hey wait a month and one closed the gap. At the end of these three years with the Popovich a system that's that we're putting in place. Is that making a difference we go from 6568. To 68 to 71. We have a more keys to a graduating out of our price who would complete your. A complete year to me is having some type of certificate. Or some type a certification. In her career. A technical program we you have a skill set so I look at it from that standpoint coming your marquis is our. Passing near AP exam I. How many of our key it's from a behavioral standpoint do we reduce our suspension rates. And not just reducing it by saying I'm just not going to suspend you would truly transforming a way to our kids interact with each other. So it's a lot of different variables outside of just the academic indicators. That we have to look at you know are more kids coming to school because we've change change that the culture and climate we increase in our that the syndicated to attending schools. 90%. 90% of our students attend schools 9% of the time. I I can tell you lost the wire because what you just say they're you can stats I know all about that but a lot of this stuff otherwise you got a liberal I had a lot of series at home yeah one thing was that we were going on the sport what they have a large season four and few would argue that's the best season. It's about the school system and eight seats the entire time teaching towards the test do you think that's a handicap right now of education because I think it showed the did you to the test but those kids I would say war socially ready and in the other spare me it was socializing those kids. I would argue they were actually learning is that a handicap right now and education. God our hallways so people around that I don't believe in teaching today attests I think you have to teach the whole child in in teach an old child that's. Making sure that these keys again you know well rounded curriculum that we're going deep into the curriculum I mean that was part of the reason why people would say. You noted this folks were common core was not to teach as much but to go a lot deeper will lesbian talk. Of course some states have opted out of that come for me. As a high school principal and I took over a low performing school I knew that I had standard that I had to follow so we we call them. The essential knowledge and skills that every kid is expected to alarm. But you can teach that they still teach a world around a curriculum every state has standards. So even if you during comic Cora your follow in the Missouri State standards. You can still teach that in what I'm trying to do in working with my principles that they give them the innovation to be innovative in the economy. To let their teachers be creative in making sure that we are delivering. What needs to be taught in a way that really teaches the whole child. And so we know that a lot of that's going extremely well what are Montessori school. And but we also know that. Yelled to me. We gotta be with we have to be able to really allow our teachers to be. Facilitators. In our students really own the learning as how that's what worked well for me as a student. You know going today a technical school understanding that. If I'm taking algebra two I have to take algebra two Apollo wanna move into this level of doing electrical construction in heaven that alignment. That show that by taking these rigorous courses where there was physics or chemistry or whatever it may be. You need those courses if you part of you know advance in this trade that you were participating in so. Outlaw marquis is to be well rounded but arsenal that we do have to follow the standards but I think you can be innovative in how you deliver those stairs to accuse. The innovative part. How much of it do you think is a life skills standpoint because what got my cousin. He's only four years old which we can see school went to college global will be dropped out wherever conversational money Wednesday. And it blew my mind what he says he said no one's ever taught me how to save money. It did at 325 next bite your like that it seems like such a very easy concept that I was to go myself what are taught me how to do belly I would so private school. The lights I'll get a Duval like that gorgeous is in taught I feel like education like a lot of very simple life things that you need to learn by experience about credit card debt. Lot of us had a figure that stuff out Emeril nobody ever taught us how do you ever thought about -- to innovate apart like 88 class that is solely with teaching life skills yes. I have in this very it's and you boring because our remember in my previous school district. We surveyed over 300 seniors. And the number one team that Mars was we need we need. Support week going out into the real world how we bow our taxes are we apply. Mean and mean that we apply for grants and write proposals. How we balance a checkbook. Those things came out and is wanted things that think as we go to our strategic planning process and we're talking about the development of adult child. Some that we have to take a strong look at the look at our career on the market. What happens in his senior year you know do we at the redesign a senior year to make you more meaningful because we know in this country. In most cases if you finish most year course work. Over the first three years as senior years yes many get in mind my to a three required classes and and only reported. Now some is a one inch internships. One worked in the you have others who were just like I'm done for the day. So is that in does that become part of our requirement as a school district. Every kid needs to take half a credit. Of course that's an elective course desperate you know that's the requirement for