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03/09 - 10 am - It's Tourney Time!

Mar 9, 2017|

The guys are LIVE at the Big 12 tournament & Bink says it's the best event of the year. Plus, Lake says it's a foregone conclusion for KU & one lawyer tries a risky defense.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This show started and this spaceship would think that final out here assistant Sports Radio six is worth dot com. A special event to date because they're broadcasting live from no other club in the power light district. Brought to you by apple by the auto parts stop on and it hang out with us in on Hanson who have a couple beverages before you head out to the games it also makes it achievement for the win. But 250 dollar gift card from all quietly as well so don't make you well man you ready yeah I have good and basketball you forgot the that. I. But what we're gonna steal it from ripped it this morning you're looking live but up to got a tough man but now look at four to everything is gonna happen. Over the course of the next couple of days because when it comes to the big wall being at the city. This is a form of. Now it's which one of the best since in key city. The Woody's best. Cities quite clearly whales opening gates on key routes in the streets. They're walking round with a lot of those in the atmosphere. This afternoon whales home opener chiefs' opening date with got a cool. What differences in the week he would. There's not as much you know people milling about. On week in day. This piece of the comfortable with the chiefs with the chiefs admits it was a big game but it that weakens the that in a lot of times with the royals are starting on Monday. Yet at the laws that yeah apparently that's the deal downtown if people are at a Thursday. There is bowels. And I mean thousands of lives the means word outsider with the club the right here via quarter pep rally. Kids it's the accumulate in this or what they took the eighties again in the people who there'll you know they'll rock Jack. It will be will be real up upward though I don't know that is the question I would ask him that we could see at the top of that really bring you have been injured. We are not sure about that with what the about it. It's three days celebration Thursday people take off work. Even if you Everett tickets lot of people it's got Ludwick that he yet here they get out to a ticket broker duties. Wouldn't you CD in the fight it would take it but he always fun that we Eunice action. And it's it's it's something about the city and street or at its fully operational. Operational. Last year during BP well I think what quite ready. They'll let you buy it on the right entered my right of the guy with the beating they gave them just yet. Apple did hardly with the but with the streak or economy the economic impact with this term it means that we to a cool it. You talk about tournament unit in this state. Without a team in the unit be in this beat him very yup they don't but. Use. The FCC tournament to a new leader that you do it may be in 2000 when he go that direction. We have the big twelve tournament through 2001. And after that. It's the coach will be becomes right that your which should which you might leave the country now. Runs through 2000 what does that lock to keep that you were should be what the thing I. Absent regional and local bought this big twelve tournament. Is just the atmosphere is off the charts and I've been to you liked a peaked in eternity before years ago in Indianapolis. And down. It's it it's not like this it this is very unique it's very different in. The crowds in the universe that come to support their programs it's special date I'm Tanya and I'm not that CNET to kiss up to please the audience. That's truly how I feel about it. Because you know where it with a plot in this place is spectacular by the way to the top of the outgoing right now put down and we're right across Putin's Princeton. So right what do you make of floor yeah we were right in the mix and I mean great television's great food great drink. Everything right here in power and light but when he comes to. The entire weekend. It's not just the ball means it's it's not just the ball K state. Do if there's anybody that travels here to make in the rock out of wanna have fun at Iowa State does it as good as anybody up to socialist like it's about every single. Program that is it try to indeed. On to the city. It's what it is would be the most the base here it's Kansas tonight the yet. That's want to. It's not case they keep the likens him to read the key to tonight state. Dominique seaport case the fans this morning and I haven't you don't buy it mean he would be hitting it keeps the means that it. Playing late tonight it will be later without a lot of purple in here. That was they mean that make this traditionally can keep city. They do their thing it hit the world's sitting out in the state in law problem like that job to keep. Them out of that I've experienced. The job the wrong with the the copter job to commit here drink iron. Three days so what did you want and then what act and the scenic bay and I've never seen the Texas through it though obviously that yet if pathetic and apply it is attitude that next period. But it's always fun moments in the did you know that what's cool about this tournament execute city. At that he was singled them like that. You followed a little bit just need to counter Tonya hang out you