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3/3/17 The Night Shift - featuring The Show & Serda Hour 1

Mar 4, 2017|

In the first hour of Show and Serda, we debate whether or not Chiefs fans feel duped. We also ask the question, can you really say the Chiefs are serious about a Super Bowl run if they stick with Smith? We also get into an intense discussion of whether or not we still enjoy make out sessions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For sure. But I went zero run this. It is cried the night life. Maybe you. Julio Jose is back end blockades. In the Big Apple. It produces this dreadful day on this. Shout out to all of us but those figures today because we salute you. For allowing us to be a small part of your Friday evening and so with that start ECB offered rolling. To a correction. It will blistering heat. I was FC yes today but the boys held it down Julio was deficit to. So you know maybe we need to really carry things tonight. 'cause. As we we we were here like we should take our jobs more seriously I take imagine a serious. That's serious Betsy is Doug. Pitching is 6969306. Already offered Roland. You know that's where polls are excited that ticket out yesterday it was a really often going. Wait hold it down at reels. Not it's have a complaint let's this is bringing right now as we do at this time every night the star. From last night that star. The agreement got Steve asserted Tuesday. This. They said they kick start today. Mr. I get my hair that like the African American dissent. Really hung. OKMR. The point man. I feel like it. It was almost a little too sports the on the polls last night. I mean you start off right. You know is Disney World the worst place on the planet to receive bad news can roll. It just fell into the equivalent to what we're not trying. But that's what I do you that's what I bring to the show. Touche and I'm. We remind that I'm a sports guy we live in unhinged. Yesterday. With no I didn't do I think that's the best thing for the show probably not by. I was solo last minute so that's what that's what you got yeah Iran. I would say last minute. And it handles the episode did. Nominee guess of the goods last night from what I've heard from others about to sit here and and and lied to listen to this. Thanks for the support it whether it's a moment that I did listen to. That sounded silent. So made its wait hold down the fort. Let's let's start off these polls right away we get to miss dollar bet so we should be in good shape Julio put this up. Sit surrogate more than 59 seconds. On his show. With his performance last night. You all listened to more of that idea give it to just be glad I'm gonna win and we think it takes like it is it is because they would do it in spite of the good things and fix like texted. Do you do you believe surges to give more than fifty died sick it's. Because of his performance last night also go to six did sports. Casey. On the Twitter poll should be hopefully. Soon. But we're dealing with mr. RED. And however the risk the way these bills. That come back to abuse. There's impugn this all alone in. It's all somebody tolerating save us run last night was a three hours Saturday show and I can't handle that it. I feel like this person stashing mean nothing but positive things cell. I admit let's let's just put this. Was therapist I. Also remembering will have roommate chronicles I believe that's you know that's IC. But as of now we believe we will have Ruble roommate. Chronicles. Coming tonight. He will be in remember last week there was some sort of conversation about stolen two days and we found that it was Colgate so we'll get to the bottom of that. And also where we're gonna dive into a conversation. At that time they took over. Us before the she'll start. And it's it's a doozy that gag is so topic of the day you do not want to miss that one. That win is fitting of the show watch simply. I'm fired up I had a full day off. I am ready for new Watson 816 he deserves a 100% increase to an eighteenth sick. If so let's say he just deserves a full minute and it lets it. I if I'd like to Manson I'm really gonna have to put effort into the Saturday show. You generally. You generally Staal. But generally it's golfer. For what he says I it's not my first time it's just action show stoppers that I don't think working. So. All right so just today. We put it out on our on our FaceBook page. And this was this was let out yesterday I think it's just a little bit yesterday's that are about the titans talking about paying. You know he. We are willing to listen on giving up the number five it. You guessed yet gases build it yes and we actually put it on Twitter that's something that we had previously talked about which was moving. Two picks in. It. And so I'll let it go with this and I just wondering man Archie spans. Where I think we are yet. The other day. I wanna give this thread I believe his name was Steve in two he was a caller. It brought up something that made me think about this a little more especially when I saw this. This thought of the tide has given up B would be willing to listen. To picks for their number five pick this brought this to view more he said. That she's arm or really into the thought process of selling tickets. And feeling the state they don't wanna go to a fourteen. Before anything before even taken a chance on risk we talked about wrist the other night. They'd rather have a winning season in the sellout Aaron hit every week. Now I don't think that. That the chiefs are not trying to win is a Super Bowl. I I don't know that I'm sure that they are completely. A 