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9am- High School Sports Saturday Eric Driskell edition

Feb 18, 2017|

We talk all about Mr. Driskell and his time in the community on this edition of High School Sports Saturday

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But each time. Sixteen. Proudly presents. Another. Sports Saturday joined as a LeBron and show you leave Chris. Poodles or does he likens. Producing operation. ING being labeled the different showed today and you know we like to bring on a lot of coaches and we talked a high school football. Talk a lot of high school basketball and even we've talked high school baseball but of course this past week. Something different at the team's stadium it's very fortunate with the coach Driscoll go to their blue valley high school of foot long time football coach there. We'll longtime assistant head coach very successful guy. I mean that's the way this stuff this week said that they're bringing your resume that happened last Sunday. When he was out speaking and talking football that's that's what he loved to do he was talking football is put in icu when he. Eventually pass the way this week's this'll show. Is going to be dedicated via basically for the life of the husband the father. The coach the mental work did your Driscoll. Was a blue valley he played a blue valley wanna state chief chip a blue valley was an assistant coach of blue valley. The union took over as head coach in 2010 when Steve rain beat the long time legendary coach of blue valley with a Pittsburg State and the rest was history with the buys the title games 12 of the better Driscoll. If find coach that's how we knew when does this week had transpired with an old school kind of meaningless. Affected the whole school talking to guided the celebrated musical. There were the school defected to either nine football players spent the night Tuesday night. On the football field the whole night. In what he meant to that community. Apple Valley there he's got something happening just a little bit 11 o'clock. It's the celebration of life he still have time. To get to bed the church of the resurrection. They ask you to please where tiger gears well with February 18 the day at 11 AM church of the resurrection. Of the celebration of life. For culture Driscoll and some of these coaches that remembered on the day. All we unique in their way out there. Fellas it's always tough. I guess I was in shock he's 43 years old. Of mortality of the soul is human beings he had such a long life to live a couple of young kids. This newsman David. Sat in the city. When apple Driscoll it was really tough. And this was an I don't wanna down is this was a really be extra worry in the city like. That morning my wife. Came to me and she was like eight. Jeter about the coach a blue barrel mostly Kia is like it reached out. My wife that it is imperative that and the small. You know community of the high school football this was picked story throughout the city I know we talked about it a different shows on Ari here on sixteen during the week. Know you guys talked about it and set a different coaches on and on a fiscal talked about it. It's. It's a really tough deal you know I'm pretty good for interest or peeled or who used to be the coach when you personalities. Took a position in Missouri western. And he said they had all had the coaches like coaches convention or or dinner where they were able to raise. A good about a money said it was surreal type of deal that gets all sit around and tell stories foreign about him he said he was just with him in Nashville that occurred coach's convention and just. Really really shocked about the situation isn't. Give forward pages well it's on the blue Daly tiger there are school newspaper 161000 and raised on the give four but 51000. Has been raised on the go fun so give forgo funding. If you and help Driscoll family. To be really good idea yeah I know it's is really surreal because a's we all talk to them. Earlier is that Luis war around the time that we started the show one of the first couple sure our first couple shows we talked to him. He was a great interview really got a really great guy you know just. Came off as of person that. Was it just a coach was just a reader coat but really good person it's W as a coach this week we felt no kind of media he's really relatable in you know and I remember you in and and line wind to one of these gains and you later on in the season and talk tool after he just. Mean really out gutsy coach decision to stay away yeah. This would give you an indication what kind of guy who was by the way does this shall talk to San Miguel the key incidents targeted tremendous job. Very sensitive job covering the story and props to see in the Gallup that pat Richard. As they head coach he'll grow very successful head coach was actually at Baker University coaching when coach Driscoll what the baker Scott right. The longtime head coach of blue valley west the days since the way now the baseball coach. But he was a longtime coach of blue bell west and arrival of her Driscoll blue valley plus these two were on the scene staff winner Steve ramping. And about 945 I did talk Steve repeat this week he came on the because he really raised coach Driscoll from the beginning as a coach in as a million will talk him. Would play this for ages for sec he talked about us this is JBoss Shawnee mission he blew belly had hugely state semi finals this year's best. This past year run and I read this game. China she storms on the field goal on fourth down a couple of times quartets of two point conversion. They go all the momentum China mission you get those target states semi finals get