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The Lexi Sutter Episode

Nov 1, 2016|

Carrington is joined by Lexi Sutter from Action 41 News to discuss her start in the business, what made her choose TV, and her time in Kansas City.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. I don't know just as. I welcome back dated another gift of this sport I can't justify canned music and sports background cannot describe who might seem like you described to us that the podcast to ask you to do. Had to be joined by Alexi sooner she works with. Channel 41. I don't know to call letters archaic. Aged fifteen years. They're all together calling yourselves these days action news well acts 41 action news it's always felt the need is people always have colds aren't happy to be joined by her on the stick to sports podcast first question. How does a girl from LeRoy illinois' get to keep. And then. The roundabout way through the news cycle you know you gotta keep movement up and find new jobs in them so when school outlasts university Arizona I overshot the Peoria Illinois we're there for just over two years and and got hired by his HP and I've been here for just over two years. Let's go back to LeRoy Illinois over the like grown up there. Small town a small island. Calling on Illinois. About and 35 minutes from the University of Illinois championed in what does it for fallen. I thought people a small town zoning out at sonic. It will request to have a time we had McDonald's and we got Arby's my senior year which does play well without our values back. We drove around a circle law in each other's cars and then we would park aren't you know one side of the circle every group had their side. And we would just hang out so you're hitting a leader Illinois order man's gun. The campaign's opinion there admiral Engel did you like high school that it was a positive and I liked him and graduate with. 38 people. You do everything I was like a cheerleader softball player I'd like ray contracted by by looking good at adding him and the like key to everything because there's a few of the that was the worst like what was your worst work. My words. Well I am trying to play volleyball on just and so short. I would just like I had hops like package out hot wet. No it. Could I let's let's go let's be honest I try to practice honesty on the spot as you've probably could may be in relation to all the underdogs so Larry you got a little bit. You could jump then you're really fans. But he does play NFL tied at I don't like I was very fast as the flop and turn on the softball team though got because I had. Wheels I got to first base like you know so you played softball. You do cheerleading was my I think I took that seriously and I know you're gonna laugh and I we're gonna land but. Now I'm unlike energetic and at a boys and I was captain this and they're biting your town is go to the same church I feel like in small town gap area does well we have a. A Catholic Church them like a Methodist church and you're one other little you know let this is actually really interesting. My mom racist Greek orthodox. So we had to drive thirty minutes to the Greek church in campaign. Which was like what are we doing and then it was another language and I am. Religious love god love my church but I am all everyone's like going to Bible study together and Winston I youth group and like. Mom why can't we just dull. Church in mineral. And you could go to church and so you can see speaker and no I cannot educates Oka and as your fluid and now right yeah diet and think they award here there it isn't that different Easter. Eight brawl Orson and it to mark term pain now in but so with at a graph on the eastern the Greek orthodox calendar still practice matters. Michael you're actually go to a really good just nondenominational church on the plaza club cause. It's a great church just. Just like more just about faith. Rather than specific tennis and the like I'll only go to capture trial only go to this church but I'm more just about kind of like the vibe and just like a good message and just say. In general you're talking Alexi suitor she works action 41 news OK so you're LeRoy illinois' now you're applying to colleges ray no it's up how'd you got tear gas and there's some stored because now Arizona is close rates where you dropped to like what attracted you to go to Arizona well. The receive on a highway illicit means which was like the most devastating thing to ever happen to me my eighteen years because. Huge Big Ten school great programs for my love for Bill Self began you know and we had him in basketball and fighting a light and growing up huge and you're cave in I AM now moment in this position everybody. And it like moves in from out of towel. On the stage is and it's a tradition and shouldn't let that should be the tradition that the provisions of the like no movies like inflation had no moves for about a town like you know what man Missouri K state. They don't want a whole lot college here for the solid BofA that everybody does it easily become the case I. It's also proximity Lawrence is like you know hop skip and a jump on the rat. Do you go there like oh yeah I mean I don't look for different stories there I would abide Lawrence had I love college towns like. I try to visit different college sounds about like on a road trip or something I guess it's kind of like a quirky thing about me I love college towns. You look how is it what would ever want. Bully her question. Is up there. To disagree college graduate school. I don't know how you Q did go to college in Arizona ended say a lower its. I feel like it's a lot