100%. Throwing costs into the wind really looking to do if you just judged by their moves that it may. I don't see because. You I think if were honest about is yes I'm sure you said it I think that that she should. Really looked into inquiring the number of buy tickets he would do take for the tight. Because if you're really serious about a Super Bowl. You wanna look at. Fixing that prop. The main problem that has caused you problems. In the playoffs. Over the last forty. And I just feel like Kerry did says it's all the time. About the G-8 the jig is that the I liked that she says and tricked. A lot of people in this idiot that thinking like well this is a way that you can win games this is a way that you can win a championship. Like. I think a lot of people in this city and and you get the Twitter poll I don't know what the answer was a lot of people in this city will probably think. Acting stupid to go up to give up everything that it would cost to go get the number of five. Because you don't know how good. The sound Watson is going to be or whatever quarterback you wanna get. I'm assuming it went to the negative. Yes I guess acted stuff being reckless and look at. I would just assume that because. I think that she's had tricked people it to thinking. It's got a team set me to pursue it over a thousand votes to date yesterday it's I think the thing that most people look at is. Don't wave that has failed in the past the way failed with a guy like Robert Griffin in the way acting it's going to fail which aired goth. But that doesn't mean that these trades can be successful that's what scares people. But I. But I don't do you I don't know if it's that way in every other market. Like I feel like over the years with the top blacklisting that the cheese. Had. The play and base the majority of the fan base at that thinking will you gotta win answered. And and to think like. Being as risk averse adds to any markets assays being at risk averse. As Alex Smith is on the field. Like that's how you have to build it. Like most people say because doesn't it this. Let's add to the Super Bowl two years ago what we year. Host fans everywhere man. Look what did birdie. If ever to win the Super Bowl the way they do it in the chief minister K. They won't look Payton made. Me at emigrate orbit if you do these things. But I mean what what that you don't really hear this year is our let's copycat the Super Bowl champions now. You don't hear people saying well we gotta give up we gotta give up everything to get a quarterback a couple of putts. Because I think it sees that trick people into thinking. Love this is the way you can't give up that much ego the number about it. You Dracula what it needs to get to get the number about that you've got to give up everything. But people are. I think people are just okay with what the waiting in the regular season I mean some people might hate that because everybody wants to win a Super Bowl. I don't know about aren't on that she's more entertaining when their gut in the regular season and at least making the post season they are than they were when they were two and fourteen wall of course that's better. But I don't think that this fan base. If you X this fan base that they're excited about well. Well yeah I mean we're entertaining now there's some but we're entertaining now lilies that to a fourteen. I would think. Italy leakage of it is I don't think that the people here wanna win the chip. But I face today but then they don't wanna make the moves to make that happen I know that not. Don't even know that I think it's the fan base is all I've really think the chiefs over the years Ed pool this trickery to make people think this is how. You should do you shouldn't take chances like it. Because that it was so fascinating to me how when Denver won the Super Bowl. So many people in this city. I'm sure heist or heard it on the drive I heard it on will weeds we would host its people in this city would say hey look what did birdie. The cheese can do what did bird. But win. The patriots win. Because Tom Brady goes nuts and win the falcons. Do what they did to get themselves in position before they choked. Know what not many people are saying well we got to do that. I bet you John Elway. Isn't scared to move up and go draft a quarterback of the future of aiding tax in the inches in going to beat again how well he's not. But for some reason this panel I feel like people say to themselves. I do you you know how much it is to give up. To go to five. You need to know how what is. But you have people. Whose specific job is to tell you how good that players it's. Like yes evil that you pay a lot of money whose sole job is to do that this sport is totally different like this. This this in that position you goal. Ed do whatever it takes to get that position. And I I guess it this is on this this this this reminds me so much of the arguments in here we go the arguments that we get into a lot about. The way we looked at doing radio in the way we look at doing things and how people look at us and how we do radio. In our audience I man. We do this different. But. Does it mean like hey they take chances this is the way you're both ends up don't do it this. I don't do it this way. Okay well it's because you have been ingrained to think that certain way the whole time. And I think this is the same thing with the chiefs in this town. Like. You'll you'll say it is right now nick Wright who used to work nick right on fox fox it it's always say this. I will trade outlook gave you my first round. Or aired Rogers and how do you view it every year. Until he