know it's on TV. You trust the experts that are. They're rails that this place is packed yet regained their game that better the issue on the big screen here. In the power glider which used to be around the atmosphere what's cool is it just a couple weeks at the sweet sixteen in the elite eight right here keep the city see you. And that's the reason why it's unique to his because so what you have here in terms of the power might not every city as this type of setup. But everybody has this type of environment or something like this because. You just mentioned it. If let's say it's come down here you're trying to keep this doubt re trying to get to the whatever let's say that the tickets a little out of your range. Committed nor the pop. Distorts all the different status around here and hang on behalf one can be watching on the big screen and you'd be a part of the action even though you're not necessarily in the arena because. You know we talked about it never win win ES in show cased. Mean this city when it into the World Cup they have what they still beat the light shots and he talked about how many people were packed into the power lighted everybody that's out so much fun because of the World Cup. It's the same type of deal it's except it's March Madness and it speaks we'll turn style but what's your pictures of. It is that we speak right pictured all this and bring him but walker answered yes they'll make I'm thinking about it in my mind right now damage in this that the west bottoms. Without borrowers without restaurant with that'd be too slippery with this certain things that before. Much much different atmosphere evidence the power and light and give readers that the other few courts restaurants who might be reached. Together now. But they can handle this draft they would have been able it'll this you know. Because this is everybody works here this week you put this is what's cool because you're right. If that's what makes me and know the right that we talked about it is that we talked about it what we talked about. Acre Tenet. Icrc did it right across mystery if they steal an old biker. Be it let the public to keep the city's hockey. We had indeed guilty. Before the game again here for the laugh it their beards at Pittsburgh and walked yup. Just imagine this atmosphere it is apparently love. They would love with you hit something that we don't. You hit it in the unit building we have a lot of recurrence or more at the sports environment. To cities there. They get a hard look at the rockets that you talk about them early it's the eighty. One at the top athletes though that the top quarter two or. With Green Bay. Compensating them rockets like to leave the last couple years Allen fieldhouse in the road where we're at the top. Places in college that watched sporting KC would to support. Right wanna be this hemisphere in the last quarter to three the latest. People up there at it and there's more remembered the that there is supersonic excellent now people look the games. This terrible sports in. You did something like that it will certainly hear it cities which people wolves want to that's why when they see this. I hate these dreams of an anchor tenant. And neat stuff I didn't stop with the victory what and that let me ask you this because. You you've got my mind racing right now thinking about being here pound light in thinking of all the different events and activities that could have down here. I get asked that question. That I just thought about now and I'm wondering if this will flock okay. In a soulful all right. What is what do the events that we talked about what the last couple years that we believe it we should have the not long ago that and Gordon the draft and that are out I'm going except I. I thought to what the fourth set up a bus it's who while not telling auto them. If they'll draft who would lie because at this great atmosphere down here that don't know a threat city right outside here that's on top hotly. Have been here in the power and light at the actual draft. Over in sports and do you think the double BP double work though I'm going to be any big a wait for your own it and having it down your. It's an H got a great job out of Philadelphia putrid job and yet the Nielsen sports that you have worked on that Dixie with him if we can bring it to. You know me I don't have to yeah I thought that I operate ports yet you he and she went to her group with Chicago. That first year of the draft you're watching how they do it be academic unifil vehicle that the threats that it was yet walk revenue of food. And I think it started with mr. Koppel location doubles when he actually started to win yet draft bill whatever it is but now. But these things like that excited yeah I'm numb with human well it's an exciting time to be and it's this that it. You would it's a fabulous read any it's it's not days actually but added it. And so it back and then it's back to Thursday morning or Thursday afternoon when nobody locker room tonight to get back to ten. At at and say I've been out here Tuesday Wednesday Thursday night's game. Nobody here. The laws whittled the atmosphere out there near the NHL exhibition here with the blues and capital. I didn't look like this. Month lows in the gap we have locked up at the five and excitement to speak to them. I just get people up to speed here in terms of the big twelve tournament on yesterday TCU they defeated. Oklahoma. 