overtime shot addition east course force it's the extra point. Didn't blue valley schoolers have a decision to make you kick stick kick extra point they're I don't. Lot of teams do you go for too would win at all big win at all this is coach Driscoll right after the game this shows you what kind of coach he was. Coach a little here unbelievable game yeah retreat into the game hitting down here he moved into. I'm really not that I'd want it I want a few more seconds to get myself some it's exit little clarity in my mind that can get them. Just thought it was playing you know what. It's right next to it and decide. It's been shot I ask kids as effective. As yet operatives all their fault and actually trust them. That's wouldn't figure go to collect I have had earlier with facts of the few times really just ordered a couple weeks ago discount plan around a short yardage back agenda to Scotland and Felix got and practice that at times it. That's a different. Personally we've been leading this game this maxim look at the biscuit involved it would run out that way this atmosphere everything that night. It's a lot easier to be on this side of winning. Powell outrage of the game was this. It's. Germans you know that's a tremendous hats off to China yeah. Especially at their staff and all those kids class act. I mean they play their butts off that was visible that they're limiting thing you know just class act by both teams played really hard all night long. Just this and the league last year. It might be a part of and obviously it's nice guy on the side. There you know there was a coach drew scorn of the game gets really windy their egos were due to ask you. Holing of practices play they had to get this played good State's first the first time Avery and that's coach Driscoll right there may just incredible credible guy be joining us right now from Missouri State wrestling the prep reporter for kids who start. There's a fantastic job whose name is seeing the Dow. Follow him on Twitter at San Miguel and seeing you covered this story from the beginning and talk to a lot of different people. I knew him as a coach. I guess you did to be found out which is economy and he was this week. He's talking to the it appears that the players and former players. You mentioned to try and beat you be speaking with army. It is amazing how similar all of their descriptions are which is. The thing that stood out most need to throw me time for everybody you know talked for a stagecoach ride short. That I went dialer on them roll through fort Osage. I want to hand it to try and improve my pat. And you know also the potential on the money last year. Now that K state though pretty big time quarterback. It is in. To talk and all these guys that informal like you would be or the hour. Those are currently only four hours of the debate about crime. Courteous to you wonder odd court. And then let everybody. Have their own stories about. And making time for them what whatever may be whether or footballer like off the field quality is talked about. I mean he he just sat on forever. Sam how oh. What steps do you think are the at a school taking to kind of help out the students. You know the players of his who have now lost of big port of their lives not only as as football players were also as you know just as a mentor for them as men. Sure I mean bubble about to view news agency on tour art and football. Part of their community. So. Tighten that that community is authority. I think that it is may have been that much tiger this week. You know that it's acknowledged. Is that the life changed for these kids don't that it you know pretty. Grievance counselors available school all week but a lot of kids to go out of football field sorted as just talk about. Those first on what treatments and a lot of these kids have gotten the other. On the church out of school and ample and swords so. Obviously with the problems. Every kid he handled differently and I think the schools acknowledged that there. Does this sort of not for kids to go about it like it's very the normal school day has certainly has been an up the week. Back here with us Sam McDowell accused of each dollar. I'm just curious AM. Is there in your time working in medium working in sports has there ever been a precedent for you and seeing Alton. How people have reacted handling situations like this this is the first I'm you've ever been involved. In day. Death situation like this and how does this compare if not. Little three years ago the loop on earth along I it's located on occasion the dark and transition Austin. That was. A little bit different you know couldn't have kids. Who it was on the actual field so that. Obviously rule and its own sense. I think their coach Driscoll. Reached a significant number of people because of how or what he loved his coaching community. Every coach. Seems like intensity seemed to have some sort of relationship. I think just the shoot your mouth. Why is that he touched. It is what made this situation and so it. We're talking the same Adele McKee in city star about the passing this past week of coach your Driscoll. Oh blue Valley High School and a final thing for you see in you talk about the good coaches. I was shocked I heard from a couple of coaches. Even from Missouri side they just talked about how much he was willing to help them out. And Natalie that just the school he was the track coach is well but the goal in the musicals and tweet about the school musical. If life is more than football air Driscoll kind of embodied that didn't. And that I would occur as and torture listeners also route looked. You know one more column called for chronicle wrote. The other is that it with