retires. That's out now. I would go to Green Bay at saint. I'll say for Aaron Rodgers and I'll give your first round it every year at exhibit I don't think that would be crazy for Aaron Rodgers services. Let's see this week the mentality here is. They've got to meet their parts. I just feel it is people in this city who would say no that's too much. What it Aaron Rodgers gets hurt it's too much can you imagine why a guy like Aaron Rodgers could do would Travis Kelsey and Tyreke candle in Jeremy Maclin. And Chris Conley. The cheese app weapons. Jars have a good offensive weapons will go to break you know what you want to do listeners this'll on the right. People in this city. Would think that I am crazy is bill when I say this they. I think that she's would be more serious. This move will prove that they're more serious about winning a Super Bowl. It they drafted and started to Shawn Watson knicks year did it they started Alex Smith next year but I bet people think that sounds crazy its sale. It's not. You start Alex you're not trying to win miserable if you drag this out watching you start up that shows me more. That should try to win the super power. Didn't. Amaze me how to go when important. If it is. And he's he's emanate out of the prize is that they've done. I. I is outbid truth about. That it is just turned it like to act. I didn't even get to be the next level peoples in and by the way it's enough for him to vote up or people saying about have you read that somewhere they say in and a that moved because I think I think most people would think that. Well and I think a lot of people are agreeing with you on this some people aren't obviously but. I talked about a little bit last night you know what you might have to give up is similar to life. I do as the rams gave up last season which is basically two straight years of no picks one through. Three by the first three Iraq. I don't think you have to give up that much and that's why we brought up before like mortgaging a guy like. They're trying to get him as part of the deal because I think you get better value by moving out already proven players than you do by moving valuable draft. By the way real quick. Go ahead and hit 62 in sports Casey on Twitter. This poll is unbelievable to be honest right now certainly it is running at 41%. Of no he does not deserve more. If 59 seconds I'm sure that I am shocked right now because I thought people would then. Just do that in spite of me we're asserted maybe dad. They are worn out from last night made yet that people jump off of that sort and a he elects. Outside maybe you'll just can't handle a full thirty hours of certain I'm 13 welcome back show last night. Was alone is 59 circuit soon mile line. But Beckett this man because. I'm serious about it just think about. I like many people here people do you think. Would you say they that this team has a chance to win this and blow pill that would twelve importantly this year they won the division. Last year they signed very which has its thing to be that they signed Barry he's coming back. Injuries will be back like most people think this team is ready probably have to make a run would you say. I think people in this town. You would think so. I think we've. Felt that way the last couple years and where's the run it to me this does it have anything to do their risk of boat deck press got. Desperate the argument of people we can't bring rookies. To start to give mutual yours yourself which is that we. But to me it would easily signify that the chiefs are more serious about winning a Super Bowl I don't I don't care passed corporate war. Our future down the line or press. If they each rat this lots. Well even if and please god no. Hell even if they draft admit it's a truce. They would show. Meet and I think it was so most people that there are more serious about winning a title right now if they did it. Rather than saying okay would you tackle Alex Smith bit in the system now that. That that's not that. That that's not donate figured it would just roll out but. Up a lot of what I was getting last night two was. Well they should wait until next year's trap because next year's draft is loaded with quarterback talent which are a lot of young quarterbacks that are going to be that. What to be very get going in next year's draft. But that's another year you have to wait that's not a year of development. For young quarterback in the hardest position in sports to play. If he can go get a guy like the shot Watson why don't you do it I think this John Watson is a special place. Set Kaiser who hasn't it in the shadows and sees it let's go Tyrod Taylor. His coming in hard on yeah. Who later. He said he just watches the film. I got dissing him and this. I've I'll wonder. Starting to open up the guys to see that your operation. That the chiefs are are doing what you. This thing and I. Is medicinal what you go about doing things can happen if you if you take chances like that. So what happens if you take risks everything you have to give up. We got Alex. Like at some point she's fans should be like all the the hills but little. Did you see it would the royals. Pretty good they got shields and stuff. They were fortunate. Old they winning get to any Plato a proven one. All they winning Childress to beef up there trying to. Oh yeah. That's how it. Like our ideas and it would look over here so many people are just like no you can't give up that. Only to let her wrists like I I've I've come to the conclusion. That the Kansas City. She's organization and this just isn't just one regime all the regime. The kids she's organization will make you