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12/16 The Night Shift - Featuring The Show and Serda Hour 3

Dec 17, 2016|

Show and Serda close out your week recapping the first two hours! We revisit why there may be to much business in sports and why the Rams are such a terrible organization. And we end your night by asking" What you watching".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I can't this city is. Is that I'd seen it with euros. Run that showed you please shout out to all our listeners but those figures. Because we use them to for allowing us. To be a small part. Of your Friday evening. Now turning in tonight Julio Sanchez Purdue's loses badly. Am on the obtained. Steve and sort of joining as we've had a lot of funded really this conversation. Tonight. It is you wanna continue this conversation Twitter. Runny eight soon. Stephen ST EPT. Conservatives and hard to gain. Thank you for that in the field. If you're looking for automatically it. There's still available somewhere but it's not in the Bay Area. They should be checked Amaker a blanket. No teases audiences because. During system that I was just watching this ESP game lakers Billy. And me to rate the cities it is art and I think when it comes the best of they have young talent around announcer. What sort this guy and and I love loads and so with a KK. OO MB. While we were sitting there watching this. He has re illegal and to the. Two to the team with this three point. He's really do is check in at threes and a pretty strong rate. And he's not an edit it in knocks it down at a decent rate for his side. But he just ran a pick and pick him up with a caller. And he went ahead all lay up to the three point line. Eighties is class that is changed its. Idea for likening the brightness and putt and outrage. And the guy comes off all in all of this three off the screen it's just drills and eighteen footer. But still well does not move it looks at the guys he's learned that the court almost of the elect a man I was open. Like like that's it you just knocked this down. Because that's his team as. Its. Hey this is Steve that's a play every night. That's why is he wants to play every night the sixers are trying to be careful to make sure he can stay how seriously this is I mean it's his team how does he get off. It is he able to pull off whatever it is. Because has been fantastic it limited to he's missed 858. Days. It BA basket. Ed now in his first year playing twenty minutes a game. He can't clap at people who live knocked down jumps out. At a facility was opened it up an anchor. As I've in his column the process that you column in the future because that's what he has not made. LeBron doing an avid Jill let's get a comment but if abroad did it normal question him. Are you kidding me of LeBron James. If Calgary came off the screen and act on it upset and abroad stated three point line collective of like I was old gimme the ball. They would be ahead of the field they were abroad. They had a field day because LeBron missed a game amid. But when other players go after LeBron if he did that to them I don't think so I don't think the other players and Joseph well let me. But it should be able to do every wants a sixers are terrible anyway. All. This late sixty game he's fantastic limited tell how can that be clapping people hey let's do user of the NBA. Some guy runs and Ford down aus open at the three point line man put it out here. 'cause he probably wouldn't hit it it's that he can drive those trades. You are really. Innocent users who. Of a huge is either out of me even a lie and why am I wouldn't but wouldn't it be believe it. Pity tickets six six 306 MI the because I'd argue it would sort of who is clearly are trying to get me and here I am on the process bandwagon. Calling. That's it I had to do the U critic will about it. The future of the position. If change in the game for seven footers all over the world. To stop. If. If there Andrews loses. It was 19. A bad hair. These things she'd never do. Allen now. It thinks it is that's what that's liver and uncles. Bernal uncle is is. I'm not gonna speculate on big firms week. Or 190. These were 19 the Indies it he's older. Our ideas. I look at there and the double the triple quadruple stated that we have. With our guys. I mean you look at of bird. Al Michaels was it burn Al Michaels. And somebody else elect is retired. Who said they. They can just they can just stay in the jobs forever however long they were. Army stayed at their jobs forum below you'll. And it didn't matter with that look it doesn't matter how they let themselves go. And at all. That man. I got Eliot look it was just commend those that she calls. She calls the Sunday night baseball's who replaced urged him yet you think in about five years she's she's just let it ride like Curt Schilling was relates crow was. You think she still average. Probably not people get on her now. This that this came about mine because I was watching CBS the other day and I solve our long quiz and you know. God lover he looks like a Christmas morning. It looks like the Christmas ornament or it looks like the England from day. In the field care if it is rounding into shape to be is this like. This guy. Irregularly