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03/10 8a - NFL, Fake News, Roy Williams, KU Locker Room, Top 10

Mar 10, 2017|

Chiefs are quiet in free agency, Fake News, Roy Williams sounds off, inside the KU locker room plus the Daily Top 10; Alex Smith

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Moving commercial rain delayed thirty here on six and Sports Radio in the us and every single day it started off. I talk a little about what's going and with the Kansas City Chiefs have that sound you hear. Is. Crickets nothing going on in free agency with the chiefs and that's fine and good without me it's the chiefs to be involved at all. In free agency lets you gonna add a minor piece here or a minor piece there free agency for all intents and purposes is for losers and Indiana fell. And when you go out spend big money in free agency your loser and the numbers improve in and out the top five teams over the last five years winning percentage wise what's the tees are one of them. Are these are the least amount of spenders when it comes to free agency. The bottom five teams and it comes to winning percentage goes in the cats that allow third spent a lot of money because they're losers of their constantly trying to change their team the tees have done at the right way to build through the draft. X don't they they subsidize appease your eloquent too short that's like a perfect freeagent piece I think offensively are the smartest appease maybe to do it does seem to feel like the ones that work the most right. But he paid a don't offensive lineman but see what the but the problem is that free agency in the NFL started what the early nineties right but many of the early ninety's free agency started in the national football our blood yes it was a resort ingrained our baseball for many years in other sports and so when I got to the NFL. We thought it was gonna be just like all the other sports. You know in in free agency why were you really can created team because a free agency. Well that's not the case in the National Football League you don't become a good organization and a winning team. Because you go out and spend money in free agency teams that spent money in free agency are over compensating are trying to make their team better because they are so bad and in turn they continually. Get another hole in the dam and got to try to plug that one implode this one. Teams that are good do it through the draft undrafted free agents. That's how you build a team in the NFL not spending big in March teams that win big in March. Don't normally win big in January and February and those are just the facts so if you're mad at the cheese or doing anything right now. Don't think there's still reasonably because teams that are good teams that are winning don't spend money at this time of the year. Not normally mean the patriots do sometimes and usually it's just because they have to beef up something in there in their roster now they got a quarterback yesterday at a buffalo that was probably Smart move but. For the most part. If you hit free agency you're not an elite player and that's the other thing too I elite players never hit free agency in the NFL very few and far between like it happens from time to time. DeMarcus Ware was a big pick up for the Chirac goes in their other exceptions to the rule everybody has except I've it's always Leigh Steinberg tweet this the other day. The guy who was that the agent who is the basis for the movie Jerry Maguire. NFL free agency now. It's that you're not getting good enough players the better players stay in their spot right his they can make more and be set up for better success and it really. And you say better success in the NFL is such a different ball game to sales it's like baseball we know you're the six that are in the order something like that the NFL's all about the system and and being in place and knowing what you're supposed to do and understanding things and you know you signed as a free agent from the chiefs and you go to you know the cardinals or whatever. Whole system yet hold these things he'll hold him scheme a shaft might have different dessert yeah exact on opener character earlier. Debate is not fit and he Eagles defeated somewhere and if the team wants to keep yet most likely deal is going to get. The guys at that it's fun. But its regardless but your team not late eighties create content so. Exit march issue after looking into cell phone or six months in the fall of winning football games yesterday as the sweet Bob at right is no it's great looks like tongue or knows how coffee tastes right yet. Agents say if there is on TV right now probably in the same cities like it college basketball coaches and expect to win at a conference tournament easily got one saint. You know it's also telling it like crazy. It's not a bad thing reader guys leave one is you don't overpay them some rest immunity to those picks later treaty to combat like delegates is cheese kids for this year leery of but like okay cool like who are they lose to get that. I'll remember it really is slimy Johnson for I want right now. Oh well time because they got to the draft at my third and also the worst in the world you wanna eat it went over based Johnson is you know somebody who might argue that was it that was a big loss. Maybe maybe not. It's hit you get picks on the on the other side to sell I think sometimes he would win by. By now by not jumping in India and letting. People overpay for your guys I think he can be Smart about it and pick up some some pieces like is that I I think the offensive line like usable what's offensive line loser like okay cool that team solidified their office line seems like and not bad play right in that regard some of these other laser like. What does that when does that ever. Completely were like the jags did you see the semi Calais Campbell for thirty million dollars or whatever they give at least thirty years old that's not a good move by the Jacksonville Jack or assign a thirty year old offensive lineman death. 3040 million dollar contract with that's a bad that's come back then if you look at the type of players they hit free agency just look at how John Jeffrey he sent a one year deal with the Eagles yeah. He's like the third best player in free agency this year. Really like he's he's a really good player when he's healthy. But yes stay healthy is production is dip a lot of people think that's because the quarterback almost done headed for PE DM yeah senate and all that stuff go nobody he still one of the top five free agents available. It's a one year deal and fill right. The best players aren't hitting free agency anymore at one point that was a little bit different. I think you're right two years ago it was kind of started in Atlanta when there was nobody else you know. And I didn't like it even like Brett Favre whose trade wasn't and now and I think. Ramallah until later yeah over every life that it's a free agent you know you'll medallion and a joy to that a free agent and a in the initial yet from Atlanta an agreement that was trade same thing with what Randy Moss was that a trade from Oakland to New England got. So the majority of good players they don't even get something for them right you don't like great players walk exactly that's the other thing if you really good player and NFL team is not gonna let you go somewhere else I mean you you're you're all playing under the same salary cap system. And if you're a good football wife lets you don't try to get something done with you to keep it here were were cheating or cradle portrayed his southern back and return. But they're they're not just not to elect guys go joke and free agency does also include those kind of low level freezes those kind of flyer type things are like those notes are Edison the ones that that that the boom. Were. We're we're somebody goes for big guaranteed whatever I'd and I'd largely stay away from the slide into a general manager I'd have taken flyers on our guys that are that are out there you know added wide receiver OK who's out there aren't giving a one year deal. Maybe not often Jeffrey case but the one you're deal a veteran guy. Those types of things make more sense to me than some of the block as if people ask about the target don't you think he's a good player that usually thought he could help them the party signed him they would franchise tag and to be honest with the if they really thought that he was a guy. I could help them in world she mentioned yesterday. Like yeah well he's looking like a one year deal to try to rush the passer and a great deal if if he can't keep more than that tells what the market is for the odds are it's not a great market because. While we I don't know I think we get how blinded by the quarterback. Play of Dodd Harpo right now we're really excited about the gadget plays but the reality. He's not that good he takes on some double teams beat you get a lot of guys take on double team yes to prove that he's better than that he wants the type of heyday that he believes he should get. So is gonna do that one year deal they much like an hour show on Jeffrey try to have a proven year. Which I mean would preclude the chiefs from doing it yeah I think you know they'd wanna franchise number right understand that now I mean it wouldn't you know it. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to bring him back at lower salary with the port that thing either is trying to shop somewhere else that price. For pride makes you do that president when he let this point now I don't blame them for not spending the franchise money if if your work and he's seen out of open market if he's not worth more than that franchise number. That he is usually made the right call or write down exactly right tonight that's kind of what's going on in a free agent market Tony Romo. Will not be released now by Dallas he is going to be trade it looks like a video let's admit they lie on the yellow belt he's still he's leaving Dallas flawed though by the cowboys but not. So early about like how is slow boil the insiders who said he was going to be really close you seek it out on their own if somebody told Tony Romo is going to be granted his release somebody told lament an agent told that who all the insiders. And then so we're back on this idea looks back for the cowboys because clearly releasing Tony Romo was a thing. Andy decided the last second well wait a minute we think we get something for you it's not quite do that yet is maybe they decided that they could get some form here's his goodbye to Dallas yeah. Swapped. 