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03/08 - 1 pm - The Home Stretch

Mar 8, 2017|

In the final hour of the show, Eric Berry shows us why you resign your vets. Plus, the struggle is real & the Take 2 Before 2.

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It's different jobs next to. He's been just as it comes here it did not know. That's just been to court today I don't we don't know the bottom right we don't know we don't know that I only get vandalized something an active market suspended so. Wherever I don't really get it anymore we don't know what the damage was. I've got next and Red Sox on MLB network new Tivo yet. Because his plan tomorrow and I'm not not I don't care after they do not. Could not really where a student and you're not in Atlanta for cloning please if he strikes out. Cleveland is two picks in the top twelve of the open Tyrone who I mean I'm waiting for the stories like. Tim Tebow field routine ground ball in spring training game what does Eagles hold so tell me that it so it could afford war time you're telling it seems locals. To the plate tomorrow and force pitch from force LO and he knocks out the pork. That you're not gonna bids in update. No you don't win here. Here's I'm waiting for Tim Tebow doubles than sports and the screens the saved man choking a hot dog. Saves his life that you know that's gonna happen he's got a twice now want to complain more southerners and I mean this police say I don't once AT&T brochures. To say it's positive Tim Tebow doubles and runs to Palestinians say somebody choking on Rondo and many labs ties with somebody and found out delivered a baby and as we decked out that it. It will news went around earning everybody's water in one. And on the seventh day eucharist. Probably going to be Stewart mark. All. I just I'm tired of seeing these like Monday stupid Tim Tebow stories Tim Tebow it's nine home runs and batting practice. Cool man when he's which all the more sweet from PGA's paean they got them to be Tim Tebow absolutely weapon in the batting a blizzard under the ticker at that. Tim Tebow put his belt on and didn't miss a loop. On a little more. Tell Libya at least you stupid that you does of the you do though you went all in all this information every little thing Tim Tebow does the world to celebrate it in you know all the information. If we ever had Tim Tebow on studio. All be the first thing you that you won't be the most support do you wanna ask you shower with a beer. And they're both not drinking a beer in the shower I get the theory is no experience. Now. It's a good church one. Just really just Welch's grape choose but he might have the the water I TH level this year. He tried drinks like a couple bottles nano bubbles and it's a good bus. Let's move. Or you can give Tim Tebow bedding a big storm. I mean would you like me say I can do it if you lie yes. Bill O'Grady make it Tebow while. All you want updates on T ball. Right once now. Nobody. I. Eric beard and is that the updates on the opponent will be used entity give us an update right now and doing right now Tim Tebow declining right now. Is currently scraping dirt off his cleats. And Tim Tebow is really really didn't end there it got the brush. That's right all the dirt office instantly that it's. There's not save lives Robert. This bunker. All right to aired beer yesterday. Press conference you're right here on sixteen at this exact time. We talked earlier about Nam. And he talked a lot about you know the process in the journey and he sat there with his mom and dad and he talked in answer a few questions as well. You know. What this means. When it comes to him returning war yet you just staying all the steam yacht is the fact oath. Wealthiest football steals. Would taught is to place. I yeah. He's weren't things that. That's the number of please don't you know it's. Just got out button. Mean you know in a did I and a hustler. Main users when union new movie network playing long you know all through I don't know it looks back at the apart to look at the complaint Ollie. Question it was across. Good look at looking Gibbs is due to the hell yeah camera. In any Smart as he does talk Joseph. Through. It ought to do what he actually. Is that the plate he strikes out. I feel happy about it. And Hammond and I. All. But at home run who is sick is being umpire. Or don't let sports and there. This afternoon. I think I can back there and how lucky I got sidetracked with the a team to what the place right now situation. Air theory. We know what he brings to idea to the team from a on field perspective. In the Dow was the best safety in football lesser now some people can debate they'll say it was between air dairy and off. Who was the Atlantic talents with the news he was that he was phenomenal last year. Oh beyond the on the field stuff. Is all the other things that make up your beard era theory is a true leader. He has leadership qualities. That not a lot of people in when he talked to the media yesterday you could just. You got. Motivated just listen to speak. Really who plays this that you said that this one was kind of cool what this is this into the rest the team get that our entree. I'm not sure. But I notice I'll continue to push myself. Not is not just to be the best that I can be but I want to push my teammates to do this today can be as well because