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2/25 9am - High school Sports Saturday

Feb 25, 2017|

Scores from Kansas and Missouri sides, coaches interviews and a look ahead at next weeks district basketball action

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But each time. Sixteen. Sprout the presents. Behind school. Is it that's really where it. Russian. Person through dusty light producing country and look we're gonna talk districts are decorated store here. In Missouri people sub state. In the state of teens is what kind of winding down here that Jeremy gets over on March 18 Purcell. Is win them high school foot as bad as well kind of its completion. But we're getting to the into part of the season everybody looks forward to and we got a lot of coaches like that they ready refused had boys basketball coach. They have Ruskin high school would want kids that are high school. His Brentwood girl's best or coach that was reached out Carol Dieter. Eudora boys basketball Cody Buford. Out at retail and high school we've covered. Inside them Missouri and Kansas is we like to do what's given to play a few of the scores last night because again. Next week is literally get started with the district but. There were some games played last night here's Ron with the teens a school that. Schedule it's pretty state. Went to lords and loss cross cross town rivalry game 7757. Only ease with it that the field. Only the south 6764. Bullets in north lists in another only them and only limits hopefully that north. Loses 54 to 32. Shot image itself goes in it to the Saudi in this city 67 to 62. Shut this north defeats on admission to a list a lot of right regained its week 64. To 55. Saudi machetes defeats leavenworth homes were reported basic it's that you win over this report 6823. And Bonner girls on the road and it's a game they lead they'd be Lansing 71 to 66. Piper goes on the road or they went 66 to 43. Talk and not in a closer game than the final score showed me. They lose it adds 58 point six Mill Valley loses all of the road so it really that blue valley school. And then at a tight when blue valley north they did beat saint Thomas point is it the united it seven. Gartner wins at home against blue bellies up bliss seventy to 55. DeSoto consistently win over Baldwin at home. Ottawa defeats Springfield but thirteen sixty to 47. Bishop V aids and only lost in game this year they keep rolling along they'd be blue valley west 49 to 28 and finally. Little valley north list those all of the road they'd be so eight C sixty. In that 51 those are your kids. A Missouri's. Died blue springs south. Beats the blues tritons. Wildcats this it Roth can pick and it hit and does the 73 to 67. Lee's summit tops ray pec 6044. Graham do you get to win a release of north. 7664. Hogan prep. Tops bar style and class three district final 8162. And it. Liberty north wins a close one over Carney 5554. And liberty beat Saint Joseph drew 5250. Those of the only scores posted from yesterday. On the on the. Surge side is the real important ones that are of course you mentioned the class Maria Hogan prep and horse goes district games so Hogan prep. Goes on to determine there that's Missouri class three a district fourteen in the district fifteen. Lost in cork. A very good football team and evidently very good basketball team as well Lawson beats law yet. Fifty to forty. In that game a few minutes here before reviews at best will go to Ruskin Georges around 915 British around the high school which we. We'll talk about other issues besides. What's going on here because this will affect Kansas City Washington Post and oracle. This week in Detroit can impact high school football two major rule changes for. Player received a player safety angle at work in this one hour with with a high schools you can argue why. They're doing it if they're doing all these highs in the NFL. I get it. I'm not a theme of these rules one thing is the blind side. Hits cracked that book you Democrat Ben Q which is always the exciting thing and it was look at some would call it mail this is what I mean. It's almost as Bruce an entirely authors describe is hey you know exciting exciting being it's doubling its name it that it's a real cracks hey it's America's seniors stated it well but here's here's what Purdue with a pencil supporters we'll work on a player in the act just after throwing a pass seeking federal quarterback. Receiver attempting to catch a pass was not hit our and he clearly become a runner you can't light him up. Runner or in the grasp of tacklers for progress has been stop that means you can't come with a nicely finished tackle. On those situations in one of the big ones. Is the onside kick wreaking. It's a pop can kick kicker railroads that idiot kicker regular when he kicked the pop the pop up is most effective that's the one hits the ground first pops up to be here. You rundown marks what they do is you've got to. Any specifically go to take somebody out in and somebody else comes behind in gets the onside kick a couple coaches off guard and we reached out. In Missouri Achille Donahoe head coach of blue springs have reached out Kansas. 