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03/10 - 10 am - The Spin Job Is On

Mar 10, 2017|

The Jayhawks dropped their Big 12 tourney opener & fans are all looking for the silver lining. Plus, Lim Anderson had some things to say on his way out the door & another coach might have saved his job.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All day don't help me. I'll play it safe. Not a name but the party is over the board just gave me welcome to the page you lately. And went out you think that Sports Radio effective or not what it lives but no. Other club power and light of today's coverage where they get out Libya because wolf target. Is what you side to what the ball or O'Reilly auto parts and Bob Appleton one EDC. And route they'll be down make it's it's Friday I know that you have a beverage to probably after the show I don't know where. I can't knock that down. It's acting. Like it's a bit it's a good outlook beverages here you might go to ivy when he spots whatever but but it is a man it's a world happy here. It's Friday it beats that these memory. That is true state the team seems. What's open and it's only bad if I give my theory that respect around a little bit later this this it's a busy man though aren't like. Across there they like they did they do we should exploit it forcing to it they liked it because. You lost. You but the fact that state one last night in the bigger. Com. The big thing about everything when he comes to the power and light in the fact though the upbeat Walt started it is at Iowa State one. What I would state wins it power light when it makes every body a winner down. Yeah with he had actually works out well people were taken excellent stories we're that is well the businesses the power why haven't taken. Well it does not being here it's her business last night we're certain that. Is the league read it. But I was stadium here politics. Is good news these guys a better price or written. Yet even earlier in the letter but of recommending the buy tickets. On the secondary market he has been the girls and by the way scalpers I saw some people talk about this up when they were. You know they were better just they brought to you get it until I am up prices down it's here now. But I was speaking of the make up the director for 35 in the buy those tickets so it's good and keep the state and Ike effort that's it you're lucky statements here. I am worried though if you TCU verse West Virginia. Tomorrow night I don't know how busy experts that are will hold on a Saturday night tidbits TCU atlas for it beat it. Yeah it's about your act if it at eighty I was the fourteenth you are literally have to give tickets away. If it would be tough because it's not anything yet be saw that is that the West Virginia. Very small pocket the best case scenario for four for the power and light is Iowa State in a state that's the best case yet that is what they're rooting for. This afternoon usually eat better at what. It looks like Egypt or but you still have a lot of beans then don't put those executives with since I was papers what's hurting you but that means here. It's Jesus papers TCU beat Okie state. Or could be nobody that. The big loser last night that audiences that plea and statement that would be an electric atmosphere down out here but yeah it's it's not the Kansas ended up. Lucie yesterday TCU 8582. Now we were all out the game he used the asserted that the likens but that's built not everybody seeks to me on your watch the game. And I guess this tool. Questions that comes up he brought this up last night in Pakistan about what message yesterday when it comes to. The seeding process and how we view. In our opinion of that you will get to the selection Sunday this or one to me at a Goetschl RD exit at last like two asset backed yesterday on the base it. I believe that do you solidified themselves as a won the entire time I don't think they can drop off that one line ads don't see that happening. But beyond that though I think that the point that you brought up yesterday on the show acting is about point that it is true. They don't have a case now for beat the number one all Rossi now too heavily they steal. They're apt to getting to Phoenix Arizona for the final four still as we go through it sitting happily back at the Vista when in doubt. Find a way to be able to make that trek through data city please press that we don't know they'll elect. It said it's about selling tickets yeah so tickets. To the regional yet he talked about the business side yeah if it does in jeans and lots of them yet although it's tough to hear some ridiculously cute city they'll get their fan base the bull by the way to do it. Whether it's still not made that word rookie of the ballot count the second round and those are they at this point. Now you can go to pistol won yet you think you still visible he's cute most people haven't even two and two Western Conference. I don't ticket get one you know what. UCLA as it is they are you it would win the pac twelve target I don't think that they didn't want. I think the way people view the West Coast right now detected in one. Do we agree okay opposite that the audits in is that there with the north or west at this point if they are one. If this XR one you're not getting to Western Conference all west west posting the one. You're not it gets you got a new regions portable I agree but this is between preteens is between UCLA. Or it and they say it's not it does except probably already it's solidified itself as the one it lost one game it argued that the animal for the one. So San Jose and for dock. Most likely that the New York regional the Philadelphia won in New York yup now compared to heed the city or. It is one of the West Coast teams to key city. And he moved here