different I feel like I carried a travel it's a little bit different to me were the after respectfully I would assume the women net. The University of Arizona are just a little bit different than the ones that universe. I would just guess that yet this something you're paying its institute a sub and not you look at that. Re right no very different totally. I think because I'm like born and raised midwest. Kind of Ryan's rally. Deep for me I love the people in the midwest and definitely on the West Coast in Arizona you are dealing with a different caliber of people. So glad I away and taught me so much but when I left there I knew I was not going to live on the West Coast for us you don't like it. I like he ages with so it's so different. It's really different from here. Like Phoenix a lot when I'm gone out there I left I really enjoyed Phoenix with the Los Angeles on my difference lives there in the summer after he comes back overseas and play basketball. I hated Los Angeles yeah at just the city beach spirit to be in there with my friends retina for the first time but. I can't live with the traffic and all that kind of attitude and that's why I wouldn't talk indeed if Chicago. About Chicago was the best big city or country. Ads and still get around and still moving at the terrain. The traffic is unbearable weight it's right out enough that if you Evelyn north side you can still get around yet Chicago's the way it's set up rob big it is actually really well put together a Los Angeles sucks and people I mean. Are just. I feel like a little bit more open friendly nice I don't know that anybody's ever been meet me. I'm a West Coast city but it's just a different high now. It is a different vibe it's. It's up or laid back I would say like out in agony there were no issues yeah driving aggressively parts of you grew up in Kansas City no one drives aggressive here I 35 Florida I don't stop we knew about the Poland somewhere and you'll let people go boy run is wave data. As long as they wait didn't you can't walk a bit waving giving that thing it's a good like its network and a totally stressed drive it in kids city right drive to Los angels not felt stress ride in the car right. And now not with you yes a light. Way to basically I was like where can I go to school day is not going to be way more expensive then. In state Illinois and air zona I had a feeling friend that went there that I didn't know very well. But and I thought just good science but I literally sent my down payment and showed up there in August and was like hope this works. Never visited. Never been Arizona I don't have never been that when an epidemic west of Iowa and changed silica big COLT Tricia pitcher in a react if trouble does acute. As others are dying before we went like cabinet Wisconsin we went to Florida. It was like your very typical like midwest family like you go to Florida how are you go it's like summer in the area or you go to Chicago or Saint Louis for a ball game or something like. Disagree with you by typical midwest and experience I've never been to a cabin in Wisconsin I suspect that that's not my childhood. You know we're gonna do we're gonna gonna ever gonna go to Kevin didn't. Camp out like I don't know anything about that that was in typical I don't know any people that worked game and in going to cap and I can't back it goes back to tiger and it's I'm gonna 30000 feet that's out completely different its socket Alexi Souter on these that the sport by cast. We're talking before the book the horsepower record and yet you initially wanted to be a nurse yeah had a lifelong dream before you decided on television there was that's up -- you drop in the area so many people like all right this is what I have to do what's right. I think it felt like it was like a good stable profession they could you anywhere you would graduate college in you would have a decent income so. I think at that phase what I left for school in 2008 so. Things economically speaking we're not greats and I remember just thinking and going to school. Any deal to graduate and to secure myself you know I just that was my goal like I needed job and I wanna just to Allenby successful. I didn't really think about being. Happy in what you do iPad and decide get a good job and it'll work out. But did nursing for two years after the class is buying just never loved it kind of was like and stressed out anxious about it didn't feel right. But I was too far right you know I went out here airs on. So I was majoring in nurse saying how would outlook it by now what I'm majoring in but then. And this is I'm a firm believer in like one door closes another door opens. Got wait listed for the nurse program and this is like a flashback to gain weight listened to my number one college Yunel is everything about going back home after. Briefly but not real seriously I felt like it myself like. I'd made it through the wars like freshman year really I know no one I've never been here before. What's going on and everyone's speaking Spanish in Tucson and like I grew up in light of this town of like no diversity no at you know it was a really good. Ex peer to me to be out there and it doesn't have too far yeah now that's what I thought I have always liked writing I've always liked people. I was seeking college English classes if Wright graduated high school so I was like you know and a natural aptitude for other journalists is a graduate in four years. I was gonna have figured out from there so then from that went on gear on I just like. Did everything possible to internships at the local stations internships and I came for the summer and was just like