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03/03 - The Best of The Night Shift w/ Show & Serda

Mar 4, 2017|

As we do every night we bring you what we feel were the best segments of the night in our nightly Best Of podcast.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So. The city today. It is. Life. Baby. Julio Sanchez back end blockades. In the Big Apple. It produces this bad boy on this. Shout out to all of this is put those figures that they did because we salute you. For allowing us to be a small part of your Friday evening and so with that start we should be offered ruling. To a correction room. If we always bring the heat. I was FC yesterday but the boys held it down Julio was deficit to. So you know maybe we need to really carry things tonight. Has. As we we we were here like we should take our jobs more seriously I take imagine serious. That's serious Betsy is Doug. 56 on six 306 already offered Roland. You know the tour pulls out excited adjective that yesterday it was a really often going. Wait hold it down at reels. Not beyond its have a complaint listless as renewable and as we do at this time every night the star. From last night that star. The agreement guessed the answer to this day. Yeah yeah. Instead they kick start today. Mr. I get my hair that like the African American dissent. I really hung. OKMR. Oh man. I feel like it. It was almost a little to sports the on the polls last night and I. I mean you started off all right. You know is Disney World the worst place on the planet to receive bad news I can roll with. It just fell into the equivalent of what we're now trying. But that's what idea that's what I bring to the show. Touche and I'm. We pilot I was sports. We lift them I'm eons yesterday. With no I didn't do I think that's the best thing for the show probably not buy the I was solo last minute so that's that's what you got yeah Iran. I would say Atlantis. And it handles. Its Soviet. Nominee guess and get to last night when I've heard from others about to sit here and and and liked to listen to this. Thanks for the support it whether it's a moment that I did listen to. That sounded silent. So man it's wait hold down the fort. Let's let's start off these polls right away we get them this dollar bet so we should be in good shape Julio put this up. Sit surrogate more than 59 sic it. On his show. With his performance last night. You all listen to more of an idea get tickets to me that I'm gonna win and we think it takes like it is ages if they would do it in spite of the good things and effects like texted. Do you do you believe slurred as you get more than fifteen sick it's. Because of his performance last night also go to six did sports. Casey. On the Twitter poll should be hopefully. Soon. We're dealing with mr. RED. And however the risk that these bills. That come back to abuse. There's abuse is all alone mean. Oh somebody tolerating save us run last night was a three hour service you know and I can't handle that again. I feel like this person stashing mean nothing but positive things. So. I admit let's let's stick with this. Was therapist I. Also remembering will have roommate chronicles I believe it's in and it's icy. But as of now we believe we will have Ruble roommate. Chronicles. Coming tonight. He will be in remember last week there was some sort of conversation about stolen two days and we found that it was Colgate so we'll get to the bottom of that. And also where we're gonna dive into a conversation. At that time they took over. Us before the she'll start. And it's it's a doozy that gag is so topic of the day you do not want to miss them one. That win is fitting of the shadow watch simply. I'm fired up I have a full day off. I am ready for new Watson 816 he deserves a 100% increase to an eighteenth sick if it. So let's say he just deserves a little bit and it lets it. I if I get like two minutes I'm really gonna have to put effort into a search. You generally. You generally Stahl. But we generally east golfer. For toys that I it's not always tied it says action show staffers that I don't think working. So. All right so yesterday. We put it out on our on our FaceBook page. And this was this was let out yesterday the cutest little of the yesterday's that are about the titans talking about paying. You know we the we are willing to listen on giving up the number five it. You guessed yet that's a little bit yes and we actually put it on twittered that something that we had previously talked about which was moving. Two picks in. It. If so how political it is and I am just wondering Meehan art she's fans. Where I think we are yet. The other day. I wanna give this thread I believe his name was Steve in two he was a caller. Eight product something that made me think about this a little more especially when I saw this. This thought of the titans given be what being willing to listen. To picks for their number five pick this brought this to view more he said. That changed arm or really into the thought process of selling tickets. And feeling the state they don't wanna go to a fourteen. Before anything before even taken a chance on risk we talked about risk the other night. They'd rather have a winning season in the sellout Aaron it every week. Now I don't think that. That the chiefs are not trying to win is a Super Bowl. I I don't know that I'm sure that they are completely. A 100%. Throwing costs into the wind really looking to do if you just judged by their moves that they may. I don't see because. You I think I think if we're honest