3-D Dreiling. They winner seven state titles on the Kansas side reached out to. A brand along he's the head coach it's senator. Is well about these rules. Mixed reaction from the coach lot of motor speed because it's the players' safety issue they've been doing this more and more recently but some are talking just how it's kind of changing the game. And I get this. In the common consensus is this is where football is going. From these coaches they don't like the onside kick will be understand the defense of post player rule. My biggest problem would that is. In big shout out to a referee in the state of Missouri and actually sent this on the patients and a big what do you think these new rules. In high school football as an NC we will be talking about in the coaches were kind of surprised about intimidated. The national federation of high school sports put this out a lot of times key ship in the state high school athletic association meat shipped. Missouri State highs will be the adopt with the nationals in the rules puts out and a governing body. Of high school sports. It kind of surprised about it. The toughest thing to me. Is the rules. A and B and subjected to the rules for a freeze because is refereed senate says can be confusing on what we do it's fifteen yard penalty. And so the promise. One refereed might look at it different than somebody else but essentially it's going to be talked with these crack back blocks is what people do. You talk to block somebody these legal hits by the way too bad it's in front legal hits so they're doing something they've been parked their whole life. Now can't do can be very interesting how these officials actually. Great now what do defenseless player is it's tough enough for an NFL refs but I reps now. The Brinkley this that this is as they have to. And even here here here is definitely a duke who they ask where do that's not a business comes from the end of here's the deal. To make you very short and sweet and people were listening will probably. They had to do something. About the sport too because of take who runs the whole bombs. And they have got to do something we're moms feel comfortable about their kids playing football. And if you keep watching what they're doing you know there they're going to be a lot of moms say you know what my son is now playing. And is not playing there you've got to do something they gotta do starting at the high school level to. To do something it just having sits this that isn't how you describe. All the pop up that guy but as soon go down there to take people out. As the repeat that lap there it's it's you come back to gain yeah it's like exit part of football. Yes yet and they're gonna they're gonna not have football and you get a big difference on the board on this we ought not just this is just the truth there. There's. How quiet herself we watch football games muscle and his three sees it you know our sons not playing well. Moms run this day you step in on. Not look managed. Seriously league if you watched some of these hits like some of these takers are taking I've seen kickers that all levels. Hate it kinda his they do because somebody decides they want a run off of big Hitler let's say they get a big punt return. And yet you got his punter who's gonna look like he might wanna try to make a bully but he's not really committed to it and some guys that twice this size comes in just. Just levels him on the field for no reason like there are a lot of hits that are unnecessary in the game. Hits were guys not even paying attention that not even looking at that at the at. Armed person that's coming up on him and he's just leveling them like that. Doesn't need to be part of the high school game. Just because of the fact that these kids if and a lot of these guys need to be apart of it yet and they're trying to start now believe I don't even at the high school level these kids are not big enough to be taken it kind of hits they. Andre I know it's it was. Haitian American fellows that David Gregory woke me cry. I we're talking about this earlier this week or yesterday. How many of those in here played high school football it's on afforded all of us to did you have slipped it through high school. Football practice. I think that you played about your dusty did. Now I'm and I played doubted my bat by I was out on the fragile for but the older than it was in here and play high school of global. Not us all of those putts college football. A you want us to just keep letting because I would say. Eighty to 90%. Of people playing high school football you know don't go on to the next level. You'll fourteen of fifteen year old to just take crack addict yeah they've already started these days. Mean going to watch high school football this year. I was not waive it with the ball close it to the end zone you can't brilliant and I was I was I was not aware that house like this it's good. The first the first game I win