I know there brazen and I think we have a great team. Especially the core I split the guys that come in. I mean you see you actually had our guys coming just step ultimately get the job done. And I think departed that I want to give area it is getting everybody on the same page and just understand that we do have a chance and just taking advantage of the opportunities that we do have because you you don't get so many opportunities like this. But for the most part I just wanna bring the best out of everybody around. Easily demand. He he is willing to it's it's one thing to have the ability to lead. It actually you know putting it on your shoulders and say I'm decked out. I want to beat it to rob want to motivate other docs is the hostage it will would want adult. A bullet to lead by example would visited by the way spec is in the controlled by the way Specter Tebow your guy just been struck out wanted to go Adelson and despair accuses loss at the bottom here in Tebow to struck out looking they don't deserve to go to the damn is he doubling our through roles for you. They're very ticks all the boxes are brought yesterday. It's not it in the messages since the locker rooms were cleared is I think bill Dorsey when he got in recent message giggling when he he doesn't local money. Those things we did. You have to Warner connect to get the money if you're buried. What do you need to do as a person on the field off the field if you're not gonna take your third period and I think that that's. An important thing I think is important message for the rest the team from its looking pew organization. Is you always look at cross eyed with some of I didn't money for your budget last year to it. Because if you look at a gala aired Peary battling back from cancer and playing to the level that he played at. I think. The what do you think about me. In the year before heads Timor bridge structure to they've made about just needs to lift up. They're very easy number that's one thing that they would do we also talked yesterday. Though people can take away. From his last three years appoint just trust the process and just because they're going to do something. Only a circumstance. Or circumstances. Are to your room like you don't have to. You are downsizing eternity just because something happens on my have to change the route you take you're just gonna flop it you really don't have to. You don't have to compromise that. And the thing is a lot of people go to a lot of things but it they are afraid to ask for help airfreight asked for assistance I guess the biggest thing I had an arm. Even though I am capable to do a lot of things I have a lot of things that I can look how is that there aren't around to get anywhere wanna go. But it you can't do it by yourself you gotta have people win the game shouldn't being diagnosed with cancer have a golden day where those days where couldn't do anything. I had to rely on other people and if forced me to trust of the people and hold people accountable. And but it both tomorrow for the most part man just don't compromise and change them. Is okay do you frustrated sometimes but only discourage you from what's really wanna do what you truly wanted to. Just understand that life is our. That is difficult whether he knows just keeps good people aren't you and it's just a consistent manages is is is what you do. Day in and day out I eat CEO is too. In Thomas Yost is beyond just about character you know Hussein and his about consistency so you can you have autonomy in world. You do something you run for two split if you don't have good character if you'll have consistency and that's not going isn't is not gonna take you far sort of started. Bring it to every aspect of life just or on our character. Stay focused engineers and keep my dad and I think it'll work for a lot of people go to about it. Utility chiefs fined 24 hour period Dimitris here's. It does sell them the difference between them. The Italian operas cup it is textbook. If you're not just look I think that everybody in this town in so many people across the country work are fans of your batters even before yesterday. But after hearing if you weren't a fan how could he not be a thing. Moves to beer. What is there is there any reason to dislike him. All he didn't give it reason. Does a bullet to warn. He stays out of trouble. He gives back to the gym and he does everything that you want. A superstar athlete. To do. Is facing different. He he is that they easier. He was unanimous selection as team MVP there's no question and the is that many legal forward. He's got the biggest voice. In that locker over over just in order anybody answered very. Way over Alex. Or skills yet become a leader. Sponsored bear. I told you guys who's more like. There are certain things you cannot teach. And I think being a type of leader like Eric Berry. Is one of those things you can't teach I didn't go over and you could tell guys but. You make X dollars you need to be a leader this team or you're the veteran club you need to be a leader on the team or. You were drafted high you need to be like all of these things you can go telling. Org or it doesn't matter if if they're not born with that inherent ability to lead people understand what people need to your to be motivated. And how you can lead and set an example by yourself. You were born you just