48 hours noon. Mean I haven't felt the Oakland scored above all you. Lol yeah. I was thank you hear a lot of people. And you see the video and his wife and boy out lover and its allies. I had a conference here today yoga pants walking behind him good lord my god it's good to be the quarterback in the Dallas is what's on do you wanna go out doing when it's your last manners at your side of the world what song are you gonna go out to what song is it that you wanna go. Not Yankee sex now exactly it's just not an. Thong song is. Thoughts on being a good one these people were talking about it like you go to sappy saw you like of the Green Day Tommy airline into sappy like that but what are people gonna talk about. Talk about the Thong song playing in the background of your retirement video they yell I'm giving us live and prayer by by GOP it is time for state news. These school readiness talking about we want to be Wyoming I would imagine that there's. Gun in the school to protect them potential growth slows. These stories from around the globe could you. There's serious due largely. They have the most honest man and chip. Thank you said to most dogs. I'm JJ is from sentenced them under very effective it's. We do it fast and furious and then. The him tomorrow. In ways that movie plus headlines. Accused carjacker caught. Because he couldn't drive stick. That's. Does breakthrough act act this. First sentence right up our shoes Alley. It was a clutch situation. We. Like it does it mean as can drugs I can't try to stick I can't. I have driven it a very well let I would trust myself. You know long distance or with other people on the carpet. If you were asked me in a dual bank heist that you probably get away you couldn't ask pretty impressive and Demi the I couldn't it would be a smooth it would be a smooth gear to gear deal but I can graduate years that yet yet time and you try to stick Welch no I've never driven a stick at nobody does anymore like that that I'd like to try to learn to drive a stake of the you'd be interesting because a color but I I would think it is and I do it in video games like on the arcades gaff really like have that you're as you can go faster views the manual transition the out of mag transitions are suckers moved. So your mayoral transition so transmission. Was that transition. Of that general transmission. There are going that's about that's what I said anyway. You Emanuel you to go a lot faster so that's my very light very novice experience in any kind of stick should I when I drove race cars with Gary Giles at one time mad when they had an old dirt track and I seventy speedway every little thing I'd like about this and he took us out there to drive these cars. And he had all these race cars these guys literal stick and I don't try to stick silently into some Toyota solitary or something. Going around is that he has I laugh that yeah I did. It's so I didn't get the guide is fast that nobody else is likely drive a stick. A Cleveland man accused of carrying out three carjackings and a ten day period was arrested because he couldn't drive stick. Police say an eighteen year old the Maury Wayne stole three cars at gunpoint between February 11. And February 21 two of those armed carjacking. Carjackings excuse me accord any one hour period but he was caught when he was unable to drive a stick shift that Imus. That is caught like gone in sixty seconds situation that's all I carjacking a very small window of time. And defense let me news and defense those cars that Emmys are my Livan he is somebody can get away with it while those of a lot of these guys that had these other owners and it was an English accent waited at the docks they can trying to move our relationship so we can take it overseas radical. Well and see them move and a lot Steve for re watch. And is now I just. Headlines. It doesn't make any sense for me. The panic in children's. Story right out of Ned Yost playbook thousands of dead bees wash ashore on a beach off. That's not good man I am not being serious like the bee population in this country is at an all time low. Or an all time crisis situation. And if people wanna continue to kill bees. It is really going to kill the environment like they d.s at the beginning of what makes everything wonderful and we don't have the pollination going on that we need in this country vegetables are girls were charter trees are gonna grow a word of bad spot with these right now that's not a good story. Monarch butterflies like in the same spot today who cares about that what the butterflies contribute. A monarch butterfly oxygen that they don't they use they knew that you something. It is not the pollen right right so it is something like how. There is a big beneficial is. Is like I didn't really beneficial way to something that that like it matters I don't remember exactly what it is not funny it's something here then we'll go that I'm looking and upon which it. There is the long ass page of monarchs on the with a million people ball monarch butterflies it is crazy how much