82 to 63 so he's he was what we point to date. They will be facing Kansas and you hear that right here on sixteen Sports Radio on the pre game starts at 1215. On the tip is at 130. Schedule that is going to be the second game on the day the opening game is Iowa State taking on Oklahoma State the fourth seed Iowa State and Oklahoma State. The fifth seed but after the date you gain you got West Virginia and Texas Texas won last night he beat Texas Tech 6152. And in the final game of the night is Baylor and Kansas State which in my estimation to me that's the best game four. Today he can't. Think I was state Oklahoma State. You debate it more meaningful it's that he will be full but they let them whenever now they split. They split. This this year they looking into it split. Yet the state upset Baylor basically it now. And I can say that Nazi state has often imported and it's now playing prisoner. But they do have a slight I think that the principle. States that lately so wealthy yet problems they've been really good too big to him one of the best teams in the big twelve in the second half of the seats go out with you but I think that you actually. We will parliament if exit via comedy team this year. Look like if you last night but I'll say this easily more. Their that would be well that you see the weight and I'll look at it is and it when he comes to the big twelve tournament. I'm rooting for Kansas. Every single year because that's my squat that's why that's why of the ward look when you look at. It were recipients. What is the one institution. That you root for out adult means games. Just for the sake of this tournament like Italy and I financially you're tied to Iowa State they'll keep. None of Nadal on a talent and post them up a power light admin person speak out that's what's what's so if you are made up this that the if you have been at the people ought to count toward it. You want I will state to beat Oklahoma State because it at below market environment for the rest of the week newspapers. Yes if that's what you want. That's what you want that's the type of environment that's the atmosphere that's what you want with just under two years ago. Means. That there's actually more I. Hear that you know point. Yup I lake in big broadcasting live that day shift. From know what the club in the power of light district brought to buy a widely auto parts makes you do when you stop on meaning you're hanging out with doesn't whatever is gonna say hi. Makes your bits you lob register to win a 250 dollar gift bark from O Reilly as well also sponsored by Bob Hamilton plumbing heating. These seats and Rooter as well but coming up next. The best case scenario is already close to being accomplished with the jayhawks before the you can take the court he for the big twelve. I'll tell you what that is next. And studio sixty instant media 1200. Plus an extra whether or not that that. Back here basically bankrupt now know what the club. Power of life for the people come tournament. Really you have to pre game action for dentist today and stayed on TCU. Our pregame talk wolf between the actual games start roughly right around one. Haven't been happy to be lovely Lil bit and then while it's been. At and what do you make on airport while realities accidentally the run things sports football when they don't have one from Washington. Now all the data out you get there you go into buildings. Italy thanks Logan that it that it will be here is the cost you with it did get it and even if they want to cheat you teach your progress our kids. Today where the currency idea what to experience. What is it that direction but they did do it looks to us a little excited the people might be it they did so we have seen an optical. The people. It's placed in this evening is placed in busy this is a fabulous establishment and outgrown look at what's it. The slot for at least it's not that it's not just needs continue if I state means if the mom and its ability to McCain. But you know why though but this is the headquarters would be you'll want to look at it that feeling that basically they have a deal indeed David -- it'd be here be in a little bit we may get an opportunity to talk to him on here. But this is going wrong with the field goal hours. And it at I don't know they have water to this spot for the season. If you were looking forward with it yet. He needs the people either in the together. A bottle with the West Virginia people laugh they told the the with what I think working you see beat writer for the Missouri Tigers will talk about a little bit later here with the tigers coming up maybe next segment with them. One of the Missouri kidnapper what was it immaculate but yeah I don't to a statement it was gate will with talking about how initially. Yet only scheduled to have a whole Tel 41 night. And he said he thinks that after the game last night at like medical unit at night. At the hotel because it was a direct or tiger did open last night several by Albert bills that beat and that's it I don't think it. The way of supporters that I'd say the good obviously industrial launch until they know it's a you predicted that with the SEC certainly that it. Of the pick after they got a hold on its demands and at that point to think that if it's a oh what did you get fired at that point don't just do you use your real. Yeah dad I know if you go back and there were no effect at. It's good that they gets off his job back in Italy perfectly. For a humane. Leszek. Before the break when it comes to teens jayhawk basketball. Yet the and a really good spot in to meet I think this specific year. With the Big 12 Conference tournament here in a better spot than what they've been in itself in the reason why say it is because. The very unique situation this year. Is that most years to Kansas. Is playing to either solidified their case. For it hit the resonate when it comes to the CD sits and waits. You know that that's how it typically is typically this time of year when he comes the Big 12 Conference tournament. The up badly for one seed in the if you look at it being. 