crossing my fingers that I would be someone that could get a job. Was that part the hardest part in the adjustment was voted diversity part because. Group LeRoy I know I can assume that it was both the white people yes obviously straight white totaling about go to college you have obviously your first interaction with living with gay people yet been at your interaction with whipping with. And someone a large group elected body by a logo there about assume it's a larger icing that was some level what culture shock because you see him on vacation but this is the day to day living your door and you interact with them your class with the with that you are huge culture shock were. Hindsight yes but it didn't feel like it in the moment I think I'm my mom grew up South Chicago it's unfortunate that. She's very cultured like I grew up the only people we war nobody discriminated and it was well is very open to people but. I think just the differences in the way people act in the way people grew up that people had I have never. Went somewhere and see so much like money and so many different activities in the way people it was well at. You know six until I was driving around in my like that Chrysler Sebring 2000 car a circle where we would like you know maybe mix like token. Whiskey when we are getting wild on their right to write it out and I'd like friends that have private planes and like coming from LA and its wallet what is the flight viewing me. It was just like there was still so much warned the world that I had no idea how differ from it. Now we should just 88 out. So where friends are like best friends but it couldn't Salvatore Sammy here like grooming or stories. I got to remain or store the first relate that I ahead how is this guy has remained for a week. AA and I got there the Thursday before school it's starting to do all that freshman walk and we stuff. Nobody ever showed up something I'm gonna have a room in itself is going to be great. That Sunday and we went solemn. Party or something came back some I was in the room okay got a room it would ever first thing he says to music unpacking and stuff. Elect pulls up his dream catcher. And is like. You probably the dream to have a say man I believe in Jesus. Oh. The panel that. Yeah like battle that. And today in the heat he would always have a global kimono weird time polite wouldn't get up with it didn't make any sense. And then one day I came home from class he was doing somebody's pet too. In our norm and I was like yeah I can't news anymore I got to leave like this from a personalities their brain might be good dude yes Dayton is different salutes him wherever he is. I couldn't do anymore and I moved into this guy's door and it you sound like a lot like you regroup a small town of Missouri yet by the diversion you looked it looked to finish he worked for the Missouri department of agriculture or whatever I really good guys and at the currents he's the he's a good guy that sounds like Europe bringing the totally out. You had a much better at least first when a second dramatic Chris was amazing acts sulfur into this day but the first look terrible terrible roommate story. Yeah I its timing it to change colors the change no matter what he did you grow up like in the city and you go to you on Casey and it seems like it's just on the road I just think it's such a time where he got so much more freedom. And it's up to you to kind of make it happen for yourself you and I mean and sell. He knows college now I don't I would never order a feeble that thought this was as good as it's gonna yet I always felt like I always felt like the the best with silt content. I don't think I miss about college in you has been able to different you can you don't live in your hometown granted anymore. It's a clue about cardinals all your friends weren't very short radius okay your friends weren't a mild to mild right everybody was young and single nobody had kids yet it was a lot of fun as you get older yet certainly better now because you can afford to do everything you normally do at what you're in college that was the best time because it was it was such a close. Environment even though you went to a big school it was again an environment that's why now I do go weeks without seeing or talking to you got some more a lot of my for. Just on the West Coast or in Chicago. So don't seem as much but I do you think kind of being in this industry media. When you do move to a new market. It becomes almost like college that a lot of people don't know each other they're not from here there working crazy hours crazy days he can all hang out together. Like I feel like I have that kind of thing concept in Kansas City about this other group that. Feels kind of like how I felt when it. How is the adjustment to move in Kansas City is you say you didn't know anybody when he first got here right so how do you start to meet people I was fine or the ultimate difference. I completely different as well go talk to somebody that you don't know like. Political some guy like. And hey guys happy Jersey Illinois writes yeah you're a big football they like girls would just greatly Smart conversation and yeah in store lifelong friendships at the nail salon like that's not happening. And pounding in my life. But to get play I'll work I credit work from people whether it out on a story and Samantha you imminent at a small talk and it's like we shouldn't are happy hour. Or people and work wit and meet Emily difference with other people frat the other stations in town because. Without effort at 10 o'clock and it's like most able and happy are five more likely it's gonna happy hour