monarch butterfly stuff you can found on the Internet that is not dead and dying bees are washing up on a popular beach in South Florida Naples beach goers had to watch released Tuesday. After some people say they've been sung just along the shoreline outage. Step on repeat it seems like your own fault. So over the text I want you to work in these these somehow back. What matters that it kind of TCU has to bee's knees last night against Kansas. And it takes the sting out of Azinger are lines that it's. They're pretty buzzword Dinah. The headline. High tech kind of ring coming out to measure. Point performance I mean who cares as Lance. Hi tech and condom ring yes the I dot time. Bills itself as quote the world's first Smart condom because we need more statistics. In sex and sports. In fact the device is a ring necked men to Wear with a condom during sex. Two tracking number of pertinent facts would you guys like to ice guests some of these hurt acts war. Yeah it's all correct so far. So this these are these little little. Big C you are expected they use now basketball the describes ER PER yeah now. The dramatic efficiency record sales and dad makes efficiency is very important when it comes so Lange with her partner does it say it is time. Laporte here SCI dot contract's duration. Skin temperature. Bob's your work dearth. And calories burned. Frequent sex and I would like dad because. I'm not gonna lie sometimes I wonder if I could strap iced it bit my ankle and I did step stirring I'm not kidding you I think about it all the time how can I maximize this and still get credit for my steps with my stick and I would think you'd rather have on your wrist. Knows a good they'll as good as really good and other dare I read that you're not all she'll meet Saturday night because of genius. To answer that question yes you do steps that way. Absolutely does well let's just say. Inquiring minds want to know. Nobody wanted to do people do it gives us a little I don't know if that is you're doing it. I've got a more yeah exactly my. And now. Because. A lot I would like to know how many calories I'm burning in 25 minutes right so we've mentioned I need to get to the real statistic is this masters their durations in temperature birth. Calories burned frequency of sessions. Do. And the baseball statistic evolved average crossed colossal yeah. I would all that stuff the kind of ring is going to sell for about 75 dollars once it's released. Sometime in 20170. Come with a one year warranty no ad they only US it'll charging port. To provide up to eight hours of use just in case you're feeling really use an NC. A a bigger school. Yeah so that's awesome paint net written I'll tell you what the bad as the. Perfect American soccer purchase right there guys that is the perfect American soccer purchase right enemy and we will. Any staying in this country. Including of that and the like fit bit for Europe we you know poster numbers on the Internet somewhere else he can attack. Your high profile cat that's part of the story is that. On me on that on down. Like here's here's the acts when you're dating it's your stats noted is. Its audited by the way it's supposed to be able to the tech actually transmitted disease and by but part of this is it's it's kind of allowed. It needs. Yeah big big big hats SC now statistics are tracked. That's attracted more expensive ones. Yeah just six are attracted Vienna icon app so you'll be able to compare yourself. Like what would stay with aids in you you get challenges every week with your friends who can walk the most apps and whatnot to do this out it'll. Boy America one of best at anything brands I don't know for that yeah. I had I don't think badly what was the funniest part of it video to deal thinking. About that man that that down definitely out there aren't I think controllers than if I live violence is for just a about it if it does the well cares pieces. Is that have won ads image shot. The CI a goes. What Williams to tee shot yesterday act. Jim banks the head coach it's our seasonal earlier in the week does Jim behind complained about. The term of being in Greensboro, North Carolina for no reason says it should be in big cities and so Roy Williams to the shot back. At bay. Now but it's a social media we don't need need to New York Times find out what the defense is going on in the country you are present tweets are more or about her saying so. You know so we we've got all kind of social media but in the old days there's no question of some media capital of the world. But I'm not sure that it is now Kos and media kept the world sitting right there right there right there. Ruins is absolutely right it. It back in the old days New York used to be that epicenter of all things media now the Internet and social media and everything else. It's it's still big it's still big epicenter but not anywhere close to what used to be. Not having determine New York doesn't hurt your brain and not having the turner at New York doesn't make you look small it just makes Jim Mayer hot field small because he has such an old school way of thinking. Roy Williams is he's on point here. This this department in Greensboro, North Carolina. Its image personal been there forever. As these as long as I remember the AC has always been like throughout every three turner at sabathia and it isn't like Greensboro and listening as Rick burrows also it's a nice city and they they to a really good job of the term. Just because Jim bay high Nacional plane and travel and doesn't want to know that's not right reason to move a tournament. Because some guy for the biggies to think she's better than everybody steps in says why are we agree or Carolina while we go to New York City. So you have more fans there and let's duke and North Carolina fans like. What are you guys sitting out a little bit. Ultimately though that's kind of what it is about with today but it's not necessarily about the location. It's about having the ability to have more than just duke and North Carolina fans are like I'm sure you would ask West Virginia fans or I'm sure if you would ask Texas fans. They probably think it's an unfair advantage to have the big twelve championship here in Kansas City because of all the K you say it's Beckett to go well you know. That makes it work I mean there are certain places. Where tournaments war Greensboro, North Carolina save them the rules that they have down there now what's preventing turbines from going there. It works for the ACC because it made money and people were there in the Arenas were full and I was talking to somebody down expert setter yesterday and it was right on the on the cusp of cage getting ready to lose the TCU. And doing well least Iowa State won a goal what you don't like what's it matter now that the tickets are already sold. And they said the building atmosphere is so key when when you do these tournaments. You want the building atmosphere to be off the charts of the conference looks at that sees wow. We're hearing cutesy look at this atmosphere you don't create this atmosphere in Dallas you know create the same atmosphere and Oklahoma City but at Kansas City look at the great. Atmosphere that is created inside the building so you want those teams that sell the tickets. To win the so they can have more fans and air to create a great atmosphere for every day. Of that championship and while all the fan of I I think. I'm kind of old school like adding New York works of the it is a big markets on a big stage fuels bigger when it's in Madison square garden and when other conferences are scheduling theirs they're TN players are so there's a little this is our territory get the hell out and then you'll. This is part of the reason why I'm still glad the big twelve is what it is. And were they the big twelve realized they were good hearing cutesy save for maybe going to London for that one year we're gonna sneer in Kansas City. We know how good we had that we tried moving it around. It didn't work and I think the ACC is going to realize that while yes you at the Barclays said it's a great building it's a big city it's fantastic. It's never going to be the atmosphere that you have in Greensboro, North Carolina and that's why Dallas doesn't work. The big holes exactly why Dallas doesn't work for the big twelve. Other ACC teams to be as upset as they want to about duke fans North Carolina fans another big twelve teams to be really upset about KU fans taking over the sprint senator. If fan base is showed up. Like duke or North Carolina Eric K unit copper I would say. Yet then they would have the turner meant there right like if you go to New York City. Just another thing in New York City in not a ton of people show up to mass is part of Syracuse fans are rolling in from New York City to watch their team play in a Wednesday after on the Tahoe but. If you put it in Greensboro you of a lot of people from duke module from North Carolina. And if your hard core Syracuse Beatty could still go down there right it might not be as great for them as it once was a massive square garden but to say it's smaller because in Greensboro was just flat out wrong do you we. Lies the big twelve turn it within the public sale tickets sold 45 seconds 45 seconds of sold the tickets to an even the last one minute here. In Kansas City and the big twelve those. And kind of in the middle where not a small was Greensboro obviously we're not as big as New York City. Kansas City united people this for years is the perfect spot. For events like this this is why the NCAA keeps coming back here not just for basketball but for every day because we always find a way. To get those fan base is down here and get those fan bases in the building and when you're at a championship like the big twelve the ACC. Your best bet is to play in the venue that is closest to where the most fans are coming from and you are right Welch if you don't like it and if if Texas doesn't want to hear Texas Tech and just using them as an example yet of what they have in Dallas usually filled the building he should've sold out the building. And he should've made it a big deal down there wasn't they tried and works perfect here. That's why Greensboro again works perfect for the ACC and does and. It's funny when you think about. Out of the landscape of college basketball on how everybody's trying to one up each other and everybody's tried to. Now get the headlines he knew what you