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Mar 4, 2017|

local scores, Kelly Donohoe joins us in studio we also go over local scores and upcoming games.

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8883663733. That's one. 366. The proceeding was paid for by sports investors are teams are down 610 Sports Radio Casey ESP Kansas City TR BCE XT two Kansas City. But style per. Sixteen. Proudly presents. Johnson Q school sports Saturday. At times just about health. He can not only counts pick up the coaches the number Kodak we have want to do very deep team very very detailed. Russian persons who have nothing like these producing operation that is very vague inkling they think you have your birthday they you think you held a nice way to make sure we got that in 39 to someone. Blame 44 he's 44 years tick by efforts. Thirty you're really putting no he's not he's 44 left and the pockets. And that's what's called that a lot of these two decks and. Going up by the way we're gonna talk to rub. Brad Smith had total loss and later rock Heitmann head coach Hogan prep in Chris McKay from liberty north Kelly Donald good football coach. Have blue springs high school he'll force the chief should in studio with us we'll get right you're the coach just the second but there were some district action in some subs stayed action. Going on here's Ron hugely with some subs stayed on the Kansas side. He has served. On the Kansas side partnered. Takes a tough loss at the valley northwest they told us that need to get there. We'll valley. Loses at home really well it if they lose by three to blue bell ignored. That it if you shining this list. They go on the road and they lose only the northwest at 638 Lawrence at home it's a big win against on in this case they went 59 it before. Manhattan against Washburn rule in the low scoring game they take out Washburn 4745. Derby is at home to restate it 849. And finally some real low scoring games here it's that. 44 to 36 Gardner city it's a road win at Wichita. Oh yeah that's out there that I got tested and those. That's at stake you ride figure on a mother's ever gets in district final scores we got us saved a lot yet. They taught their crosstown rival St. Joe bin 4835. Park hill beats bigs. Oak Park north mid 6441. With the the last. Between seven north 7157. Grand view wins big. Over an aveda 7245. And and race out. Goes over grain valley 77 to sixty those ears scores on the Missouri side debuted on the bad again. I actually didn't my on my list they're actually did have a type of quieter remembrance day accident put it it is the revision as they occur are sales in Nevada and evade it yet there Heidi we've been having a much scores. It got to be careful with what you're doing their bit in studio now fuel patriots owner coach says you can actually. Here's their Kelly Donahoe head coach of blue springs high school forced the championships this year headed injured teammate of all the with the Steve files and his crazy considering all the injuries. That he had and Dell lost the Kirkwood in the game coach we we talk to you are right after that Kirkwood. For lost in a row at some point this season. Well Kirkwood action and only lost one game Conan game. And everything here is there's got Kirkland losses she's game one job which is a five extra hours and and they just rolled from that point on an expert quarterback it's supporting cast. Played great game against Alison championship. It was conveniently dragged your son or quarterback down in the the didn't hurt through the post season Kelly. Is from Harrison villainy used to coach Greece out and I'd put Kansas played quarterback at the university Kansas so he's a long history here in keys city was once the coach of a run hugely. As well rock told me. You told him being that he was via he told you. The disorder wrongs that he should kill it once told me that was the greatest athlete. The of the best and yeah. Had some good. It is tough when I was you know they are keeping me. I was in messages losers and wrong was a big boost Princeton back and oh yeah well he doesn't let us forget it any wheat etc. If I studied and wrote another and yeah we're up like thirty because I don't hit it well I wanna add. Led to this because. I wanna I wanna know yours your thoughts on this. A lot of you would think how young your team is that maybe. Last year was. Maybe did this bit too early maybe you guys were more pushing with the use that you have on this team he's got a lot of guys coming back. Looting your quarterback you some chase out Parker on the lot by. So is next year supposed to be like okay we are state championship this is really what we're looking to this is what we really built. Rise in Croatian you know two years ago we were really young had you played more sophomores we ever played is those are current juniors right now and we felt like going into the sixteen season we had a chance to be a good football team but we knew we are still really junior Hannity now we had some really good senior football players were great kids in great leaders but everybody always talks are juniors. And so. Next year the partial ban on us because we should be really strong we bring a lot of kids back then played him on that team last year. Return guys that were hurt. So were really excited if had a great three month so far and away your room but you know we feel like. And I've never been that guy that says all I don't know you know the old Lou Holtz stuff I've says it is you know it's. We we should be a very strong football team it comes down to I think two things one. Can we keep our our guys from being complacent keep challenged them to get better every week into. Will our best players which will be a lot of guys. Lead well you know and when we've had those groups over the years are we are best guys leave well we've had great finishes and so. They'll be key for us as a staff to keep working hard to tend to get today hand. You talked about the pressure that these guys are. You know start to have expectations coming with that. How are you in your step and try to help these guys kind of alleviate that pressure and make sure that they're not Lleyton that did too overwhelming for them and actually try to go out there and live up to those expectations. Yeah I think with with our guys you know you just live week to week with them and and I think we've got great coaches that will. Just keep everything in a moment and and not not not try to always bring that big picture up all the time tone that just keep talking daily about what we have to get better. In just keep present week to week goals to woman then. You know kids have so much on the minds and get school working girlfriends in and hopefully he hall that. They don't get too caught up and all that pressure of that let us as coaches worry about that and we'll just keep it fun and work hard and and hopefully at the end you know everybody's there and and we just keep improving and you know every coach says but are you really working towards doing that week. Drug Achille Donahoe he's the head coach of blue springs high school forced the championships and couple of runners up as well until it was nice that the about the studio talks in high school football issues within a with some of the rule issues kimono but one thing. Eat Kosher so he's the quarter. Even coached a long time you had been kind of circling. This date on the watch Bill Self. Give the senior speech to his son Tyler Tyler didn't play a lot but it ought to him that his son you know was even Kansas we got to talk about his son. You probably you know growing up you thing. And and you're more this year is the year what he's finally going to be a senior that is an eagle but you get the coach Jim could you pricing and grow up and thinking man. I cannot wait for his senior year to see what you can. Absolutely and you know as most things were he start playing football young agent. You don't wanna you know we we as a culture around so many parents and you see. The ills of the parents said to have the wrong way with their kids in person put on saw was always very cognizant of trying to have and enjoy football. But hoping that he would really love it and you know we always took to being a quarterback bikers from the time he was in diapers were thrown ball around all the time. And so. Watch him come to all the Little League he was a really good quarterback and I and I and so yeah you're always thinking. I cannot wait to coach him one day and then get to know on all the kids in his class in the yearbook and the kids a year baloney you're above that. You just get to know roll those years watched him on the sideline you get to know their family so. This is a special time. For me as a coach to coach him. I'm trying to pitch you know always tell our coaches don't want cherish every day with these guys and an end it's not each I'd do it every year but it's just more special and personal when it's your son. And so we don't when he got hurt last year the end of that week eight game and we loss for the year that was I told every I think my wife and I were at a we shed more tears mayor he's that we did you know but. It was those opinions too by the way well easy drawn great kid got Ron was very distraught. He was yeah he was playing well at that point and really start to feel it and so. Thank god it was as junior not a senior but but it's a it's going to be important meeting to try to really enjoy this year with him but also realize I've got. 130 other varsity football players that. That that mean a lot does and I don't want them overshadowed by you know my feelings towards myself. Well I'm very excited about would nature has his couple issues became a coach some changes that takes you this work in the Washington Post. The rule change and also he nailed you stirred up North Carolina. In concussions these are issues I think involve high school football will be viewed your opinion on those or talk to coach Carlo. From blue springs next about a couple issues really pressing and high school sports will be the next. Able. When coach springs. In studio with us here and we're talking. We're gonna talk about change Princeton basketball. The talk about the last half hour show with that coach. I'd seen this story view because people talking about it exit referees in this tournament. During the did you and he's like Jaycee rule change. Is it is to make our job yeah of course it really so signaling governor a look at it next. Susan coaches think about this what cold view senator over to Dreiling. A coach darling if you with a coaches they sent this to. Just getting a coach along at a senators have an in your opinion on this. The national federation state high school associations came down something. It's you liberal governing board of Misha Missouri State high school athletic association does her own thing repeat it recommendations. Of an and I assume they do they do it whenever national federation okay doesn't. Mr. falls of the so they follow suit and what is it's a blind side rule. Problem. Defenseless players. Say. At the un interception you can't hit reliever Michael defenseless. In that situation which is gonna be rules and rule interpretations of this can be very difficult but fall on the things he onside kick you can do the bounce. In the kick going up the new year. Which one of these things do you think affects you most your guy's not Yemen a blind side hit and so which by the league hit and it's absolutely been taught to do you know used to be legal hits that they're used to doing crises the cracked back and some good cheer pearl somebody in and of course the onside kick. We see these what affection viewed the most. Well if it's going to be tough to beat you how these umpires and there's the discretion there's going to be really difficult you know because you know look let's say that. Your safety comes up and picks off a pass over the middle fielder's receiver there that receiver can go make attack yeah. So you're going oh you're you're always tell your guys you know their calls simply you know let's get after you take him out but now it's I believe the way the wording is if it's going to be a blind sight type pit. It's got to be led by hands first. That's going to be really difficult to see especially high school officials so much going on it's happened so quick. But you think about the a special teams kickoff teams guys run down the field you're always seals guys crossing kick in our guys or the crack backs are all that stuff that goes on. Now you gonna have to use hands I get the intention of that of trying to make it safer. We just keep taken away that this Cali from football you know and you know my defense corridor will surmount good point what about the guys on defense. They understand there's outside linebackers or maybe safeties walked up on the edges. They're getting cracked all the time by a wide receivers. That's a defenseless player never gets called. You know so so what role are they get a call you know. When they don't worry I that's like that out they are here and you can no longer receivers can no longer. Crack like bill that they play at the the Big Easy if your plane rockers. In they're doing something they don't call them a call on you fifteen and Arlen. I think this will coach again because from like eight this just happened to war guys that you use cold I just think it's going to be a mess. Of what can you completely cold this every time he wanted to. The other solid big hits and games so so how do you know Leo you know you're screaming out there he had his hands you know he let her hands. Well you see you won't know that TC film but that's made a promise special it's a tight game a close game and act calls made. That's can be difficult one to swallow it we talked about this. Longer degree last week and the thing that he'd come with is. But it's going to be tough to be used now and not just for the kids the coaches in the and the officials. But what is going on is. They need to make what bowl. To a place where. As SE moms are the ones who were going to be. The people who really pushed this sport to the next level. I've got three year old we watched it a chiefs Broncos game she turned it means is it you know horse and never. Moms moms MI input into the hands in the yeah. I'm Kyra that loves it there their babies not playing football they're not playing football and I think. All all they want to do things to make this game. Safer and and because. They want to a twenty years this sports dubious popularity as it is and there are a lot of moms who watched that that the sports say. Not my son's plan that you can't and I think they wanna start at this level. To do this and so ridiculous Tron I mean I yeah I give it in these guys in Poland and felt 101215 years and some issues you seem. They're the millions of young men at a place high school football. Think what it's done for them in their life greatest team supporters think of what she learned the work ethics are phys is by adversity. The team we're playing roles. It's the greatest sport in America and now we got parents saying and I'll before we see numbers on our middle schools everybody's seen numbers down. I I would much rather have my son chase playing football with me then drive around his car and their name because while were worried about getting her playing football it's ridiculous. Now if you sign up to play in the NFL for a lot of years there's chance high school football. Come on there's there's too many great things at these kids gained enough play high school football. And in the media has killed one us right now at a time and are in our in our society when. These kids need structure they need discipline they need to understand imports of work ethic. And in all that stuff that's so important to the fiber of this country are fabric of this country and were taken away