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03/12 - 11 am - Let The Bidding Begin

Mar 9, 2017|

We get up to speed with all the moves around the NFL. Plus, KU Football's Daniel Wise joins the guys, Jim Boeheim has a "get off my lawn" moment, & the 610 6-Pack.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. All right thank you basically think broadcasting live with the club out life here. Brought to Bobble by the auto parts and Bob Hamilton on the DD PC intruder. I'll stop auditing public assistance they got to the slave. Stop by the desk either bets that went to what it if you don't get bogged. Bubble right now and get down here not only today and I backed it in the show up tomorrow we've been able to throw. They're now by the way of putting this on earth. Because we're used to be happy about paid. They've been. I think they look at you got picked the public it he's got him high right now with some notorious BI throughout like I'll highlight just so I don't get. Hate tweets or upset tax being Greek texts or emails. Other tournament action today as well in the zoo still alive in the SEC tourney had a buzzer beater. Against. In overtime against Auburn last night. They move on droll ms. today. That'll be 25 tip and also in the black tournament you have Casey gets their first. Game of paternity case Texas CNN at nine and other nightcap tonight he state and Baylor that it's going around 8 o'clock. You know if you agree with today that you are sold next if they please all the hype we're today's day and in Alabama. It in the pit and let him. In the rankings like a game like we got to plot what is Iowa State got admits in the people with thirty minutes away Iowa State. Oklahoma State beat wall like you re not take off your thirty minutes of it for that. We'd be here so what I'll keep you look at. Properties that we look focus man focus there at all right now let's talk let alone. Oh by the way. I got some mom might from Macy's is he correct. I'm a liar today now yeah I think news. Out of a liar today I lied to the heat watch got the fake news on it will be known nick yells from surprise today so. Fortunately I got duped by fake news I apologize to listen to music you play. Oh. Yet. It took that the on the station in a matter of moments as they used right got to regroup from that is when it. Keep. And you born paper and avoid big line O'Brien got into catch them up soon versatility. Hey beep beep before talking to fill reads the sports like it. Think about what. Think about what we're doing right now. I don't know what Ryan and is on India in the studio what what we got we got on the TV studio. Nothing no laughing at element on the eighties comedy TV app on it when they. One in the corner right you once you read on the lot. If you know that all we got all defeated in front of us two more left or right all these TDs and just out right. How many of these TVs are on in the heat. That beat them. Which goes back to. This is the worst case scenario for the World Baseball Classic. Know when players were all the while the big twelve all the while the all about conference part of its. Now was not the time for people who want to be apart trying to watch this country or next on three. Play baseball history but. I don't. That benefit is on don't have the the work on. I. Was so we look at the network on being that that's my point. Like like like. You wealth and you'll have a party when they went with the witness he was like god Friday night. You can get Friday night. That means that the on union yes. It could be a good at you know what I could be because USA outside US AQ. A bit it would be game one tomorrow night. Not the midst of all accounts department action I mean I'm sure that Saturday allegedly on the and he got beat it's you know. You basically push or 5 o'clock we'll. Which is two hours before teams who tipped off to one. It is with ticket what time 7 o'clock. Among six six six it sounded its know yet exactly it's it's overlap between usaid amount in it and it's not possible. That that that's. But my whole point is that it's a it's that time Leno for this that means one thing we'll talk about it Little League with the level. After the season. Then probably players that were ruled the group playoffs and play well in the but the words you've got enough for the players. And now the Pentagon is that at all. Could've done it January early February to be honest with some of these teams that think it says everything else that the big deal if the music players that closely. All the time yup but the shape for the great at least they had retreating under their belt for a couple weeks hopefully with the World Baseball Classic. If it's nice these teams people like it's likely you have saves please what's life. In the royals like he'd been lately. Exhibition games so I don't know what you got its if you do that people use the expression it that's those who want to read. All right let's get to Somali. NFL free agency news if there is some stuff talked about on the start with the chiefs. That a news. The opposite has been decline in terms of nick Folsom Nicole sufficiently. Is that created equally in depth. Elsewhere here with another team and I'm curious about that fooled because I am curious by the police that the kids that did this this team does not better off debate and want to the united. It at the year the back of its way to not be better. Yet you got there back eight you've got up on what's. The Canadian gotten besides these what side he too expensive. What you have got eight you lost the better back up quarterback that now we're gonna do. She used it might we gotta expect that let incite the players. Three years 45 million dollars reported Q after eighteen in the there's not a lot of different from my old. I would say that Mike Clinton's not that in a full. At the right to do you think noted that might let you explore Gosselin you know go. The polls that will be more difficult but with the chiefs are going to be like right. That you haven't read it back up or that