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2/11 - 9am - High School Sports Saturday

Feb 11, 2017|

Score from around the area, interviews with coaches an a look around the metro with all things High School sports

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good eats. Sixteen. Proudly presents. Real high school. Saturday morning. In here in the studio but before we do. It would cut its ability it's time a little bit and scores get round to shoot usually with some kids school. Diamond like two months you got that Verizon. Heads up on Baghdad. This guy let's start out there who valley. When they get the blue valley north where they lose that well in north west that it is seventy. Alfre state restate it be to late the south it's six to fifty. Oh like the north or although early eased it to order thirty. And it's Johnnie mission needs they defeated a close one. If you love 48 they take outside a mission Norquist. In the balance ms. schools Shawnee mission north it's a big road win. At Shawnee mission west 6155. Shut image itself those on the road in wins at leavenworth 3731. Laureates at home takes here's takes careful late that northwest 62 to 56. Turner goes and to base there they go and they lose in a tough when 69. To 65 piper all of the road with a one. Point victory at Bonner said before 73. Glancing at home takes out on the next fifteen to 45. And derby they defeat newts in 73 to 66 at home. Couple who valley school or blue valley southwest they they lose to a really good blue valley squad said the eight did it really are really. And finally at Gardner. Garnered loses at home to blue valley north 4633. Chris as scores of Missouri it's. Yeah on the Missouri side rates down edges out saint Joe's central 7571. Park hill. Tops the wildcats the blue springs with Ron and just say you'll just say analysts vest that's nasty school they beat them 88 point seven visas. Blue springs south beads rape victim a low scoring affair at 3428. Lee's summit north with the shoot out a release some 876. Fort Osage squeaks by William Christmas 5552. North Kansas City beats. They dominate Truman savings of 49. Grant you wins big over Platte county 7759. Carney. Goes over Belton 6745. And liberty north beats rival liberty 7263. Those of the scores. On the Missouri side. Good stuff gentlemen score or on the metro we have two special guest got a fun shooting Greg Jones by the way at 930. First guess Weaver head on jaws and Julia icicles were said he took over new job. It liberty nor talking animal parkas and down. Head coach at the same genes academy basketball leader and she'll be joining us in studio the superintendent for the working in city school district. Dean and Clemens in the athletic director. From North Kansas City high school Jim Evans very very excited but that score he read off against or in city although B and Clemens sit near the don't torture and why. Is it's the North Kansas City school district that includes old pork just pick they. North Kansas City in with a focus who's got a Villa can. Rupert but he chickened. Out in idiots who threw for Dylan heroin thwarted morning. Day and a ideal start with you and I know you're pretty excited about this and don't you. You know for a while and he's working in my gym. But they're not what they're talking here but it nor can city school district do big things. You guys are really put an emphasis on athletics and we've had a lot of your coaches on from the district but. The basketball teams you three teams vying for a conference titles and everything but the working in city you were. Acer emphasis in athletics when that's worked for you. Absolutely. About two years ago or bad case are talking about the importance of extraordinary everything. And so on what we're looking at it's actually made it one Michael as superintendent it's improve our quality and competition and make sure that we rate people place to work. It's sometimes difficult finding coaches the regular guy for the right job pinch hit him and he's via. Athletic director North Kansas City high school during moral and basketball coach out there we just hit on a few weeks ago but it. For you if you were school finding the right guy come in turnaround is your television count. Takes it coast to cultivate that Carol difficult is that the fine. Well you know we. It is it is and you look around the metro area right now and that actually. We just were talking of Oregon iron it really did an outstanding coaches. Early said you know set their teams and their and their programs pardon and we've got. In the winter seasons basketball wise we've got to the vest with coach Lacey and coach marlin and we've. We've got those those programs on the right direction we had to act of game last I also park who has Korea and angry young coaches well. Inco Scanlon so it was just a great north planned basketball games and you know it. It really does so much for your school. He's school community really improves everything and so we're we're happy that the board of education recognizes that and our superintendent or. We're excited to have coach Marley and our guys last year. Yet now I am very quick to coach marlin obviously Arab winter rusty and I worked with him doing a stats video. Score book when he was there one state title there. What drew you to coach marlin having him beating guys for your basketball program. Well we selected take credit for that that actually they're former principal cheddar Meyerson is in our building now I know rights as it gets its okay it's a vote. You know he he can imagine one day and he said you know we we ought to try to get coach marlin over here and and so we kind of put the full you know full. Or press on a man and you know talked you know talked about what opportunity looks like in our school conduct Clemens here was our. HR superintendent that time he was on Borden. And really we're just kind of soul divisional what our school to be and he played dark turn me in Ruskin was in our bass garbage every year traditional tire evidence every year and so he'd he'd seen the atmosphere that can happen winds and win that GM's full field house and a so he got see that firsthand last night like I said it was it was a great atmosphere the ban was rock and the kids were rock and then and really showed North Kansas City in and then in the school district and generals trying to trying to get. I did. Did early interest in the position that Yuri. Being. You have to kind of spread yourself at all force school aid you generally don't see districts and at this mini. Schools in it like I come from who's brings interest in schools in the district. Again at four different schools that you have to keep track like how difficult is that for you know team. Migraine and understand everything that's going on all four schools in your district. Yes certainly I'm not homeless. This. I enjoy watching our kids compete it's it's really one of the best parts of my job. It's my job to answer the real quality coaches work in sports and inactive. And so to get everything to elementary on up that's right we did everything. Yeah yeah we about 20000 he would. Of one amendment or doctor Paul candor. Do those things superintendent and he really taught me a lot of about creating quality program. And that's bird that's relieved were about north you'd be in this report were going to be extraordinary all the schools over. His pro cup how important is starting it that. At that elementary level and is that something that you all do. Even coming from your such edges starting from the elementary level in your schools elementary to middle school is that is that a key thing that. That is within that district. Certainly. You know what the board of education than it is on trading quality programs were actually for the first time and in many decades or bring back most opponents. Well okay this pretty cool you. If you just are doing this. There's other districts and the school football but up north you know suburban. Well youthful applause and the way to go. The aids or is that is that eighth grade government when we played doubles doubles yes I think that they had us it was 77. Eighth grade well that's that's a big step. It's. It's absolutely huge step for us because some of our kids can afford to play. And them we're gonna take that out of the equation so that every student that wants to play football he get chance on the field. We've had a private donor give us the money to support our are you middle school football program and work cited by the best equipment work is though. Talking to do inclement he's he superintendent north in city school district every school. In addition Jim Evans the athletic director in working in city little different lost these you call school goes into that your job I do. You way okay which is union. A mile yeah just one okay when it was a high school of our group north UC school district superintendent. I believe it's from Heidi. If he puts her kids at that so. X rupiah but nobody fits note. Yeah well at all just let that I was curious. If you're that guy that's the popular guy William medical school here lately last couple of years I've been Babs is curious. Yeah you do to urban Nedney and. What often we get up 3 o'clock in driving the road I can tell on the most popular person. I've where it's I would I would I would have trouble taking that judges for that I beat uncles who they think about if you don't call off school you're the villain of that history is that day it's fun to call law school but it that simple and to give up at 3 o'clock in all know we know about all. Seubert hit the ground. Eight kiss him as. They don't they refused to call off school down South Carolina wrote. They get they always waited for great interview to do first and you know gambles do bring these mile kid if you thought we. Let that. This kind of order that I talk to you earlier an initiative is here's who. Bills beat the stupid to 65 million dollars for a few city high school forcible. Is a when he come from from elect from voting in in school bar. Rose's yeah certainly as money raised an active talked to the part where comes from a Todd Todd or Chad talk about the excitement on north now we have to run a bond issue. And now we're bondage you fourteen dollars up north in school and I tea our communal close vote if we want to the world. So will that so they wanted this. And I know Chad pretty pumped about school. Yeah and they you know North Kansas City is is. Was there in 1925 so we need to sum up periods and and with the support of the community in the Gordon. You know we're doing a lot of the things that I'm in fourteen million we were starting direct feeders you know you talked about community schools were starting that I know they need a couple of elementary schools well obviously my part of it. Was you know those and a new improved high school I guess Korea renovate in the mains and a lot you guys pride in the nor have yet to order. So that main building we'll get it it would get a renovation and then we'll just kind of build around the stadium the stadium is as well known round of the football stadiums so. The and I am NG done me in irons the architects there and they're well known around here in the city and they're doing an amazing job and of course she's done in their work in real hard to you. Get the most bang for buckets tax dollars and we want we you know we certainly want to be good stewards of that money and we are and you know but the exciting part is like duct Clemens was saying earlier there. They're building some pretty great activity facilities is conscious athletics in the program so we have the new performing arts center and and stuff that's gone down their school but you know we're built 1925. When when the lightning goes sometimes lights and self or were happy to get some. New facility it talks more about some of the stadiums were considered by the wood or in city full speed as the best. In the metro area by four but the inclement doctor dean that is our I would call you doctor doctor to inclement superintendent or in city school pitcher mr. Chad Evans. The athletic director and nick or if you city high school get back in the talking about the some of this funding for the stadium's north considerable talk about that that. It won't. It was zero. Reach them beat Jordan's billions of Purdue and they did see growth in city school district doctor. Being Clemens hit that record doc Dockery got the doctor in new girlfriend effort to shore. But I'm sure he's doing stuff for today. Hope his dissertation so stunned for a hearing that yet if we're in an address and correctly next. Doctor doctor Fred it's it and it at director north yesterday with Redford team and the studio couple months ago when. Who did the data and how I hear you hate just yeah. Just up the quality of Joseph significantly changed their ways Smart they should do that don't cost you don't wait I martyrdom we aren't this neatly into it and you're 'cause they're aliens make this a priority as we lose people come with a salary. Guys aren't so bad people called doc is urging doctors. I usually don't say it's doctor I would call the doctors doctor William him. Prepare you. Ultimately doctors and the man about it you were tolerant toward this idea from Atlanta. I thought I was doing my god I do not intend I would make sure everybody call me doctor instead of its laser. Unfortunately guise of a debt of doctor sit right here at W definitely handle that that is done I did it. Rob with the Middle Tennessee State very proud that the Missouri game this year I bet. These stadiums porky and city's district stadium as I recommend is anybody in Keyon city we'll see some high school global by the way a book. I've written a book and part of you guys hundred billion booked. It was about things through before you guys this works and what they must pick a high school football team and go watch the storm of the cheapest values five bucks to Gideon. Four people you're running game that's been in money but working in city district stadium in north in city worked which kids via doctor Evans is the athletic director. He's one of the hidden jewels and keen since get this for wall goes around and some amazing football stadium in of course daily high school to do to us beatings in the district. There's two schools without these would talk high school you know if earth oak park high school. They've just got the turf to be told me before him or pork getting LED lights. It's the first step I guess and put the stadium after you put the lights and the other rumor restrooms concessions. Next in the may be the bleacher leader is your goal to have all four schools in the district with their own stadium to any district they share stadiums. Love the team's. Certainly as we at middle school football. On to do what we do in North Kansas City could interpret their for the middle school kids and play the high schools other plate I. Will be used those facilities a lot between your band on. Folks here cheer squads in football soccer a middle school football you really got app places for kids to be. And done some of the problems we have an Oak Park one topic currently is that the restaurants are still in the building. And so on when an elderly folks about the supporter kids they go along ways that schools Lithuania and so we're trying to work with the board of education provide. A closer facilities those folks. Particularly when we started talked about on football though if organ and the school after of lights because it gets dark pretty quick and all that kids got athletes go. When you talk a couple years ago made the district championship in their tracks in the dark and at their facility preparing to the plate for oh and and that's dedication right there that you know that there's equity issues in our district and we're gonna fix those. We're going to be great everywhere. Even use money kid. Yeah he's 65 million. I don't like that accidentally lets the fitness. Bought these stadiums I feel bad because. I went to. Many many places over the highs of this high school year watch games that I went to the division to looking stadium stately. That's is ridiculous without the other outlets but I'm really upset now that I didn't get to a game in north you have to you because I hear here is this like this amazing. With that they holds little weight room looking over the field yeah it's. I Terry you. I've seen a lot of games in that. In that building as a as a spectator in and of course when our guys go after two and some of the most amazing times I was Estonia has foregone they're one of the best games Osama coach Donahoe. The other day and he was talking we were talking about the blue springs Oak Park came back in the day a little bitten so who won this game it was moves. He said when they get the car was went in the hole playing time through a great kid and then a guy named Michael Keenan over par can hear in all over the place the other four have been ousted in the third floor my building watching that and you're right on top each other I mean that's that's a very. You know most most stadiums on tracks around the field saucer we're gonna have a barrier you know just a natural border obviously be between their kids in the in the fan it's not a north town and their right on top the American here in if you're opposing team they're really in Europe. A river Wynette for assured used to put the he's put the visitors. Opens. That state it's true story I think the stated actually got involved have been put the would put the visiting team along the sideline makes you were distinctly fiddler and put his team only has home field event it was does that mean it's a matter of distractions wherever he did it in the state ethics and that you can do this for a. That's Smart you have Fred Fred I don't come up with something that the state calls that Fred fugitives to add. Oh yeah yeah we we received our circles around Fred that he he's so witty he's always gonna try to get the upper hand. Now. Obviously athletics is a big. Primary focus for you guys but. I know that discussions with this for with people for years. About like fine arts and if you look around the country there's a lot of districts that are Kennedy emphasizing fine arts a little bit. And to invest more sports how are you guys going to go about making sure that you guys that fine arts is now forgotten about what you're trying to go out there and put it began. Assists on sports I certainly appreciate that comment my son junior stay high school's glee fine arts guy yeah well I was a vault him both as well sports in Financial Times and I school and and I'm telling you that we have a strong focus on our finance programs and really excited about it. You know just as we compete for state titles conference titles which Specter of fine arts programs to. On compete for blue star awards in and go to districts and perform well. Where investing just as much and in our small box theater and or new theaters that were building it in or out as well and athletics because them. Though the thing I really want she knows everything we do in north Kansas city's can be extraordinary. Whether it's fine arts or athletic programs we got to keep our kids in North Kansas City mention they have experience. We're talking about this during the break I don't think people realize held. The game. This district cues and did an oddity that note that he gave me really and understanding that it's the biggest. District on the Missouri side in this this area and then announces it is just curious like Staley was built he said nine years ago. And I didn't realize that you guys were taking on that much growth just kind of talk about how the you know this this this this district is so legal. People know certainly we we have 20000 students we employ 3200 people we grow out 300 students a year. So if you think about that every year we need an element is the manager growth in the city. We're currently building two elementary schools and comfort to our schools disease specific products that they'll love the pork or school district in Richardson space of the airport in their. Put some of their students not even in the high schools in some and also it seems like this is a rope preschool it's a great problem app you wanna grow with the school district brings additional revenue. It means that that your community's strong and without strong schools aren't strong communities that is is there any thought of another high school being built line that's it just sounds like the numbers urges. Urges early usage of it at all state yet. We stainless gradually built it Adam being too it so that we can have the capacity of 2000 students nor account being built. A little bit larger right now and ultimate news on capacity as well I'm we don't have. Any plans of good news I school but we will continue to build new schools elementary. This incredible stuff so. This is fours everything else but I really energy and commitment. We have we have an and the superintendent. A doctor to doctor to doctor to deliver that not very many shows there's Iraq it is city December doctorates on it saying the doctor to inclement superintendent north in city school losers greats leisure products that myself and of its indictment and but but I was within didn't chick Evans doctor Tim Evans that north into the