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03/10 7a - Headlines, KU, Bob on the Street, NFL Free Agency

Mar 10, 2017|

Headlines Worth Talking About, KU falls but it may be a blessing in disguise, Bob trolls people at the Big12 Tournament plus debate over the Osweiler trade

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did I saw there. Broke my. It's talking about state pension disability or something yeah. Proxy by words Harley-Davidson north north Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from question for you cling yes you think Desmond was the Bane of heave and exit laden as a steel Bob Dylan. I. It out. So that was an original now I'll at a much. IE references gestured Arianna that was that was dude that was on the eighteen minute mark of the first I held it last that's it's like it was lock and you do we've seen from the back and impression what you'll are so Bain and now probably think this zone is a bad notes use I don't does. And you've been playing by Tom hardy. Impression I don't know what that is either so you don't mind is I don't know years as were perfect for each other calls can you have been impression. No idea seat sale. You're should've less than my first time and uses of voice thing changer thank you should focus in the firm like share dot and that some do you call me a video I used a lot of like right in the back of the throat like. Duke game and her thing and not die with ourselves. Edited and diners today against DC you don't. I think him and iron and this man says that that was the date of their existence at a couple of other good ones there are some players begin to let. There are some things the Iowa State fans were yelling yesterday in the crowd that I can't share on the radio aren't just the well let's go with this way. Senior guard but the horned frogs reined in and he used number one overall seed parents. With a loss to TCU yesterday 8582. Federal and a three point field goal. Attempt in the final seconds. Fell short. Fortunately Steve look I Luke acting like a in this linebacker. Ran right into you Desmond being you need all three free throws. And via horn frogs went on to win it is need to fund Seagram what does he do shot. A field at the buzzer in and it can working and I'm glad rods against these ponds somehow you're the best are so glad that we started this. Yeah so glad you have the weekend off now before the tournament starts I don't know why we have to be so broad Stansky rating at our top. Huh huh. Asked at a press. Center are on you can. We think of those things right away I would help speed duel yesterday that right there was the micro cosmic playing. That Bill Self has talked about all year when he said he was out looking at the worst defensive team that he ever coached. That play right there speed not only not near Bain but plowing him over. Like he was as you said Specter a linebacker on the field like David Beatty like what that exact guy we can get him out martini played defensive back. A heat seeking missile right there herself. Yeah occasionally did what is shot. Allie I did but he also blocked the guy into the bed Shimmy itself. So they they they did that they didn't win yesterday it's not that big of a deal if you're able to take what happened yesterday. And learn from the but there's really nothing alert for because if they got a full team they win that game yesterday and I have a talk matches just Jackson on talk about if anybody's missing now for Kansas. I don't think they have a great opportunity to win basketball guys. Outscored 34 to three off the bench they had no bench yesterday and got 30% third 33% from 310 for thirty and it blew a twelve slightly and I hope not dead. Words of Steve says yes home at how much yet yeah pretty much in the communities you gotta ask operating out somebody's somebody's weed I guess him or was that sent out. Did did realize TCU brought so many fans that are dressed in TCU gear all the Iowa State fans I was Dave West Virginia is everybody was yes but he was on board and it still could turn the building because now all Kansas fans and it but there was some Baylor fans I was standing next yesterday that like praying for this kid it is free throws at the end like. Ed and I think that's so funny is your team hasn't played yet you're rooting against somebody else thinking you're gonna have an easier path than you go down to Kansas State that night so all those people dressed like I lighters yesterday. Paul Paul Paul does cost on to use. Kansas State adds a resonate wins at their NCAA determined that chances with a 7264. Win over the Baylor Bears last night they're browns beat the wildcats. With 21. Point zero as we said yesterday the only team that had anything to gain or lose from this whole tournament was Kansas State and they gain something yesterday guys in and I think they are well 100%. In and that's their third I believe top ten win two over Baylor won over West Virginia to meet Kansas State is now 100% in this year's NCAA term it may be different ears he got the win another game. But with the field being as week as I I believe that it is. To meet Kansas State is eighteen that is a lock out. Determine for sure maybe West Virginia they can even improve your seeding alias if they're serious