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03/10 - 1 pm - Good For The City

Mar 10, 2017|

In the final hour of the week, the guys discuss the impact of KU getting bounced early. Plus, another sports double-standard was exposed in sports & Take 2 Before 2.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So basically any. Authorities were more frequent talk about what. It go man that ago it was broadcast plus and a wonderful disgusted. Think it's the power of life. I covered the savior before the toughest part of it brought you by the with a bump O'Reilly auto parts and Bob Hamilton. Plumbing the AC it through but that's joining us now on location at the with a dear friend and friend of the show Travis signs. Covers the Iowa State Cyclones but aides to you don't. And he's always a year weekly because I it was steak they bring a crew each and every year when a company to a far you have me. You look around with these people or White House and I was a ball whether it's nice and I would take it all this there's like a bullet for our receptacle trees the I was the beads at you lost the season the team they were still here. Last night the bus tickets dropped I think the seven dollars which he has that means means the secondary ticket market. Being their who's all coming from my clients do. People out you know two tickets out looking at city. Yeah nicer than anybody can you left back and I don't know that mean Natalie. I was these bands now Malia are the Kansas. Tickets hitting the market but the fact McCain's loss increases if you come down from Iowa robbing Peter two days I mean let's be. Honestly probably be easier and I played for champions of tomorrow. Fans are just going to be burden. In the way to give you guys felt that we about the ECT two yes it Belfort at the fair enough fair enough that it. TCU win their third game authored three days I've done an act and that. I hold my breath on now it's really tired I mean I. Do not underestimate what they did yes they deserve all the credit that with. Winning a second game like that it's seems. Pretty unlikely sight as the fans are going to be flocking talk about the importance of this department and the proximity with it the city. Iowa State Cyclones saints army to that it's it's important it's really it's a different feel to this entire target what I was state supported it. Mean that wind there knocked out people coming down to three hour trip from the morning. Whether it's usually so much better even just two miles south. You come down now this open air you know on the power and light people just love coming down and I stand. I they canceled the party and this is a great party to great atmosphere is hold down around him races this tournament. And I was it is what it is they are here is that Travis is used to tell it's let's not worry about tomorrow yeah. Puzzle. Today the weather has been tropical here compared island really is at its best month. This town loves I was the he has really really the only legal round in every war booty won't win. Let's go play which they want to guys he gets out state it all looking cute states they'll survive its it is Baylor was in the please mean Saturday night people were out about it yet. Deeper field a tease you please West Virginia tomorrow. It's it is your situation is key state in times the games. It could be in Dallas but it's here due 2000 when he no team in the state in the big tool user does not have a team. News conference that kind of luxury that we have here to be honest with you but. I was eighteen they won this thing. In that the proposals in the state that I would most currently they still could give it in 2002 when he won the point look at that. I don't know how serious they are about it but the point got the NCAA tournament last year for the first time ever and I. They really did its job from what I heard I was in wherever I was it was when I remember about Denver. But I I think that Iowa State fans are really happy with that being intensity I think it like. Having a place to go to vacation for a weekend so I don't if you're the big twelve you wanna move to the more and so far north the weather can be terrible. And it's. The splits the difference kind of for the Texas schools in West Virginia is obviously out on an island but. This tournament matters the most news of the three orders walls Iowa State and in the two schools so. I think you have to cater to them with the way you're moving it to Dallas I think would be in the state in the points interesting because the point is on the come up. But I distinct Kansas City is the places to get a sense that the boy keeps instantly it's a big deal he go to the airport for staying silent people season will compete well it's. In Dallas it's like they're it's like. Third fourth fifth the seventh page views are so what's going on doubts the horse the mavericks. It looked nervous not a big deal but keep city it is the big deal it is the thing it Agassi some registered on the that would be about that I think about it the earlier FitzGerald about depth. They weigh in Dallas is it to reveal but here is the feeling of being me you know I think that that's old school because I was the eighteenth big they disturb. Bill was that keeps it gives state. Do as well what you need are the future I mean you just get that it's a huge fan base it's a passionate fan base and it's it's like a bonus because you're gonna get to Kansas and camp statement. Because they live here but it you can get Iowa State fans for a couple days. I think it just enhances the atmosphere so much and and then coming down here as a vacation in the ready to party that are ready to