about is yes I'm sure you said it I think that that she should. Really look into inquiring the number of buy tickets he would do take for the tight. Because if you're really serious about a Super Bowl. You wanna look at. Fixing that prop. The main problem that has caused you problems. In the playoffs. Over the last forty. And I just feel like Kerry did says it's all the time. About the G-8 the jig is that the I liked that she eats it and tricked. A lot of people in this idiot that thinking like well this is a way that you can win games. This is a way that you can win a championship. The right. I think a lot of people in this city and and you get the Twitter poll I don't know the answer was a lot of people in this city will probably think. I think it's stupid to go up they give up everything that it will cost to go get the number five pick because you don't know how good. This sound Watson is going to be or whatever quarterback you wanted. I'm assuming it went to the naked. Yes I guess acted stuff being reckless and look at. I would just assume that because. I think that she's had tricked people into thinking. It's got to see seventy to pursue it over a thousand votes to date yesterday it's that the thing that most people look at is. The wave that has failed in the past the way failed with a guy like Robert Griffin in the way acting it's going to fail with Jared goth. But that doesn't mean that these trades can be successful that's what scares people. But I. I don't you don't know if it's that way in every other market. Like I feel like over the years. With the top blacklisting that the cheese. Had tripped the fan base the majority of the fan base at that thinking will you gotta win answered. And and to think like. Being asked risk averse adds to any park is assays being at risk averse. As Alex Smith is on the field. Like that's how you have to build it. Like most people say because doesn't it this. Let's after the Super Bowl two years ago what do leader. Post fans everywhere may have. Look what did birdie. It never to win the Super Bowl. Wade aid it in the chief minister K. They won't hate mail and so it doesn't mean you had emigrate orbit if you do all these other things the but I tell you what think you don't really hear these years are less copycat the Super Bowl champions now. You don't hear people saying well we gotta give up we gotta give up everything to get a quarterback a couple of putts at. Because I think that she's at trick people into thinking. Well this is the way you can't give up that much that you go to the number about it. You try to give up what it needs to get to get the number about that you've got to give up everything. A people hurt. I think people are just okay with with winning in the regular season I mean some people might hate that because everybody wants to win a Super Bowl. I don't know about aren't on that she's more entertaining when they're good in the regular season and at least making the post season they are than they were when they were two and fourteen wall of course that's better. But I don't think that this fan base. If you ask this fan base that they're excited about up. Well yeah I mean we're entertaining now there's some who entertain an elderly that to a fourteen. At the end of the leakage of. I don't think that the people here wanna win the chip. I got out basic. But then they don't wanna make the moves to make that happen I know that I don't even know that I think it's the fan base is all I've really played. The chiefs over the years at all this trickery to make people think. This is how. You should do you shouldn't take chances like the because that it was so fascinating to me how when Denver won the Super Bowl. So many people in this city. I'm sure heist or heard it on the drive I heard it on what we'd we would post so people in this city would say hey look what did birdie. The cheese can do what Denver did. But win. The patriots win because Tom Brady goes nuts and win the falcons. Do what they did to give themselves a position before they choked. Know what not many people are saying well we got to do that. I bet you John Elway. Isn't scared to move up and go draft a quarterback of the future of aiding Paxton lynch isn't going to be the guy well. It's not. But for some reason this panel I feel like peoples themselves. How do you you know how much it is to give up. To go to five. You don't even know how do what is. But you have people. Whose specific job is to tell you how good that players it's. Like the upheaval that you pay a lot of money whose sole job is to do that this sport is totally different like this. This this in that position you goal. Ed do whatever it takes to get that position. And I guess it I think this is on this this this this reminds me so much of the arguments in a year ago the arguments that we get into a lot about. The way we looked at doing radio in the way we look at doing things and how people look at us and how we do radio. In our audience I man. We do this different. But. Does it mean like hey they take chances this is the way you're both ends up don't do it this. I don't do it this way. Okay well it's because you have been ingrained to think that certain way the whole time. And I think this is the same thing with the chiefs in this town. Like. You Hewlett's say it is right now nick Wright who used to work nick right on fox fox. It Detroit always say this. I will hopefully I'll give you my first round. Or Aaron Rodgers and how do you view it every year. Until he retires. That's how the well here that's a deal he's I would make the bottom of the teams. I would go to Green Bay at saint. Outs apria Aaron Rodgers and I'll give your first round pick every year these and I don't think that would be crazy for Aaron Rodgers services. Let's see this week the mentality theory is. They've got to meet their parts. I just know it just people in this city who would say no that's too much. What do Aaron Rodgers gets hurt it's too much can you imagine why a guy like Aaron Rodgers can do it Travis Kelsey entire retail and Jeremy Maclin. And Chris how many. The cheese have weapons. The chance to have a good offensive weapons will go to break in public that you want out what to do this this'll on the right. People of this city. Would think that I am crazy is bill when I say this state. I think that she's would be more serious. This move will prove that they're more serious about winning a Super Bowl. If they drafted and started to Shawn Watson next year they did they started Alex Smith next but I bet people think that sounds great it's sale. It's not you start out. Alex you're not trying to win miserable if you draft so once you start up that shows me Mort that you try to win this. Spring it's that standing here and actively invest. I didn't make it and move. When I don't want her. Straight. Man plays his comfort zone like well. It's it's nights like these where I hate not talking about football. I love football. Why express that feeling of Sprint's simply missed them so now. Allentown amount of money more because Zach and I don't matter. He has either Tuesday and Tommy and eighty ends and I don't know what I'm talking about even though I do. I'm a little better service and it what does it just says it's a son. This argument that we have every single night every single night. Out of them is that they're coming out in stats don't really mean a lot and I likes that. I'd like that clearly there are people here or did serious. All from both sides the reason why the falcons got the lead was because they're deep it's that the plate. Or the pats the ads stopped the falcons of the second day. Really. How well. Did you come up with the. If they haven't habits. Kim today. And I'm glad he says both looked at the odds are that the look at the thought I would leave it. What does that even mean heavens the bits like slides below how many rings do I. I'm sure you've got Super Bowl orange is lined up across your mantle at the part about it is you know when he said. Yes I. Don't think without a at least Super Bowl rings DU and I didn't at least I've shown you in any really good at getting on ESP adding going there the stats rankings. Let's pull this. They gag is is a topic. If I'm to act like you gear. He would affect guys kissed the show topic of today. This match that is what. If I'm to act like you fear this is. Used to show. Today. Yeah it's so. In the days I'd but I am absolutely no let someone could stay in front. Running thin air from the independent. News and you tailed bats and Christopher. Boy he'll wakes from coma addicted to achieve entirely. But he was grinning. At. Asked her ex and eating a whole will look T. Expected Gerald from the field as a welcome from a nine day homeless wearing it eating cold wills to. Doctors' reports to put content Thomas in a coma while recovering from a blood. A brain and the it. But eventually he regain regain the ability the speak and was left with two bizarre side of the citizenry and don't have wheels that she yells knows upon those. I don't next to those cited. That's where he's addicted to cheese any kids that's. Asthma Tracy told the daily now. She first noticed it. She first noticed his love for Darian profanity win this speech started to come back. One day I was in the kicked in when I heard yelling from his bedrooms and it it was raining at that's. Was going. The expletive we're coming Beckett plants. CNET and that's edit it out yourself or sides Alley down oh we'll have sheets season but he's noticed. Bargain going missing from the it is always like to ease but now that's with. Even at. To this illness obviously. We asked the doctor about it an apparent. It's quite well for people to develop inappropriate and aggressive behaviors that after waking up from a coma a lot. That explain this and I got it to explain whether it's it's it's in public for. That is the most ridiculous. Like. Lasik whatever you wanna call that is ridiculous. What. What's that he would. Haven't you pentagon deal. Christie. Why are the 123 ring my kids that were when he beat up a miss Tracey get the hell out of here. This kid must do this do it must and I believe I need to look at it incited the next is he that that's related to LaGuardia under balance I don't have a photo of legitimate and I don't know I. I don't from a coma that's the first thing Dick in your mind because of the wheel of team yeah. I'd pictured in my hat. I feel like we are back and on this Ed to figure out why the wheels cheats get tickets to next line at the three when it to a coma as a normal teenage it will have is a teenage to TT tech uses. I mean which sees it he started adding cheese to his serial. This except the bulls flavored cereal out there that she's can't be additive. Ha okay tell them hello I. Looks at the text like if you. You put it Opel but. Is there any type which sees that it's acceptable to add is it now. We need to do and I really didn't help. As you did that is. Well are we talking like case. It blocks the team is this does she added she is if I guess and his fellows going case are an eagle on blocks that he's not that it blocks and they'll be. Like I don't think cherry hills that it mixed. I mean is there a deep eat let's yeah. It's a serial dry as he poured milk over I think there's bookie too but I. Since got sick some of the he cereals because of labor and crossed the plate as doubtless have brought. I think the frosted flakes with them we don't American cheese might be okay no one outlets like the real thing week the stuff little rock the menuing it's all of us that the real thick woods that the weak stuff that'll people. Think re brand. Like that I guess is. Maybe that could be just like eating at tryst. Which. He eats. That it's. A. It is that time didn't show stop. Cost and. Show host. How long does that take this kidney either an entire which he needs to spoke at a glass case that's alike it'll happen but it. Just. There that I got them like Mike drivers us off and out before he attacks that we are seeing is owed as well look here of a look here it's. I sort of got it you know I got comfortable with the LGE's. Well it does show up. You can't if it's a. Somebody said rice sticks that might be one. PM Bleacher Report. Plus there's lakers president Jeanie buss is not a temporary restraining order Friday against her Brothers Jim and Johnny. Actually attempted to oust her as the lakers present day controlling owner according to the Los Angeles Times. Jimmy Johnny reportedly attempted to hold a meeting scheduled for next week to elect a new board of directors that didn't include their sisters and she needs to maintain SE on the board. In order to operate is the teams controlling all. Those guys on a comment. Every since Jeannie started dating field today that she's lost mine. I may be seasonal battered him early in the organization than that that's arguable. But he still lost her mind she's firing Brothers. I don't believe I believe the older that are just firing Brothers took advantage. It's like cheap that even bigger ovaries once he ended the relationship with bill Ed now. She's the big one that you can't say that two or answer the kid it's just that bill would say your case say this to me. Now I want to read perfect in my the only one who's questioning what this and we had the wheel of cheese laying around to get win. Do you think this can't hassle like sneak cheese in the house I don't think I don't like I sneaks like lightly used in the snuggled Beers and your house when you're when you're. Sixteen I could be wrong I just don't see hi as a gentleman who's caring about sneaking in for a guy. But the fact it is cussing out of the Merced at the calendar if he doesn't carry the tease out what what's his faith. What is his top five you put that in India cold Egypt's Red Sea and ice Judah the baby. And maybe it's got some Wisconsin Suez the base. Maybe strong month of a it written it. Over the next. I recruited every week as we currently parmesan and goodnight to ticketed net. Governor Evelyn is we do this every Friday that this round of the week. This guy's absolutely so I hope. He turns into one of those birds flies into the stadium in Minnesota that's coming up name. Hey nice gesture welcoming the C user shell. A lot of Reading 592 show sponsors spending. Apparently to capturing outside girls getting her own TV show. Daughter and forty pound monster letter format hasn't teams are worried. Please shut up to the town by a little overweight. There's just put on some muscle since the end of the season although he worried teams at the slow vertical jump of 28 and a half inches. Except that was expected I'm not a jumper. He quiet all the doubt though when he ran his forty blocking it affords five line. Some people saying including Adam Caplan saying that it was even facet that at least five teams and it was fourth or sixth and between 448. Let Barnett is going to be just fine motor sport that is one of the absolutely best running back prospects. I have ever seen. He's going to be a monster in the NFL he's going to be a star right away. The city is it is. But I guess you went zero anonymous who usually shout out to you all a lot of listeners. Put those figures today because we salute him. For allowing us to be a small part of your Friday evening. Julio Sanchez produces this bad boy and we had a strong. Of certain shows. That were interesting sometimes provocative. And now he's gone back to this. Hi this week I had to talk about it you did not. I don't have to talk about it is going to be a monster and I am actively trying to trade for the first pick in my dynasty leagues I can take Leonard four and this ladies and gentlemen is why it's 59 seconds. Because Morton and a lot of the best running back prospects I've never seen did you lowly cats outside why. Is that god does not just signed an upset me I had ice I shouldn't said he lay it out and I hate and getting them live with that it and he had his and it it. Eight circuit applause. Gordon a lot of greens and gave eat when he started. Natalie forty times many tickets sticks like six 30 what is it is going to be stopped when sort of stuck rattling off forty times to the luge. This he sure enough velocity last me. So grave from the how do I lock and format on the 46 times listed to him that night heartily at night. I'll do it how do you how does that put the suit it's hard left dark arts today. How do you find the time that it. So so fired up I mean his blood pressure Steve. Do you. There is about eight as a 4517. These articles on Tony and a half inches outside your house dinner at in the success applause. I have came