and they'll be on the right side the bubble no matter what but it they can knock off West Virginia. We may have a pretty good shot at eight K state without pay you in this tournament. If you could take care business against West Virginia unite I went away when at all yet either Iowa State or TCU Iowa State case they would be a nice game on Saturday we are really good game like OK state has a better I think everybody agrees with Kansas out as a better chance at winning and oh yeah obviously when the one seed goes down. Everyone's chances increase so okay state knocking off the two seat. Chris the three seed excuse me if they get a chance to knock off the two seed they pull that off how do you bet against K state went in the whole thing you don't. The the interesting thing yesterday too was I don't know if you heard this or not but to from aims to can't see the I 35 is a parking lot south pad yesterday. As they were all the data without exaggeration well. Pretty close though I mean like two years ago when Iowa State made the championship game. They gobbled up every ticket came to other people sleeping in cars I remember talk really I was stands on the street PO we got nowhere to stay were sleeping in our car but we wanted to be here for the game this is their Super Bowl this is the Iowa State Super Bowl. Every year for them that's what it was get knocked out of the first or second round because they they they blow it all here in Kansas City and they go to the turn it like we what do you said he. It's always easier to get tickets here gal so they NF NF Kansas clears out yeah I'd be like if I was on the fence and I. Yells out right now and now it's Friday and it's not till the night game you were cap today buster Rashtchy get on down here you are is time for 6 o'clock tip. At the experts say it is going to be an Iowa state building tonight. It's gonna be some K state obviously as well but I think tomorrow is K state and Iowa State. Can get to the title game. That building will be good as long as I was stake he's winning the building is going to be good and I know there's some concerns from the conference and some of the other folks down there. Kind of Kansas loses what's gonna happen. But you know what if Iowa State keeps winning that's really all you need because those fans will be in their neck atmosphere will be great without Iowa State continuing to play. That would be good. The trade heard round the world yesterday in the NFL of course now on getting blocked. Barry Gallup. Texans have traded rock house Weiler also known as rock lobster and a second round pick in 2018 to the Cleveland Browns. In return the Texans are getting a fourth round pick. From Cleveland and Andrew Bogut I think is well was it was involved and I'm from Tony doesn't jesus' life. I'll just his legacy on the eighteenth if a power an uneasy council. Edgar rode well as an NBA trade guys as alias and that I think the Victor to existing layers to this whole thing number one. They're obviously trying to get an ethics to go after Jimmy G Jimmy drop below but all so. Like rock Los Weiler is never going to play Jimmy has basically just spent sixteen million dollars. To clear. Leo is cap space for Houston and to get a number our second round pick data that I mean he paid sixteen million dollars and asked for a second round pick that he does happen because he needs to spend money. Yeah when they read it it's their money it's not a bad idea to do it to take this exact thing not old school NFL people hate this move because I don't think they understand the move. They look at it from an old school NFL standpoint and they don't like change obviously so they don't change they don't appreciate the the concept of what the browns are doing here. But the browns are doing is they're stockpiling draft picks they're trying to get as many players as possible to build up in nucleus that they've never had a and it. In the process. They're helping out the taxes discretion the Texans back they'd you know and that organization that franchise sort owes them one yet to brilliant move by the Cleveland Browns. Just kind of strange to see the end of the salary dump like we get in the the NBA and we always think that quarterback like you got a quarterback they go somewhere else tomorrow there's the scenery a market for brought us brought us I may be together nobody wants is crazy. A year ago that seem like if there are people like oh this could this could be at your later. He's getting traded and adult and how stupid are we OK and it really. How Smart is John Elway. Because the whole narrative a year ago I was all like a debt that is so John elegance you wanna go to used to see now. And he went to Houston John L. Become smarter by the second I still like to move from Houston last year though they needed a quarterback I thought he could be a franchise got a game of big contract to get in there. Turns out it wasn't the right move okay. Vetted federal way to trade him and golf ball that's a failing to get rid of a second round pick and they kinda got to fourth and return mean they got a fourth rounder. And they give up a second round pick a sixth round pick. Any got to dump Brock costs while there I look at that as a win for everybody will block us Weiler ever get on a plane even go to Cleveland. I hope they have like introductory press are often so it's. Offered a he please we might not ask Weiler right now has to feel like the worst athlete that is a professional. He's terrible. I'd tell that to be traded like in this style that's never been seen before in the NFL and that you're not gonna play for the team that acquired union just gonna be cut. Like his self esteem is already zip don't put the cap on and take any pictures of the death mean worth it. Play better and he got benched for columns savage guarding him. You an advocate I do I love that nickname also over and I had to think like. How come we have Tom savage and like. I never heard this guy before but we heard this guy rock gods rather now he was savaged their lives brought us Waller got. Benched. For that we've never heard of that how that he was the Texans were flat to get rid Abbas while I was used to bail out of their existence. Room I don't know each time I just wasn't getting enough idol just won the day you Peru now Falwell. Plus I think one of the day though you. This is what an anal and it wasn't it I am I going to. I love the day of on Iowa the day or dysfunction on the segment is the Washington Redskins who have got rid of their GM Scott McClellan they were glad to do so. Who we don't really know how to pronounce his name before this segment but he validated our existence got clos in. The weird part of this whole story is again he was not at the combine he was not in the building for the start of free agency. The Redskins are kind of saying that he had a drinking problem but the players are not saying that and they all say they light them. So more dysfunction in Washington just. At 16100 Pennsylvania former redskin right. Player Chris Cooley who's on your radio show of the radio station owned by the Redskins. Alleged to do that a drinking problem little drinking drinking with a little drag me to ground zero in locker rooms. Boy but. That's all sides that's all led to net if you. I still have you know certain DC things pop up on my timeline from. Time to time apparently all the players love this GM new snow I was fine and good looks Bhutto's who knows what's going on in these. Odd situation but it's just you really careful when you. Accuse someone had a tricky problem and Iran for the last time that happened it got headlines was. Skip Bayless accusing. John men's health possibly having it Ricky probably was right exactly so I mean usually when there's smoke there's fire but you know you are we don't know I don't know anything about Scott yet I don't I don't I could tell it was last nameless you know San absorbent cloth plummet hog it like alliance but what exactly is. It's Tulsa that's it's it's tough to lead you know this guy is so remain at it's it's an odd situation noted aspire somebody at this point it really is the NFL runs into did that the flowed out that he may have had a drinking problem is if I'm Scott McLaughlin. I am suing their ass and I am owning that franchise. Because your not gonna slander me like that and you're just not gonna slander me that's if he doesn't have a drinking problem right if he doesn't have a drink yeah I would definitely go out their Dudek and and probably we'll get a good lawyer and a lot of plea agreement which you'll go to and then they will drop all charges. All coming up here speaking of that on sixteen and Sports Radio another slow report created by the started it clicks will tell you about it next. Morning big twelve Friday here in Kansas City pays you is I. He stayed still and that is very very good for the wildcats who have found themselves a spot in a the and see double A tournament with that went over Baylor oh a couple hours ago a game in late last night so congratulations to K state. On the big time much needed win to get themselves into the -- you see the picture on TMZ of Alex Smith did wind died he look people the assisted me. Thank you expect thank Libby as a screen while not scared he's rowing in a boat he's Jack he looks great bikes through the deep ball almost Mossad acetate mayor had a beard gotten spaghetti arms but he could throw him out that's why one Peyton Manning's brother Eli won two Super Bowls with a dead. Now so he's in Hawaii and he's he's rolling apparently it jacks this offseason as that of the one time repeatedly 200 dollars about the rower yes that's that's it that's what does a sort of with the dolphins later today. Top ten today top ten better vacation spots for Alex Smith Elsa nine threes or six on the ad text line today messaging data rates may apply your top ten. Coming up but he 50 am getting to the point now guys were so tired of talking about Josh Jackson ended to end the witch hunt but the Kansas City Star is on in my opinion. Four Josh Jackson and the latest now came down yesterday saying that Josh Jackson's lawyer tried to. Offer eight plea agreement to to be defended I guess you could caller missed Calvert the the K you basketball player whose outer third university in three years. I'm tried to offer a plea agreement and people are like if you believe the lawyer would try to do this. Yes because that's the job of the lawyer okay that's that's what a lawyer does a will take care these damages and you'll agree not to press