from kids because award about Indian. Hurt how can we get that this. Two over two over I guess power that message I'm trying there buy it Mikey and they. Players here there's no way to show researchers stance that. You know one and every 550000. High school football players actually end up with CD you know who you just don't have that you know there's one there's one certainly did come out and brought it up Mayo Clinic. Which is an expert prospective parents. And they looked at 181970. It would simply want you can't stork research now he had to do it the re at 3040 years of evidence room. And they found male clinic now listen not some joke. The band had more of. May have more important problems later on the actual football team as they found the Mayo Clinic. It is insane and it's a long time and I've been talking about how to better children are better be training for coaches theaters and ocean shore. My personal feeling is football has never been safer. Than what it is without. I yeah I said this if I'm not one of these were Syrians comes on the says a 100% agree. I coach won't come have been doing high school for a long time afterwards. Whose team and come back more games in their tones team. He came back from the ocean come back in line like studies. If taxes you get all the stones impact mega divorce life's not easy but she showed you come back would you showed the night. Shows me something to me you can carry in the future like I loved that spoofable lessons that I learned from it. Keyword in the classroom you just can't do it that's why I've always been. A 100% for football days I see this witch hunt so to speak on football I totally disagree with that because it is safe for now and has been at any point this district. It's safer now than ever been and the UNC yeah but I'm just saying it's when you've seen. Some of the serious injuries that have her that her it's tennis it's soccer it's not it is tough to shake off to some people. And and I agree with coach because that group of all those things all those things helped me growing up the structure and everything the team atmosphere. But it takes one kid near Cleveland odds rejects that seventeen dying. More than Vinatieri hail advocate Goodling hill force up here to say well. Average take my chances as coach said my kid driving around the city what I think we do to hit. That argument that coach is pushing out to be that there. Residents in. The hate because it doesn't happen it's opted as those injuries don't matter as often as people wanted to see but it does it. Will absolutely. Yeah Tony scares parents alive because you'd you don't want your child to go one lady's sport and potential leak. They're life is on the line because when you say the full football safer than it then it's government you're right. It's still a dangerous sport to play it still could kill you you still could have. You know injuries down the line. Let's not try to let that overshadow the truth about the sport it is it is disabled idol growing old he needed to it because if you like soccer happens all it does Evanston Illinois edit it's that it'll save realized or about their finally sort of after all it is able to do more studies did you you do I take an excellent I am I doing when I played soccer and I go I'd. Did handers and that's the heart and that's our Belgian here they wouldn't let us or he's had to be concussions and what Hartley after Schwartz. Visitors coats from my time in 2000 when I was with him blistering. What are the steps in. Have you taken steps in your stat that taken steps over the years two and try to fit. In all I'm absolutely sure. Absolutely and especially the last you know sixty years or however long it's been it is that this can highlight so much with the media and research with. We are always talking markets were practicing smarter or being safer but in my contact or having. We're trying to do stuff in the weight room that involves necks stuff to help our kids because of unity straight the next you're gonna you're gonna reduce concussions. We're always look at the best equipment for kids to make sure we get him in the right stuff that's always every year it's if it's not a new helmets of brand to recondition helmet. Those are things we're doing but I think the biggest thing is your practices and how you're practicing in every every year will talker players right the first thing about the proper way to hit. Pitcher helmet out of the play and so. We haven't had I mean we'll have some concussions some things. But in all the years on even going back to when you're their 2000 it's. I had to think Cummings and to James can ask about this win I ever had acute or had to walk I don't feel when he was just now to. I don't remember I I know we've had some kids dang bit. But I don't even remember that were a kid is just out. You know and then your brain it that we haven't had that we've had kids maybe you break an ankle or or this or that but not a concussion like that. It's insane about this video toning down its Ulsan as the U. Beat the look at between 1946 and 56 when it heroes let's protective. What they found was no risk of dementia no no no increased risk of dementia. Morial us among the 430 football players compared to a 140 non football players that they did he can't do these studies