high school. Via Flickr pics coming out guys it's been thought it's been interesting especially the middle school football I think that's that own real interesting and also. You decide on kids in school that that got to the bottom. Of that what's it called off Monday is going to be extended political. The royals win again column yeah. Let me you know that's are yeah I live picture company guys to the next Greg Jones from Kearney high school or figure its first time a coach we were at all. Took over the job liberty north we'll talk to him about that next. And he collected just three schools were sending thanks a lot the doctor didn't Clemens superintendent. Of north Houston school booster and a doctor Janet. At the North Kansas City guys will be joining us now the first coach we have I don't. We've had well over a hundred coaches. Doctor Greg Jones head coach Carnie just didn't coach I don't know you doctor yep. What he's told you doctor Greg Jones the head coach now liberty nor. You a doctor yet. A good job a lot weren't black couple. Wow coast just get right down. I did read that coach Greg Jones is two state titles according just been hired. Is the new head football coach who liberty nor portable congratulations coach how difficult a decision was that for you. Well it was very difficult because. Obviously you're. We're better coordinate locked around in the mica told everyone has been great community and great place to revert. You know so like most assistant. Better go change your life there they are tough decision but. You know everything that I felt a lot of people that it's it doesn't challenge you to visit Beijing news that the challenge and I look forward to it. And not that good before friendly. Now you obviously have given us a little bit of a sneak peek as to how. If you do reaction has been to you making this decision. To go to liberty north what lies and give us a little insight as to what was the reaction from Carty would you decided to make this move. Well that it would. Obviously. When you are now that you're you're doing this. They're going through all the emotions that you've already bitter for these two weeks which is good. You know whenever you process and you're worth the principle communities and armed so yeah you're kind of ran the gamut of emotions already and so that either injured or the fact for the first time so there's going to decide if they go. You know well you're leaving a widely even and so doctor explained it they've been. All when you sit down and background I was a kid electorate that acceptance. And no one dollar bill and a while I was doing. The majority album on. Thank coaches run usually. You Buchanan hit it to an earlier people been saying different things about you. We're gonna who will sit down and have this conversation. I'm just curious. You know maybe the little little bit of background of people out here listening and sure you know you have been in the news and and people have been critical about different things about this hiring process. I'm just kind of curious to Peggy you're side of the story out to explain. Exactly. How you feel because I would assume that you maybe have some disagreements about. And maybe how this has been covered. Well. You know what. Like I told my wife and some others that they're like pocket you grab it. You know try to set the hours straight whatever I'll buy it. Won't there always. This is that the concert opens as well yeah slot sloppy thought you were going to bomb option out there. I know I'm going to be so pretty common courtesy. The story does not on the fact that. I have a special security and all the stories that I have a masters so I. School district straight majors was your teacher or coach who will pay for a bit futures sold that decent salary. Without. But overall dealt with by the futures. It all about the opportunity to go get their degrees. No matter what suits and and as far as the Trojan part. It that way would like to come in at Walter my issues and it sounded as if there at a school. In season and out of the you can because when you are these strict coach also do that even if you're in the summer. Their properties that we. I'll be more than willing to do that. Go to I had it I had an an interesting conversation we just in Hoover who is the offensive coordinator. And a quarter Baghdad over Anna this in the eight. And he he told me similar situations of questions you know just to be honest about the financial portion of what they do. I don't think a lot of people understand exactly everything that goes into being. A head coach and a worker in a high school school district explain a little bit everything that you all do so it. So people can get an understanding that. Have to make your point makes it's more up for an hour. It or update that you know it you're gonna do it and why I mean I think number one you're trying to young man that you work and is that you're trying to make sure that they appear stupid forward and I mean epic the fact that that was overlooked is that technically. All of you know like I thought the market while we're on the council we it was an extension of the council mr. lockquote Watson estimates are that there about their grade. Measures are there and out of trouble to make sure that it is going well at their home. All of those accountable parked on council. You