an eclectic than the path. With the chase around even though they're pretty Alex HE twenty dollars yet she's racked up by unifil be the order. In a backup quarterback. But it reflects the here. Elect him the expertise ran the rust you know absolutely the opposite routes that in this game. It's a team in radio that accurately. Keeping. Great to be trusted to do it or will that that you'll be. With a team quarterback being that guy idiot though directly here. That you John Dorsey sing at the quarterback in the draft this year already completed seasons with delivery. In her retract that Mercury. Call me crazy. To operate very like very base and yet. Nichols. At that price. Possibly up and I'll I'll be and why. It would at least that's what it but it wasn't you know we don't quietly without an Aussie point 75 elevenths orders last year less than anybody else this. Mike Lynn is buck decide a three year deal with the players for 45000000090. Which is guaranteed a beacon to other teams do dumb crap the chief should you don't know that they're gonna have to sign. And if it's who to back up quarterback. Some scrub that there is no OS ballistic. At this point bring. So you don't have one to dust off point that's not what you how one. You don't hear through him to rob what's with the chiefs would. It treats its relatively it's still open and close back. Eighty like that lightning bolts with your last year I duplicate ballots that went down they built they trusted. If that were two games of the season outs with Spitzer this pivotal role in the season. Writing Peter very all the money he's got off he'd just use all of them because our people but he beat Chelsea that nice extensive last year. The doors open now. With if your medical team. Yeah I'd be prepared you. Quarterback. Goes down we could have been that number two. We could have been that number two quarterback because it is important that you get to consider what would go with it because they have this guy do it. Now he could he rookie that in that he's the guy. It comes in after Alex Smith gets hurt or maybe tourist island rate at which they have in the past that are under five years in the given to us yet. I wonder if there's if they're trying to do this out what is this saying you know what would you know let. Make bulls walked in didn't really try to hammer out a deal even if it's so when you deal with pulp. I don't know if that's gonna work I think the post and get some might look like it's out of pocket somebody. That's close to the Pope camp. And they don't see hope coming back. And ass ass as it gets to speculate that we saw that over there was a rumor out but it might yesterday that that the market is it that hot. An attractive four hole event maybe built out of work battle when you deal with the with the keys to become a redo it next year. I think he's gonna get somebody is gonna come home for well for one YouTube you do that it doesn't know not none of C I think this might get a call home for multi year deal and I think with the teams played. Heatley and I got to cut checks to who. That he got Billy directed at Arco. That those cuts. The other bit and news that everybody's talking about right now is that. That lions got Kirk cousins. He has informed Washington. That he wants to be traded because he has not received all long term deal. Which to meet. It's still open it by summit but the relationship with the yet the 49ers. And maybe they'll try to ham products trade between him and watched him. I know winds all the while we're cousins. If I had it in. The biggest supporter Kirk cousins. With its not even close he's the best available quarterback out there to try to go yet. I think at this point not people people say what they'll make it believable he's the best available Tony rubble all with it or. He's only played five games in the last two years Kirk cousins is that got eighty EDT not to try to treatment quarterback that's the dice Y. Cousins goes the first guilty to facilitate trade Nichols Star Wars. By the way towards that it makes you. After he signed us. Years ago what that's a lot of money for tore it's it's by the year that's not saying yet that data on the she. Via the twenty year and keep reunited with them and they knew they'd still they figured he won't have that. And have a ton of money also looks like he it and setting the World Series. I'm Doug and they'll look for cheap seats are not been very active how disappointing is that though is is is is that is that it's not it's nice not at this appointee from the aspect for me at least. That I expected. We talked about this a month ago that she topped off with its that would come to the cap if you don't have any money that's been the that's not restructuring does and we've heard about restructuring. And you gotta start cutting guys. They haven't been doing some street sending her some of their own these sorts it out wolf that they be in the world is your opportunity. Too by the way wouldn't it help Wilson couldn't sign the back. You for being sort of we gotta let second round tender on him. Wouldn't sort of soared today yes yes yes he did. All right let you make me out here nor the pop power might if you listen to the shelves upload inning all of those. It too long to teach you action starts. It wolf fifteen or just hang out till you know. Do you get started with the opening tip as prisoner at 132 day. But as the other big wall. Army is under way we have to address one of the stories that folks are talking about today but maybe tomorrow we get to that. The studio sixty and Sports Radio. That would be here Jason. Lately an anything else you would bomb our lights are on to buy right auto parts. Hamilton on the eighteenth who. DC and. I'm loath to speak eat all day long wondered is blind you know went on a notorious BIG to be quite. With the tires and that's I think this plan whisper I'm not gonna play big Oscar. He's got some what they got herself all you somewhat you come ought to drama behind us. American song like the phones are pleased to be at this expecting big bill if this spectrum come home it looks back on his ninety. Moment lasts Max. All right though. Think one of the things and by the way yes there's big Jake. Yeah big states and now I mean there's so many Peterson case you've been all over the place my mother whale at the beginning everybody in this cuts. Half off off what looked yeah it did you ask because going on nearly. On I don't like this you get freaked out at that matters it is like I know I surprise that you that article about team Israel's mass of the men's from the bench you have a net and he didn't like that guy. Dog. It looks like one of the guys from the was the sausage races they do on with a Miller Park. There is the slight bit or callable at the plant but. No look nothing like the missile defense. Through. Piped up Big 12 Conference tournament not being kicked off here into that today's fourth game start seeing what about twelve minutes I was state. In Oklahoma State. Do you follow those basic tees you brigades Arctic wolf fifty. This place there without you go to these conflicts that would easier than speaking of those it does but I think of one of the biggest stories that we really haven't talked about this week. What we can be talking about tomorrow is. How in many ways a lot of folks who say that the fate in the job security. Of Bruce Weber can't stay on the line right now. Lot of people like it's not use these multi for his job right now. I a lot of people say it means to get tired of the program now really taking that next step. And he actually did hit or miss with the tournament as of late. It now let's say that we you've looked around the conference in itself to stay right near the peak well. The success of Brad Underwood. S and help Webber with his popularity either with me state themes socket is gonna be really interesting to see what transpires this weekend. For the police the wildcats is I think that this one of the biggest stories of the people aren't. Is that Bruce Weber could be tilted towards Joplin but it is the story. Of the big twelve tournament because Brad Underwood the ones they all like. That's a little bit like yeah that you'll you shouldn't he could achieve its own. Which never did the team available in stupid tickets yet. Really what. It's. It's where that would keep the accumulates it stuff that is exactly when they got like they see the success that he is there of course. They they want Brandon Wood rookies they don't blame them know whose weapon. You might get stuck with I'd I'd be happy if gonna be back he's feeling is gonna be he's going to be back what does what does the situation we just like. He's did both parties favor. He went on. With the support of which it dated mutual thing what they they yelled what the outcome you know partly through youth that you to I don't think it's got to be pleased with. Brennan were of course they like it did well with. I don't know here's Bruce Weber you I didn't feel for replay how that how that a bit a victim Bruce Weber though like like like where's he looks he got a lot of like frank hates it went but that only a freaky situation. Yet but what I put up ticket like pick the lesser program before it. Eight with the the situation where he had eighty tons of being eaten that needs some things in you know he that he was on. The downside whatsoever as. Mean to be it through whenever. You won't see your pitching with a statement that he once they stay until they fired. I don't think that you did you find yourself that you know what I've been a part ways with you any end up landing where it wasn't that he definitely. That would with a better job than what quietly and lets for slippers lose. Which might be. The it was it was so after the city to protect the I've heard at that time out I don't like what they. Maybe think they're but he likes I don't know. He says is you predicted it would that. And we're look at me that they think to a so that your right it does that there is that you would leave the room and slept. And so cooperate with people that one was that systems that instilled it would mean there. Your thing tonight faculty and whoever's open key state Hillary becomes even get together not on the court but competing for that basketball coach. Yep Bruce Weber beats Baylor and you let you look at it. It's that simple he's that close to getting to when he went to zero team that has more lines that turn the keys he with a couple bore you with the public games in this economy you look at it when he wins. I'd just I'd just have this feeling I had to talk to anybody that's in the know with what I'd like easily get most things. The figures figures thing to think whose going beat the problem is. Would you settle on an eighty key of the state you know it's quite intently to lay again this week fueling all the coaches so many years with the coaches the LLC. They keep a list. Men's basketball football. Girls that would get the lives of our if but this yup it was available after the upwards of it is more that you. Do we keep tips that it was possible that you and whatever it. But Bruce what that you're right about that that might save them they did a question. They didn't particularly like the body it. In that job that it yet I hear it buyer who think they want you know written with what they want opera has always stated that they do. The Hebert who's whoever you better funded better when you but did you fight it but you. It was a gravity since the fields are deeply we could make the joke the keys they still can happen but they will bode well its favorite if they'd be in place now. You'll be in the hot seat Victor it's evaluating them. Eating his list them you know that I bruises field these expectations. It in the eastern Philippines but to list it starts thinking about it next year. That if you keep speaking. You don't wanna do with the until they have been pretty good team. I think move forward future. But you were wasted years Terri would have Kotelly that coach. We don't know the legal Bruce what was it relieved that situation. If you let it Duluth. We did they use for attacking you got no I don't know. I think he was ever uttered I can knows that he was trying to deflect it and maybe also at that you can kind of deflected that. But. If you with the AT OK let's say he ate he. Would you fire on people want. That's what that was available at look at my list if I thought that the ability that could bring somebody in now in it who I want and of itself. American civil in the effort that's totally right and who's back. We'll settle them you do a lot more time to think about what your books feature which you wanna rush into anything. Yours at that as BJ's right here advocate Bruce Weber kids they that your of them were down. He ticket at a later that the eighth. If that's yet not released here after Clinton side it saves to keep that on the low cost estimates and what's. Yet he split were not happy medium be it legal mile tonight. And so it works of the book what. Not yet definite vote you know if he's playing well documented that he gets hours. If you went to tight short. Both Johns Hopkins you give up or two groups. Like that it's. Like it I would hang out here militant club in the power and light district and you know all the what's the next couple days of you wanted to coming out that. Out of the year and it's now with a quick on the fourth break. They'll stop one now on you to date two wolf the team in that. He that the state basketball regain. North of 130 in the tomorrow in your eyes. This is what biggest you'll see it. It is worked hard drugs as a ruse to Cooper to be pulled through with Celtic made this place can be puppets to stay physically till that night. It's late 3 o'clock sometimes stings a little bit later they've been in Iraq until late at that. Maybe it's a lot of happy eighteenth statement. You're I hope they beat me but they went. That was he keeps the terror plot at a public meet the brightness of it is definitely got to gain in India could be down here cabinet that got them some three. It they give it my body again until the next and act. I told us that at. I'll keep looking at the states if if they could night. I have to to doubt that they think that we would need that you gotta go for the purple heart before the show today gets the ball to the people who were hanging out with them. It her now. With political you know credentials. All hooked up for the vote bailout announcement that he has gotten quarterback but what he's quarterback I got. Played its feet for. It didn't with Sam behind John Watson who she went to block he got more school with a look at it when you're at the end got themselves to be quarterback. Yeah that's who we need now where we get it definitely something to think it's your next segment but also. Yeah now what do them. That they want the old mean it awful on long club that we at what rants would that. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do any tickets dot com right down to sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. They think about you know the Bob Hope my discipline my whole ride all the marks. Bob temple to forming BD AC is rooted. They should stop in thing outlook does it sort of win what did you don't get arguable quietly. As well we have a special never thought he had a football team hanging out with us as well today. Big Fella this big bill in my liking. It looks like an. I. Practically speaking what is going against me. You know I can't watch if they typically debate what about this man a lot of quality to the environment 210. My first that. Got a text but I spoofable Texas player coach we've got some good things more. The recruiting class that's the you talked about them. Because right now until citing that you just good guys do you guys. But what about you what loop through the key it's who beat him what they're doing their global. The I do a lot of bottom below the bottom lets you know if was there between his football. Say that that that is leaking fuel that would. The islands located next to this problem. That in keeping it ties that's football in Texas. Border he had detected and it really beat you if you did something a lot of players what do they think hockey is plates and go out there waiting there. They believe. Highest. In different games. Within. I got a question for each and you know. Mean we both dating expert skiers that both teams on ourselves as a regular on our Sunday night here but he's got blocked and deflected off the victims that. I can't from the perspective of him as the individual that if whose yes the navy Marines is definitely. And fifty feet off off. We feel. He's a big feet and got me through those located you a sophisticated. He uses Dulles. That environment and walking. Robinson. He read it several board. Another the much. Out of him. McLaughlin I think it's completely. And out of people don't like is to grant or whatever was put. You can double off my although we don't want to be cut off not only do they speak out because. Athens at right. It's I think that's the look will be those who. I took this your first experience and the people basketball tournament that's all right that's the sole supply here. Today it's been completed field they actually to claw its way. And the only time you can't wait for him. It would like to lie and Allison enough. That's kind with a while watching game three. Possibly could feel for the forthcoming about novelty not looking backwards we live actual game I can't smoke and always. Pleased that it is a wonderful woman. That's what that's nothing like. Yeah the big Youkilis a little bits and all of this well when things when you. You can. Now you start to feel a sense of keepers there and jeans skirts that global student Philip. You kind of keep the passionate group motivator for basketball. Get a doctor and see some big steps were about time receiving pensions over football. It's just sort of moments the right. And by its currency. It's in those things for. Working. But that's important it's important that we have been what what you think is the next step would you guys because last year now we'll a beat you to feel on. I keep the recently. I. The have been taken off season. As the little things. I don't know this couple went to as a god if the puck movement with its relatively little. Last decade Telecom right it's also hit it. But he got a little heated up like the police and stuff like you know what it's all done off people crossing into the green double what it was important to fourteen season. But he did where it needs to get them please get me out of and about eight when he typically don't get that it would Nike those that currently right now we'll take your fastest we've. You still doesn't conical that a lot of excellent development that would take me I'm in the about it differently that would go platinum like it. We don't last couple. Offensive for. Four before. Okay he that would go back to 85300 that would honest to god it's two and let these 160. You'll want this to my thought is on your mind at both these companies the last night game where I think you know. It on. The opposite but I guess there's you know that he's talented right I guess they're calling this the need help I'll find sound. He's which got no problem at the top right that it would be. Mike now if you eat it if it mattered it's right here today within the bulls that. Meant you beat one I would think there are a lot of yeah. It's almost that was close really close. One when one does not pursue carefree kid. Oh I'm glad you love about. All right that both of them might be because it got that I'm not hop comedy you're up to me. It's like when he thought about you know they don't you don't know minute argument that if anything on Aetna UKU football now put up. Only got management for me. On the ballot it's the bond market at the back of my name wasn't enough. Hate it that we created and it a good look to shoot it and it's definitely going to be thinks your. It is an excellent night that they do lots of people want it you put them back on. They beat me and I felt like it. At the right now if you make it an equipment problem at its outlook definitely you know it's like that it but I think it needs to do. Yeah yeah. It was accurate if if if that's when they can play the open if you look at it is quiet. No. It's not the stuff. It lately that you have well. And I think that the committee minutes ago we just trying to be nice. Big dude man we knew he was good place to go to. And at right if you only knew this activists on a regular basis you get it picked it up I think yeah thirteen. Appreciate that it sucks I don't know exactly big clear in these big weird thing. Political matter it's. What you see the Borbon is that it did you speak the well I could see you don't or better. Obviously an analyst stuff lies like that effect at Pittsburgh. Who like good. He had tip off right. No. Sprint thinner. Oklahoma State eight Iowa State six it was the best QB games and I was sleeping with her it's over for. In my opinion and art. We'll man for the invite your people through the opportunity for the definitely a bigger prices than appeared at some point though that it's quite all right you know what because now at the society you know. It because we got the surprise yes if people weren't thrilled with it like it. Right now all eight ball in the ninth with me by accident acceptance at the moment of Britney. We ticket giveaway here if he needs to hand them their season opener of this one date they take on the lucrative and it. Once it was night I thinner or Reno or fifty feet off the sentinel spot light emitted from what it wants me hopeful would be simpler we talked to. This new leader in ride in the from him but it's nice PR guy let me let you people keep track of all time that you. It predicted that if there's been put that money. All right give it away it was difficult. To go home number eight we've got that sent him oddly enough not often today. Now this week with a body that topic at Milwaukee. Some ground in the it's not about they're there but they just wanna see football again they haven't yet they're still racists. That there independents still called right now will work gonna talk about it's that it would that we talk about next segment. Botnet. Oh that it you know on Greg fit into that now we gonna talk about it. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah let's listen my it's my. Yeah. Decently today in mild. Weather our blankets. If it's been out here that you. Want right now to keep him picking it won't repeat that you hear in the background. Really at that time that's that's the upper peninsula it's Thursday afternoon. It is a festive atmosphere that these people working there's a lot of but the job's list of people there. And they feel like there's a lot of audience members they knew. They're productive they're. Don't even think please look in on Twitter if the heat as it. My time like immediately pulled within a rate cut to what you think about it. Nice plus sixty. The colors and a new team loves him some weather information. Severe thunderstorm warning issued mountains Bates county you're in that area until noon today large hail and winds up to sixty miles an hour possible so eight county wash out there that's just. Good to be prisoners think a lot of states it take its toll is up. Yeah oh yeah that is this up. With weather machine soon but what are insider's show on the weather machine will be in the there is not a big spending and fortunately. All it took place I'd do this we coupon code views. Where is the fourth you know I'd been defeated yeah. He's the he went to work. And he could James it's do you have with his flat bill it is going to be BJ Fijian of their excellent. He has been. With the all but. One. I these people like to Yeltsin. A shocker. Like I don't think it's all right it's now. You can at others it if it. And then. Pavlik won the pole dance and I don't here with what you got like an outlook it awful pom wonderful which community you know it's. Oh my its maintenance and if you don't talk about it they do the seniors. That's assuming you know you don't dog to secure your last time that they. I didn't I'm Brooke is based on what will make time told theater view. They've lost in the accomplishment of that they've lost Q Juan fine. And I'm glad it'll be good but what I felt it in and I have not been talking a lot you would like last week. A pop scene at the that that it made that this all the schools getting warm but seems to replicate the it's government and as the bulls will be powered by schools it's company. The list of the Syracuse I won't grants that this eat you. They needed to put us right now as the both my. Eighth seeded team the elements they don't put it's that doesn't say look upon the day with a belt money. Although they've lost opportunity if the worth of tickets are sold Syracuse they get the scoop that you put out but they're probably still on the ball. As opposed to bought them while the walls. In a while not making it mean he took the opportunity. What did sit behind want to complain about yesterday the typically about if this. Complaint about it guys not without your. Leo this is doing its job when he complained that now. Was that the triple we have the yes on that as ATC authority Tzipi. This is what you may not and it's evolved through all of these ATC. He looks great place I think obviously we get some fans here put it doesn't matter in terms of who. It's in New York City is a great venue for our term I think I think the big cities or where should be played I think it should be played here Washington Atlanta. That's where the term it should be played and that's going to be around that much longer care about it but it. I think that's where the value news I think there's a huge value when playing determined those places and there's no value play Greensboro. So there because of these men had offices there have 150 people at the agency needs that's what there should not be there. In the media centers and recruiting centers only players they have greens were. In New York Washington Atlanta that's where the media's desire as a scorer guard me the Big East Conference. There was a couple of tractors put me that the he's I'm just saying what's right that's what's right where you think the big has come to New York. Yours. Is business good business suits LC as a business woman let's start acting like it's it is. All right so now what have they done yesterday after this lot false they've lost the mine is so he made it right by the way this year. It's sort of playing in New York did not link you agree with you basically what he stayed in it if I mean. That he went on if they need to know walker had to read rob good did no good atmosphere. It won a couple of while they couldn't that it has to go ahead. Ian Baker Clark and all the while that report on top pocket picked it off another place I had. Markets elsewhere. He was immediately upon me. It's not a green or we can directly athletic events at a state it's flavorful there that's only talking about. He loves picks didn't look like Madison Square Garden in New York. Yeah I completely disagree I don't do Greensboro is the type of talent you what these things. You want this bull I meant to build these big enough that all the better if it was everything visited the B word that's exactly because if it according to him logic. If we follow it must be dealt with a big book that will be it will be needed that he beat out. Since it will be able to slow it definitely it now let's look wanted to hit clock. That you did have it all off topic man stopped you. Today it's elitist attitude and everything needs edu or PC remotely equivalent of by the woods to be greens reward what are. They get enough. In abilities the would you please that we slightly disagree but I guess you can lose in the first round anywhere at least with a quick right well. That from the that from the city and that's gonna make it if you needed fortunately but I don't think that's our rookies. It is for a third besides they program I think its good points that the people complain about to complain about anything played about total state. Put up two point seven winds that might not be entered to split up effect it would still stated we then went. Late in the third finals. The Missouri Valley Conference finals you today and there was talk by some Jerry bomb. Who Margaret Marshall pulled out what the that it turned. This is what's wrong for would you minimize the regular season up to me for the smaller conferences. You read the term he can't generate that Whitman and smaller conference tournament. I would do regular season chief Egyptian people minimize whatever happened in your regular season. That's too late for re seat you hit like this can't just looking at this predictable what they care about. Regular season you know Kansas physical breaking about winning. Big twelve tournament titles with the regular season so at most schools like kids in the big twelve value the regular season more. Why should you value the regular season more smaller conferences like to sing all right this fluke he team that got lucky three days they're the world will be to that would turn it you have a little better. Get a better team than their particular regular season GP you know it it would a couple of days ago what they do it with a. Are you gonna be able full on wow what's notable but this promised tomorrow we're broadcasting from on the with a club that obligated to the table. The ESPN analyst. Former duke who dealt with the F comics of all the automatically its account. Secrecy be executed if you don't like him and I grew to moments and I do believe that it would just wanna. Music conference. Regular season seeking automatically that they do it that's when she played about that York's. That plea agreement that. Gave me a lot of city what does that what does my principal has nothing to do. The way to do it when he moves obviously you're completed ultimately though that yeah. Well the pick of markets why are people all that that's a whole lot out of knickers all went bad that it's not always let that the so who. Through this occurred after a picture I really really well absolutely. 1235. Cents commitments. If they can make it's that it on let's make it's now beyond the court and sober for. So. We're gone look at it looked really. Against all the they can against them yet if you look at it. We're going to I'm the only game in Big 12 Conference tournament right now under twelve media timeout. Cyclones up when he won fourteen on Oklahoma State. You don't celebrate now that's a good I've tested suggested new power lines old get breaking news. You're Murray news. Recently appeared recite the Marines. You wreaking. Hope for an do we know who you'd be doing I'm not here. Though they have not yet not comment on yeah they do that after the math on the way it. But the year's primary planes in lights big city teams Donna looked. I thought oh right again that. We just got caught right after he saw that Gordon Robby this is the what's up bowl last myths include the right there's really leagues who went on to get it legitimately. The beloved. Older and so what else could you pick your voice now he's your big please read a ballpark and see it that they look at it. No it's a pixie. Choose one point. It's not a partner they can buy you drink. No but it more romantic with a burden does life on the coming off that. And burger that we could you were. Like that room like your bones of what you think about it eloquently here app itself like the RCB make love Lucy and before it's. With a six. It's disturbing absolute idiot who's it was disheartening news it's incredibly aggressive and we've usually ended at the Kennedy to seize the development. Six did. Ability statement. Daughter of the attitude that we gotta be the case the two years old he would instantly you'd rather it. Stop it. With respect nickname it got royal scheduled to writer royals get but what do I took one of the two buttons and he did the magnets. Uzis. You Robin turns belly and he writes it repaired left of the last flight so. Aggressive and takes about amendment map so I'd go pretty much the way you know we've doesn't. I don't look at you if you can't be fixed it would expect you on that date. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. There weights. It's noon here. I welcome back to the spaceship like if things work it out here. No football. Powers like this place it's all. That sparked right now. This would be up because there is fun. Sixties were six bag because this place watching right now everybody is excited. Little C basketball would take up to the pre game which starts at about fifteen minutes but doesn't broadcast live today it was a the power might district. Also tomorrow all look it walking by boat ride it all the parts it popped up to twenty feet eight feet. Would it what if you don't get caught the world quietly and it's. And right we'll times that their march to the it's the roots in the just trying he would refuse enviable four. That year just the second bullets start. With the big twelve tourney got three guys aren't that day to be broadcast and no other you've got a beautiful 1215. When our coverage of that you and TCU gets underway at top seeded jayhawks. Basing tease you day I hate you will be with how the surface of the freshman Josh Jackson's serving them one game suspension. Because of the traffic incident was involved in February. A state by the way you tonight definitely in favor a program. That's what this week which could be brought up. This morning actually I did not have an update on incredible wanna put. Respect what McCain I don't you. Much of a couple of big wide safety. They'll be off breath when he Bible just absurd. Plus the thing that you bought apple plus Josh Jackson not to lenient. Today I think that's a good point because. You wanna keep those jitters about what you want to get. Acclimated to replace him. Think it's heat you how to get those wonderful I thought he. You can prepare to flat wore a team like Iowa State or Obama's. Eight they were based upon it get activated sort of stopped play real courtroom plea really quickly added that does exactly that bet big speeds that would certainly play. Two days after it's that have played a big but David Oakley did you until Saturday night is her style basketball pretty. Player pension will be fine with the season that they fight if we thought I would say is it jitters that we have conflicts talk but all the time. It's nice to have the tournament that could curb appeal before you get ready he would see the book that later but night's primary here. For kids is to make it nice run they won thirteen straight big twelve titles. Really of one there's so cheap to the show for at another would go a long way to split plywood that was thirteen year. I'll quit text rooms excellent 69306. The ones that I'm going to get thirteen Keith. Today he gets up for dentures it's like some kids I don't make it our lives. I just what you guys know who my favorite talk normal time and it was you guys everyday thank you we appreciate that text and I assure you were going to make it out. Life is gonna be fine you know what even though we know that he's fine with it when it stated there late because we want all the while was. Fantastic free for Spencer. They Spitzer mr. Spitzer got out they Spitzer you got deeper. Ice cream. Our philosophy destroyed as a hero authorities could erupt she's been through some of those insurers in the whose name is that this effort to keep the daughter thirteen ethical battles that night you might just be that he only has thirteen feet left on the top. But a lot of these chemicals. I'm into a lot of agility. That's wizard. And Vicki Smith river porting this exhibit thirteen that maybe that's what I'm there if he can get fifty outbid thirteenth tee that the they have collected everything although the later today economy. This now look like short it's not felt he could be could be. Are going to look and listen to a lot of hours into like new a lot of up and a dash of the other night dead after a wonderful leader of a lot of good information or video department aide Betsey forgot to tape. And Nikki Haley hey hey I opt out of fifty tale out of it. Again don't brokerages. All right guys out more tourney action for you today in the zoo is still alive yes. CC tournament somehow they they had no overtime win last night over Auburn 8683. And for different. It's horrible things. As we. They they drove all of this tonight around 845 the tigers split. The season series with the rebels obviously one of whom lost. Rode a tide you rolls over in the whacked her you know tonight UMPC Texas being in that tipped off at nine we beat the Broncos twice. In the regular season so. He marks the first ever NCAA tournament bid for you if he starts tonight they went. Always always stuff that he returns. If you do that but I don't think we've got a shot don't you think it's gonna do I did the blue circle to win this tournament get an automatic it will be excited that he sees it the quicker we thought. Slicks so they talked about we're our own stock option figured out of gas pump it right up to view a bottle but yeah. Wearing you'll pay it subplot a lot. Apple Apple's yet with what we've built it on if they make it seem like it's lovely so that I thought publicly. Law. Hopefully the rebates it will give you fifty. On this amount of time it gets us it was still a bit by little but not a screw up nobody can end. You're Casey to go to beat that I am they would absolutely still be no problem go away but I'd love for the with little bit of security footage shot fake color shot figured out. Well now. Well now I actually thought the shot. We want less like a shot at that night when the car. It was clearly a good streak today is going evidently they have. We are ever the rumor that you authorized until it got really excited I think it's beautiful when the obviously if we want to make up right now yes. Don't you call the root of the tournament. Calling on them in the lacked in the they're gonna win and an amendment though the great man CSU Bakersfield is an extremely good. It's moving through the VA entitled to his debut in the bigger billiard player Bakersfield it though yeah act and a tough team it. At that they rolled Bakersfield and they're off. We're gonna take a little teams that they give them quarterbacks sports news here in the second one national meatball day. Happy national meat only guys can celebrate against the need all the amount. Though. I have. Yeah dot com record of meatballs left. That they hope but hope we've all babies getting ahead. It makes it all yet don't know. This would happen every year we depict what it's whenever they're clearly the picture of the baby the clock every year maybe in late it was a couple yeah. They'd like what's the with a revel in it or not help. Well on this dates today the fortieth anniversary of the death of Christopher Wallace in my gnome is big and small. Mean he'll always be king Wallace also on this date in 1995 Arizona and Tampa Bay were awarded MLB franchises so is the the anniversary of the death of biggie smalls and the university birth. The Diamondbacks and he wanted to double reason to pick up the devil that's another story. All right. It builds a baseball team that we really don't give a damn about the don't regret that because it's but also addresses the you've lost Chris Wallace Wallace AK eight we've got these big east but not what hip hop artists managed com. Take it way way too soon ready to die if hip hop class. Because all that familiar with the music what do hikers but what that but I will say this diamond backs India. Raised. In Jeddah at. Happy birthday would you give him anything bill. But the things that I got about so rough stuff over us. Over by the way that a freeze it for. Stop playing games from scratch tickets and we will be just a guess that's tell you what the race game in their there that others dressed like different things. It would dressed like sport. If so you know it is in the race. It was opry upbeat and we beat you it's reached for you. And the vitality. That it'll. I live broadcasting media as a broadcast live from no. Other pub detailed coverage of the big twelve tournament front you buy new or the couple rightly auto parts and Bob Hamilton plumbing heating in his seat and Ruder the guys as we wrap it up here. Local parades in his news and notes from around the NFL and she's officially declining Naples was. Six and a half or six point 75 million dollar option for 4017. Also former chief Aaron Murray he signed with the rams. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson he's expected to sign with the bucks later today Torrey Smith he's got a three year fifteen million dollar deal with the Eagles. Eagles also released that defensively on the bar when it was a pretty damn good does not have a job. And on the grounds for some reason decide to give people an a lot of money for years and 32 and a half million dollar deal. Pray I glanced at these. What did you brits that he you know he got that he's gotten much better out of the I think I have been he's got battered. Buildings that you do it. Okay group. Attitude keep the health and yes. I have a nice positive that we'll no doubt he doesn't like society but how will it. There's nothing but all the that it replace them with south it gave everybody. That the people all the that. Is that that was the key to growth and having people. But they'll lose though it yet but that is not quite exciting to your velocity that we want it quiet so it's like. Good to accidentally in doing that if it's not happy for the team could look at what to do that they're not better yesterday. They're not better today than it was yesterday principles. It back up you know. I eight thanks everybody that. Stopped over at me now what does it and why people quality. It's been a point so today no with a bomb. We're back tomorrow that we can tires built it to market through a lot and know what it won't. Pre game and it's not. It. It. Talk to you on board and go.