sometimes you can't teach you know what attitude sports can't teach speed. I personally think that you can't teach that type of leadership or do you guys step up and doing certain things. But back type of. Leader that are ill be by example guy struggle. The response is because I ask you what you say some people bought with it some people are just born leaders I did it. But don't you think. On the other hand Ryan the ticking cultivate that like he does seek qualities. In a person. And you can help bring in the best out of them. It's a big numbers and think back but I mean I just I did this a bit of the force not immediate they had it's like okay. Let me give I don't because it is right at the part time I had a conversational Mike Tomlin. Outlets do can be anecdotes as immediately as he's got its he's got it before you know he was told this merciless I I think a good example. Over across the parking lot would be Eric Hosmer might be stuck as both guys have. You same agent both guys. Came up relatively the same time now Eric Hosmer obviously at much higher expectations of micro stock as but I think we all consider them both to be good players. If Scott Boras leans over to Mike we stocks insist they might. What I want to do was I wish you really take young guys on your way. A which judicial all these qualities that teams look for. In your first free agent contract because that's what teams are gonna want they're gonna want a guy that can come out here and be a leader take guys under their wing and show me how to be a pro and show me how to do things right and lead by example I want you to go out there and do that Mike whose stock. India's. But he's not the guy think he doesn't yeah that a that we did it Astros game both are pretty Becky were from a backs are vocal what's became goody become a better vocal well. He he he he he you mean don't you think you're on the same level they're out. Although I'm. Cynic but what I. I think we did them confuse its wanting to be rob rob motivational guy in the moment as bulls beat we're talking about bringing guys along best there's two different types of pain. Why is wanting to be inspirational and want to be a leader in the order of things. Here's the thing that yet to be good to be leader he just dual listened to. The example that it happened you wanna study builds it into law. Critical example that I don't see that didn't fit in this Jason. He -- a possible visual species when you aggregate. They'll listen to. We usually have to be good to see you say it once but Tibetans who wondered what's the list of the when you're good you are right people listened and over big figures cited one example might we stock as whereas Eric Hosmer does that 462. Games plus spring tree west or east or the media got more the team spokesman that doesn't mean that it makes moves in needless leader most came very hopefully that's a that's not what I'm trying to save me when I'm trying to say is that I don't believe Eric Hosmer had to have somebody put that bug in his a year. And if they did put that bug in this year he's far more responsive than a guy like Mike we stock would be because he doesn't know what are he is. That's he was just born with that that's what he doesn't who he has the personality people here and talk and they go you know what. Who knows what he's talking and i.'s got a good head or shoulders. I'm gonna listen to what he has to say. Whereas Mike was doctoring and try to take anything away the guy I agree with you think he has had his moments where he has been a leader for this team. But he's up at every day he's not consistently that guy. So I don't think that he's one of those people was a born leader sure he can step up when you even here and there. Lot of guys move in question that these type a personality I think he's got it. The leadership yeah I do. I did what and why isn't even doing he's he's agreed to meet these companies that the team spokesman like that he is again the those guys all season leader of that team. It would not be the leadership Michael Scott is acting dove one time one. And that was the situation with the Houston Astros SA I can't be a god I can't be giving others seem to ease front front. The stepped their ready goes we talked to the players I mean. I think we're still unsure but here you think Mike would start as late lead by example like other guys should model bear. Their play what it's clearly a good score but I think I think the guys become more and more leader on the team. I we're talking apples and oranges if we are hearing him if we leadership rankings with the royals right now. Was it someone lead on the royals. Hosmer so. Southeast common insect. Southeast dominant there's no question myself it's common insult real closely at Ellis works I don't know who can speak nick. Cuomo is that Louis morneau scored includes over us. They don't quarterly via. Air talks the media but outscored would be the one thing people listen to. Him not just punch them. Extra. Race. Any does easily. You have the yeah. Absolute audience. Absolutely on both from you know our favorites overbearing loud mouth father continues to give us some good material. We get to the latest from the bar ball that's. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pretty ticked down right next in particular in total to sixty in sports. Okay. Me. Hi Stacey it's like today it's thousands here. Two months Gasol can be hanging out at no default in the power might. Be there up until up games for Nike basketball right now sixty in sports where it will mean because you know the club prions can be that your news. Desolate at about will be doing remotes. Who didn't not Judeo Battelle. On site. And it sucks. Rubin. Like he makes us look good but the problem. Would you flying and in the least attractive of the three is that this who's implying now we know what are your room. No you you're like we got behind the scenes that makes everything go. Good gross a little you'll total mr. Luis inacio studies. In the. Aren't behind your vulnerability that you month and a jury in a while and know. Yours it disease and was quoted I was misquoted. What in a tweet or on eyesight failing Jay big realists. Know the talking about her and is some talk while no. Wonder. Have we had enough. Of a bar ball yet. Don't go to become in the teens that he would police Helio we watch and a mile oval the best correctly as low means he's obviously Angel and that's attracted to we have not had enough to yet because he continues to say outlandish statement by the way leads lose you'll currently Melo is only one committed easily and doesn't like. Over his kids to us. This guy that he is Lee who can play under the beret and ones that. One's own solutions go to our yet. Woolsey. He just. He doesn't know how to do is take it she'll appeal. He he he wants everybody to. Listen to what he has to say and we all listening because he's rather outlandish with some of the hot takes. But is it for started with the holes Duffy said about staff current. Alice signs back just after he's talking about my kid on the Golden State Warriors right now in May be better off. Do what the hour right now and he was deaf curry on you see a lady will be as it. He says so many different things well. Out of you saw this but over the weekend Charles Barkley was a talking about. Lavar ball. And he was basically pretty critical. Day. Mystical from our Charles bar just because you say some blank. Some crap. Does it make it right he's got to be better than step curry. That's what he says it stiff curry has won Koppel in BP. He's pretty good man let me tell you some. Best that age you stuff you can't see a guy is going to be better the staff Kirk Douglas played 32 college games. I know he can be proud of your son but at some point it becomes stupid. I think a lot of people loved what Charles Barkley had to say because what we could stand on the shall for the last month. We get it may be prodding your kid be partisan support educated all their life's endeavors. But just. Take a chill pill could your putting undue. Scrutiny. In a microscope on your ticket if one's a ball fails and does that little to the high. I think there's gonna be. Some Allison a fracture early should there be spotting a look at is that like. Yes also more NBA executives were talking about. He's is better. Because it hurt his draft stock is not a team player I think if you can play the Yankees hitters the inning be coached again and learned about Mike. If your college coach it might but if you're an NBA coach and dynamic here you know this negative direct communication simpler although it's different deal. Lavar ball was on down. The horror with talent our marbles everywhere. And he was asked about we take back the Thomas that he had. About staff corps. Here's the aerial tour we need him back. Wherever I sit opposite. There's a slight what would Charles Barkley yours and all these guys. It's almost bought like me maybe when it's happens you better know the work he says sometimes stuff about a people's mind off resistant. Yes what can talk until. So everybody has an opinion how things work I don't I don't care about that I prepared the goals of pot just like I was in a muscle with the I'm no mob wars about and what work you put in it's not a one on one sport of who has won one wanted to taller faster stronger. What is he talking about. If Charles Barkley. At his mentality that may be he would won a championship. I. The parties and show. What what is he talking about. The ball well is. Look you may be upset you maybe frustrated. That Charles Barkley had something to say it does the same bit. Charles Barkley is running his now you're running here now threatened to come like that. It's ridiculous comment number one is number one. Not every athlete professional athletes towards when it suits. Tell us Sparky did everything within his powers to witness it should Escobar all forget. The Charles Barkley won MVP. With the Phoenix Suns it would immediately went to the Phoenix does it was immediately got the to the finals and also Michael Jordan and by the way Michael Jordan beat everybody he faced in the finals. This the bar ball forget about that. It is secondly. Coming objectives of the barb all in all one he's the material sixers he's not man he did. At some point he's gonna be under bolder and turn as long as he's really usually Wear glasses and a right now. And we think that is not a fun some of the Thomas that is vacant but did it comes a point where. 'cause now he's going after people saying Boise is if people like me. Anyone wanna see it beats him. I did it man be prod your kid what. Legal horrible proving is what you've hoosiers have you compared with. They're always the cardinals. Decide profile and there's always did like the horrible. It's. And Ryan brought up earlier this morning he's talking about you know there's a part of and they it's that understands. Lavar ball wants to supporters it's all that meant everybody should support their team. Everybody's had their kids that everybody should feel like date it is great that it is also. Be realistic. If somebody says twenty years from now the bar ball. You tip what nag good Mikey made it to leak ought to you was to numb Olympic and address but he may be also take it it to come back tears when he did didn't win two in BP is like staff. T DeWitt hits it to like stuff. It was a ball ball and assay. Was illustrated. Timmy said he is kid out for fail. I was terrible it is that threatens. He said he said mr. failure meant by the time he gets it just below hopefully things we did expectations. All through the roof. There is a piece of me this morning too and I told it like. As I'm listening to. Lamar ball hawk. Things or ball anyway it's. Global. Montalban a little ball and now with that with only slow global. UCLAs and all couples but in what we've played here in Keene city next either Wimbledon. But unlistenable horrible talk this morning. Easing. I'm gonna apologize for setting the bar high. And there was appears to me for a second I'm like what all of our ball around here. No like I I do what he's saying man. Like I do. Meant a four year olds and and sometimes I feel like I expect too much you know it to the other day was put together a puzzle the puzzle was for fourteen year old is set the black or. Acid are all decent year set the bar higher it. Say Michael Jordan's name. So it's a bronze name so when idle moment when I hear him say I'm not going to apologize. For setting the bar high. I'll get with them and would do that. In the privacy your own home you're gonna put people in the streets like mark is what you're doing. I say he's better than staff Currie or he's better than insert whatever plague or you want here. That makes it personal and public. But it's fine for you to tell your son. In the gym when you're there early in the morning your help him work out or whatever the case may be. Look son I think you can be better than step curry you should aspire and that you or bore two time MVP. Just killing three pointers leading your team to Chia. You know. Blowing a 31 lead whatever the case may be that's the bar for you that's what I want you to do that private man I'm fine with you said nav bar high in private. This and as you come on you've got sale yourself all over TMZ got. Your face on. I heard never and I back. It just seems like you're just doing this to get publicity man and you're excited to see your mug on camera and hear your voice on the radio and outside of that in this that they held down you wanna support your son. To a from the bleachers due from text messages and phone calls or whatever the case may be. But right now it's his time to shine answers. Exactly he's take your shot away from his kid he really is we're talking more about the bought the top of all console game in ovals canoe. Not like one's excuses that. He's gonna have that rep now or people like electric heater root for the kid because it was that. You want that. And I mean his view on the different food for its third talking. Telling them escape this kid may cost. I still like to his name what do the did you look at it differently Minsk as they have and won't shut up and she thinks differently of him I. I do you think I thirty C don't you think of more Lavar now. The ball ball play with the jets in the Carolina Panthers. Last I checked the jets have won it's ABC it's instilled name of an Carolina Panthers have won its. So don't talk to Charles Barkley about sedatives he didn't stop it. You can't protect us. All right there's one anticipated move that that sees we thought would make. It has been made yet we to discuss what that move this next. To studio sixty and Sports Radio. I backed him on the face of late today and jousting here. On sixteen in the next couple of days we're going to be out it to know the plot points. The power fight to take a south. Timid to run to score opens. Friday for the entire shelves tomorrow open skill. They youths. When it comes to a lot of teams on the NFL right now a lot of. As if I was asked you what would foresee and it was. Going to be like a cycle and a dogs likes in the feet. Burnett. There are nights electorate and they do like to prove both of these things are true. The deep. Remember the date Edwards on the remote man. Everybody was on pins and yields there like an Iowa State loses wields a lot of money on favorite things don't Freddie shouldn't see that I was the feeds here. In the nosedived during. With a two years ago that I would simply be in the championship and yeah. Those rights without an not recovered during the show on the weekend and take down and make it I was there to win but it went in that two years ago. We're using you know. Hewitt beat bark that's the warm yet as though the bubble the last that's. Ohio State fans and all that that they take all her. Well all of all all the schools that aren't in all anywhere. Close to here aisles they who plays the least among whom did you feel you pick one Virginia with the railroad and it wasn't easy Baylor. Pretty close between two. What's