once it is not a double standard really those guys didn't do their jobs based Owens looks in the first place. You're you're just saying it doubles it to track. But I think all. Let's say you're not wrong by the way woods it's you're completely right. But. It's it's this okay he can't Bernal uncles who work for forty years. No matter what his opinion but Hannah Storm she's been working like thirty years. And forgiveness Linda Cohn is what we forgot earlier my friend told me my friends like I'm shooter she's probably additives and surgery. It was a Cologne and intimate beekeepers but even with the owners be a move. I mean let's yeah I mean we're we're just being realistically obviously. They put these women in these positions. Because they appeal to a man like. Joyce Taylor. We talk about her a lot she's really talented usually get it what she does there's a reason she's with skip and Shannon. It just think about those statistics about those group and ready to get me started first thing. They. She is is really get that says you know while we've took me years you know months. Sick. She is that the way they treat her Molly the same on because they're doing everything as zip. As if first take doesn't exist they're doing everything like it's so does not exist at all. But just like they did Molly just like they did Carrie champion. This they got him his props. And and and if you listen Julie Taylor liked it Taylor is really good she does radio show on fox Sports Radio on the week in. She used to work work work in Miami. And it I think 97 the ticket she's really good. Jason Taylor's little sister got to sit there like a prop and not only is she. Differ here start at fallen out she put on about sixty pounds. I don't think they I think they've got to move on to the next one to read the chemical balance keeping Evans one doesn't want to do room with. Christine way arms aren't selling. I'm telling you. Man outwit the true well as I went through and I looked at all the personalities from ESP and CB has. Up box box is real if fox is not even making any all day that they enjoyed it I don't think I'd been genuinely don't care yes. As some think so let's bring it up wonder about Chris Berman Susie Colbert was due in. Same thing that Chris Berman was doing on Monday nights for awhile if Susie Coleman as a Covert excuse me got herself look at like. Chris Berman award the same. Blazer every day that he works but that's aid colorful tie. Alex's it would have to kick rocks. This car SS boxes and they fear the worst of it is the end it got Shelly Smith and like us and holly Rowe is fringe. In terms of the look. And I with Christine Leahy I'm not trying to say increasingly he's not good at her job I don't know but. Christine Grady is a very attractive young woman. Next to Colin. Who's one of the more in some people's opinions controversial. Sports national Sports Radio hosts. It's easy. To get over the things that frustrates you about Colin. When he's followed up by Christie might he would be heard by news. It was a little or spigot to say they but I tele Kristi could put on weight. I don't get somebody else got Colin can put on forty pounds. But they don't they look at counselors Conte. It's a case is the first thing is as owner he wants it to double standard was possibly. In hiring and shoes and a I'm telling you that this is a story that it was was there and we met at this this to the story I give any interest. A lot of black women out there can attest to this I know black women in need to watch sports. And just came on a cell Pam Oliver's at all. What is going on with her week. It's like she's not even try. Like they saw her. They've moved her right dale. Right dale. People are talking about burns alleged Chris department alleged. If Erin Andrews get to used to do this for another 20/20 five years what she's done it. Ed and the path that he's created for women in our industry shakes should be alleged. And it really to be Odyssey should be able to have urged and walk away when she wants to but that it did take. It Baird Andrews. Starts looking like. Someone who has put on. Outside did not compared to them but if there and it just started look at like Rosie O'Donnell. I bet five if there was look at like Rosie it's curtains. It's. Again. Kissed they went six for suburban Infiniti is in the course. I've been differ he was that there at the beginning Chris Berman is there's been great it would be is this. If he didn't fit in and they said you know. On the contrary with Erin Andrews lives. What DC three. I mean for me it bounces did. If I think if if Craig Sager didn't just pay. If you say sideline reporter I think you Ernie and like I think she's pioneered. For many women that are coming around. Or sideline reporters that are coming behind her I just an hour Lou but the way she works. I think that she hits she is a pioneer for that role. So I think if she's a partner for that role interest fuhrman's partner for his role in Verne is a partner for his role she should be able to look like Christmas ornament she won it. I think if you polled a lot of young like. Upping coming sideline reporters. Go for a vocal TV or you know somebody younger women ESPN. Odd moments and Andrews is somebody they look