eleven Mike reverse happy hour in house out. I think his job is made it easier just to say. Your submerged in the community like. I need to know. Who's running this how I need to know the major players in terms of businesses in sports and all the steps that forces you really likes the merger so to seek what stories affect you the most that you've been thinking in city. I think the biggest story is one that actually outside the metro but it has to do with the VA hospital in leavenworth did a story there. And it has just snowballed I mean. And it's a really sad story the case now that's into the court system about sexual abuse to folks what it is yes there were. I went over their to a story in leavenworth a dialect and out of my car and said meet me Kmart and while. This is either really bad idea or really idea. But being going to be curious journalists that I am I thought Angela Kmart so sounds like how long notre as he used to it and I'm telling you kidding aren't you AMR I have a story about a guy like OK I don't even know there are lots there is McCain right and let it didn't want it is that Wal-Mart heart okay about it. Richard Kmart doesn't say to sit back to go apparently there we neck. Cell anyway he gets. All the documentation tells me that he was sexually abused by his physician assistant at the leavenworth VA hospital about Trent also works there and think and I. We would know not to report on something like that. And so you know I take this information back I that it I make sure right I do make telephone calls necessary look up all the different documents in the courts a stomach. Sure enough there's a case going to the courts and it just had been reported on. We were alerted to it. And down that was over a year ago in July 2015 and since then. I've been doing stories and dozens of people have come forward. Lawsuits are underway a jury trial set to start this Friday for the an individual that's charged with sexual battery so. It's just one of those stories that is hard as it is to tell and your hearing these people out and it's I mean I'd like almost in tears every amenities interviews. You pack that's what this is my job like. You've got to help people and you've got to give a voice to those people that would have a voice without. So that's been a very impact we'll story. On the side do you feel like because you're on that. On television and in the news people think like yours superhero like they feel like they have like Lloyd interesting nugget and their like will you work in TV you can help me like right. Just like you but don't feel like there's not. That interest rate yet we get calls all the time for people were like this is and then sent senator Dick family drama or like. They think they got you know screwed over the car dealership that I am I I was just ready really respectful and really kind and now well. This isn't really my eight play you know. There's only so much I can do your right I got not a superhero if there are merits for wrongdoing or fraud. Or you taxpayer dollars are at stake okay I'm your girl call me but. You know if you're having problems with you know your grandma or whatever like akin ironic give. You're talking Alexi suitor she works after 41 news on the export packaging get this on sixth and sports are come and also on iTunes. My issue with the local news I wanna see you agree with citizens. Mad depressing. How is what senator rifle on a pianist or a football you guys are wrong. It normally goes like this to black people were in a dispute one shot the other one that person's dead. The talk about a for fifteen seconds thirty seconds to anywhere was maybe they'll do I don't know what you guys call about the go up there they're interview somebody it's crying and sad about the shooting that happened in other news this is what happened in the election today in Italy Donald Trump sets up the ridiculous Hillary Clinton was that XYZ. Whether. Commercial. Sports. The actors shooting that happened in the city yeah. This is resting right I wanna sit here and watch this so I. Argument that is I think people have to domain and more of their local news. I think we all got into this to tell stories. To do the right thing. I gonna be a lot of people who are saying this industry just again TB because you and I both now. Salaries are where they are ours Aaron Gray you do a lot of stuff you don't wanna deal what your hours minority works I work or 211. And into Friday and social life when you work in chula. Delegates I can't and it's OK to my writing off the right. From 211 I had I'd write I don't know day at eleven I get off that six like I got everybody else get all. Out of 11 o'clock and it makes it hard for it especially during the week and you know I feel like my life my biggest thing in the last probably year my goal has been kind of balance work and life because I have been work work work. Since pilots use as a graduate college but. I think people we really feed off our viewers our audience and the ratings mean the ratings are what drives everything and so. I think people need to tell us what they want it unity respond to what they wanna see and we can try to put out you know some of the good stuff that we thinker issues. I don't get responses from unfortunately you get responses from like the silly viral big out now. And that's just east you know put on the top of newscast so you report arrived the happenings the crime in less of something really unique about the shooting happened. There diamond doesn't unfortunately and so you don't die you don't divulge much more to but if some copies of Lex yeah I've really expect you wanna hear more when I know