a well. And he would polls sort out running in two to coach Driscoll a quick trip. Several months ago and culture club not a long kid. You know it is he didn't coats some of them. And football mind but he was known to actually just an outside of ought to. Or yup jam and just introduce themselves the people that took students the 1 o'clock. This is one of the northern plains you know. So when. You ought to. Some of the coupons as he indicated an analyst should put but he did acquire but he did with acute sense to me that it would baseball team. Industry everybody that thing whether it was in our city. That player. Or whether we'll sit on prussian. Same damn key in city store does a great job he's done a great job covering news very sensitive story this week Sam. Great job and I think particular time with us this morning. On. He goes in the gallery there is a fine job covering high school sports and Maloney this at best short mission was he brings up. That was a terrible terrible deal here as well as those when they came to by Tim Roth Roth just kind of differ with the QB yeah newsroom. But they're learning about what can I mean coach Driscoll was and come on next. A man that pet Richard he's head coach of oak grove high school the football team their we've had him on talking football. Or talk about coach Driscoll this entire day today pat Richard. Actually coached coached her school Baker University he was on that staff you tell you kind of the the college life. Of culture Driscoll talked to him that. It will prevent this to all organized sports that I just thought Sam built into the storm covered the past. The future Driscoll this week by and by name that we did on the show a couple of football. With coach Driscoll very sad situation. All talked to coach Steve Randy former head coach of blue valley little bit later. As long as well Scott Wright former coach Lavelle west wing is now. The head coach of oak grove high school has been there since 2000 eleven's the cheap and 2014. Any new coach Driscoll Ed baker were a coach for school played some college football coach Richard. Was on the staff they're coach Richard good morning under some circumstances I don't think any of his wanna talk about. It's we're my wife and I are actually on the way to the memorial right now we're gonna get there early because we. It will be if we get to see a lot of people from the past the shaker and more than that bit of deceit is I think there's some sense yes. Pretty large outpouring of love for for a break. And you know he fitness is well aware over the. They have coaches celebration of life the church of resurrection 11 o'clock and I assume this thing's going to be absolutely a pact all the coaches that I've talked to is weaker are going out that. Event. What was coach Driscoll like it who he knew very early on way before in his head coach way before his assistant coach you're doing when he played college football. Yeah he he was the editor and my father recruiting not a blue Valley High School and and you know he's he's kind of the I don't vote typical baker football player from the editor there is a very very intelligent and that love the game and you fit right in it. What effect crude. You know Eric Eric was little tidbit that was so coach Baldwin and you know that's the beauty of you know on the later on when we coached you know and I get the Singapore and it's whatever it pretty well carried over for the baker that you started with. You know his inability to learn and he didn't start for us for you know so till later on and but he you can always learn. And any more of those kids that you could plug in any spot. And he can get the job so those those guys are so invaluable and he was. He has over the vessel of that so. A great student of the game and more than. You know I don't know if you sit on FaceBook page that the look at the outpouring. Of love for not only. You know. It's student in the and it's true teachers and then everybody's at center around the man. You know let's go back to his former teammates and and people he was just install it if they and do it to a person you know everybody describes the joy that you live life where you. And you know I guess I could reverberate it's hard to have a lot of joy and practiced with any brag that we'll enjoy it do it and that's. At target do. But that's dealt you a lot about the minute. Would think for the most important characteristics. Of the most important characteristics that you saw from him as a player that helped him go on to beat the kind of coach that he was a blue valley. Well I think it's a student engagement and it doesn't mean you're ever played for torture hippies the birdie coaching. The great you know great and do the brake coach and and and anyplace for my father a baker who. You know as a in the college football fates so he you can generate that before that I think detectors unilaterally so it's pretty it's during his coaches they're there. Do what. As coaches in the dead air our offensive line coach and now. You look at some of the office the line judge is that he's produced throughout the metro. It's just amazing the greatness that had to come out there that Kirk but. Eric what one of those. That was council alert and then you know that carries over because I think in in this profession that you. If you get stagnant what you do and and you get you know. It doesn't do the same thing over and over and you you know you fail and he was one of those guys that. You're watching scenes and they were constantly evolving and and and get better and do different things and it made up to Turkey yet and sure but. It bidding very successful. Let's Hewitt pat Richard. The ultimate coach you know