charges that's what settlements are all about the legal world I was talking to somebody yesterday about jury duty and he said because you were a jury duty as well I was in there once and it was I was living over in Saint Louis instituting sitting in a room. I got called one time to tick me off the jury right away because it might mean whatever fine. Because every time I've been called for jury duty like before we even get it there they settled. The the two lawyers get together they work on a settlement they sent this wasn't even in relation to just actually talk about OJ at the time. And her. It agreed to because I had to being at a Jerry no I think people major do because all three it's gonna be nine months like the OJ trial was right so. So we were talking about that because you know most of the time Oilers has finally come to a metal that's kind of the way America works there and sell the star publishes the affidavit under this massive headline that at the lawyer tried at all cost that yeah but where did get a deal done what spread and throw money at it make you go away right right was that there was that the quote that was the quote so what everybody always does in every legal situation ever but you know who that you know with a quote was from. Albert's father who said that and that's what they're going with. Meanwhile you click on the affidavit you see. Will pay for the damages and annual read this this is a Dutton takes its yeah it's open and closed. Will pays for you you're you're done with it and that cigar. That's it damaged the car that's what we deal is all about but the star is sensationalizing. This so much. And running with these quotes by a bombastic father. That makes it seem like this is real news and really does a smear job on the kid because we live in this TMZ. Lifestyle where we have a short attention span. Were we read a 140 characters were we all read headlines and that if you click on the story you realize this is a quote from a father who's mad because it's a kid which we all would be mad because that's how you eat with their kids. But at least to dig the story you realize his lawyer was doing the job of any lawyer in what lawyers do. If I am charged with something. That's pretty serious right. It could have been a felony. Of the damage to property could have been a felony though level of charge based on the damage was there right on. What what I want Tyler to deal given the best deal you can let's get this out of my system and be done right. Because that's the lawyers are paid to that that's what everybody does this seems like that that's right that's exactly what this this is now now the father clearly wants something more what is that and game OK maybe. It added he's up again it's the money a university and while it does not money he says he wants a university investigation. Okay fine I'm not sure this is how you go about it but a university investigation of the cops have told you already what is popularly university investing title alliances are you guys on title nine supersedes all all it supersedes the police it supersedes everything Olga still go and do title 9 investigations so I am going to entitlement we got a got an animal and it hasn't at schools there they are. You can have you can have an investigation within that supersedes all that stuff so. I think he wants. His day in in that type of core I guess. But but but this story I just reeks of the dude hired a lawyer OK with the with the intent of lowering the the the case that was at hand that's what would you do which is why you. Earlier right I'm not blaming the fought the father's upset. And maybe he's a little bit. It is a little more set that he should be but that's not for me to judge he's upset like that that's that's fine if if he's out of set that's okay. But since the beginning of this whole saga I've been defending the Kansas City Star and it should have been no one person who's kind of been. Hey they're reporting what's happening there tried their best report what's happening. Don't know get in trouble that that won't happen this is wholly different I am now on the side of this is a witch hunt. That's what this ever again all the way up until that point I was finally everything started. Here you're taking one quote from a guy who's really upset in your blow it up to something it is right. When people get into accidents or people have any kind of damage to property. If your kid goes out and damages somebody's property what happens you go try to take the damn you say look don't call the police there's no reason to do that how much of the damage is a cut to reject if you accidentally run into somebody on the street. And you see it's like a little fender Bender in both Koreas still your lateral corporation yeah Aussie Aussie invasion. Don't call a bit of a situation but while my insurance went on Clijsters got a hole appears visors information just don't call the insurance company I'm giving you that scene all marketed screw you over. Call me tell me what did what the estimate is Alka to a check right now. No problem and then eager to test your shorts race don't go upsurge chemically or drop you raise your guests are so you don't have to have any issues like that was cut a check in everybody's happy. That's