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3/8/17 The Night Shift - featuring Sean Levine Hour 2

Mar 9, 2017|

We kick off the second hour with the always fun segment, 6 at 7 where we discuss a little pop culture news. Guest Gary Parrish of CBS Sports also joins us to for a good NCAA tourney chat. And we close the hour with a little Chiefs and Big 12 Tourney talk.

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Yeah. New. Obviously the I want. And. Fans can Julio and tried to give you a little. You shut it down right away please you know the answer to the question. How could ask you paid at triple earlier today threats against Al Gore polarized with the royals still got shut out. Well because they were playing the Venezuelan national team in the warmup for the WBZ. The World Baseball Classic and it was a warm up for somebody girls got smacked around eleven to zero route. So there spring training record is now meaning that matter. Nothing less than this Bertrand Piccard welcome back into the night here. Blogs on Julio Sanchez on the sports machine issue on the beat the text or rural India we got some guys. It says he had a body do the same thing with Mountain Dew impeded it would not do the goatee because it's kind of the same color. And I guess not as much as mellow yellow or mellow Lou we don't have a group off or Minnesota doctors under mellowed a low mr. it is. I'll read every move market ahead. Those of political column. God instead of instead of cocoa puffs they were. All of those you know those 69306. And there's frost goes to the knock off version. Of years ago those were fantastic on a more serious note from the 913. Crazy things look Tyreke killed it was actually worse it was just that Nixon's incident on Nixon's incident was low caught on camera that's a decision Nixon's incident. Was caught on camera. And that's the thing about 2070. Air that we where it is. The era of cell phones everybody's got a camera there soulful which means they've got access to take the picture almost all time are taking video or ever. The east nasty things the Ray Rice incident that Joseph makes it incidents of the other stuff that we've seen that actually took place on video. We all win. Like a gas I can't believe that happen simply saw that you would anybody do that. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen because it wasn't on footage tinkering with Ole boys named the Philadelphia. Eagles couple years ago the start spouting off the racial terms at the concert. Was rightly Bradley Cooper Riley Cooper's live and what do you think he's the first. Dumb white wide receivers start spouting racial slurs somewhere in public know the first on the somebody got it on a soulful. And that's what it's going to be going forward where you really got to watch your back no matter what you are doing so. I think it. I understand what people. I understand whether some people out there that say it was the worst moment of the kids like in the case of Tyreke deal in the case of Joseph Nixon. There's other people that say because who did that I'll never forgive you or did he was second chance and Brinkley understand both sides to 670. That would bite of the job to breakfast do Austin six at seven. Because it is 7 o'clock right here on 610 Sports Radio. All right this is the twenty year anniversary of Beavis and Butthead. Where does it rank among your favorite cartoons which are the most underrated but it looks stuff happened twenty years ago beavis and put it layered to block. That I was came out. Underrated cartoons. Bobby's World. A good yes oh yeah element Ochoa can't candy was. Senator and the late John McCain or quick duck off those or an adult cartoon I loved it dark Wendell was spectacular. Inspector gadget. The critic of the critic. Zoo will resume that was more light that was creeping like little creepy you took some sort of drugs so we didn't tell you take it that. It watches TV and see what happens that was who who zoo. And I guess I would say the fantastic four is also good but dark window at the top and Bobby's World topped the list what's next. Right or leaving today Heisman mention that yet as a basketball doubleheader night. How many points do you think you'll score. At 610 had to bootstrap. How high would you go and I would I'd go. I've never seen you ball you play. I got a little bit of skill you do got some items also those are level that you just cracked the starting rotation you took the spotted Henry Lee congratulations. You look okay for starters went ice lefty. Because yeah I got a basketball doubleheader tonight it's over is like uncles that it could lead and he goes that's good players in the league and rate the players one through five. I'm a five. I'm pretty sure that means that finds the worst but I didn't wanna conform it right there in front of them but I've seen heist of all insensitive. The east of the purchase and it didn't set screens. And little height on them. He had his time at all. Not much cops that. You never know I say this is our starting okay first of all these guys are coming in off the bench geared to