is the Memphis that's the only other possibility key members that they will. But that would be one of the possibilities. Because they're not the number one world seat that did the either or and usually if they warn the seventeenth city. It's closer to the West Coast in Memphis Robert yeah it is by a little bit accuses. The Memphis I think particular they don't accuses me and travelled a bit as big problem here a week ago look the entire body war in the article it NC you know chances. You guys have. You guys that are on the right ET continue to move forward but circulate throughout the target yet it means it. If you're also looking at Memphis again so that it's their they Nokia's means. Would triple a Memphis like they know the key at lesbians will travel they also Nokia's. Experts that are wrote the question is. Which rather sell tickets and that this knowing that you would still keep the city at the is that if the Kentucky's easily simulate that. Keen to keep the city in you were about Memphis. In putting their keys lesbians would go to Memphis. In the woods though that building with a two beginning at they would don't think they write the same thing and bow Spain's prompted some of the other. Tops your team I think south but I I don't think for uncle they're automatically keep the city of opium war like that might I don't know maybe they would they did what. Think a lot of it depends on who the other West Coast team. What reached in the yet because the only of one exit of the California as the west regional but needless to say. Here's the thinking that it just. Have to be deal beat him Josh exceed the look at yet look but it perspective good at the bit that the platelets in the deepest hear all that effort in this. The defense. It was terrible. Which builds up to talk to all year long you said this is worth the but the ball well and Josh Jackson. Not get a look at it in to say it's just because Josh Jackson did not play gets to meet EP TCU without you should. It's vision and it's because Josh Jackson for Mason Lee Lucas also all talk. About not averaging just six years for Mason talk about not having jobs Jackson. Whose throw fuel showed out there we misused his office who presents a different approach amazing group shot blocker. Who rebound and pass and score he does a lot of good things for so we missed and I. He and I agree with that. Well my assessment of it they'll beat you it's not at a place at all affected Josh Jackson wasn't the duopoly that TCB's in the Josh Jackson place absolutely. But it's got to beat it without Josh exceed a lot because. Bill so opposite the tiger year that your defense hasn't been very good. There was so many plays coming it's not easy to Hugo baseline it ain't ain't got white at the basket getting a lay up we saw speak. I got taken based body dumped on yesterday I mean let's go over that. So sought to meet to make it as simple as saying that Josh Jackson not playing is is the re that may be true which could be facing big red better come into double leaked. There's this disappointments when we look at this team on paper from beginning of the year to now. Carlton brag disappointed for the team or one point he's not get the job done. What's over other bookie now play with this team that are we sort out just Jackson that's three players who counted on. Being in March deplete the statement early the at the freight makes you the court plate but do they have enough down low that's the big question. With he has staying on. And Josh Jackson usually Lucas did they play without Josh. You know he brings different presidential thing didn't contain. The reason he's so important in this you know not having her was because when we go for roars you know. He's combat hybrid 45. You know now just you just kind of switches things and so we've been practicing mostly year with him player. You know thirty plus minutes of social. That changes and stuff. You know we still expect to win and I think there were some days we could have done better. Guns it's to do. And I think the big thing mrs. With what the alert saying he has keep your feet weigh in more just different. It was dug up playoff football these different speed in the regular season Kelsey he's getting different speed with what during the time it. It's just a little bit different player than neutral court in the jitters definitely playing toward the basketball neutral court. To me that's the biggest they just expect it it in your right you know why it's so interesting in it's going to be a story line next next weekend. Is because. Remember Josh Jackson against Indiana. We're talk about early years in a big match up like that. You can see yet to nurse. Right. What's gonna happen next we get into sports poll sees an appearance. When he did play the beach ball opera star witness to skip a beat him in the NCAA baby daddy I didn't I don't they must they be just lip service by I don't know. But I would think your feet quickly and gets out of state the pressure would have been viewed. For John it was for Wiggins wigand's relief that it that it for the big twelve term here's Bill Self talking about scoring enough without Jackson. That that's when he do we have you know asked teams that we've. If you scored seventy that was appeared to win now. Eighties knotty but here to win this week or as well law. In the that you know you look at it. One offensive rebound out of Landon. You know plain for Lorch R&R speaks often instantly give us anything so so it's it's disappointing but but we can't that we had it's it's not an excuse that we didn't have you know you have things happen all the time and in it in the course of games or season were were negative things that you gotta you gotta use respond favorably to that and today we used to do it as well as what. In Nassau