or language and he started back in and do it but it's uninteresting you know it is it is listing it's distorted that is not old. Amongst high school football Kelly Donahoe head coach of blue springs Camaro rag coach. Really energy company and as soon generally do in thanks for making runs like that you. And they've been redrawn to Bernard and it was. A question that that information but the average security institutions that we're fighting for hours on them to be honest with you to. Is an age thing to do for our arsenal and if I could do I see things differently that's a good fit perfectly as. This is he being. Lee thought he was. Really losing. At all last week it was his name out you know winning when he did this story too as you just tell the demeanor is like royalty it its soul was crushed on the news is killing my favorite sport but it. Yeah. Talked to Brad Smith head coach of loss and high school basketball will be that that. Thanks. A blue springs ice dancing team forced him 2001 with his work to get Gator right being drawn played with a part of them when they rub. Salt lane. Cover brought in high school. Playing for the blue Springsteen themselves live for four years old and I hit it and then held am I can't even I I don't think that chases. Chase coach Don hosts on the will be the starter next year was. He was barely alive when. You're talking about that over break he had to be a toddler it lighted Prague. Audio files called Iran's game I would absolutely leveled at that time to turn to high school basketball. We'll talk to Brad Smith a long time he's been 26 years at loss in high school it was a close one against Maryville. A the other night by just two points today in Natalie that coach had a tremendous season two losses in the regular season. Any lose in district head coach Brad Smith good producer. They were doing good we're doing good some nice things going laws than those of football team really good. The basketball team is been really good. Lately as well coached how difficult was that getting to the post season the team that was as good as it was this year. To me the Maryville team is usually the spoof rounds are always out their working for somebody but you lose points this past week. Yeah it was a in the sporting that we we like Harvard here in the files of our best to ever serve. And we actually two of their own reports job. And it was accurate sectional game one or so. These these hearings are always the battle last relation. It is framed that way at all two. You couldn't quite get the last one to go with. Can't say no but RC is it was also where literally get pain and so what Mike would cost somebody his. You know it's so are your that are great years. We're getting over that he would like guys are on the baseball track with a little. Dad coach I'd. I know those close losses like that in the post season can be didn't didn't can hang with you there. How long do you think this one's gonna stick with you considering how good you were during the regular season. Paula you're there you will. Oh. You know looking back on. This is still on the record we had that civil order that we lost. In early December we lost in the middle Jane Norton it was so marchers. It's your. We Google if you're seeing. At the ability to get better viewers don't quite like you and he has. They got better squared. We have a couple senior guards got people that much cost as it is kind of lettuce and everything Cody it's prices are scored. You know you'll get dark like get them all over all I think what's being even or the fact is. It's so close to bail them at bay to a quarterfinal game. It was with a group of seniors you're not gonna have anymore and I were beneficial. Of for the road we've carrier Lester three years so I think that's disappointing for their. The losses will happen in which is no in this. They were carted seniors to get there and it's about a little bit short in the next round was. Was disappointing but you know wish that we used try to take all the good. Look back and he's like this in these rebels good quote we were when you. Oh once again joining us on a justice or high school sports Saturday coach Brad Smith. Of loss and boys basketball team. I discouraging you've been there 26 years start the first. Four years or so as assistant. Or I'm sorry with a freshman JV team. What what is it about laws and has has made you wonder just stayed here for 26 years that's a long time I'm just curious let. What what about that the community that program major just. One it is just stay there instead of maybe looking at other option. Yeah it's it's you know it's it's it's rupture Nader cliche but it's it's the people. And the commute with people artwork was. I've been very elect if you always do what I've ever paired. A college. Related losses. That accurate off on the I can't say enough about the environment work he would. You know as as a mass feature of the support ideas firm. For the restoration all the way to Al. You know it is it's unbelievable amazing. We do is he's come complete support of it rolls over and athletics. Well Mike is I can't even. The kit bag can be anywhere else because no no good we have it. All programs. Also. Our coaching staffs cross border. You know a year nightmare stories about. It may be some sort of