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03/10 - 12 pm - Final Sixer Of The Week

Mar 10, 2017|

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, Kim Anderson has a bright future in stand-up comedy & will KU's loss affect their NCAA Tourney seeding.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And somewhere. There weights it's noon here. Six. Odyssey going to be a threat to man asked where it is to get beat in every theory interesting when he got to be expected sports act today. If we are doing these airports expect. Your brother Bobbitt apology might correct that. Is not only are we do it at the sort of -- power lights with people. Which to a decisive fourth expect. It is almost like basically. Is it Hillis expect. We're talking about this dude it's cute stuff out on the boat yeah steaks and something called brain power. With with great power of the big hurdle talked all fill it up. Wyatt had this stadium upon thirty minutes ago they would it be they Tom. By the way as you but that's goats walk through it recently judging or that's me you that it battle with the this afternoon yeah. I'm very excited about that puts me but LT I don't know what to do. It's way he doesn't get it and what he's telling me all the media. Is that why Bob lost forty pounds on the slim for life we can tell them that I don't think that at least he's quirky yet. It's there awed by what I would be at all. I would be heard Avery. I. Mean okay report. Spears'. It's yet that's human vote Fareed. It's got two bit. Our needs. And help people out naked. Sixty. But a point in my neighboring power. Figured well while more men view there's part of my way over here that. Kasey Keller. Maybe you stop I register or it was via to a detective delegate our ideals that might be. I don't know that I laughed a lot but that was a good job of trying to call out. Did you drop your. Experienced people to keep cracking open here inspectors it is to you about why it's always felt. Third or something special and that's saying it's him over the head. Like that's. I don't like hyped up I district a five hour energy basically. That's not it which they don't like yourself think. I used to be your game. What do we get say it is stamped made labor I guess and he just built up a tolerance where I guess we'll be over urges 60. Full and here's what pretty nice and my dad very sexy. 6106 fact lie for no other problems are covered brought you by no other Bob Riley out of parts. And Bob Hamilton on the DD AC and root for guys Kansas fans. And a bit of a rough night last night it will throw at shepherd because we've. Guys it's a lot of support for Lucas. Tips toward grab catches soon. Well more broad support this daughter had for just the second time they've won the war years that you loses its first Davis hit the big twelve totaled. Saw a bunch of people tweeting about how no team has ever lost their first game in their conference tournaments and gone on to win it. A national championships. Exactly bode well. Or Kansas but a lot of jayhawks greens yesterday were chalking up he lost to the fact that they were without the services. A freshman Josh Jackson Bill Self. Says I want. Scores that I was scored forty affords. Despite having or not happening just Jack's. That that's what it weird you know past teams that we've. If you scored seventeen that was here before and now. Eighties not a guarantee we because we don't orders well and that that you know you look at it. One offensive rebound others landed the plane footballers and are being felt instantly give us anything so so it's it's disappointing that we had to be okay. It is not an excuse you're. Good things happen all the time. It forces in the season there were negative things that you've got to get at least respond favorably to that and today we just didn't look as well as what. I brutal self didn't meet Josh Jackson. It particular to win this basketball game should've won it without jobs you know what though. The with some good view this is. Somewhat the misfortune at bat off the court finally caught up to you. You're at the end of the year because if you suspect Joshua Jackson in a timely manner. If you just wait it's Texas in the regular season you know what you still what the right we'll see that anyplace last night. Thought I'm not not a drop out Josh that's about. It. Believe they quit if you played absolutely of course that most people who edits it rejected the batteries don't wanna felt that if it didn't hurt. Her. What hurt me. Were to go out of the office Los. Like it or port that points. It would report from the state. It in hindsight I think stance would rather have had this decade toward the end of the year in the big bolt. Regular season and played last night don't agree. It. But then I mean every for the record. It's a negative people takes me about. Also another and Korea summit in Texas about. I also think it's you know what I haven't had they're and Eritrea is real but did that energy drink I don't know what it was it was and give them you know. It about it and that he never had that before now but what kitty cat. It. Wouldn't be alive. Well fifty will set the fact of the but brief. Dating. Dilemma it's in these. Yet been met just like Diet Coke and vodka and alliances boot and I was not. It immediately and effectively. Yeah. We shall victory that. It the other