believe. That the quarterback position is not the most important that's another thing Robin. Sales Andy Reid Andy Reid thinks that he can just make any cornerback. Play well in his system and be effective enough that is ballot also but even before. They will make you believe that's not the most important position. Belt they'll give context to defensive guy. Ed says I edited into reaction we get Julio sort of you see it is yeah it's. Not pay them. SAT Saturday eight million dollars are you have to do is outside the division at the Oakland Raiders in what they're doing and watched her accomplishing all of us thought. Incredibly young team loaded with talent. And tons of money to go out and spend money on free agents don't let the raiders it's human yeah I mean you use the amount of money in and feared. This that their role with this really will you're always did that will is closing in on this via east. I'm. First loss in dorms and figured it's reality there are absolutely. Rare call. And turn. Out prisoners that are important OK. Well let's. Did it right. There to get it itself. To a one year law. Which is now. Today so so when you make these statements by our chief sprayer. We're like we now know I want to Geithner. I won't change there that the Obama 1980. Public. All of the ball. Between their change for all football but watching it. You're locked. It. Go better or. Their. And a bit more. Out here. On out it's an aunt. And that particular. When you talk about. Quarterback. In the that it did so bubble and straighten. And quarterback. That were election results in order to. Two where. Global. Cute here because. Should match but. It's. I could play quarterback. It would still one. More game or. In what you. You don't call the experts say that if you look at. Where the ball ball well you'll find. We. Didn't that win championships. Just don't look at all. Oh. Despite about the collapse of the ball but caught it right invention without. I will Anna and Anna and I would I would put out the quarterback the mansion and asks is will go that I do think you I think you do don't football let me ask do you think. How much do you think Peyton Manning had to do with a lot of those key free agents coming to Denver that they I don't know that they're coming in Rockies. I don't look to markets where is coming to Denver if rock cost dollars a quarter. I don't know if Emanuel Sanders is going to Denver if rock cost was the quarter. Here to hear about an example that all that. About oh okay. I go where OK. Let's look at the markets where the Denver. Dallas. And archer in the third. With one out here so why there. You don't you don't think you know taking could have got more I gotta go man I gotta get a break well and I think an idea but I gotta go. Well it may well we're just going to disagree on. I mean and I am sure there was other teams offering to markets where money and I think for younger players. Maybe that is the factor it's all money but DeMarcus Ware is at the end of his career news trying to win a single global he would scare us Peyton Manning what's clear. Okay why even paid old age defense is didn't play against Denver that everyone knew we had a lot of this. Deep defense did play against Peyton the way they play against Alex Smith in the jeeps where they just put him in the box. They didn't do that he could talk about defense is but we can go up and down. Was at the Packers defense that won them as a rule that was Aaron Rodgers. About Brady every time demon of the scores of those games. Except for the first would it was Brady. Joseph flack tells the bowl MVP member of the sport those game out Al how many points the 49ers org is the ravens. Yes you go up in gold hit the quarterback. No other position really matters on the field if you don't have that one. Especially that safety. Like you have to get it together. And right there like I love will. And I go in and I think and I think so I don't even think we'll when it comes to will it's as much. Brain washing of the chiefs of though he won't admit it I think a bit of idiots. I think will has just watch football forever and is seen defense wins champions. But it 2017. The game has changed. Changed. Like. You've got to have a order. You've got to have one you. You stick your finger up at me it hurt me like I don't have like like seven minutes left I don't give a rip how late we'll shut out. This could do those last night. I'll finish my dear boy that jackets is still topic of the day coming up next that's what I got I hope so does Beckett we cup. Bringing. Back standing here and acted right into. I didn't make it and move. When. Straight. Fan base is come through them like well then. It's it's nights like these where I hate nice talking about football. I love football. Why expressing that feeling of Sprint's simply missed them so now. Allen tied an outlaw anymore because Zach and I don't matter. He has that is being called me and eighty ends and that I don't know what I'm talking about even though I do. I'm a little better service and it would apparently I just says it's just on. This argument that we have every single night every single night. Out of them it's that they're coming out and stats don't really mean a lot and I likes that. I'd like that clearly there are people here or did serious. All from both sides the reason why the falcons got the lead was because they're deep it's that the rate. Or the pats the it's stopped the falcons at the second day. Really. How well. Did you come up with a. If they haven't. Kimberly today. And I'm glad he says on them Luke Luke at the odds that the who at the thought I