two it was Lee's low live respond in north came and I was watching that game and it was reason north liberty. Man Robert Rory who were talking out don't carry the ball so many times he was getting hard hit hard so many times just. CC you didn't hit hard so many times it didn't rock every time he touched the ball and he was he was he was running straight into the defense so. You you see guys like that he's an undersized guy taken its like that man I I'm all for the and try to go look. To his index were gonna take you 678. My nephew was an office coordinator itself these losers state his wife already see it's he hopes that they're bullies won't. Don't play football and don't want it more this next week I promise you that calm because it doubles and safest way am Tony right of helmets the safety in football they understand discussions it is it will not thought no it is but as you say you know it's still not see you know what though you know bowl period the song is that it wouldn't discuss this next week more reports of high school best book is a district. Stardom now we're talking the reviews third year Ruskin high school David big game against rockers this week in districts will talk to him that. It was corporate. Hit whom she had this rescue guys who is a big game but it's rockers in districts reported coach. These this surge is fun to view of this meeting that determines who you're going to play and what rockers this week coaches would districts what's kind of the mindset of you know put in the regular season the rest in the open floor. To play in a tough game in the first round like Russ rockers the winner please recount. What would have been looking forward to it we played. Who wanted a bit street. Example one seeds so you know we can't know what to expect and now we're excited about. Second he's in that you will so our guard pretty violently in the right right now you may. I goat is Chris here I'm a former rusk in the lung. I worked extensively. Pat with Jerry more than when I was a student up there. So I got to see a lot of the success of there and deal. There's a law as he is a really good legacy of their do you feel any pressure to have to kind of fall loved what he did. As the head coach at Ruskin. After no no one's been at 100 output press so much so all the time anyway you know. Oh mark felt terrible lives they ended it. Would understand the tradition erupted in and just doing everything we can't it's not uphold that tradition and and go back to the glory days if you will. Thank coach says once again this is re use of Ruskin head coach arrest and a high school. So basically talked about earlier about. This big matchup displaying gaming is rocker if it would just roll over some of the key guys the Yoon you'd need. To really step up for you guys to get done with you wanna get done in beating rockers. Absolutely. Well we're able complement of inside out. He comedy side the red. Michael are the who. And bought great beard gullible Bill Maher on and the ability to litigate given us an inside threat president where much that he. And he warned Canada Roland yourself forward and you get the play multiple scores sports so. That was developed. Leading and Olympic by example we like our chances. As yet has rockers is a real guard dominated team their their guards are really did and that's probably the strength of their team is that. Which are looking to do to kind of combat that is to go inside enforce that part of the game. Absolutely and on that point I mean they have some really the big physical got a couple really good at it go guys. We do that to keep up the board in not about that he. To beat not allowed them yet. Little while it's eight points here all the rebound. That's one of the concerns will. Now you lost a lot of close games to a lot of really good teams as you alluded to before you've played all the teams in your district you in your districts except one. What do you think is gonna catch you from getting over the hump with these good teams have you been playing all year. We lost we've got eight games but they submit button counties. You have to sound like you're really know exactly I you want rollout although it didn't look like a visit Aruba and those fourth quarter either game notes the he's doing everything you do is if you're a player that's when the. Well it too little if you guys know. It's. Would shot. It. Oh really. Well although she did. And our guys that didn't that was you know great. But it means that at the end of the game when everybody is not on the same day it is detrimental to the team so we got a week. Week a couple weeks to prepare for that though. Hopefully we can do these nets come game. Coach ray use Russ in best although play Monday night against rocker that you'll say that's what register is. They're 7 o'clock yet to be in the north in the chick at that game should be really good game. Excellent coach. Are these reviews rust in basketball right now due to us high school. By the way that you buy in their first game play the winner in one. In east on board