know an academic advisor. And the and you definitely it would one on the non stop with all students and and that I think that better but I'm laboratory. You about it that people don't realize it or not it would the football is what the overall and so is one of the alternate. Be successful so you're you're trying to be a part of that. I'll and then the football part is that it cannot overwhelming. Arms because. What you look. Would go from. That of course that you're built with 21 doctor Q so you're good you're technically principal. With those that members don't you did you're in charge. What you've written that mr. terrible person are you doing. And then then got 250 pickup football eight through twelve so now. You got all those parents that you heard you know that your relationship we hadn't gotten build a community we're. But at the bigger than a lot of people understand with football if you wanna do it under. Talked to Greg jones' new head football coach at liberty north high schools according were one or couples they titles. If there's a story out this week that from the channel nine did is an investigative reporting it actually but they they could after coach in his salary and everything else and be honest with the coach what was your reaction when people were talking about your salary. Game in the parents other teachers were talking about a is to me that's a private matter and it's nobody's business. Well I don't know situation in the I'll bet day after kind of the story broke in the debate the other angle and now we're at it is Wednesday. I think I was over at liberty north and I was downstairs and operate in the big equipment and so my little bit more the only. And I'll I'll I'll I'll with the and so I'll come back there's not a lot of thought went out like you walk through the network partners ball wide for college the deck in left or well. Yeah but you know any. I did not like it. That is key element that he did not competitive. And this book that could 1 day I am not the heart rate terms and certain area in front again. Our coach Judd talks into Greg Jones the new head coach at liberty north for their football program. How you obviously a ton of success at Kearney. And so now you're going to new job. Feel like his is gonna be like the timeline for you to kind of build up. That liberty north program to what you were able to do it Carney. I'll look you know it probably it'll build different. I don't want it but you're not there yet but. There are going to be ignorant classic obviously so that the whole different views and platform obviously. But it's just gonna have to type of award. The step you know it's got addicted to get on board which would we bother to audit board held there and give it to work and other school. Socket that get up about an hour after leader's side of it yesterday calling in the middle there. But you go there and argued that gets stolen to evolve. That's the other thing that's different high school and you can't Latin singer put the staff and so what we've been in parts of yet what his job growth and it got to try to get GAAP and does get that put together. At and you know the old they would build relationships were prepared for the new expectations and added that it got that little kid and what they expect it to go over the numbers and things so. At. But it you know it actually. On the back in the win this year it patent that my expectation that they don't let Bono. Jones apparel that coach read a bowl Brinkley on the plea for Tennessee Titans is it's really nice things about you. Early on in the one thing about it is you you mentioned the parents. In get an appearance on board of which are do what I would imagine being a high school football coach. Doing your staff actually act like the parents in certain situations a lot of these kids come from families were maybe the dad's not around and it's just an added pressure that I don't think people realize what coaches do as far as building men you have to act like that parental figure different times. What you know at that fit that bill like you said now that. All better consider coming from both parents then at all on this week at different times. But the other thing is that like caught our partner or cover up are good news is that. We are ready being played here we've got to be on the same page you know can't. Treated one way that your football in the post something up their homes so the hoping that I would not consider all our assistant football coaches in the it's not worth what you think it is not a difference it would agenda and is limited at home lead in the second person. And I think once you get that throughout the players they understand that. All prepared to open up to you that I write a column today. You know bonds struggled with that in concert sponsored debate where they would do it at that point about what you know. You have in the right direction you'd park the truck the people. And they'd realize that you're not just trying to be an act a little football that you jarred it welcomes it cares about the players would like you. Coach there was some of us look at liberty north of wood heavy on next season talking about some victories you have but I've I've known you for a long time and I knew how you build a community in the winter several court and games. This year the whole