exactly what happened. It that's my bosses and I'd say look we need to when human tests. Is this. Election the craziest thing that you covered so far and your time. Just the I would say the appetite with the information in the V yeah. Polarizing opinions that people Havel on both sides but the last election when you Rhode islanders play twelve play obviously was gonna win by everybody knew Brock was going to reelected right Ali we know Hillary's gonna win this election but the other side is definitely passionately definitely energized. Islamic razor thing that you've covered. Yes yes I think it has then a prospective checked kids I'm the nervous girl next Tuesday Election Day I was once. Like the fallout from yes because look crazy and is bad for. Over a year. I mean when Donna intention of running the people thought this is just a joke this is this is funny let's just watch and and see what happens and he is our Republican nominee for president yell like. Time to definitely change people feel very passionate about the issues. Whether they're completely educated on them or not and so. People to this point aren't even like what's best for America there just like I want my guy or I want my girl and so I just hope that people can be respectful and move forward. Are allowed to give your opinion on who now before I don't know their life and they tell you are you my you don't really are able to Donald Trump just don't say anything about it now. No we're not I mean it's just not talked. It's her job because a total of politics like going on a personal level. Say like with friends may be but I don't think we sit around like no we don't sit around our meetings Erica we add this and that we definitely like on our editorial meetings we talk about how I need to cover it. And everyone's really good at playing devil's advocate base up what somebody says because we. Are trying so hard to make sure you sound and it's. Because. Whether you're voting for trying to prevent for Hillary they both have said some stuff it's to sell off the wall like. I could say that is pretty easy but density of the like Alex he shooter is voting for Donald Trump I want her off TV she stacks like. It's really difficult right now to say anything. Right. Do you like that part of it because I struggled the most. I noticed it just I think all of us in the media kind of deal with this is a deal always just pissed somebody off completely and I just got to the point where it's like if I can go to sleep happy with the decision I made that I I can person live with that but also we are restricted in. Certain kind of things like I've been opened with a level of freedom one of these people at a rate both albums suck right like at the neither on the outdoor and publicly mute guide to Florida not applicable and I'd be happy to vote for Republican I have to vote for a Democrat is want someone I feel is good for everybody right I don't like it's either candidate threats and the like I can say that. Life like you can going or Twitter timeline today and like April these candidates suck I not vote for the one problem I struggle aren't you there. With that and with social media because. I feel like I'm console like. Thinking of that from every possible angle you don't want to be misconstrued totally your credibility you're trying I try every data do what's best into. We don't work my butt off into the best product out there but yet every single day I'd definitely makes one mad. And I try to take it personally you're Damien at my check my email the next morning and I get like hate mail from people it's like. Okay I'm just waking up to go to the gem of a person I'm 26 and just try to do a good job. I think people in because you're on TV your light your out for them or your like. You're just you're trying to just make something out of nothing Pete the media edged up against. Is as respected as it used to be and some people screw that up for us what's the word humility gotten. I got a really. Beef physical stuff I hate when that happens that's like lot clay. Please don't judge me off my physical lake let's bureau the dynamic of strata job to do. But. I think a lot of it was post per cent. And we were so close to Ferguson's that was years ago and now. A lot of the black eyes matter coverage. A lot of the you know the opposing side. As a white young email I think people just are adamantly ink and Mike privileged. I don't understand I don't get a unity mean and I I really want people to know that. I take my job so seriously and I have. Great friends that are of every nationality every color every race he now so like that's what's hard because you could say one being in. It's in their eyes you you know you're racist and lullaby and sell. That's typical. It is weird I think this is someone who's very pro black lies matters very weird that we got to the point in society that being all lots batters like a negative. I certainly see it like the context I think people have been used all lives matter to demean what black lives matter means like understated so that some people genuinely don't know. And there is like everybody's import. All think that everyone's important right and it's weird that like saying that now has become a divisive statement or like what happened with. The Philadelphia 76ers with a singer world that we matter shirt yet it's ought to change like. We don't matter I was confused and I think that Ellen I don't understand that the U matter sure I don't understand why it. Is an issue that's crazy though when you talk about social media and being able to. Try to stay in the middle but I feel like. No as neutral anymore the alike in