01 or two noticed typically how rolled with with Jay you're in a lot of time to win the end up winning the Big 12 Conference tournament they end up being the one. Okay. I don't think that's the case this year I don't think that they have anything to prove this year when it comes to the Big 12 Conference now. I think some people say in question the depth that the big twelve this year. And you're free to do that if you want. Which to me. In this specific year this specific case work for Kansas. I think that Seahawks or a lock unlock. To get a number once he even if they were to get upset today to TCU I don't think they are four other teams out there in the country. Dealt with in the beating him number one seed over Kansas now. So social in my estimation I think that it is regardless of outcome. Oh the big twelve target I don't think it affects the needs of the you know once the and I think that's a massive hit it to that date. In the massive that if it is this in this is the reason why it's so crucial. Is that you don't have to Wear out players like point Mason who by the way. Is gonna racked up well once a player of the year awards this year. You don't have to Wear out your most valuable player when it comes to your post player in Atlanta Lucas. You can afford to give other guys more minutes even if it means. It was you know semi final four losing in the finals of the Big 12 Conference tournament you have to Wear guys out Bill Self to distribute. The minute everybody this weekend however he looked like there's there's no stress is what I'm trying to say there's no fish not to worry about what we got to do a lot of we got it to the finals. Got to the water got in the count them. It by estimation I think BK he was a lot one. The number one overall seed after one get a number one overall seed would be to hire targeted. Your body got to get to the fund to do that. I think the committee looking at the duke teams that he has it exactly value we Welker but it is done. If I don't think it's ever been or keep it familiar wouldn't with a regular season that's what matters is what really matters what happens. After this. We put selection Sunday who you're going to be playing I think that's the only thing that really matters that the audiences is look at the number one overall seed goats don't like. I think with that he had this year. Is it that you need just yet. You played many teams unit for oneself get the field get the feel of what's likely to more. That is different you know we're talking the keys players you know through the years people too but at the game. With the feel like it at their include dual paper and we've heard it from like Wayne seldom the only guy I just say they talk about it wigand's. The verdict ultimately it's all right get that experience playing in more in the tournaments that he would you played every single day yup that's what matters. When you're playing is gonna turn around like Thursday Saturday Friday then whatever it is equally gains to close back to each other now. I think that helps that if the judge Jackson for game I think that's important to add in play this game. Experience keeps would be if that's part and it's the unit that's been players. Lot of it is a few eat the players keep playing to get beat them what it's like her to play in the tournaments that richer. I agree with you and that means more to Josh Jackson now think anybody. He's the only player realistically you look to take you that needs to get that feel you don't want. Let's Mason the back. The spot to Graham led bad lives on base as he gets he doesn't need it but to grant doesn't need it when you look at that and nobody else really. Needs that type will experience to get those jitters opted to get. That nervousness out of the system that Josh Jackson now luckily he's he's gonna beat him today. But think that process can get an opportunity played a big time ball game tomorrow evening but it's Iowa State. You need to get those development but I'm with you go. To get that feel lot of kids may be a lesser opponent that is that is something that you need to do you they picked up. I just think I speak to better to. All we are trying to figure better team we think that operate under what's he gonna win you think oh problems they've come into play good basketball right now. Another yeah it's an act this year it's a toss up I don't know what they could biggest as the favorite. I don't this seat watch it really doesn't matter because Iowa State is the fourth seed Oklahoma State is the plots that doesn't matter at all because what happened last night. DC was the eight seed Oklahoma with a ninety teach you want what does that matter to them speak for the nine war war worth the five. I just think that I would state that that's good to be one of the best games of the day that gave as well as the Baylor a state game later on this seat. I