what pain for damages that's what it's right that's the whole point of paid for damages is that. You go you pay for the damage that you did yes it was private mistake will pay for the damages and everybody's gonna move on. Apparently that's not enough right. Like this got this guys out of his mind over busted tail which which is why. Seriously it it it's fun I am I gonna tell how he supposed to feel when I can't say is writing smear job pieces about it in the paper. That's laughable yes it's really any of that. Last one came out yesterday and of course original audio out as. My site he tried to pair off in my. Now looks like he hired a lawyer to do their job right to settle. Turn to settle a case right and you're doing and you do it quietly at any time a quote from a father that's like you know around all cost annual cost of pace for what it would cost the X I mean like. Like I don't understand this and and in that the thing. That you know blows my mind is anybody who's who's like even watch the law show knows what they try to do they go to the back from a cent to settle all the time. That's what we try to do let's get the ball Bastille weekend for my client. Let's get the best deal we can for my client and and we'll find a happy new middle ground it's it's a negotiation. In something small like that it is a small claims court type of thing. Regis try to settle and be done with it and the fathers mad he gives it a juicy quote the star but with a squeal like something happened. And then you realize this is this is every day legalese that happens in the United States of America where you you why do you hire good lawyers because you wanna do the best settlement due do you CD's DUI commercials that run all the time using these commercial call us now to the best seller that we possibly get did you let us justice or call us now look at the settlement like. That's what lawyers do they work for their client to get the best possible settlement and that's what's going with Josh Jackson here. Nothing is going on wrong with Josh Jackson and if something did happen now. The father Albert mr. Calvert ms. Albert all the cal arts. It's all like police to me now. Anything that they say is totally irrelevant because they're chicken little either chicken little there chicken little there chicken little and they keep it up and keep it up they keep it up to the point of enough is enough gold outdoor day. Go do something else gold worry about some somewhere else to go focus on view instead of worrying about this stuff that has already been taking care of and painful. I will say this for Josh Jackson it is a learning experience for him going in the NBA. Because it Guerrier rhetoric is what nineteen. So it's a learning experience going to the NBA. Anything that happens you're the public figure. You're going to be the one he's dragged through the mud because you're the biggest name nobody gives a damn what some girl no one's ever heard of outside of people who watch women's basketball does volunteers. They only care about what you do. And this is why act and athletes and people with but I called attachment money. They isolate themselves because of this exact thing exactly and then we get mad at them for isolated cells react well there's like they're above everybody yeah. Because everybody's looking to try. To do something to get to a money out of you right and that's why they isolate themselves as. And so his lawyer tried to settle pay for the damages and be done with a and the father doesn't think that's enough well you know here's the deal Powell. Nothing is gonna be enough for you eager to the point of not being able to be pleased and when you're to the point of not being able to be please. Were done well once again we move on what anger at what's the end game is exactly right coming up here. We'll debut a new feature called pop up the street I talked a lot of West Virginia Iowa State fans and folks at a town yesterday and also hear from Bill Self after steam filled TCU next. Instead portrayed. You know he is me. Friday big twelve Friday hearing he would city makes you get on downtown KC up against the barbecue contests later on today featuring all big twelve universities. Jay big sleep furiously texted me last night had jealousy was that I need to be doing this barbecue contest today. But about after the fiftieth the ribbon you're kind of meted out in out it's like I got made. I'm sure they would happily switch blade and you don't ask don't. But I think it's great big still love and every senate you enjoy that he would down so to be a lot of fun we'll declare a winner. I'd downtown Kansas City today. I'm for the barbecue that's were yesterday for the big twelve men's basketball championship do you guys think I like to talk to people right I mean is that kind of the thing you know we know you like to talk to people like where you're walking respondents expect to stop every. In tents that well we we we set me out on the street yesterday and I talked to fans from out of town at the big twelve basketball. Where you guys in front. There are places I mean friend DC. Tomorrow Moines Iowa and are you familiar with the single site family up during the Moya. How are you guys enjoyed your time here in Kansas of our. And I just got here to ensure Iraq the new rumor obviously that's coming out is about the big twelve try to expand their brand a little bit and moved it. A different locations at the turn in their places of one of the spots are discussing. Is London to possibly move determine over there what are your thoughts about that. Of that scene fire cricket as an Iowa state fair would you like Bill Self to be governor of Kansas. Did now from Ames Iowa you I think I would look there one time it ran to a fairly called them more Aziz do you know them by chance idea never heard of are you enjoying your time here in Kansas apparently Lovett from the state of Missouri what do you think so are your timing Kansas. Well against guys. State of Missouri the big plus considering playing this tournament one year in London just as an experimental what are your thoughts about. A big goal of have been able to connect. The big twelve is talking about moving their term is for one year only. To London to get an international player to be the first league to do that what are your thoughts moved the big twelve tournament and love in the basketball turn up and as wind Ingram out from Ozzie Jose Serra. I've got a sister in Burlington junction Missouri to new rumor is that Bill Self was thinking about running for governor of the state of Kansas how do you feel about that that builds as these they would basketball and using Bill Self is the right choice he's talking about running. He needs to keep coaching me my name is more fired on from Glendale as Virginia Oklahoma Brad Paisley. That's pretty cool do you like this on these things why don't we get drunk all the data I think it would why don't we get drunk and screwed us on. Yeah that sounds good we go to what are you enjoying your timing Kansas tomorrow the my third time in his grave if everything's great year what do you like best about Kansas. I like the food Pollack the Barbeque and bad within the and I like the atmosphere up here and power city and it's great. There's sure Iraq. And there's talk of Bill Self becoming the next governor of Kansas what do you think about that don't don't forget cat that we don't like a whole lot more into what if they get Kansas who nice really nice they're talking about moving this tournament to London for one year what are your house. Absolutely not. What do you think of it being here in Kansas I. She was so to speak at. My mom and the guides on the nice saying why don't we get junket screws Jimmy Buffett saw he's big Brad Paisley fans know that song by Saturday's F. A that sounded exact like Brad Paisley Sama and it wasn't his first hit called alcohol he ethnic you'll. But back I was great from West Virginia he was part of the West Virginia fly fishing club. Who. You looked at me like that nothing. I'm wondering if you're being a hysteria all know he added that. Shirt on Yahoo! a school sanctioned share with the West Virginia local ice fishing club that's critical flaw that got that that was actually pretty awesome because this act like she's I've never really fly fish because I don't really know how I know there's an art to mavericks had a fund it looked -- bought gaffe like this looks cool at least in a liberal think it's nothing I think you know and we got you okay catchy thing and yet. So soda for a lot of fun and so he he also went on say that Brad too he's he's first concert was in his backyard and his dad you know it was like Fred or Brad Paisley and read his recent concerts in his backyard and west to sell her I. And now. That one so that would those funds a lot of people enjoyed. There's stay in Kansas Kansas yes illegally from the deacons are to single out just yet yeah. That's a tough one man at the top organs like you see me if I'm not from the cause I don't hear anything about it with here I lived in and out call it Dallas and I came out there like. A joystick it has been like yeah yeah I have probably think about it like maybe thirty seconds or minute there it women I think I'm in Missouri yes but I. The confusion why you do it there. There's a certain person I can targeted to take out of state fans are kind of mean there were some mean ones out there yesterday. I ended in in the deal I heard Iowa State and even on Wednesday were getting into it inside the arena with Texas Tech instead so. Like Iowa State came down it likes the flight group and they made they will light stuff I. And so they were rolling down here yesterday there and aggressive dammit they are. Eight the realism vehement refereed protests SI thought yesterday was his Johnson's on the Iowa state of people aren't they were not happy now saw some of them for KU fans develop that yeah I can't McCain's stance dedicated started today's third arrest us about that four minute mark when it became a reality that you know he might actually lose this one. That's when every Paul became contested very vehemently you know you you think you the rest are doing a bad job you realize you do a really good job went to use fans and TCU fans were complaining about the same time yes so the referees were fine without incident very aura or anything but a promise the rest the the call that that Bill Self complain about physical ten called eat in the game technical foul for. Yes and having a game. Wells I was Roch yeah yeah I was informed there was a rule change I was side I was wrong I was wrong then I was I was watching bill complain and I would be sitting in on the on the media rove right in front of that play. And it was clear it was clear as day that's basket interference in a so I see Bill Self you know like bill wiry. Don't waste on this one man it was it was there for probably thought. That was going to be the technical the kind of got they got it there so that was a planned attack their there's a time intuitive and easy it is today again rule. Federal parent and change that was our guess is sometimes the coaches do that to get their team kind of going in the right direction I ice I would bet my life Josh that was a Bill Self planned technical salad that point in time. To get his team don't get the building go coming up it was a big day yesterday in the NFL when it comes to free agency and trades will give the latest. Molds and why some of them were just flat out absurd at bat that's next. Coming up the Sports Radio Roy Williams was asked about playing yet. Conference championships. In big cities vs little cities on the heels of debate time and Roy Williams weighs in on that we'll give it for you coming up at about twelve minutes here we go commercial free. On 610 Sports Radio or top ten list today. Top ten better vacation spots for Alex Smith he didn't catch it he's. He's in Hawaii and he's jacked yeah I was good sure it was a growing. It's the top ten better vacation spots for Alex Smith than in Houston six or Houston Hawaii. Six ahead 306 on the texts like it Houston's on the brain NFL this right six factories or six on the tax line today we'll your top ten coming up at 850 yet we talked of. Out the of the loss the Kansas had yesterday in the big twelve championship very tough loss for the jayhawks but at the end of the day. Bill Self says well you are right. I'll buy into this is that's only fair that I know about their work us. What we definitely not going to tournament. One win and so they'll buy into it but we need to use it as much as. Motivations for another right turn these guys competed or all year long obviously that would have been in the situation room and he's he's got a good team they played great today. And you we get it at all it's we just were very good defense. But we we got a types of things get tight supplies we we got to get more guys making positive options. Let's Bill Self talk and after the loss yesterday in Kansas City is like is is the rescue again I can eight days yeah. The trailer out by that I explained it. Shore combine to make Johnson's theory that the rest is good right now it really is that wrong and it's a bad the I was counting it in the shower today eight days basically off until you play in Tulsa the worsening of the world really is not at this time but he added it looked -- yeah especially to have a bad loss stick in your Crawford an eight days stance there's going to be extra motivation from that because you're going to rate days feel like crap -- really really so so it was a bad loss for Kansas but you can take a positive out of it here's how it sounded in Fort Worth baseball escalate the or caught the right it's like. And I could create a bit like a trip the first I've heard. The number one seed and the office told now that you brought to the final round of the mix well let's put it really. That's pretty good call on Brian TCU now whereas average ING audio black and yeah he's he's going to be really well nicely done by him aren't a lot of moves yesterday artists handles football yeah that's right at our expense so be it is gone find another shirt to broadcast again that's at times look at Jamie Dixon yes images yet another suitor but let's bring another suit you gotta ask all of these questions. As a rival those essays city is gonna go to Wal-Mart again Israeli attacks. Lot of Kosher for today and usher in a very easy to take the streetcar other news. Good about it what are the things that went on yesterday was the NFL's free agency yeah it went on and shockingly some of the moves well tonight kind of disagree I. I hate actually printed. Just yesterday's transaction list. Nine pages out my goodness. Those electoral boards letting him there was a lot of stuff happening yesterday salmon hit your your thoughts on this guy's. Who walked the Brock Oscar Weiler trade. The Cleveland Browns on the blog rock costs while a trade it's pretty simple when you look at exactly what they got back to get the second round pick they need to spend money some dumping sixteen million dollars won't kill them. And now they have a chance to package together are really nice deal if they believe that Jimmy rob what was their quarterback of the future you if they don't. They have 21 round picks they get miles here with the first one good quarterback but the second one and I have this smorgasbord of picks to really build a nucleus. So the browns haven't ever done yeah I think Houston got the benefit of the doubt they'll wind is straight because they got rid of rock costs while. I mean they've got that out of 816 million dollar mistake. And they kind of sucker somebody into taking Brock costs Weiler and that money off their hand to try to clear won't be able to allow their trade for Tony Romo. And