certain at Fox News you know kind of coverage we're gonna did you turn the scene into a panic overture when he did right so it's weird that they don't require that at the national level ability to require for you on the local level when everybody at this decision is has picked the side. Yeah I know it's it's definitely typical and sometimes it's like to get set back and the like how do like what do because I worked so hard. Being dispersant like you know animals per person and I am Alexi when I leave the news station unity mean. But it's pretty job Spartan rolled to a sign up for people like you lost your personality able to because. I think. Away. It was a public setting I would've laying out his or where are all when you're away from your job totally I think yeah I I do I agree with that because. Even when you're in doing you know public official or somebody you kind of side side talky afterwards and I did assessments and then. I kind of feel like well I'd be. I say I really do you mean not like any bad but like twenty noted to a bar to Russia on the weekends or whatever you know like you just. Much like an egg shells he now. Here's our galaxy suitor she works action 41 news do you think being a woman as culture nurtured your profession. I think it's more difficult as one wise. Did it because I guess perception would be attractive white female. They should be on easy and end it comes off like. It attract a white female maybe you want the most talented person but I'll absolutely look at aids are on the television rights and if you speak coherently. Your track road I'll stay and I'll watch a little bit for you read me the news right so it's kind of weird to you say that it's been more typical because I think that's the perception when you turn on television. Well out there I'm talking earlier I feel like if I am what I tweet about my job of the story and doing I will watch the followers and follow me. Because you mind compare with this. I want her tweet about pictures from the weekend Dirk I want her to tweet about like you know this and that happenings in Kansas City and I do that you. But it is a fine line because. Got an astute journalist but in what people just wanna CU you know like. Looking cute at the pool or something and you're like portrait that's smells like I still think sex sells and you got to feed the walls for. Time to time though like I am but every once in awhile it NA I heard the Joseph sport you gotta go away and and. And also the Graham they say different Graham I L and I and I'm not good at I'm not that and I am. I'm working on. But I think it's a fine line and the light is heavily blurred. But social media and our following has been so driven by personal life other than professional life it's like well on selling your TV at 10 o'clock reporting on. A pretty difficult topics so how does that play until like my weekend plans re so. I guess and I guess you feel light. You're really talented and it doesn't it show because of the stereotype that people have about attractive females in the news that if you were just a guy. Know what the question how you got your job no right to question your credibility so it sounds like to got a wonderful words about yes it sounds like you committed a disadvantage from a credibility standpoint to where Maine is because of the stigma around attractive woman in the. I think tunics that for sure not saying I'm super talented but I think. People don't wanna see what I have to offer what I say. I wanna give me a really good story about the issues are in formula on what's going on at the local level Atlanta on care like he's assists and. I mean the Irish are what you mean what's the best part of living in Kansas City it's that you moved here was the worst part yours and you the royals. Have light I would did last year it's just that any issue I mean they weren't as he's about like talk about senior pound transform. I don't know if you agree growing up there a salute by. I will never forget the last two years working here and being a part of that and seeing this out. I love Kansas City and of the people I think it's like the best of both worlds because you've got everything he could wind in a city like Chicago I mean he got shopping you've got Archie got concerts you've got all that. Played on the traffic. You can afford to live here. You just walk around and I I know you see in the news people are getting shots up but I still really don't unsafe. SF like I can and it just do my thing to walk around 11 o'clock and apply them to be fine. You doubling him on and on Ahmanson UB we saw shooting their tablets I don't know I don't I don't doubling bogus shot there to an outlet and you you shot anywhere right at it safe out here Agnelli do you the plan for sure. And worst part. About me in. I would think for the most difficult part for me is the only site here. A lot of close close friends that I grew up with German college aren't here sometimes if not the kind of isolated in in you know just kind of middle America. Getting on a plane. You know once or twice a month to go to Boston to Chicago Ord Al layered Phoenix in Tennessee my people. That made great friend here's like I really can't complain and I chose to stay here extend my contract because I'm happy here how often do you go home. May look like once every. Three months maybe. A man I'm playing this weekend for the World Series coming to Chicago. So. If I need to go how many had a death in the family September got on a plane went that's the nice part not too far away. But I don't go home regularly it's always you know for occasion the dry all the time are you fly armored you drive