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03/10 6a - KU/K-State, NFL Moves, Shout, Ben Maller

Mar 10, 2017|

KU falls to TCU but K-State looks tournament bound with a win over Baylor, crazy moves in the NFL, Shout It Out plus Fox Sports Radio's Ben Maller

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So let's talk about them that big twelve tournament yesterday obviously the jayhawks. Pretty big story yesterday here in Kansas City. But I gotta be honest guys at the bigger story is case they wedding because we know Kansas is going to be a number one seed we know they're probably going to be the number one overall all seed. In the turn and at the TCU loss stings it exposes a lot of things will get to what that does now it exposes them all that BS. But the case state win yesterday was truly be bigger story to come out of here. There out yesterday and Weber is now not out. Bruce Weber is not. As head basketball coach and I was talking to some folks yesterday got its brands that are about Bruce Weber about Jimmy Anderson about. You know what they think is going to happen and and a lot of people believe Bruce Weber is not out ads right basketball coach. The coaching kick your writing I don't think there's. Like I had a crowded around again and I'm now a lot accomplished yesterday Brian I know I got a lot of top stories seven down is that with the one your ideas which were you were out here I I don't user I do like the elephant that's like dumbo that's the one I like admiral Harris I. The bench as the guys. That's about it it's best stuff that I got is that their dues circle. But I accomplished yesterday we sub OJ we tuchman eleven we talk more smooth landing has been like that probably there was Gammons stuff that was discussed yesterday justice rolls eyes and continues to walk. But threw out yeah investment Bob and at a tournament after. I'm Jim Bob and public are fairly early evidence I know how he's dressed like nice. About it that it came easily got there for what it is a business and I. I'd leave Glasgow last. On and off at somebody else in the. If they didn't couldn't open. Can I them. A lot of published yesterday I'll tell you that Bruce Weber conversation before the game was like I think he's gonna be fired and I I I just don't think yes that you asked the true question you want asked today. The listeners do go to do it if if if Bally this really hurt us outs invitation until we need him on the show. There's got my size does not think OJ did either. The Hollywood would appreciate if you had a side project involving an OJ iPod are thinking about it I'm thinking about doing and that's why don't Bob did a compass last yesterday again Avago the master bomb of the inexorably that. Haven't started. Yet you guys think it would be I have bled got stuff done today but did it's it's amazing how many people have opinions and stories and what they're thinking. I think I see some serious damage my guys again I don't think it's a bad idea I don't think it easy I don't get I get there's a market for it I itself clearly an untapped market it is and with him getting out and I I think it's a really really good idea aside I indicated that yesterday and I think it started OJ podcast. And my first guest is going to be Curtis Townsend assistant basketball coach for Kansas because he's only in the OJ stuff like that it really you eucharist India together go to reminder elves and talk about the status but I would be more than happy to talk records Townsend he wouldn't get him on the show Monday I'm here on 610 Sports Radio talk OJ you and it will work some OJ stuff into it is well I mean. Anybody wants to talk OJ eyeball it so we talked OJ how we got on and I don't know. But the cop topic of conversation as as due west and Bruce Weber is gonna be fired before you know our after the season like I just don't think so it's because of it. Beat the eight DB elect plays a role in it. But you know what they want yesterday and now the talk of Bruce Weber being fired. Pass to Ed because that we yesterday. Gets Kansas State into the NCAA tournament we also going down to sprint center on Wednesday morning the only team that had anything to plea for. Was Kansas State and a lot of people that I talk to down there yes they all green light to the state is the wind. Who can either play themselves in or play themselves out of the turn it and they played themselves into the tournament yesterday. With that win over Baylor and I know K state fans are kind of feel like I met this morning because a lot of them wanted Bruce Weber out was I just don't think he was gonna get fired regardless of what happened down there yesterday but now they are a tournament team valve they all in it. The NCAA tournament encased in accomplished what they had to accomplish that was get a win on Thursday against a really good Baylor team. And now he's got three top ten wins if you're Kansas State to against Baylor what against West Virginia. The NCAA tournament. I understand K state fans being a little bit conflicted here that you well I didn't want Bruce Weber to stay in our audience LA tournament and great ads they'll determine the Webber still here. Because of the change athletic director I think Webber still might have had an extra year at least now you feel like there's momentum going that extra year instead of having a lame duck year. Because of taste it lost yet a lost last night to Baylor and they are out there or the and I tear whatever. The pro still stuck with Webber but you're stuck with him as a lame duck coach Kelly get a new AD and and and you get a new coach next year. That's tough that you say your program back so at least now Webber even if he fails next year eons of being fired and they'd replace him. Which I think probably would have it how it goes anyway. You at least have a little more momentum is a program because you got in the NCAA tournament that. See well and I look I think it's big for these guys because I'd say in all along like I've been a quietly. Rooting for Kansas State to do some good things because I'd like their young how I think they're young talent is really really good and they they lost close games and Lawrence they lost a close indicate you have Manhattan but big you could see the players. To tell and as innocent doesn't 500 miles to the Basque lately and what happens in the game in Allen fieldhouse and so you can't this credit and the play hard stats have been just fantastic the fear. For Bruce Weber steam and so you you look at some of those things I saw those posts on the wall in the the media early days ads for a senator had declared it has stands up so so I. I look at that and I look at the young talent and I know you've got to give him another year because it goes. Because I think those who. Those losses. Those losses that they had those close losses that could be about the gonna win and down but you could win it against Kate you are places that you were you were close to losing a close to winning Utah goes in the wings next year annual the top three teams. In a the guy in the big they almost won and Alan this year yeah that that's and that's tough for me to adopt the what are that building so case it's a good team. There are better team than what they've shown yet and and you Bruce Weber is done this is gonna be is third trip in five years a K state. To the NCAA tournament they find a way to get one more win and they got twenty wins on the season it would have been his third twenty win season. In five years a K state so it's a good good problem to have for Kansas. They've they've probably not Baylor down a tiger to right I mean Baylor lost something last assure you in terms of probably C line but but K state. Won the game they had to win right now they're in there in the last four in yet they are they are definitely party today now the team at sweating it out today KU I don't know if they're gonna get into the tournament with that loss to a TCU yesterday night in obviously still going to be one seed I believe in the in the NC I think clearly on C yeah I mean that's because college Basque also wretched and they're they're they're still good basketball team is still your body of work right tire here it really ass and and I do I do love the questions to the players after a loss like it yes they still think you'll be a one seed on figures hold the line. Let's look at one seed. Anymore I don't follow all that stuff. But there are two directions we can go with a K Utah we could talk about the basketball side of things or we can laugh at the science which way to we wanna go amiss when do we wanna talk about the basketball side is the effort we wanna laugh at the fare well Bob you as a fairly going back and forth since it happened it'd do this guys fall later everything's fine. The skies fault and I had never believe this is exposed than there's all these brought out that they have this time who really cares it was one gainers in the big twelve tournament not that David well I'm talking about a stand angle that better sitting around like to make johnsons of the world's saying well this is a good loss because now we get the rest I heard from one K usage usage it's bad for to you but it's great for my city of Kansas it because West Virginia and Iowa State fans and spend money on hotels and more money in town so it's really. In the long run yet this Kansas City. Because Kansas loss but like Eric there's a lot of denial. You know from from Kansas fans but from some watching McCain yesterday I'm thinking to myself if Josh Jackson plays they win. But I gonna hit the loss on Josh Jackson being out. Because if if frank Mason was out they would a loss like if the Vontae Gramm was out in little lost that game if Landon lucas' out they would have lost that game and SP is out they would of lost decade what I'm getting at is. Kansas needs it's five guys to play because they have zero idea they had zero depth on that team. And the only way that they really can't win games in my opinion I said this all year is to outscored the opposition because they're not winning games on the defensive side of the floor. Wait a minute that's why it's a good thing they lost the ball because it just you're just they don't have any debt than Bill Self said yesterday they don't have the depth and not have Josh Jackson in the lineup yet it's actually right or to have Dovonte not yet or any good players so. With that lack of death if it's a good thing that you got to play this worthless tournament for three more games put more miles on frank Mason Dovonte Gramm especially frank. Price of physical player for a specific Johnson is eleven now yeah it's well I don't care asset or no care. Look at bring Mason his style play for his size. He takes a lot of Wear and tear he has that Dwyane Wade factor where. Yeah he might be pretty athletic and pretty strong but the way he drives to the bucket the way he's physical on the defensive side go for hard fouls. You have a lot of tread taken off those tires throughout the duration of the season. Now he gets to take some time to rest he has to rest those legs does that take the punishment to his body. It's a good thing for the for the jayhawks considering the team they have this year and the lack of depth. Did they get this time to rest and really