your graduate that really helps you to be prepared. To deal with society. Column in a way that we just simply prepared and some that we that they take a look at in our closest. Active. Now go and sign up right now if you wanna put me down for like a second period at one of these schools a life skills course America to work on more cheap forty. Org she put put me down for life skills some word life skills 101 at Lincoln signed me up for that absolutely I would tell you wanted to things that deed. Com. And one in my previous assignments supervised and high schools. Was we we did. Winning and made some adjustments and a master schedule I found it meet with the personal. We had a lot of wasted minutes during the day. So we did it was we built what we call ID six week we created success plan for every single still. And in his success I mean if you need it. Remediation and or if you needed to do credit recovery use you receive that if you were a senior you were working on apply and colleges. We've been offered you from 1105 to eleven feet the 45 minute period. You then would go with the college access coordinator and you get the support that you need. If you were a kid who had pretty much everything done and everything was together. And we puts you in itself skew class in this soft you class did exactly what you're talking about 445 minutes those keys re litigate. The the support that they needed. There was a teacher or record we brought Stewart in scene we brought people win like you win. Other people would come in and when election to our keys and would talk to them about. That things that you need to be able to do have balancing your life in. To be able to really have an accountability for you manage your money so financial literacy was wanted to be things that we did. We got a grant for state farm. To really promote financial literacy so. You know I know what needs to be done and I know a lot of cant happen overnight but it's a process. And I think as we are looking at how we. Allocate funds and our budget how we view our Massa schedules. These are things that are now part to do I just want to take time but we can do. What's other ideas that you have like I I think people like myself struggle with this very simple belief. Eventually one day I'll have a family and all I had to make a decision on. I'd love to Mikey do living Kansas City go to school in Kansas City all of I didn't wanna go to a private school but my parents like. It was what Google did have a choice like I went where they told me I had to go to school was Loper my kid to go there how could someone like me. Who works as a decent job how can I give back to McKinsey school district an impact changes some kind of way doesn't have a lot of money I'm sure you would just take a million dollar grant by his Davids are you don't have a million dollars give you I do got time. I say that to you earlier is not all about money. I I think said that earlier like it's about you giving your time your presents. My wife is. On an attorney and I just spoke her own arm on my way here. She went to center today. Because she's Darden and after school mentoring program that's in true that she's doing with since Cynthia new son who's with channel one news. Awesome ambitions I believe is what his car she was with two girls that they attend greater in the twelfth grader and see judges raved about. Just how awesome those two girls were now. That I can't pay her to do that any air maybe we have to go in our pocket a little bit. To pay for some of the things that we're trying to do whether it's food it would not. And that doesn't cost a lot of money he noted commie once a month or wants. Every two weeks and work would a couple of students who need a positive but don't advocate in their lives. And that's basically what we told that can mean here when I came to do the story with Danny boy. You wanna help us me understand people can point the finger and say can't see through this is this and that. Will be MB a part of a solution like what you're talking about right now. And come a step up you know we campus Leo it's a fine arts academy. They are a lot of these programs here at that school. Going nearing its indexer to marquis is talk to our key it's that them though that in and outs of the it's in. What you're dealing with now and that's much more than giving money to meet. Your presence is more than money. Talk. About listening a learning is that. Us old listening to administrators or is it. You sit down with students a guy talks about what they like and dislike about the district and you factor that into your evaluation and ideas going full. I'm doing that would everybody's so we don't listen and learning tour when all of the adults I believe we've completed six already and we have four more remaining. Column but then I'm doing what is caught a brown bag lunch with the superintendent. Which students. I'm going to every school and I'm meeting with six students we feed them. And this is all about them talking to me about their experiences thus far in this school system. And what is it would image ranging goals and how can we as a school system better serve them. And then on November 9 I'll be doing a town hall meeting where it's doing it's and we who have a students from middle and high school. He will be on scripted it will be streamed I guess the key is an opportunity. She just acts me whatever anyone actually in the and we gonna do a town Hamid what our teachers that afternoon. From 230 until five. Has it been this is that clear off the wall question optimize it. Have you talked to teachers about how to talk to students about what's been happen in the news and I'm sure students and kids are taught about what's been happen in the news obstacle in the bigger issues in the country. In a