sometimes I it's happened have to check the coming days I have off I've got like five days off I hop in the car six hours no big deal right. But like this weekend I got to play on Saturday morning and then flew back yesterday morning to be be back for work so you listen is doing your drive in the go. And Spotify dolphins history. And ultimately an open Doug Ellis and but I got a cardiac totally it and I don't all times are all worked it was another hour and don't. And their hand it defense and I am like very musically it's my mood is musically driven for sure Ellison is all the time but that right now huge Drake and Jane smokers. I'm big into kind of upbeat stuff. Something a while since a dollar like Kerry and it. Sad country music what was the. Everywhere you could be dealt that is the single the single woman whisper. Her and her current beyoncé are sixers single and a city why is that. This is very hard town to date. Crap. Exits off. This bet you're tough in the sense though the. I'm just saying guys I think a lot of times guys are just afraid to go up in approach where that's my mom tells me that I think she just feels art. Now I think that I still believe like if a guy who likes you or. See you in things like she's cute. T right. It's about to. Say it right back. I know I. I think that the lives have been blurred out whistles added that you could talk to rebel Bayer like for the first I'm a re a you don't have to. Our generation struggles in the face to face communication and talking of women because of the fear rejection right now. You can goal and in state 12 dates on tender never say no to the person like they never know. You say yes they never know if you say no you never have to do you over the rejection may only get to interact with them when it's the yes yes and it's been. Are we have is we're not giving you the tools you got to go out there a point and and then build for yourself. Yeah no I think it's hard and I think my schedule himself for. And I'll be honest for the lie I've been single for every year now. And cool with. But it just in the past six months I was kind of like iced by smuggling case outlets like that email reminding us the line maybe yearly chat whenever. And it's part art like. I'm not I guess another effort saying and I really don't come back and it's just it's it's weird I definitely like at the bars I feel like. Well bars you go to C a jailhouse firms and a couple of days he likes someone every Saturday night. Mike I don't know a lot of faith hope for short order el Al sharp. That's where you're. Yeah I you know I just go where the crew goats. I like yellow house alive yet it's fun and and I definitely look around Catholic I see guys that I would be like you kill our people in oxidant. That is the stigma the old fashioned nature of I don't go to guy user. I'm happy full our it's backfired a little wet. I. I can just go back to that my quiet uncool just like do my thing you know they didn't let me any effort DeMar was I think we have been on. The last day. Date. Is that you having Garland yet and been somebody in a year with less date that you've been I would say alike. OK so you say they haven't gone on are you haven't dated anybody in over a year what was the last. Date that you've been in. I would say probably like August's. On time and no solace isn't a long time ago how they go. It's about. Was the date to batter was like the afterwards there was a connection I'm just I'm trying to blurted out and I'm trying to diagnose the problem. It aptly it's. And how I think. Guys okay crack if I'm wrong but because of social media because of looking around and options seem so let's. More rain. I think that's absolutely. Attitudes like I'm not gonna sit here and just put down on them like I'm pretty bad at making a decision and that points do I really bad at once there's an issue. I'm great until the first fight. The first fights like I know I'm not gonna sit here and dealing with. Damn does not gonna sit here to deal with your from a dial my own problems and live on my gonna sit here and spend time the only your problems but that's that's a flawed meet. So I make the other guys of the exact same way I'm terrible when it comes. I'd probably like. Yeah I like the ought to the next components just like yeah I just oh I don't care enough to deal with this'll be an idiot I think everybody's like well. You'll at this rate chemistry is that spark in mice attracted you. It's physical and it's all like our. What what's your tightly what are you looking for. You say you're having a tough time you certainly have some kind of vision this is the person I want to you look. I my biggest thing that type are tagging physically talking either one. I have got to have some when he can keep. Like ambition and drink and it's kind of demons have been great the greatest job in the world like the huge pool like any due to have. Some aspiration. Because I ill and it's really hard if I just kind of the wanna play. You know the only adventurous one amateur aspirations. I just keep going in my job like I seek potential I do different stories and staff and I watch the networks and I think. Yeah I have my peak you think you should be on there like you're watching ABC yearly you know when I should be honest and just think like this is a good thing to look toward. You know an ending you read a pilot somebody who's on there and you're like not so far removed from what we're Tony Kansas City now so. I just don't I distressed at the bar high and I don't have a an exact vision of what looks like a what I see myself and five or ten years but. I certainly just might keep aiming. Or use