spend their money at the bars. There they've looked forward to going to the game I remember two years ago or three years ago now when they played Baylor in the championship game. It was one of the craziest atmosphere as I've ever been in to neutral floor the playing for a title and there had to then 121009 state fans and and where what other conference or make you get that it was amazing looked at the click into this bill. Our bet it was literally at that are sinking of the company to build the more I was the feeds in the team's a couple of years there really wasn't that the first couple of really seeing that yeah it was it was strange it was bizarre but they just. They buy up all the tickets and they come in their the readied at the ready to party. All right down. Yes upbeat about Iowa State basketball it's the O'Connell like odd to not see right we've worked on a moment exactly roaming the sidelines it was funny because. Not not flashy but the year before you know when when when targeting. We're in the back hallway after the huge job to do it here to Indian. And yet his arm around me like some of the supporters looked like what's the connection here between radiated in the opening night partly yeah. Whitaker with the team or whatever but does it also do. And also the surprising that this couple balls up that stopped because it's always weird when I lost that it's like the base of I statement both as a coach and a player. You take that next job. Let's if he's moved on. Bomb are you a little bit surprised at Iowa State as it sneak into adequacy taking a step back what they mean to me. Been better than I expected to be at least for this specific yet Wilson this year is bizarre in that. The roster is better than you could've ever projected because it a year ago at this time every single person around their programs it's a much more storm. At at the very last minute he decides come back snag an all American's first team receives an all American. And then messed me too long the best shooter. Was supposed to be a senior last year and came back because the yeah yeah I hear that yet to hit surgeries in the side in December to set it down. So their roster instead of basically being reset this year it's got a lot of sleeper hold overs and you've got those two plus Matt Thomas and then. DNC Burton who never played for waiver but was recruited by order of rod in his transfer from Marquette of the roster. Has been so much better than you would expect in this transition next year is kind of the recent year where it's going to be. From here on its deep problems. Program right now yeah it's obviously Steve's program he's doing a really good job obviously in sweet sixteen last year they won I think six straight seventh street to almost in the year. He's doing a good to happen next year is really words to all his players it's going to be it'll reset the whole deal yelled Tom and Travis times covers the aisles they cyclones. With eight to view of the days you would like to make. Let's ask some general beatable plot questions that brought them your way wanna start with the obvious with a home with the jayhawks. Fault which are being you know a needs off party because they keep dole and do you think that they should still be number one seed in the NCAA tournament. Absolutely there number ones that I don't think that's questioned the question will be guided the number one over Rossi begin and we cannot thought they would. It's Italy's most going to be able to know if Villanova wins out I think that they're probably gonna take that from Kansas. Which is probably deserved I mean that was a bad loss last night for them Josh Jackson yeah so that image and that's also bomber to Josh Jackson never gonna play a big twelve tournament. Like that that's a bomber. So but I still think that they're one of the four best teams in the country I don't know that I'll pick them to win the whole deal. But I I think their final four team I think that their. So talented frank Mason that he just don't. Well let them lose the player of the year at some odd percent and there. Just Jack or just are probably second but bring Mason is my where's the year I've really like Kansas. You'd like for them and we are talking about it off there as it was on this team like them a lot more because as much as good as Landon. Women who let a boot up and then not the most LT got music you'd be a rate six man that you're you're asking a lot of him. And he's done a great job if they had Azubuike I think this this team goes up and they did it help them have it tough to look I'm state or loses the sweet sixteen femur I think it could be a second weakened team it'll depend on that right off the fault like the seventh seed in the planet to Micah Louisville or organ I think that's going to be tough to take him. Right now most racquets now he's got to medicis. I think they can knock off some of those three seats in that second weekend or maybe like lassie get lucky. And of the three goes down early. They have the talent they have the shooting if they get COLT on the wrong day though that's a problem because they are so reliant on three points. Well Travis we appreciate you stop and over man on the one thing it you need to articulate all the cycle finances. We appreciate the love that he got so arcade update these guys. This economy in the just the field in the power lights drastically different. What I will stay in their having success when they have success. This means to lead if you know with the money so I love I was the only not that I love I don't know what I pop right now they want it to be Kansas State Iowa State. Tomorrow so that they want so I'm. I'd love I'd say that if you take that away after. Exactly I doubt that we appreciate it thanks art not a science covers out Iowa State Cyclones will means for you. That's the matchup you want to see right me. Because you want power like to make some money right. That's a little sea oats as they keep Steagall the positives as it went absolutely what is it. It's expected TC US virgin yeah that's a real that's exactly all right coming up next year we'll get back to it felt reads to get this one story. All while the National Football League that was still trying to make itself. High drama in Washington with you to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. I imagine patiently. To plan now don't you think we agree it's just what. That. Coverage today. Oddities yet also the slot following us at 2 o'clock what you might know what the ball all right auto parts. And Bob Hamilton. On the sea route at SEC dot yet but countered that night and the year there for Imus a little buddies because shortly. Miss inning. Rats and he's fixed that weird that there's. Now I was just argument mission in him that does not bold well the trouble awful like like like tasty and they don't want Bruce Weber. Yeah probably root infamous distill a bit of that series because of this Eagles they if they win that tournament the next knocks another team now that probably. Was born at the doubles game footage of the game itself. That. Now it. But if a case sycamore. It's what's made out like Bruce Weber you want to team in the tournament that night for the sake of somebody's job that's what what a feat what if they don't like the Saturday. It that you ate he keeps that one picture anyway well there yeah of course consider Saturday and expect. More times as well. I want an opportunity to go to to don't want any coach in the situation for what. It's for what does that feel that way out the UST. My team win. So yeah dosage by speaker of Islam. Weird situation speak we with talk ought this weird situation. Weird situations. What am I weird situation. I did say I have yet to talk about one at a city you were a weird situation that. Or maybe you heard Wright say it's you're weird guys like that whatever but he has plus we dropped the ball and ask you to guess they have they have Beers in the shower. I guess it beat it yet at least. The trip not to draft a terms that he didn't sound like him at all of them you can. Now ask former intern. Back in today with the way back. About mudslides and I didn't I'd Taiwan's why I didn't teach in eternity or I didn't teach in turn any thing. Nothing. That you know we coached auto out of mud slide that's true. It could be presidents day. That's not true amendments some video. They can keep the press always there's been built into doing some unsavory people did he can't be president. All maintenance and have a marker on the and his teammates around him is in the media seat. Reprisal what is true colors he six got the Il in turn. Ain't it the ever does he think it is likely go blackmailing an athlete instead of real house in the states because you call black Miller called leverage that the afterwards winners here okay. Okay whatever. I'd but that is all that the old topic when he comes to an affiliate the last couple days as the situation in Washington with new GM. Scott will. He's been fighter now officially fired at them with the Utley last night. He's been fired no longer in Washington. In nobody seems to know why he's been fired by the way what time. It is the first every Aussie yup first victory players will at a time. If you want to do it doesn't make a hole it does make a whole lot of sits with it's not but this entire it's which has made a whole lot of it because. The thing people have stayed in wondered about the the last couple weeks is what is going on with him like why is not that Tom Kline. What is his wall he's not talking to play it's not negotiating with players so what's to act in the people bought up debt when he was hit it out by it is grandmother had died on February the sixth. How does that affect what was the moment Tom I'm last week also explains weicker capital Kirk cousins but you kind of in limbo. That would that would that Padilla walker because they'll what do you visible to be there anymore I don't his eye to eye out there who want this on taxes on your car saunas gone. He wanted you to get out there what do you see the news that at this point he officially signed suffering tested at. He is excited that the LT castle let the trite but. You get it's not a money but. This is just so weird situation opening big ticket a biter here you know on the four state of free agency was at the Tom mind. It just so we can go with capital the the reason why you work. Spinning it was good to try to sort out what to do why do this big job at that time we repeatedly he was going to be up to the oh. That made no sense to me and it beyond that I think that this is the bought all this. Is the backdrop while people talking about the reason why he's no longer at that GM is because of alcohol abuse. They eat out or hold a seat that's scary it because somebody playing ball somebody within the confines of the down. The radio partner had thrown that out the isn't what it was crystals border regular order oh but it. That's owned by the DA yes hip Dave Snyder told me he owns the team. Itself crystal into a party whether analyst whatever it is not a leaked it to put that out he says I'm not sure but. Maybe this has something to do with somewhat out all he's using it it's been well documented. In the Clinton had it out a tricky problem and we can't even as jobs very good at what the other. I saw a couple people say that he wanted to hop. A value waiters of talent in the National Football League in the last fifteen years he was fired though from both organizations article in the Washington because a drink. It's one thing to do what that to be true that's another date for people to be bash this guy for the pop. Us. Especially when you don't know a 100% says authorities yeah is that it's a personal thing and let people battle that. BP is you know more power. To get better and it's got to get better they got it. I initially they cities dealing with spam the Seattle Latino radio speak as something. You know it's he'd built here say they would normally here to sit there wouldn't say that about GM if they did one out there with this. Let one of the regular personnel and four wheelers to Chris Cooley at eleven states that like that in navigating repercussions with mr. Is your team owned radio stations also over the Redskins. Why would you be seen select at W rep in the search center to. So there might be future to a could be hidden in just one state at it she's on the radio stations of what's at that the chiefs you know. You're addicted Lisa Monaco troop about what they said because the team on the radio station that. It's a personal thing and it's kind of a personal idol that for him and the thing is there's probably ready all of this mountain just happened overnight affected. Yet it quarterback. That might be treated and Kirk cousins you get the fact that the conflict on the free agency skirts. Eight you don't have it yet to me that's like a point. You get Robby you're gonna move on port which have been better it. Actually at some point this at a duck it's an adult this as opposed the line of body needs it has admitted to his grandmother dying. I would state honest ramp. Seriously you take it that's the reason why he wasn't a row that's not the reason why he was a row don't you that's not what it granma die it passed away. Paula you know what we want to let him go get tired of some of the all of the field issues that he adds. What I thought that wind brought up a great point. Home. Earlier this morning we were talking off the air just about the dynamics of alcohol issue or maybe all of the field issues what people aren't in a front office as the bulls to. Like players will talk about about two different people they happy off. The field issues at those two people bit. When you're the two year old Washington it's also all the Smith now what do you think it's more likely to get another opportunity. To be to support at opal clue it. You shirk. You don't think there's one team out there that might say you know what this olive Smith. Misses but he's. Apple would have saint is coming awful is a suspension. Somebody out there the league it's junk and how old's been kicked out. Yeah I don't it's been a lot. The relapse problems bones mid thirties. He's you know been suspended and you're not supposed to be drinking while yours I critical look at the coolest head he's when he seven by the way it's so mobile announcement that alt a all deployment has that fire to a lot of jobs drink right. I mean I think right now and and I agree review I mean that often times and we talked about players. The fact that they can make an immediate impact and we concede that impact on the field. Makes teams and people more apt to say you know what let's give this guy some help ease these clearly got some problems the team controls blues that he. He he's got a problem you know not not being able you know say no and say you know there was limits and all these other things. Let's get this guys and help because he's got so much talent on the football field that we need help now. Directly affects you feel that you feel like you get five other talent you waited out there at bolster rare to count or as front office guys like. Terror. I I don't care in the us you've already won a Super Bowl or World Series. Or whatever the case may be in the street drafted. Hall of fame tight calendar you brought in guys like. And less you've already done that. If you can. Cock drinking or do you wire you've got alcohol abuse issues or whatever chances are these teams like you know what the hell would begin on bounced it rocks like we don't care. And that and I'm not surprised by it I just think I just eager to win your double standard that we have because. Let's face it I think it a lot of jobs like if somebody has out called dependency issues jobs will go out of their way to try to help. It will try to go out of their way to help people get back on the right track in right you know try to keep them from losing their job about it. It's a which is always a weird to me because we talk about you know fell being unlike other positions because. Of the way that we treat players are now if you were in the other job you know if you if you get arrested for domestic violence here in the NFL of public knowledge if you work it. You know UPS chances are nobody's gonna know. Well it seems to be the inverse when we talk about people in in the front office because of the fact that. You don't get those second chances not English you've done something and in the mean. If they might have denied it do you go to before you get to the unity pixel buddy you know exactly what he has when's little story about this stake. It's in the and a little enables on the Mountain States is they pick him here we get him tired but you knocking you wouldn't let him do that they'll please pick yet the media. The public it's at stake if dad he bites stigma youth stakes as we knew it was point. You knew that was before it yet you know what he is before it could. You know what you were. I know when you think about like Steve's our keys and Ilya relatively I'll flights I know you're a big fan I know you're a big fan sorry. Statement real. Quick but. The reasons why be pleased because he had won in the past yet either. He was accomplished if you're a second third year coach you have these type problems you have won the thing you never won a conference tournament you've never won a conference championship. Repeated just don't have anything to speak of on your resonate people cast you aside and there. That's true. The reason why. Players will always people sanctity ain't seen in oftentimes lower chances is because you could directly affect what's going on on the field you can get that shot. Not really the coaches same deal. Talent of the eyewitness GM's. Not so much but but he this guy has been given several opportunities he's been successful but the energy issues. I think I think that this might have been his last night we look at things sports you're talk rookie speak the week off but he wanted the but surveys that. Then and when you say that he has and second chances Laker you're right he has been given sector opportunities it is because he's regarded as one of the best Allen evaluate yours. In the last fifteen in the last fifteen years so. But the problem is that hasn't translated to to tangible. Numbers and hasn't it hasn't translated as they. Here's how many wins I'd bring a team or here's how many championships you won or here's how many Pro Bowl players I've drafted. Hasn't translated into that but this guy so while he has been regarded as one of those people that's why he got a second chance in winning a damn thing that's why is getting the boot now. Though now that's that's there that's true. But also one of the reasons why there's major dysfunction with that organization right now like there's major dysfunction in his life. It to him try to his life back on track. But also major dysfunction. With these the guys that are trying to lead the organization right now because to me. The moment that the organization is not transparent about some of their issues with their T him. The Ellis to happen the dot when he went to the free agency is that you know what I want to be traded if you're car cause I'm getting go elsewhere. Particularly what you got around here it just be thankful. You royals organization. That Jordan will be put the chiefs organization from what we think. Lot of attention what's going Cleveland which never doubt that ignited it maybe look like geniuses who brought us what we can look stupid we don't know and watch. There's just something he get other one. Despite lucky for which he gets the fact there's a best outside of the city the. Yeah up not with him at our lake if they can get out here know what the pump power and light district here. Covering the big twelve. Conference tournament. But when it comes to the date in the NCAA with some of the stores as some of the updates who get it to guys all cut up on that would do that now. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. And and and and yeah. Right back in case you think about sickness report reveals that the coverage on the line no other ball O Reilly all of our. Own plumbing heating and posse got it appears to be sort of the midtown rate due to drop out lie from a note on. Love Tennessee beat you put up good assume aggressiveness so maybe you guys known then what happens you know it. People vote I thought well that's the outfit got the basis that the people see it that you teach. That text line 69306. Out of the 620. Basically getting deep here they please response that which. I missed them both excellent it's never which he said here and they're both excellent. Oh man die before we get to the school board and get it guys update on some of the other stores. In the NCAA. That side giveaway appear to you see the Kansas City phantoms their season opener coming up on Monday. Alyssa would call a number six color number 6913. By some 67610. Call number six don't need to know he told words to be called a number 69135676. Did you see the phantom take on the Bluetooth it. Silverstein I sinner. Arena on March 13 kick off is at 705. That you might see. Getting tackled after gets the football political play. By the way big reaction after. Is reporting right now that. Mike may shock is emerged as though Washington's as it and if Washington old you know I'm just looking at the wolves just looking at this. Here's the deal. Wolf the fine line between rod yet they agreed with the workers in this Maurice Sony in losses like the fine line. Might they are always quarter this year the guidance that use my. If he's that you wanted the use these very happy executive like teams wouldn't look it like it spends his time on TV. Ricky yet you know those were the only things on tape you know it's actually. What if you would why he is about Ali it's and he's got the weaponry seized on the beat in the house after receipt with that. Now it the start guys meant not to go out. I think it's you know what I applaud that if they're actually look at him now might make this Obama wants to Guatemala it might be shocked don't. You want to go to Washington yeah it responsible pay big bucks. If I thought today if I may pockets in the opening the G1 100%. I've been severe breakdown built on TV I don't know I had taken my seat belt opponent lightly got a key. The watching and you wouldn't it make if your him so I everybody watched him how good argument. They get teased the root. I would be theory texted in by may be. Three in Cuba but I hope they wouldn't have said it shouldn't be selective about what jobs they. Take the best question. He ghosts walking into a dysfunctional place many opportunities he doesn't know the shortcuts W different repeated it after this with an opportunity. Right they think it's the last time we get called beats him. You ever don't others things floated out there might it might edit it did its job here for repeat yeah I think this extremely interesting. Opportunity next. I act Diego. In Tokyo they're negotiating expertise the words there you go. All right done little hyper to diapers you know with like a no to stop it stop it would take Amir can't city. I think about it no I ought to stop it and OC but I want milk or the united. OO o'clock. She's. This is it all right now let's get to school. Com. This from the SEC tournament locally or whatnot they got seven minutes remaining in the game Kentucky it's leading. Georgia 52 to thirty 39 feet to 39. With seven point seven left in the second half in the first half got that this. Leading USC. Or UCF rather. In the five in the Amir an athletic conference that you got in earliest or for that same conference essence you. They're ranked what that country they defeated east Carolina 81. To 77. Also a little bit earlier yet the Sun Belt Conference men's championship quarterfinal. UT Arlington eight vehicles the Carolina 74. To 51 a to meet that that the one of the big stories at the date is missed it pulling off the upset Purdue. But in the big not dictate quarterfinal 7470. That picketed if Michigan. Wins out in May still worth. That's as bad news that they say it's bad news for everybody that's on the ball you don't want that that. What you see here is it that Michigan's on the bubble. They got what two wins. But at this I'm not a big fan of this in this year although Jasper it would make me for saying that but who cares if it's gonna be thankful that playing. Skip though that your. That's at least Viet vet of the if my big else the plane accident idiot Ellsbury are a lot in the eighteen you've got Davis and they defeated Dayton. 73 to 67. Middle Tennessee maybe talk about their coach a couple of days ago when the odds Obama shows from yet but cover Davis. An update nobody knocked off on this estate last year they continue to roll they wanted their semi final of the conference USA made C eight we chipped. Men to see to teach you to add 82 to 56. And then now one other school the book would get a report here Odyssey place now on the fourth staff. Rhode Island. Is leading saint Bonaventure nine. The game look very balanced Rhode Island. Last 40 really you got to pick a uniquely it Beckett back and that that's the Atlantic ten back to me efforts and Charles Robinson yeah audiences this. They got absence from Alabama pro day. Just days before the Redskins fired Scott. And moon. Raise some eyebrows among personnel guys Eagles get him wrote it if they dock. Think that will Leah gold this year it's it's out of you're gonna go to one Prodi you're certainly you're going to see Alabama's Brodie out. The best of the best male doesn't go too. Although if you if she might that would be what's if there Joomla undercover work for him. But I'm intrigued with me when don't know what it does say that there was not represented also. Washington there it's mainly just pray it doesn't know what I'm saying is maybe Washington had rats the what's the what if they got what it is everybody's an apple wrecked here. Two of the doctor. That is interesting what you what may. That is the area oddly at that's the theory interest. I've may have felt that it seeking that answer a by the way did you lose the bit to yesterday no. But to Oklahoma State to I was reading that. You should remember that eight days they knew there. And I think that you. Our teacher. Didn't achieve it with a machine walker you know yes your war. Well that receiving atlas whether she sports misty. You walker on the you know walk. What's the look. You're the process. But it does sports teams were it was plausible. Altman. C Reynolds global. I had late typical wanna get down here are culprits of the Big 12 Conference tournament. From a no with a but the power and light is what you today by the with a club O'Reilly auto parts and Bob Hamilton plumbing heating BC and Ruder. I'll put sort of what the final seconds before we hand the up its contest he got in the drive they're coming up. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Blake fields but it was. Rebels yet. It's more realistic as his top like that. I don't know what you want. Everything our faces a Clinton out you for what you did what likable fellow on the board or doing that seven minutes of the show I've just. I clocked at about ten days ago so he always uses Wednesday. And his legacy are right thank you Mikey get in my head that something like is going down into. In the in the studio but is it easier to get you concerned that it was through salt really. Left to right. It's like his ice on the roof concern is turning its site obviously it's nice that you and I trying to say assert that talking out of both thought yeah. Don't do it don't dip soda. Article broadcast live at no other club in the power and light. Eight C got this in the building on the team is that the bill on in the buildings along the scene. You've hit the drive to put up next here on 68. Do we do we have a diner in weather turns a we have a wonderful via feed the tickets. Yeah Ethan was is named in Danbury readily EU and just eat it and then in the metro. It that there are right a Ryan. Would you like to guess at the percentage of Iowa State fans at the what the ball right now. I would venture to guess approximately 70%. Higher to 7% higher zippy says. They're running the building right now 85%. It was state daddy bought ninety if Gonzales about if I was they lose last night that about this please with the old you know I was they say it's the big twelve every year the hoosiers look around when they advance. It it helps everything up while power and light it really does chamber of commerce street best case scenario is a state with tonight I was they win tonight. It in like we had Travis off an interview earlier yes. And now for another day like some big outage rate via got a bit about the order right now you know coming out it's. You got out I say without get a ruby got the when it's hip it's different now but you know that's that's that's another count states. But that was funny when it travels to O'Neal was thought it was about down. A couple years ago when they did win. Mean Hewitt didn't need it dirty look what Brady. I mean it's free or at work we're talking in the back hallway and put his arm around me who like students audio off. I know with a home that it halt split. You bloodied up to cycle. Through is that. Now Freddie withdrawal would receive your name drop my threat wherever there is fidelity adopt a man we know that was double date name drop but Hartley two days ago. She never left. You could name them more and also to see him every year out here at our field house and hear it well because. The bulls it to waste has not worked out it's not it's not a good name drugs are defines who the ego. Watch drive. When they dropped them yeah I'm under Obama wants structuring them if that's the. PlayStation. Villanova. I'm glad it's hot hot now we're now I may have slightly this. But are you serious. And asked them what they do like you did a couple days ago. We Hewitt didn't wrap our client to plain mean Dotson. But it did. It for our. Partners but it's. Crossover in front yet it what you see in the world that receive more these authors of the covering sports reporter. Cinderella might see if we don't. You know he didn't rest. On display. Great thing you probably don't they don't that are mediocre and and see how this goes cold front yard. Very streets would elevate Brody. What's the that the broad experience see eye opening its job. Curious about civil lately to what watching these. Great stuff there it. Well missing on this it would be more she you know like they are nervous and also keen to. We told her once again he says we have this that you don't want to see both sides and you have a few cocktails. Don't know about you. That I was in Atlantic City good to go through really for the city state opens I was the kids. In the finals of the big twelve through the chief chip because it keeps you. First West Virginia is not it would be legal are probably seeing less than that they. FIC board Nevada Ohio State. Right furtively for an America once again another big success it's that he's lucky to have this considering it's been very. I first stop almost give a shout out that props all the neat way to know what to call for a allowing us to be here due to show you the last couple days been a lot of fun in being departed via the ball out target. What does secondly what does that the big I guess takeaways last night everybody was wondering after the game was over last night that he's you losses. How does that affect. The Kansas Jayhawks. You know what happens to them now is the number one overall seed going to be gone yes I'll look at it that way and a one overall seed is gonna be don't that beat Villanova probably end up with that. Or what does that mean default they're all role seating. In the NCAA turn. I really do believe they chances already solidified their number one seed because he's a look at all the other. I guess programs that are in the export a one C you can state the case and rightfully so for Philip publicly to state cookies for Kansas. There's different needs to be made for good Zagat off fort organ or UCLA but I think all of all the body of war. We look at what is done it they are they're number one seed. The second ticket I have with him in regards to a couple of things it was sort of late in the forest with documents. We know that was always bull dog to. Bomb a duque told that they could have or next season we don't know that court is right now. There's going to be a lot of names that we will be thrown out here for the course of the next couple weeks of one of those will be Wichita State Gregg Marshall. But the way that it Anderson went out this state that he threw towards the program last night. Thought I see it went out with a little bit more respect to class. In and faithfulness for the opportunity that he was given at the university of was sort. In the other noted that you vs Missouri Kansas City related is all that's it. You know a lot of times we looked at these professional athletes in the Atlanta nick going three through things in their lives and they're trying to overcome obstacles. I'll say this when it comes Alton Smith. I don't hear you ever plays another down in the National Football League. I just want they got to get to help that he truly does deserve so it is like back on track. So are you regress to league when did you know you gonna do fire. We're sort of problem. Like it if I can click that. Hey it's been somewhere. Winter hill. Call me. We've gotten it done when it's your first drink. And a couple minutes you can go meet jobs you know call offs as fifty at the that. I had bad. I was not added that via the party goes on here at militant about it tolerant light we got it airs it on the scene sea dogs. The drive up next year's exit Sports Radio six its wars dot done. We do it fast and furious. Do it again tomorrow.