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03/10 - 11 am - Lost In The Desert

Mar 10, 2017|

We head out to Surprise to hear from our guy Vern. Plus, Tim Fitzgerald joins the guys to talk K-State & one local athlete has clearly come off the rails.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You stop. Good good she is. Josh. I welcome back days you might be being the broadcasting from no other club in the power lights what does that you're chuckling about well he sees public but that does that have manager. Caught up ought to ought to help a bit about art and oil that matters just 12. Pebble Beach got a court here disappears always what you buy bear to topsoil on now mean to spring training him for an awful. Your service it's 100. Hop so weak that you dirt they give birth well. Approaching now to stop by here at north of Somalia. And we have the he got through it they gave some some some royalties it. It's a school and where drinking Viet Shockley of water crossed. In the nursery trees. Got right now it's a bit that the it to this. Just didn't match at the other two movies in their call it down I guess to clean up little radio that calls. It the office. Right it is yes. Sole big ticket that will be the perfect for one job to do that that is perfect for bird. What's up our. But what were you long lost one query we joked well I thought was all I. Let's get into that race that we've received that he wanted to attack want to you know honestly it's like the top of waterfront like that you that would stop it man who don't are not just its preferred. Part how many let me ask is how many physical fights at you and add late night at the K beat it beat was not to throw. Number not I'm not like being remote. Big rainmaker and show what. The UST. If you thought you think you're opening Google or not. Well big yes physical ailments. It's you bitch you take advantage of getting better and so either. Take advantage of a barn until you right now but beyond our rightful physical light probably that's all portable lights I mean that's like the horrible like that yet. I'll lap here one. Act if you that's feeling yet. Oh yeah I mean. You need a bit. But you've got a break. Out categories include you know leader. That's awesome. I double dip stick man was not hostile paper. Electric simply parrot this morning that you like by Parsons ordered he's got a new and it trickled. Out. It is the only guy and he read educations Wednesday. All made during an energy eatery called bank discovery power oh my goodness are right barred eight. Was going on out there it surprised me at 8080 news and notes that we need to be aware of them from a surprise about the at the tent city royals. The audit them right out dot. Some of the night so. You know what around the ballpark around. 3 o'clock your time. I'm team had a day off yesterday. So you know have a right in the middle of this month and in Arizona. Opting to come at a perfect time especially after the squad it. Mom wants Venezuela eleven to one up into the 136 dollars off. Back at it to them. Yes beacon that is way the World Baseball Classic you and I were. Conversing last night that was text message we watched the comeback for Italy over Mexico agreed melt down that they had the WBZ. These players Philly thing that I watch a lot these exhibition games were these international teams are playing. Regular teams and they get a team supplementing the international team with a bunch of their own players what stood between the team USA and its twins on a genius they just do it. They feel any repercussions or worry. From that Yost about maybe I guess Jim Leland theirs are not worried time but would that the players with other countries in the care of other people besides federal screeners. They care about any of that. I mean bad publicity now. You talk to collect it violently. Swaying but now that. They wanted the World Baseball Classic was and it. Problem. A lot of coaches. Understand the point of that lack of baseball and like it. Pocketed about baseball and yours the world while classes but the pitching coach. We're in line for and there are some. Of the care. But the world baseball and now he's been in contact with every other pitching coach from Mexico and June Jones the PG vote for the eighteen of Egypt and the third of what. Are supposed to do what they're going to be requests to do with being upbeat Joaquin Soria now Carter did that Beijing. Art and the debate all that. Well you can't help but enjoy watching. Like what we saw. In Mexico. Royal playoff game Il who had to be honest. You know what I like it because it is like a playoff atmosphere right here in the middle sprinter in bodily walking Soria what part of that melt down it became at. In got everybody out but he did give up at nights a base hit. Did you hear they're truly weird scene Tara. Hit off of Milwaukee swords or it loses it in the blow that. For Mexico not lucky bird as far as the royals are concerned haircut was on more posts that cats are checked that agency today. From Adobe that comedy talk about the speech. Starting pitching for the team I'm glad about that a lot and asked together starting pitching on the team be a real surprise from the team I guess that my two biggest questions. Was starting pitching in bullpen I'm not worried about the lineup whatsoever. I'll look at even the most surprise with so for the pitching or the bullpen. Well mr. green power lol yeah I think she. But I did it turn turn turn. A nice shot there about. So what are we want a pipe that's mortar am sick starting pitching or bullpen there's. Bullpen arm that. That was the church or operate but the problem. Everything else who aren't you know the talent comparable the it's not that they should. And you know we start the day. April in Minnesota. OK Jason Campbell integrity. Partners and they called out there and bring us. Why that in years ago where. Good for all wired up now Ian Kennedy I don't get what we can't duplicate. It's 17 26 he. Instead he came up he'd be true number one in the course of 162. The bigger question is do you would never. Out here for entry while I work on legitimate questions about the team having this spring training. But you know I don't remember how. What about was not strong good guy like awkward you know and there it would gain momentum built up. He's been ago and then the question with. One. How many. Arms are visible and that is something that would answer I would in the first two weeks. And the answer a lot. So much so that double play and Tripoli I think you're gonna be littered with. That could give out at the big league level I don't know he board ever act and days. Not more inventory of quality equally old arms that he does right now. Talking to watch sixty royals insider job for you brought you by American topsoil and what are the things that. Dini met these is that a couple of times now here in the last now wanna say we is affected there are a lot of different. We look at Major League Baseball position we cannot. Rotate guys in it now he says at second base for our shortstop are not Dole's type positions so I guess my question you'll bots second base. Specifically because it bit a platoon names for the royals try to law. To be the starter at this spot who need it right now is the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to second base out and play. An interesting point from that and heard him say. Yeah I mean that. You wanna be as strong defensively up the middle you want your. Keystone combination at second base and shortstop apple or you look like top of one another well. The leader in the clubhouse. What happened they don't because of one and done for intriguing. News crypt in below its secret in Cologne. Opening day. The court is on the scene with the team present he into the meat and it would. Cologne getting the cars on opening day. Isn't it it's still Whitner feel they Jeanne. If you play seven games in the week he starts or currencies Egypt the other ethnic. Out the first two months of the season. And potentially you'd circle low over the air field when it. Have to believe one double what about what level would win that job in the first two months and not gotten on York. Not every day but five it's become your second baseman Chris Cuomo look it actually ever have. I'll probably. Be offensively we're talking third shortstop and does that and I'm salad with a back. With their field is you know no matter the of the appointees. In the what matters. Much worse than what last year all the into the on the squad but that is the battle respected they continue to the first two year. It's also that conversation that these media that that the rule months. Might be in places in the in the fall of that burn. Ominous more brainpower Olson you and feelings and twos so. You gave the deal with or looked populated part of it was he had a few weeks but he. What equipment but it. It's Friday part that's saving graces rise rise I that's not separated joining us live from surprise but the bottom here in topsoil. Kelly up next once story about a famous local athlete has now become a drag tracks we discussed Josh your year. John DC from the deep. Studio sixty and sports media to do pretty ticked down. In particular in total to sixty in sports. Drives though. Though. I doubt it no other club and powerful winds. Here six days or real sickness or. Dot com think we buy the only coach Marty set a Twitter yet right power. Our picnic right power it's got it says that full upper body quiet this break. You've got people it's what it all out but it's a breaker at Yale duke and especially Israel get a look at thirty report roofs. Wolf I got a piece of Bruce is to court. If I don't. Are dead today's coverage that they shift. In all the mark coveted big twelve now it brought you by know what that well right auto parts and Bob Hamilton on the EC and Ruder. Also just so people are we here. But it will be brought to us after we get off the year at 2 o'clock for the job would be on a date to go kids appreciate it. Nuclear expert either beautiful show everybody wins or thereabouts with dread when they're greatly if it resilient now by the way I would state it. That's what they're gonna commit there and we're all this seems all worked up about. Well it down. Quit because going to the final minutes to finish restore vision it was the the bull. Have never guessed. It managers in the all you did a great all right now. Thought you at a breakfast at what already due to its roots which you've bought the Kindle is a you've had in direct and not a multi state of arts law. How many calories you eat let it consume lots beat two permanent. All applied. That. All oh unbelievable that was the V and perhaps you walk. I'd shoot it. Right lets you see sports that India and talk about now. It aptly. That a phenomenal. At it a guy that plays at the national up. Hopeful ball low. Depict the player Altman's. From the Christmas. He's been located a meatloaf local kid. Suspended. By the National Football League. All this meant. At a situation he was a ball with yesterday which he was the passenger. In a vehicle. In which it's not but local from riding in collided. With it collided with the unmarked police talk today so. He was not the driver he was the pastor butts. It had way too much injury but they get it way too much straight he was detained overnight. Okay buys into the police department. Or public intoxication. The first hole if he's passed near the core. Of this not be the public's good curious about that. A little bit in terms of the public can be toxic it's okay he's in the Clarkson when he's walking the streets talks cutie or passenger. Since that's tough. Is what's what's your own what's your load to the hottest I picked you up let me go to. They'll be an adult and don't don't know how to support when they arrested for suspicion that the U why don't social everybody at our strong. Yes we got a problem. Nodded not a criminal problem but I guess prop these cuteness abruptly Otis hit it is if if it is it's not like I want to dammit know what the pump an essay basically. I can't wait to make it difficult to be a major so completely up and I regret if it if you're. If you're hammered you're down the street in passing complete your paper ever what. And that's a problem that's a problem but I'm with you I would I report that you are. It is that Israel the way did it to waited this label here since he was arrested on suspicion of the Y. On smitten with detained by us at least the public in toxic eight intoxication. And held overnight so it's sober up. Welcome to support our weekly where's he gonna go. See trash the car. She's gonna get it do you lie. It is to let him walk drunk out of his mind he did do that we got oats for meeker wrote its objectives opens over a jailed. So so it's all the this happiness on late night early warning reporters saw him leave me. The Santa still police department around 1:30 PM. On Thursday reported at least telling all who is according to BEC affiliate in the Bay Area. Well. You're bought you some audio all the Smith talking to that the media that was asked him questions. And it is not funny it's nothing to laugh while it's it's it's very fortunate in I think it is is a guy tried out for help. So certainly it was slow and these purposes it. And yeah you. Don't usually. Can you tell us what happens the American. We involved in the crash no. Are you the PlayStation. It's never easy. Had a dose him or something and talk to somebody goes we're talking to a friend. It is luck took him. It's. Why did something that would be in children. Like I didn't do anything. So we ended. She goes on talk low means. All right let's make these doors a little bit better in the scrutiny and a better spotlight. System make him seem like I'm some bad as it. Because that's not why am from a good person. I've never done anything I've never hurt anybody. And that's that's a mound not that type of person so. Let's let's start placing stories such as jurors get a must face these. You weren't here tonight that you are detained Republican health it patient. You know. They're frozen over the. I couldn't go from I can I can do all we saw you're at TD be towed away with your license plate of the car in at least by U. It's 2000. Not driving. Fact that you're in the car. Drove. Does it mean stuff through Stewart thank you. He's good. But now we won't affect him. That that's sad and then Saturday and audio from the Indy CEO. Affiliate out in the Bay Area. It's tragic right now man for all this man number one asset is to wind this morning. He has to have a support system that whatever he has issues like this because he's clearly not right. That they've got even if Forman. He's got to have an attorney got a head as eight he got to have somebody by him to help him through stuff he should not be talking to look though it took it to the media took it. Hit a legal Clark hit that every artist I'm instantly stop. He was he's not well as individual as a he would outlook the best I don't typically is another down the National Football League I want this got to live life. To the fullest but this guy's not well right now I'm. Do you mean use people missed on the bill would rookies at the rate of guys who were adults that beats though. Edie so that Bibi do you would drive some good news there is Crawford was. Legal reason or axle let's though. Really be honest with you it's a sick deal. NAZ. I elected and with that we laugh like these situations. In the past but that is what. Here's the you'll local you know what seemed well I do but I I don't care ultimately football again. At the old and it includes interviews again I don't wanna see it. Now I don't what is in the end or other automated updates here at it it was sad to watch it. If you got snake bit hearing the audio was bad no goals to the media day it's. Yeah well he's not well it's not well it it right now like this do you think that he plays another down the national football which is quite. C waited national or don't like three statement this month so we'll see would have deities that meeting torches here but here's the I don't care deeply into the Chrysler seemed well. That's all it's really allowed one McDonald's you know the they're good this way that we want it's not demons out it will get back on the ice that we want holds that the same thing collector you'd go with human addresses that is not a skier like world. To get the guy he's real he's not hurting anybody else it's not what we had to dial asserted itself does not hurting so this the problem though bit ease it deny. Talk about all I'm not a tropical not with the that would happen that. He denial that he as a alcohol problem. Bet bet the whole style with the heat. Mildred they had the that the parents go with him in the he does understand those of real issue businesses. So he really hurt the greens were so it's prop you up. All right elect making it out you know the plot in the power lightly and get back to the week off now which targeted because eight states. And Bruce Weber they've won last night still go ones that FitzGerald still have a hard life. Yeah. So it's not to be your local power at that now without him next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. As our own now. Doubt I'll win my vote has quit kill in the name. Another round only. That's shouted down. Here basically to. Now music before. Broadcasting live alone well. The power might speak well now it's targeted. JU chances are already done against the utes defeated last night 8582. Decades state. Weapons from distill and mr. Gephardt likes me is I've been beans that are that are behind holding them but still about me I would stay yet they keep up. 35 right yeah it's state. Milling around as well spewed for the power light went round. Eased him that your publisher. In order to power that it that group a market economy Turkey I've known him for long I immediately. Or always looked up on line it. Vote of the year. Yeah. What and how are you all speak the political will have a winner who. Of those work but I ala the house and execute them did say is that it is that it broke quick. You don't you point witness who in my produced to back it up to blame Jay peak. Technically last week he's 88 bit wetter it's a rat. It's that now they're predicting snow tomorrow it is it was always tell this point it might still in the day but what if I didn't take the latest are you gonna take like. It had done yet biblical for big ice storm. It it felt all teachers who teach in the night every day every day on the outward bound to Dexia. Well. And I think he's accurate and it's just under. Lee is to. Unload I would think if we have a page that's on spring break. It hit the big twelve top target of hate it with that another place what do checked out when it comes to the it's the double late March Madness checked out twin peaks. In old legal or independence this segment giveaway at one spot delicate Arctic went beats the people checked out now all the great teams and the Greek food beer. The course Cold War is boldly. Hopefully that it across the Golden State if they did at Dartmouth. Or at an early between. It is. But Jim it went rookies. Big win immediately with passionately advocates want that he'd like. Where is this team all year. The question is Bruce what is it to critics who have yet to. There's more now but yeah who wouldn't want to talk well you wanna of course they'll from their car was one of them. And that dude from the other thing you no that was not that was my equipment the effort to. Also with years. That's Arquette yeah if you had other things now and I actually two pylons story today to that do the other things but yet. As ordered as a static yours if you that it's a we are audio but that's it. Now either of them I don't think though cover regain. New York noddle he knows effort to FW and he's been there it is almost all. That's great note that in them before. See this talked about last week or the other day when I was talking about babies that he's that he didn't think there's critics viewed it it's about that. That is lip service have a baby tell the truth that a year that he that it would know a guy like fit everybody in written notes its bills that are right dosing by name. Regular everything about him I have a little bit surprised but. That they Kenneth says he's living middle but she'll. The way he's just. You know he's not there much he coaches his team any recruits that the man's life and I admire that he's after he works or. But yet he hasn't you know that that's been the knock on routes wherever he never felt connected to the fans of the school. And of fact last night when they're announcing the lineups they announce routes wherever. There are boots there are a lot of a lot of news. And you know by the into the game but I. Fans are literally like where's this. This is what we won't if you play like this we're not going to be upset with you you know you have to whatever he can't play at that level every game but. The least you can click here for it every game and they haven't done that and losing eight out of ten late in the year yes they did look like they care. They were on the struggle plus miracle with that. Now they just achieved when he wings it looks like according to till the party that they're gonna be won the final on teams it's the it's doubly targets to do you think that's excellent last night. That he saved his job that's why did the BCS jobless night. I think he probably did and for two reasons one and writes that this. Very clearly I don't think being in the playing game in the that would turn. I don't I think this is not what they do this. It's it's kind of back to fit what we're talking about soft bubble this year everything we have thought bubbles were playing for a team to burn it. So you know I'm kind of thing that silly. And I'm real excited this and reporters to Dayton Ohio on Tuesday notice and the thing that's can be now that I think they'll listen the kid might be rhetoric about it I think of the fundamentals drunk them date. But. I will the other part of that is the the bubbles week guys there's not many mid major coaches up come through the ranks that they're not having great seasons so. I think they're look at them the horizon of coaching him through the that it's now down there. Eagle adjusting the same thing too because I thought actually Missouri case they could be QB if I think the same type of guys they would both be looked at them and with the eighty doctor in the eighties like they have their list. I'd still think that Russian they think because to me that's the biggest tire for the Yankees state is Bill Snyder can do whatever football. I don't know of media and ABC is wrong but seemed to me that Bill Snyder have an influence over the next coach throughout the eighty would be. He'd he'd make it higher repeat really be bacon hired you don't say but basketball men's basketball to me. Would be his right focus its that a football it be basketball the way the system works yet. Anchors departure within days ago to into the entire dynamic in that state. Because. He didn't want to make it chains but he knew we had to invest won't come to that point where you actually hadn't been something you didn't wanna do. He was about to admit he made a mistake and I area. In this team's been good ever since John Curry left it. You know fixes her story the whole thing straight disease last three games. People Clinton really good basketball team. And that's what's infuriated his statement is they could see this in these guys. But did they go out like well we're just not gonna play very hard that started the game of faulty and it's been it's maddening to fans and and now they're finally saying something they can really into it I'll be honest that look like frank mark to humans by. They were tenacious they were after their passionate. They were there was the most angry team on the court and that's not always been there. The sec he told word is wet weather is exactly told lord and cycle. Ultimately though it could get to the twin peaks and they will ever get another candidate but I don't know what you don't like the whoever gets. I don't give whoever they'd be up to Qatar from us to date whom we get ready called it a happy one or may not just gonna go to the you can get free drink it could include Ian Roberts and. Hopefully it'll let you brought that up because. Frank Martin is somebody that how much of my key state of brains they absolutely love to this day. But it is how do you view like that stopped it Russa is done. Would you look to you see maybe the lack of success and what's the on his teetered out there before it gets them ready. It's slowed it don't start out Osaka one Willie took over you know that's them that's that's what do you agree. That's the third most important but the program itself here on behind football baseball. So he took over program that was if it does not start from scratch yet. And Bruce Weber took over program that it couldn't count when the tour title. And it's gone backwards you know South Carolina is currently in the field. So. Very different situations. But I think kind of eroding culture of gifted basketball is that what really troubled people as soon is the kick the more and players are filter out of that program with toughness. And these two. And my thing numbers where are always people would say well he takes over other people's players and went with them. It's more than that he takes over the culture and he takes over the locker room the leadership. All of those intangibles that a coup or really suit coat to build around that team and he's done that they'll sell them there with Rick Barton. And now Lance so the first time may be doing it here Keith Dayton seems to oppose the right button on the with this team. After an Oklahoma loss and they respond this is. The one thing that I will see about with one hand and on trying to come off as an apologist for rules but this is just the way that I see. I think that all of the true criticism of him at times like recruiting. And what he's been able to do or like there'll success when it comes exit polls as a basketball coach whenever wherever he's been illegally here would ever. That's all. Open for conversation but the one thing that don't like is. Would you look at a guy in you don't like both those friends of mine say why don't like the way that he south I don't like is Voigt I don't like is personality. That Iran want to tilt Brad Childress now he's with the with the tsetse when he was it looks like if they liked it it was that SoundBite Jackie waited to talk. Don't mean not legitimate criticisms of. Well I mean he suffered. Injured child it on him help with voice. He does seem a little when asking questions it's it's entertain you rarely actually answers the question. The real answer seven other ones that you did not expect it. And sometimes that's out his basketball team play they don't seem reluctant focused on what they need to do. They have been locked well this is a huge game with him. It'll get them out of Dayton. Please and and actually health benefit. It'll we'll put them into the main bracket. It'll it'll help this new attitude that they have it's it's been refreshing for hasty. And by the end of the game and it was Paul Casey and they're here for it to that point. I think fans were really locked him on the team there's talent on this team. There has been around him they're not playing above their pagers this is what this team can beat. Now if they had one more guys they have these dunes that are routinely enemies. If you're pretty special group and unfortunately. Because of its own doing market's losses very. That's just you know how things worked out of this program I think. If reformers back next year it's got to find the guy he's got the finest hour. Targetted FitzGerald owner of publisher go power can't duck on the he's mister Cates date night. It seems to me the stuff he does and he wanted to for coach we did just enough to keep his job at that Tibet please be things in my evidence of real badly be it. Tim what finally Bill Snyder. That was the concern level in May have had about coach Snyder we. I I was really surprised human game thank you just if his treatment. Scheduled start to flow was gonna happen you just had received treatment Tuesday. He's got a basketball game public on Thursday. And honestly you look like you should not have been there with authority to. He's not wired like the normal people were you just keeps going and going he has not missed a day of work since this'll sir. Don't want it known pop. The two areas and and so that'll hopefully can keep going and persistent. And but you know 77 competitively this football season. And now that John Kerr he's gone will be make in the higher. I think. This'll probably via for those not eager for it than any coach. Yeah tin man with restatement may not go trick or do I the final code word is. Wildcats. While at the feisty not gonna get totally whoever it. Not that it's ready clever deal with weight do you like what's going to be the final over. That he could walk that we've because you're thankful we're out too that put the final Colbert is wildcats we go what they call it a percent. Called it a percent to 91356768. He did receive a 25 dollar gift card to win the Arctic to get next though a whole lot of transactions taking place in the National Football League right now and we discussed that you. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Yeah sixers. Of course now takes it to accurately count out you know it's. They discovered what you might know what bottle or write all the parts Bob Templeton plumbing ED EC and Ruder. All right. Being a lot going on in the National Football League here the last 24 outs when it comes to build agency. We haven't talked about it'll read the at. At all to be on the source that we need to start talking about it now that we got to Apatow bit later in the show who it target I yourself in Belgrade B 57 definite thing. That he should get a degree that it doubles the anticipated they'll get it had a tap states. But it it to cap space them but it will they'll draft we know that yet but there were some teams or make you some news yesterday it let's start with. The number one beat everybody was talking about yesterday it was at the press box and we scratch our heads and wonder what it is going on. The rock I squalor trade that Cleveland out every clown Cleveland at First Act scope I awaits just all we at least. RG three. Yet it is official yet by the way that the 49ers have written repairs quarterback Cutler but makes no sense. This was a trait that we're talking about but there are Catholic plea once did. We've got a joke. As a quarterback. As part of a play quarterback Berkeley and see what to do that in the eight IP. What they did is essentially the colts mortar and everything but people were in the organization really look at what their money bowls all about you today. That's what the league who beat this you know in Cleveland they body second round pick for sixteen million dollars as clean look at but the next two years. The F three number one picks the 2007 community of 52. Round. Those are cold beer that they're rich or Pittman affect both the intellectuals that you keep your best value in the center grants that are doing it do analytics. I love analytics and that your kind of on the that with a medal beating doesn't but I do absolutely like to utilize him but I am not all. Cleveland this it's giving it to see what they're doing there it would the steam. 31 round picks it two years 52 round picks the beat the the low draft picks the is the big mine yours that. There's rumors. The Cleveland dot com and rails that Jimmy grapple the trying to put a package together. That will. Make bill Belichick's mind you know they'll want to do business with. That's fine writer Steve to do that to get a second round pick in return brought by the way they flipped for the six rounds with this great bodily. Rarely Detrick were capital be 100% were dealt with them if they get sixteen million off the books for Brock costly to reduce the thing. It anger Steve please do. And I see a lot of articles pulled Cleveland genius. It is heart and prayers in the 89% it's been 89% of your camp that you don't do it one year idiot series of four years. Cleveland did not spin and thirteen fourteen it at sixteen. Will. Open the 89% so the Jetsons but it will say this. What's that they do take what looks Acura pics click the city's doing doing whatever you take you to upload. Essentially tack on the sixteen million beaches that cost you get that second round pick to predict that that basically the though. It's weird about this because essentially that's most trade. Draft picks for. You know those three catch politics in its essentially what they've done it for sixteen million dollars they bought a second round pick. Which seems extremely that your tuchman preach I don't article for thirteen point seven million in Italy in Cleveland that you don't money. Right laughter McCain they're Willard cap. But if they do you treat the problem that essentially you got to remember it's been sixteen million dollars to get yet second round pick. That does that we seem like it's more business it's got this worked out for Cleveland. I'm fine with that. But what exactly well done before laughter got nothing. It messed it up it found a way it's groupings it also ticket by the way it is of this Justin Gilbert you know as a quarterback. Johnny held one rated week Johnny means nobody if they screw it up what's the key into it we. And they get new people there like Keith Jackson's head coach the bunt. But the scoreboard out which state Mike Duke is that the Cleveland does you spit sixteen million dollars in the second round pick out according to a lot of people. There's people that I really don't run not accede to dissect around that part of it all spending that much money will prompt out and that making much just knocked it locked in a lot of talk in the product on the beat with somebody else needs its lead in the second round pick somebody that broke out whether. Cubes or some of the money. If you possibly that he billion dollars that he spit million dollars in the second round pick it up sixteen so it's tough. Jump to conclusions. Before the conclusions drawn 16%. Picked up very easily. Some jump them. What rock that's what this league starter or starting quarterback sees the body and yet. Coakley geniuses it please see what happens is that the police Acura picks yet five of the next two years. Get their that would take the pressure to pick it costs sixteen million dollars for that's like pressure pressure. I tacked on an epic two minutes. We got BC stand sports expect six pack as a broadcast live Bowman know what the pot aren't like you on the date. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio.