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3/8/17 The Night Shift - featuring Sean Levine Hour 1

Mar 9, 2017|

Host Sports Machine Sean Levine opens up the first hour of the night shift chatting about a couple of different sports stories that broke throughout the day. Guest Matt Tait of LJ World also joins us to talk some Jayhawk Basketball along with some Big12/NCAA tourney talk.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah yeah. It. The money. Radio six to Sports Radio. And sixty and sports dot com with my long lost friend Julio Sanchez. On the sports machine show on the V. Mainly got after the sixth in the work its extends portrait. Seriously I was getting battered and bruised around Julio you miss most biblical for the show. So if you heard my weather coverage an oddity in the store machine couple nights ago. It was not good it was kind of like. Did you particularly foreign languages and eyes but since Danish took it benefited. Does the Julio Sanchez to good advantage that adults are curiosity it actually gives me disadvantage because I do not particularly elect is generally that's AF OK well anyway I kind of felt like guys. Took Spanish one and high school. And I never took it again and they ask you to a Spanish for two hours from the boss that he can you talk weather for a couple of hours so I tried it. And out the Gosder success with my coverage I've been battered Betty nice ones no plan to a Hannah storm's coverage. About the group basically today. Mean oppose the Storm Chasers span the best one came from Carrington when he said that I should be working down in fort because they've got put the Tampa Bay Lightning in the mind. That one I appreciated. Thoughts that 135767610. Duty tickets text line is 69306. Got a lot of stuff to talk about the big twelve tournament. Starts tonight in Kansas City got the jayhawks and wildcats. Playing tomorrow of course you can catch you basketball right here on over the jayhawks 610 Sports Radio talk about that coming up. About forty minutes welcome on Mac eight of the Lawrence journal world then of course we'll take you inside the mind of the machine during the 8 o'clock hour. Ordered six and ten coming up here in just a few minutes the big news of the press today. Is that Bill Self has decided to suspend his freshman stud Josh Jackson. Four whoever their opponents is the winner of Oklahoma and TCU and I think if your case you've paid you think that his punishment is about. You probably don't think that all these guys should speed with all these different. Levels of all crimes some of them were just eighteen year old being idiots but if your take you thank you probably. Think the bill's office hand to the right way because this is really the first time that any of these guys have missed time off the court. And they're missing time off the court vs the winner of Oklahoma TCU. In Kansas. If anybody thinks that you really needs Josh Jackson when that game you have been paying attention jail basketball. There's of those dudes basically decide if they use going to win or lose each game. Gaming game out now certainly. Speed is an important factor in the general Vick you could call him may be the X-Factor and Landon Lucas pulling down rebounds but this team is going to go was all our. As their top end talent and that's the three guys that you're thinking just Jackson the bomb program. And frank Mason who by the way it has now been named sporting news national player of the year along with these CBS sports' national player of the year NBC sports. National player of the year and a couple other national players of the year. But I don't even have written down in front of me. So it's basically those three guys. When it comes to royals baseball. But the there's three guys this season that are really going to determine whether the team is good. Bad or somewhere in the middle there were. And somewhere in the middle for baseball team and a market like Kansas City its worst place to beat. Worst possible scenario the point seventeen Kansas City Royals is that they're kind of good the third just above average because of that happens. In all likelihood they'll still have caused murmurs doctors in Cain and as you all these guys its contracts run up at the end of the season. On the roster at the end of the season balls not to give anything back forms on which way the royals would that will be better off it'll suck as a fan. The royals will be a lot better off completely tanked this year opposed to being average and misconstrued and so I'm not suggesting that the world's blood there and try to lose baseball game so they can start to siphon off their part to get other pieces back and build toward the future. I do think the date more is gonna have to be proactive instead of reactive may distort making moves a little bit sooner than a lot of us expect. But there's three guys I think their most important to the world make him playoff run and won seventeen. It on the go to tickets text line it's 69306. Or you can dial this up at 9135767610. If you've got a different guys four guys the night. In the we're at about when you talk in Kansas City Royals baseball especially before the season begins. Is we like to think that were experts because we're sports talk coast. But the truth is no sports talk host nobody inside or outside of baseball I don't care what you were drinking or smoke dawn. All the woes are going to be as good as they were and 4014 and 2050. 