would give it the elderly that it would give it auditor. Robert if you why. Probably packets at what about opens up by the thought that you would to a desperately. And speaking of odd jobs Jack that we had a big storm all right yeah. You cranky attorney here since Friday a new report from the start today claiming that attorneys for Jackson approached the family of whom he's Torre allegedly vandalized offering monetary compensation. If the family would not seek charges against Jackson in Alberta he's the father of McKinsey calpers ST young woman's. Favre was vandalized. He told the star quotes they want to pay to make it all go away but it wouldn't. Have gone away for my daughter it would've been great for Josh but not for MacKenzie this was never about money for me it was about how my daughter was three. You know I think there is some truth to that. Let us be honest about it because. Though that things that we talked about earlier and I think it whine about what great point and I agree with them if the account that was helpful. Stocks this what happens when you talk a vault. High profile athletes. Okay people that are viewed as popular Vegas so Lance whether you're on in movies music sports whatever. We have a certain you know my popularity. Sometimes people hold you accountable for Iraq and let's get real. In this what we're talking about here today being held accountable for your access while I always. Golf match what passed it up while originally the whole field with Josh if he was held accountable for the actions or a leader that we don't deal with last night he took. Think they have something to do with it but but I do think they need to let this go now because. It took the overall situation assault. What else we talked we know what the damage if we don't need to be repaid that we know what happened to Wear with all the distorting it. Apologize if they divorce lawyer for you by the way it's put deplorable what they where are you. If it was somebody give mr. department it would take and Jack disable that it would take it but a lot of times we see people. You today defeat like Virginia respectful they want to make a statement again if it's a student there they take the body in the in or go out. It would sports when they able. But those just because it's a fine line to get us. It's the VA there are people out there to be here or because they're probably just what your act man there is the get beat. Cox that what you portray him but he I think he's in the situation at the rate was it. A problem at all they dig the verdict. So regardless of case you haven't ago on the big twelve tournament still gonna roll on as usual TCU and Iowa State the other thing called off of they just sensible thing TCU and Iowa State and Ohio State is found tonight enabled painful thing. They tip at six tonight they stayed in the nightcap the face West Virginia around 8 o'clock. I know one thing that if like K state wins tonight at Iowa State win tonight they didn't know what the club is getting off the charts tomorrow. It's gonna be busy here tomorrow it killed two teams went straight up. It here if if I would state that. You like it is see. He's more like forty. Very. That it be that the plane or brigade it's stuff. What it's done four straight days at a mostly. We talked to. Let the game. We about. The fact that the crowd was so what's the subject in case they're gonna face this. These fees you will. What's there. Oh. You. Here is vaguely birds thanks they ought to get up four straight days with. What does. Excellent value in it. It or packing their bags. Would be. You know if we I did. Problem for the fight maybe it would. I'd be given and field covered in that he. More often about a half an hour by the way back. Despite. The failing JB too is that tends to put that acts on the route they still alive. In the lack attorney bill faced New Mexico State in the semi final round tonight at around 1030 audience there were overtly about Google map on the way home video. It work if people. You can find an audience all doubt that he's got dealt a cheap shot that we like I. You can always spotlight because it. All that's erroneous B and three that the streaming service Orkut all the dads and he whacked digital network gap but he ruse marched to the that we advance. Continuing tonight at 1038. I can't believe that right it's that spirit of duke it out O on an awful things that are that's lines that I. Ideally what shows here. Are you weren't even watching the game last night. You know I don't follow your Twitter. Emails of all all I thank you said I changed them which I like that to. Your group. But this. Hurts don't it. I was trying to help you follow along it was keeping you in the loop it's not like I was going to follow this exhibit I said it this way over. Well you know why celery with thirty seconds left I was keeping you in but I don't managing that okay mr. They yet to hit it right semi finals correct. That's correct so to games. To get it there it is. You are the other another route guidance or so you'll Stewart apple leaving them I hit it big difference. Masters this. I know our department of extra things. Get a final thought capacity I want to thank good exit polls it was big with those elites that lead atlas group. What we're. It would easily just if this guy another beds. Get another banking. They have basically an outline and your I was with different thing ways colonel was way. Actually have a you look at it. It takes a bit of a letter to us this this is the important thing we could affect my people who wait all well. All of this from the Associated Press all players are expected. Back I'd just like I just mentioned you've demonized. This from the Associated Press is the headline woman who resigned to being lumped learned she had 140. Pound tumor. They 71 year old woman who weigh 365. Pounds. It's a huge struggle with the way to router why if you win in doctors discovered the massive tumor of a 140 pound it system. On her ovaries and on the good work for you banquet but after five hours surgeries she lost a 180 pounds of boomer and issues. Half of her body weight so. That. Oh. Maybe they thought it. Well basic process he was gaining weight it doctor if there's no reason you Saturday boomers I don't know that habit right now I mean I hear people aren't you breaking that really bring. Him to. Go right. I'm I don't actually. There's I'm a 182 drummer Robert do you. Funny how are you. People have gotten us that it is not that I think we segment how they do we have talked it's not repeat it's those type. Can't say Bryant put out there don't they I. Don't know if you haven't had to work. There are plenty of people who fight tumors for a completely. That. That's why they say you know what it's the key to cancer is cancer that are leaving a it. As that is an enlarged view of apple football oddly she. A let me let me. Amber and everything in season name by the way what it ain't merry way and you're not if she now weighs less than a 150 pounds as she feels great violently. Jesus is now on the for a man to. Oh how she. Seventy ones are all right with that are absolutely no room. And David your populous UC. Rabbit and a service that does expect our coverage today bribed by no other viable Writely an auto parts and Bob came from plumbing heating. AC and Ruder. Wake. I was right you were on different. Vince Young back in football he signed to RC Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the CFO. Vince Young told reporters yesterday quote I feel like and in shape I'm not might explain she's yet yeah rough rider's first game June 20 seconds so. Central time to get this week and see if he wants to blow. That's over a product roll geometric jump. Unless president thought he was quoted an and the crowds the Max is that. I should happen. Expect that. Play you know certainly respect all else that auto play for this schedule you know what else out all the Al wild like that his career plug why it was right on this I. I thought it was funny put you back to the National Football League clearly wasn't. If you want to play any games this sick relative. Yeah well what we think it'll prompt a profit don't call this one quite because YouTube feature set that time you're right it's true. 100 has been true of and what counts these weigh in on the tumor. Says that at three guys and garage of the 200 pound tumor on top of his neck they. Have. Is an owner. As good as the play well like it has good stuff. They'd definitely makes you so you want excellence that in effect Wednesday journey there are fewer Americans Ramon asked about. He want. That Johnny Johnny interviews like that's really I guess it's real doubt. I don't know how he wired to put out what I do I thought he immediately prior to 2070. All pretty. To the doctor. Real full thickness that's what happened but I really haven't about that. She she studied how it effects. Of the woman. She's doing right things like that. Where. That's like saying my friend went to my wins my for with the dark for back pain on Monday Canadiens stage four pancreatic cancer. It's it's. I can't hack it out if so what else. I know I wasn't frank no I don't understand now. I didn't note that the way to we'd like to count on this okay it'll probably good credit Joseph and I right up there. Get well what. Yeah hey by the way our guys been through he survived his teeth operation by the way I think. They traveler and I Spitzer case shout out to Spitzer spent properly classmates that we felt was flat place to. I was on we don't know what it was it was good to see that elephants have been maybe. Things are Al pitcher of this L series. Yet. There. And understands her grandma to survive but Soria insistence expected against. I did get a wrap of the six Davis would expect here on this case. How did last night's loss it's effective CD for the NCAA tournament. We'll address that. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty at a particular easing promo code sixty in sports. Back in Dayton public debate and what. These up on him. Rex didn't win it 250 dollar gift card from Friday auto parts. And out execute everybody. Knows what the plaza today's coverage modified the ball O'Reilly auto parts flop Hamilton plumbing heating. He sees in crude and isolation optical coffin who was hanging out right now at the with a well ready you brought up meekly at present the fact that those quite all right exactly and at Wimbledon. It's a nice football and iridium. Which there is a listener that I that I inevitable point eight they want a thinly. Pivotal with. He bit odd given. You can see it right if you want the ball if you oh but if you update over that. Go for the need to go there we go on the Schuylkill cooked up a few of the more doubles. Punch him right in this in the stomach right in the belly button right UC has the potential bowl. About it. To get commissioners equipment it's that it's a nice people Davidson are all I didn't see that yeah. There I'll pass that's that's the real Michael Michael but Michael. Are you jealous I ask him or I'm pretty tells. No immediate Richard has put on the face the greatest it's a recognizable one that's that's awesome that it solves. Arm. I thought we were friends coach. Our coach or friend he says he bunnies you'll see you Monday night election ST I'll see you Monday afternoon. It's introduces Cynthia who is. The quarterback to sell salt accord with this for me please let your clubs by the way with your voice it's a different kind of Shawn Watson. But I don't talk to John watts and now. In order that would be great news that would that would be great and excited. My next segment we are in a giveaway appeared to deceive the phantoms on this coming Monday. At this Silverstein ice in Reno march 13 at the office sentinel five. They're taken on the Bloomington it's for the season opener we'll give those to its weight next segment that. But this segment though we're talking about dumb. It is in the loss last night you teach you how does that affect their seating. My response to that question is it doesn't. I don't like going into yesterday's game the favorite to be at number one seed. And I still feel that way today. Out to eighty the exchange that I think that I think the day you wrapped up but number one seat when he wrapped up the regular season. Not the conference title game. Our deceit it would have worked for it usually would keep the streets here they lose the semi finals beat in the past efforts for a these past the first draft affect the mission that that little you think about I don't particularly what we think we're the return regional sites or at San Jose. Keep the city. Memphis in New York Villanova to New York. Who goes to us and they got him with those regional possibly that comes down to leader on the and LA and lets the committee feels like accordion. She'd be a once seen as a liberal with a packed well what if she's Helio or in. Is he simulated beater at USC team last night we forward we'd USC team. Or is the other West Coast team he'd said he teases. That's the only solution because they would still take it but in Memphis or drag this means. Would go to Memphis I think about is will they would use that Circuit City obviously be perfectly that they didn't sell tickets but I don't think that they're looking at. Then that's the please keep him joked that other do you worry about that bracket which one of the he has that bracket would be it. Knowing full well that them in city what about that but there. Mr. tuck. Which which region that put a huge city. That that's what they can do I don't think it would care but he would submit this as they were at home game here experts that are but needed proof that it was a sports are so it makes it more at stake. That in that vulnerable your expert. Yet now with you on that this. I asked me about what I what I see it going on into the it's at this autonomy and what I've stated all week long tee just put themselves in the position. We're at the AT need to necessarily do much of anything if anything in the Big 12 Conference army. Now their other you know people they coming into the army needed to do some more work TCU need that. To put themselves in a position to be in the target area and they acted hastily at any pit bull but with base solidified their case to. Knocking off the number one that's what is the best team in the big twelve the number one team in the country first time ever. Course I'm ever they did that last night another team stating their case what the turning. Kansas State and Bruce Weber innate right now to Lennar has and has won the last four teams in the TARP. Three opted wins to get themselves out of four. That's had a plea to date with another win and keep the state is a ten. Cut keep minister but they keep the team they really like it's easy as well. That don't see liver opened the tool TCU which Jamie Dixon as the coach TCU is not a program where medical best will you would football. Not basketball. This conference and it city you know what I Nokia's been bounced and I actually think that's a good thing we. You can fiftieth win and everything you've already won thirteen straight regular season titles which no one would not yet regular season title. Overeat they will treat you or tournament title. Of course you take the regular season 88 week. It attempts that were there with the CDU's witty this thing doesn't matter. They have but it may interrupt he's you to some sense this year but you know who looks Erie times in the second half of the year. Oklahoma State. Incredible global state TV you read it wouldn't yes he sees them prosper team Dixon will back to auto. Oklahoma Texas took two steps back to rethink how did they will be told better. Would Texas it would Oklahoma's when they're not good. You get other people step up like that that's the surprise right near the Shaka Smart Texas haven't entered the big shocker when Baylor first when it's not for the better. Bet that we'll that a football they've actually been rules prize is there to get tracked the track and field women's basketball. Is what they were good at the other good in the bullets of different areas but. Habits of deals with this thing that you actually get the upper. Yup I'd let him be taken out here at know the Bob in the power and light. Thought Tim Anderson he told his final game from the sort of last night gets Ole miss. But did he throw seed at the university as he's exiting the building we get to that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio. Take this job in show. Do know. Back you know the things you like him being. We do I think the guys all day that's market tackler. We got mark exactly that a lot of well what's my football he wants the football. Has stuck to parties. Why would you say you need to get back on my ticket march get people off quickly how would you. Offered to put in March that he offered to figure out a statement that looked like you how long is marked as similar constitutional. Mark is standing here a lot of it fifteen minutes right. You indicated he's been in the UC. I don't know fifteen minutes is popular form of investment I'll go to you and act like fortunately there's going to Tuesday that an epic crap they. I'm geared to you. I'd be geared GBC offered markets to home mark to go away and they're nice on itself. A lot more given cousy. Now and does that give it to you still want the ample all those lines embarked in an in market remarks at me on August and a Pepsi of them got marks apparently that that I know Sunday. It could be. Mark I'm gonna know lasted your backpack boards and I'm negate the if you guys at the Bart line you looked at eighty cities statement offered me slot it is now dollar. Yeah as well but they agree with they bought it man and and how you operate now yup that was. The issue it's also still represented. It has yeah like father like. Policy all now we just epic one on their group that. Expect ready at appointees feel exactly. Exactly. A breath. Leave it at all about that wrestler did exactly all right well we we're talking all it has been in the army needs people slightly in the unfortunately to a weekly. Missouri Tigers are. Anderson. Final game last night lost all all is it after that game. He made some comments it is both game presser. On these Thomas doctors field all the Campbell what are. Just talking about like what he walked in view from a the program perspective. Where he feels like he's leaving the program now he's outdoors this is what it meant it as it gets. It's like you countless of people under the law. I certainly hope. Reverend or coach news. There we have provided a little bit can you ever building. Blocked program or whatever I maintain my arm was tired you are was pretty much. Asked to kind of stabilize this program and it took you took a walk. So obviously it took too long. I'm proud of a probable we. I know there's a lot of people out there there so. Or its editors. Norm out there's march news for the last three years. And no one out there knows the challenges every you guys don't know. No one knows me so and I'm not trying to be a martyr and it's similar. Or think when our when our Walter auditor. When I agree. Which will be tomorrow I think it's I think we do some good times but obviously we do more minutes games that we do generated enough money. We don't do and college athletics are going to keep the job and I'm not I'm not bitter. I certainly understand. And urged him. You know if you were to ask me when did you know you gonna do fire. Our orders that probably the first took the job deserves a lot of challenges and challenges to be. And we met we met him and we do a pretty good job we're used to work. All right the forest code word for the victims Nazis opener tickets is stabilize. Stabilize the fourth Cold War. OK let's get back humans. He said he feels like he's stabilized situation in Missouri yes now. Stop you you're in denial if you think it's unit put this program at a better place to date him we got you dead wrong. For him to make that accusation he stabilized the program as inaccurate man what. Now I'm not reading it that way you take the program isn't a better way to a better state debate was when what Mike was here frantic. Belt when he left he figured that exactly letter that you're that will loss seasons he has the back. He put a job in extremely that causes of the new the worst was. If you don't be fired the two patents and so opening press. Ought to be fired. Right because but it appears that either worked. Here. We're vest me when you know you gonna do fire. Or would use probably the first 220. It's that it's. You couldn't say what she's saying there was hope that. Seventy. Or higher. The head coach of misery as I said why don't you knew I was going up you know what I learned a lot of what is no regrets that a top cop while it won't take the job. They want the job of the hill and what but it but he felt like he hit women. You can't win it all keep it they'll sack you know which shirt you can beat the on what to Jack it is what's but I doubt that that 650000. Right do I. You managed account slap his call. Each university in the picture he's you don't know what the white ought to take the Pittsburgh they go in on him obviously he's been. Eat this is owned institution. If you were especially. When you know you gonna do fire. I would have said probably the first took. At the sector told word is under. Here is a sec he told how are you can't say that it say that. Bill some think that. Hello I'd never heard anybody say that on the on the part of the winner main line do we want what does play it one more daily giving him since that. You were freshmen when you know you didn't barter. Or lose it probably the first 220. Possibly as a sort of army or right side your side. What about for you fired. With a elbit in the press cover not really meant for this of the border we looked like it I went and stupid you fire. When you exit that bill. It bought the right weight man. He crusade a loser you're fired at the people who stayed Edmonds over failure demand is let's add. Who was losing loads your tweet about haters. All all all you'll notice on your off off off only savior that. Off off Dodi be get started Dodi BBs aren't there. Should be funny to about it. What we say. About documents it. Since boosted the. There isn't stupid move why. Do you think he means it's sad. You can't say it though not all up until with you. It to mean. That hurt but what is your hired to deal with this deal whatever if yours are to be fired acute debt to the do think these guys that you politically nobody takes job it's a goatee your part but it's beer outs that he. It would apparently they better keep ice still so so me. So check it's occupied so eloquently and Don Donald Trump hires somebody. Nobody behind the Celeste or cattle force a uniquely soul coming up this Monday when you get fired sixteen yup arm. I clinical audit twittering just this. Political audit what do I don't know probably. You're not value over the you know. It why can't do what he did I don't know what do what any he. He's a tiger you security eager I want you to be fired tiger blood wobbly safe bet I don't it doesn't do many little. This makes it's that one awaited more genuine when did you realize you get fired from general Rupert to certain. Some crude. Crude. Is that it happened. Easily but the Fridays Mondays through Wii US outlet for so I pay about him I could go that's like FaceBook like that's it. That's a bit cheeky as the lead at duke beat him by the likes of what they get their efforts duplicated yesterday that that. You know slightly but. Am I have been a big Virginia look like you know some I don't know. I'd rather than the I'm an eye on Friday at just a Qaeda. Go ask the boss fired it well last he's from he's been the only guys don't know it is obvious need to put itself what its remote that went out Sunday. That was like that you haven't released the job until Sunday I don't know about it after I schools that's got to do it it's basically. And there's some of those commanders of my number one it's funny to us but he said that but it. I think we all kind of agree with with him when he says that he was that he didn't exactly walk in the best situation wasn't as if he walked in. And a full cover of great players but that's how he got the opportunity didn't have sanction and thought that's how it got the opportunity to Brett and that's what I'm getting at lake is that you know you say that you didn't walk into a good opportunity while if it weren't for the fact that it was any pads that flat place. Kim Anderson would not be the head coach of of a division one program like that like you don't get. That kinda jump but you know these ms. who made me like that type type thing Colombia but. C'mon man. Yes he was coming up a great season with you see Ian yes he looked like he was going to be a good coach or at least had the makings of a good coach and somebody needed to get the chance but. In the last in the zoo is in the spot Barack they're not giving him that job so yeah he walked into a crappy spot but he knew what he was getting into. And for you to say that. Mean and for him to say you know I think we made some progress what's what progress are you talking about yet defecated that the key to Eagles. Visual thought it got it we mean it I tell you do this with the man held a two day flight out indefinitely. That explains that a picture than just yet also maybe that he. It's a monkey vote him. Now some positive I just look at unlike the man. And saying it was a dumpster fire we all agree. And your three year is that in the zoo. Wasn't exactly without incident that work with outside your control like there were a lot of things that happened it in you. That were outside of his control in the so reflected negatively on the basketball program and and his team soft so. Nobody's gonna say that can Anderson had. Easy sailing in Columbia but he didn't make you any better if anything he set you back. And now. I just remorse eat me worse and that's why it's attractive job according recoil at that one person on the list. It's court martial you know you might let that it is though vegetables and make it three million which vote that will work here's the thing I'll see this will not agree more. The shooters and you have to shoot your shot at guys like that that. Greg Marshall people were talking like you're almost talking about him not with the Missouri valley he would get a make her 49 went all my you know what he let you write silly state. The loser LE turn it. In the ounce according to a jeweler party last night. Like in the state eating in the tournament Illinois State point seven we have a great are the name now that's different so that's a difference between Wichita State is to get a name. And I'm curious to like what no zoos level of commitment to winning. In so far as like the amount you're going to pay your your basketball coaches because Kim Anderson made. 300000 based sour I think it was a one point one a year. After he had some you know kickers and things like back in an email about men and barrel in regular day exactly so. He made about a million dollars a year to be the head coach of of the zoo. You careened Richardson's base salary it at you and Casey is 258. And that was before he got his extension I don't have the numbers right in front event. Like you and Casey has the same commitment level that ms. who did. With Kim Anderson to get better and well when it comes to paying like early and are so light and he is in the zoo. Able to take that next step or they financially where they want to offer up that kind of commitment because you've got to make that commitment to these guys. If you look at the highest paid coaches. In the in in the NCAA or even just the most successful coach in the NCAA make it one million. Mick and three plus you talk by Gregg Marshall right now Wichita State Macon three plus you got to offer more money to get more weight. So. Are you willing to make that commitment can take that next step would you take the checkbook and they were ready to win now. What did a quick you are late to maintain out you know the pub in the power and light district. For the Big 12 Conference tournament coming up next we get to tweak it or delete it on the basis. Studio sixty and Sports Radio talk to daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. They simply picked up the court not I think. Expect it done right we'll put the ball. Has facilitated yep get the football I'd possible that not no not not the copy line. It sounds like the ball was originally intended for me and I thought that I outline outline why would you about now is now so they do is I helped. What followed up and I hit an Anderson you just made me feel better late president's committee news mean wouldn't you wouldn't. We're groups that wrote for there to. That. I had fault what they actually put coat on the headset in the rape and he said it was going to be notable quality now. There aisles that give him game ready by that my rubbing people if anybody some balls right. Us. Are coming up next segment gonna talk to address time you have to rub. I curiosity. I'm never rubbed the balls were. How to wrestle with the commercial break it yet it's able update ambulance over. In currency reserves are you let it since you think that the lord and aboard Timmy and aboard a word on how much time elevated we got to dive right into yet I didn't. He's doing okay. You look at center. Others don't all the dumb so we didn't just the way they are the thickness the well location tick date but it Atlanta. And. I. You let my senators. I'm looking for homeless connect and it's. Another founder. We brought to you by Arthur Bryant's your original at seventeenth and Brooklyn in the legends shopping center. Garnett I froze for second Damien Woody on Twitter at Damien Woody he wore. Lavender and Carson earlier this week for. Delicately put the fact the big Carson mayor may not flight line at slaves were immigrants. Damien Woody on Twitter act Damien Woody so I guess Gary tuchman went perfectly travel agent and I was. To make that out and as good and it starts at DePaul got ails this week in that was one of the bloodiest weeks of being tighter we. Ellis on Ellen them. Or Vinny today we date we have beaten. And I wanna try to help them again. In helping and doing things like that. Do you think baseball bat speed has got nothing for me. We're we're do you find the baseball that's right at them and strata same manner differently now. Just turning him in the end. Our rights. Also entered earlier this week guys the city of Greensboro act Greensboro city. The student Greensboro and we under fire from Jim bay Hines who was that the rowand shaded in saying that. The ACC tournament had no business being in Greensboro. Should always been a big city yup. To get Greensboro tweeted to. Act ACC sports. We kindly disagree. But I guess you can lose in the first round anywhere at least it's a quick ride home. I love it that's a pretty saddest week at city. That he's pretty damn sad if you ask me to yet no I I love the week because we've got the signal we're gonna take this thing your local state dot city. It's that it did so disrespect doctor in his native New York is where they should happen and it at all times and that's a student who inhabit it takes cities. They feel like they were disrespect that they were slighted without having to get big cities level of problem. Of course here by like BS. Also it helps. But it's perfect you know what it's likely that the Soviet. Sorties that rarely hits the green expect the quality. Then they took an active in the politically it's. At Philadelphia's streets cleared and made it brought to by Arthur Bryant's the original at seventeen and Brooklyn and in the legends shopping thinner on the go back to arguing with the Specter. Yeah. That's bad. At said. Are we get back to talk with some big bull buckets. With the Fred the shell Travis times covers the Iowa State Cyclones would change Tribune he joins us on location at the what the market. To studio sixty and Sports Radio.