get healthy and get their legs back underneath them for audience Nolan time normally now I wanna play every game wanna win we paid by the game I send a message to your little bit. How about. We get you yeah but now I. Am I thought I doubt that you can thumbs. So. Is this morning at this project is that. So I sub team yesterday that looked gassed it the first time I seeded team that's gas to beta got drilled today I'm gonna say that I was really rushed them who they looked. They frank Dovonte they've looked beat and I'm like OK day out as attorney getting you get a gap it up playing game game game. Equal terms horror and it is cover service are hard Asante there's usually tired like I think they come on get. To revive a state today and what's that group what's that what they. Two to have extra time with this with. This group off their feet let me ask you this you had a little bit angry you emas are two of doll that's true that's a good point a little bit anger but you see this team all year even every day. What may wait did you think this team looked gassed EU yesterday it will what was that moment we avoid his team's gastric usually during the comeback. After being down double digits I mean guys are Huff and puff and they're up they are tired today hands on their knees and Mason was kind of use doubles like. Doing like sprints like baseline to baseline to baseline to baseline and I'm like boy this is taken a lot of them just to get to that point. And then. For the first century there was like a lot of hero shots there wore him like they were really they were really trying to get that once and they come they're really John when they got within one either way that we need it we had this four point. Rocket jock shot in order to get this you have to get the lead. I felt like that while this is taken a lot of it didn't look that NCAA tournament straight jayhawks as Eric boy that's that was that was the first summit like this. There's there's so did this were resting right kids about the play three games back to back them back no coach ever say that because I got to you know carry the torch of Erasmus. I think about that until he said but yeah. Right does that say they were taking hero shots and his. Maybe played a bigger game we start to get tired when you do carjackers are carjacked a series yet because you don't wanna drive at all that's a pocket god I ruined Australia the three right now you pulpit just a rocket that's what it L percent intimidates. All three Big Three was making it very well let's take toll yeah it was it was like okay is playing time coward that I felt like they were his. Come on fumes yesterday so I might not be the worst thing did not have to. To go through that and rest up and get ready I thought telling instantly 776 somebody wasted a three years of nominal boy they're really trying to get a lead you because. You could sense that they wanted to get X. The the building gets back in Italy and red round Russian blood stuff that that you know they've they've gotten at home right and this was opportunity Kenneth steal that again and they just couldn't quite. And in a home game for them but you know that the the thing that nobody's talked about yet were eleven minutes and this thing or twelve minutes into the state already booked twelve lately and I mean so it was it like they came out flat. It was all came out slow they look like Hannibal. Snap him out quick they came out ready to rock and roll spin it's great for the first time and along with 35 TCU to right now beginning of the game Mike here we go right. And then they're up twelve and they let it slip away and I watched the entire second half standing under the basket at TCU was going in scoring and and I I stood there and a ram yet the that was not yet at the rib rack and I'm watching it and I are the same thought as you know doing the boy. Kansas is working hard out here and part of the reason why they're gassed because of Josh Jackson not being able to why you're having thirty minutes coming from Josh Jackson and having the ability to rotate everybody. But at least give some people an opportunity to get a blow to give some people an opportunity to grab EO seat on the bench for a couple of minutes and take a breather and that's why it's not the reason they lost because Josh Jackson wasn't there. They would Milosevic had not won there five Big Five guys because that's where begins and ends for Kansas there's not a lot of action coming off that bench for this jayhawk basketball team and I think they realize now once they get the Friday down in tolls or whatever it's going to be. They're gonna have a little bit of the deeper bench once just Jackson comes back but the minute somebody goes down the minute somebody gets hurt the minute somebody you play an entire game. They're not gonna have a good opportunity to win that basketball game it's a true sense of a team really has immunity it is an entire team. And they need all of their guys there if they wanna win because the only way to win is by out scoring everybody because he sure as hell can't defend it couldn't have said before us yesterday. Coming here sixty and Sports Radio the most insane trade in NFL history took place yesterday and it could involve someone we want and Kansas City will tell you it is next. Coming ultimately. The program we will address the big news of the day surrounding Josh Jackson in the latest. Well latest scandal that the star has created about the star Kansas forward. Another media created scandal by the Kansas City Star. We'll talk about that coming up a little bit later on in the shell would mail me at what the hell happened yesterday in the National Football League and what lies that that was an NBA trade. Done by former Major League executives that are now running an NFL franchise. When they said Brock awesome Wyler and like ace eight pick. To beat Cleveland Browns for a sixth round pick here or something like Texas around quarterback. Starting quarterback in the second round pick right back goes to the Cleveland Browns and a sixth round pick later on another draft and a Texans get a fourth round draft pick in return. And ten million dollars in cap space and sixteen million dollars in cash based in the browser expected to turn around. And dump rock us Wyler and he will never play it day in Cleveland. This is an NBA east I saw it right I love this Illinois right NBA salary and yet that's exactly what it is and of course the browns have to be involved which makes everybody think it was the worst trade in history of all mankind because Cleveland was involved. But the Houston Texans I mean you look at Houston Texans. What they got out of this deal was the freedom now to go out Tony Romo who all by the way is now not being released. By the Dallas Cowboys are going to trade him and the still may end up with Tony Romo and at the end of the day Houston's thinking of themselves no quarterback is better the rock costs while. Right bush started Tom Savage Garden over him last year senator figure if you can get rid of rock costs while I do I think it works out great for everybody. The browns are requiring picks that's what the browns need to do. Everybody wants the browse to go up there is buy a championship team it doesn't work that well NFL they've been so bad for so long and it's so broken. Their rosters so depleted such disaster they need three drafts. Wolf picks if you trade everybody for picks all your star players anybody matters if you trade the mall for picks. For the next three years perfect because they have to build a foundation and the only way to do that is my gain a ton of guys through the draft and seeing where you hit. This idea that it's it's kind of a nice in my mind to brilliant twist. On money ball where instead of going out Dina and sign about to cheaper players. You go to. I have to time because in the NFL because several attractive crap shoot. Yeah and so did about a draft picks. And then the ones they hit you keep the wants to don't hit you get ridiculous but if you have a ton of draft picks and you're going to be able to build a great nucleus no matter how much you hitter Mets broke. It's really other royals didn't mean when he went to what they did and and all the guys that came up or were draft semi meaty go around the diamond and you've got draft picks and guys that they signed it sixteen years hole at the Dominican Republic like Salvador president in big trade obviously acquiring a couple pieces. And that's kind of how you build the team you'd never build the team in any sport really. Through free agency my idol team's fans are like live ideas and my team's doing things they shouldn't be doing anything in free agency winning teams don't do anything. In free agency that numbers have proven it out I think we went over them a couple of weeks ago Horry talked about the teams the best record over the last couple years a top five teams. And the chiefs were one of them and how limited the top teams participate free agency vs the bottom five teams that records how wildly they go out and spend. In free agency C you don't build an NFL team through free agency if you're the chief's name mentioned once during free agency. I'm fine with that I'm I'm good with that because they don't need anybody really and you're not gonna get much better because a free agency but for the browns to acquire all these picks. I think it's I think it's a really good idea for them to acquire all of those picks. You just have to hope you've got the right people in place but can make a lot of those to exit because if you've got a lot of Dixon they fail and you're still back to square one where you are. I'd like to hear won the evolution of this deal out because this is an foot is Jewish and this is that football like so how they got to this point to me is kind of fascinating. And two I love it for Houston. Yeah that you've got out of what you consider a bad project of the got it can't play any gave up a second round pick now some Isaac Austin Herbert. You know what that's going to be you don't you really don't. But you know quarterback was he didn't like hitting your spent a bunch of money on right you got somebody to take that a law and Cleveland had like no money like you know spam they say they have to spilling eighty million dollars is also for years and doesn't feel like you made one bad decision get out another bad decision it's he took a little bit of a hit to get out of a bad decision right now a lot of from their perspective. Nuts is brilliant from their perspective and the more I look at the more I think about the way Cleveland's done this I wouldn't help probably any team in the NFL to do this like. The patriots got the couple free agents yesterday because the patriots are ready made team ready to go to a Super Bowl they have their quarterback with their missing. Our pieces like a quarterback in Adam at a free agency he says the exception to every rules and get it elegant the patriots are adding you would free agency. I'm good with that like if you're one of the elite teams like let's say the Steelers at a corner something. Usually what the bad teams do is they try to add a quarterback procreate right here one of the more key positions you if you already have the big time quarterback and it's Super Bowl ready team. You make a few additions but if you're Cleveland Browns. All man you just say well. We don't have anything right now rocket everything for awhile so we got to spend money let's find a way to spend money must find a way to acquire picks on the flip side of that you're helping out the Texans. They get out of their bad deal now they kind of owe you one and ended okay we can do business with the Texans now it's all set it up for the future for Cleveland and that's what's so brilliant about how they're running a organs. And directors is not over for Cleveland in Houston now beaten you'd you'd you'd scratch their back right yes. On this one so there's there's a move down there a hate. Will remember you you remember okay wink wink nudge us Pyrenees someday and mutually benefit each other the pressure will do it I guess there's that to my neighbors and scenario evolves. What does appear before again. That somehow. Cleveland is now gonna go again. Drop all our guys that that's I think that's ultimately what the deal somehow somehow all this the patriots could end up with a number one pick they're gonna take this miles Garrett guys obviously breaking hall of fame defender right ultimately it'll still. Worst nightmare Alley the patriots and take some out there get the number one pick. And and take a stud and he's gonna go on like a highly regarded by the way that's as I told Josh if that happens I'm quitting yet. Good lie just sort out so. Mad at the rich getting richer because miles Garrett is the most can't miss prospect I've seen in unit as you know what it will be too. And I hate to say this because you know or I stand and conspiracies. This is the NFL. Apologize doll. If they don't apologize is that there's the NFL apologizing for scaring them and suspending Tom Brady and finding him all that money for deflate investigated we are we call we got you back I idle listening I ultimately think Cleveland's gonna trading the number one overall pick to New England I think that's a done deal. Now they've got fourteen other picks or whatever it is in the next two drafts. Did to play around with her in this draft alone. If you deal the number one overall pick so what you need a quarterback you're not gonna win. In the NFL without a quarterback and if you whether you think Barack closure what do you think as the guy with a I think we'll back it doesn't matter if Cleveland thinks he is Erica. And they believe that they can win with him and he can be a difference maker he's better than anybody that's in the draft right now at that position. You go out you get a gas dull and get him and he spent the. First round pick a quarterback as Cleveland Cleveland's that's visitors can take your second pick to take miles here at number one gig Iraq hello and give up her number one assays and had it until we go to Cleveland the job certainly get that I doubt it read it. The patriots in this serious you just put your hands of the are going to me our pitchers hit the first overall pick from Africa out but if and then they would have three picks in the first round. The he's good patriots at two picks in the first round one particular one billion won the entire one I thought they had to the browns have two big brown that. They might look differently for quarterback at least the browns are so far away I think people almost underestimate how far away to grounds are yes in the NFL he could turn it around eighty year to. The browns can't. They're the one exception of that like they are not going to turn it around next year or the year after that you're three years away from the browns be relevant misleading what what does that was let's just throw out their arguments it what does that was. The Broncos for whatever reason they were have the same time they would we have the same impression that they're so far away or do we think they are so far away because they are Cleveland I mean they did because Cleveland and Cleveland are terrible right. Remove Von Miller keyed to leaves Chris Harris. Gosh remove pretty much every it's been CJ Anderson to Mary's Thomas. Remove all those players in the Broncos and they become the minimum brown the grounds that's how bad the browns the browns are really really bad but but I think they can start getting it in the right direction. And I think quarterback helps what's the first moved the cheese made when they took over this franchise like it or not they went out identified their quarterback. What's the first moves up you'll get what he took over this franchise. Like it or not he went out identified as quarterback like that she's were close though both those situations. The chiefs were closed talent wise yeah I guess he did the town and at seventeen pro bowlers and went through. Yeah they had their talent wise I thought there in the rights bodies near a better quarterback situation and am I wondered a cultural change yes exactly and when one quarterback situation obviously worked at a lot better than the. Other coming up here on six and sport tree will shouted out you text the topic 693 Witt is 06 will also you know talk about the latest star created scandal surrounding Josh Jackson plus. Will revisit clings kids from yesterday. I've been telling people I've heard from a lot of folks how great it was it's the best thing we've ever had on the station guys and that includes the royals winning a World Series will play it for you next. They sound. And it wraps Kansas City by storm that's all anybody's talking about Kansas City today are your kids and the conversation you had with them about the penis. Great make more stars on my case really has been great they'll want to they have this huge radio he or any presents yeah its Kindle because you don't silly they might as well so you know the company that it CLA dot net the you know that the kids might as well but had to radios are you kind of had that talk or they had the talk the start of the talk or whatever it is in fourth grade kind of give us the the back in on what went bad yeah puberty video week. On this is a big deal leading up to we have trees she said video where they break the boys and the girls like twins in the same class so. Boy went one direction girl one direction and they learned about the body. The first time in it was a very traumatic experience are you're kind of nervous for a few weeks about what was happening in class. What was going on why recent nervous. You leave me out. May have gotten ahead of growth and development and it is acting. Wise that it hasn't kept saying he incident showing it. Having you grow. Places you grow hair. Jet there I've been hand transplant. And you test at Iron Man. Facial hair everywhere as hair and that's do you think he worries about naming it verbally and Asia accounts report. You grow all harm may different places like out what is puberty mean. Bottle changing this all. The changes. The taller. Yeah me yeah. What do they tell you there was going to be about why I was there but so freaked out by this thing they handle it ends around. Teens. And each. Though is like an alien puberty. What was the funniest part of the video. Why can't nineteenth. Somehow that's buddy the fourth graders apparently he had felt a touch. Now are adamant that I can't get to be used to hang in the canyon in the Atlantic is actually very interesting. Is and infant and Seng up when he sect thinking all of there and it's starting to good here I'm here. He really really stink EC have to be in theater it's. Teach hours. At. Times you get here and and very low and Latin. And hair. Your body can DREAM Act can happen in my babies and even eat happy. About that there 68. The boys pep talk to girls a year ago that the possible it's a nightmare on. Yes I mean who cares if he wants the nightmare I have again in the community. Are you forever traumatized by this experience now. It wasn't bad but there's some cat saying. Heat and then here. Thank you eat and you. Sounds awful in the an excuse to saint Pete is a few more times. I think it was at a rally at eight. These little gun to your blog and at this hour. Well. Very nicely done another round thanks mom and dad moment for you and all of analysis. We'll take care of that sort of entity here that ourselves. Who has some sounds like I handled it right not at all questions answered Gary Dalton of the number one thing is Wear deodorant kids the fourth graders are now. If they know you as an adult slap at speed stick on it I feel like that was edited in by the teachers like there was like. Terrible at it right and all the movies like. By the way you start to smell kids take a shower and a weird you utter and expect that it is time to shouted out you text the topic 6930600. Tech slide today. Whatever is that is not your little minds texted does we'll talk about it it's all brought to nightly B James haircuts remand. I'd be first to Metcalf up north at any acting Vivian talents extend that into any ducky pitches tomorrow night for seniors. Yeah that that's the biggest these all I care about don't get hurt don't get her out periods bombing to justice Roy and there's like twelve home runs in the game from here. Don't give her earlier to the ball players and it is for the fans. Greg Gurley is wild and Nancy were yesterday Ludlum and right and I had a talk about that he goes I need more color in my life and I said OK I will Wear red pants just guided dandy and finally a pair of nice reds blacks. To go with him he writes a fat guy but he's a backup could pull off these guys yeah he's got you know he's got a whole collection like. While Hanson says he hates you were mainly medium like. I can't stand it can't do it like against him next to you yeah you're the guy that has the wild ancestor thing to John I don't need stimulus night. I don't eat cereal theory I had just I I pulled from the time I came out of the womb to William now almost forty years later. I never like Syria really ever like there are nights and so theory those here or there but I just I don't care for Syria I had the I had the life you're only getting. Regular Cheerios and boring tasting cereal shirt so I like completely revolted at at some point time I was like. Give me this frosted flakes cinnamon toast really giving all the stuff I like settle serial time but it's an adult. If you. You know. Should have waited that night in doing its best serial contest at some point musical cinnamon toast crunch doesn't win and I'd be sure what it does not only 8 o'clock crap what it does what they have the milk and zulus. They'll be up. You. Under that makes it. I think you can dispute among the bag and done it before Donald is not a it's not good it's good but it's not merely as it is with no active use them you know coming it's. And as. Standing ovation for bill Snyder's parents that are by everyone in attendance should he she is dating a basic no matter where he goes because he is. I think the greatest football coach of all time and a legend and he's the reason why Kansas State. The net to shut its doors and turn around the university teacher man kids student bill strategy to stand ovation when he walks in the country kitchen a thing. And you know again Toledo had a smoke Michigan State innovation and wants him there or talk about about cracked yeah. Innovation talk about drive your perfect bill Snyder's again says that the deal country the thing at 4 o'clock in the ambivalence in the next to me leading him dinner. Black liberation terrible. I'm not a fan I I'm not either now all is very much in its Candela if you like it you love but mode really done. Alternate activities tricky and this week. Do whatever you normally do and we can enjoy the enjoy it a couple of days off enjoying. Horses in the cold can go to our yard work done before the tournament exits in the team room. You know the weather's really discount to rent everything this weekend has him maybe we have the ability yet well yeah. I said snow storm of the century way nothing. Got bleak days last night watching please stay at got a patent war this season man. I. If you went there early game the last this yeah. It very clear game like hey all you got the lead as late as late night. Any team got a window and got into the NCAA tournament basically Danielle your isn't good they need it we faced again today did. Hundreds that house money and that's and that goes badly keep kids in the economy up. Greek yogurt yogurt is also up. You know there certainly give a variety of being looked at me an outlet like literally well everybody I rear yeah. Three yup I don't. I eat yogurt I knew exactly who I like younger. But I don't I don't understand that could reach younger part of this library is kind of what what. Why is different and better different flavorings Boris but to grow by continent's premier. Thing guns and I'm totally don't know you don't want it's better jobs. But I'm Davis is this another more than six months are gonna like you know it's that it's Ilya briefly and never got. Soria pitched for Mexico in the UB BC the ruling 2016. Not good. And and catch that I guess that was not on the top of my mind yesterday and accused ignored yet. I'm within the that there had been seeing bugs you know BBC Jason Gardner. My seven waiters missed out on the video please kids got to watch in my classrooms now stuff. Throughout men got throughout seventh grade hard though. He is like just a little below a certain symmetry does it's not enough like allies go back to the in my middle school time for me. Yeah you smell it there's nothing you can do that I put the I've put on the odor in the morning court threw out by lunch did you immediately thought yeah that's part of puberty like its mystique is so bad that you have to keep deodorant like in your locker I had a staffing deodorant in my car I keep what might work out back tonight one at home so when I go to the GA takes our put on the the children after work furlough. Sometimes that you know I keep. In the car and every once in awhile you'll run out during a game which fairly apps maybe one time a year. But I women's deodorant. I have no problem admitting real and yet because of the view tonight where is shore and east to be amends dealer and then they started marketing it towards women and Mike. Some dealers had used in the past have given me a ration. ISL I found sure unscented you know drive or doesn't diminish or whatever. And so I start abusing that forever and then all of a sudden it became a what this deal normally Witasick and where's the short Billy goats in the women's dealers are accessible and well these are marketers women in my. And not care itself but what I do is I I actually price shot idea I will go to stores and I will always no matter what storm when its target Wal-Mart. Or some even at a town if I go to a grocery strata tally always go to the deodorant aisle and look at the price had to shore. And see what it is and if it's lower that I can normally find it for a bite it's like two dollars and thirteen cents or stay away but sometimes falls to about 98 he scooped it up and every once Hawaii ten for ten dollars. At like the Price Chopper something they had ten for ten dollars about a year ago and I took everyone off the shelf in his old woman's league really taking everyone and yes I am because I stock up that my wife. It's Matta this got a stomach come up attendee utterance to dollar decency last moral law and why would I want to stock up on the deodorant. The mind of Bob Jessica. Coming that's intense we'll check in with our Ed Ed color. And find out why he thinks the -- Weiler trade is the greatest trade in the history of sports we do that next. And it's shoots. And is tied the game with the purest way showtime bout but he. 82 war. It's the up for the jayhawks Robinson walking up the floor. Kitty Dickson calls out to play with the ball they visited. Robinson is back with the title by point basis twelve seconds to go regulation. All or nothing like here for TCU. Robinson waiting honestly drives less not a whole lot throughout the quarter. Fowler's goal haunts me. Quick to point five seconds to go TCU. Matt Cooper we've blocks. Then at a fortuitous. Led big boy public dilute our top of the student. And that's how it ended that's Brit senator Steven Tyler quit the hole and the deed goes the line it's three free throws and TCU win the game yesterday in kansas' goal at home. From the big twelve championship are key play brought you by Anthony plumbing heating and cooling. The technician you can trust with your house keys it is time to talk to our man Bennett Miller of fox Sports Radio we talked to every single week at this time and that we started off well just get your thoughts may have the big blockbuster trade that occurred what do you think. The DOD about how many resort confusion. To I was confused I think there's no way. Pick any team any professional football team would trade group brought gust Weiler it is an impossibility. Right is the possibility. Edge your adult it obviously glad that it did happen obviously in the box while is likely ever to play. In Cleveland. What did you did take classic move by the baseball table that's a great point Paul beat protest. What was the general manager for the Dodgers and this is the kind of move that he would make what he ran the Dodgers. Slowly. I don't like it because he was perspective I know most people are celebrating it. As an upgrade out how shrewd moved the browser made making this deal could they get an extra second round pick. I don't look at that well Google differently I think it's another. I used the word desperate move by the Cleveland Bradley haven't helped draft takes. They gotta get players you can just hoard draft picks all you want. Bill I think that many enemies seek a frustrated with the Texans will. At this point Bennett who was two years out of the browns. Aren't they kinda desperate already like they're desperate franchise. There has to take these kind of chances and if they get more more picks remain out it's better than what they've been doing for the last twenty years at least and tries in the differ. Yet I I don't I don't look at it that way I am not that big track. I'm not I mean if I had a solid state it was study done over ten years and they said that of the the top draft picks. They fail bought 46% of the time. And the browns I think I saw that the number was like dipped hoarding water 22 draft picks. Over the next couple years in the upper rounds. The draft I. You gotta get players to kick anybody can get tracked these easy to get the draft picks the hard part. It's actually good at the magic trick partisans deter those guys into effective. NFL players and but that the browser it is but that money sixteen million dollars in free agency. You could've gotten a couple of decent free agents becoming. And play. I have no confidence the Cleveland Browns are gonna do anything. Good with those traffic up they turn around and trade for Jimmy drop below today. You know all all make a little differently of that but I'm not expecting that to happen. Okay now my next question would you if you're Cleveland deal from the top of your draft to try to get Jimmy G. Yes absolutely yes I was yelling that all night I was I was polluted sick overnight yelling trade Jimmy drop below. Get to the drop loaded Cleveland. The each hit all the skeptics are gonna make the browser roster they're gonna have to trade. A number of these fixed and and judging by what we heard from the complex if you believe all these draft guys these geeks sick over the draft. Much more closely than I do you would assume. That none of these quarterbacks are going to be that great right away the NFL achieving your outlook you not guaranteed to ignite the Cleveland Browns split at least these. He shelled a little something actual NFL games so I have no problem treating multiple picks are leaving give up. A couple of first round pick site. At issue the browser blow the first topics anyway you get a quarterback for the next five or six years that's pretty good or as a chance to be above average at least I would make that true. The NFL free agency with Ben dollar fox Sports Radio you can here overnights right here on six and it evident looking at. The overall bit of NFL free agency might run a favorite parts of years watching it. Every single NFL media reporter. Acting like they haven't slept in at least three weeks getting ready for this is an active might there's not sleeping at all and they're all I copied you guys really work in this are. Solid ball I agree with you I think it's it's pretty funny they're complaining you know I was. I was on Twitter this morning in in you know reading the comments we got at all LB AG it just policies terrible. You would not be obviously you look forward to secure an NFL decided to submit your dislike the greatest time of the world that could be an information in the salesman in the NFL also. Yes same thing happens but I've never Pete's coming at PSA would you guys a couple weeks ago the key to being an NFL insider like Jay Glazer Adam Chester. Yet if I ever became more this would be all I would do. I would throw out a couple possibilities like for example Tony Romo they always say and the Broncos everyone's seen either of Broncos and the chiefs. Brought that is used to do the Broncos of the Texans. The rubble so what I would do you got to throw it. Mystery team. Like any any time you throw around there you got rolled mystery team out there and that way you're never wrong. Is he goes somewhere else to say last domestic he told at the other team. Our power you're gearing up for a team USA's match up in the WBZ tonight. My plan is seriously take up the quality guys I am going to jump into bed. And I am going to sleep as long as I possibly can't. Before we let you go. The brackets will be released on Sunday which team will we albeit expert on Monday morning that got screwed that we don't know today that it. Don't want. Some directional school from Michigan comedy ability raid that directional school. From Michigan that ever will be all upset about it. Cotto beyond ESPN whining complaining. It's they got robbed and all the had a big vehicle grew rules would be crying on television. Mary go bad enjoy the weekend I help you fill out your bracket with a lot of success. And we'll talk to you again next week are. Now fox Sports Radio here on six dad's portrayed as he joins us every Friday here on the show coming up in two minutes a Big Dig out its red setter what gives this team was still dancing. The other is trying their tears will tell you batted in two minutes next.