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03/08 - 12 pm - Fighting Dirty

Mar 8, 2017|

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, apparently college recruiting plays by prison rules.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There weights it's noon here. I think. Both of breaking news. As we. It forces back on the station. Is that everybody on the baseline is Goodling this representative. Walsh the snitch. They had everybody approves big league is that the race is that yeah I hope over how special in the big strong global and regional party she is a doctor reef before. Except pro and she's. Take a run for office and that I thought this was case. Especially pivotal boos that. And we do hope your constituents. For a you know most people like I'm one of those people I don't know why this happens real time like oh man in America my body so and so. I don't that was just like you forget and all the time extensively in the daylight but we'll fever literally calm up to me is a very teary like no I'm not diaries reveal loans. More or Walsh looks like one of those people but she looks like Google I was eight. She's seriously and do what was going. We'll show looks like he's kind of like. Italian. What is if you do not like triple non final with a look and I didn't. Seems awfully tame for some members of Rhode Island. If he needed to. Didn't. Last too. You can't get hold all the time. Thank you note you know when he came. All the stuff all the time because every night for the biggest reasons because of that Jim the there skating. Actually though. Just because Bronx it's actually pretty shocked. Good mind as we are going to. I mean bigger write regulations. Under the right. Almighty buck it. They are freshman Josh Jackson he was suspended by the team earlier today. For the Thursday's big twelve tournament game this stemming from a February 2 traffic incidents. In which Jackson left the scene of an accident still felt thing in a statement. That's Jackson was sorry for his actions but didn't tell them apart in trouble solve about them and tell Monday so here we are now. Josh Jackson does get suspended for one game Gerald they can start this place. Exactly. Peaches and cream history. We can all believe what we want. A bus this specific situation. To me I think that this one game suspension is all encompassing. It act did to me it goes back to what had been previously with the vandalism thing. He never served in game. Now he has this situation pop up if you got suspended in the Texas game board game earlier in a year. I don't think this has become. That big of a field. But this is one thing after another and I'm not saying he's actually getting the stuff 24/7 all the time. But I think that enough was enough they say you know what you got so you much about this democratic both coach his coach would. Is that why you method this very liberal media those statements. What do you. Bush should go in and those those are game if we you know good evening I'm not hit somebody's car vehicle or do something like that need. To struggle like his acting out what paying attention. And don't they have if you just left his number and put number eleven. Maybe it's a fan boy but he hit they'll do all your information. Don't let what does number eleven is number. How do you sleep sleep through it despite all sorts of together it's nothing like leave the number. In the Dana you were hit my car. To him Damon Huard. One man I feel for Josh Jackson I actually did this going in my brother's apartment building guy. Being the door on somebody far. But if I have a big truck it was more than just a little daily crumbled in the or which do this. When it was ovals literally right after a suitable for him. Until I felt like a moment or right debated as little cameras in his life. I could have easily walked away from it and I have to worry about paying anything now the worry about doing these things. Well to do the right thing if somebody's. School rules Josh Jackson golden rule. And he's a bastard what it costs for costumed guide. Ever would get insurance. Programs. That it is done about it I mean big night just a couple of them but they've encountered I'm all it was filed a report with my insurance company is that since the gamers didn't exceed a certain amount. I didn't have to pay. And have to pay my eyes off. Number eleven connect the dots all my car Al Smith. All of its air. Force and who it is Bruck talked. She started Demetrius Harris. Me out of this is serious he was arrested Monday in Beirut counting on felony charges of marijuana and paraphernalia possession. Dmitry we trusted you some things we headed to a science buddies. He was a passenger who was he riding quit fighting terror that was over there wasn't and I would devolve. Of course we're Chris Carter you default. Chuckle broke into laughter thanks to beat some of the bugs say human and we. Your card dropped so there's no built. Wish otherwise good. Right but I don't have rights are for them to death. I. But if I'm to Regis airs I will be itself. I think that that there could be some bullets bullet