groove. Former coach. Of coach. I'm just curious. We've heard a lot. About. You know the out pouring in is terrific I. We had him on. After they had just defeated shoddy mission east to go to state and I could sense of bidders it's humor from of one point man it was freezing cold that night and we axed him you know. Was it difficult in the width in in the cold in the winter and he said to us what we and straight faced old under mysterious. What was YouTube that exits that they care. What was what was coach's. Sense of humor I just theories and stories that. It was a intelligent humor obviously he says. He if he. He hit it was so Smart that you need to figure out. You know we we got together 03 years ago it. That 93 final four reunion and he and George bird Baldwin denied. We're instead of sit there and talked about our season and everything in and just. I couldn't quit last disturb the constantly. And it's it's it was a tablet that it never said it was funny. Did he just I don't know eat these local people and there are very few of those people in this world. That when you meet him and you talked to him in and beaten for the first on the satellite meeting you know and noted for forty years because he never met a stranger. And any one of those people but one of the Iraq. And and you wanna be around all the and that's a lot about his character and scientists believe was that indeed you made on the beer and he was in the front seat and the buddy. But there was oil. You know lies I. But my biggest thing is it is like being cheated you know bird. A dollar and avert the Florida city that you know here here or that the they that was that these. Worth. Semi final game their baker this year and an air his dog back there to watch effective cornerback was sort of quarterback effect this year. And they had to operate under the on the well Baker's work toward a similar points in the last like four minutes of the game to come back and live. Well but right in the middle of the comeback address book emperor this stadium. And Bert goes well until he goes man I gotta go my girl's date. This except they hit the of that. That the other endeavors of gathered at the diplomatic it's that we'll let you know that's what it was about of this they have. Yeah. You. That to me says a lot about him that they edit in the. Great father great husband great mentor great coaches will pat Richard head coach of oak grove Sharon a few stories. About coach here Driscoll coach thanks for taking the time this morning under these circumstances would you share and a few stories. About coach Driscoll that we may never don't think you very much. Well thanks so they threaten the broker what are what maturity took great read it and so well deserved and then. You know I know they've got a built on the page out there and you know anybody listen and then that shouldn't open. Well that does so well and open you know further withdrawal and sleep you know they look inside it and share. It's really easy just go to Google's well in new won't put doctors well but it's very easy that anchor halfway. To their goal this points or people of come through it this community always does things like coach. You'll pat Richard Wright they're very successful head coach himself two times the cheap New York. One judge the champion EDO gross who talk the same ago kids in store covered we talked that Richard there who actually coach coach Driscoll. Ed Baker University coming up next we'll talk to Scott Wright head coach of blue valley west. From a rival perspective plus he was promising coaching staff coach Driscoll. Under coach ringing. Do and then it. Like in terms of dollars that football coach you're interest and that we'll learn this week is so much more of a husband and father. The mentor quietly work. The coach the analysts and we'll talk and Richard head coach who wrote the coach coach Driscoll. At blue Valley High School talked to a but my interview with the scoop Steve reaping the chargers coach that coached. Drew school's players is assistant coach before handing the keys to the program to him joining us now. It was a man as a head coach in blue valley west Africans on the scene coaching staff wants a blue valley with dead air Driscoll is now the baseball coach. Have blue valley west coach first of all good morning. Warren your error. 88 coach Eddie you have a different perspective here you Roy's arrival it. In blue valley blue valley west tonight rivalries you always got to know what you need coach from being on the same coaching staff but you've coached against team that was assist and his head coach but. What was it like from the rivalry angle with a guy like coach your Driscoll. You know what that person and obviously we have we had a history prior to that he. You actually think about their cool as soon as that it would look you know it is great team. I don't know if you truck we don't get it wrong for everybody except American. That gave. Eric was adopted its members of their word process that's from the community and every time we played them it was actually. Can't that it will just be that we talked through the week of our culture achievements that you should look like and we live action rejection of those books until it's. After the game outgrew each other with with. How far would that kind of a grown so. It was a it was a different. Competition in the that I ever had anybody. He just brought. A different pushed back it is too high school culture. Thank coach Wright. You brought up point that out I was actually warning that to go in GQ you talked about the kids now you you've coached with him and use. Coached against him signaling it will. If you if you if you know of any Howell