secondly do we want it coaches in high school coach your first year congratulations Liu year. In your lot of the schools so that it's kind of got to be fun to come in and have the success that you dad. You have in that by seventeen in four record this point but. It's got to be nice to sitter and media and shoot an eagle scout team on February 27 between me or any sticker on your own ideas. There are here that it probably font BOG dog and Cooper. Where you go. There. Now coach earlier this week. Kevin Garnett came out and make comments about AA you you yourself for a former AU coach of the Casey alliance. He talked about how a user ruining the NBA creating a sense of entitlement for young players coming in. How do you feel about these bad rap that they use skating amongst a lot of veterans who were in The Who were. You know in the NBA or just getting out the NBA. I'll manner so that the current course grandma bought them all on. File with the age you are. It's Eric Berry you start it is good article basketball but also think it's fair a fair ball. I don't sell art. A man for that good good credit if exposure. Is exposure but almost got there at lurks fifty feet and it felt like a lot of decent play eighties. I could do that could help. Yeah. Thank coach earlier this year kind of a big story that would around India issue that happened up and ward were when you had your team out there and the opposing fans kind of turned their back on you in in your players when they are announced there was strong. Sign held up I saw honestly reports its usage you really did catch it at the time because he got for focusing on the game which is understandable. I'm just curious now just stick that in how the story can get to be a big deal. A wonder what your feelings are now on that is you've stepped back and be able to see what happened. Oh archer hopefully. There's truthfully. It pay attention and effort it pay too much attention actors have. To coach you'd also lead I'd like you've got out of a bat well as an American girl productivity. And you're comer to block out of it it's because that's what their porches that distract you. And so yeah you're really relatives spoke about. Is it well. Or coach or table at the looking forward to the Mort that you knew you mentioned you're very good defensive team. You'll give up an average of 49 points a game which we averaged twelve steals a game. It I think we hear this time of year. It's about and it's our defense all time in football but you've got to preach defense. If basketball at the center. It hurt. It hurt. You know we come out like the college hall madman basketball. It would play 32 minutes a pillar black charred bodies over to sell. And there's out pressured them you know family defense but we have each other back it was just. Our struggle our breath but upon. Wilma theater and stuff there I think it's all here at. Six. Prisoners whose I would middle loser diluted coach it's in her high school coach Republican districts and notes that. Always fun for you guys this time of year department your opponent and have a fund seal for you can go which a look at your team and how did you or need a breach in its to keep advancing so good luck to you this year coach. There yield delude right there that'd coach sinner high school gold on the Missouri side. As well we'll stay in the misery settle talked to Brett Wheeler he's girls' basketball coach at blue springs out the big win last night 57 of 34 Lee's summit. They're gonna be in districts as well. Nick scheme to be determined to get their first round byes will talk to coach or is there see what he's doing on this by our Internet. We'll deal. His head coach diets that are high school. Where she's got that they're both providers well know the guy with the first round bye in the matter of fact last night a nice 57 the 34 win. Over Lee's summit bread Willard head coach blue springs south girls' basketball team good morning coach nice win last night. Well good morning you know the option. I felt like it to be when for a trip in the district term. Yeah you always like it and only that completely summoned or 21 point gain this week and that's got to be IEU parties when these guys that. Takes moral victories we saw nor is very good basketball team to lose but I want you get a feel good with your team right now in the district to get their first round bye. You'll pay play the winner of Smith got the blue springs on for boards when he eight. Well. Yeah we were. The disappointed coming out there and replaced with a little lost but yet again. You know who you're changing look at each and torso. You know the doctor Johnson six to. And there are broad answer you know Archie and sidelined. And we're not a very directly. So we got these you know pretty scrappy. And it was a very exciting game and Packard for. There's a lot of the changes in the game and a crowd like this and that he can. As the birds I mean the court we just came up with that no one couple fortune work. I do coach on the blues brings it and you're. I know you guys