at. You wanted to get this when there are some females listening they would probably call and be although this from the 913. I'm glad to Vietnam so this will be like here girls who work at who voters eventually aid out of their ability to work there is just accept it because. That's what you sign up for the females look good on a year. Or in the same boat should simply be exit good it's sort of the two. We're talking. Nobody has ever worked shooters headset has said. This is my career this is what I wanna do for the rest of my life said the fact that were relating that to being a sidelines sports reporter. As if it has the same qualifications is just absolutely ridiculous. I'm not trying to demean working it looters. But come off. But to the point of and I agree with you to the point of man. It shouldn't be considered that. But the way we look at things in the way that consumers look at some consumers look at it and the way that management treated they treat it like it suitors. They treat it like its twin peaks. Like in 08 Pam Oliver he's done a slowdown and as we're gonna move you and you're gonna become a cook. You know hey Lesley Visser your fallen apart as we stand. You know you were host is known regular slides in the back. What it should they treat it like this is that this is media. We talked to we talked to. Data from Dana arts said it's the same way all. It didn't and booze and in the politics is am I three fives of success X and if you want to jump in somebody's at some accounts I signed to about. Oh man just know more about sports in the women he'd get out of here. You kidding me I don't. Recent even still think that way. Chris Berman okay actress fuhrman's been in sports for a long time. But doesn't mean he just knows more earned it anybody else does about sports Chris Berman is a head coach. Is no more about football than anybody else that. A new joint Taylor's Brothers. Jason Taylor she's been around football her whole lack. Our parents have been involved in the media she's the girl alive. Edge she's god and she knows a lot about sports it's that those who orders being the guy the statistics is really our posters of females out there that would. I would love to hear what you mistake about it X. I'll look to use it looters liked it because. Even though I think the text sounds rough. But to be frank which I really don't think it's not far off on how people. Is that industry who are making those decisions how they treated. I think they sure it liked to have peaks are looters. I. The hand alarmed you're kind of Canon. You kind of lose that because if I can tell you we talk about this off later. Somebody's and it takes about nick Wright is now about little nick right as a Richard. But you'd think if there was a female. Whose opinion they did it look like come on now that looked like. Jason whitlock. That she could do the things that Jason whitlock is done giving itself it terribly keep it major jobs replace the place is she looked like there. Now I've got to step out of the mustache a hill though specially not Jason whitlock personality. Somebody said he Julian Barbour is a great exam. Sexy little flip sides and now sit down. Definitely would miss step on on what this man was your thoughts on this. Add that they agree with everything you got that say idol matter. Aren't I view. You can say we're almost. Or. You know why I think harper that orbit they got to be able at people you know and the media. Everyone. But order radio leopard is an art. Now. If people there that it like that right. If you care about people are. Quiet note a default Charles. And you know exactly all the alternate at the center aisle you are hurt that it out that we need to be talked about. You know your tire out there on orbit the inning yeah. Outweigh you know not about the money about our. Present because I'm Ed. It's it's it's just a tough situation today in this hall. This all develop but just sit there and I'm look at him Arne Lundqvist and I'm like man is a great tribute like I'd earned his bid Colin. He's been for CB with CBS for as long as I can remember even do that stuff before there. And I think it me or has just been looking like this is his appearances they go in more self as the years go by. And I and I am not criticizing burned for that I mean I miss it does look like Christmas. I'm not criticizing verve that would obviously and his man. If Doris Burke just let it ride like to add over the next few years it is and let it go. Air agers is at odds is gonna let it. Out wanna really feel markers and moved past my urged. A little list. I don't I don't think that they. That they will be able to do what birds done and furthermore. If a what I don't know how a woman to keep her her two or low. MB 75 years old like Bernie is the key is to. Burton has doubled the number one team for eighteen you haters calling CBS. Football college football. There is that there is no way Aaron answers going to be I would all bulls bit. It will it will be tough for her for twenty years to be on the number what T Jason whitlock. His burn bridges. And (%expletive) people off everywhere he has ever wore. Allegedly. He just keeps getting bigger tip. Eight keeps gaining man sit in putrid and getting a getting bored shops. The year ago blob the leeward collars in a fantasy. I don't wanna see an ugly sideline reporter that's overweight what's the cheerleaders. It's an imagination. What's next. Pick cheer leaders. But that's and that's of these viewers had to deal with. And I I moved it to the news they look at Megyn Kelly. She comes on. Right after bill rally right before Sean Hannity show they have a lot of conservatives that watch this show. Hey Greta head to roll. Greta take a look at Greta. You saw Megan Kelly get on the stage. You do her days were numbered. And here we go go man go away. First supplement I don't care Sheikh seven not I would love the fear commanders on the inside line. My son I call. He gets mad at me and say look at that. The and so on the girl or await these these guys right. I'm teaching him wrong. Well we. Like. Reporter. An eastern six and. It makes it Guerrero I'm just thinking about it but. Light like normal mentality. In that account. It's seat but Linda cold and let alone has been moved there. No she hasn't ended allegedly season had surgery. But she's been moved down in her role movements it is not as prevalent on on ESPN is others and the only older one on there is Hannah Storm. It's easy to get her look. About senator thanks bill me. Bouts got a rich like you can't count people who average. And I believe it's eight point six mega Cali has the edge is fine. As she ages as long as she stays classy professional she is good but I tell you burn is good. But Bur admit it Kelly. Took her look like burn his book. How long do you think she would hold on her job. I'm very long. I just say in and it and it's and this is I thought it was just sports still ought to ought to. To Dana Dana parties that no it's it's as bad media that you brought up a local right. Kicker MacKey yeah. I don't know do you think care Bernanke can keep her job on a national level. Probably not the are you let let me actually this is straighter in text like you can jump in on this are you surprised that she's kept her job. Now now locally because she's been around forever everybody knows who she is she's one of the more recognizable faces when you think of local news anchors in Kansas City. So locally. I don't think that's a problem though when you're talking about national level and we start getting these national. Broadcast jobs. It's obviously more than a chair and. Men. It is. De Leo our next. I'm really at times kind of surprised. From the text line though we might get some real characters. And Barbara Walters is a good one. But I mean I think Barbara Walters for her age is doing the best at what she's got and she's has been around for ever what the illness. These eyes she's she's not there. Out of the huge Bea Arthur was it news or sports reporting she would. And opening just Barbara lost his own questions Barbara Walt. Alleges they live doesn't seek here and Bernanke's. It took. Its. Actress cute to see the governor of next. We continue to have led the night. It looks like the Baylor Bears got a win in football last night. I mean yeah. So but yeah. I mean as they ask bill that service can't let them beat us about Barbara told us. I've got the great family. I cap feelings for eight is had been crippled yeah along the guys that he was going to be an idiot and you know is we apparently gets even homelessness. Say that they are doing it Barber's number forward. I did I do a little research done on and you did not ours that if a person that we're gonna tell over the and take with this food the it's certain this that's a couple and now. But what Barbara Walters has to work with I mean if she was that she's got to be one of the top ones and personal. Like it don't you did a lot of Lou will be one of the first would you do it. I that oral they'd elect of the after this this lady is boarded 1929. Cheers at the door right they debate he said. She is barred for years before their ratification of prohibition. I mean she but she's she's bid through. Whale that civil rights she's been well there's a date sees. Well I counter and lives. I did retirement home seeing old man Ers waving over Barbara wall Cecil Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama now come on now. Yeah I mean you got to be kidding. Do you research ever concerned are you third. I I don't know I guess I don't I don't. What he wants it don't mix sort of with me I did not say that I want to make a run at bar ruled it. Planes at all planned to talk about this yet still look at like the Baylor Bears last night but I handle it then. Because David Stern apparently has it they are horrible it's that the big Barbara blow to its. I mean what's the worst of his life which he came up the view. He's got a little bit does that say DW on a out instantly hit both of the first or use alive pat all the let's. The round table it is about eleven people listen to that one guy. All hollering now if you look era. Did you think Barbara Walters will likes our hands allied to colored marble. Hulk. People that. And Leo you are. Up 7077. Jane. Fonda. It said that the law. Is set. Up. It's. Eaters Alter. It. Out of here are you kidding me she and I guess it's your activists any. That's what six what will they don't meet meet is it pretty. Good news