Chrysler please vesco. And fanning. Right sort of let those guys coming in off the bench as far as our starting five outs they Welch. As he's got a deal like six for yeah it's pretty it's got to be on the team Specter is a good athlete. Or so I've heard install at a solemn cutting up at its fort went into this week. That's got some moves some do but Michael Jackson. Entourage now remember. Us he dot I've seen ball or put him on their because I know is this the right now he'd be highly offended by and then. As a starting spot and put me seed out Specter and Welch I put my skills up against anybody here but would we do this sometimes do it did you didn't you'll. Given shots as we can't seem to get along let's get it won't do it. What's next she started head Demetrius here's was arrested today on a felony count of marijuana possession apparently that's the thing skill. Russia the team handled the situation. This still think Julio Jones do dead. Upwards of 35 grams of green on him who has trouble less than an ounce and it would have been a misdemeanor. It's almost like sometimes the mistakes. Are compounded on top of all the mistakes like this huge first mistake was going out driving with a bunch we did not having somebody else do that place. He's rich in features got a lot of friends and somebody would have done this for him transported. But that's right or wrong but what kept him out of trouble second. What you play 35 or it was a week when the fuel with 27 grams I understand this type hearsay. It would've been a misdemeanor so. I don't know man honestly you know those laws pretty well. I've heard a guy I think the I think that teams get a handle it probably imaging and this is just my opinion. With kiddie gloves and frankly I think they should this wasn't cracked. Wasn't cocaine wasn't caught shooting apparel and this wasn't under age he is also anything that was like. That big of a deal that was dropped relative weed in it wasn't neat new and we're used driver with 272. Pounds of weed eaters so. The cheers abroad is let the legal process play out due to go on to her probation whatever happens you got that much we'd that'll be it. Next. All right it is international women's day in America. Who are your favorite all time you know athletes my favorite I should say my least favorite Yuma athletes Rondo or house. Yes she's probably my least favorite athlete not named James Ayers I could never stand her. Sorenstam always reminded me of my mom when my mom's really matter. A government that I remember people who put it used to come home sometimes and you know curfew was midnight your high school diploma wolf fifty your parents are dead with a more open attitude to the business. So when my mom was tired in the head that's on this or that was always my idea so not a big fan of either. I was like Mia Hamm. Lynette Woodard former Kansas jayhawk in my favorite team athlete of all time from southwest Missouri State. Jackson stops feel like pat summit don't yet Layla Ali and the good gulf. What's next. Right you think Bill Self will eventually take on an NBA job no because you can NBA job. Is what other people do it seems like if you're a professional coach Bruce is a college coach. But that would be a better job or a more respected job. Is the NBA's highest profession of basketball coaching I don't think it is I would say that it's college and here's why. The main job of an NBA coach. Is that people want to famous multi millionaires. Happy not fighting with playing time and wanna stay in Dorsey that's basically what you're doing. You really think that. Billy Donovan the Oklahoma City Thunder coach is still teaching Russell Westbrook new stuff by the time that you give to NBA you've been in their for a few years. That's it's about managing personalities it's like Phil Jackson was so great Dennis Rodman Scottie Pippen Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant and she. We will work the stories about these guys and he continues continuously did stands win championships that's what it's all about as far as a college coach. It is much about coaching your team up when guys are 1819 years old going for whatever school program they came from. Where they're still actually learning the game but more than that. The recruiting. Lot of people think that depending on what happens it's immoral with K state Baylor the blues Webber might shown the door. He overload people say what can win with other people's players because he got the key statement was successful with French players and we got to Illinois. You success what bill sells players and the facts the facts. If you can't recruit those guys. But maybe you should be an NBA coach may be good coaching guys up the game of basketball that are really talented but you can't bring the talent. You're better off than an NBA coach opposed to a called coach and that does not describe the so he's probably the best. If not want to retrieve best recruiters in college basketball when it comes being head coach not to mention Julio. The question who's the face of the state of Kansas. Not the university the state it would be built itself right yeah. Pretty good yeah integrated predicted I don't know I think I think it's more of a timing thing I think sort the right is the right circumstances were to present itself and they like the spurs job. And quietly through there and they use maybe not it's. As much for powerhouses they have hey I think I always knew that gets their side I think your best case scenario would have been. Kevin Durant Oklahoma City with or a couple of years ago because he's from Oklahoma except now they got a new coach and he's in different city play and balls that's not gonna have a last. A right we gets nasty weather the other day you all over the city. Which movies feature your favorite weather scene sly and the school machine show on the greens on the perfect the perfect person asked for this. Gotta go with the tornado was applause and we're hearing him as a human with the team correct seen in Jurassic pork. Yeah weather now and then there's lightning rain and all that amusing Shawshank redemption of course I was gonna promote the kitchen American if you sit you know. Liberal in the escape Shawshank. Good one that's a pretty good speed of lightning strike him back in the future. On of that giant twister in the movie twister in the religion I was flying hoping we're really doubt about the snow scene at the end of home loan words with the old and who goes on to sports machine Sean Lavin on the other side I'll finally get to what I've been teased him to tell you the three most important players of the world's going to get back to the post season when he seventeenth open. Next on the night she. Six K Sports Radio. They think Kansas City did well took. It's on the way it is you score updates coming up in the next segment of the Leo's on such as sports machine show on the being taken over the night shift. Until 9 o'clock right shields extend Sports Radio. And 610 sports stocks comment line. My people thank you for pointing out that it was cocoa ruse that eight when I was a child. Because I had cheap compared to the sounds are glad you guys did who got this lovely once it funny closers. Were hunted to homes and don't forget about mountain like old air. That was basically my choices sooner with their parents said you could have a mountain lightning. You can have a doctor the thunder because of mr. it. We ask people under the cartoons Julio get a lot of texts from angry beavers yet never watching it appears that real look at the real thing that's a little move this. Oh well. I would I would doubt that I think we're lucky that. I was like yes it is in the deep water well get angry beavers. That was a cartoon but was it a real art about Nickelodeon mad beavers. I was too. Here's our Brothers and their anger each other in the history softly toward Harvey birdman attorney at law the new one and I ask for a really good. Movie whether scene and a half forgot the day after tomorrow that came in from the nine point three keep those tax ruling in. All the good acoustics like at 69306. You can always Dallas up at 91357676. Soldier with us earlier today. You're talking about the 4017 Kansas City Royals and this the first time in a long time. Where it's actually horror to formulate. A realistic or reasonable opinion on what the team's going to be before yours ports. What I mean by that is the royals for what was it for five straight years it is even six years won more games than they did the year before. And part of that is kind of like you're on a bowling league setting your average while they're you suck on purpose the first time and the next time you bowl 150 it was a double to. I hope that you might. This year for some reason it's incredibly difficult to even call with a realistic prediction because they're just so many better. He got so many guys coming back from injury get somebody guys whose contracts are up yet so many guys who last year. Really didn't play up to their expectations are looking at you outscored. The wonder what are they going to be this season. Because in 2014. I don't care if you're the biggest royals fan and history of the world. I've used to go up there and you remember bill put coda and Kurt stillwell turning don't poised at Ben's. Which obviously I'd figured and they're. Up in my head 1992 royals' opening day starting lineup. McCray Gibson Brett portable Eisenberg and Xavier still Shumpert may. So I'm with I remember those days it was really easy to predict at the beginning of the season how the team was going to be. Bat somewhere between bad and awful. And then in 2014. Again the biggest worlds than ever. This season was an and the way it did with the team getting to the post season sweeping to a couple teams along the way. Having the most miraculous wild card game in the history of wild card games. And then stranding. A player on third base in the ninth inning of game seven of the world's. Nobody could have predicted that was going to happen or the team would get back to when they got good they got great. But the next year. It was pretty tees we all changed or expectations. We thought cool you can crack the playoff. Drought could make it to the World Series expect to be about that good at the rosters to save the geyser a year older better a lot of players in their problem. I'll be damned if they didn't know it went up there and won the World Series. Which is wire expectations heading in the last year were totally unfair wholly unrealistic. Totally understand. When your team goes back to back World Series after being irrelevant. Being invisible for thirty years. Makes total sense for a lifelong royals fan like myself last year and a bit to come on the radio start talking about a dynasty. Going to back to back to back World Series. And we got out a big head over skis got a little bit excited did we and the city are on the water cooler out at Kauffman Stadium. Myself on the microphone. They finished five on and frankly the 2014. And 2015. Teams based on their talent are starting rotation. Older experienced on T young guys on the team. Probably should have finished 500 goals. Baseball. Has been scratching their head now for the last three or four years trying to figure out the camp at. Las Vegas is still trying to figure out the Kansas City Royals when the over under for win total opened more ago to the day it ripped in half wins. Another at 74. Wins. So it's tough to predict how this team is going to do in 2017. I think they're they're going to be great the going to be awful. There's going to have all of the pieces that we know all of a CDs Escobar and Muhsin Cain. Posner the entire season. Which would give them the best shot of course to get back to the post season because those are some of the four best players on the team. I think that they'll add pieces of they get off to a hot start the week goes to ninety games. I think an idol and I haven't heard a lot of other people with that optimistic of a prediction for the royals white. 181 last year after winning 95 your before 89 the year before that back to back World Series basically the same roster. You don't need to text me that they don't have Wade Davis interest Alice I knew they do we don't have but generally it's the same lineup a lot of the same guys in the bullpen. I guess I think about it actually not a lot of the same guys open. Maybe that's going to be their minds your thoughts by 76761080. Tickets that line is 693 easier. If you're trying to predict how the world's going to be for the next few years. Don't. It's almost impossible don't even know what names are going to be on this roster compared to the last few years where it's based eBay in the same court. I think if the royals give back to the post season 2017. It's going to be most contingent upon these three guys. First at the very top of the heat Kelvin her. Because the royals have been playing a different game and every other team in baseball the last few years. But it was a nine or eight inning game brings in the closer the royals managed to turned into six or seven. And do really really. But now they don't have the HD age Davis is gone. Holland is gone and now you're down to tell amber. If you can closeout games the same way the wade Davis. And before that Greg Holland did this team should be just fine. He's got to be handed the ball with the lead and maybe that's going to be the most difficult part of this whole entire thing. And I certainly think opener can do. But take a look back away davis' numbers last year and the year before that. And the year before that do that and you are hovering around one and one he says. Take a look at Greg Holmes numbers the year the World Series. Some of the best in the history of Major League Baseball of album or era and look anything like that. I think the key will be just on when it comes the ball. The second most important player. Is in the starting rotation that's an. Epic that most people if I asked you look at text 69306. Which three guys are going to be the most important three guys to the royals making another oil pollution seventy. I gave you a rare now did you Danny Duffy because Danny Duffy asked to be great. Not good any Duffy not okay did he Duffy the best pitcher in this rotation. The number one pitcher if you will ace of this rotation if you wanna go that or. He's got to live up to that. He asked to live up to the arm for Danny Duffy this year for the royals any chance of making the post season passed before when he wins. Asked to be in the Cy Young conversation the entire season because if he's not. Look at there as the rotation. You literally of question marks I believe every. Maybe not Ian Kennedy. I'm not sure able brings the table what would bring the table some of these other dudes and it was. Danny Duffy is the one guy and I've seen him go he's great and he has to be this year. If he winced when the royals are going to be right the thickness and Alex Gordon. Based on the fact that his entire career in Kansas City battle is one of the more popular players. He's one of the more polished all around the Bakken field the guy wrote on the hit for average power to do little. I wouldn't necessarily call outscored power hitter but you get my two and last year. What was his strength which is having a lot of them being able to a lot of different things as I'm sure the outscored does anything great. Except for the arms good. Is that the best in baseball maybe it was a couple years ago but it's not anymore he's even lost half a step out and we saw that a couple times last year. At the plate he really took it. If we can see that Alex Gordon this year that we've gotten used to in Kansas City Royals uniform. Then again the team's gonna make a play off. These three guys don't stand out and have a borderline career year. Could be tough what I 7676 Dem your thoughts duty tickets that line is 69306. Under a lot of texts that say Eric Hosmer. Kansas City be real with me here aren't. Do we as a city. And maybe we can't put an umbrella over the entire fan base against the royals here but it you know on the techs like 69306. How bad do we really want Eric Hosmer. There are some people out there that realize that he's the face of the franchise. He's the chemistry of the franchise. But he not might not worth the money to set a franchise back the next few years. We still always and I'm resigning Erica out here in Kansas City. By 76760. And who goes on just sports machine Sharma being on the other side. From CBS sports dot com Gary repairs. Too much extends or treaty. Chipped on your radio the big ball that is in town. And who goes on kids across the glass welcome back. It's extends portrait yields extends towards dot com on the sports machine show on the B you can follow me on Twitter. Action on the beam Casey mannequin for getting these cartoons. Text line they can more grade point rock goes modern life hey Arnold. The dog was on the reliability was rated properly. But but the three most important players to a playoff run in 27 team. Stop peace from Gordon came in and they won six cain's so layered Duffy every adelphia and everybody has Duffy and it. Kids at your smaller fan base recognizing that as the team has been good borderline great over the last four or five years. But the starter rotation hasn't been. I could argue that for a team that's been as successful as the royals over the last handful of years know T. In the history of baseball is as much of it revolving door when it comes in the starting rotation. Just this offseason lost 40% of World Series rotation with the passing of your government power and its board has going to free agency. Board of each to play out of his mind from the 913 I agree with better. They won six south beat Duffy in sore sore as the one that was right on the fringe from the because he is critical to this team he's gonna be the eighth inning guy or at least that's the plan right now which makes him the bridge to our era if you take it or are the lead with the ball. The ball with the lead Earl ago here. The lead with the ball all with the if he does get the ball or his team a chance to actually win the game talk about over there but he serves no purpose the same way that. Wade Davis before him. Greg Holland before him by 7676 Dem your thoughts due to take expects line 693062. Possibly point 7816%. An order to you'd fare but and you start the road for a championship and the SEC tournament tonight at eight. That person needs to put down their life put down the bowl slowly walk away and obviously. Wake up. Look in the newspaper turn on your radio it's either and you get shellacked by whoever play. I've probably. So. Fifteen to forty points at the scores over early on. Yeah looks like go Oklahoma TCU right now as far as the big twelve goes got about seven and a half minutes. TCU with a big lead up 6752. Yeah right so what's Adobe can use opponent tomorrow you can catch the active right here on six today and Sports Radio tip off. Is set for 130 our coverage begins at noon o'clock at your home the jayhawks didn't and you score. I can afterward in of this and until you want to and in that case we're talking college basketball we're talking with the best Netgear repairs a CBS sports. All right so give me the obvious other problem on the same page Kansas came out today again the number one team in the country Villanova still number two. But do you have any idea who we're gonna be those last two number one seats. Sure. Something. Like. You know with the kid that. There were no law. In that. North Carolina although I think there's an opportunity or. What was the whether you are so orchid. And got I think one way to go because of what's urban everybody else. In the pac twelve that there. Your life where. Don't know what slip. One of the pact actually BC's what not but what I think. At this point it wouldn't disperse scared people start of it it's still the example once beat the record major. Obviously it undeniably appeared but he. Do you think that it's Kansas Villanova and everybody alters the kind of group together with baby. 101215. Teams can actually win. What I'll recognize it in. Which the committee concerned of what I think you could hear. The level of people work. He's or over the level all. Let me talk about the quality that often. I was Catholic but once these cases a little pocket Beckett North Carolina. It make the cease. I don't know org get Arizona electric. Like it's like the war that's going to be remarkable about it is like our. We're not gonna get to sixteen were the ones that you support the 23. Targeted never worked out that way but we. I think we have one or matchup. What you would look at her go and acting like the fort street you don't have to record that job was to look at it go. Like to see this Eric back. Every series. Up the difference between award or eat when it comes to recommend. I can interpret all of our off. I don't look at it people that they take out whoever it. The camcorder for that by definition it once beat in the receipt at least according to the way the committee would look at it there's not much difference between that he's going to be a. You're purchase CBS Sports Radio joining us on 610 and all over the world online at 610 sports dot com why is it didn't predicted this time of year once more bad news begins at these teams ranked so high during the year play good to budget dudes that none of us have ever heard of but usually six inches shorter guy for guy. And end up losing those type of games. Yet what is it that simple answer. We'll talk about what into the basketball game the short report why. Though they make it more likely. Or more likely that it would like beat. It's like in terms of trying to make. Short possible that he. Be. That it is here. It is so like a year ago the progress to recruit a player in the quarters and you're a warrior want the world. We're open to. The greens are really gonna go to the NBA finals of the warrior. Seven games they're typically over seven day theory Sebastian or injury which player is going to attract it it's why we are warriors. Two years ago kept 100 index laughed you're. What kept him in because he would be hateful it's set up to. Almost sure that the best you can eat like that he's in the west but you. That's a single agent target of forty naked short report about children eat things can happen. Lots of accurate and if you make it where. Series with the best of brewery York as the Bible about the other. I don't like. It anyway. But the truth is with a single and an extra reportedly came back into the past may say they're all last year. While things can act now it could be. Once. Like foul trouble. Or. Open. That's part of the charm of it right that's what we like it that's why won't pretend like they're work that first Thursday in for a. Well art or bad I mean that is Smart that it is what made you return what to do what's interesting though is that the Mac is a call. Great Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. The managers would know about it that we get to the second week what are. Article co. Which sixty or Nokia stock curry in the elite eight. Obviously George rates and what's so or one opera is why he didn't want. A the thing about the tournament is that. Unbelievable things capital third party on Saturday at the appeal went. To alleviate the book a legal card. All things that we ought to regroup quickly here are or it's usually you know he got book. Are all year our department to a pitcher like last year. Once syndicate the ones these two teams that were ranked in the top five or six separate. Literally all your fault and I don't think whichever in law and anybody that. The past fifty national champion. And apple have been one thing though the electorate always cry like a walk in the somebody who like they were supposed to when it. GP doing radio Kansas City is unique because we're closest in case you. About 3045 minutes depending how fast you drive and an hour gene from case stayed an hour and change away from and you. I think that bill sells job is safe. I can't say that they've about those other schools Tim Anderson was essentially asked to leave his position yesterday so looks like he's done at and you and Bruce Weber. It certainly on the hot seat at K state. How desirable or those type of jobs or how desirable or those actual jobs. They get money like you know you're gonna talk about you know like. Soccer body area. What would be valid search. Within the next week. And it will try to figure it. Whether John Giles but their coach their own your coach on a one point three million dollar that your coach got to decide like. What kind of backed off folk and want to pay. You know it except the three million dollars to crawl around. If a candidate you get it through your standard you know let the truth and so that's what curry is definitely gonna have to figure out it's what can stay. Why are rather they move on for a couple more. Italian. Earlier they'll talk and rappers go to somebody who are guys who might. If they are open and there. Out of their jobs open and he said that the that he here. From the very people is that they're trying to call while it they have to stand in million dollars to get the coach they want. They're willing to do or don't like I think the Circuit Court oh because. The dollar bid arguing about a year ago. But my understanding is that a serious ready to spin this it's it's it's otherwise. I can say it's a situation. It's very much up in the year two weeks ago. I would go to that will look like it was acute dot via a bell got a chance. We are believed the first round syndicate. Are you there right now what are they gotta do like that with a win bear. Tucker it is simply target indicators they gonna beat. The type of schools that teach the coach simply because he may be public are not unheard off. School which is they tell or like Minnesota a few years to go to the fire died after he. It makes the NCAA tournament so like just getting there doesn't necessarily buy you another year but I will say that. Actually thought it. Frankly you don't know what the F this guy currency. For the future that basketball program. They really want to having to walk the athletic director he'll try to undo what our core coaching search that it that it lowered. All the opportunity to it because you don't have any he can play all things that are. I can hear the bring back bring more chance all the way from Manhattan right now their pair to see this or is joining us on 610 Sports Radio in sixth and sports star com. You mentioned in a higher you mention spending a lot of money. Would those words describe Gregg Marshall Wichita State. I think are part of a higher sea where. Egypt should make it turn out but. Go let them in correct why. Else are Java open a couple of years. It's in personality I like a lot like they have a lot but he can come off as. Crash. Very competent. But people say Erica. I don't charter with the word that your job is court martial is that it got it out as you and I include myself for that event opposite. Tremendous maybe that is days. Would but like if you don't. A Cheadle our area it's a truck out on the start outrageous story. But on eleven when tiger. Is Steve offered. Greg what are the middle of that Arnold or one of which also. We're actually in law is what they wanted to talk. It just back pocket I want go to our goods are there but if I'd go. These are correct. Our secure. It went and offered Greg and contract offer he offered offered. Shall go to. But at what they took what we're. I don't like what we have to. Attitude there was another school after. I won't make that. It's how our school as well. It. Democrats and if you don't have the money we understand at most schools dull but like. Already about the gonna contract work but we billion dollars lower at Wichita state budget outlook a couple of Wichita. I don't bother to look the same comparable money's not move his family okay. As for the Coca we'll get back to the public that their offer two point. And so they obviously on that and the call back the next day. They say it. Wolf we're you gonna call back. But no two and Hawaii but I thought that's what we're gonna go into what went with it. Would say 02 point dated that you would say he reports seven and admit it we certainly while I told you it's not a negotiation. If you want Gregg Marshall put 3.5 million dollar on the table per year and then we'll consider it. But like it would have to complete turn out but point being very long would like. Is that it was aren't interested in Rick Marshall. Don't put six years. 22 million dollars on the table and make him tell you know because though. Still my because of the great situation has done a good can come back next year it's something I'm gonna lead their Sunday. Beat Gregory my beeper and you know what I could be waiting for what popped it up America by. You know I think you can get bored he would never say this publicly I think there's a scenario where. While he's watching all the other great coaches also give it to play on national television. Package. And it's one night in section but know it in Oklahoma State the next Ortega did he do. You can do one night on the low that you bowl oh hole within your North Carolina you can Syracuse you replace. I think. My inside Europe that type of stage. Someday I don't think you want to adjusted now what. But I don't think it's why refinements that are I would at least make the fault call it I have apparently it's if you never know what he might say you know what. It's been one tournament very state border of Iowa but like I wanna go through it. Against the big awaited test myself and what. Again you might just wait for. Ohio State to call a couple of years or removal to call records fire or a job like. There's nothing Walt about making a phone call if you actually get the body. Never had he taken that UCLA job we got to move that little tiny town what's called LA Nina together droplets which is Wichita so. Yet to consider that stuff as well GP awesome information great stores not as always thanks man. They care let's be honest though and you fans don't hold your breath. Knocked it Gregg Marshall because Gregg Marshall wouldn't come and use the way that is maybe ten years ago same situations and guy he'd take the job. And if you're K state don't pitcher holds up the frank Martin's. When's the last time a coach left wing somewhere had success. And then decide to come back. And is not a knock on Manhattan. But to Manhattan Kansas. Who it was such as sports machine Joseph on the beam would talk more college basketball on the other side ditches scoreboard update. We do that here at 9 o'clock on the night she extends portrait. In his time. It landed on him. Yeah. And yeah. Sponsors machine if you on the V6 ten Sports Radio. And extend sports dot com college basketball going on all over the place. Julio the tigers. And you. The tigers will win tonight and I guarantee. And what makes you say that. Because their play in the Auburn Tigers though. A Tiger Woods was all of them but I got art and what else is going and that we'll tip off here in about seven minutes. See we also got really got one I talked with our team that played today. You took on Clemson. 7972. Duke won the energy's. They lose he's the darling couple decades old blue. Mean if you need pick three teams to save my life than when this incident term and I go in this sort Villanova. Kansas. Duke. Mean they're driven talented man. And I don't think there's been I think North Carolina I'd I'd put North Carolina I can't take a team who scored 43 point last week verses for. Can't do what is on the bit closer and a big twelve tournament just about wrap it up as TCU is taking up Oklahoma it's now 7961. Next up lead Texas beat Texas Tech whom I can't wait that was there should be. But in 3500 people outside disparate it received at barn burner however tomorrow. K you will take on it looks like TCU was there pounding Oklahoma. Such a weird conference what are. The bottom feeders are Oklahoma and Texas. That just shows up consistent K used what are. Yeah there on the thirteenth straight big twelve titles but. They've had a shared a few times one time with taxes I believe one time with Oklahoma that's just a thing one time with K state. What do K state do the next that your of that or that your that's what's so difficult it's not winning war two or three. It's just being consistent year after year after year which is exactly what and you has been unable to do the last three years. And they showed their coach the bore him Anderson. Was basically. Put in a situation where. There was no way this thing was gonna last any longer than maybe 45 years. People realize just how successful and you was right before him Anderson took the job. They've gone six straight seasons in Columbia winning at least 43 games Breeden. And Jim Anderson gets there he goes evidence when he theory ten into 119. And point. And he's. So who's it. Because of your alumni and if you're a student. If her booster. At and you Brett K state much is saved the purpose of this conversation that Bruce Weber is gone and that his jobs gone become available as well. It's one thing to have a conversation. Man this guy with a really good on our side. It's nothing to be realistic conversation because I hate to break it to you this is not a crimson and blue shades on our. K state and M you probably can't get a fraught month coach the only way they can do that. It's by backing of a Brinks truck to say. Frank Morton's house and getting down on your hands and knees and begged him to combat but I do think there's a good solution for both schools if any state. A young guy. I have no problem trying to find an assistant and nobody's ever heard of because nobody ever heard of an assistant named frank Orton and he did a pretty darn good job. And Bruce Weber. Maybe he's taken a little bit too much crap because yes and horrible at least eighty hasn't been great if they miss the tournament this year that'll be three years in a row but. But I think for the K state fan base which really never gave Bruce a shot. Is key to completely over. Ordered its twenty years younger go to God's got more energy. Better voiced to him as Bruce round sort that was a low blood is can this. And for and you do the exact opposite. Of fun and you don't want a guy that is proof that the old buy low sell high like a stock. You by god it's low right now but has had success at whatever level basketball he's to guys like concrete there's no way that keeps his job at Indiana. I think that it good fit for him you. What about Fred what do broad tiger fans. Attributed to the bulls' next year he's been brutal. Would you like him back on the sidelines. Or garlic Lorenzo Rome is that a lot of success and put a lot of heavy NBA players in the league out in the Washington. I think the twos sit up schools are similar. If you were to start ranking division one college basketball coaching jobs out of them right in the same breath a state and and you. But I think they need to go completely opposite directions with their next tire because it's all about longevity. And consistency. Those aren't as good words for scrabble. Are good words for success when it comes to college basketball. Because look at the last four years and the last where we. 86 years it and you. If I had four different coaches with whoever they hire next. AU basketball. Except for coaches since 1964. Consistency usually wins. It was a conscious sports machine show on the team the chi it's been consistent since Indian Reid got here but can they continue that next season. I'm not sure I'll tell you why coming up next on the night ship 610 Sports Radio.