the kids may be dealing with this and I know this may be difficult some of his players. At and if not also has players powering your players dealing with this is that I feel like this may be something that is is hitting the community is. Yeah it's it's across the border if you if you were high school football quarter in the that the loan will restrict it it was reflected. All of all the kids if you just look at you know born from. All the blue the school's obviously. Those kids whereas in the has ties. You goes from there have been. Good it's wrong. To be conscious here. Okay. Day and age is really doing. Don't know and he's gone. You know and as such our food for a review pollution and pushed him there. You know there isn't it great. Go to and so operational excellence and what we want all of this to premier. Tell us what our phrase and to celebrate the new little one don't want performance there good school. Talk and yellow blue valley west baseball coach Scott right. You obviously have alluded to you know you do fighter Driscoll very very well. We. Have gone into how Driscoll wise as head football coach but just. Kind of give us a behind the scenes look what was air Driscoll like add not when he was Larry his football you is is his hat as a football coach but as of auction. Honestly he would want to launch from Dubuque. I like I've got a million stories of of food that we did we were assistants together and then. We go to Pittsburgh state cute together. You know he's culture. I was coaching was a student you've spent time the other engines. He was on. That was always always up social than you know and that'll be achieved its. Just just an injustice to our guys that you look at the Iraq. You know. I never did you feel like he you have it now wore this he was down. It has gotten nosed and there are some. There is still it's one of one of the kindest gentlest man in. Student Erica. Cave and then actually. Coach Wright's I mean thanks for coming in on these kind of circumstance and she'll this tell us a few stores and you're on your way. To the church the resurrection for the celebration of life. For coach your Driscoll thanks but to tell and coach her class act you guys muted tone to these kids is that we would certainly learned about coach Driscoll. Logistics for you know. And our process work. Thank you coach thank you very much have slew of these go funding page as well for coach your Driscoll its coach Scott right right there in the impart to resign have recovered Scott right. Uh oh he's coaching blue valley was very successful coach. State chief in as well 20075. District titles when he coached. The ball he retired for boys know the baseball coach and stuck in the sky about Scott with John Doolittle who host Katie pregame ranked sooners were done at 10 o'clock. In John was like you need to reach out to a coach Russ. Because he knew him well. In so we did we did in a it was a nice rivalry angle but the John Doolittle who's gonna host keep regain your 10 AM. Simpson's Johns covered ice before Obama's tone for very long time. With more Miller. He knows coach Driscoll in coach Wright always coaches but. John thanks for stepping in here for a few minutes to tell. About coach your Driscoll but I know you are certainly impacted your on your way to here as soon as your show's done today church of the resurrection. Yeah it's it's been a whirlwind week Eric was a good man everybody knows that everybody you've had on and talk to this week and on the show today. Everybody's consistent in their feelings about coach Driscoll and he wasn't as consistent guy as you could possibly find no ego. He followed Steve ramp B who of course is the father of blue valley football. They were similar in some regards and different and others ramp B was. He was there for so long. That he developed the culture and Eric sort of carried that on. But they were different in their approach I think. They both had good offensive minds. Driscoll was a guy that didn't care who got the credit. He just wanted to be level and focus on things going into games shouldn't and more importantly as you guys have talked to other people about coach right. About life preparing and that's what coaches do. They prepare people and kids young people for life after they've had them there wherever they areas in this case smooth valley. We are Kirk off longtime friend of mine yours everybody in the city. He happens to live in the same neighborhood in the blue valley district I do he had a son Nate who played for coach Driscoll and coach scrappy. Abu valley as quarterback. He's had a daughter and I am assigned then go to school where I happen to have two daughters who. Went to blue valley it's just regular students they weren't involved in sports. But Eric knew them true he knew everybody. He was a guide it. You know. Blair was right about when they met a quick trip if you've read a story was you know and if you haven't go go to the start read. Blair story about when they met last summit quick trip to Arizona. On the way to the airport to go on a flight somewhere and Eric was in there for early morning coffee before I got over the school Boone valley. The a quick trip right there at 6951. Game back. You know immediate connection hadn't seen each other for a while that's when Eric was she could you could have a period of time. Where you hadn't seen it for awhile and you picked right back up. He was just a very level he were the visor that's a tradition you. He didn't have blue valley heated head coach Driscoll on his warmup or whatever it was wasn't even a school logo it was tradition. And I happen to come from high school. Which was smaller than blue valley Roland story community school in story city Iowa story Chilean Roland. And we had a lot of the same things they have here that's what drew me a living and we're looking for a house. 