in at least it appears all right let before we get it this amazing. If you're wrestling you that you forget what we get to we this amazing topic conversation did the spread through. They the office out here my life this this is you know we agree hearts and I think arts and raised Vista to deal with this. Do we have any update what what was Colgate to us to go to play the gate but last week we we I was really just speculation that it is out there but I. I am fairly certain he's been using my toothpaste for months and I've known. As our song on your accusations nothing respect blessing meant nothing but not exactly what I do I'll notice which Stevens there's only two tubes of toothpaste in the bathroom and I know for a fact one of them is as our other roommates. And then I've got to Colgate and it ran out so he buries a son. I had to go buy new toothpaste faster than I generally did so he possibly that kept it in his room is the right but there's so many of the things that you can you brushing your teeth in your room know he might go to is nothing that's why would you keep urgent pace in the room and not bad. That's an interesting. Secret I have I have places like the hide things clearly used to do better because he wouldn't bosh orgies that way I would like to read that labor. Think I've learned from your mistakes I have gotten sicker compartments to ribbon that let's get into this because this is a this is loses its. Let's let's take a. Say toothpaste. Is not something I'm willing to share. Miller now you have been here any. Ideally you lot need to charge I guess I am not only did you share everything I heartily tired of margolies he gets. Staying cold it is a different a different case it is in his wrist. No because people oppressed and would love for you to the odds it's that sponsors and let me get that. In the opinion it. So glad I was there which are announcing. And I certain I actually it is arts and it picked acoustic slide six 306 jump in on this who he'll be ready to make it's we pulled this might be the best. I'd love pulls the load we holds what are polls like. Parts. Do you still like to make it out. But here's. Now I have a little bit of back stewardess and even that question here in him out I'll be I'll be brief. I'm recently. I've recently found myself in a position right now single you're single ladies and by that I mean I was dumped. I don't find they keep resting and I didn't I've been I've been really trying to find myself. And I've been watching listen to a podcast OK and so doctor Laura likes to say that making now is a nice. Way to break the ice is nice way to see. How the night is gonna go. Pity sex lies the question is after two U2 693060. You'd like to make CIU early. Like when I was single thing that I that single ladies when I was single. Rob us of them don't you know that your rights you know this joking laughter on video at an admirable and don't let me lit by experts in the city go to the out of. Intrigue now. You know my life we'll tell you see I had there at the birds here. The make up painting I. I Julie and let. Man is older and probably now an eight bit married five years. Man that make it out any lead to the promised land and Ike and I. Not not a lot I always say put. It's definitely take you can you just make out even if it's not. If your I think if you're in a long relationship I think is if Mike if you just meet some girl out or you're cottages date somebody. Make out sessions is you know you you can hit but if you there was somebody for Iraq. I'd say six months or longer and like. Won my last relationship we can do we didn't have much physical contact periods feel like maybe the amount of metal that are now at an act. Are out there and collision was this analysts in the doctor Laura benefited through and knocked alerts and I'm doing just fine thank you it's because certain I. I. I had. I enjoyed a make out abroad I ate its a nice way to see at least for me. How that how. How I'm doing because I feel like the game what you see how you do make it feel like the game is constantly changing came. And hate it when you get that nice make out session can see how tiger's still tiger still living up to your own expectation because things. This isn't saying it's okay you know sometime to light the tongue something I've recently I've been told that the biting. Of the lower lip is still the thing I'm not a fan Yemen and use a lob how big are. I listen I'm tidy and sometimes they bite too hard I know I'm like yeah and it's going to do and that's it so you know you have some I have some you know that I've. I've tried certain that you learn what you can and cannot do it also it's a nice way to judge. Am I'm out on a week and I like to try the make Nancy how drunk are you. Because I didn't pop up and I'm in sloppy with my mail accounts and I. Well I think that's why aren't so let's see what you what you are single and you go out with its if you make with their. This if you don't. That I had no right no once I do you like us and we'll edit it maybe it is somebody that you exist. Day you know scout it teaches you just I don't injury it got excited about a danger something rare night out there and in. A five minute make out session and then he got a bad. Yeah I'm sick people imports about making that doesn't end with six I don't know was it relates I've had plenty of those moments where. Our I was fifteen years old Diana of all questions hustles two months ago for me which I was really what what if my bill I make out session is not going to lead. Anything