would date that is that the better record the typical state low while we're here what these are horribly in the in the detector things are yet they absolutely did but dumb but not. I think it would that that train of thought being in terms of Josh Jackson at him not being able to play today he sued the get that opportunity tomorrow I think the best apps and gotta be his his his time to shine but it science that Oklahoma State. Late I was the recent February 28 in built lost by three points. They went on the road play that mistake about it gives could be did Oklahoma State turnaround in the loss to look. Eternally lost pizzas on boards before the. You know it's like the people threw me I think it's fun. You suitable for our metal lover but I think its sponsorship. Yet. I would rather see. You know. In two yes yes if it looked and we said this last second play Oklahoma State QB. That it will be what. We've been basically there yeah it indicated it if it's Kansas and Iowa State is gonna be 604060. From which direction either. I think you'd be 64 teams that you would think if you don't act and it keeps me at this commitment to the regional. Duke's sane at CNET and you've got 40% in terms of I will say that's a lot states expects that the years ago you know that. Yet the double to Freddy was here. That was the mortality to the program a little bit more then as opposed to locked in now so I don't know it Beatrice NC man when it comes to law. The way to the the keeps it up to date we are the you have to regain actually wolf the team to start right here point six in sports read. I took the spaceship will broadcast live the with a club pollen might district. But you buckled by the auto parts involvement of plumbing ED EC intruder makes it didn't stop on it and say hot us. Like what do we read that went at what did it delicate art from old Writely as well atomic up next. Missouri AT teams there are meet some comments yesterday in regards to the job opening with Missouri basketball but is he correct in his assessment. Will give our opinion. Studio sixty and Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right now I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. Vacuum didn't you like to think you know to use you know sixties or repeal succeeds or not. Broadcasting live for the Big 12 Conference tournaments here and know what the bomb in the power in light and when I hear that tracked. It lines plant right now at least one club wanna break it week. If you've been a quick answer no no but you never TriBeCa right on now act like E. A. SPORTS the portrait. A move while giving it right it's broke. So whether it's with close thought a little out of the back at the table Michael Jackson was walking at the gloves your group you experts to glove your rock now hello. Do rocket jacket no I've never advocate. I cannot park. I would bet it's just outside are probably just tried to break its back today to identity that was not an extraordinarily hard court now. If there's one and that made it back on now. And what you thought about how much of it back we used a pocket as what it would that you do what Rick what. Hear that so about what you hear exactly so why add up like a limb back in the day we do is a break dancing. Now was devastated don't block it out with an active and I never. Generation. There's one thing that you could have been able to theaters it you know it. Maybe Megan wants outlets it wasn't that read a rate it about Woolsey this in mind I don't think he's he's boy it's it to hip hop that you walk. Like myself this company you at least it got into you just said pop and lock you get a that they are. Mind you just missed it if you were here you be cracking up the Atlantic right now is basically just literally just hot pop. But he pops and locker just. Gets ready to get beat up that you medical equipment that's there because that beat deserted them. I thought I putter to open against an irony and a bit of a of it were to seven a lot of fun down here tonight nor the abuse of power might. All right Lester back to it and it didn't act which is talking about some top basketball but not necessarily this segment talking about to be pulled it back to the Walton in second. But your program. That Q all we support. It was a tiger. They advanced in the SEC tournament last night they'd be all over who they recently just lost to. But last night was story is winning in overtime. Buzzer beater by three shots. The fighting in and it. It was a motion when the press conference on you can tell the hook with your spilt pop up game it's what it's worth eight days that it would be. It's different that wrote the play operatives there. I was gonna ask that question re chalking this up as an easy road win now know that roadway. It doesn't count as a wrote me and unfortunately. It doesn't that's not though I mean they've learned tools today to report it means that game. The per point. I mean it does at this point it's just kind of went at stuff that that maybe using agreed to stick with what he didn't mind at all. Yeah definitely and I'm calling the street over. You can call this wicket that the press history and certainly. Well it's it's interesting because I wanna read this. Wall. And this is from. The F like director of the story. To start. In this is what he had to say up while the job opening. A plot was to re tiger basketball in terms of the faculty position at the sort he says it's. What I think the basketball coaches