25 years ago in 1991. More than that now we've lived out their for more than. A quarter century that's what drew us to their II thought geez this place is a lot like what I grew up in a little bit bigger level. But they care about the whole it's so tight knit community. And it's something that's so very special and coach Olympian coach Driscoll helped make it that way. Listen it was and everyone it was it does seem like he really loved them out of what he loves playing here assistant coach there he. Like you love it if by the way you gonna sixteen sports on her Twitter page we of the bill funding. In even read Twitter as well obstacle funding for coach here Driscoll. The turnovers 100000 dollars for the 51008. And 86 as of today to do in this. His 505 people go fund nieces and three days of breezed fifty closed at 52000 dollars. For the faintly looking for a 100000. A dollar gold but. I was really viewed as a coach as we talked about we talk about football. But this week learning he's a lot more than that oh here's. Lot more than that and that's really I knew him as more than that. It was a rather all the time but I would go and I pick up my daughters after school and you you know you go in there occasionally you get there in the line early and you park your car not given that line all the time you go when they're kind of see what people were doing you run into him. And interviewing him interview re happy before game rapping was so focused that he go to John let's go do now I got five minutes is due now the and then Eric was a little bit more even laid back then coach scrappy was. Both great people great representatives of like high school and sports in building and learning and moving forward was all about. You shouldn't lose your life at 43 will agree that 43 year old. Men and that you mentioned coach Steve bring a PX we talked whom on the show this week and it's an unbelievable stuff what he says I mean this guy. Longtime coach blue valley would eights the championships coach Driscoll as a player you are heading as an assistant coach. With the DND pre game. With John do little for the Kansas game to be right here on sixteen sports review coming up next. The interview they relate and I had with coach Steve ring of people who play that next. Good talking about. Foods are at risk today is sad passing. This week bringing your. Sunday he goes. Hospital for a few days in icu booed we we talk a lot of high school football here of course as we do we talk guys who basketball. But we need coach Driscoll. As a coach but this week refining and so much more. But what what kind of recordable mini was we talk the same deal we can see starved and cover in this very sensitive subject. About as well as you could pat Richard head coach you don't rove the coach coach for a school. Ed baker university and we just talked to Scott writes from about west rivals. This week on the day shift that Steve creepy. Lit very intense guy disguised as intense as you can get he coach coach Driscoll in high school. He was an assistant for coach creepy is an assistant coach he took over for coach creepy when he went to Pittsburgh state worry is now. As the offensive coordinator but had a chance two run coach ripping down and very powerful stuff from a guy that really saw him a growing as the main we started off asking about just that. You solar as a player assistant coach and head coach woody would you tell us a coach ranting about their coach Driscoll. The question I've known her for over thirty years and saw this young aspiring basketball where it was never future. And turning to a pretty good as the football for other than school work it's really not a perfect about coaching or graduated. And so while local coaching short compared with victories in addition to. You he would. An inspirational young coach in fact if he wanted to have learned anything from them. Know a lot of young guys and I'm coaching talent and it won't be one. Look big though Eric was an exception. Want to of the game. All every aspect that we can lose it great coaches and. In you know toes I I never met tackles Driscoll comments are all the amazing things about him I know that. They'd say as madam may and you told Stillman dorm well on. One of the things I can tell from all the people that I've talked to bottom is the impact that he made on young people's lives in what was it about him that day. You know traded disabilities for him to impact so many people. Where if you than five minutes boost offensively you work from the for full days as is without doubt the most is being. He. You know very loyal. Father and am well college school district. And he always has time for everybody. Remembers. Me. It's a field day. Care problem decides it's a great relationship that's the basis. And the course is whether. It's and so your little human it with the people in the world. In just walked about a little animals citizens and so. Put those two people. And that some people person and you couple that action for life. It is actually the young people. In the discussion push or some sort for the important for the life without little forceful. It really. Well. Being young people succeed in all sports. That the track all before we. Is that a great wolf there are people. Talking to coach Steve green beads that. Off the corner at speed course longtime coach Ed blue Valley High School coached. Which are Driscoll winning on the many once the change should he needs to head coach. For that it is in one of the things coach to recede it's the outpouring of support. From