don't get along reported football program basketball program. Rescue whoever it's it's it's not even close loss that's signed on our football canceled lawsuit and then. And ghost it's great to work where. He's tremendous group here those programs top notch. And you know or are wrestling scene you know that your that your right to exist on third and say you know couple weeks ago Soviet it's years. It as a I think we're quality people. I don't wanna go anywhere else. Or retire there alone or in there and now what's being the other coaches. At the same success we've had their chance to watch over the years and ourselves. Same as well of people but it really is it's a great community great place of their own books these. I get the losses are tremendous community is lot of fun I actually am born excelsior springs 24. Look lost myself I understand how nice is Brad Smith head coach Lawson takes luck Joseph showed great season this year to bed at kind of keep doing in their. Look all good things community and they it's RC yeah I think earlier you know that. Chocolate but may have programs are comedians who have losses thank you very much. That you coach thinks of her coming on the show and Jordan is now. Head coach is still more into the playoffs but effect he would play Lawson. I had lost and be merry go which is they plea today at 1 o'clock at Logan pressed up against Maryville today. 1 o'clock PM and rob Heitmann head coach you'd Hogan rebels basketball. Joins us now coaching impressive a win this past week seventy to forty or Cokie Cokie it was good team. 42 and six going today to face a very good Maryville team would say that what's on your mind most. Yeah it. We we got one today Coke at triggered. Broke shelters you're only. We were concerned were prevalent in the Atlantic. Particular business on on the board all of what would get short attention. Really really quickly. And turned the column opponent. Lyrical. Is signal via. Gingrich there. Merry go into single Austria you know it's yours quote forced. And then watchful. Quote equally hot (%expletive) She'll we. Lou to order the we went out of legal edging lower in law yet and in. Japan and so. Their results from jail while Toledo. Potential today. Yeah. It's all took on power than they pull. And convert. So. We're expecting. On. What. Thank coach there's run usually. This car of the year locally of those that the small guard frank may syndicate you may read the national player of the year just in pits at Northwest Missouri State. In II double A players a year and you get a kid Damien Daniels five non. I'm averaging 23 game a guy looked at size it just got to tell to our audience a little bit how he's able. To score as much as he does at his at his cy. Yeah. Just. It's an absolute joy to coach has won in and me. He wouldn't it appear to be. You know that explode supports. The ability to slash and give it to the basket and and then you drop and or managed and well being special. If you complain about all the lies something you lose my understanding. One source agrees on that the court. You still going to get bigger. All player and finishing the work that. Whether that's you know some Stoops. Putting extra English so that you would have been the most pose a conflict especially cool and the ability to corporate dribble and create space should re export X on all of soldier yesterday email. They say that there's leash or being this year in general for each year. It is it's important for over well it's freshman shot about 18% will be. Last year so I'll see what should plant some percent. Yeah you're talking a substantial college coach and Mary coaching. You got from the plot which what. That's forty by 46 books as you're the you know ultimately what. Percent natural tendencies and the ultimate compliment or coaches. Stringent conditions like working out quote thought there were some balance. Felt this huge. What can belt which is that the judge. He. Once we can address that he does that put an apartment looked out the you know the formed Canucks so. Are gonna rub lighten India Hogan prep boys basketball coach now. Earlier today I was on hold impress website and on your web site you have a list of athletes. From your program that have gone on to go you play. In two major college programs even played professionally. And I don't one of the names jumping out was more his Damon who went on to play at the zoo a what about your school attracts so many talented athlete. Yeah I'll be having watched outlook. End in itself or school let that play a program and their coach so you know or yeah yeah water. Social social conscience or you know art AD. Well coached the Euro twenty odd years albeit in. Are singled out and give it throughout the actual you know trying to via this century late. Should pull out you know there's a boat team voted for a pinch. And and we also you kudos to the school's mission statement in it's called for more so. I think a lot of while Terrence a lot of people community and community understand and realize that. It should we shut our son or daughter to a total truck from the as a there's a chance you know it's you know sort of interpreted. It whether it's on the football field bout awkward or whatever. Don't that it could be. Your situation. Given that we got a lot built what she