think this is a good job. And I think when he says that he's not all rolled just basketball coaches across the country that it's a good job I think it is team from that respect. It's I think it easy so I'm really excited. I'm more excited now what six months ago I acted retreat. From a basketball standpoint this program out of the last nine years six adults have been in the post season. It's just the last three years that it's taken a dime. The facility is in great shape which means you can attest to me an update for bear all of that double as it was it's nice it's a nice facility we we can attest to that. He goes on to say there's probably some sprucing up its fourteen years old now. Some of that but overall you've got up on practice gym you've got great offices you've gotten Reno. That it gets wild really quick. I think it was an exciting things going on that to be a great atmosphere for basketball they seen. Some of the coaches have talked about. The people that have to talk to him before it bites they know to get jobs and I think people are seeing that and that's why what have a good interests he left of gold. There's two okay. All of those things that Jim Stewart talked about. I read it when it comes in with the attack of basketball I agree with him on the facility I think it is a good facilities that do will lead. That this is that jobs that will attract some interest now in terms of attracting interest though from who is the question. Are you talking about some name coaches. We talked about dump wants a mark they talked about the other needs help you put it to look like. Our time Boston mid major guys that are still trying to make it may put themselves in this can be a stepping stone type with job to I don't know it from the interests of what global what happened votes. They look to it. This a good job I. I group is a good job. I was that they didn't have approved a coach if that's the big victory Major Wright you keep but it gets calculus speech we looked at him. That you would see globally and we look at their coach forty you'll with these devils coach. It was a pretty hungry yet advocating get what went from that they need to get it could be the path before the project getting you through. It's got to be so it's possible somebody be itself that itself. Egypt itself people come to the program that with a one up the day flight type like guy at Missouri wrote quote rove will be to play with some energy. He didn't beat somebody that can sell the program because of everything that but that's what. We talk about negative recruit it's through that month yup we're seeing in this that it proves that you die. That's you think there recruiting negative for the third. They're talking about problems they had a couple of years ago there's they're doing that probably didn't need somebody strong commitments they write this that's not happening anymore it's not good at that. You can become our program. You need salesman. Above anything else than college basketball coach football coaches beneath the better salesman. Almost as good as being coached. You can at this is the coaches that can beat rape to Japanese sales. These coaches go and speak it. We try to get to fourth PG like shields up right Kelly shows up. What's the only difference the great programs we've had maybe differentiate that program you do it because you sell. Yup I eight this that you want to give some away. Yes I'd just like it would get into giving away when he thought delicate Arctic twin peaks. Bomb boldly go into pitiful case in Kiki don't watch that madness as it unfolds over the course of the NCAA tournament the force told word is. Aren't target is the fourth gold I guess some might just watch a lot warmest and basketball and lots of my time they need and I knowledge not to OT when a for smoke you. I know but here tedious and some of the three guys need to Missouri we talk about was it to eat immediately got a bit but looking at. It was a Watson back here. What it's like do it is it's that the tradition a good history what what type of guys are looking to plot the you said it got nets dots of unity and got some matches but does he need to be ending what you'd like to high. That you need to be giving it to Tim Anderson was an innate he was and he with you isn't alone but it was initially and it. Agree or we think you can get to me itself. Nicklaus beat of course that's the at that there's three coaches in the beat don't want any movement. It's approved which got you can't go down. Let's make some very attractive very offered yet the SEC network as he sees taken basketball or seriously some coaching I think. Dixon take it seriously like football concerned with a basketball do it again I think that's one of the directions they've gone. It's easy to get a new commissioner they have gone in with a with a look or resource in the best Wilson to the conference the group completed the power conference. Not only that. Which got itself. Got to sell why he should go to Missouri when people are out there naked and crude words that you've got to be the one that brings the talented it's approve the job its activities. You got seconds but you don't want. But it even worse that you. History gates when he gave the road which for years that it would be worse than that. You know I dissect he told word is jayhawks. Jayhawks is that technical work. Com. One of the things about everything is taking place is this team they thought last night. They had some pride man they went up the immediate now what this season to be over not only put themselves before their coats. What did you think about the emotion from Tim Anderson last night out if you saw him in the united in the in the the most team presser in May be to hug on the sidelines with. He was excited man of great look but too late. For certainty you what you'd like to see guys even. What kind of at the season people leave the program. What do you need from him. Dealt with players all clear yet yet with players and what that there were. That we're that this is what it's always nice when you know we went to coach you stimulate the tough sales job that. They're doing the right thing in the right direction I was. Would you hire people that are logs to lead like we ticket and I think misery to be in the news that we didn't tell me everything he worked throughout the on well with you could be mutually it would intimately know at the time I mean that they they took appropriate that the news that the word yet what. But I think I'm not here that Missouri new. Although the ramifications of what was gonna happen from frankly I'm not not not now not to another natural comeback to that will be. Late pop pocket they not know they knew that some unsavory things to happen. On frank Hayes watched hockey team not built missile that could be some rent Jason's mom so I totally get it put on that's it they want it to be a public and its element at. I played really didn't know at the time. I always thought that you get the book to get the guys three jobs. To be worked out great it was that we. It's three jobs that could lead but the the image of the situation is strong minded guys that all of the sales were becoming an Internet program. It's actually really good job it is a good job. I just wonder what type of needs to can attract that that's that's probably not of waiting for the initial list of guys that they are gonna be looking at. Would have stuck to trick a lot of rumors and speculation also thought the fly that's not really going to be interesting so we'll see. I the final cold word for the twin peaks out when my delicate guardians party. That's right now I know the club that in the power of night it is a party. Let's go Paula number five callable for five to 91357676. Game. Call it a reply to not with reconnaissance except to stand you can receive that when he thought dollar gift card to what twin peaks he knew that either. Dependence. It or it only thing you can be in the independents looked decent on Sunday I was doing the selection so I'm gonna be in the latest. Location. On Sunday with what's itself. Are coming up next between may have come across the weirdest defense in the criminal case that we have seen in quite some time. Waiting to hear this next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. My accusation of late in the evening it out here at no other elements of power why. For the Big 12 Conference started playing basketball coming up with three games at the wolf the team keep opening tip. At 130 right here on six different Sports Radio I don't like it does seem like we're we're cool with this Dino the reason why we are plain. Notorious he had seated at times. The reason why we're here and a lot of big east because it was it twenty years ago today. That he's passively he was shot and killed. Am I correct on that Ryan you are correct our speakers for walls. Festive feast or just the guys. What's your favorite. That he out on it. All out of all the pop concert attitude I'd move on this. They're rated at. A couple of hours but it help you out the British side is equitable both rated that a. That was it that was it the old man I. Use chemical also released years story. Am gonna get two guys update at the top of the Ellison could have felt Reid as he knew because of this stuff going on. And there's something the ball in the teeth that we want it to the top of the hour live well and Augusta and here among manager Ned Yost excitement as well. Off from surprise Arizona. This story in regards to this criminal defense attorney. It's dynamite. Yeah I'd like yes that the well I see it especially at. The from the money and then it was in my main hero but I still remains were. Erupted plane theory works and so actually. Think about we. It is it turning it on fire or get an arson trial yet I missed it but after what. Does it mean it's it's a buyer. So the person. Yet particularly with Steven Gutierrez. He knows that inning one. Caller spontaneously. And plus it was not its own set on fire. That in the days that says a dollar defense city state now it's on the bus. The lawyers that around it is. About the rest yet that it's that LeBron does not idiots out there having him spot possible. Let's hope this yeah it would definitely a problem I think vital but we don't like it there this. So league finally get it wasn't the same kind San Diego in yesterday's journal I looked at a picnic with the with the if we got it would take its cheerleaders this doesn't always thought it would it in 2050. So I guess. It means that some like that the laws that you might know the politically you know. Some threat you know what I'd look it that's he that was well thought out he's definitely in its pocket. As the outlook to rest accurate when the smoke started coming out of it right yet but it north trial about an hour. They actually five. Thought I thought this guy wrote that the UB throw it. Judge Michael thank you know I hope