further it's it you know it's strictly going to be a make your age right at your age. Well doctor Lawrence tell me that little notes. I don't see this woman has really saved my life I feel like no she's a black does that help you don't have the listen if you can learn to love yourself that's going to be lifelong friendship. So you know have it the make out is fine. And inept and having that to that deep route that she got bit for all the you that you. Puckered up you made it up on his doctor Laura's expertise relationship advice she is the woman does at all accidents volatility in Texas will the ability to block. My outlook is a hunting accident to drop my god I'm a couple of but not just. We have a lot of interesting things thrown out even this one like do you think you can judge a person. It's the okay that birds. Oh. Like do you think you can that you are visually looked at someone it's it. That birds that to be accused. Certain earlier shouted out one of our coworkers. Naval base at the Lipton it's that you could tell right now the it guys that could case where I don't. I feel like it was an easy assumption tonight. On I started I. Chris Christie and they snapped back I can back out. But the practice you artillery drill riddle that get all the Donald Trump it's as my. But a pull up a. And slaves and us. The last thing. But sort of get this expertise and from the look to talk a lot of love to does. It's criticizing critics obviously we live together and understand. I don't clean out robbed him room why. Yeah. The grenade. To. Wow I snuck a look behind that's fine but it's well you've added to any rods. And you don't do any of the skinny girls. Like it'd be really attractive to give you like to meet girls who have small teeth I don't trust it's pretty girl the skinny lips that look like they can't. They take is what you try to do it and then if they like you know not open mouth way that we don't have that it's chemistry. That's where you're wrong went wrong while you you have to Wear your IE DE shortly. Guess I'm this is where you both are wrong because when I'm out and I prowl and that's what I call the tragic flaw okay Crowley you have afraid to talk to girls at the bar you know took a little bit you just know that it's a bit. That's that's that's that tragic flaw that means got a better chance. Problem of swing for the fences and get them home so he did so you. Actively look for it it's sort. We. Did you know we would look so great when your do you actively look that is there's as you try to get the W at the end of that. Of small victories out a win is a win. Outside when I first started dating I don't know of as into an age when I first started things I was now for strong make this. It'd been acting in did not give boobs. But now. Though it's an age thing I had it at yeah. The pac Italy the relationship. I get it is looking for a a one night stand. I'm not finished and just making out if it's somebody I'm actually intercity and then that I would be all right if that thing down for the calls 01 nice. Until for the cause if it's a one night stand I'm not that I have ever participated one of those. I down for the dollar to the for that make out even if it did because it's a mules they write them. Like. Any. I don't know I know it's on the Google of them after like the second date so I don't know I'm not gonna this. Like doctor Boris is now doctor Laura says trust your partner my hardship on the date to allow them I will tell them I love. Likes you because they think I think it's a male female thing. I think I think females it's as well let's make out we can just sit back on the captive brigade and watchful house and we. Or make club that he lived. So he wants full I. You know both internal and but it really scream the united against a real nice turnout. I was scandal about to all it's. You you know and I compute the scandal parts of great thank you for joining us and Q hopefully we can make we got this vote in a winning fans they want you back on a weekly birdies no kidding and winning fans I got more doctor Willard tips coming next Friday does latency we'll see about that grenades being thrown from parts of great sort of tried to come back in it was no where near the effectiveness of what. Parts of the route of the drugs skirts or a girl well now maids. Here since his he refuses to ignite cute. Includes a view of eat dinner this is coming from his roomy which shows credibility. That too many girls Roland through here. I've at least appreciate you joining it starts coming up on the other side. I almost reverted oh let's do like we did us any. Next guess what guys almost voted reverted back to my old self is unjust and exports but I came back to earth. Like I did with my thoughts on Eric Berry. That's next to us meet that did not make you wanna listen to anymore and that's. Back Andy. Here remembered about him fifteen minutes as equals that every night what you watch it there it is me family. Eight. You know with it is. And a fine art. In Atlanta won thirty one. Thirty that's got a high school at war. Did her. Cleveland and Atlanta the Eastern Conference special weekly one there. It probably does it. And he says it's. Who are at the streak broken. Burning of the 13 Gary Johnston is Griese Vegas. I don't remember I don't think anybody Texan and my status and count. Because I was by myself was right showed it counts that's she does knock it does can. It's not that I don't know it's not if all three of this year type no it. Both of us from its not show insert a show if there's no show that's not the name of the should with the name but this notes that she. Eddie your show that is true because you're there to answer. Tonight the hits it might be an active feature reach to be about me than that it's if featured incidents that are. He's yet it's you know. If you missed the best of will be put up all the FaceBook page we get into any serious. Debate. I mean a serious debate what you come to us war. With heart so great from the as host of port selector dark. As a blue in the name of earlier he called it torture artfully night. About. Two people steal like to make it out it was thrilling. I mean I'm not advocating. Probably the best thing we did at night at tonight. Fifty pursuits fifty pit for Pitt to percent saying yes they still like to make out. You know. Our home. If I. It's like it tough partner. Well I don't know I carried out. Out of no winners. At no time handedly to all of you look at that photo that's about it photos is that it can. With the with that bomber. As a look of a guy who always hands of lasers somewhere. In his office or his caller just in case. Just that the outages as a police just did it. And this week and didn't chose to. Who's Julio. Is that time if you show and stop. So I don't. So. I try to move this week I was three for three midnight and. And our jacks. Very complete rebuild mode is they have now cut Darrelle Revis Brandon Marshall Nick Mangold. It's wells are you starting tackles. Is relevant Ryan Clady. And kicker nick full. And are now allegedly looking to part ways with Eric Decker as well they're completely overhauling their roster. An Eric Decker has apparently according to his wife one of the biggest Johnson bills in the league. She is made statements that Eric Decker and is. Exactly what you need and the a I mean he sees city's bigger than most. She said that. A friend tenth at LA and it's huge and and pun intended she said that. Eric Decker is very similar to the second thing I say about you every day except not involved here that's. I'm just gonna say this if you listen to the system you can put it lets you took serve a little bit. She should say that though right documents say yeah. Let's listen it yes here it your significant other is not rolling with Johnson bills that are. Like the Johnson dual. The guys in me myself and our irony with the little kids. The kids bigger than both sides of it gives if your significant other doesn't have a big shots I don't think people around. Preaching that yeah he used magnet that is that thing now we're about what was the marquee Morrison's wife lately view this city had big balls totally different than they'll come back. Whether. I mean I'd be happy to know. Then I would be have over people to say this but. I'm going to Cleveland dot com the browns are strongly considering taking North Carolina quarterback mr. miscue with the number one overall pick. As long been expected to Texas a and M defense of why no miles scare all got a number one bug Cleveland dot com states that your best he. As well hired to other unnamed play as well as two other high players are in the mix along with Garrett he could have a slight and it should. I he had touched you Jackson said at the Senior Bowl but. A good quarterback would jump at any leak non QB and supposedly this alleged NJ for Jimmy. I don't even know what usage stammer and it's so screwed up so much and it do you think you should maybe go down votes among those. Passages now you'd think. You're read to mouth. Because the best part about it is because I don't wanna talk about its decrease. The best part about it is once you get tripped up on a werder freeze. It is policy room with a whip for the rest of their past because there's going to be at least two to three board that's not really it is sometimes I thought. Comfort is true what he gets tripped up these gusts and it. At Atlanta started to act. Like have they it's through sports Illustrated's Michael McCann is an authority like car Carl town seen in the fathered several czar Connell Anthony towns. Is considering suing the team and mascot crunch after allegedly suffering a serious the injuries to her approaches. The January. Early in jail early January I agree stunts. It timberwolves prophetic leader a mascot kinds appeared to be so that is balanced towards the end of the high speed studies that. And hit an empty front row seat next to the aisle. That's Eaton turned crashed into the right he would town senior who was sitting next to the empty seats. Although it sounds as I exploit potential legal options including the possibility of searing his son's team for negligence. As you get fidelity. But. While the assets they fronts I don't I think that's the part of the but got electric east except for a bit of a felt like turkeys except campus is crooks he's got his suicide and ZM. Listen I think we apparently have like an ACL entry into really proud of it takes. And he was an athlete he's got a whole way to remember calls. It it's of those those videos of billions they were excellent choral music that that. Chris job's ass about. Has gone buying momentum earlier this week that that would be his penis falling. I think what people remembered the problem rumor. Are older and been through the mall or Euro whatever it is I'm. He did also add to make sure you Wear tights of the boxers you took it from the people that that may have shifted it is you QVC. And you know of course is an idiot where he is our is an idiot but maybe this is its role of around his down. That is a person him I am still pissed