hall of fame coach Bill Self. It's not about what you didn't hand you had enough to win. You had enough to beat TCU. TCU. Probably are a port to the NCAA tournament with a win last it hit the public it. And did Josh that's an uplink that helpful but that was something that was so duplicate because the things that Josh Jackson did the rile the course of disease. You're gonna attitudes get to Alex Robinson scored at thirteen lists that don't TCU we talked about that that you get in the tournament maybe the bubble. Her negatives for TCU in key state and every talk but the Turkey use Turkey they wouldn't it. It Lee Corso says not so that's what we expect estimate expect for TCU it is yup who believes that its board for so for. In the big twelve tournament but this is just is important for TCU now that the gene Dickson air which Alex Robinson very excited for sure but Jamie Dixon. Being there would also say about silver lining is their silver lining in this team rest will report. I'll buy into this is that's only after I know that for us we were we definitely not going to determine one win so they'll buy into but we need to use it as much as. Motivations for another right turn these guys have competed portal you all obviously that would have been in the situation career and he's he's got a good team they played great today. And we deployed at all it's it's very good defense. We we got a types of things get types of things we we got to get more guys making positive actions. Still sells right man this team out out of here I keep viewed yesterday's loss the way that I'll look at it. There was some exposure beer in terms of defensively what Bill Self has been saying the I your year. Came to fruition yesterday doubles a bad teeth that oath. Performances that achieved shots went seven offensive rebounds for the entire team TC a lot more than that up at the rebounds. But just before play. Four Kansas 36. 226 that rebounds for key for TCU. Only 24 parking and they were beaten on the boards of that they get the part played it exactly which would Mort but they've got to have somebody step up yet they date. It was frustrating to watch it once it ain't in we knew that they were gonna make you want to get what they were down eleven. We suite with signal suitable for yeah we seen it before we say we solved as the West Virginia we saw this with some other teams on an indicative battle back and apart and end up getting the lead of winning this game. But down the stretch and we need to get a stop it just did not get a stop it not it is now. I Dudley to make it out here at no other club in the power and light. And today's coverage what you bye bye bye know what the club all right auto parts and Bob Hamilton plumbing heating EC. And Rooter not team Anderson he told his final incomes or at last night against Ole miss. But did he throw city at the university as he exited the building with its back. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. I've read what's here in the I. I'm slightly overweight. But they felt slogan that would take too well. I slightly overweight. That is for years and days you played a big go broadcasting live ability above the power and light year. But that its board radio the sport but now we're 70 but on Friday morning even though that you lawsuits. It's all good you know world and would snap on top of portable radio. Now with Diaw with the audience saw more is this kid he's blocked it were. Can we just take shots at me on the radio but certainly takes the city Pittsburgh or Providence through this at gulf of Pittsburgh. If you need the years ago followed and it builds these but if. Baseball game are trying to it is in the Red Sox enter imported. It's quite humorous continue to hear the falcons chiefs of its attack at port au. Talked about this little bit yesterday feel and they cut Tyson Jackson that's the first thing I thought so. Beat follow and that's the Pope mainstream which by the way wrote world stuff like this has seen some teams are skeptical about that because it was back yet. Mr. Jackson back on that white male we have chronic back from your big dude. He doesn't blow your smoke do. Back problems hurt somebody you don't you're overweight hurt humane. Now. It backed out of it and I probably hit it a problem. You get back. I mean there's been a great bit overlooked and got a lot of frankly you got problems here you got. Problems yet. One. He's big he's a big news of course got a bad back only big guys that don't have bad backs. Look back from a nobody olives and his like if I see a big guy walking on the street I'm just going to assume he's got back problems I submit what you do. Well that's that's fine I don't have the occasional head area. Yeah. Carl I include myself and I'm not. What do vote this. All right will talk about problems. Maine and I got it out here at some problems but at this could not kinda. It alienated some problems but he also alt. He didn't take advantage of the opportunity that was afford to that. Thought about commuters know what I'm about to edit the but you know there's a lot of college coaches that here problem eight team adhered to a problem most dukes went out there fired. They've got rob exactly it's different typically that hot you're different though it was different I mean typically the top tier jobs. Are not I had to part over. If there's less there you know it let's. At least he despite the two front war despite the fact that for Kapler tolls that means they fight in the fact that. The protest everything else the Missouri he would try to clean up because people recruit. Bet against Jimmy Anderson which by the way I'm still waiting for a ticket that's for the with a 650000. But he got the lead in the third or bake now officially you can start calling for guys that you want