160 it was a little bit easier to predict based on the success the team had previous two years. What is your. I think that I've heard the royals finishing anywhere from second place does it seems that the consensus at this point is that Cleveland is the best team in the division. Anywhere from second to last as a matter of fact in Las Vegas. There over under I'm a bit of a gambling degenerates ought to check these things. Their over under for total wins at the beginning of the season. Just a month ago literally thirty days don't was released. Was eighty point spot. In Vegas is hardly ever wrong what it got such big buildings not little shack that you don't gamble. The bill goes on people losing money in Vegas is usually pretty close when it comes to over under totals eighty and a half has looked at the world that a month ago. Now got to that 74 and why. What does. The obvious who's your daughter open her passed away within that timeframe. And I think that. If he wasn't going to be the ace of the team you certainly going to be one of the top two or three outs in one of the top two guys along with Danny Duffy in the rotation. So whoever was to take his place and that we know it's going to be. War would in free agency animal free agency so those guys and at the do something or place a loss of your Donovan were. In the rotation. But but the battle Los Vegas song went okay. Just with that passing of him that's another three or four losses. It has all the sudden blow of the Cleveland Indians there over lenders at 93 and a half and really the reason these numbers fluctuate is because of the public. Which means the public thinks that they know something about the Kansas City Royals when their over under was pleased at eighty. They went out there and hammer. They said there's no possible way the rules can win that many games so they just lowering it lowering it lowering it and now. If you're in the stocks fueled by Los alive now's the time to the Kansas City Royals. I don't care if the biggest royals editor of the truest Lewis royals they're used to go to games at old royals stadium and sit not ivy. Four dollar GA seats and watched dizzy Rel for Tuesday. 74. Wins. All agree that this team is going to at least when 74. After Ames. They played baseball. Even if they have injuries. The injuries last year I think what cost this team probably. I. Lost moves for a you'll ever for appeared to. You got to think at least a half dozen games. You don't have that talent on the field there was one play that cost them the entire left side of their alls or. Outfield in my whose stock is over at third base for a significant period of time. Everything was brought we'll look back to give credit to Dayton Moore and Ned Yost are building the team adept at doing a good job just to keep that team afloat and to go on. By a quarter didn't look quite as glossy consider what the previous two years and in a World Series win and outscored the stranded ninety feet away. But the last year considering the ports you had more importantly the ports you didn't. I wonder was pretty damn good. But this team's going to finish near 500 here's why. It's going to need to be boomer boss there they're going to win closer to ninety games for the Gordon went closer to seventy games and I really don't think it's going to be. We're gonna know pretty soon. The royals get out the gates are. I won't be at all surprised to try to at a piece or two American finally get comfortable. To start the season let's call it. Open for the for sixteen games or something like that. Were halfway into the first month of the season and as a fan base and players from office is convinced that this team can actually go up there and they pushed to the post season. Bit of a deep breath and think about it. For Kansas City Royals fans who have been wondering now for really the better part of how long we had dessert I'll conversation. Seriously. I realize that he's port. Of the core of the most popular and some would say successful. Group of royals players that came up from the minors made it to the majors and made big together. We think of Selby and moves. And odds. You can certainly throw Donovan terror in the conversation as well. 57676. Them are thought to duty tickets text line the 69 threes years. That we've been having that conversation for a long long. It'll be nights of the royals give out the gates hot and though that in all likelihood they're going to become buyers not sellers or at least not start to siphon off pieces and we can and jewel. Eric Hosmer. And moose who knows maybe something happened during the season even though he said. He wasn't going to talk after spring training start by some 676 them any thoughts to take its text line is 69306. Other views of the three guys that are most in. This is definitely a point to two Bjork. Number of pitchers. And the reason the royals have been successful they have the last few years don't which they've got a great defense they've been really fast. They've