at seven. I like. The early seventies yeah accurate at the gate she's got to be around Jane bond. Batted an eye disease and how. How do you let them. It looks in the. They would six this act is the show or this lady gives this note is the reason booze was legalized the gear. God sort and let's just cut. Nine years old I'd say at Barbara Walters Bradley has yet to be that bad looking. Just. Odds look at this as it's hit me. Like. I had to do think she was that close in age to Betty White. Let me I did not think that Betty likes not any sport. They did not make it moral booster and his skills Ed notebook and this he was terrific skills. Does he was there Chris. I don't. Make it. Maybe it's that old babies that. Part is. That at worst job he. And he tutored. Let it. Hit this rock outs and it. Good article I've been told that they brought a rate. But if I was sad. As it was eighties revenues. So bloody years 78 78. And we have some relatives get off the evening wind expressing their feelings to. Do a little bit more than twisted tale with Betty White just. It is that time didn't show stopped. Us and. As showstopper. You didn't. I'm sure Betty White would be a hot. Commodity at their retirement home as well. I think I'm going deep with the money and Dan on NBC Sports Radio giants quarterback dinars Jenkins compared. As current team the giants do there I am sorry spent his first four NFL seasons. That's something and sing about brand general manager Stan Conte he says it's a big it's a big difference to be honest with you. Just being here in New York in seeing GM Jerry Reese every day at practice it just motivates you because I've never seen that before and Saint Louis. When speaking of rams. Owners Stan Conte they said if you ever cease standing come around the facility do not speak to him apparently players is poor. To interact. For the owner of the rams at all. You know it's bad. When you feel bullets or comparable. Under the tutelage of coach. Who looks like the guy. Who lays out at the seeds. In a pulsar in seizure instilled. I think it's slowed but is that what did that but besides being dishonest about this is that a little bit mad at them with a black. The rams playing for the rams their injury in Cleveland Browns territory. Sacramento Kings territory. Or other god awful France it. It's. I would not Tampa this who's the worst rates as a base. A Marlins. At least they've got some players that are trying. And they they entered the Rockies did. About Hillary only got worse as the worst ridge as of Major League they've Michael as the Cleveland Browns the Major League Baseball red. On how they've been the playoffs recently. There's rumors since it was her got a couple years there wasn't royals. Maybe there is one and only Indians I don't think the Braves now. The twins are pretty rough. But they had to give our same man there rams that they're yours and I. Almost rather go to Cleveland. Either become. Straighten Cleveland. You got LeBron James apparently has been using an iPad from the bench this season James says he is the iPad two watts in game footage. When he's on the court so we can get a look back at the defense and the way he's playing in the game make adjustments. How is nobody else in the NBA doing this yet if you're allowed to. Miseries. And has not gone before the NBA dates earlier. Well outside of this. Or use the spurs generally of the smartest they would they too early. Are able to find Austrians and the warriors. Padres is that this is a good thought from the 78. You can't say any interest pioneered earthy which he looks of things in the storms physical. Michael Jordan looked over to Orlando rule reads his first couple years in the league but I'm not gonna say it in Orlando forward. There's been of the Michael to. And in Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. It has been practicing this week and said today he's fully plans to play on Sunday against the Indianapolis call I had picked him up. Him for five weeks it is though what amount if any was not going to play until possibly the play offs. And now this full Izzy and that this stuff we. I'm stuck with Bob Kelly not Robert Keller that mr. Butler running back that the risk he would. I've stuck would Matt Forte with a bad meniscus. I want to go pick up their roles he's now out of the game because of protocol. Why did you just pick a Beijing Peterson again somebody Arnie and the purpose of the outlet for that today this morning. And it was gone gone on out sit here with Christine Michael. Did Matt Forte alert. Trains. Well you can hear me Sunday mornings at nine on fancy football Sunday would ban high slayer and I would recommend that you now pic of Adrian Peterson this week anyway. I don't trust that he's gonna get a full workload which he picked him over Matt Forte. Yes coming up a good statistics live 69306. That being nasty about four ruled. Or Betty White but. This the segment that's sweeping the nation. What's your Watson texting and what you Watson and I you know his romantic comedy Friday text in. What you watch it Netflix whatever. I just got HBO and I thought it was willed and I mean. What to watch coming up next. Some of the K. Yeah that's not live. Where else. It's Battlestar Galactica what commitment you'll want to be. It's too late to catch weight touchdown a Super Bowl fly first class plane. Walking by our connectors. I'd like to remake movies and I'm not superstitious but. Hi my little space. A hole. Practical and I think that. The web site. It works best days off would I rather be feared or loved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. 56 months it's not confused it's this the it is lets you watch it. Texting it to its excellent once in which what's and I Netflix which shows you watch him. Romantic comedy arrive. And AM will they be as effectively to vehicles and do what some romantic comedies. To exit in right now last one of the week we've had a lot of phone to this week by the way. Room Monday through Friday. We will not be here at all next week but he stills it and it. I see if content. By the league. What she was sponsored by no one. Nobody does that. And somebody did ask how much it would cost a sponsor us on site. That's when I want it to us. About that sixties. So. If you have plans on Friday night do you move romantic comedy Friday night to Saturday night. Well it's it's it's it's a do a BBN as they do a lot of on. A Saturday nights will I just think the real problem is called an odd dual threat this is a it's so once in a lot of if you what it'll be on Rob Lowe. On why budget problem because I'd like romantic. I don't like Star Wars you watch the hallmark and yes I'll work. The golden girls to slip of the year blades Deborah is it. Every night they do that. Here's why pick on the Oden. Are not particularly. That was all thought well let's just look at the that you took him. Tonight 51 state that USA and I will be tuned in for that it terrific bill fight at Sandler has not had a lot of great ones. He's struggled some this once this was pretty goods and variable hours he's thrown in this as well. A larger than it is like mister deeds. Well I mean I just I mean those I mean this is when he picked up you know he's that he's not been great. I need to get sleepless in Seattle on paper. What he won't even be able. You eat they can't sleepless in Seattle terrific. I mean this one went out really like is killed by a bullet and use them all the surprise. When you get it. Those securities excellent experience at night also the break a terrific with. It's bonds Jason Bateman and I'm telling blow when he is planned at Mike Tyson knocked it. You seek its and down with those are let me move on this well I'll continue remember those two denied the Erica. Cities or states in the sand was this. 872. I don't know that is the thank you for listening. Season two of the man on high Kessel came out on Amazon today I've now heard that usage entered this. I've heard good things about it. Have Amazon prime playing style and I gotten on these Amazon chosen people keep talking about is. That transparent as one of them wanted you know yeah eight point six we got the body I have now. Addicted to see him was just finished season once just started watching it yesterday. I'm telling you man. Between William H. Macy who is one of the as I sit tops have been worse people. In the history of television you have evening got to certain parts you where he really. We'll see what and daisies and ended the only Gallagher is exceptionally. I finally got cable. And seen the season finale last world I started when he world so I think. I'm I'm makes you started I should we can actually talk about and I answer I just started the first episode I don't know what Dale's little known. I am Xeon well Gonzaga I hill I've been free get out. In avoiding everything about the finale because I moved into waiting on cable so I haven't seen the finale yet on the go home washed and I'll have lots was the first four episodes of the affair and so. Well obviously the it is hobby. Crazy they had slipped a riff of -- that is a good soon the affair is solid. I mean. They hit a couple of scenes and indicated that Colombia authorities will. But no let's let's well it's weird and I don't get hit that act act act it out watching. So I probably will try to give him a couple. Episodes coming up this week in. So you put it may be TV or it is Thursday. This NBA games awful. Lakers 76ers I mean this these are the games you really the big thing. Are they start to stupor bowl game tomorrow finally college basketball released us and this week in a BOK you tomorrow. There and I want to Regis live west would cook a little bit. You know menace varieties of never. It's so cheap so the if you must live. Line you know as in the ones you you must cheat. She did if you must deal but still little moments that take your trip. We've been a lot of fun this week craziness. Will save uncle I'll he'll be that whenever we're back on uses for bit predicts his will be bit whatever we're back. Awesome movie you showed me the other day that you quoted. Well airborne magnetic and I believe that attitude but it took Tuesday that it sort of adopt rather development of human growth I don't care as those that live near beat and I don't have to Wear it. One of the best Julio says it's all we've let this great he's produced this things my let him in Leos and it is. Tomorrow I'll be on high school sports Saturday just misery we are out.