are usually sat there for sure in the big will be some more but to anger to you ladies tees off the charts let me be there for me I was right that day was like not. We begin this year. What Theo poised yeah. You think you'd like more is still bitterly Voyager earlier when he won the future through Jeanne Moore I was BP instantly you fans in the building Paris crap by the way when I was days. Asset. Bubbles who it is more I was the fees or that we talked to Weaver erotic route. Juba are there and it seemed like I was they crowd even talk of the waiver about his crabby being louder than. Kate use now with you I'd say number one Kansas close. Who I was they followed with. TCU didn't bring anybody about the recovery. Oklahoma State Baylor brings a few. Not on Oklahoma State travels well Oklahoma is you get the same group from Texas as soon as Cuba early sooner fans in the month because the team's credit and last year but he'll. I. What about the NFL is you're seeing a lot of bomb. Pictures movies from one situation to the next. On the news broke what was that ball a little bit less an hour ago Tony Romo. Is going to be released by the cowboys tomorrow integrity luge skiing up in we've already seen Brandon marshall's. In the last what 48 hours he was released by the jets he's going to pick up by the New York are giants so he's staying in New York City. The one that we've been anticipating this big it was talked about a while back to. When he came out that a Sally wasn't necessarily ten million but it was more like six and a half or six point 75. Was that falls. We haven't heard anything lately about sort of with the. I gestures with her think they figured six point 75. Is reasonable. The key around the future of the quarterback that your number three they would ends Tyler agree I don't think that their VO in anything. In tailored relentless ready last year they would need to move for fools but with hopefuls. Right we tell me eleven quarterbacks. Eleven quarterback starting. And learn more towards the talk rant last year and this is not accounting for players and and also the Texans who paid a lot of money for quarterbacks but then add a back up start most the year. But according to spot wreck eleven teams spent more. Respect lasts. In six and a half million dollars on their starting quarterback after thirteen total be taken account on that. Actions. Helped her Ayers. Somebody who didn't start for the bear that's true. Cutler was you'll start reform last year. Com Barkley he was injured for two games was a bar that was he the last one. And now it's melanoma is a raider mudslides or not it was partly. It way to matter. What matters is that. Aside from those two team to port is the one got hurt reporters at his leg it was a replaced and not after hole it was that are more quickly than those look at what I the way. Eleven teens not even taking into account. The Chicago Bears and Houston Texas it lasts. In six and a half million dollars on their starting. Quarterback AT and forty people were done and I don't care. Abdul and I like to run and I'm just telling people. Here. They are traceable for Beckett we're gonna do reportedly goes. But the conceivable he's got bases loaded the bases love to have April based clothing allowance. All news service. I don't think it honestly and Lucy checked lots. All of that it's doubles today like you he has leaders are terrible so if I play. Just all we can do politically than striker. Known as well strike I don't it's 02 count as baseball team bulls at the plate. Bases loaded. He just say for people's weight to this from the index. Pieces are loaded. He was gonna digs here rule we took war. I excitable struck out twice looking that it I and it's. He's working the count now we need like some back with somebody as a Tebow jets Jersey sit down on the berm. He's got all the Spencer. Seattle's the one they got distracted that's Almaty tempted. Swing 80000 and early speed stays he's got some dreamy eyes are gonna standpoint that mr. Steel. Steely eyed missile. Thing the people stay in the other cameras out there were cordoned he's number 97 on the now. On number seven in your play but number one in your hearts tuned to. Then people will be. Yeah and here comes the pitch. Well to a double as is there it is grounded though he struck out looking. Art is he grounded into double play and that was the most terrible but did exit through better. They do not demented people are still here. They're still just what it is that these are royals to dance theater school class vehicle he hit into a double play. It's like who cares about Tebow this quarter on the report weekly yet the domestic ports around being sarcastic. All right we get older iPods given what would double to Jules nick falls. You think there's any possibility that he remains on the cross the into the war of the chiefs keeping. You kind of hurting his market is that you think he commands some money nice salary with all these teams looking for quarterbacks but he caught. Board they wanna do they want to keep morale. Decision making could dump Alex and they'll falls of this reward to a guy's been in the system for a year. But I don't. We expect the chiefs this third. Creeds and by the way by march 9 which is tomorrow they have to be under the salary. Yes the demean this would be industries bobbled we're talking about a right up would you like to make double basically gonna do. Any possible to see doom assault and knew that always breaks after we get off three letting go find a team. Always great set of you know. All right I'll get ready so the take two before two in the enough final segment we're done on the dates. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. In and and and and in the oh. Miles and basically. What. Role. And he. To make. Him well and it. He struck out double file rating. So. It's an image and women's. It is international Wednesday. We also it detects two wives or girlfriends. Mistresses. I'd pieces for me it's these ladies around drop as prepared now. I appreciate the sacrifice. Hundreds of sensors and women put a lot of work absolutely. And if you don't believe that this is the male dominated world you were living in a fantasy land. If I have to hear anybody say win the may international men's day a slap in the race with the other 364 days a year. Think it's. Hugely thanks so yes I really do something but. You know. Never. The year. To date on international Wednesday. Don't think. On thank you try to pick up some of the slack. All the wrath. Of all the cracks here you. Do some of that crap on it. I'll. But it's an economy more for open. Basically took his posts and those of us. I'll talk a little light hats and securities quarterly. And smelled it. At least in the security yet if that's equivalent to pile of enter greens saliva and trashed and those he would. Nasty smells it's fresh it's. It. Loon loon and just textures mother in Worcester at the Internet before I did this morning it. Outburst in the morning prospered this person. About. A it's not someone leads off their tax with OJ is correct and like when I'm just gonna disregard. Your content. You've been in that little unbeaten it's like when someone's like I don't wanna sound racist but level and in the view him. Well normally do is currently aggregate clause to please ride. Level and the new places oh does it take to. Experts say that there wouldn't it's there would be no that we we know that that was the equipment he wasn't. Why do we need. We talked about this. If it was in the state of nineteen what we talk right it's tough to be a man in the world this similarly is hard I mean I didn't get a text from an additional means that. Tribunal a white man who thought that it started that huge about the emails no opportunities. Her about the emails you paid less than everybody else it's tough man cops always arrest in the what in an issue in the UK newspapers deliberately keep it this is true. Why did we knew about it request and present those dominating with the Cubans exclusively pondering. Why didn't know about. What they can't do what is the lightning equality on lick. You would like I'm in May as the night at the lightning the equality you know. All have mattered all of them. The build up the greens and despite this on there it's every day. That's why we Dana Woodson hit it means the two members disgusted because that's that it women's day to a lot. To do. It's the blood or not. I don't because I told you. This book is take out. And pondering life. I thought I. Vienna today. That's all night long third and I'm like I'm done here. Seeds and big. Miss most about current. Ousting. Of the Bennett's for the rest at it that I. All right yeah Zumaya out by taste good duplicate it goes without water. A provider of one. Dollar and obvious and I am. Who did you settle down immediately after the pulpit to beat and yet. And stop it stop it he remarked. We're talking about. We're talking about your very a lot of equality here to accomplish that because it's a. And one of the things that we can feed our ball when it comes injured there isn't done. Just the opportunity to getting on the football field. But we talked about what he means the organization also the floodgates and it's that I don't. We've got good leadership skills and leadership of bill have you. Ball bend. Holes like last night. And that is one of the key piece that you cannot forget about your experience one of the biggest reasons why he's going to continue to make an impact with the organization with a franchise is it just because it wouldn't get a pick six and taken to the house and at the big game changing play for the Tennessee seat or not the simple fact of when the opposing team is in the red zone and he gets an interception. In yet in the back of the end zone stops a drive that that's the biggest deal. The biggest piece in the biggest reason why you're Beers gonna continue to be a beer you valued member of this organization and team. Is because of what he means. In that locker room for leadership. Respect. And that's the biggest reason while we're sold Pakistan here beer me in is leading the team to be deleted ideas for the city's. I only international justice. For the. Life. This pick out there. Long history of oppression and the like oh yeah HR. I'm online news. Globally it's funny. I think you'll see him play each lives matter like that a widening kind of whereas under the white man and you blame it on the black man for. The couple of them all at the welcome to America. Up. Oh it was baseball still would have Dexia stick to Sports Radio six is forced the dot com. What don't you guys tomorrow Hamas political blows them and during the day ladies. Yeah. And it's big a lot.