have the by you as have the potential matchup with either Schmidt cotton was threes determine the truth. You guys want inspiring. Like that's her that's a you wanna play it right that's your girls you guys wanna play today in and you gotta be nice to say things about. Just missed cut but you guys want blue springs. Are they go to Google yeah yeah yeah. Over Utah. You know just a few years ago it's been a long time for you know shout girls never beat blues for an sure that we still remember that you know. And so yeah I think there. Girls are really focused here on whoever. We'll explain. Are gonna bred oiler of the girls basketball coach for blue springs south. What Phillips is the biggest strength of your team this year that's gonna help you succeed the most in the post season. Arctic we do your job playing team basketball. You know. You know we. Do good job of but the ball down our guy our children girls yeah. In long and it didn't want to be. Coast double digits are not doubled its each. Girls wore caller they get along well. You won't we're targets that were not. So we've got to give that Kia. Defensively. And the girl's body in the it's sort of watched you there. It's going to get the study group we had large Jews lost a couple and special this year it was early and find kidnapped. These games to be at the hip and high school is for is the district. Yeah I I assume you're you're you're coaching staff will go out and watch the Smith on blue springs immediately to be a great advantage seen exactly would your opponent did that and before you played them. Yeah nominees which you know. First earnings learn proper and so we've seen a couple times. That content yet so did a good look at them on Monday. Bad thing is that turnaround on Tuesday that you are going to. They're able to get much accomplished getting ready for. Before you viewpoint. The scooters as you've journal of the football coach what the relational loses your brother and third cousins that's gonna cooled him. We're here it's a distance but it guest re guys close before him. Or are we yes it's close before ends and sometimes you know that your third cousin and a need to know my third cousins be honest with you but. Has reality. You know and I aren't stupid dog was burned several years ago and Dario as stated their Internet John yeah he was a little odd man you know couple. And that. You know ago where ever you shouldn't get to see hasn't been offered them. I know one thing which costs some of confusion their school with the U. But he made their says. And coach or talk do you know but first it culture. That's a problem. There would have asked but the 34 defense. Wrongs okay what they're going into. A it was the I've played this week he would say either Smith cotton blue springs best lucky coach and those of on time here for yes. I the other girls wore. Early look at ordered this week. Thanks coach good to good luck this week so that's a blue springs south it coach John Wheeler it is he's got the same name but honestly can you name your third cousin. I even I don't even understand how the whole third second first cousin thing were all explain it to so he had though we've got tired right now it's what I don't understand how that's what I understand. I never understood or leisure simple things here reference what's the most of the kids insider you know tucked the door hit basketball coach cal dealings off to a great. Agreed season this year sub states Bruce Baldwin this week the winner to face the should be age first for coach good morning things come on the show. It outlook what do you think about you're season this year he has had a great season and you don't wanna see daddy and you'll see that. Morally itself through the playoffs so what's the mindset from the regular season and shifting. To look to be great things your team in the future. We did that read a lot of do you bases this year we graduated. And senior seriously they have a lot of returning returning made it seven back so bad about I don't work in progress that the well along in the against the alleged out there yet regular seat belt. The element to play after that. Now coshow look immature roster and you gotta you've got a guy name on the tour ballot animal when pronouncing that right. A 26 points for games point 38 boards per game four assists per game. For you guys what makes him such a good all around player for your team. He he if they get basketball player that their kids. Worked harder than anybody I've I've ever been around any. He's got the height on it it it forces by. Picking up that hill and with the big boys but he's really guilty. It is said that he'd had a really nice stuff like that shortly also a really get faster and has recovered yet it a lot thank you for bluffing able. Seek coach Chris looked at the roster it's all Mitchell. I looked at the roster and I saw the greatest name I've been received a nice rust. It rocked the room. And I'm set on his theories does rock your room looks the way he's announced is that they're rotten to Rome and I hear