been streaky at times. Because they're open. The starting rotation venerable wind or they haven't really had an ace yeah we called James Shields and eighties at times last year. We called to any deputies there's a difference between a true ace. And being your best pitchers somebody's gotta be your best pitcher somebody's got to be number one at the top of the rotation. Liberals didn't really have an east the way they want gains the last three actually 45 years now because they're playing a different game and everybody else. Yes it's on the same field everybody else is playing checkers in the roles played chess. One step ahead of everybody else and they realize that in the market that are in with the lack of power and resources. They have to do something different. And he went out there built the best bullpen and at least back in the global and 789. In the history of Major League Baseball. The world familiar with HDH well don't look now at city. But that's down to each. And I've got him as the most important player on this team and when he seventeen if they're going to get back to the postseason. If Kelvin Guerrero. Is not every bit as good as Greg called wade Davis and that takes away the biggest advantage at the royals. Which is shortening a gain compared to other teams. What's the four months spoke to Craig in south Casey was upgrade. Right now my. Yeah parlor by the premier. You heard the other guy now. Are you gave about a little more. And you know the same name lit. Soria. You know that Seattle game yet they loaded gun out of that jam. But you know. Against. Plot that and you know and minor leaguer probably I don't know who it all in net lineup for Treo that I. Wayne at that particular moment when that happened. But you know like winning it's contagious and keep the line and looting today. I think we you know like you were talking about. You know rapid games better or worse than it different. We have an app again. Back that he. Ugly story law and currently we're we would have been closed well while our race. Oh yeah Roth you wanna tackle on injuries and say the royals little one another half dozen games last year. And the however many I don't think I count that high and so I'll have an abacus in front of me. Number of games that walking sort of blew it and appeared double digits Montague and in the wall with thirteen. It's not that simple don't tacked on twenty instance tract point losses but the team would have been much more in the hunt in their war and don't forget you're talking about the royals. Big alive for postseason baseball. Remember. With five days left in the season. Which that has bugs you league's biggest. Adding the second wild card and it was up to mr. anymore but that was his best. Adding a second wild card to let cities like Kansas City and markets and fans think that they're still. 57676. Dem to take your phone calls dirty tickets to XR and 69306. Coming up would you Q six other sports scores and ten minutes golds six intent coming up next on the night she extends portrayed. Okay. I can't say that I Jibril on the sixth and Sports Radio this extent sports. Dot com with who goes on jazz on the sports machine Sean with the detects a rolling in on the good tickets text line 69306. A couple about you. This one stood out from the U 16 is literally not even a punishment for Josh Jackson can you could afford the third game tomorrow. And still have the number one seed. In the midwest that's probably true although. At this point what was Bill Self supposed to do you think would have been better on that. Should it punish all these guys more severely should be punished Josh Jackson before is that he. Wait until the NCAA tournament first round game wait until the sweet sixteen I mean what else could possibly I'm not saying I think he handled it right. I'm curious how you think it could have been handled it. I also asked the three most important players are to the Kansas City Royals if they're going to make it's 117 playoff push getting a few different answers a lot of moves. In their moves came Oz hurt him in from the 816. I did you Calvin Guerrero as my most important player coming up later on in the show or did you players to end were. 16 is clowning I've got a lot of that today. Hello good prediction Breaux the world's gonna finish closer to Niger closers seventy. What I meant by that it is it's going to be boomer there's going to be a lot better than we think or probably a lot worse than that but probably not what you think. I know that's it run on sentence that probably didn't help that appoint any better. Royals are good out the gates. We'll still have paused on the roster which makes them better and Kean and as Ian moose and all these. In the probably add pieces knowing that its final wrong. We always heard about this window. This is about who knows what's what are ET 419 Kansas City Royals baseball. Is going to look like we can kind of predict what we think of 4070. And if things go bad they get out the gates to Woodson I would be surprised at the start to siphon all ports. Monopoly we're close to seventy games. Until. All right Julio we got ten minutes into elaborate on that tape of you sports doc comes a go ahead get a six. In ten