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03/10 9a - KU Loses, K-State Wins, Spec on the Chiefs, Aldon Smith

Mar 10, 2017|

Hear from Bill Self following the Jayhawks loss in KC, Bruce Weber may have saved his job, Spec has 2 Chiefs takes plus Aldon Smith is in bad shape

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Baylor last night 764. They'll face West Virginia and only game tonight sprint center Missouri's season is over they losing ground to the SEC turn at 86 to 74 to old miss. I'm Josh for what that's we know now back to show. Five's tech summit Tex lines economic dug mass because I didn't know my geography. Those guys attacks on the text line. Are people who didn't get the day. This check to see if anybody was. Swear that I. God the world the world the world back in on every one are you really see Elena are you're gonna respond to every one. Although we're supposed to do that you're gonna respond to every one abandon this never responds to the tax line I now. You can't you can't help us escalating and I need to get this like cheese thing out of my system okay I'm only needed for two days yeah I'd just easily went a little bit. Lose first okay get through it what later Michelle welcome to the chiefs think coming up here that you would wait to get to you respond to the tech sign for me and we'll we'll get back into that in in a couple of minutes because speck that's on your back from these people the pro well that's funny but if you feel better about yourself for Reese. So let me. Sutherland they're listening right out of it a virus bodies they Texan backs there they're listening right now and tell him of it was it was the will quiz to see people knew that if they're in Kansas it's very angry text fail in assaulted and take a deep breath you know do it fire back it's Friday you you feel the need to do so Google him do that affect your chief state. In a moment but obviously Kansas State wins they bail themselves a bit and they got it right we're good with that in two stages and it seems like that's a great Reza made another good solid. Beating the team with a high ranking right now at the zone which is a criteria they look at you know. Vs top 45 vs top ten all the things they've got a pretty good resume their that was a big win for them last night probably put some off the bubble. And currently in now other stuff made sure move them around certainly winning today. But it seems the the experts who follow this seem to think that that is it's when but the man. Whenever Wren yeah. Radler and that is it out of the things I'll stick around for next year's Eddie is definitely an internment and it's our right outside her case that I got to get him they can pull it off against West Virginia today I think they Wendell thank. Sears agrees that they're up against either Iowa State or TCU we've already beat the three seed you've beaten two seat right here before security team to go against there's no reason that you shouldn't beat them do like. For K state now on this that it be. Great to have that building K state Iowa State tomorrow and I think that would be a lot of fun for the championship game to add to steal kind of you know ingrained school's old big eight school was you know that that appreciate where they are playing and all that kind of stuff. So I I OK state does win tonight I I hope they knock off West Virginia. And they are able to get into the championship game because if you can knock off two top ten teams in today's you're definitely in the turn I think he stayed as anything left approved. To the committee beginning and you got three top ten wins already this year you've played in the Big 12 Conference play Kansas clothes were really really yeah twice really really good. To meet K state now has done enough with their nineteenth win. They should be in the turner. Now or later today but I mean and he has thrusts that mean that if they if they win some play hard stuff and I guess that like. Good to if you like to personal debt and faster you play hard tonight I think you actually get credit for the I think you do so I'm thinking about seeding though like if K state. Wins tonight as another when he gets top ten team now they have. For wins against those teams and now you go into the championship you win the big twelve tournament championship. Week nine seed eight seed and and knowing the committee we could see K state be put in the same region. As KU. Well I can play into the sweet sixteen. Well they were later night so we'll be taking it can't match him or does it doesn't work that way you know let's currently schools that early so all that's why you have the Wichita State angle that's a pet so they wouldn't be able to do that tell us we sixteen so they could probably be in the same bracket now they want. Casey what the navy and had a it and they get a pretending to be in the same bracket right right ten or eleven I'm not putting them away somebody's problem in the second around. A lot of space stage so I got a chance and it had to close games against gay you know that I'm curious if we're gonna get a rematch because a part of that committee I'm thinking it. Easy could you match McCain had used in Kansas City guys how good would that you try to take your high heaven if you put K state is the ten seed and last. You could have K state vs K you in the sweet sixteen in Kansas City which were right one of the tougher tickets to get. All year I mean that would be