just like trojans Q school community that there really cheat the truck and you know or both parents and students through all sorts of college prep I'll. So. Ticker sports. And and I think. You know that you got some people in that market should give you Churchill. To watch something like culture war it's an ethnic group lover you've built actually watched what's one that you kind of China nearly the way. The moment child credit gets going and and and elementary and middle school ship's Russian media income what are and so you know the department. Go on Hogan prep today against beard the 1 o'clock let her play at least some of high school so about three and half hours. Up from now of course a coach if you make it to Columbia love to talk to you again rob heightened. The Hogan prep head basketball coach thanks rob. Our coach thank you very much to look than they play in three and a half hours to thank you for him taken the time away another big game today really beginning. Chris McKay the head coach of liberty who were always a plane right regain Obama in the in the district championships against liberty high schoolers this year one and one. Talk to coach McKay next. And then. Boom. And welcome back pedal on the big island on Olazabal go to blue springs high school talking about some changes and high school football in his opinion and Brad Smith head coach the loss and rob excitement the head coach of hope and pray that now it's time. Per second appearance. On tells the story high school sports that are at a very early in the season did go to liberty nor its name is Chris McKay and coach. We've had a stretch were coaches come on the and opponents the championship actually just made it we have said the winner we talk about that sits down because the I. Think it's more tribute coached those dominos distillate did not lead to overlook me they didn't respect that we've got the split record. JR gets courses there's either tell me that it's. I need to be told somebody that did work there. About to. Oh yeah I can confirm that but don't count him anymore coaches don't we. Don't just give me 221 that was cool or my insurance went down at point five than ever since that I just you know he's 44 this is deep down that night at. But they did the task at hand your coach a nice win but you guys 5958. Over fort Osage to day you play at 6 o'clock. In I do believe schemes that liberty north as well your your home stomping grounds here to play liberty they rivalry game which I was things cool when you get this when the season. You split with liberty this year but to have this game today in the post season and you're playing your rival it's got to be fun. It through the front and that's something that. Our guys looked forward to and then you'd hear as the possibilities on the schedule early in the year so. You try to keep them focused to Turkey communal taking each game at a time but obviously when you get into the playoffs are here in March and and the magnitude of it is and and get the opportunity any game's important. But can you get the opportunity to play team. That he did you know as a rival work 2500 people packed in here and and it'll just be a great great environment for high school basketball. Joseph judge US foreign law NT in the regular season and then you beat fort Osage differed first district in really really close Maine 59 a fifty. Yet that the united the eight. Do you feel like you're peaking right now at the right time. Oh hole they were playing better. I hope we teach. And then a couple of weeks in Colombia with the idea that you plagued us the latest boat. We we we are playing better equipment to road stretch and and credit to our players for second with Simpson and just shall not working every day and you know got a couple moment in Kabul energy wins. To get it going in so you don't nobody asked you if you could make a little play in front of you actually record lows in the January insult a player that basketball when it matters the most is always something that we. Put an emphasis on an end and to that'll be great opportunity to do. Liberty north coach a coach Chris McCain on with us here Cotto wants to be honest with me is this game. Today. More important than when in the states it. Now. We. He doesn't exist. It's if you take him to be honest with you on on radio cadences more ice. It it's not because of this. Because when win when you get this opportunity. I heard from a lot of our alumni guys below where former players and and personal excited for the game. And I remembered it down to a final four after four years ago with the team and and we lost in the states in the final. And I can forever tell you but looks a little currency basis. Of the emotion that they had after the game because they felt like they had this opportunity that's put the word. But this game. This game is important because so many people are so invested in our community and it's what makes basketball so special liberty. Take notes at edges record is that I do kind of fine this is interesting I hear your thoughts on this what was it liked it to. Basically started a program. From the ground. Here's the the first coach there you started the program 2010 what. What does it would've been that what's been the difficulty. In that you've gotten to this type of success so quickly and. Well I. The credit goes star players we tech reporters we've had players who didn't really committed to its really committed to our program to doing things right away. Total working hard to set an example so. You know people use the term culture when they're talking about team to businesses in and so we've been able to kind of establish a culture seven years ago. That we've been able to carry now the the beauty of it was on the all time winningest coach here's lessons. The problem is I'm all for the open wounds in discussions that. It's yet to play hard and winning it that convinced that history because you know week. Our players deserve a lot of credit because when you do you get to build something and you get to put your fingerprints all over it you know you can view they're the ground war and and then just laid a foundation and built and built and built in these guys feel an obligation to the players before him to play really well and and that's what we're excited about the opportunity. A coaching bad some mud deep runs in the post season the last few years loss in the second round of the state turn it last year lost in the first round state turner in 2014. Would you feel like you team asked to do to advance further in the playoffs this year than they have in previous years. Here are so so. Each each season so unique. And when we get down there last year to the only game we're playing Lee summit you know they have lost it and they were there and feet twenty no permanent. And they were so also good. And so sometimes you just run into people or twenty or 20003. And we are pretty darned good too. With a needle in the air and and it's one teams coming at a Kansas City to get to the final four and you get 28 no place Tony Clement three yet really good team that's gonna go really good team that's gonna go home. And that's a credit to the basketball and in the city if you look around this year the quality of Apollo quality teams. The pork field the lees summit west Oak Park. Distribute last night had a phenomenal year saint Joe's central we're playing liberty that I very eighteen wins re Karen in North Kansas City you're playing in a distraction and it's. This city is really really really good. So paint your question really roundabout way we gotta do to play well on the way and that's we need to we need to focus ourselves in terms of the you know the best and and optimal lateral force. Coach of the last ten team on his run one good rule I think it was after the show that that things change so that didn't happen this time. Well I wanted to exit as far as say he's talked to so negative is I admit that opened some good coach Greg Jones coming to school at their who's in the better Perkins well you're coach Jones. Well come on now you know being Turco shown some meetings that are. Again that you're the dog there you're the only you've got the most wins in program history yup yup. I do and lost to coach is gonna come in here and he's a great job already in. We are really really really excited to have him. And to partner with them. Get Pau get can only get to work with them but. My excitement for pro football isn't it very very and then I can't wait to see what he's able to do with the program. We tell you it's as best golfers years in the weight room. We are waiting there are good. But we hear every game we can't wait it's kind of pull your players not a football tell them possibly his. Forties tick through that again after your card and a commitment of just gave it this gym is the kids in the city or borders Visteon it's. We're talking to an all time wins leaders well and lost. Purchased felons and it is a great gentleman and build the best part about it and people that are inside you know I mean you get programs and things that make it special Lynn and that's what people like me aren't here and it's a special special place. It is coach good luck tonight against liberty is a great game by the way people were going to blitz games 6 o'clock tonight right coach. The experience or we're gonna open up the doors to higher than were expected expressed a group. I would expect to complete the pass because the battle liberty and liberty in liberty or 6 PM at liberty North High School coach. Here. You coach a person came liberty north he runs right it is scoreboard it's it rivals most now this committee Sprint's Internet thing. Yeah should be severe religion game tonight. I really was set to get out there. Going to be able to what's got to vote on the way. That it but it should be it gave tonight get out there. If you're around the city go out to these gains support high school basketball here in the city prudent stuff they chilly though it took to boost French football and in studio necessary. Thinks her at the door it rock by community is Brad Smith had total loss and joins us joint is rob Heitmann Hogan prep. Which by the way they play 1 o'clock they looked at him against Mary Mary eagle of course coach which he. At liberty nor big game tonight in the north Oakland liberty first liberty northeast split earlier this season. Don't know what's coming up next week and tell you what. We're talking ice bats woke the baby we'll see you next week mania. Happy birthday. This has been jostling. Re high school sports Saturday game. Six.