would leave it. What does that even mean heavens that bit Tex signs oh how many rings do I. I'm sure you've got Super Bowl rings is lined up across your mantle in the part about it is you know when he says. Yeah I. Don't think without it. Well it. At least Super Bowl rings do you add I didn't at least I'd show you in any really good at getting on ESP adding going there in the stats rankings. Let's pull this. That gag is this a topic. It's time to act like you here. Negotiated the Specter I kissed the show topic a today. It's not that is what. If I'm to act like you fear this is. Used to show. Today. Yeah it's still a topic of the day's sponsored by absolutely no let someone could stay in front. Cutting hair from. Using UK got from Christopher. Boy he'll wakes from coma addicted to cheese inspired me. He was grinning after I asked her acts and eating a whole will look T. Expected they're all from the field as a welcome from a nine day coma swearing. It's eating the whole wills to. Doctors' reports to put Kyle Thomas in a coma while recovering from a blood. A brain yeah. But eventually he regain regain the ability the speak it was left with two bizarre side of it just sit Israel don't have wheels that she yells knows upon those guy. I don't next. Those side of the explorer he's addicted to cheese any kids that's what this month Tracy told the daily though. You first noticed it as she first noticed his love for Darian profanity when. This speech started to come back. One day I was in the kicked in when I heard yelling from his bad routes and it it was raining app that's. Yes I want her one on. Was going. The expletives were coming the effects. He hit it just adds about herself aside chowing down oh we'll sheets. Cecil a speedster noticed more going missing from the print it is always like to ease but now he's obsessed with. Even. He'll miss obviously. We asked the doctor about it in there. It's quite well for people to develop inappropriate and aggressive behaviors but after waking up from a coma so loud. That explains the swearing but that don't like it it's playing at its estimate public. And the most ridiculous. Like. Off it whatever you wanna call that is ridiculous. What. What's that yet. That's where you had to deal. Miss Christy. Why were the 123 ring my kids that were way he cut a mister C get the hell out of here. This kid must do this kid must and I believe I didn't look at victims cited the next is he fat that delighted me like watery underground. So I don't have a photo of legitimate and I don't know I don't for McCullough that's the first thing Dick in your mind because of the we'll see we've got. I've picture my hat. Your eyes like gable are back and on this case. Figure out why he wheels T eighty tickets to next line at the 13 when it to a coma as a normal teenager at Walcott is a teenage to tease Aggies. I mean which sees it he started adding cheese to his serial. This except the bulls flavor of cereal out there that she's can be an effective. Harper can palpable now I. Statistics like if you. You put it Opel and is there any type which sees that it's acceptable to and that was it now laps we need to do I really asked me to do yeah. They ask you to talk a little kids. Well are we talking like case. It blocks the team is this does she added she is if I guess at this fellas go in case our army gone blocks tees up they can block the bill beat. Like I don't think Cheerios that it mixed. I mean is there a deep ESP. As a serial dry as he poured milk over I think there's bookie too but I. Since gossip some of the he Cheerios because as they'll labor and crossed the plate that's about us. The brought I think some frosted flakes with them we have American cheese might be okay no one. Outlets like the real thing week the stuff little Roth continuing its all of us that the real thick woods that the weak stuff that'll people. They re brand. Like that against as well maybe that could be just like you get stressed. Which he would seek a eats it's typical. Give us. It is that time didn't show stopper. Us. Show host and through. How odd does it take this kidney even entire which you. But he needs spoke at a glass case that's alike it'll happen but it appears. That I got to like Mike waivers this off and out before he attacks that really she is old is mum look here of a look here it's. I Florida. If you don't get comfortable with well she's. I looked this up. I don't you can't it just a a. Somebody said rice sticks that might be one. PM Bleacher Report. Plus there's those lakers president Jeanie buss is not a temporary restraining order Friday against her Brothers Jim and Johnny. Anthony attempted to oust her as the lakers present day controlling owner according to the Los Angeles Times. Damon Johnny reportedly attempted to hold a meeting scheduled for next week to elect a new board of directors that didn't include their sisters and she needs to maintain SE on the board. In order to operate is the teams controlling all. Those guys on a comment. Every sits Jeannie started dating fields acts that she's lost mine. I may be seasonal batters and only an organization than that that's arguable. She's still lost her mind she's firing Brothers. I don't believe I believe there are older that are just firing Brothers digital event. It's like she that even bigger ovaries once she ended the relationship with bill Ed now. She's the big one that casing that two or answer the kid it's just that bill would say your case say this to me. Now I want three perfect in my the only one who was questioning what this family has we'll she's laying around to get win. Do you think this