intend or use in bomb bowler. I don't know what these kids are using these days I don't you know tickets I use I've I have used to know before I've never used bumble I don't know what I'd really don't know what bumble Leo no a friend told me to download Bob ball that's when the girl makes the first so I downloaded. Last a week you know not and. I'm so soak it got a match you've got some are you going on dates that these people are you argues that help now I haven't studied about jagr number oh well here's here's the thing out one person has an okay are right like cooking with grease now. Think I say OK out to hire whatever but can't I go back to like will he asked me right. You have to start talking yet it's like you're trying to skip this step three before you Doug's step one step one is the initial meet. To the hey how's it go it a day or two of congress should earth how bad it sounds like you want that hey we should go grab drinks I dueled until. That's out like what you need to do that's my time digging it buys a hat to let it cook a little bit just talked to him for a little bit and I go past this to you it's that three text rule. If you have to reach out of that person three straight times and they don't reach out to you first the thing with somebody else is new moon. Wait the three text rule pretext that's not that still accurate I know. Yeah I read this I'll be honest I read this book called why men of pitches after mass relationship because I'm way too well I'll wait unite flooded in hustler. Repeatedly because I think he is talking to his his ex Bratton are gonna yeah like in that was over a year ago and it was like I kept giving shot after shot I do know is talking to her to go there is Foner well saudis do Buick there was Twitter there in the business. Lol yeah I'm not good gap not locally second speak about it openly but but yeah I was like still happening here. That's my other candy and mandating these guys but. Yes I was like but of course somebody tells you something but actions show otherwise and I think the biggest thing I'm like RA now sit actions yeah. To look at guide doesn't respond and kind of like all right well. He hates me and not you know I can that read to acquire a member of pitches and so you have to kind of play really hard to get expect them to chase yield which. I don't think you've advanced math. Are you look at for something solid or is looking for someone out it's like to meet those are two different kind of things are looking for relationship yeah and that's certainly a lot quarterly and. You know I'm telling someone to watch Netflix with me. Someone they hang out with right and it's something happens it happens cool night for sure thing that's my mentality I think that's a little the first. Settling down or they're just hang out just hang our biggest I think if you'd asked me for six months ago I'd be like Ali and looking for something solid 26. The clock is ticking you cut them getting old that's the thing with women with no I don't know that biological clock. I don't think that way. Right I think I'm like yeah got going I don't need anyone and daisy I work I can payment bills just looking out the point for someone like. Hang like to compliment my life and if he can't do that if you issues and it's a mess than like heck with them goodbye and. Okay I'm my own you know we found your ties are a good view it as I am trying to go back and try to keep it all together what's your tight look kind of guys are you looking for. And vicious act tall Paul seat that's the thing. You want it's I think that was somebody but they got to be five bigger taller you are not in the 55 ambitious guy like that ash. I've talked to dip I got to judge it by five ambitious guy shot our eyes that we asked the reads certain big I see you wanna athletic build. What do you want a smaller guy. Now I I've honestly not super. OK if you look at iPad it they're the only common threat is that there are no other common. What's your flaw. And aiding. I got told you mind and I'm just I don't have patience at all I'm gonna mean to my I can do on some kind of mean I lie is an area. He makes it. So you're doing the same thing amenities for two and you said these guys are doing this with. Yeah I like they I feel like it's put been put in my head because of the way this Internet my book future I don't like revival uploaded. Yeah I know I think that I if anything I've learned I it's got its gonna be real and might be do I wanna do what it. Your loss brown. I have to have that mentality in opulent well he hates me I mean yeah I'm here to help you all right what's so what's next for you what you have up for the rest when he sixty. The rest of sweet sixteen we've got some good stories can end. November sweeps period right now and TV which means it's ratings so a lot of eyes are on the memory of February sweeps November or February July. May yet step yes several theory were always in sweeps you always gonna be doing good work but yeah I really focus on some good stories. Get those out before I look before Thanksgiving. And then I just an only here on a positive note. Hoping the cubs win game six tonight that would make my 2016. And just thank you don't don't work and work my butt off hang out friends and and that can separate order. Acts like he cedar TV. Look for me. Our single guys if you're on the air and argue and Boller on their it's a rare thing I manage it and it's just like TC Earnest Graham and sat top. My chat chat all right you don't snap set instead Graham Porter. MySpace black planet that. Hello that kind of stuff is it a hair since likes these suitors sport bike as Beasley.