to see coach. It beat the next notes at the university is ridiculous game has gone. And they lost last night as the treatment started it up 86 to 74. Okay. Put on the way out at. After the game was over. And edited yet supports man he gets of things yet you office jet business instincts of commuters and was leaving today last press conference last night as Missouri Tigers coach. Listen to what he had to say in it's good stuff with the audience they'd tell me what you think about Kenny Anderson's final words. I certainly hope. Reverend or coach news. That we have provided a little bit because you never building. Our program or whatever I maintain when I was tired you are was pretty much. Past time to stabilize this program ended so he took a walk. Who took obviously it took too long. I'm proud of approach of what we've. I know there's a lot of people out there. So. Or senators. Norm out there's march news for the last three years. It is no one out there knows the challenges every you guys don't know. Nobody knows me so and I'm not trying to be you Margaret Willard. Or think when our when our war there auditor. When I believe. Which will be oral I think it's I think we do some good things but obviously we do warm up games and we do generate enough money. We don't do that in college athletics are going to keep the job and I'm not I'm not bitter. I certainly understand. And urged him. You know if you were to ask me. When did you know you gonna do fire. I would have said probably the first took the job because there was a lot of challenge and challenges to be. And we met we met him and we do pretty good job we used to work. First of all you are bitter yes that's exactly. You're if the first they attempted to take this problem Q. That was your attitude of they warn you it's basically said what your attitude was that they want you viewed it and it. You didn't take it the better places you lost forty games three years and he took was there to the depths of hell. That's exactly what you did when he said in April that the program now that's not true. And you talked about somebody Indian exiting a program it's mostly did a better situation with a guy. It hit it. That Maggie he can't play that hard and it picked up far beyond the plate for a 108 years territory lost seats in a row a welcome. What would put his head they who sleeping your institution yelled at that were theater and a crush of all the people that that's always leave and to release the name the 650000. Dollars. To leave by Italy's chump change compared to most coaches for sure the Gibson packing. Do you in LA crypto put this at the thirteenth this. Greg Doyle obviously you bet will call with these it would still he's with the eating apples or actually for paper. He says coaches around the country you'll have each and talk exactly what they do. Think Missouri's top choices Gregg Marshall the white BP go. But he's number one he should be their number one don't think giving. I don't know which you should always set this guy especially. The back government that your SEC the power upper great facilities. You shoot your shot made it special that it helps tape this ticket thought that duke Missouri that's picketing that lets players I don't know whether Jackson basically. Oh this guy. Missouri using our quality shot they shot what does that tennis player from key unit is dark yet you've been out and he Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Natalie that later Stevie get the second day. Like this kid just shoot your shot Gregg Marshall should be at the countless. If he's not if he's not scared he did himself a disservice. All the way out he is he's he's alone. He basically kicked him in the face since he he dis respected. The diversity I'll resort yet tonight by those topics you say that you look at it didn't know what he was but you have to look at it and that's the diesel and they'll. Nor did an opportunity. Yeah make the most of the opportunity that's quite a decent look at it at that debt to save it to say that day. That date that he was hired with that date that he knew he was what it. Then why did you accept the job. Right of the gunfire all of what are the apps it's is. He accepted the job knowing that it wasn't the greatest job in the country he knew that there was a loss to the position he did exceed these two coach solves that took to repair effort school in the SEC which by the way they showed that when he early on the football team. It should have been the basketball team earlier if there were about spot. That's what works. He took so it was already bad. It made it works that were making nobody was going to be gains. I thought they should have got ready I think he's over port that's I think he's overstating how bad they all opposition it read it we get the week all right take. With orders they put on the understated it was bad Forte was party to the built a reputation. As not being the greatest of dies at 82 unsavory things but pop up bubble went to lost perspective. Was was already this bad no absolutely not that they didn't take a secret that not overstate don't overstate it like it was when awards. Basketball programs in the country that wasn't. You've created that you'd the last couple years he Kiki please at least at this at it and I'm outfits at the medical as a lot I think maybe he should have done that. Well you know left and speak. You operate. Lot of emotions that humid and he's been hurt that he knew it in the moment. I don't know anybody roots and I knew I was gonna give him yet but yeah. Prop up that's the attitude right there Bruce Weber is not saying that key is they actually get fired at the Bill Self that say that. It keeps most of the fired up quite the job somewhere else immediately goes back fired coach keep that in part. There's a