organizational standpoint a team that's got problems. This the way to get away or shed some. The salaries on a massive sell well here I am you have to understand your spin. Exactly when you're not the be and you can't screw up we did you don't know what of your stay published. They're gonna look the other way for sure you're not there to try to prove the point of view it wouldn't tolerate this going to be. Sad but true you're not a good a good way because we're gonna tolerated my good tolerated. Very simple. I know it'll be an opinion that is not favorable long smokes but. We stop feeding people in trouble making and fired from their jobs over. This. Why. If you. And I hear Sam. With every and we don't docile tomorrow or juniors. Produce additional vote like like you know they could do the job and I. Original attorney Atlanta that is honest faster. Ritual tourney gets underway and I've lost friends that are eighth seeded TCU they take on the ninth seed. If Oklahoma. Starts at 61 or go on to. So you 710 matchup in the nightcap of Texas Tech and Texas around eight -- a critical point of just. Rephrase that let me let me give them that the winner will want to lose -- you through order files that susteren and didn't win they don't want. We've educated if I get it in this kid's pictures being afterwards they were imposed either because this is escorted from Kansas fans give people for the biggest Ewing goes he just gets them. He's going to have many more opportunities through. And not play it. The ultimate value added you could get a sect. By either the team's base and probably legacy Josh Jackson eight you know Agassi you don't go Azubuike. Obviously and I followed the lead. You to see him next year. The dollar. Stores at all. But yeah I mean. If it. I actually think it's a good thing. And it is you get this stuff on little ways before you get to meet later. They'll they'll did not sit here and say will be pool heat and so for instance. Now that's expected it's maybe it will be different get better now than sweet to me but it but it. It was a wolf you know. And stale fast balls out of control. Just that he never serves it's well deserved it more sizzle bundles of Lagarde as old boat go get your body big of this month. Well. Voluntarily vandalized the wrong vehicle was accidentally back in the warmth in his. Currently. Glad they cleared all that out there. If you asked as. They should be given them again. This is this is just the backdrop well it's half the entire time. I've said from day one there's no the eagle this out this out game. Adjusted. The bridge shouted to the dunking Deutchman. The German Nader or new wits keep your tickets it's a step up. Here there's Dirk knew where it's keep passing 30000. Points just the sixth player. And NBA history to do so. Our staple is also good news informed by the way I was running out of their nicknames the German wonders if some like. Oh. The German is my favorite. Start there was you wanted to curious about what players have ever seen. Here I mean seven footer because she. If you wanna say that fit in my eyes he's the modern day slavery or. That's what he years. Slightly taller and labor labor had some good item whatever but he wasn't as tall as her it was the third it was you can do. His way to do everything you post a lot of confidence in these modern day later. Court exclusive club. With three the mailman. In JOB. And then their twelfth to overdo world. Vincent askew The Big Talker amid them both alive and almost all the years ago doubles and that. Was that only gives those air I think there was doubt as if if they did. We instead talk to. What's that will ultimately would also in the 20004. Ladies. Allegedly. Put me be the first 2030000 and we got we never got confirmation. But as global president fails over here. I don't buy this and he's toward other event anyways he's 2030. Did a lot of run last night guys Knight he's planning to launch a new line of sports you jab. For Muslims you know difficulty Nike pro V the company's been working on. The design of that for more than a year they plan to start selling the product it brings when he seems. I like this I mean when you talk about being inclusive week talking about trying to break barriers this what this file is a follow all. Pushing. Against this fear of ties especially in this country with the bulls won so I applaud Nike for Jordan's. I have no listen apple was maybe some of the other apparel companies. With a under armour is gonna follow suit or whatever but I applaud Nike for the and I did see the story last I'd try to watch the show it's yourself. If it works out theater companies don't give regardless of that there's I mean. You've got. Mosul athletes women athletes out beard that had that there's an easy for them its to have this appear. Absolutely and I told you like this morning that. Good to me I think there's a fair amount. They have a firm out of worrying concerning people don't understand or used to seeing. And I know this because you know I've portfolio facing a lot of people the Muslim faith and see and I mean you go anywhere and diverse environment. And you encounter people fat or don't look like you just don't dress like you that don't all like you and the more and more exposure you have to that. Always we're desensitized to normalize the for more normalized becomes important for sure. And so Nike supports up to organize your the first company to do this for the article a major company to do this so I mean. Mean I can take a step towards normalizing things didn't you know for. Make everybody just all the help our conference is over don't necessarily look like. Yes good job by ninety final one for you guys that you know terrible happened is that the flight 24 years ago. 44 years ago. On this date today for us for the first time. Supplier it's about that debuted on MTV. On this date in 1993. Patricio. It was a but it was fun. It was funny how long was the and that report that you did you look at that. Hot Walt was the run for being somebody I just thought tweeted out this morning I'll make. But it varies it on the curb waiting for a pretty they're pretty with some nachos. But it was an analyst and it's moms went for everything. Well it's for six you love her portfolio and roommates just if for sure they're bored of my head and everything that's the other great portfolio. I can't do everything. I guess I'm sorry it had about radio not a good medium for a Doocy a visual and ultimately and you're seeing her Galileo is to lose. What good did that David I don't. I am desperate portfolio. That was pretty good. Now and it hit me hard apple it. Beavis. Well liked Mike Judge. Whose voice to have them and who's your favorite he deserves it. The biggest fan. They went to area. There's more plans for the naked women who have tortured. It's people like. My buddy of school hallways if not two but at that. This is that you're listings home now. It's calmed down. Also international Wednesday by the way. I feel like we should at least mentioned capsule. He repeatedly using your life or they Maarty Leunen. That you appreciate all the sacrifices they're willing to do it put up. We played it does this present usually. Go home and tell your wife thanks you put up a few all of the equipment that listens official put up with us apps of the fuel costs and lower detect pregnancy happy with the there's when was that. If you don't want to sort of international women's if I just in here and the United States are or what we experienced Tutsis in the bitchy balls this is what at least so far. Well I'm out here pro hoops international women's day after. Yes and what reasonable. Yes we're looking at the faces of the SEC in her nationals. And do BS do the pound it floats it. And then Michael wink you face them. Today. It was. But it house. This. That's probably I probably could work that differently smiley face their. Boat did you do we keep face for us. What was it Heathrow. And basically you never really struck me as an emotion. I'm not but I just thought that this fully expect to. Doubled. No loads takes me go to. Don't know though you guys do it back for auction will actually takes to beat them with wife his kids he faces a lot of like. You liked it a little bit this week bombed out. It fiscal crisis he wants to keep on the run first spinning takes me something for his girlfriend of two and it was. But I read it here that was the text me the wrong stuff that it will Hillary. Do you ever heard back yet. I was very thoughtful thought after you guys but the version of the big bubble. I wasn't even listening to your next life Libya initially told her I told this morning post is that today is the music which he says. Pause then it welcomed me. But nice guys end the war. Nice because it's not just tell you what today and it's considered as Dex I told you. The punitive women's day we should listen to me more often when it comes to relationship that was or I'm pretty sure I'm pretty good. Think. Some things are simple yet that things are reasonable picture like I have until the same thing liberal for mistress whatever picture of that. Croatian leaders your mistress. But can you send somebody that make. Bryant happy international women's day thanks buddy saved them a person that. I as to grasp of these six Tenet's board six back here also tell your mom idolized they. Kennedy's staff or for her you've beaten her mom text. If you. And yes we are good shopper national women to reflect these potential weapons. That's the Grand Island that's the shots out right now millions to the floor. After a while not. Oh man. I one member of the cheeses and a little bit hot water will discuss next. If it it odd. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. They're big and I know somebody you don't go to a Friday's. That was the apple world. So it all if someone other incidents and so it's elevated do's and again but Bob I. Fallujah it was in your heart basically it was totally but the bit about some very nice very nice gesture there. What you think. You. Know you must think what else does he. A brutal grotesque you goma Levine's fills me everything but you never listen to him when he's trying to give you advice I try to. He's been. And it worked. The only title of her commitment. You've listened to my advised that it works its sex life so that I went three text my girlfriend happy international women's they'd be jitters about the thumb thanks I guess. It's a thought that counts than we thought it. Ladies night is he your home for dinner or amendment. That record. There is there was international women's day protests out of world ladies were supposed to not take part in their typical activities. It was somewhat of a homemaker and my party he's got hurt in this manner he does she protest every day. Fifteen years she spoke just love that and she's strong in this. She pickets around the house. Ladies. Workers are at work today really not shocked. Today was supposed to a who purchase inning and if you were going to be here that this was urged the president what we think he's the female or minority owned small business point units of sort of purchasing things he'll important. Bills were her I'd get a get a it. In what was a teller today else mostly war if wasn't read what's it. So that and so women were Kurds and the good work today. My text McGraw firm is that the response was are you okay. Are they okay sing your QB and thoughtful and simply could have you. You shoot entry tester mom's they're there. Text people. Her eyelids. Instead the doing shots are. Reach until someone you care based they do shots for whatever so it doesn't I know it's really going are they on. That Islam is involved with the record like. They liked a lot right down when it comes to and Dmitry serious. Where do you think this thing is don't well. Let let's. Let's all with this. Charges ten. K so so we need to put that out their he has been charged yet charges are pending. If he does end up being charged expert forget even if there's charges. Isn't this enough action to miss games each year. From the national global perspective problems. Each you can still miss being windy reads though. His beard and an. Joan Smith that don't nutri care he would work. You need be reads though he knows he is and it's very tough to get out of for people she's tied because there's rested on Tuesday. Afternoon on suspicion. Of felony possession of marijuana and possession of drug. Fourth when he. Freak out or not order a critical portrait. Ports when he when I'd go yeah possession of five grams or more is considered a felony and now story. Possible 0027. Years in prison in a line in the thousand dollars charges it's yours all in. He was a passenger vehicle stopped traffic violation the trooper recognized older. 011. Is located in news. We look at borrow. When it's Steve fake Chris from our point across this kid figure Cris Carter got a ball. Got a befall. We we are not great analysts this fall under a minute Thomas and or not it's been we can be known example of big Regis here's falls under the would make an example of the teachers here. Every dollar got a crew you've got to have a fall guy in the crew and when there's blue passengers use the driver and if fold. Yes he told the rookies at a symposium nationalist until I'm actually curious like what other members of the crew Chris Carter. Knows that you have to act. The fall guy can't be the only like you need to get wing and you gotta have on the diver group you know somebody picks stuff. Industry analysts that erodes the someone's good talker now area and I think that the wing and he's the smooth talker at work especially making the AT and you do realizes it's. And authorize you to repeat they get have a Hannibal we're gonna have a face. That you're BA. Can't always shout you know it is by itself began double fault now. And but that's only if you have a crew. Literally with the crew. Got to have all guy in the quarter. Oh what is you're not in the midst of your crew at the time. The huge group finished her dad essence you just wrote that he was. It was a one that's not really crew when you're with one other individual. What are Dodi was pulled what was he pulled over or we know that. It said in the story says it does say this specific reason to says there are no it was not for a traffic violation. Price smoked of the vehicle. What she did sound that's why I have 49 to. Smoke billowing out of the side of your thought it has denied it sees itself. Is that Fuzzy the smoke billowed from the arts assessment. Excellent thing out of money guy who treated their money. Typically the athlete would be the money yet he would be that. Nobody can see athlete. I have similar to take a medical bulletins this sort it's like a odds let's just three athletes together. Oh geez who went out were what oh what if there's three athletes together who died in the rookie is the one that is a ball the one that makes the least. And is that how the sport it has the least to lose. This is at least lose. So majors here's probably could be that guy that the at least viewed much loose. The money approval anal grossed more looking for big contract if those lose I don't need to again I needed crew the fifth. This is our true beetle the fall guy in this truly is Ryan me. On the floor. You said the fall guy is the one with the least Lou. I feel like being. He he. Yeah not. At all I call. It. I could take apparently from whatever. The legislature. And second do you like the ball. Excellent field in the local athlete I get that. You have to be pro athlete. Well. The lives of money. The beside myself with them on the excellent believes you have to have a guy who could take a medical Albertson's group that settles the ads would be absolutely file it and it is there infants is mud slides taken the rap on them. A medical emergency. A front heart attacks the only medical emergency and a couple keys that are real and I didn't hire a real time. I had him I gotta go editor of old testament. And yes I slightly majors was the fault. She was. The degree chill. And they struck. Our rights the next segment we did back will we stay with it sees a bull we talk about your theory in a we give away appeared tickets to the activity phantoms a season opener. Next Monday march 13 at these Silverstein I sinner arena tick off it settles lobby to subordinates and adds to all of that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. It. I go about getting the event. So much about that. Yeah that it will. I'm an annoying and back and get days like today that. It would Dow's decline of international women's. What Donaldson I'll tell you about it yeah it's not going to do you. The responses are not going. Oh man it's did not. Bulldogs on the critical rabbit hole of the day. Mean yeah it's I'm not but he didn't read any beyond that it's. People literally all my this segment gonna give away appeared to CBS kids at defense that's. Season opener. Next Monday. Shout outs post office. We know is listening I was tickled sounds like over the course of the vehicle on. The first cold or it is arena. Arena. Is the first cold Monday night it's in the balls they're using. A white white balls. I thought they were smooth but they have a little bit of it actually looked like some falls the food like a text her eyes fall to relate. There. Going to be at least a hands on him like white balls I mean he touched on the idea of who I did actually I got my hands on their. He liked the feel I wanted to see if they were like sticky balls or if they were like. Just like a smooth ball. I only have a preference on Apple's let's just. Experience level. Media ask nicely puts up a 1000. I mean what is going on nowadays man. It's always something with the hotels to boys and ball. These are white guy be put other students in that incredibly if there. Crashed I pray for dear me tonight I can go to. As the industry. I'm an album. Busy this does show mr. went into Dallas and Ronald truck coroner. Everything's okay oops if. But you teed it dangle. All right appeared very big Leo we repress what he said to the media heats yesterday in a phone book. All man it's a really good stuff appeared varied he said all the right things. And it is one thing Ford got a Sydney finals media members and talked to the fans. And say the right things always go with your dairy he means he is a home run early blizzard buried in the money in him when he's up there with his mom and dad. Was good stuff he's always talking about chemistry. The main reason to return a lot of people don't account for chemistry and just being comfortable. And somebody could offer me more money somewhere else and they could offer me this money here it it. It probably Madonna's still probably came here just just on effect. RC exchanged views can change is knowing each other and I don't know what I'm looking everytime I walk among you whom I know they've come here what I need to work on notice. Courses are going to be same every day. Johnson and it it goes along way so not just focus on mark Kraft and info was on my teammates so that's that's the best part about it. Consistency. If that Maury chemistry understand these are laughable part of have been tells me that comfort zone and gets I don't mean in the roll comfort zone chief knows everybody familiar with everything around him his surroundings is ever changing. That is something he ate a lot. Who later despite dealer made the way it live right talked about we'd all just an Ito when he shoulder to the cafeteria what today is going to be in terms of the meal prep and all possibly so he. Eight he likes Lee likes you vice consistency. It is important some people. That feeling of knowing where everything is. This is home is who's played with Bean's love them here he closes down the good perfect mix and we'll start over somebody knew he's already made his footprint here in Kansas City. Anyone to keep that on. The second toward his whole hole is a second call or something a position really interesting Wilbur he said. In Williamsburg what do you think chief Steve deal now in not last year. How to look at things from a realistic point of view logical point of view and if if put myself enough on the other side of the table now as is located at that weighs one they're eager to prove it to me. You know I want him to prove why he should be here lawsuit weeds are pencil on Sunday you watch it we bring you back to our organization. And you look at it that way you kind of take your feelings out of it and you just look at it definitely changes golden goodness. You hear athletes see that many times would look at the other side of Bluetooth from the chief of giving this much money or go prove you rarely hear that and it sounds good but I don't that's what I was thinking. Exactly yeah now is get out exactly sells great I think David is probably a side of the net because he understands the business element he understands the business side. It was it think it up. Along those type guitar piece of all the stuff particulate out much like and it's ridiculous based here achieves the list in this like. And bring this up you would have to take less recoverability of every thing he understands our position. He would've made that you didn't come idea will be alibi hate my age to deal with it it's like are back to reality to be honest now. Had to be but just like the chiefs give up his. Sounds like this is kind of a slam dunk easy thing for one aired periods halls US that is going to be pressure being the highest paid safety league. No pressure because always I always put more pressure on myself being in any anybody listening can I have put more pressure on myself and and go to work their way. Mercy of their contributions of our product that process for the work output in and process I feel confident in because I have are wrong not not just in my meeting room for it overall facility operated best out of me and that's what I wanna I wanna be someone who reached my potential and unbeatable as there are going to be. Before its arsenal just doesn't go. Don't think about it with athletes. Do you think he's reached his potential. Mean it's hard to get much better and it was Lessig is refined totally beatle over the tide to better knows better than. Who's better this year than he has before. All the things like outscored he got his money. You expect him to be better and it was just be as good as he. They're very diss one basically what he's been. Out one he has to be close to a ceiling yet you would think. I'm sure there is very good but there's this at another level deemed note too like Michael Jordan Libya that is the root cause you don't you don't you think you guys. We talked to the group that has come out and do good but it just stay at this level. Just stay at this level for acting the next couple years. I think you're guaranteed at least two to three years of really good. In peak air period after you start just start nobody got to step back to guarantee me with Torrealba. He had more with concerts and a five year deal he's not gonna CD into the deal with a guaranteed money between you two million he's NC. Like the final code word is opener opener is the final forward. If you want the other Santa's tickets be called an over six caller number six to 913 buys 676 stand. 9135 of 670 Stan and you'll be right now supporting the team on Monday. Coming up next recruiting can be a very sleazy business. In college athletics. But this is just downright dirty we explain next. Studio sixty in sports media know Judy tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Nine it was. I'm glad no. Randy not only. I told me you still been a good start talking I'm even excited and it's easy to get shots I'm Minnesota Wild team. And I got you know leap and got into the field succession committee that would. I incredulous to JW. In Lee's summit JW in lease up. He won and for fitness. Man. When it comes to college athletics basically I know it's. Recordings itself deal right what went when your ad that the big. Major powerhouses when he comes a callous boards and everybody's trying to get in the dolls Olmert on the air in or the top bomb. It fell. Prospect type both players that are going to be playing well what are all the other different games yet the under armour game. You have the ability had the was it doesn't doubt army due to use our real mayor knew he means it and when you're going after recruits like that. Lot of times people what it'd be dumb. They've got to use tactics when it comes recruiting that are sold night. Usually it's. Job security you talk about a coaches' jobs here. Or something I guarantee there schools have neatly recruited Missouri. Role and the use it he's ordered him. He's what it is there something going on campus or the coach buddy you know Google even a year the real face a lot of outpost Keating five the Burnett though. All horse or maybe some would say to me is still fair because you basically say I want you to be either you played the coach of the school the combined. But I think a lot of people say. If you leave its report rate is all of that if you believe that you all the colts to get that player on tape this. You guys are moving in the in a positive direction injured relief that good. You have to negatively recruit or talk bad about somebody else's program. Okay. That's the thought of a lot of people. How blocked this from CBS sports baca. Ohio State's bad not date it all how they've been down the last the leaders say they've not been so good when it comes to what they typically been a mean. We know that. Would Ohio State had great old in and Mike Conley joining annals. They were really really good at dot was CB to dig got to a final four would have ever been that good and why. He states that an opposing team and told recruit. That he was. It's pretty classic on. Bet Mata said this Tuesday's somebody told recruits out was die squirted dot. Not that must put Dick lift but that I was going to die in probably major program it's a tough business. I'm in. And he's had some health issues not to that degree of what's it like just you know. Head coach Hayes had health issues with his back so every coach is gonna go through some ups and downs. Oh when you're talking about a quarter is going to die when you do stuff like that. S not good and best bets that's about as lol. As one can go you can't dole evil we talk about what it comes recruiting we talk all scandals out of scandal right now all this. Day. Hugh freeze on the hot seat because they're talking about. A boosters paying play and if you go to bowl games and so people do the as you say don't go mystical portable game that they're talking about right now they're talking right now. That was. Over coop came out they didn't even signed Ole miss it said he got paid but didn't see story like about a month ago he says yeah I got eight. But boosters at Ole miss and I didn't even sign. So that's out the so there's a lot as a lot of talk to speculation about. Hugh freeze and was going on Ole miss the respect has been speculation year remembered years ago this itself about who was that all over doubles getting off allegedly getting paid but they never funny thing about it. He can't do. And new. To go this. Route though. To say to a over true to. That this Coates is dying to get back to when you're making that up that's. Thicker crude said coach you're okay. This is what you would think they resource. We stand boom went bust which he was who tells who I do wanna know who said you know what he's been player and a dent who Timo admitted. Most visibly some bad blood from word that is a little bit surprised at that model hasn't set well. Maybe we called in called all they had a conversation. They had to embassies. We'll take about a plant the seed with a recruit. That in opposing colds is done best is dark and that's as sleazy as recruiting ago. I just desperate but what's your right L coaches. Use this type bulls maneuvers all the time what do you think people are saying right now about Bill Self. We talked about. What would we we talked about it earlier Michelle would you in the India exactly. We've Siegel into the India jewel at the big time players with regards to either one more year telling me one and done. Its annual warrior and see when you talk about professional. Golf ball ball passable what are the word about the stuff. Like. Chipped as a coach here next year of your past that I'm getting my free agent Chad. Staley say plea for the school but the coast that's not true that's what they build the plea of the they wanted to play for the flesh he coached they wanna go to the next levels a lot of times they look at the coach because they become Iraq's. If you do right Urban Meyer needed time off forty do you would DSP got right in front of everybody in trust me the things he was saying. You sell himself. Yeah less miles these is it not working they're gonna to sell themselves exactly what they're gonna do. They have the opportunity do they all play the game we get that's pretty dirty received coaches died at his its cross and. I mean that is. That's is downright dirty. A Ryan when he comes to a back to your single days. How many times you pass them by April salt on you gain. We'll be right now where this this exactly this the same thing that's what is this same exact thing. You are we don't know the CB about whether. Or on CB. Block. Name when points all I mean it's it's wanting fortieth what your boy to do that. Within the CB but hey. But by a very simple principle like putting out somebody else's plane dozen acres burning bright exactly yourself enough for Manchester. As it about Tony Romo in the world's two things Terrance Taylor staying in Tony Romo is going terror delisting their exact. Detergent and with the brands you don't worry about a particular quarter Minnesota's big cowboys releasing Tony Romo won Thursday sources built a culture. In Meese who claimed the auto workers. It bills restructuring. Tyrod Taylor's deal to keep them around and awful. In new contract last year and they re structure this year justly it's. There's a Tim Pearson when it comes to you on. The now. Zeke Elliott stuff in terms like his pro day sources Joseph makes sense. Zito LE six foot Joseph makes him. 61. In terms of forty times 447 physique with a 443 for makes oracle. Makes and 35 C 32 and a half broad jump exact same night it was bid for a heated when who don't have it on honestly. Dad's. That's. All right Doug coming up into made us who to back to that season era theory because. What is the best part of resigning one of the best safeties in the national football. Will tell you why next. To studio sixty and Sports Radio.