saying and I mean you know. And as we talk about Kansas City one other places the only place is sold out but that's secondary market. Would be nuts I talked to submit guys on the street yesterday selling tickets when I was doing the man on the street stuff. And niceties from Kansas City is on in from Detroit for visitors this is this is a huge moneymaker every single year. Here in Kansas City so if you put K state K you've somehow ball ending up in Kansas City. In the NCAA championship in the sweet sixteen you're good at every scalpel from all over the world coming in here trying to sell that ticket. Because it will be hot ticket and talking about Kentucky Kansas duke and Arizona potentially being. The sport teams that are in Kansas City and so that's going to be a tough ticket as it is now. We're canceling in case because were blind homers you know we are the big twelve fan and you like the thing to get advanced they gotta do some damage they can get some more wins if they're gonna end or use our dislike the CI dislike seeing. Happy and I know this time this guy whatever doing this for over three hours I had a red area I thought governor yesterday aside. Whenever all ideas look at is hey let's have some fun with it weird what could happen to continue a case state I'd like to see. Another KUK state match I love it because the first two games were phenomenal from the first two games were great basketball yet. I just down on my brain I'm trying to think of scenarios that could put KUK state and no matter what when I cut it as I continue to think through her brain. It's going to be really unlikely yes or what weight cutting is we really unlikely they could see each other in the sweet sixteen or may be that happy to wait to the elite eight which would be insane but. The more I think about it of course I have an that would be a lot of fun old little things like AJ you line this is Baylor is all. JJ's it's. At K state beats duke. I want I did what Specter on the work the next day that's all our systems can the Huckabee the funniest thing ever. So fantastic win for K state yesterday securing themselves of a bid into the NCAA tournament I'm happy for Bruce Webb Wright a K state fans. Examples sides of the fence with this they like where in the tournament now but we'll see you Bruce Weber Bruce Weber was staying anyway you got young new to listen kids. I think they're gonna be really good next year. And I think K state is gonna be one of those teams that goes into the season they were picked ninth this year I think they're probably gonna be a top five team next year going into the league based on all the guys that they give back. Everybody been a year older and now haven't this nice little post season success that they've already had here in Kansas City. Getting into the term it a man Bruce Weber State it is school of the term and now three of the five years and he's been there a very nice impressive resume. That Bruce Weber had to be careful what you wish for our yeah did it and I think K State's a good. Not right now virtual well how quickly people forget the Tom Asbury ya Jim wooldridge days of K state they were just absolutely atrocious before Bob Huggins to have so. Yeah three out of five years go on the NCAA tournament. That was on the academy the end move away from Weber bandwagon early on but they came on strong they did what they had adjudicated of the tournament that's a nice appearance. And no matter what. K state fans are probably stuck with Webber for another year at it here's the thing too this is why you don't make rash decisions in October on a football coach or may at a baseball manager or in January at a basketball coach. Because it's not what you're doing up to and Richard higher body working you let the entire season like Al. And here we are now at the end of the year and as cool as all Bruce Weber would have this team in the NCAA tournament who. A month and a half ago he would've thought and here they are the costs. Of getting into the NC double talk they were after that due West Virginia and it looked awesome and loss of Baghdad that they just an honest here or boron and it was like are like god that's that's what I thought was gonna lose Bruce Weber is is just because he got under codes all that Oklahoma right two weeks ago right yeah I told us that now about that's what was gonna lose and job at that you're jog curry left it's like the tailored jacket again anyway DNA with a host it's just on the hot seat where. I could go one way or the other he's going to be back at least now if you're K state fan. You have to be excited about the fact that you're looking at Bruce Weber sand well. At least he's not coming back is a lame duck coach for one year's a new athletic director comes in. There is some momentum behind him coming in from April from a year where you may be instantly turn him. It's it's still probably going to be one of those seasons where it goes the wrong way he tickled to hear that you may be sure but at least you go to recruit to say I. Makoni anywhere but the escalate tournament this year three of the last five years amid the NCAA tournament there's no reason for them to fireman so for recruiting standpoint you can't have other teams say. Well he's a lame duck coach the only reason he's there is because they're athletic director left otherwise you wouldn't fired. So you don't have that negative recruiting going against you now after Bruce Weber but. He's