community comes on you do more than coach a football team and talking to some of your former players about turning him into amendment that keep doing a great job with which you do your. Asset to the coaching community in Kansas City excellent coach. Thank you both were the doctors the week of Thanksgiving I've been up. Yeah let's do that staked out on the far right take care coach Jones. Thank you Greg Jones the head coach calling high school way of forty national titles weightlifting as well he knows what he's doing but I wish you the best of luck but. He was gonna spearheaded by this story on channel 98 we wanna make it all about that but. You can add an ample of the fact that the frustration that he you can hear that you can hear the frustration that he has I mean. It's just odd to me we talked about this hour so much money makes that typical story. It's all those before whether as it's been reported that he's got a contract over a 100000. That's what's been reported but to me is. Why do we pick it tuned. Areas where people can be able to debates. Why why why are we lie like that that's what everyone tries to do assurance that a bit injured their field is hey. I'm a head football coach 14 national championship weightlifting. Taken this Carty program to the next level. And naturally just like any job I've tried to upgrade and likely said it's been reported. His contract in which is odd he's you don't really hear that a lot with high school football coaches and he explained he's not just a coach rarely gets a hundred and over a 100000 which was reported or whatever. His work feeds so I I don't I don't understand what we pick and choose who can have advancement and came. And frankly I love how he addressed of the part about how much time those gonna ask about the as well. And how much time he invests in Natalie coaching bowl blessing as well because. These these districts do not hire you just to be a coach you're gonna be an administrator at the school with some capacity. We derby teacher or maybe your principles some sort. On so if you're not just the head coach for your program you were also part of the actual staff you know. I love how he address that because I guarantee you this man spends a huge portion of every single day. Putting on different hats at his job and frankly if he's great at what he does he's become what's it like he's very. He's very hello view but I thought it was a hatchet job that the good news decided view of the local football coach would really happy that store to be quite honest with you coming up next. Parkinson Mora high school bass will stay in down. He's the head coaches say jeans and can't be the thunder will talk in that. I. Welcome back big thanks to a doctor dean Clemens he has superintendent who is city school district in doctor chin Evans the athletic director working in city high school. Of course for Jones. New head football coach who Kearney high school by the way kids IS PS superintendent expect this over a much more so what's the next though. You lose kids at school he's the one decides with the go to school or not the pretty heritage in the high school basketball. Watch the game last night stand down loses the bishop BA's 71 the 59 and coaching got to tell you guys get down they're pretty good the second half but I love the way that you guys kept fighting in coming back in the game. Well thanks appreciate that brings revenue helped. Coach you enjoy it I enjoy watching your team that he got some guys are complacent basketball is this came in Fitzmorris them watching 611. He's got offers all over the place saint John's the effort Texas Tech. In Wichita State what's it like having a guy six foot eleven on your team. Well it's it's a huge advantage. Obviously super size purpose is that his work ethic and character careful that in the Portuguese. That it diverted young men and he took artwork Burton and the children were successful we can put little white on the body. The the EKLEEUKL. League is a tough league historically you guys that are. That conference were the top of it is really stroked with me needs quine is. A blue valley north was blue valley even blue valley north is that kind of explain now playing in the KLE. Key. If lord have mercy details about it if it's it's a pain you guys this is you guys are right in the middle of the pack with all of these really top lefty. Yeah you know our first year in the it what about certain by far. There's been talk that the trojans would say this year's. Part of the book removed if it's 00 this year. The good players and not just not a good one aren't yet seventeen straight. What classification. One with a little will be Richard. Interest rates here into the page and for a good battle or other consequences are obviously. That Sharpton and notes that the treatment art schools and it's it there's no no not there's just no not at all. You know commercial talks about alternative to the top of the of the twelve that it is yet a year ago he took an hour. Yeah now of coach looking at your bio. You're debt was a high school coach for boys basketball. 