the community and a lot of times you been talking about coaches is just the person I mean football does come up but. Just the impact he made and we just what those kids are going through the vigils they've had this been football players that slept. On the football field overnight became a long time high school coach that you work coach. You feel when you're doing them a sense of community and Kevin your responsibility to mentor kids that seems like coach Driscoll. Went down that path to be impacted so many different people baby not exactly sports. Right the bulldogs as special place and so what has. And look as in particular is is a place where the football union formation or are more concerned. Or is such a unique group of people support everything conscience. In ice and everything. And the network from the years. And it's just really that people are people while the fruits and went for their food program. We'll move since the early commitment. To football as but. Apparently responded. Well. Every. A lot of things as well what's called. Football program could rise to where it is. And it will forfeit a little smaller and very simply giving. Never. Players in the things he wasn't ready to do. In the in the amount of time dedication and commitment. I received no it's fortunately. For all of more you can ensure that you can blow them for. Look into that you want to does Wilson's forces are still here about what she's known political much. I think that there was. What this means that they care so much was fortunate. Rezko quarter. Say. Told I betcha that he memories in regards airy but is there anything any one moment they kind of stands out to you in your mind right now. Nor for the last 45 days and long in the flow of fulfilling national unity. Vehicles together all it was for me it's well known. Let it buy it for a long long time. And what was. Affirmed that. In the most players and coaches that. Oh I don't think I ever have world. I don't think in the situation. Ever this is careers and yet the sisters. I don't ever remember having time. Were you disappointed me. In in which circled the final knuckled through social order as a social as a friend. That's the word rarity. Ever put somebody down. And he couldn't event or. Action network relationship. Here. I think all of we're appreciative. That conservatives. One cliche that the what is certain consultants somebody's life. So. There you go coach Steve green appeal a powerful words right there about his former player he's former assistant coach error Driscoll and saying intense it's an understatement wouldn't comes coach ray peavy never had words with him. And it's edged very yeah very competitive guy he's legend in this town. As far as they head football coach in high school was Steve rape and he's doing great things in Pittsburgh statement intense individual. And by the way if you wanna see to go funding. Good war FaceBook page sixteenths or spec slash our FaceBook dot comebacks let sixth in sports also were sixteen and at sixth in sports he's he quarter count. If you want to receive the go fund may be raised about half. The goal that they do now of course celebration of life coming up at 11 o'clock. In the today those hurdles ever want everywhere we talked. Into the head. They're all even John do yeah to do little zillion do little talked about how packed at the said that church is going to be with all those students and faculty and friends family of flow or tricks he's got a pregame show to do. And the 10 o'clock and of course the key U comes on at noon here. On sixteen Sports Radio DiFelice this is tough man I've learned a lot about it this week. Again a lot of times we look at these guys is as football coaches but they're also mentors around the school in especially community like that. You build communities. They do we we've seen it time and and I don't know what these coaches mean to the community. That they coach in and a coach Driscoll. Much like this great husband great father. Incredible mentor and yeah football coaches will. I think that's a place where we should stay. His wife. Put out today a comment about him after his passing and I think BR to read at the world is a better place because coach Eric Driscoll was part of it. It is with the heaviest hearts that they shared the testing. Of even and his passing he still is giving to a of the outpouring of love has been overwhelming and fell by by calls to raise of his impact on your allies have been lifting in this difficult time. Thank you for those and I really were honest and as we leave you remember this please continue to pray for our culture our children Rachel and lower. They're too young kids it's from his stuff that's who I really feel the worst that war. Kids Stewart get a girl dead following three years old hit 43 and on top of that you've guide high school kids he's coach. There's a lot of times you're that young you don't really quite understand the concept of losing someone you love. Until it actually happens. And in that situation now that is tough lesson learned for guided the reviewer so much he did coach Driscoll at. It really is so the entire hour we spent talking about them probably could've done many many more hours. About the life thanks to San Miguel of the Kansas City Star joining us today that Richard. They head coach who grove high school coach coach Driscoll. Ed baker and Scott Wright former rival a blue valley west. In of course the big thank you to Steve reaping the joined us on the big shift this week talking about the life of coach here Driscoll and don't forget. Our FaceBook page in a reporter count as we go funding. For coach Driscoll John dual kings pregame Indy pregame comes up. Next.