lot of coaches that take jobs. They wanna be there it's but Jimmy Anderson wooden ships that was the Missouri turn things around in beat him in the people locked people up demeanor. That is all the honor he Italy anywhere. But don't Toby the buyer yet it's you have. I retired. To say that you're the eighth and he looked and beat the New York were higher user token we need your five. I'd do anything about it in the edit these introductory press conference you but did you manage to do is press coverage to be set up with a better. They fired inquiries the six degree three years is still. This over I guess or applied. I wish I would have that my back pocket I've been fired from some jobs before I would have loved to submit by Boston's. You know I ran real what you don't pay you know what's mine I knew the dad took this job I'd be fired so. The party well likely in which he called the Columbia. Here we go it's already start. It was the bunker and I lost my about a pop pop Harvard he looked like planes already would they're going to be doubly hard. You got the weight and its. That this on down as he worries that beat every that you are likely as they can be disappointed what concrete it's buyer tomorrow. In it and it idiot could have an opening mine. It also social less easily for you know what what are writers say relax. Relax the sizzle but the public but don't want to publicist Bob was a rebel. You got out the right hire right. This is the UK opened it Anderson to the dedicated to interstate 600. It's what the pay Charlie Weis he is finally finished that a pay any anything. So what's the report may now. This market where prices. Play now I'd like to bake winning out at the with a club in the power like that the ball out that's part of it. Up next though those who want it Bruce Weber. Didn't get there which he just might have saved his job we discussed next works. Any words and I look around and but all of bowel. Day shift from the NBP. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. It gives me. Our backs your face you played a big thing now would you you don't think there's Sports Radio six fitness sports. Dot com what are you not know what the club that today's coverage. Brought to you live in terms of the Big 12 Conference tournament and this don't know what the public O'Reilly auto parts in bop him what to plumbing heating AC and it route. All right so. Think we need to stop at about. Could that team Anderson. From the university Missouri. Bill Self we know he's gonna be coach Nikki you forever. We think it is less he wasn't going at it bolt would be a foot India we hope that's not the case but he can leave utility I would he's dealing with that talent if you look at problems he didn't leave whenever he wants to leap if he ever wants to the because it's. All right may state they got a secure ways that we got some of the fan base there they want to move on from Bruce Weber. I'll I don't know K state they want. As their next anecdotes I'll or obesity that want Bruce Weber to be fired if there's some say you know what let's move on but they're yet to critics that it didn't. It's up there are some that say that Bruce Weber although he's. Not the perfect notes he's probably the best vote for K state. In terms of their situation in the big twelve what I don't know what you fall to have your ticket about Bruce Weber. But the reality is this. Didn't beat me last night I think solidified it is cool to status to come back for. Other season at least three captain wins you've beaten Baylor twice in beat West Virginia back when they were in the top point played and I must be bullets at the eleventh right now it's the real close they get the chance to it to be West Virginia. This year yeah Jo RD husky stadium it now yeah its last four and one of skiing state who was getting ball Illinois State which have added that because it points that would team. It you're gonna bounce them from the tournament the K state might have done enough to get to determine that same thing. With TCU's letter back those two teams played idiot that would be geared each act an automatic berth exact indeterminate what would happen. Would it take somebody else that would be quite. If TCU was kind of on the bubble but yet they win the big twelve through very tough to do it plea forties. In a row with K state yep built Bruce Weber probably pot and some more time which I think he was getting it anyway we have a new lady app. But it was give more time to wait but that the at this solidified the Kennedy back in the reason why because it's that the fired at his return in what one games that it. They want to win now we got when he went to authorities said it would last or end it less trait yet just as there is no way. For. Forte state they would if your booty it's your old program. It's the current take note. If you wanna see them bounce the ultra open or opened quickly to what these power conference not targets of the next day. Hope somebody will open up to somebody steals being so mean it's not supposed to be a target. Pulls off the ultimate upset Beth and her whole report but right now it Turkey's state they are you really rooting interest why. Just for the secular now there are the building let's not do it looked like what I suspect it just that you want Bruce Webber gone and you'll have an eight yet. You can't get your squad Russell especially when it's a statement you want they tucked but the passion the team played the rest of they were. It would give Turkey the state was watching it differ keys the team last night lumpy were the words this earlier is this kid has the team last night. That was the group that was inspired group ET the play action. K state was all over the place last look the reality about K state is this the first half of the season. A state