get better if your chief stand today you're waking up and you're looking at Houston you're going. That's what it means to have the will and the want to to win. You're willing to go out there realize. You've made a mistake with rock DOS wild. It's a good clear that that. And try to get better at that position. Where the change to going fine without it's been so I think Houston went as they got rid of really bad state of well to win includes. Getting gaffe her Oscar having no quarterback. Well they're gonna eventually gonna quarterback they're they're clearly for the opportunity to go get toll road they they try to get better yesterday they made the attempt to get better so I confused and wins the trade and Waltz. Eating sixteen million dollars as I mean I know it's sports money vet that's that's OK it's five would be if you're if you're the Cleveland Browns get to play by different set of rules normally you look at like the chiefs says it's terrible decision. The Cleveland Browns have been so bad for so long and it lacks so many pieces they have to stockpile picks and it cost him an extra sixty million dollars to get a good pitch. Go ahead and take it. Go ahead do it. You have to think outside of the box after the Cleveland Browns that's exactly what they're doing the problem is the guys are still rounds employees inside the box and it's shown that they have not been very good itself. We'll see what happens with the text but for me and how Houston got out of that contract is the most unbelievable thing after that it's a win through Houston. I chipped it down Cleveland trade the number one overall pick. As part of the deal ticket TV brothel absolutely not it's way too good of depicted to get for Jimmy to rob who have proven they. He's had a few nice games what suddenly that Jimmy dropped what would come the next greatest thing ever because the patriots cannot said you know what we're not penetrated. All the maybe we will the O'Donnell. They're just trying to make this market can even bigger for Jimmy G. I don't buy into as much as so many other people do that got played what three games he got injured too tied at two games they got injured. There's no. There's no guarantee giving drop was going to be any good and that's a lot to give up form when you have a guy like miles Garrett the draft. The clear number one overall pick and can't miss Brathwaite is a double and overall pick a defense ever wan T to Super Bowl I don't know the answer to that question because the answers and there he wins Super Bowls with quarterback. Acts and while technical problem may not be on everybody's radar as the best quarterback out there right now he's probably better than any quarterback you're going to get the draft right now. And it has been a first round pick and a quarterback why it to a guy who does have some experience did play with Tom Brady get play in an NFL system you don't have to teach him to stick his hand under some beast but to take this path right now is they know patriots. But he has the east Matt Cassel looked better than Jimmy Barack blow I would take a first round pick on Jimmy droplet before I would take a first round pick and any of those quarterbacks burst out. First round pick for number 10 I call the number one overall physically and has multiple pit right so I would still give the number I would try to give twelve but I would take that I would get to number one overall pick a quarterback teams that win the Super Bowl. Have that starting quarterback we talk about teams in the Super Bowl. You'll talk about a defensive end. Because you do horrible bought Miller waters to verbalize cents a outside like this sick thing outside linebacker corps he's a pass rusher also these little guys that defense or really did an old by the way. Peyton Manning was still the quarterback. If Peyton Manning was a game manager you can still the quarter the past run what John always say you got a can pass the ball you always got Russia password New England this year. They had a multitude of past or is it right overall defense that was refugees have been the first pick on the quarterback your defense this fall as they have got to go outside he's got a great defense this year added they didn't. They can have twelve and Ford got the that'd go out of the playoffs in one of my eyes got a teacher prove it yeah. Cleveland would love to have the chiefs team they were above the habit when exactly you asked him to position when I look at his teacher right now but what is that I know everyone is set to hold down the last Wear it every day pass rusher is third down I would take a pass rusher over a guy that's been in the patriot system who's looked okay in the patriot has the biggest Jacoby vs. Look good the patriots to trade a first round pick for him but it dropped on what you need to quarterbacking sleepy state knows how many schools who they don't have one you're not gonna win so you're definitely the quarterback and I can we would miles scared either coming up we built commercial free. From eight to 830. We'll started off year by talking a little bit about some things that are bothering spec about the chiefs. And we also will hear from Roy Williams about lied playing tournaments in a big city. Is where they need debate that's next.