electable that's and as best as that I you can't hit it I. Come out just to see old rock and roll. That order can do. If this bacon rock like the way John not if that's not a rocket and well they did it for I think 170. Pounds yeah yeah yeah. It would get name. It is a great neighbor could also go. I don't look at it just gives this looks like a real it's. Stressful teach these kids that you deal with every day right before coaching basket. You have met for seven straight hours. With the young keys what. Were you thinking outside and it's that's so stressful going into coaching you read it. A lot of people's Q did not think it very much. Now it. It is what it is that I enjoy and I usually have a bite to create a browser I've high school kid they'll yes we actually get by any period let see six out of seven hours. Now it's it is it's a busy day and I get the young kids at home so let's kind of up that a little in the back similar to what you. Little girls basketball game my daughter this morning the thing this thing divinity of pretty good idea. It's great co leader and head coaches Eudora high school. And you mentioned math are you an analytical guy I mean he tucked the teens a lot of analytics because lead does this match partly it's over the sports or not. Well yeah yet let me get into that collagen of the current W they got people that are designate just below the analytics that and that. Obviously I will coaches that small like out we don't have extra staff people that really get into the numbers that we look at and that we're not doing their budget. Let's just some of the other schools probably do that but yet there's a lot of other numbers involved. If we were talking about meth before hand held with three of struggled in man who would use that it's that the easiest thing to do. Or that. Skids they don't like it does make you mean the real world for Britain ever get a map you can have a travel about your checkbook and stuff like that so. They understand that they're gonna have like beat it leather jacket and. Well that's good stuff Koji that are really really good season this year and of course upstate. With all the winner plays a very addition these teams so. But your team today give your team a great chance but the good luck this week I know it's always fun. A for the coaches when you get to this point the season because of and the suddenness of at all. Yeah in Little Rock zero million now. And it someplace that at some point it just stopped so you hope to push that any point that long is long he can't get it it's the kid or carton. It's early it's a lot about all the walls even though they're both politics you spent a lot of time that kid they'll both holidays let's and that sometimes we see him more than their parents that. It's it's good side Richard Burkhardt we were black what are look at it in New York. Little rug and room know he's got to stay afloat here at sixty. I. I don't know I'm a little like luck. They're sick elderly during head coach did always best or Eudora high school but it's like coach. I thought the turning you do practical sports. They use coaching angle of the year it uttered today in basketball that I'll teetering right there and get the mapping noises is fun. Pits laden gym teachers net teachers who as a it's a but he also cross country with the cross back Libya but. Isn't this division or let us into the considers teams a lot more. Is it didn't make sure is seen with. Before this next interviews wills things Cody Buford and head basketball coach in his fourth year at retail on ice cream of the named rude quarterback. Recounts out eyes plea for Chile domino day where did this go on to a forced the titles in blue springs high school meals when plea football. And loses will talk two kodi about his team and maybe a few things from the past as well today and it. So forget. More awkward to review your. Bring a good game later detained for tots who by the way talking baseball 9 o'clock. The more. All the way via through the through spring training is now view for his head basketball coach. At retail and high school nice win 66 the 61 over Truman. On Thursday once again bye week for him winner of Ruskin rockers to suit their play and by the way it is rockers. The wins that game you can hear the retail rocker's team on 1660 score our sister station. Good morning coach. Or. Hey I'm pretty good here we play in the pork you'll see out here in this your brackets right on the road submitted to check your team the four years for you three conference titles success early for somebody that was a former athlete here in the Kansas City metro area. You know it's don't tell. Great assistant coaches who were the best players. On the that we had some success let you know of Wednesday a mr. Powell yet actually. We want to get through. All right so it's again you see who's with you. You went to rate tents out of this this. This must be tough made you coaching. Rates down now now you do it as you get any rest back from some murals former teammates at rates at south. I mean I imagine