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03/08 - 11 am - Keeping The Faith

Mar 8, 2017|

We head out to Surprise to hear from Royals skipper Ned Yost. Plus, we're clearly in the wrong business & why does Bink keep the faith?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What the job. What did you. Did you. I just hours do you base just. Late today and the jousting gear on success. You know how much they like you know right. We got some of the wave wrong yesterday. I mean wait wrong quite a stat basically. This is. The mailings maybe we'll. I don't exactly where goal is that I held the lead in total BS you know the real thing. Stay with excellence folks know how well a well now you all your Long Beach we have just got to hold it helped a KB you put a lot of on the Twitter page. Asked do you eat or drink in the shower and they would you tell me the results of babies these full well. Billy at 311 votes I just I don't hear every interest of the sample 311 votes ever for a 85% said no fifty. So yes basically said in a lot of people what you police pool mountain on our Twitter because. I think we will have. More people would say. Yeah way more. What you thought it would be an overwhelming majority said Jimerson Morgan. 1101. Votes tabulated we have twenty minutes left in this thank you sort of might be bottom line is we get more votes in key thing that they can win Wisconsin and they might all out. 25%. Of our listeners that if they heaters or if it's cumbersome more than DMZ listed 75 you said it was going to be. Just don't landslide I said we would walk wore them which we do need to pursue more. Basically just only are we admit a 106 releases. Joseph leaders he was all it does not think he does. With us every single guest we can get a good Bynum I'm I'm down next room we have almost as. It's shootaround the day. Now that was yesterday yesterday was on QBs he's worse than someone there sees the body to muscles like I. It's IE if they do and customers again if surprise or rather popular on the corner of third two hours that's pretty cool moment. Our before we talk about the rules and some of the bulls that they made here this morning with us and some guys out of the miners I don't want to get to did this being. A major theme that people be talking about when it comes in if they'll draft prospects today. It's been tossed out a lot this morning we talked body yesterday. But the pro dates Oklahoma is today. We talked about Joseph makes he's going to be just or buy them the most talked about guy on drastic you agree right. Not sure these kids or illicitly console. You should these illegal in the fourth round a lot you projecting him in the second round. What you never know big issue to Philly either some things in Adams after. Just weed this out. Joseph mix and just ran an unofficial four point 4340. As pro. That's not slow. He's WordPad text line. They were used to Wear these as were pads and 44. All. For Joseph makes were doing this again. And then again but but after its Adams after. Tweeted that. Maine you talk about trolling. Someone we had someone would take us we get aboard. He really punched it at the end. Everybody's going to be two. We did was despicable but he's going to get a second scene a month ago it didn't look like this guy I was gonna get drafted at all he wasn't invited to the Tom bind. He's gonna get drafted. It everything he does more perspective is going to enhance his ability to go higher and higher. Higher in the draft is love teams that 98 with a new and talked him because they do that the Gama at this point. I'm not gonna be surprised somebody takes that a priest. Takes its shot him in the first trial as a take a stab equipment or from their. Porter's words. Bingham and. To to use that language that. Am. Weekly a huge. Depressed. Abbas today but in general. We just. Anti. We will start. All hope it. She grew as a kid. It was dropped the budget. A good girl. Ever bug your dues. A sad sad. Just a month you have gotten so bad you bit on the bandwagon. He's going to them there's that feeling just a month of how he will be back to June. Trust me that he. Will be appeared. He's going to be there was some can be nice their jobs. You'll get appears sooner or later they love this I think the bigger issue though is it's a bit of a callous you brought up just a short time ago. Al Zimmer. The new isn't necessarily that he's go to the minors. I think right you say he's gonna double. Gals earned an option to double A northwest Arkansas. When that article came out a couple of days video features is going there and wait for amateurs are still watching he's going to post bond forms them with that article came out a couple of days ago briefly. And we we talked about in discussing it. It endorses him in the whole thing about this bullpen estimate this is not this is not a good. Revelation is this not. You got it arms in the bullpen to hear about how Zimmer to the bullpen when he's expected to of its would become a starting pitcher. That to me was not a good sign I think Sharon figure what are we at this high prospect we drip and I was glad when we do with a state that that what we do that date could get. And as I did until the can be is that what. Dwindles him to left field they'll be nervous. I give up on the kid because they'll get voted levs is potential are concerned they say his best stuff of the but that he kept getting hurt who's got to prove themselves so he just sort of those guys get a sit. In weighed on which I think the will and Zimmer is here's the one thing as a regular account and in the opium. But when he does. That's when you do big when he comes up are you cross your fingers how long is that'll. He's good for water too much how long is this gonna last because he spread. Who's more pressured him with the organization politically both equally the first or whoever goes down in his injured yet. But what we've got to write this last time he's able to rebuild themselves yeah this was somebody this heat team and organization are really counting on to be good. Jefferies line again now royals that Tom covers Major League Baseball. In a two attributed to the station at Slaney MLB. He he tweets out regarding Zimmer and some obvious sign it's an ideal said it was just a matter of finding him innings and keeping them pitching. Any just such sweet this out two minutes ago. Ryan's got outscored will play center field on Centre of. They're Google Alex ran. Big fields that are field. Bigger the argument too because he said that jobs Jackson should have gotten away with this speakers like that's fine basketball it's definitely considers a Vietnamese would have. If your experiences. I don't know if I'm Zain yes you boy I told I basically if I'm leaving the parking lot and a problem stadium and and Alex quarterbacks in the my car. I'm getting outscored the inference that here is if you just in stock and this is what you do you call me too. Gee it's just it truck LO well. That's what's can I'm right all you unused tax talk to call me intact motive you're in children's Facebook's. This bigger. Good job he did do it's great that's now. Deductibles 500 dollars or and make 75 million he just needed these babies identical ballots. Nope. I don't know that that's you'd go but there are some fan boys out for sure yet more to the 21. Let's take a phone call from one let's. Sit easy. It is is a first before you thank you thank you thank you. Am. I wrong. Or basically everything. What we're. In the shoes. Do you. Shoes. All OK okay well. Doctor sued the doctors it out about it at that time over beer now when it. About it drinking and the shower OK. I get beat our. I didn't expect myself OK okay. And this is what I in the well. Well. There were several people in this our. People share. Ship and stuff. Get yes OK soul. By my arm OK act but that's about. And this is what I. Shampoo in mind during shampoo in my amount so I'm thinking it a great idea to try to drink in the Asia cork. Well Susie you thanked your art. Herder and I'd get Christians are talking molest the Eagles have a fear slipping in the shares were set. Adults all the beer to drink beer Susie strictly Demi just turn around don't get Sheehan who don't as don't shampoo your beer with your uphold your end. Due. To two record drink your drink it even worse you're here and skipper Brian. Does he thought so so this this is Sylvia sounds like you gotta crowded us there. All yes yes and as a mild increase in mind when I. Are you sure are so aren't we cease Susie out about a hey you know what though late to make four. Odd cocktail beverage of one of these. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I dude I'm home opener. The royals' opener I'll expect. The outline what some friends we're going to be killed dating are going to be. Just just coming meeting in May be during a little water have been like yeah sure. Yeah like a sharp breath. I. What if we don't see over the course of March Madness which we hope that we see you at some point. I'll just we see you for the for the homeowner. There. Problem. Entry and its. Market. Okay. Well that ought to be. We have a saying on this show and it's all because if you think we need to calm down. That's right on down the seam and grow up at me like. Need to do I get all carried away via raven. Ideally you know it worked out what he's earned levee finished. I take on the day. So are we getting beat you worked out like her well so Alex Avila. All wrong I'll repeat for that shower. Like to share with sheriffs that a baby Gerdes. Pop in my shower which is a bosses that I really liked it we don't need Leno much here it's its truce Dalis who laid me on. Yeah Altman and I doubled to hear the manager. Dad yells here are coming up next here on the days. Basically he's counting house. Studio sixty and Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Hi the less than ten minutes now next segment. Musical words dead giveaway. At 25 dollar gift bargain. When the San dried. They try it from pretty good lately. Two birds but the last month now I don't act like you're not saying an assistant I don't know a lot of gossip so one day do you like are you guys. What you have a pattern they tell noticed until it's over that in this week was released the ball okay. But the strong streak and all at least at least a good month he's everybody's aren't we didn't unite. Strong he was strong for about about it for borders good month or if you're texting I don't want to get nobody Marxist and I don't lie march is a little shaky when it was getting nobody. Nothing you your struggles have been well document. Also. Healing can relate. The college basketball championship season is upon us and we're hooking you up. Your chance to 125 dollar gift card to twin peaks only two or independence. Locations seem to watch as a madness unfolds with party made from scratch foods. And a great wrath excellent until we get awaited gift card next segment's good spot him. Is it what are your favorites I like it. Well like for sure I want to lights twin peaks more I've never been you'll rise. I think you. It's great place yeah I mean it's you know promote. Its ruinous was it food. We inspect its. We know. All right an article 28. Earlier walk this one owned Oreo and mountains with on the Denver before of Palin and them. Those boobs. And if. All right those of us are ranting and raving about twin peaks. Wouldn't give a way to gift card next segment let's hear from a manager Ned Yost who to spoke in surprise. Dag. Of course. Now the who's made today reassigning some guys of the names that that you moved today are there expectations for any of them. Making an impact for the big league club this course. And yeah. Specifically problem. You know that's what we get them out early. Just to get them you know get him built out you know were run out and he's up here now with our starters these guys are all. Guys that we like and minor league. Inner squad game start tomorrow so at least that fits in and citizens around here. Waiting. You know for an inning mariners. Everybody is here. You know we look at as it has helped us somewhere down the road. What's the plan occasion is gonna go down fisheries tomorrow. So stretch in Moscow okay death personal problems to mine Zimmer. Zednik. There was another woman and Scott Wells goblins are. So thorough yet Luke. All three of groceries market. Good day. And we moved. Surprise at all us how the user can surprise. And you know. Really last year he. You know he he would make backup appearances when we brought him to San Antonio and when Jaime pitch inning got beat up pretty good. You know so. Dayton went to see him pitch in August ending came back raving about this guy is gonna help us somewhere now on the way you know can really spend applause. It's phenomenal slider I mean the big leagues slider. So I was anxious to see him. This spring and he didn't surprise me I was already. Ready from the come in and do he did he didn't disappoint. How likely are we just see sort of old are playing right field. During the regular season. Policy mix and match still looking at a it's a real harm. Shirt anything's a possibility to play center field here on Saturday he would be sent earlier in camp that was more. Allowing him to. In his hands out of jail yeah. That is yeah. And then Brandon Moss and you're hoping to get him back Fridays and there today and some Hulk went down expectations. Feels. It took a full BP yesterday fell suddenly in Manhattan. Our eyes about was a manager Ned Yost is a short time ago in surprise talking to Josh are gonna burn. Outscored Satterfield fulfilling a fantasy. On one of Al scored to fulfill fantasy for one Graham Murkowski. Fulfilling a fantasy outscored senate the senate. And and board did ask he said he said is a real possibility that you play. Even some in in right field she says eight. In keeping us out here and eating spots. Muted and that is possible I just. A world revealed possible and probable yet. Yeah it's possible I guess that's why I said I. Amitabh let's see how horrible it is not probably exactly. I'm with Alice Gonzales in left field that's replete with the best replace. I mean he's a uncle went so the film you came. He didn't break play early in the. Keep Alex we're used the BQ. Mr. It Imad these things until the senator Marmol. You think now. The defense is its own look at me I can be Sydor deal. Yet voters John Fogerty would Jones and Ryan which might just in general our bike. Athletic hall of the opener ever thought about that. Let it fantasies. About doing this year photos photo job with the Gordon in the same thing. Like I would be holding him that. It would probably be a sign. Who's behind me with their hands a bit in my belly thing. All we look we're muzzle talk about it on here we thought about trying to do. That teacher retreated Federer some hiccups along the way that that bought the issue is is that. Big we had some physical limitations. Right now let's say that an important but that's. Outlook two veteran I don't know. A 185 I don't know if we're gonna hold you need to be dealt another eight anal native ample storage and Mary's are pressed up against the status. Stop it. Not toss up. Alt plus white executives and that's the picture we have no we would talk about the unit I was here was told naked baby here now is not a Muslim world does this. Up and the stomach which you're gonna be connected with your face it big please pass no lied I just my arms are going to be naked. Related covenant. Apartments immediate negative although he does he has argued this. They are you need to be the ones nectar bill in his BID wide he's oh. The Sierras were as a tie you right. The big rocket attack and why he's he's got you know everybody at the stomach nobody teaches naked. Everybody who was making you sit here ID a eight and these other Russell Wilson stake in its senior adapt as. You plead guilty to ease these core purpose what's her I don't notice that he has his arms or maybe I'll. Applied I'll concede he might be naked and that's another. Picture that we've seen it. I mean I just did albeit a rather interesting photograph. Basically trying to lift me up at a 185 pounds and you would've faced in his butt crack. Or are you now. That I beat you talk about gross. And the boom. Hope appeared. Are gonna give way to 25 dollar gift card to twenty east. And also they continue to dangle the tears and think Lee is ready to take debate and I don't blame. Would get to that next growth. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I'm back. They simply getting into. Dollar gift cards when he eats this segment didn't do cold or it's got a real problem with those Cold War. It's turn of its. Term it is the source code. Baked to be hanging now. Do its broadcasting on this weekend and selection Sunday show. The south valuable vocations. I am gonna be a deal late both days it will be used to independent. I'll be behind Brinkley drunken yelling Fred resurrect it from various jobs currently expected that. I'm going to be with I in my neck of the woods why wouldn't I come bothered me through this trend do his job I'm gonna be looked up off that's still in my Waltz in who's gonna be with you. Right do little and he. Carrot and CNET that existed in stone but. Sort of appears and Ryan's gonna be drawn at people. Treatment when he nine degree beard. All right the first Colbert like a citi's tournament turn it is for school. Right. I don't and we. We talked balls certain themes that that pop up in the walls sports. There are certain items. Certain names. That come up and we just some people just checked out basic you know much the only side I'm not mitigate emotionally invested and and alliant kind of feels that way about you know certain. Things like you know people talk about him teeple and I and he gets super excited about Tim Tebow when he was quality and in in baseball. Collaborators and Vegas. Is it going to Vegas also whenever. Cutter there and there's one. There's one thing in it it's easy to dangled on a ball listen in Kansas city of big you'd get excited about not advance. Past the rumors all's. NHL. The NHL. Nominee Nancy and you get super site. I do I don't know why. But I'm just sitting here Clinton deal not an option yes any longer. For the coyotes. This from the initial commissioners from my action in. Action news there. In the in the valley of the sun NHL commissioner coyotes needed new arena location to succeed in there is not bad actually really nice periods. By shopping district in everything else and their basis in to survive if the move keep in mind this team whose own Little League just a couple of years ago. And commissioner Bettman made clear he were he writes a letter to the legislators in Arizona severe Zoellick coyotes hockey club cannot survive and when. The Glanville location Glendale location is wrong. Both. From geography and economically given its distance from much of the saudis they and based. In in particular premium ticket holders in corporate sponsors don't forget the Atlanta Braves. Big ditch their stadium with a built in 1996. To build a new stadium that was what. Right guy with a season ticket holder base. Been around what we're doing here. In dirty move in stadiums. In their opener this year so the Braves will be in a new place because he wanted to move the stadium. By where the people or keep seeing in this stuff. How long it's going to last I don't know how long teams are going to be dangled out there Vegas was an obstacle for Kansas City. But they're not an obstacle anymore because they got thirteen. Gold knights the other fringe. There's a couple of the city's Quebec city Seattle come the mine on teams would want in NHL team I think he is in Unicode we're going. Shots. Shots is a second course shots. In the well think about it is an idol Mora junior's wanting to build. The hockey environment here for the sheets device. Bring him with a national teams a lower level head the Missouri mavericks regatta that he wants to cultivate the hockey and are before doing anything he's holed the money. He's the wanna keep looking and sit here right here's one guy. It's got the money on pin was on the wolf these feelings in America always worry who's going to step up and by this team. Here's the thing. These options don't happen very often. Routines view that you never hear about this new India they would need a new arena movement and what what team any beer announced an unstable acutely now one. He'd be one team in the NBA it passed when new. They did Oklahoma City obviously from Seattle for sure that would it was a mess with the state more talk in a bottle while ago. It's been years did you see it in Angel found in when there's something out there weren't happy with where their place. Three at the B serve on a people percent. We don't need to teen years are gonna work purity Phil Sprint's of the of concerts and everything else losses. Struck by the power light district when nothing's going I don't go this weekend medical term answer it's going to be crazy. But a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. When nothing is in the arena as far as people talk about concerts. If concerts and all these make the places anyway he released the play NBA individual. In a still find time to the concerts or I see a team is struggling. This would Simonyi Q sitting on top. You have a place the play we. Cold experts in the same thing to do the pin was back that gets you never know in the Harlem and on him well or consume sweets and suites were sold out. There'll you you never know when you're going to get that get that opportunity and sports