37 years in the state team this what are advice what. Help busy giving you in transition into becoming a head coach after being a player in high school and in college. That worker there at their first seven years and you know obstacle that was to her calmer and that acute. You'll work there smoke at central campus local paper that hold without fear for. Bit beer and every day that barker got yours ago. Just knocked it locks the bites. From from the elder coach Tom about what to do with the he'd he's still very involved. We got it will be a year ago period compared to come decision well before market. Q idea to kind of get in the calm down a little bit if he's one of severe games at least. Digging into players and officials too much. Mario my wife and she's in charge of matching boots yeah. A cost of the dirty work and get hurt very worker. Let her picture Oprah Sharyl. Talk the coach Steven dobbins did bell a varsity boys basketball coach at Tennessee James the thunder. Coach I love that name I love nicknames and high school sports but. You don't have any other schools named the four under you gotta like that. The public are you can use a lot of different ways and I will really creative with it as well you are. We it would do a great job. I like he coached last night and he admits on the broadcast imports in nearby it was well I think is really interesting about you. The high school record holder in the state that Kansas. Your junior season you connect that I 94 point 7% of your Tim's. I think Connor framed team put me to run for that whose views beat Kansas now as it would still statement. I feel like that's to be the record Colbert some open. Well it's been hit it solid victory it's very flattering there you know within your record is and or so points. On starlets conflict any. They're comparable stroke area and you it's your view that current streak or whatever role model but he to their credit when because chuck it that's Q. But yeah its it's pretty cool and it's it's stood at that time little bit that I'll like Purdue record this falcon. If she got the record lets you know. I do a better yet he can't argue for argue yeah he's that would see here. Are so ignorant. Your kids you for those a lot of oats through thicker older and we'll so the essence of a little concern you you'd have this memorized pretty. Pretty well you remember your free throw percentage is from your kids that are not the senior year one. You know forget about it and of course a lot about what happened to your health are the top right or what's that it is. I just get a badge when kids completed a shoot free throws afterwards that coach is the record yet knows this date from coach to Harden their care about the free their reports then it's. They go to Duke Team last that I loved her age is the work ethic and some of your team has more to the decade this hit from Korea that you sell 40%. From three point land this year you've got another guys that board you'll. This one on the played Nebraska all the hall richer teams in this uncertain attention. For the performance this year. Nor are we Eric good group of reporters and like that they'd work a lot active and tireless worker inspectors on board grateful for supper. So he ultimately directly into our topic forestry school for long term. The students here and have it in your creek. Was it. What religion you. I'll try to recruit key typically yeah other. You know it's really an art park and just about a brutal stretch on your. Let five in debate dates some great chips and that. Are we can with no lights so work in the paper that here this week. So coaches had a lot of success to sub state runnerup finishes. In his four years it's in jeans academy coach Steve and down coach thanks a million for tomorrow does this morning. Well yeah our coach figure out what's less than I did dancing teams getting bishop H. This team Lester is played Kansas he's kid is a sophomore bishop knees put in 27 points last night Bulger meter there's some talent. There's some talent out there for sure but six foot eleven. He cut that's welfare. Experts think Johnson Eagles lead the Texas and in the way okay you've got to put a little bit away because of winning the but it I mean that's an and Phil pixel led if you 6768. High school level you're originally going to be severe advantage. Over your cup run and I've had no problem the wanna. Corporate well you have to put me I'd include me now everyone knows of the to put this as you includes yourself having built big. Political wanna be alone in this situation pretty surely the that is out and got out of it just usually defect guy amongst the group all over and is filled up anyway that's what him but Ryan connected so well all of us are overly all of us don't none of us have master's degrees doctorates but that Hoover guess did today doctor Dave Clements. Superintendent of north in city school district. In doctor Chet Edwards the athletic director. It working in the city thanks a lot that's a little and so that they're coming out of an out duel to the show Greg Jones knew that football coach to liberty nor in stand down. The head coach of saint James academy thunder love that name Oklahoma City W muzzle of ice you were evacuated before this piloted element of the name under. For high school don't forget John do little kids pregame come on 11 of course 1 o'clock you can hear the Kansas Jayhawks right here. On the home with the jayhawks sixty in Sports Radio. We'll see guys next week nanny and most talks more high school basketball. This has been job. Re high school sports Saturday. Six.