this must be really tough but later on to note that your overly others. Do about what network bought the rates now. My body builder consulate has earned run bill or who he is you know a lot of a lot of reports earlier that it. I love where I'm at about great school. Talk gonna go to Buford the boys basketball coach who rates down. You're actor Matt REIS out you were quarterback recruit for me zoo. For Larry Smith and you're now all the high school basketball coach at raids now. Tell us how you win from playing college football I knew zoo to be no boys basketball coach here in Kansas City. What they were played in the U have a vote. And the Joker got Richard. Subtler more fired. Oh yeah. Only by the Soviet empire Hitler it's been doing not just couples. Out I'm not gonna litigious dresses up like it and you know have been sacrificed who spoke like that. Laden it is you know it didn't work out able start working with our school. You know I'll always look at what point oh all the salute there that are all eyes fool. Click record slicker than you know just glad to be format now and you know like they turned the corner thing works out to be warmer. I cannot talk about your team this year and going into. The playoffs here use. You guys are one of the better teams in the in the city this year. Had some tough losses against some really good opponents the park you'll schools and over to your tough losses. What what what is what is your team in what particular players. Need to really step up and what are you guys need to do it he successfully get that district that title attribute that she. Oh ordered balancing and you know part four by different you're you're leaving for. We have purchased are now there in double figures. Sort with a lot of our again you can kind of personal. You know what we can do offensively and be effectively. Oh got forcing marriage. We're here to record your really help without move wouldn't talk to step up right now I'm here in the playoffs. Where district. In all parts indirect. And just play consistently. Well known got to bring it emerged that in our secure others well you know. Great solution to ever play great defense figured out well and in the and so. Coach he arrived to order the code review for to reach on high school boys as well which is district a classified to search fourteen. Six were ridiculous. You play the better rockers Russ Ruskin but on the other side it's more kill south and north in city two teams. Did very good years I mean that's a look in his district and figured man this is a tough one to get out of this. They're for the effort district. And all but four. Reaching over seventeen where. During the director terror would receive leading and it just took their lockers is a great unit it was tough schedule than. We put her in years you know and they're looking at the Rhode Island and physical and athletic so. Whoever won the district and because it moved. And make the move on. Thanks for the kind words I am a Ruskin alone and I am. Very much rooting for them hopefully they be rocker stand up I'd like to see the movie it's passed you know no offense lock. Us. It did. But you have you're very your team has been very good all year or at the beginning of the season we we looked at this we are looking at the top teams in the metro. And your team was always talked about amongst the top teams all year long. Rain topped with five top ten top five. How do you kind of kept that pressure out of your team's head so they're not worrying about. You don't do it outside and always people hyping them all if you will. All of your doctor about every day you know. In practice you gotta win that game got to win this drill we will really tried hopeful it. Talking to about Heyward or Rinker we're not right now we're. I'm not out in the Stater. You know moved it down the top 45 in the city. We talk about it or were honest with our kids and you know. Though so go out and we're not gonna lie to your you know Clinton Israel was good though that you know they're not you know a zone defense or their that the that you were gonna let you know so we we talk about their personal secrets. That's what would be outlook and so talk about. Iran that we moved a little down. All ultimately we don't look at that pressure just it is what it is so. Now though we're going to award though. In getting you know feel the pressure it in part to show will hurt them humble and looked at work hard being consistent record there. The coach ample Fauria and mother figure played a pork Bill Self was in 24 from me so I assume all season your games here coming up one thing I I talk to you on the phone earlier this week. In what they feel an impressive your tell me six kids playing college basketball this year for seniors to the three will play college ball somewhere. When I talk to high school coaches they like nothing better. In prepared guys in high school completed the next level is in the sense of pride and as the be nice for you pitcher now we take in kids the goal line play and a pasture podcast high