give us six sports stores. Ten. Enough sports related some of these are we're gonna make an average up big basket came out forty years ago this week. We're sort of the sportsmen sort of a sports moving which is sort of sports movies which sort of courtrooms are your all time they've. So movies that or just sports movies but they're kind of sports movies like the the big the ousted them up twenty years ago. Just watch that the other night I want you to block died twenty years ago also. African or we won't Jerry Maguire is my favorite non sports or won't. Well black people shall we the money. The blind side. I don't know why I wrote down the replacements does that to me is the second worst movie I've ever seen behind multiplicity. The replacement player that's one of those movies you love to hate ideas. Don't like like I don't I don't enjoy bad movies like some people do not addiction Balco thing and not at all and I thought enough of the key in respect of the keys. Owners and he's chose acting as his profession. Just doesn't seem like they're the good ones out there. Speed arm Iraqi People should put that that's our favorite non sports or movie widened into what's next. Are you now be packed with fans this over the next few days. You ever daydream about via other stadium in downtown and get at the same atmosphere. I've thought about it and I think that it would be incredible every night the royals game got out which is ED one times a year. Plus playoff baseball hopefully. The people to go out of you know the same way that they flood that plays during the big twelve tournament the cool sport to me about the big alternative is. It's like really appealing to the eyes because. Obviously there's good looking girls in the weather's usually goes we'll see what happens this week it's nice out today it's supposed to get nasty and what's snow. Saturday on Saturday I hope no matter they weathermen I didn't want to go to the store machine again. What you've done all these different colors and all these different people coming you know I was statement people come from Texas and Oklahoma. Our guys up the dial talking about it's not they are the Kansas City always as predictable term they haven't always attitude and rotates Oklahoma City intensity has them a contract for the next few years. Why. As it is city and as approach that lives and works here why would you not want what is maybe crown jewel and all of our city. Every single year to remain now. His point was too close to Kansas and it got an advantage oh yeah that your kids will probably win the tournament the same amount at times that was. On the moon or that was in any user who was in Norman love the third place so well that. They've tried in other places and it just hasn't. Not the same results that gets you in Kansas City. And it it's unbelievable results here Campbell that he they've built the place people go to. NCAA tournament at least here against it. What's next. All right over the weekend entirely. Turtle underwent surgery in which doctors pulled out 915. Points from his staff work. What's the strangest thing ever wallet I got that sport and CN 915. Removed. She'd been eating them as too numerous calls them and on good look it's all 950. That's a lot I mean that's all the time and pumped out through Nichols. There a hot home. Us old clothes that fluid as it. That wasn't and don't assume that stuff taste like that it but the good tickets to excellence 69306. View for swallowed something really weird and I don't need your sexual text. Oh well you know that's don't know for sure there are you on the way. All I want swallowed a and not an entire cup at a pretty good swing devoted audience tobacco. It was not just these that was special. How do you slot like it. But first pitcher now how do you continue to swallow it okay good swallow a giant pool balls really burst yet thought it was water and it was actually. Not liberated dog biscuit who the honest I have now. Early enough. Most people eat dog biscuits I tried as most people I think that dog has yet. Russell retainer as a kid went up my agent at a wedding like that chunk of border with before the vote was like chocolate. Strange to. As of tomorrow Tony Romo will officially a free agent. At this point do you want the keys to reach. Return QB this isn't wars day you talk legislator on the show we get more into the chiefs because John Dorsey came out a couple of days ago. So that none of the quarterbacks in the draft if not quarterbacks in this draft. Just because a fan base like the Kansas City Chiefs is so longer than drive the quarterback. Doesn't mean the guy's going to do. In the Kansas City Chiefs have passed on draft. After draft after draft where there was good quarterbacks are guys that ended up being good quarterbacks available to them what to be chief pan out there's things. But they're actually going to reach in the year where John force comes out in mixed up maybe that's smokescreen. Babies thrown out there so all the teams don't draft these quarterbacks he gets his dude. But I don't think they're gonna draft a quarterback. At this point so obviously it's not. Interesting are sexier on her exciting things Alex Smith is probably the best option just next year for this team and talking when this bubble with them. The point one on the other eleven or twelve days but. Tony Romo to crumble like a coach you don't want to move up to draft rookie like the sharp Watson's gonna take three or four years. I don't want to what did you drop below we've seen. What the patriots backup looks like the chief yours it's not. Norms. But the teams are set precedents that's not what they do things so why would you expect him to do do this year especially in this especially in this. This next. Star burst. We will release a limited edition all pink bag which I think can read those two best players by the way way to during the month of April again triumph which means don't. It enough laws if you're such an expert on us or burst into the red in the best what's the best flavor Gatorade too conscious. To go with the other white what is its name the white wife that is incorrect. We're looking for more so kiddies don't get enough love. Purcell over the Katie or the scoreboard the crackle or the mr. good or don't do enough flow what you call. There. I don't the worst. Mighty mites are awful. Stocks. Are awful yes. Those big cigarette things. Are awful this have though that's for withdrawing its point seven decades it's been a Cuba that cigarettes like we were to root beer that are I have. Let's sort of holding teams unit is our last one character with his sword. Is there are 30000 point of his career last night. Jordan Abdul Jabbar alone doctor JD both but the only others to do. How old are you remember remember all those other guys in the same sentence. But you just mentioned. If not five of the best players of all time certainly five of the top ten Jordan Abdul Jabbar Malone doctor JOB. The other guys have done it could come up that conversation until you work your wait wait wait wait wait wait. Which is weird because he's played in the league long time I think this is nineteenth season. But Dirk has done it because of longevity Dirk did it. Because he was a ball putting up thirty points a gamer 48 points a game for ten years and they earned it he was one of the better offensive players of our generation. That nobody talks about it's like Tim Duncan retired last year. First ballot hall of Famer may be the best ever his position. Kobe Bryant retired last year people compare him Michael Jordan. Nowitzki is the sixth or seventh whatever you set all time leading score in the history of the NBA his name. We'll never come from those type accomplished I don't know why he revolutionized the the big man is sparse. Being able to shoot from outside who goes on just sports machine show on the beat on the other side. Talk K you basketball jobs Jackson and their chances of winning in Kansas City this weekend with Matt tape of K sports dot com and the Lawrence journal world and -- 610 Sports Radio. And. I'm. Cheers extends Sports Radio six fans boards. Dot com with the videos on it is on the sports would change on the beat you guys are disgusting talk about the masters thing that I've ever swallowed up. From the surveyed thought our dog vendor waters. With some dudes walled jail and not cool either. Somebody says. You know like welcome back into the show I'm wondering by some 676 then with your thoughts. Let's get some thoughts right now Matt Tate from the Lawrence journal world and that you sports stock coms so. Date this players eat. The word to describe this to you basketball season I can't remember a season where so many dudes had so many different. Things that they got into of varying levels like you don't want abroad about you don't want to. And of an umbrella over the entire K you basketball team because some of these guys have done knuckle head type stuff and some of these guys bounce and stuff. Where maybe there people out there at the beach be kicked off the team. Josh Jackson what exactly did this guy do what exactly is on. Well the obviously. You know for the second time now. Bad judgment. It bad decisions in eagle maybe could be described as sort of eat in the moment urged obviously kick in the corridor actors teammate gave. Rhetoric. That that judgment that heat of the moment obviously it's an. And then that you know back in the car. And and you know we've law. Moments probably behind the wheel that work will be at some verticals call every future heart rate than their current development. I would. Classify that the heat of the moment to. You know in that case. You know back in February with. He'd be mad about that decision. Taken off and not leaving his information. And not reporting it and talent coach so any of that you know so. You know felt that the a practice over here and that. He made that decision and any compounded it by not selling and we're selling it on and. You know upper buried there they obviously. It's the advocate and I think that that you won I think that's true but what it is very rare indeed that you eat and Josh. Had never dealt with that before org didn't know what to do each should've called. Sell or someone. That maybe you know what to do and and then it's that the case they can help you out at the EU that college is about you get. The ball and you get cute and another 181920. Whatever those are they'll do it. Let you know that well colleges Oreo and analog light you'll learn a lot about yourself so. Yeah call somebody who can help you out and and I think the fact that he didn't do that it it's. Honestly what to do anything what what probably disappoint itself here and let you spent too because it not like. You know back in the somebody got a partner identity of the federal crop noted and so they'll be that he. You know we we probably help on mattered not all of us that that's happened upon a time. Out he put it. Problem what happened after that and then not obviously where. We're yet to make some very bad decisions bad choices and then on now exports so that does that make up for August that this that this. You know six. What what people are complaining about this that the other I don't know that forever but he individual you know opinion that maybe some people maybe not but. The bottom line is. The fact that this was his second that the ease that he'd done something like that I think was was probably acute artwork Latin beauty and. Do you personally look at that it is an 1819 year old kid how old Josh Jackson has grown up and Renault would Gerald victim on Pigram a couple of other dudes. Have gotten in some trouble. You'd chalk that up to being 1890 rooms and doing some dumb stuff. Verses just somebody that doesn't get it may be into their privilege playing basketball for chances. Yeah that's a tough call because that's the deal mean that this was it the sort of normal. You know quote unquote normal person this what you were me. Wanna my friends did exactly you just that Josh Jackson. I mean he got everyone. And that you mean I just turned audience you know you that ilk so if you look at. Shell will be in college go to K you don't you know I think it would be. That's what you do it Saddam you'd make bad decisions. Heck rated to a written to a park are like what I was struck by it in the body and deliver. Delivered newspapers. Are on the other bikers on it and I thought it had that the pedal brakes you know where you use back and stop this war break. So that but it damn car and slam on the brakes and they just keep spend it in the neck and it back in this car. I don't think there was much damage remember because again. My heart rate in public is Allah. But I was probably thirteen or something you know also. I think it was just that normal that someone like you or me. Is that that would probably be pretty forgettable but the reality of it is. Then and they do a lot of breaks and opportunity and and privileges. Because of who they are at the and so yeah. You can do take that into account to. But I think it's a little bit. Wrong to go full lean one way or the other a little bit wrong to say. Tutorial at it will break. But it also wrong he's at Kansas basketball players he should know better be held to a higher it thinks the middle. It is probably shared probably accurate and it. Again you know it yet personally what my thought worse and and that's like that I adult that you could totally use because I think. It landed the stock but the little that a correct to meet debate that we're already under a pretty bright spotlight and Ed we know. You know that we act a certain way and eyes are on. So so. You know that the disappointing to him you know with all this stuff going on all of the freedom that they've been in the news for non basketball. Today he feels that that this team and doesn't matter 1841. Whenever you are should surely. Make that move to another level even. Greater focus in greater awareness and put even more importance on doing the right thing. Because people watch and so you know I think it is somewhere right in the middle and and I think you've got some guys on the team and obviously you understand. What it's. Eloquently spoke. And and and very clearly laid out that he gets it in at exactly how should be. And then maybe give the net that they just don't get it that there. Ager and Richard years of experience there were recorded about that that another if you. But they what I mean you know you. You don't get it that the panic from these guys right now I mean there that shootaround practice pretty spirited pretty light. MKU fans love that and everybody else and I hate it they're like man team but this stuff doesn't affect the team which is kind of hard to say. Just because they keep winning basketball mad Tate of the lord to the world and that you sports dot com got Matt and the machine on the night shift. So Fred Mason none of us could have predicted including Bill Self because I asked. Remember when I got laughed at the press conference date if he ever could have imagined that Fred made errors on everybody remembers. If you'd like to pound on me and then he shouldn't because dumb questions are dumb answers and it was like. And what Obama mean and now they economy does. I'm in the situation like how could anyone now you know that it didn't look at record. Appreciate you are a better but I was out of us better questions than that one anyway so we know we're here and he is a national player of the year. How does winning a championship not a big twelve championship this week but a national championship contingent on the shoulders of brick Mason. Vs everybody else. Everybody ultimately in yeah it's more about. Exactly yeah. Yeah I think so I think he had new. You know I think they can't win this current make and at that as an off day. But. In order to do that they're. They think they had at multiple people. Elevate they're games. Two to make up for that and and let the other trying make it had a few off days that he did. He's just so tricky and talented and driven and determined. It even on the update these so I'm elated scored 64 or. Or even lead the team in scoring apparently shot preacher well or something like that you know so. The certainly not. Untouchable it's certainly not a situation where they pregnant just do whatever it it will work out because that's not true it means that game out West Virginia. Yet Iraq game and then they get real and and so. The problem what nobody else at the open now so I think. They can land they can figure out there can be things that that that work out for them it makes an at all. But I think it makes and continue to play like he has it he played anything close the when he played last week in and out all. It Obama's state or or beyond that. I think that is you know there are no guarantees but that is really the put hid it in good position where you know you're almost ensuring that they are because. He's just so good in the the other guys to follow but but it he's not good. They've got to ask somebody else that well that it may be a couple of people and it could fill that in a hurry otherwise. You run the risk of having that same thing happened at West Virginia so and so because that. I think I think yeah I think he's absolutely you know could just yet. Not play well and they clincher that that happened a couple of times it it certainly happened in the piece you game when he was twelve minutes. In that game and it's out outlook was terrible but. They probably went in and you know look terribly but the big reason for that scored seventeen points in 34 minute though. You know things like that it happened but they grams chucked the ball poorly a couple of times and turned it over once while it may there's Jack. Same speed last you few games you know immediate need to be that continually. But but that was basically it just it puts too much pressure on the rock the boat guys. And so if you've got to happen delivered and I think he does them that they're gonna have a great run. The jails or put Kansas in Kansas City tomorrow night insiders consider our coverage action tomorrow night more during the day our coverage begins at noon. I'll take on the winner of Oklahoma and TCU we're talking crimson and blue. With Matt tape of the lords are world in case you sports dot com. I would say that most people probably agree. The cat was less to play for than any other team in the big twelve term they're already going to be the number one seed I suppose if it matters today amber anybody. I guess they're playing to be number one overall seed they're still the most talented team what are the chances the jayhawks when the tournament this week. I think that really I mean you know you if you look at that that that. The other side of the bracket and that's where were electrocuted Baylor exit eating tasty desperate need that that you know explain to their tournament lives. Well that you play into their coach's life in other. There's some there's some injury around 98 team and I think that case it could be. One of the most interesting in his term and I'm so so you look at those three team that and you have to look at that it can take it like it BP equals twice so. That would definitely not the way they roll over give him the game they would eat. Earlier you know so. Little creepy. Outside I think that he you'll all of it favorable Gerke because. Or bought it text text pretty darn good that bought think. Piece you know Oklahoma just played in the and so they have them scouting report at the Russians their mind. And then I think the Iowa State Oklahoma statement that he is is way better than the West Virginia there in the semi. These so. Think their greatness senior an and I think there. You know they're mindset is there are so folks stop on. One thing and one thing only and call them winning every time out there that these guys you know Brett. Taking it easy even taken a couple of days off to keep you eat I'll bet that's not at all what they want but that's. I mean that would be built over there and they would look at that it. Because the only thing they want it to blog when it and you know that's what happens when you have veteran team that's what happened. Win and you've got guys that are hungry. Geithner go onto it for the last. Eight it is that that the election he easily to get Ironkey and and after that it opens it up here so. It would great chance to win that day in and like in the play let unions yet to it would. If they do that they you know that could be one back in the battle of the other you're incredibly tight games. It talks and you know in you drop out there. Something about winning here would be very interesting week. Tate always great catch and I'll put you fantastic inside information as always I'll see you tomorrow night in such as Princeton. I will be there. Thanks and appreciate them. Got super super consider those present and Leo. Brent Sutter desperate than those prince at Siemens either of those burns that's who goes onto as I am the sports machine show on the B. He's as that was brutal. On the other side is talking about this case you basketball team is full want to guides we want to root for because the name on the front of their Jersey. Maybe not so what's the name on the back of their Jersey. Good to the same thing but Kansas City Chiefs. Were not drafted Tyreke Gilbert told was offseason. What we saw that I play. And now there's conversation about cheese possibly drafting Joseph mixup we noticed problems coming out of Oklahoma. Coming up next though. Ayers you're athletes are good guys. That I think on the other side. It's tonight she's six pence portrait. Kansas City children. Conscious tonight she's 610 Sports Radio six and sports are now polluting electric it'll come down again. And cannot reluctantly I'm not much rid of them did your team to be answered that one all right earlier today. Policies Escobar. Hit a triple that drove in Sao corporates. But the royals got shot out. About that. Getting to that number only down for the people. Do that let's let them chew on cue on 9135767610. Duty to its text line. Is 69306. Got a Julio and mind and I until. 9 o'clock detector still Julien on the text line Julio. From what we were talking about twenty minutes ago people still want us to know the nastier stuff they've put in their mouth. Students and mayor voltage and maybe his wife smoking hot she's a great league but she's got a wicked sense of humor from the 816. Two weeks ago my wife had my two year old go buy coffee cup would be before she could tell me when it up after the caller. I took a big sweep yeah. I mean I feel like you would either seniors smell that. Called him out. I actually drink your one time on human say that. OK now you need to explain that half mountain did my boys ought to be phony they filled up Mountain Dew two liter bottle. Most of it with you or him and I and god it's dinnertime we can't talk about this'll multiple months real quick let's give Frankie on the Knight yeah what's up Frankie. Michael. Optic. Enemy well I'll point offered arm. I think. It seemed like Coulter for several years for you organization you surround there. There a couple of ways where it solid work you know good at all now. Com and for summary. And I think that like. Like like any. Eat eat we feel comfortable occurs and it had a problem like Amy and or like. Or jail. Because of the culture that we created. I don't know Jerry is having a good ship or guy. It's. Work. So whatever whenever I do. Working and I actually an organ injury takeaway possible problem on board elects a war or a black out scheme. Anyway. My first daughter two years old we lost it and no shocker and I actually saw that well. 00. But good news bro well you're tonight's winner of the nest is bigger than ever human being built. That is brutal as far as Kansas City and drafting good guys and all that. I thought it was taken royals and not achieves Kazaa with the royals of the royals are full aboard two guys or just good baseball players. But careful what you guys you'd wanna bring home like cause Merck and moves and salvage contain Gordon. Off the young trying to think of a guy that. I wouldn't what my sister. It's not because they're a multi millionaires and professional baseball players they're just good news when it comes the chiefs. That the NFL is kind of Dicey because teams will always be willing to take a chance on a guy may be at the best guy in the world if he can help put. That's why when Adrian Peterson. It literally came out where it was a factor wasn't speculation wasn't maybe as happened took a switch to a kid. Minnesota Vikings when are we don't like that nobody likes that it sickens a split. He's the best football player in the N but I also installed as prime we're gonna keep out the flip side of that was ray writes. Elevator door footage comes out real draw meant that as disgusting a thought it was discussed and when I heard about it now but I've actually seen it. The ravens eventually. Go to Maine to replace Opel again. But that's not because he's a horrible guy with a woman in an elevator that salt because he averaged two point nine yards per carry the last season that he played in the NFL. So with the chiefs. They clearly. With traffic tie Rico last year was the most controversial player coming out of the draft. Have shown that they don't have a problem drafting a guy that the bad guy at least that bad guy at the time they give him. They think they're determined to a good guy and a great football player so far they've done exactly that with high retail Joseph makes him now to slippery slow but a couple of guys on your roster. Again you can only do with so many times and haven't worked eventually it'll bite you in the backside who goes oranges sports machine issue on the V over the side. I gave you my most important Kansas City royal player early show to this team make you its 4070. There's two other guys that are almost that pork. You're not going to bleed the names added I think there are coming up next on the night she six stands portray.