because there have been several times where. Fan bases were about to lose their teams and it wasn't because the phase the phase we're going is supporting the franchise's. But. The owners want to go else at 80 those. Are on sports leagues that it is that you know I'm not gonna screw these Spain's because he's fan bases are supported a team could have this go ahead and self esteem and market. So I'm not not any man or keep the state if I was. Eight I will be happy and want in NHL team to come to Kansas City to. I'd want in a Toyota Atlantic and the city so I'm with you. We both ship the same base in the same faith in the same hole and drain it NATO comes in the city. What did you mean. Wiki in any time speculation about a team leaving another city. Kids city should always say listen to us. Even the teams and utterly. Since Bettman says. Glendale no longer an option. Some weather fan base and you just can't build Arenas runaways are its move here. It's a transient city with so many things to do in Phoenix. I'm just waiting for someone here she was going on there stepped up C we have an option not that they don't. Obligated as a bridge company shall we one they know that in cities in the running. I tried it. Before. You step up somebody's gotta have money to do that's got to be somebody with money and I has been more about junior's got the money to do. As speaker this morning too because you've I mean any time he sees it this is senate over a comic he's got a jump on the islanders don't. Coyotes what was it in recent news looking movement also any talks pages well anytime that happens they could jumps all over it. And I understand. But I asked him why why do you feel like why is that like the knee jerk reactions a reflex almost here in Kansas City. And I told you get this morning I think that. And look it's. We've always had and this inferiority thing in Kansas City when you compare ourselves to other major market teams. We see that the schedule come out for ESPN's Sunday night baseball we say you'll wire at the royals on there. When you see NFL schedule come out wild pitch he's getting more primetime games with at about eight to. You don't what people want more exposure for your fridge as you were put yourself. On the map and that's what in the NHL or an NBA team would do it would give you a more major market feel and I think that that's something that. People here in Kansas City desperately. Wants to hear me. The teams as a us as a team we continue to use all available resources to pursue the win win solution. Well we cannot and will stay in Glendale. We will continue to push her proposed public private partnership good look on that until we either achieve the long term arena solution. Any more economically viable location the valley. In the door to say at this point as the commissioner indicated we will work with our partners in the league offices across the NHL to determine. Our next step even says or we reach a point where simply no longer have a path forward. In Arizona. He put an ultimate about their removal sunshine I'm in another option outlets Lionel. You you you you have situations where you feel like you want to be view. As a major mark. I'd get that sense and adding another professional sports scene here. You would feel better be good for you Ed and what that in the from the big 41 adult 11 of the four majors. It doesn't matter what the city years. Was something is perceived as cool. You wanna be part of that. In the NHL is a Kool Aid is one of the four major leagues while outlaw it here you don't want. Want to hear an. I think that Ryan onto we do wanna be except that we want to feel like work. A bigger city than what we're given credit for want to like your a major. Market type a town. Even light. Growing up in Minneapolis you've got the NBA you've got Major League Baseball you've got hot you've got the ball but you know what it is wanna stop the they want soccer to alienate like derby it left out. I see what goes on and arrowhead Vista environment unifil was who was agreeing Baylor sporting KC best. Big you in professional soccer. I look at the Kansas Jayhawks in the road the best mister Collins best although it's yours the baby boy and extended duty fuel though that happens far. Polluted Kauffman Stadium wouldn't tenants over two million to three years. Look at the Missouri mavericks in the road sewn up their venue all the time. Now look at these options and like. Get the right people involved with this. The courts are so certain it would duel jobs either. Now the third a file called lord is winning winning is a third and final cold ward. Let's go call the number ten on number ten tonight 135 some 676 stand to receive a 25 dollar gift card to twenty X. Big Big Ten ounce on the tube with the success of the royals in the success of the chiefs here as of late I. We get the general sense that you could support another franchise that you get the sense that Kansas City fans. Are. Tapped out when it comes to you know of them being in rooting for a team like. They would do it just involves you number one bring your team to Kansas City and number two involves you win. Because let's face it it wasn't as if Kauffman Stadium was bringing in two million people when they were losing on their games a year though. It also takes place in time you don't having been born when the unifil seasons in the time the royals gave going. Again that's on the post seasons are usually for the NHL it's fine but if there in the post season you want to have the fuses down and his will period. Do we have here in January February march. Pretty pretty well and it absolutely would fulfill a need do you have them is gonna fill the gap between you know the sports void so to speak between football and baseball but. Mean you can almost say that about baseball agreement early part of the season. It's devoid of football and yet you know if you're not winning people aren't going to calm so. Mean I agree with you the people will find it as something to do well in the meantime I'm with him. March 13 the planet than Perry Monday Monday. We all like to have an alcoholic beverage or two on the show especially with Kelsey. And shaping. Apple possibly prison shirt and again we altered. Possibly we are in the long profession would tell you why next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. I we hope resign packed with big who looks like he's gonna. A. Situationally I'll hopefully be good if you don't get ago let's do this. I congratulate you know us he would go David Warren Berger 125 dollar gift card to twin peaks. Gradually since he's. They continue to dangle. In the back. Is that. This would so many key city this topic. It. Exactly. Stuff. As there. Are being Gomes. How we suspect you did you direct a week. Rule several. As in. More than four it. Probably. Neither of politics it Delis you just let it Smart money's point. It sounds like you as much as you like to its ranked. That you're in the wrong profession. NSA that because. You guessed that the long this article. In regards to bomb. All makers in road night it sounds like they like to. To get their drink on. Overall I lawmakers say she surprised by the insane amount of drinking big goals on in the Statehouse. Now. The represented of her name is Mora Waltz. And she was asked a question. In regards to you what surprised. You the most in regards to. What being a lawmaker essentially your first years to freshman freshman representative in Providence for it this is courtesy of WPR. Old six start. I am probably Manningham and a lot of channel pissing match but. Good. And getting real people who are you. Not operate a motor vehicle when you've had two Beers but you may want that affect people's lie I did spur and burn when your happy in the bag and. Moments. Agents use it is a lot of drinking goes there's a lot. Different thing and during session. I've played since I don't know. Second now I don't know I then nothing. Drinking during the session with how sure. Hard for the Dominican Republic and we obviously didn't. Shop on the floor and let nobody. Well that's one shot right. We both yeah yeah absolutely did I think people heavily biochemist well blues which is very there's a lot and I am. And I'm nine I'm Donald monitors like I'm not a drinkers so ugly in. Bode well for me you're shouting the amount of drinking that goes on the Statehouse yes. Oh. So like is to earth. Spotlight to his first. She tried to walk to act. When she sees that stunned everybody there was actually like to beat. And new she's in new democratic representative. Which a snitch on everybody would cabinets full blues. Eight shots for Dominican Republic day. Which it probably do for about every day with you person on the hill today waffled a unit I mean shots do it I mean me and Ryan will listen to earlier. Like voice. He's impoundment and again analog channel assignments by way ago I guess I'm no good no. We need to hear Olmert that he impoundment and again I'm alive channel pistons by they'll be up yet we certainly. Is flat ounce its hand probably in again analog channel pristine as it. Cabinets full blues. Rhode Island and Frost's. I mean I don't what they did the dating game they syndicate these boys are sexy. Oh is it a sexy is this. I am probably in again and a lot of trouble for saying this but. What it is about as personal. They tell you that you Rhode Island all eight this wall it'll rabbits right here and probably in again and a lot of channel precinct are due to a. It's shots to celebrate the group which the ads it's up to do in America as we know that she is in fairness we didn't use them. Yesterday each of its. But to be fair would you basically it doesn't matter what dais to be national pancake day she acts. I mean we're in for ups and Rhode Island. Of the a lot of he's paid low. Treat boost. Missed all hooligans trouble if that has mentioned again and a lot of cattle pressing that's. It's it's it's completely snitch. On everybody there you mineral reporting. T this is bipartisan. We should put apple Paul whose whose voice is sexier. This represented as a KP you war hero Walsh. I am probably in again and a lot of trouble for saying that spot ego and we've Katie these voice and picnic day. About Richard a little pork. It is a sexy voice. Outfits out eight. The average below. You may see what would you consider eighty. Accompanied me to achieve it backer on media is all. Work I don't think so man. He says it's still there response there on him pound him again and a lot of trouble for saying that's. Wives and their I don't and it's full boost at a teacher usher in the active users. Cells. In the privacy area. Double up at two minutes we have these six did sports expect here on the but it is what some think he's sitting on top of. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.