school level. Yeah that's where all of about two mayors you know just trying to help. You know he would become better at all of helping it become better prepared students and their people. That's what you know coach Donahoe conflict or about other culture to remain well the actual soldiers in what it feels good to. Got out of that he has been noticed here are. You mentioned those coaches you mentioned Donahoe group courses go on the great success the blue springs high school for football but lathrop of course. A legend in Kansas City basketball. As as a coach would you look back to some of the coaches that you actually played under. How much is that is kind of parlayed itself that may be it was a head coach. They didn't have a huge part of the year we'll speak with. Flickr you know. Through street firm belief that move. If they're they're recurring note disfigured. Experience from those guys and their wisdom and hurt and there the coaching knowledge. A lot of what we do that return which exactly what we did original outlook to a post later. I mean coach double they're gonna coach that coached under coach for. So that that. You know that asset or the ability to have those guys that call them and get note Jeanette in question is is invaluable. He also of course with Hilary Smith the Missouri also Gary pickle king knew you were. You learn things Gary. Yet he you can think of record quarterbacks. Since stick with. Outward we're we're able for cloture and ordered him sir is this what you gonna work wouldn't you know I'm not the fastest guy and I couldn't. Could roadblock to a vote at quarterback and try to learn a retired at that level public works so well you're you're so. I like that about two coaches like we told me that story is honesty. And it's something that the you take with you as a head coach code review for the boys basketball coach at retail and high school there's a fund mr. Clinton said she's been on the road. For me or kill south high school book report to a code showed best the locked in a very tough district. Thanks guys appreciate it you know. Thank you things like coach Cody Buford run and his artists and you think. About that here the people Camilla athletic. There are just thinking come on here how many guys in high school athletics the Kelly down as. Coaching it played underneath. Or. Ike now I won on the radio right here review now as a basketball coats. And in the basketball. Scorpio. Or in. Jeff Sorrell is that the as the coordinator of a lot treat high school and tell you just barge is a coach I mean it is. And the blue springs that is littered with them. Are you trial like brush your shoulder awful of I high school coach to get out created the rhetoric yourself into basketball and fifty cent. He's got to ask. Yet he clearly he was at home we can get a power raking me he was Ndukwe and everybody that it ever comes under on the Dallas and he was. Did in their upper mobility on this list this power rankings list Elliott get the fighting for lately list. Any scenario. We'll let you know if this. Basketball and ran. It. It. Usually isn't president you think oh no no don't don't want an ego well in all. Including Iran and its coach that I am. Ultimately these the that was brought it wasn't them we're a little I think that was scheduled for its. Anytime you start the offense is that if I am it would no dogs actually nicer I am in no event I ever for whom. I get their Christmas. Camera right there and I literally. Or matchup on 1616 the school or I I'm ruining your nice three I'm rooting for my team it wasn't my sixteenth seek his own eyes and my team has been struggling all year once on that basically this I promise I thought he was going to say I'm really hoping. How risky Eagles beat rockers. And in this and at the really good matchup between these two company UK. I like Donald Donald Alex hurled the guy Tony is the shoot and edit beavers that he didn't do we actually liked it. And happy in I mean but arms accused of Ford. He's dribbled behind me and it would not be able I'm rooting for enzyme and root for my Ruskin Eagles to go for you I appreciate honesty some time yes opens the Cold War. Well no it. Of the he's the first coach to openly rooting against on a show that's so that we were for putting the issue. Rivera everybody would know I got on the dew Ron do you root for everybody in the show the yeah. Do blogger liar your own life gambling native blue springs south goes give blue springs you run for blue springs out to I'm not at its idea is that I thought I'll call exactly whether. And I'll rulings but you know I root for boost up itself are you outlets priests routes you can. Exactly my boy I've just opens its roster pub comes out here I wish I had my Lloyd lie that it's. Thank you very much the coaches they joined us today by the way districts start this week in Missouri sub state and Kansas and fill you in on who wins who loses. Makes Saturday night AM Charles Missouri school sports Saturday. See you later. This has been jostling. Re high school sports Saturday. Six.