also playing into a camp where he can leave there he could leave too he could be like an economic crying. Three tournaments in five years and I've done here it's good enough for some McCain's state. Ha it might be good of the somebody else that's right and you lost Missouri and I got a new boss committed out who he is. Don't forget our birth whoever's got some cards in this two yet sure it is now now he's got a lot of cards and that's interesting we were talk about the Missouri jumbled yesterday after we cleared up all the OJ stuff. I'm at the big twelve tournament and the there was talk about like what is Missouri going to do can they land a big name head coach. And the consensus was from people that are talking to that are connected in. The weighted mainly in the big name head coach is if they do get the Tom Green guy looking to get out ahead of the chopping block that may come. In the next year or Seles of that is Tom Green and that happens to be Tom Green. That's the way Missouri is gonna land themselves a big time head coach Kansas yesterday loses the TCU. And is at the end of the world now it's a loss in the big twelve tournament that really doesn't matter in an exhibition tournament for a team like Kansas if this loss happens a week. From now that we're talking about that we're saying oh my god this is devastating loss but what I think it gives it reassured some things. For Bill Self still as a team can't defend anybody. But if you're down one guy. If you're down one guy you need all hands here this is gonna have a difficult time. Of winning games because they've got outscored everybody and they truly or eighteen they all feed off each other and they at what cost data that we'll yesterday. And I don't care who that Todd is out of that we'll if there's one of those big guys missing they're not gonna have an opportunity to win games. In the month of march that's like having Josh Jackson frank Mason land Luke is the bond they grant speed. And Carlton brag already did go they all got to be ready in a 100% because we saw one guy missing could do your team. Esther at least they get the rest there's the rest that they needed and part of it is because they have black death adept fall season. All season long it's been this well while they outplay frank Mason 38 minutes or 37 minutes frank looks tired. It looks like a guy who's been killed himself all year to get this national player of the year award and it looks tired. So this isn't the worst thing in the world for him to get that time arrest. It's not the worst thing in the world for pay you'd have to sit with that bad taste in the mouth for eight dates before they get to play. I hate that narrative traditionally though it's good to get done it's a relates to my shameless homer I don't helmet but it's but it doesn't make it any less widget in this case I. The in this case I think it works and look like a tired team yesterday it's funny like look like everything that's spent everything in the attempt at a comeback. And and look like they were tired I was thinking boy if they advanced face I was stated proof. I think cyclones probably got this when they're gonna refresh. Kansas looked gassed so. It's probably not the end of the world socket a knock them off the one line nope they're they're. There's here their season of work has put them I think firmly in an in and the number one spot. It's not gonna affect them in the in the seeds. Maybe makes a little bit angry maybe get some on the practice or work amounts of defense a little bit and they get eight days off it's on the worst thing in the world. It's a Kansas fans will fret over a January loss to Oklahoma State be mad over that for days on end. But a loss in the big twelve championship which seems like it should be a lot bigger. That the the narrative from most Kansas fans yesterday including a friend Nick Johnson was you know like we had really doesn't play for now we get the rest I think that's the narrative that they can't spit take I think it's a little defense Mac and it is sure to because again you. If you win the lead you want to just absolutely over three days fan and if you didn't especially Kansas won the league by four games yet. Looks like just looks. To some like how you're you were your failure and defend over three days so there's a little defense mechanism there and I get that probably happens for every. Every conference's number number one seed if you want the regular season you're expected to go win the paternity of our rights of Kansas loses they're out to get a couple of days of rest K state gets a chance to make an even bigger case for the NCAA tournament tonight if you want a roll up your red flag. It's defense defense defense is terrible. They feel self was right we saw yesterday there's been times they've been a little flip the switch a little bit and Manning couldn't flip the switch yesterday. And that's a dangerous spot to be in and and and on top draw one. They keep Kansas prides themselves on their ads and into the forest and is able. We said take pride in not giving up seventy right at 85 today you don't sell is it does sit back and lots of defense would be the worst thing oral this kid this basketball team right now kind of reminds me that 03 chief Steve there winning games 4542. When you think everything's great there's there's coral those points. And one night you have an off night offensively you mentioned earlier Kansas taking those hero shots you don't