lot of the conversation is about kids in that kind of area do you talk some about that about me too presidential candidates have discussed black lives matter it's been a big talking point. Is that been something that you've directed them on what I. I haven't but what I would tell you is I do cover some of those areas in my weekly update us in a weekly update to the call at 2000 employees 2000 plus employees and we generally cover a lot of those different conversations from week to week on you know. Relationships with law enforcement those types that things sent an email out. To all of our principals telling them to. Really help our kids understand how to look at a ballot in what does that mean in you know how do you fill out a ballot in volt so. We I've been doing those types of things calm but my weekly update bassinet out every week to every single employee in the school district and try to cover. Somebody important things that like you and I are talking about or things that in terms accounts is that I have with the mirror anybody else. I got two final questions are you chatting and you got a busy schedule. First question what's next for the district. Was next what industry it is. We're gonna complete its 100 day plan and were working on and Mountain View reports of the board on my findings over the first 100 days. Recommendations that with us here for your findings over these first hundred days. Yes so that the board knows this it is here's what jobs aren't. Here at things that I think we can do right now in the immediate years things probably will have to work on as we move forward with the next phase. Some different Tennessee. Which is the start to strategic plan. To engage the community around. Our theory of action in that direction at the school this is going to be going in over the next four or five years. So that now becomes the next phase which released sometime in November. An article is old we have conclude sometime in April. So that we can in no way our goals and objectives our mission invasion it is. And ultimately. Where ours the it's true academic ball is now hand in his plane at forest to. The term in we have passed this school movement for and we want that the vehicle that process we want the community involved. Markets here superintendent. You're probably single in the air but he can't just be marked the details. As the via community. Last thing I want to ask you here I think it's sums up the conversation that we cuts us a little bit earlier. I have to close friends one album moved this kid up north because there about our school one of a move Piccadilly summit. I think they both would love to keep them in their with a lot of things that we talked about. For people like that some short someone is listening to have the jitters about to do it or would you tell them about why they should keep their keyed in in this city in in the school district. I tell them. Several reasons we do have really good schools right in now have an acts are always encourage people to do your research look at the difference who's that we have mean we have the foreign language academy we have Lincoln. We have hailed cook. We have the single which is one of our signature schools I mean we have schools that are on the rise I tell people. Gulbuddin northeast high school and take a look for yourself that was happening over the year. I so maybe at this stage. It's not a fully accredited school. But is headed in the right direction and is because that is the stability here with the principal. The student body is just awesome. And when you lost the data comes out and you begin a look at the progress is being made over here is this who's this is scooter said in the right direction. We have our. Arm. And I hate this without I don't wanna get it wrong but I know we have our school that response has a charter are urban neighborhood initiative academy. And it's a school that offers a whole different concept it doesn't offers them an offer stinging so you know your focus in on science technology. You know engineering arts and math in S new to our school district in Seoul. We have schools in our school districts that are heading in the right direction. And I just encourage people to take a look at those schools before you do is right off the entire school district because. The more people that we have stand here and taken advantage of the schools that we have. And the more it helps us to increase their roaming the more gives us an opportunity. Today and have more funding to offer a richer experience for arcades in terms of course offerings extra curriculars and things of that nature. Any and ultimately adds value to the school district but I got so people. My creaky it's all of them have been in preschool. Since the age of three. And they've gotten everything that they need those are three key is they're gonna add value to the school district. When is trying to take an assessment when it's time to be involved in extracurricular programs. They are going to be able to do that which ultimately adds value to the overall school district. We have a lot of appearance will move and now and I don't think that they've given us a fair shake in terms of look and that. All of our schools and with each of our schools have to offer. And so we want them with us and and it's my job to do everything in my power to make sure. That every single school. All of our neighborhood schools are phenomenal schools. Regardless of the zip code that you come from we need to be making sure that we build and our schools up to be great schools for arcades in the within those communities. I was superintendent doctor Martin Bedell I enjoyed the conversation not a talking for hours and you gotta go. And your hungry I'm hungry to those guys your home its version thank thank you.