off that that didn't happen. We have got to get that interview with Tricia down he was gonna do when he promised us. It was gonna do words of with the we have a strong conversation with a lead of two with it it was gonna work. It's very excited I am still I'm still not happy. He's like if I had to yes. And and don't don't do this text we're not gonna do. Now rush wars in fact I am in the business of killing. Mel Grossman wars are won a petition done about mell rush worst sports rate I want it to be done. Sort of don't even think about what you do protested on the Watson first. But. Like idiots like he will be the number one person in the lock that no one. Chris Jones went with I am I Chris Johnson every once number when interviewing got you know is rapist was. There are a lot of people who won their loved it loved Alex. People. And Chris Jones is still the point in his career where he'll just say any day any and he likes doing interviews he likes the attention that comes with that. And so people make it a point to try to talk to him in the locker room because they know he always say something you know good hill will there are people in here who were clamoring for Alex. Gary Johnson. Likely is between him and threats is Travis would be fun to a biggest between those two. Do our poll questions have anything to do with mount rush. Those are much much much cooler than mount Rushmore iron and entertain us I'd rather do that. All the time and effort to mount rush much cooler it is sir and you know it. Eight once it loyal listener you know human polls there's the amount of work you know that's out of the deep inside you wanna punch yourself in the face. We years somebody put together another mountain Rushmore of athletes are now reports on the liberal we talked about the geez don't think it was far more better to ask the question. Are there any acceptable cheesy you can put it cereal or we still what's your poor mountain Rushmore geez. Coming up next what you want to put this in the off before what's lots under what app crash parties other pilots union that's. What to watch it coming up next what children watch a Netflix this segment that sweeping that it. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica what commitment they'll want to be. It's too late to catch weight touched down at Super Bowl my first class plane. Watch him bark orders. I'd like remake movies exam. Lots of groups and. Hi my girls he's been up front so it Brett hole. That game. I think god. Web site. It works and just days off would I rather be feared or loved. Even felt. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. This it is watching lots of sponsored. Absolutely no when someone hits that. It to you 6969306. You know how we close out romantic comedy Friday texted. What you Watson would shows you watch in Keating in an elderly a 16. Dirty grandpa which is currently. Johnny Knox and food. And CNET I'm sure it's funny you're there receded now he hit those peoples in gross. At that funeral. And had dirty game pots do at this point. Some truth I'd be Ted Knight is that night for the world the economy there ourselves were wrong ones on tonight. Other little ticked off the law. Not ticked off coming up and it. At 9 o'clock summit it will ultimately it records what about David this is forty but. They've never seen this is forty. With what Paul Rudd. And Leslie Mann it's kind of ask and it's like the spin off of not you have seen it and so things built it is apparently a noted that I had I didn't I did out of ideas. But. It was on its OK it is not okay that was that was really believe. I mean it's more relatable. To someone you ask kids Andy's man I did he then is someone like me who is not made not that it. It was not that relatable to somebody going through pregnancy for you it was still very good gab and it was actually funny it this is look at. The court struck at. Somebody that's its line and hits it thirty grant caused that not. And that's I know that was that agreeable with. And others were ample movie with. Al is dirty grandmother won't Robert rob Ruggiero is so what is the weather nice little. I that Graham. Swells that they're not. I actually have seen dirty grandpa that means terrible visit somebody put it yeah it's always agree with you know bit. Also maid in Manhattan. With the twin deal of exit this isn't. Remain comedy salt low salt with its lead to lean that was really. It was scary it was crazies it's your desk here at what's scary. Off. Says that a movie where she's like an assassin that that it needs here. 785. All of a way to see Logan. It is the last time in this is Logan's when he goes to Logan is that this the last time. He's playing he's playing Wolverine yes well the hills locally and it I don't know hopefully they'll just cut it down you done beat him with a I mean I'm really excited Logan I've heard it's it's awesome or it's incredible on its six seconds on the on tonight on Cinemax. Thousands of little bit more nastier with an incident and that is he had to run this the documentary of DOJ made in America out of a hundred nights a diner Verizon that drives ended is on. It repeat and golden girls is always. And thank you good romantic comedy studios let's full war on showtime tonight studios left a war on showtime tonight. He. Is Jesus right. From the 913. I've alien gets this week's surgery is an element used it for to have ability yesterday Leo welcome back. For Julio Sanchez. Or lifting guys even sir to check out the FaceBook page for the best. I've run this will be far out.