resident Roy Williams there saying well I New York's not yet to set our media like he used to it used to be and all that stuff. It feels like both bay high man Williams try to jockey Edgar jockey for position they're in recruiting good day. Dollars and that guy says New York so you are dead even matter anymore they do with the way social media works it doesn't matter. To details matter what Kansas City the Paris of the planes man. An atmosphere matters all the players the planes were reason you got here their stuff to do it's it's Christine everything's up to date how good of a city. Do you have to be. I just got from this perspective is the forget pitcher even in Kansas City or anything like that to the government totally objective perspective make any city. The city do you have to be. Burke conference to always want it's basketball tournament in your city despite the fact that your city is in a state. That doesn't even have a school in the conference right. A pretty big statement yet. Now care where it is out here it's out Gilbert K you say anybody. Just think about that in an objective form take the names out of it. You have a conference. That involves the city so much that they're willing to have their basketball tournament there every year despite not having his team from that state in the term in the a great. It's it's it's a great point. I didn't see much yesterday big ten's playing in DC didn't look very good now didn't. I constantly northwestern game that was late basically they showed Julie Lee Dreyfus which is Smart. As a nominee stands right. It doesn't it doesn't look good. Now Barclays and resolute look better I think I think for these easy term it's a it's a pretty soon as I get to the right venue the right the right city and and then don't overstate any big ten's over extending itself. I mean you're not DC you're not your stop stop it your Indianapolis is in Chicago and. NB ABS eight I just don't have a date just yet and no your oats instead of it it it and that's the other thing like we we talk about it all the time guys. Trying to expand your brand and expand your footprint. Sometimes you just gotta know who we are. I'm Santana screw that up so sometimes you just gotta understand what you all are. And as much as we were the big twelve and we mocked the big twelve we make fun of the big twelve are always gonna stay behind. Maybe at the end of the day which is the greatest sports cliche of all time the big twelve will be left really good shape because these picture of who they are. We all Big West Conference we're gonna do stuff in the midwest we're gonna maximize everything we can't. And behind closed doors if you get all conference commissioners in a room. They will all tell you the same thing and we wish our basketball tournament was the big twelve. I fared the big twelve is the best basketball tournament. In the country and that's being a biased big twelve. That's me from talking to people who talked to these people telling me. At every league president wishes they could have the atmosphere wishes they could have the venue wishes they could have the money and everything into the big twelve was able to generate because they do it so well. And our fans bring in Kansas City brings it every single time we are the apple of. Every other conference is high right now when it comes to to to Dayton conference championships. Top ten today top ten better vacation spots for for Alex Smith he was pictured in Hawaii. In in out in a kayak again sir we're gonna vote was that it was a canoe canoe ansari who care afternoon but he looked he like Jack. No shirt on good creamy muscles rowing away. Top ten better vacation spots and Hawaii for Alex Smith 69306. On the attacks line today we'll do that coming ebony fifty. Message and data rates may apply you look at those muscles and you be like man he can throw the deep ball objects just constant roles that yeah. Creamy other relatives still running very creamy coming up handy link ask the delisting for a drop our commercial break when you hear it for USC ticket be caller number 6913. 57676. Dead coming up here from Dovonte Graham what. Little frightened Mason Atlanta Lucas and they all say it's not excuse for losing. But it didn't help will tell you what it is next. All right coming up our top ten list in a matter of about ten minutes or so here on 610 Sports Radio I'll Smith was pictured vacationing in Hawaii topped and better vacation spots for. Al Smith. 69 threes or six on the tax line today messaging data rates may apply your top ten coming up. Eddie fifteen I a lot of people talked about one item yesterday inside that Kansas locker room that was the loss of Josh Jackson will delve in deeper into that one coming up in the 9 o'clock hour here. I'm sixty and Sports Radio but unconvinced missing any one of the the five starters for Kansas is going to be cause for concern they need all five of those guys there. To be the best that they possibly can and they all weighed in on that after the game including frank Mason. And stuff we'll show about their own misses his office and presents a different approach amazing group shot blocker. Who rebounded pass and score he does a lot of good things for so we missed them. So that's frank Mason talking about not having Josh Jackson here's what we have that Lucas said. You know he brings different presence I think that the thing. The reason he's so important in this you know not having her was because when we go forward roars you know. He's content that hybrid 45. You know now just we just kind of switches things and so we could practice and most of the year with him player. You know thirty plus minutes from social. That changes and stuff. You know we still expect to win and I think there are some things we could have done better. Canisters to do. And Dovonte Graham. Whose roots is because he's over his tag is only days slower than they and I haven't is. You know. The big. So that's divide they grant and BellSouth that that's when he do we have you know past teams that we've. If you scored seventy that was appeared to win out eighties knotty but here to win because we don't orders well law. A bit that you know you look at it. One offensive rebound out of Landon. You know playing for the arts and are you know are being sought to instantly give us anything so. So it is disappointing but but we head to head it's it's not an excuse that we didn't hand. You know you have things happen all the time and in it in the course of games or season were. We're negative things that you gotta you gotta use respond favorably to that and today we just didn't do it as well as what. I find it really really funny that the only person who said you have but yeah well we still have been better was Bill Self and all that all the players from base in the Lucas the Graham. Said the exact same thing. It hurt not having Josh Jackson they didn't goal with these standardized. Well you know we should awhile without him anyway they all just like yeah. It was really a difference Russ out there and nobody I asked him today double back with the not that's an excuse that's on nobody nobody made any of that they were discount like Aaron. And that not happen. You can tell Frankfurt Mason was really frustrated with the tail and he he was not distrust here at capital relive everything. If you're a guy like frank Mason you're looking around all these off the court issues all these little things that are adding up and you gotta be sitting there like guys. And having national player of the year season you're the number one team in the country to get. Bleed together. Almost. You at the bleed to death like Sears they'd like guys. Look different Mason what frank Mason's done this year has been incredible. A lot of the reason he's had to do it is because of lack of depth now with that lack of depth you would think. As a team they would understand we have to be extra careful out there because here we are somewhat celebrity's image become part so we have to be extra careful out there. And make sure we don't do anything at all that puts ourselves in jeopardy. Did he do like about bringing Mason I'm super pissed. I'm I'm I'm living. Well all the off the court distractions throughout the entire season because a senior and this is his last already studies have left and having a national player of the year campaign and right it's an anybody. Anywhere not name frank Mason they're national player of the year eighty like publication or anything it's already come out that there's oil like fear for so far. But all of them have frank Mason a national player of the year so while he's doing this all these other problems it'll small issues there. Kind of stacking up for a year that are distractions right Bill Self said there were distractions Barbara Mason until it. And he wants to play as much as possible right I mean you know he's played for forty minutes yesterday and looks gassed. On and it's probably best serve that he he amongst everybody is fresh and for the tournament to tell him that. And I tell him he wants to keep kids out to tell him he's like you pay by the game. This is what he wants to play every single game like let me go let me add a let me let me Adam soda. After it got a real image I understand why he's match I guess it is the nature he wants to keep play but but ultimately is as we sit here you think about it you know looking back to this team makes a run and they make it to the final four may be losing to TCU. Even the big twelve on Thursday could be the best thing. That has happened to the jayhawks we'll talk more about that coming up just after 9 o'clock here on sixteen and Sports Radio becoming able back on the streets as I had a chance to talk to. Some visiting friends from the Big 12 Conference yesterday plus our top ten list top ten better vacation spots for Alex Smith while. I'm free next. I need energy up after the man. I listen up men. Hello sports fans. Are surprisingly enough a lot of ideas for Alex Smith Alan vacation pictures of him in in Hawaii. Looking all cut looks creamy not wearing a shirt. This creamy muscles. Landon about was themselves Grammy in a war. I hope yet sunscreen on that fully taking. GQ pictures when you see Bora right. You'd win one now now I outlook quick Ryan Gosling. Alex Smith looks like Ryan Gosling he's he's very fetching a ridiculous. Attempt to better vacation spots for Al Smith the number. Butterball university. Turkey jumps well it's not a good game her pound bid circular and it's giving them Burton. The mr. universe pageant. New letters home. Hello. And you won't listen. I. And clues and wonderful. This whole love being. Okay. Number. Number aids that are vacation spot for Al Smith somewhere it is played block. And it did did we really get that text and then there. And I. Saint Louis and something at Saint Louis hello crap in Waterford in Saint Louis Graham of south. Oh and number. Buffalo yeah. So if they arrived. Odds anywhere but here number five vacation spot for Alex Smith Cleveland the or. Can't they didn't think it ain't with it a cornerback. That Cleveland made a big deal out of that Canadians comment. Number. Number four is vacation spots to be the burden quarterback camp like green right plot Al Gore read. Yeah the go to one. But it works. Her rage in vacation down the field the best I thought I don't. There. It's really fun one how will help us again I'm sensing a whole theme in this. Anywhere but Kansas City. The terrible. It was the stock. It's and I line that got them down and down. And the other number one better vacation spot for Alex Smith the Peyton Manning passing academy buckle up tick tick off the sale of zip it pretty watched them play. I'll predict the certain. You can't even go on vacation man Joseph a little about it. I'm belittling rowing I'm freaking believable. We went on the streets yesterday downtown Kansas City, Missouri. And talk to a lot of big twelve fans kind of find out their take on what's going on in their spots in the big twelve championship here in Kansas City it's a new feature we like to call Bob on the streets. Where you guys in front. There are places I mean friend DC. Tomorrow Moines Iowa and are you familiar with the single site family up there in the morning yeah. I'm are you guys enjoyed your time here in Kansas of our. And I just got here to ensure Iraq the new rumor obviously that's coming out is about the big twelve try to expand their brand a little bit and moved it. A different locations that determine their places of one of the spots in discussing. Is London to possibly move determine over there what are your thoughts about that. That scene but I think as an Iowa State fan would you like Bill Self and the governor of Kansas. Did now from Ames Iowa. You and I would look there one time it went to a fairly calm them more Aziz do you know them by chance idea that we heard of are you enjoying your time here in Kansas apparently Lovett from the state of Missouri what do you think so are your time against us. Well again it's lives. Later under the big plus considering playing this tournament one year in London just as an experimental what are your thoughts about. I think you'll probably be able to connect. The big twelve is talking about moving their term for one year only to London to get an international player to be the first league to do that what are your thoughts. Mean the big twelve tournament and love in the basketball turn up and as Warren Ingram out from my seat Joseph Missouri. I got a faster and brought in conjunction Rivera the new rumor is that Bill Self was thinking about running for governor of the state of Kansas how do you feel about that that builds as these they would basketball accusing Bill Self was the right choice he's talking about running. He needs to keep coaching me when he was more fired on from Glendale us Virginia Oklahoma Brad Paisley. That's pretty cool do you like this on these things why don't we get drunk all the data I think it would why don't we get drunk and screwed us on. Yeah that sounds good and good luck you enjoyed your time in Kansas tomorrow the other is my third time in his grave if everything is great here we like best about Kansas. I'll like the food followed the Barbeque and bad we've and I like the atmosphere up here in the power a city that's great visual Iraq. And there's talk of Bill Self becoming the next governor of Kansas what do you think about that don't don't indicates that we don't like a whole lot more into what if they get Kansas too nice really nice they're talking about moving this tournament to London from one year Woody Allen. Absolutely late knock what do you think of him being here in Kansas I. Little taste that's a big twelve fans up the street yesterday down at this written senator the powers that led to power city this city is the big name. There's more I felt like I did I got a candidate like it but I tell you what the West Virginia fans were some of the nicest people. I met Iowa State fans were some the me is people that I came across a month is being honest West Virginia scheduling a lot in life. Being here and power city and I do and it really is which idea and every West Virginia fan I did ask about moonshine and everyone normally I thought I had it it was like. Secondary nature Miami and secondary major. But they all drink you know embryonic manner of label bottled to and the West Virginia football game you bring it and it's just whatever you've with three axes on the sides and every major sell it back coming up to two minutes it was a bad days the jayhawks but in the long run it could be the best thing until well explain line two minutes next.