looked into it. And we said that they are taking positive steps will be all right that's solicit or efficacy in the second half of the season in the big twelve basis trouble down the stretch. Case they struggled at a stretch with a loss like six out of final like eight if they struggle to the finish line. Now. IP the group whopper with that game last night he has put himself put it in a position and it's a two ways to beat ultimately he's going to be bank sought. I just find it interesting man they hate statements are a little bit better just Bruce Weber might have saved. Jon Kurtz who covers the wildcats you put on Twitter last night. I didn't actually currency that's Bruce Weber says it's the best forty minutes teams played hard to disagree reports that it's a lot of it is the theaters say wow. Where was this group the whole year playing for Bruce Weber like this but times with a right is awful coach you'll see inspired play. Look at Missouri and they did they lost their sick it but the it would turn the game that that you're playing for commanders and put stuff is a new lady comes and so that it's going to be sick from school for. But said eighties like that would put on there were Russian to your two most important players or football coach your best coach you'll have to worry about football that you think bill Snyder's QB. Even superseding the media's liberal media's bill Snyder's still again which by believes that the game last night was good for bill. Showing up to that game last night of these it'd be an expert shall they gave music dvd he brought our rent it now hi handwritten letter to. Don't well I don't know diligence we've got a picture of a letter who still write letters but maybe that's what Bruce. But he's gonna worry about that eighties and have to whoever they hire it could be strong willed person to them tell it Bill Snyder does rule the roost in this place. But he'll have a poor decision is most important city legacy of the Bill Snyder. Deals with the football he's got a arrogance that will. That's gotta be things that he's gonna rush into it it just take it medium it's could be Bruce Weber you're pitching at sea which you can do. But I put a list together in you don't get the job done this is what will you for next year it didn't make the tournament in next year's you're you've looked at involve resist this is the biggest. Your ball whoever the newseum on an axiom but eighties going to be. Is that let's say that Bruce Weber and those guys that go to attorney clearly not gonna fire a coal to make that part of it. Armed after winning twenty games especially at Kansas State so let's say all that happens okay Pete you acquire figure out who your eighties going to be. That AD is not tied to Bruce Weber if that AT who may like Bruce Weber. But but may not lawful people we got here with the Essex and edit any thicket of tightly Bruce Weber on the flight eight seats if they don't like what they see. The that you displayed as they you know what is is that real. Or were scored another run. Would I think he'd even higher that's the principle that you're gonna look for Bill Snyder stepped down the bills will be middle. Who takes of that program and take a lot of pressure off the media experts are regularly pirate ever football. It's people will be looked at. He stated only given that Ron prince. A disaster tire. But I'll say this basketball will be his most important role because that we have been fueled footballs that Google's Schneider. So basketball coach well that he wants the Russian thing though these take the job. These were Carolina coach richt and the thickest I've. Monitor the situation I think he staked the very would be looking at the same guy yet would be look at Tennessee pool of talent sports coaches Missouri cute state. In you don't wanna take sloppy seconds from there in my opinion. Bruce Weber. Has done enough to get an additional year which are I think so that you make the turn the key. We estimate that aren't yet though I can't wait what he has not actually not based on media waves his team played inspired played last night maybe that's labeled year. You good marks yet to play at a basketball junkie you'll count so yeah I'd probably see Bruce Weber State himself and you're lucky to be an elected it. I've really don't know any hasty exit like. Yeah I haven't and that I have friends that exhibited alive and I think that it is voice so things like like like that's. Got a friend at C says that he can't stand it because of his voice as it will lead to him as a told he's a when he does have it or not good at all I'd like that that is. I'm not about district a coat perspective. Big like that might not want I don't look at sports now I don't like the I don't like is poised but they don't it's it's it's all the other things are the reason why they don't like I delegate yet. You win the tape that you didn't hear what he talks like. It keeps things you're builds ultimately it probably well tonight. Look at your football coaches look important. Look if he wins. Mr. Knightley debate about you know the pop the power and light would via the B twelve not restarted. Once story with K you basketball it just isn't going away. But at this point is it a witch hunt we discussed next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio talk to Egypt Don right next in particular in trouble sixteen sports. Rather. And on the basis with the big house if you don't 6360. Sports. Of southeast of Fort Lee is back. Intercom station. That's expanding the army cannot know the club and pop like he has all compound. Into account now whatever you. Onto it it it's always a little bit a bittersweet we're wave arm. Little what if I really. Quite say that so fast that say that view is that you don't miss Wyatt get at this point holidays a little bit with a bit of us that. And you'll want him to partake it the food beverage and breaking stuff that's taken you know let's take place at north I don't either so what's the matter. Global air. I got voted Republican awfully eerie view everyone. Liked it's if if people get protein us this morning with a what does that get that second but in order. It took clock we worked on. If wine with you if the climate for the accurately yet. How do you solitude. And that's. Oppose that period it could be ordered all he should ate out Bryant. I'll definitely be there right on the right listen to this. Weekly for breakfast this morning with a multi else right. And so we're sitting here at east outing the notes ordered some sort it was like it was some fruit and so on the part of him right yes. But there ever be greeted route this morning you needed that in the coming it was like you ordered to produced tape with the meal he was you know it didn't honeydew melon and it did that you go low and do worse. That what you need UN bedroom they called off now down money do I detect it that's the big east. I keep ready to topic to this up breakfast. With the shifting atlas dusty. Dustin says he says basically what is that you treat the so basically as he. He has yet progressed Ryan from from Mountain Dew and Red Bull and monster to something called what's called back. Backing it and that's all bank. And I'm so glad that it brought up because the Internet you know that it. Less rates though it's that whole grain and a body Jules yeah that's my excitement and throughout my Marines as to whether a lesson it's it's as. By the makers at the legendary red line beauty product development which given him a nice little problem right now needs a veteran down and it's says super create team yet. All our all so what does this COQ and all day needles. Eight all about you talk also hiked up right now Ryan you already know I'm so glad that Dustin brought it all marked its. Its potent entering all out and feel better. Operating that it. Has 357. Milligrams of caffeine per day. And they went to a nearly galleries to settle down Miller head to head recently lower the amount of I've beaten to 300 milligrams. I don't seek yet been anywhere back Tuesday. Oh the third is. Out we hit. It out there that's for the brain power. I picked it up like I did that at all like it is when I company. Sweetened bid sucralose. And good do you feel smarter and a little bit like a little bit so what do you say some bank in your life that. W banged in the morning and I actually feel like little bit smarter person better. So like a normal person may. Outlook flavor you dream of blue raspberry school Lou. As you like the blue red could I had just really quick entertain you with the fact that paying opera's reach him paid expert. Oh. They provide military success they have another levee broke our article last he broke or zero calories. It's all labored. I put it right it was there. I think that the choices you can campaign like that another one called star blast of yours with stars these like who don't know in the content in the flavor and when. Would you drink it cotton candy bag in the morning is that. AT injury co opted to its pockets liter up. Is that the teachers coaches do beat you to the point you rich is that grip as the I. Brought the bag back and I have read about it fuel but did you advocate our new. Oh like this. Sees it basically equally as I. Basically all the while the witness him Kansas year old car the other. Day in zero ought to our colors. Witness makes a little bit smarter today they're Smart to me anyway I well I don't know about that. What ought to this notion that. This notion that there's no tactic here that's all us. There's not a happy is not other. It is just caffeine right here. I'm looking right now. Smoked for a banged energy during contains eighteen point 75 milligrams the capping her who announced well no caller's. I like labor deckers putters is the best. Howard let's go to days. Ago that. The protein count that to you I just IID league was Mellon deal L group. Els that. I genuinely revealing Wendy your heart's just and its load it right. Calorie Theresa my anger in the morning. Despite better than the other stuff like Rick beyond the political bang that's a sounder apartments wouldn't. Well it's for the pro team announcement effectively pigment or explode it's not going to be OK let's bring but he is man. Oh yeah the real export that. Home Mike did this right we transition you loan to talk about a story be at your office to my tickets in last night. In regards to the KC star in this. The continued dumb I guess maybe putting under the microscope that Josh Jackson's beat it to wasted from back in dissent. On with the vandalism to the art. Today is this father of eight U women's player a party in Josh Jackson case all want it to me. Make it all cool way. What are the insinuating. Okay we see the headline that's what it's close call what is says is click bait to me this is also which that is what course. You're turning to do what's the what are they so there's the other tablets because it will pay. Just make eagle at this happens all the time you look what this happened to you you did recently score. While that that drugs help you make a little mistake here and there take care if you know what the smugglers pay particular situation all pay it out out idiot I will. Hate the situation I see nothing different than this. To me. It's a name. It's Josh Jackson. Let's see we can do to me this is nonsense that's what you do with that situation he tried eight. Make it doesn't make indeed be different that is it more different than anybody else. This stuff that happens the real world may have about athletics that's what happens to me to yield the right. This is the same stuff that that's of course it's been kept apart with electrically. Which have been very good idea Alec the mine yet but my lawyer yeah written by Tribune do. Of course that's repeat that didn't that's licenses such a non story accurately keeps in store spent some time. According to the father of the Albert Betsy that's the the ones players that at the data network are. A father to him he said this to the take these dark they want it to pay to make it all equal weight. But it would've gone away from my daughter it would be great for jobs but not in this was never about money for me it was a pop pop my daughter was treated. In no one on this show was going to say to his his daughter was treated fairly terms of her car being dance to know what's good appetite for that doubles double. It was ridiculous that Josh actually and we have state from day one we heard the story that Josh Jackson should have been spent four day. But at this point in time. With what you stated they're into the headlined could that be clicked they. Let adult man athletic doled out to be just went with people have. Accidents with vehicles. Off course when you edit series when you have a party but yet you want your card to take here you want it eat ate something they had this it to waited rectified. Which that is a sadistic things a bit of trouble yet I haven't done. In the judge the oil but with their lives. I don't relentless public that's missing situation. You make mistakes yet we held the Iraqis who wielded his lop you right in the state in eagle for mistakes that could you vote there Wednesday act pretty concede that yet. Don't make mistakes you make mistakes out as a measuring it now does he think you're by the lawyer eighty when he knew or caskets car. I would total count which is constantly. Will take years old school way too late basically at church that. What we do pay up all you want it big four will do that Nancy this is what tells you wouldn't. What would take it ports. He might write pretty relative liberal in tonight's rocket fired I get on Dora and yeah I like here's the deal OK but I did see both sides at least he was it beats it it was it wasn't like it was an accident that's the issue. It was an act that he did this should have done art I feel like. There are a lot of people that are taking this awhile you know the stars going on a witch hunt for Josh Jackson is one nail on the wall and they wanna make you look bad. Personally I feel like it's an accountability on like they just want Josh Jackson to take some accountability in all too often we see guys who come from. This idea that I am a privileged person because I have exceptional skills and basketball ram one dumb I'm gonna be a draft pick issues and get away with anything. I give what this this young woman's bother trying to say. He's just kinda pissed because he looks at Josh Jackson and here you have an attorney coming for the says. They wants to fill this affidavit will pay you the cost doesn't matter. But I want you to sign this and say that it's less than a thousand dollars that we can be charged with a misdemeanor and not a felony I want you to be able to do this I want you to say that you know you won't pursue these and wasn't. I mean all of these things just indicate. But you're trying to get out from underneath a stupid mistake of just the stuff happens all the time that's why you hire a lawyer. A deporting people who have done dumb crap in their lives and more geared up and got away with. But I think they're. The reason that it's so hobby I mean obviously why it's so so you know public about it because of Josh Jackson's because of the number one team in the country and people want. Then too no longer look like saints at KU they want them to say you know what they have problems and they need to get out from under some of these problems with Honda's Josh Jackson. Not only on adult like at this point where Whipple the story they'll just approval what somebody industry orbit. This food corps trying to make it's able to apologize. To take Q let me just RED offer to pay three offer the people but what's it. If it was somebody who would be part it was a cute restrictive that would it is. They wouldn't here it is it would it would make an example that's nets. Say it ain't your Bible you Michael Bryant. He has that take accountability for what happened and you know it via with the adults deal and it is right where we at the store to go you know stand. Like it if he'd made it yet accountable for all this time it's the app. No and get my guns rights and in a big maybe I'm getting a little you crossed on this but. Josh Jackson if the work if you were a normal kid. This wouldn't be in the Kansas City Star again this type of stuff happens all the time and people get in trouble they lawyer up in the get away from but what. The Kansas City Star is trying to do here is seek accountability for athletes. And they're using him as an example shouldn't be is it fair forum probably not because this type of stuff happens every day. I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised by it at all you've got the number one team in the country if that's going to be a one and done a guy who's had already a couple of issues in in act in the so. Of course we're going to try to make us a story of course are gonna run. Affiliate. All right coming up next is broadcast live from no other club in the power and light for the Big 12 Conference tournament on which you head out to surprise Arizona. We don't talk to Josh Bernie we talked apart in a minute man which gets built spin the wheel RC zero urgently the number. I thought he thought would talk to jobs like that if you look at it talked are sixty royals insider Josh Carter in two minutes next. To studio sixty and Sports Radio.