can't hassle like sneak cheese in the house I don't think I don't like I just geeks like lightly used and snuggled Beers and your house when you're when you're. Sixteen I could be wrong I just don't see hi as a gentleman who's caring about sneaking into the guy with the but the fact is cussing out. The first today. At the counter if he doesn't carry a big hit tease out what what's his faith. What is his top five I mean what about a maybe a Colby Jack strategy nice Judah the baby. And made just got some Wisconsin Suez the base. Maybe it's broke months of a look of it written it. Over the next. I recruited every week as we granted parmesan and goodnight to picketed net. Governor Evelyn is we do this every Friday the best round of the week. This guy's absolutely so I hope. He turns into one of those birds flies into the stadium in Minnesota. That's coming up name. Stone hold it sees us it. There. For some reason it did insert. Some accident so what does all called and texted it's it is Malia. Lately texted me actually oh I certainly listen. Again it's Q. Okay would lose tapes and took a look at alternatives you know it's a lack of hot cereal. Totally didn't think about that and we'll have a hot clearly though and other is. Like clean and wheat is like is considering what it. Yeah but that wouldn't be who we cheese with yeah I'm going to agree Chris grits and cheese so grits is considered a hot cereal that's not cereal in the box does. I suspect that's almost like an old is he is he drinking cheese. I guess he just boring she does into a bottle have been drinking it Dresser and yet you're jacking again they're. It's not it's that offices. I SE just eating like cheese sandwiches. Why is it nothing but she's. It. Before we get that here this. This first rate this this the city it's been in the news is it isn't. Is that RS because humidity. And he's that cute Saturday he. Yeah and it is already it to east room. Now. Okay this idiotic it is the news and the reason why he is the newest member. You can't be serious following. Julio Sanchez who was. The newest member last week. Herbert prestigious Booker turner here Michael. I had only eight of victory on an injury and can. A pure entertainment and this. That money I didn't mean to do that. I realized you know that was happening in my Mike was still I mean I did I mean it's sort. Of gets himself a three hours. I tell you Obama stirred it gets himself literally hours last night. And he's too is comparable is ill he got us beyond the I expected so many hijinks that night did you just you're just feeling kiwi hit in the snow day we get to the day of second. Deaths. Just like playing the sound just else. I can't wait to arts and duke it. 7 o'clock roommate chronicles covenant and about five minutes isn't what we called we play the best sound of the week. On Fridays. You can't be series. You can't BC. Syria and it cannot be serious fairly absurd to me and I am certain I don't only. There's just no way you're taking themselves yeah. Certainly you can't hear me. Okay. You can. Into someone out there it's. Vogel. The worst helicopter father in the history of helicopter Bob. Love our laws back in the news and one more time it wasn't enough for the bar the hardest thing eight. If you split my son plays that we stepped carries the warriors would be done this I think. He took up what happens when asked on. Geez guys in LZ in Jorge. With a sore days list. Four days that I know I can't believe voters the other two guys they've dug up by privacy of the rebel. He's got to ease is either don't know or day Saddam has not eat quiche Jensen tales of a police still get black and white on the he was on there's still and talking about a possible. Shoe contract it and love law are those easier. And dies. By it sounds thank you Leo right decade. And here we go in Lavar says this could. More quickly shock the world government. A certain amount Lucas struggled important. I look forward more to be it just shouldn't be called where do you prefer to do what sort. We're back down from week war. Or go through your local. Hopefully I'm deplorable. That Israel would do IQ or adorable liver just what are very good people. Over there and pretty awful beautiful won't let it would result way at all. This this and is absolutely. The big Bob bring this absolutely. This man is and it's. Did this guy's an answer food imports also our style. And this whale flat with numbers. Or or or. Or musical acts names and all of our ball sound like Bob Weinstein I didn't know he's eminently he's been drinking every is that. If you'll. You'll 888. Quarterback. A new way that number 38. Or 45. You're not going to be successful that's not a good quarterback number. You can't look at artist and say to yourself I know by their name if they're not going to be critically successful. Did you ever think you would hear this at the Grammy for best hip hop performance goals to soldier all. And it's a good example it's no idea well. The names of the original hole look at the positives ball so what is the name I follow. Program what is the name of this of this new company that he's healed this item to the likes of under armour dean is at Nike does. Triple beer summit that the big Bolivar dubbed big bowler played brain. Now about that says successful should just recently. That sits. That. Kidney mr. ball. The sheer fact that you would name their company at the world that they may that. That company out. As hey this is the apps that eat it. Craziest tale coming up. The worst are sick that the best recognize that it showed sports radio and roommate chronicles may be is coming up next.