hit those hero shots all the sudden you're not defending anybody you're losing games so you've got to be balanced. On both ends of the floor coming up be listening for a drop in our commercial break. Annual and 25 dollars to twin peaks. Do you hear that the caller number 69135767610. You went 25 dollars and twenty will be out both locations this weekend this Sunday. For our selection Sunday show so come and join us coming up here. On 610 Sports Radio or have an opportunity to tell you if the big twelve coaches were ball is Kansas City. Bars would they be eight. Mac yeah yeah gorgeous Friday morning a big twelve Friday here in Kansas City he headed downtown at the barbecue competition at noon time today. Thankfully is very jealous and Iowa beating copious amounts of meets down their prepared by all of the schools in the big twelve. Conference this year so to be a lot of fun so your rod had the opportunity. To go down there being judge in this contest those guys in the KCBS take it way too seriously for me. The beat goes back to Dick for me only because you like that this is pretty good isn't as good wine. Mean that's the way it is a barbecue it's like yeah pretty good that it's good barbecue but they will analyze my smoke ring. They want analyze the way pull apart the brisket they'll analyze the way savor the chicken breasts okay they're very in depth with their meat. They're tired he had no. His death it really is like everybody's got their nerd out there are sports right. For some of the KCBS folks it's smoke rings ugliness there's there's certainly as a business and I did find out last year that you. Actually don't want to meet the fall off the bone of rip so that was something very interesting that idea got so there that folks there you have it. Are the big twelve coaches are all league town we decided to say you know these guys were ball is what Kansas City bars would they be as you read a little lost in translation here I thought was which forward we take each team either way it works the same thing here and I think that I think it's kind of the same thing adding it's kind of the same thing so. I'm gonna go and in seed order again some of these coaches have already been eliminated from this and you can play along and hasn't Elmhurst one including the first 1693060. Tex lines today pretty S effort cans Kansas I'd said this was this was tough for me because I wanted to know what the coolest bar was in Kansas City. I had a lot of different answers for that is Bill Self is the coolest coach. But I ultimately when it was sold the war that's from vacant well he has. Yeah burrito bill that's right Elliot Savard assaulted a solid as a 120 no other club. Give a blast with Bill Self and no other popular beer bought the beer pong pool bowling. Yes you know I don't that's good here bonds mostly now while and then there I would stated bars and if it's legal for forest ambulances probably I don't know probably under the symbol like no liability issues there and a TC West Virginia. I'd take Bob Huggins is shark bar begins I need to see how he bared dais to eighty's and ninety's music like I need air degrees CI totally went the opposite view I picture Bob Huggins he's old school right there are sweatpants all the time. That's the cigar box man. That is the cigar box from Bob London's city as were brought up probably Catholic Bob Huggins I just wanna see Bob Huggins dance today eighty's and ninety's music at the chart and it's fair is that be aware that you hold court at the cigar box you can't. There's a nice little boost in the actually yeah I envision him as kind of a court. Yet dollars there's you know there's a circular but what does an analyst doing stories over beverage I don't know a thing you don't hold court at the shark that are making outside of maybe outside three seed Baylor. Scott Drew. I go with the grand balloon. Makes sense for Scott Drew took little snooty but it's alright okay see I went. I would it would blanket and a location and everybody's into enforced naturally he's consistent they always do it right illness consistent and always good. So with mccoys it's consistent and it's always good. Not someone. Forcing Iowa State's. Steve Rome does and implement united Bear Bryant room it was a good putts uptight guy who appears that a lot of rage so we're told that raged good you to go to the right there to show. I think it was too obvious I went at least to Iowa State then I got to go they're adamant that he's right got to ask the ads are getting used all the good you people right now that a lot of. Some day soon. This is your bedside of then first I since the Oklahoma State. Brad Underwood I dig the Kelly's. Underwood just seems like a classic guy and it's not that Kelly's hasn't like revamped but. Now they play a lot of sixties and seventies music during the afternoon so that's where an I would take Brad Underwood there I seen. This is gonna (%expletive) people off but I don't care. Like Brad Underwood is to get to K state fans want so bad so I'm taking to the lucky group relative yeah. Us. Kevin nice at all appropriate all right so 66 CK's day. A big Bruce Weber a buzzard beach the imagine I still have a little better. Got a good time lately who's. I think you get it could match you know they could that's all right you disputed since he needed to be he gets the I would totally opposite than I would the problem the president hotel because that's why he wouldn't begin now that's exactly and tickets are worried actually hear him. Let's played so good that that's funny funny ads Tennessee Texas that. Daggers beard I have no righty Chris beard is I don't either addicted to make bad news kitchen and go back you know other public self. I. And it's really good guy like analog I love and actually I said PBR because he's a Texan through through port in Texas raced in Texas Bible UT. He could run a ball all right he's attacks. Gannett and the man they'd see TCU. Jamie Dixon in the foundry I get CBJ Dixon have an average could tell that dance floor also not that many hate you thing is that boundary that's true. That's a good I was there are fans during the Indiana game this year the first game I was the only one there that was actually that's of the game may catch me game on their little flat screen TV at the back of the bar. For Jamie Dixon I've been taken to the Blue Line just got hockey hair so I figured the Blue Line and got a virus and associated Melrose is a little guys who want to bar it is real good. Round at nine I guess he owed you Ron Kruger. PBR Barbie is log Kruger on the mechanical bull would be the funniest thing ever I thought long and hard about Lon Kruger as she said right. And I have put up on they slogged our long yes which is the ball in Kansas City that constantly changes names. Is there a bar in Kansas City that constantly change yeah lane what's it called now I think it's it's called T three arcade. It used to be beaver tapped before that it was saints and before that friendly right on is that not just a severe and then that's what line Kruger is that place because he's greatly changed names it's the same place. But he constantly changes daisy was UNLV was Oklahoma I was case eighty was Florida it was in the NBA. So Lon Kruger is the guy who constantly changes they'd just say things that that's a good spot there. Yes. On number ten Texas chuck flaws to Smart take an up down or take podshock if they shot him Blix. Now the titans with Steve McNair and Eddie George stuff. Is that I feel like it up down you have a good comic shop Smart I went like so different on this one I what we shot the Smart he used to be cool awesome now I spent all the tired funky town. All I. How poor quality town on watch the same or shocker do you like it like this plus. Here you wouldn't turn it with Texas last year he was also detects. In the big twelve is here now with a winner of the heavenly and so he gets the go. They're fun to have you guys played well 69306. On attacks like today be listening in our next break for a drop for another chance to win 25 dollars to twin peaks. They could wait then put me up like that. Man they go when you hear that be listening NB caller number 69135767610. Here at 610 Sports Radio you'll have a chance to win at 25 dollars through. Two twin peaks coming up we'll hear. What Tim Anderson had to say on his last words as the head coach of the University of Missouri you don't want to miss that plus spec is got some pent up anger about the Kansas City Chiefs that he needs just get out we'll do it next. Yeah. Six to Sports Radio yeah it is at now. Dine as the Missouri head coach this was in yesterday in his final words as head coach of the Missouri Tigers. Or fewer vest me. When did you know you gonna do fire. Or would have said probably the first took the job. Because there was a lot of challenge and challenges to mean. We met we met them and we do pretty good job we used to work. So that is Tim Anderson and his final words is the University of Missouri head coach. Just about any coach can say because when you get tired your hired to get fired as they say in the coaching realm and the general manager realm. And in hi collegiate level and professional levels support for kind of sad ending for Kim Anderson. At the University of Missouri but now it's onward and upward and we'll see what the University of Missouri can do. With their coaching job the jayhawks lose yesterday. They fall to I TCU and it in tough tough loss that not having Josh Jackson was a little bit of the reason why they lost with frank masons and also some other things factored. Oh yeah definitely. Not throughout the game you know after the game just to seeing. You know I wish you could address. This our own office and the presidency. It you know. And saw that he can't really think about it. I'm gonna coaches doing fans and my teammates and understand that sentiment that a decision move. Or so there's frank Mason the senior leaders and make better decisions going forward and that goes for. Every once in the jayhawks lose the wildcats win they get themselves I think a berth in the NCAA tournament if they give in some Olympic you don't what ACC team a bid over K state. I'm gonna be pissed off on Monday morning and just tell you that right now it's like a Wake Forest or. Do or somebody like decades in over Kansas State. It's not going to be a good day and on Monday morning because K state has done enough to deserve to be in to the NCAA championships based on. That would yesterday and now their third win over a top ten school. This season typing K state got themselves in and it still should be in without K you'll great atmosphere down at sprint center with all the Iowa State fans coming a lot of West Virginia fans here that have been to Kansas City now for the first time. Absolutely a lot of people are amazed when they get here how great it is and how awesome the tournament is so a lot of new faces coming into town and a lot of good dust faces will be in the crowd tonight. At sprint senators are still should be a fantastic atmosphere are so. Spec your Mac you ticked year livid year. Angry I don't I don't know if I'm mad I'm angry I IE I have some takes that I need to get off my chest. SS XL yes so Tony Romo has been probably the number one rumor in Kansas City. Or water month now probably post Super Bowl their brother out that yeah so first. The cowboys were gonna trying to trade him. Then he was. Going to be released and he was gonna become a free agent now they're back to treating him correct. I was never on the side that he was going to be used chiefs uniform as much is I may have wanted to. I know that the organization was not going to Dudack. But during that time in which they were going to release him and he was going to become a free agent. I think the one thing that we never really thought of was weighing competing. With the Texans in the Broncos is. You can't even have a meeting with Tony Romo. Because you're upsetting the apple cart with Alex Smith if you're in the organization. The Broncos can hold the meeting with Tony Romo because story upsetting. Is seventh round quarterback. And your first round quarterback he's not ready to start next year impacts than wins. In Houston. You take a meeting with Tony Romo. Who are you offsetting. Not Tom savage. Not Matt McLean or whoever they started now a playoff team. And your certainly out of sitting brought cost Weiler who they basically gave way to the Cleveland Browns but it cured John Dorsey in you reading clerk content. You can't have that meeting and you couldn't have had that meeting because that word gets out. And what does that say to your team if you don't get Tony Romo about your roster and Alex Smith heading into twice and so that was a big reason which we never really considered. During this whole processes. The tees were way behind the eight ball when he came to the Tony Ramos we sixty you're saying you could have done because the other 62 guys not because of Alex Smith. More Alex Smith but I think it's also sins of forty big mess since the rest here a certain point if you don't get them. You know you can't win with a quarterback the. Your putting it could also save your roster they were look at and everything we're trying to get better we wanna win a championship and won't look at anywhere to get better. And that could send a message to everybody else inside that locker bet if you don't you'd better look to replace YouTube because we want to win a championship here and a Alex Smith can't handle the fact that they talked to somebody about Tony Romo announcement that. Along playing by the National Football League but let's let's just like kind of personalize it let's say our boss brought in just for me I'll speak for me. You know like the number one rated producer in the Sports Radio world that is used of course one point five right. I am not quite the jump on that and course and they don't hire that guy but I'm like oh man there's there's pressure up my back that's not gonna. Be the most stable situations for me. Personally I think I think it would have been a very tough being for the cheese from off to sell not only sell lateral is low but to Alex in the rest of our. I think it's tougher sell to the rest of the roster and Steven I think the first point you had there. Was of the best part because to me if you do bring you to bring in Tony Robby talk to Tony Romo. And you don't get Tony Romo didn't go to as a 52 did you double still believe he's our eyes he cannot do it Allen can't write. Not gonna happen I you know I don't think they bring him in two you know arrowhead pride around the facilities by. Do I see somebody off to airport Hilton how at and yet it's nick and what anymore and and meet with them if I want to deal with you know crack it looks like now that's the downside dubbed the downside is you really can't sneak very well anymore is not impossible we've seen this sneaking things happen. This is so hard now because everybody has a thirst for information and everybody had wants to help their client so Tony romo's agent. He hears about the chiefs talking to Tony Romo the first thing we hear about his by the chiefs is talking to Tony Romo and now all the players who you know pay attention the media. They're talking to each other about hey Mike you Romo and there they don't get them. I've stuck on our hands and your spot you. If you you better clothes and if you doctor yeah and especially it but let me ask is do you let's get McCracken looks like it he showed up and why is not Tony rubble would you still without. It's not about if I know what skip McCracken looks like it's about every single reporter. Every single IA that says there's teams met with pads has nose to nose with Tony Romo looks like that she's met with Tony or it's gonna get out you you know everything in the NFL gets out now they're so many sources within each team to. Whoever the reporter is whether chapter goalies are Rappaport what have you. There's nothing secretive anymore in the NFL so that a secret meeting doesn't work and by the way on the flip side if it's secretive. It looks a lot more shady if it then does. Yeah that's true but you know Lamar secret meetings up here with Mary Bartel the chiefs up the Kansas City seven and 162. Earth Arabia that still. There's secret meetings are right second take a friend have a meeting at the airport today. Did the cheese freeze ticket prices yes 1%. I am an odd percent. Still the Lola among the lowest in the league's thank you Carl. Best organization in the NFL. Patriots secrets aid to not raise ticket is now about her winning the Super Bowl. In each where. People are going to the stadiums lasts and lasts. Raising ticket prices is one of the biggest slap in the face to a fan base it's you can possibly have agreed. And I would merge. The eons to these thing. About what the chiefs are doing to you after another incorporate. In the playoffs. To at least examine why you're doing with your season tickets if the tees are going to continue to raise prices I talked to somebody the other day on FaceBook and she said she got her season ticket five years ago. It was like 250 dollars for the season. It's now to over 400 dollars a couple of years later and she can't afford to spend that money anymore. For the same seat couple years later. Mental thing that's my question where the price point is because I think they can they try to figure out they can dig theories that most people organize our best and that's why I think what's Barack Hussein is if you are buying tickets ask yourself. No boy is that a good use of your money because the only way to get ticket prices to go down as the stock going. I guess the point right. Yeah because. These owners. Despite what we all think these teams that we love we love the 53. The most part we don't like a lot of the decisions that. The business operations people do whether it's raising parking. Or reasoning or season ticket prices. It's not just to chasing too it's an NFL thing. People are not toward the state Eames anymore so why should they be raising ticket prices on you even if it is maybe 4% you don't notice in your first. Your first bill from new organization or the team achieved all. I know it's on a soccer I think I'll say the UYZ man will hold on and more doesn't vacuous talk. Here it does make your soccer at all I mean it like I understand if you don't have as much money you don't wanna spend money on tickets they don't spend money on tickets. But the fact is this she still have one of the cheaper tickets in the NFL both callers. So if you wanna go to an NFL game at then you can go to an NFL game in Kansas City but the harsh reality of it is the prices are going to go up because everyone else is prices are already high. The patriots price might not have increased after the Super Bowl but it had a lot of soup bubbles that a lot of price increases. The chances of them making even more money than they already are by raising prices is not necessarily very hot it's the air. Ins for me of the NFL. To raise the prices when the attendance is going down I mean that is an Altima and slap in the face to bear. Keep a bullpen hasn't gone down an air head. Do we know that. I've met having having gone dude just about every demon Errol the last four years the numbers now again it is part of its weather base near the weather was right this year it's not the same. Number of people. In two point thirteen tis the numbers I saw on 2060 I just I put journal think it is. I think it's going down and it's just about the same that was in the in the mid to late ninety's Stewart has devastated is a is a little bit smaller than it was when they won't you know before the renovations and courage and there are fewer seats. But you're right you see the empty pockets of seats some of you and I think this in. Welch has been on this for a long time you know they takeaways celebrations them to try and clean up the game. So the product you know pure enjoyment level goes down but maybe your. In the news headlines get a little bit better this kind of falls in line with that. I I. I tell it I did NFL really is is pressing their luck with me and at all and I am so gonna be the soccer the watches on Sunday and then watch average he scheme. But raising ticket prices when people are gone lesson last. Does not make any sense to me it seems like a money grab and that's all it is all these business getting out and out about your wellbeing about their pock. It's now doesn't it but that's that's how businesses operate its never about your well being debt that now the hard part of sports is separating this yeah from the business out Smart businesspeople. Like let's say Clark Hunt. Smart and up and just like you know what. I have a lot of money like the hunt dailies the richest family in the NFL people forget that some times. They're ridiculously wealthy so. If I'm Clark Hunt what I would do is I would make ticket prices lower especially for it like a lower level. And then you guarantee a sell out every single week can you guarantee of their full. Every single week that's what I would go that's how we go about it because I want to have the best atmosphere in the NFL. Hands down and the way you do that is by fill the seats every single Sunday. But from a pure business standpoint and Clark hires businesspeople and tells me to do their job. For your business standpoint they're used to they price match Mahler whatever it is to Wear your trying to figure out how much do we sell these tickets or make the highest profit imaginable. Not necessarily. How to we sell the stadium. It's how we make the highest profit archer yeah so they're looking at the profit margin of OK if we make it this price will make the most possible money. Despite whether or not all the tickets are sold and so what you're saying is it's better probably have some empty seats knowing that you sold for higher priced exactly as you saw Barlow pleasure as a main prison money wiser still wanna make more money that's why they do now well expect a lighter side on the on the in the sense that I would rather powers and owner I would rather have a great atmosphere and a full stadium. And maybe not make quite as much money on the tickets because I think you'd be better for my long term Bryant. But clearly that's not how the chiefs are deciding operative and as we talked about two weeks like you go back this for the 45 year old dad with two kids. It's expensive the taken to a game if you can't afford to take your kids to a game they're never gonna fall in love with the sports like we did what we were able to go to game just a big that's of great point fast that's a great point that's. You're gonna lose the younger you use it lose the younger generation the other well to TV world prices that they gave you give some affordable tickets of the could take their kid indicated all of and then won a lot of bugs ID they got Thelma over the chiefs are starting to one of the game's North Dakota games it was eight years old well it's my first she's in his chiefs bills pre season. I still remember it. So that's why Thelma over the chiefs. You start taking that away from kids your long term brand recognized Billie your long term brand strength is going to suffer no question about it coming appearance extends. Ports radio will give you the answers you've been wanting mixed. Nice sand used to record all the Smith. Former Missouri star now kind of out of the NFL. I. The NFL needs to reinstate him speak because if they don't. I'm scared of what could happen all the Smith he was involved his car was involved that he was in the car like an accident yesterday. In San Francisco where they had a cop car. And I know he was taken in it you know because it was his car his license plates he was driving. But afterwards man you acting key was kinda. I. And here's how it kind of sounded and would you hear this ABC walk in the video staggering all over the place. Wade you hear him in this you'll still rob coming from like he needs the NFL bad right now because he needs structure he needs help. And at the NFL doesn't reinstate him I don't know what's gonna happen all the Smith he needs the NFL and a big way right now I know he has the the opportunity to play totally Nazis but but he needs it Josh he needs nice save himself heard that something in Columbia health prob I mean I get that but I think they can help guide your I think this is a guy he can help. I beat you on. I'm doing great. Can you tell us what happens the American. We involved in the crash miss him. Why are you everything's. It's another reason. Had a dose him or something and talk to somebody goes with talking to a friend. His love. Why did something olympians. Like I didn't do anything. So we threw it he doesn't have talked about I mean. I must make these two hours a little bit better than us put me in a bitter spotlight. She used to make him he seemed like on some bad as him regularly Cessna Hawaiian competitive person. I've never done anything I've never hurt anybody and that's that's now I'm not that type of person so. Let's let's start placing stories that shift. Early get a must face since you are here tonight that you were detained Republican publication. I don't know. They oppose them over the couldn't go from can I can do I always tell you're a TV be towed away with your license plate of the car and at least by you know. 2000. Are driving. Think that you're in the car and home. Oh. It's moved up these. Thank you. But an ugly little. So that's all the Smith on the Streets of San Francisco yesterday I do you driving I guess but in the purse that was then if there's either not in good shape now you tell me acting I think that's. Completely clear eyed I knocked him over this happens at the NFL leaves out in half of the NFC here's a look from the NFL needs to help them. Announcing the that he needs to be back in the league. Or to save him. That's at the league's responsibility what's happening in the dues though she's not here you had ever wants your chances are really wanna say he's done forgot it's a mess he sounds they injuring himself today I announce I'm very worried about his life off I am just as I don't think that's at the end of the the the legion parking and stadium in order to help him I never dealt with the blazers who's an alcoholic. Or like to suit their drug addict earned their right that's exactly how they sound I need democratic help and I was upstairs and tells Smith I was really intense right that's he sounds exactly like an act like I'm so scared for him right now because. If he'd say the apple doesn't reinstated as a earned it but if he doesn't get re instill what's gonna do man. What whose gonna help him somebody needs to help them make your ankle gets on plane goes out there but somebody needs to help Paul Smith. We need to get him help. Easy to be grew up here he's one of all our Big Dig him on how proud I mean that vision while I was in the week he got on either side throughout cities in times you have to be willing to accept that help yeah you're no you're right maybe he hasn't been. Maybe some that will change but may have done some help lake in big coming your way for the big twelve championship that it no other. In two minutes next.