we. But by the jury they been in the news or trial. It's an accident he turned in the body of course we busted all the while the lawyers it's just it's on fire we'll just talk to you. Yeah actually they. That's I want to see how does that actually happen. In a look at this they give a lawyer it is brilliant it needed to do this than it pocket. You can start a fire. Today. I've alluded to talk don't want to lose so we went to separate its buyer if people do the camera on the web or wait you think that this is. This was a witness or not. You think he tried to do this a real he's fiddling around with stuff in his pocket it's brought even try to pick pockets of relief especially when it's not to do. I guess people been rightfully. He studied through cell phone. Could be shielded them of course but if your tour with that not be effective. If the failure to it that he is or fired without it it's been able to be effective if they didn't see him messing around the pocket if you started it if it if it all what you saw it it it pops it in a publisher. In all I see is it hits the umpire right there. It Odyssey investment round that I might I might like to know what swayed by that. But these messes around. With the package comes to looks little shaky and I try to prove himself that graduated 2000 that the target from themselves lawyer. It probably the the which I can't knock the hustle. And it wasn't it wasn't a diplomat greed of an idea beaten against the got convicted yet and I could I didn't agree on important isn't here. It didn't work and it worked it wouldn't say they use it outside the box like it might acquire. Still the jurors on the horse won easily. Fired so he's incredibly dumb move you make these is a domino that actually read you these kids have been known to its well being when. But just like bursts in the plane but like actually it's what you like it galaxy got caught on your mind you know. It. Given that that. Even light cigarettes. McCain you wildly the ticket buyers who I don't know that's the question. Speaking flight to admit it publicly six. I don't know why I find out where a know how the senators are not meet certain also says no it. I mean I'm the third set no guessing he didn't unless you can galaxies and no game if that you know you can't. Flights that it's possible that I did see that. But that's the world we had to abort the take off because the wind with. Eight at the plate to slit up the grass it it was major damage to the point oh that's yours experts like. I think it was. That you know why. I wins that's on sit highway at exactly eight that it expected at that now the court cases says. That he rushed out of the mine equal rule leaving spectators done it. There are at the jurors who ushered out you returned unharmed with the saints up pocket. And insisted it wasn't a space that it's demonstration gone wrong needs and it. The I'm a note you'll like it but the guys that you feel like that to block it like it's on fire. Watch you that I'd know without you with that in the at the moment that he was reading this story last night like liar liar pants I'll fight and work and actually wasn't 100% accurate. That some desperation. You. What do you make it for themselves. It's the best not to ask what you do how healthy he failed to stop eating it I hope he didn't but he any debt that feeling defense warns. A lot of entered like let's get right. It's guys who like this. It's her on the nine were increases regarding usage they tell you that theory on the electronics agree and don't expect him with what. All I can verify that to be true I'm just so when we went we thought we want the fire is now I don't want and I it is yes it early. On nicest last year at Naples Maine filed suit in Miami date. After it. Leaving him that home. All liked us a better off to smoke prickly. On with it man. Public act that this that's scary right here he sit exploding you now that you that for the whole month. That's experienced look at right here on the TSE's web sites devices are prohibited in checked baggage and made me be carried in the aircraft cabin. In carry on baggage around your person and not used were charged on the aircraft when would you also think he can happen on it there's only use deputy can use of course yeah I'm your carry on. I don't want I don't wanna I don't want. I don't smoke I don't wanna be sit next to my it would be easy to pop pop it. Wait and then that says win a carry on baggage checked at the gate or. Planes that all he seeks and they've been divisive along with the spare lithium batteries must be removed from the bag and kept the passenger in the aircraft at. You take with you just have taken apart and not use it. Yet yet you are right down late debate that dates you brought Nancy I know what the plot in the power and light district Wednesday TS they don't want. But at what level dialogue. The department of her honesty yes they stuffed it back when and we and we do have these searches right now what its all time. As he took what we were quickly what we look forward why not and why now. All right coming up next segment in the year effectively from manager nick yelled in surprise but also. Whitney talks and it felt reinstituted a lot of people that a rule that you switching teams. We got some zone some do that involve the seeds in some other breaking news that which house eat all well if today. Studio sixty in Sports Radio no Judy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports.